MakJames International Trading Corp. is a closely-held stock corporation duly registered by Securities and Exchange Commission for the primary purpose of engaging in the business of manufacturing, trading and export of essential food commodities. It was incorporated on April 11, 2002 and started its operation on January 01, 2005. The corporation’s manufacturing activities is located at Saavedra St., Toril, Davao City, Philippines while its corporate office is at 54 Cordillera Road, Central Park Subd. Phase 2, Talomo, Bangkal, Davao City, Philippines

The company envisions to be one of the leading condiments manufacturer in the country to produce high quality products for its customers, both domestic and international markets, at the most reasonable price with the end view of giving them maximum satisfaction, better value for the money, thereby gaining dominant share in the market. The company will endeavor to give the best service to its customers and be responsive to their needs in good and in bad times. Above all, to deliver a fair share in the profits to shareholders, improve the compensation and benefits packages to officers and employees, provide employment to the community and sustain the philanthropic activities of the company.


The company will aggressively avail of and adopt latest technologies related to mass production and efficient operation. Its operations shall be costeffective by constantly formulating strategies for procurement, distribution and maximum utilization of company’s human resources all geared towards reducing production and distribution costs to make its prices competitive, if not the lowest in the market. The company believes that quality need not be expensive provided it is efficient in its operations and it is willing to share portion of its profits for the benefit of its customers. After all, customers are the life-line of the business and they are worth caring for.


The area of operations covers Davao City and other areas of Region XI and other parts of Mindanao including Cagayan De Oro, Iligan. Butuan, General Santos and Surigao corridors. It has jobbers and dealers in these areas who significantly helped in the distribution of our products to end consumers. It also sells directly to supermarkets, wholesalers, public markets, retailers and institutional customers. It will soon expand its area of operations in Manila and Cebu and will start to export its products to the US this year.


The company manufactures fresh noodles, pancit canton with the brand name PISCES and are being distributed to public markets within Davao City and nearby cities and municipalities like Tagum, Digos and Sto. Tomas Davao del Norte. It also manufactures and distributes banana catsup and soy sauce with the brand name MOMMY which are being distributed to its jobbers/wholesalers, supermarkets and public markets as well as retailers within its area of operations. Recently, the company has came up with the new brand of Spiced Coconut Vinegar with its brand name JAKURAT and SINAMAK which will soon be exported to the US to cater the Filipino market. We also have our latest thirst-quenching MOMMY JUICES for distribution to the local market.


The company is managed by professional and solid management team that worked together to the company’s growth and profitability. It started its operations in January 2005 with 15 employees and the company is continuously expanding its operations and is currently employing 50 employees for its manufacturing and trading operations.

Philanthropic Activities

Business Address: Saavedra St. Toril, Davao City Philippines Phone Nos. : (082)-291-0555 (082)-298-1790 US Phone Nos. : 011-818-864-2835 : 011-818-640-7239 Telefax No. : (082)-291-0555 Email address :

Contact Persons :

Joaquin A. Aguipo, Jr. President/CEO Ma. Merceditas A. Aguipo VP/Finance/Administration James A. Aguipo General Manager Lester E. Doyugan Sales/Operations Manager