An Exercise in Aggressive, Non-Partisan Political Activism June 21, 2013 Volume 1, Number 32

June 21, 2013 Dear (Former) Rathbun Clients: Prior to the Rathbun Bankruptcy Hearing on June 18, 2013 many of you informed me, in sum and substance: “I don’t understand the Rathbun Proposal. What does it all mean?” Guess what? On June 18 the Bankruptcy Judge, well versed in legalese and highly experienced in the reading of intentionally confusing documents, found it, well… confusing as well. So much so that she (gently) chastised the documents author, Nathan Rothschild, and directed him to produce a more clearly worded document, forthwith. The bottom line? Here’s what’s now on the table:

George and Bette Glover have pledged to pony up a number of their personal properties to satisfy your claims, which now add up to some $950,000.00. The properties are encumbered; Rothschild expects to (eventually) net some $200,000.00 (plus or minus) from the sale. That money, added to the Rathbun Realty cash on hand, will be the total amount available for recovery, and distribution to you.




However; prior to distribution, expenses, consisting of attorney and administration fees, will be “skimmed” off the top. Moreover; an additional $25,000.00 will be reserved for George and Bette Glover to cover medical expenses and fees owed to their criminal attorneys. Additionally; Rothschild promises to “keep looking” for the cash money taken from the account, (the 1.8 million we’ve heard so much about.) If he finds any, (as of now he has found squat, and the FBI remains silent) THAT money will be added to your eventual distribution.




So in other words, Don’t cheer and don’t hold your breath: Grab your ankles. You’re about to get screwed! Don’t feel bad. Remember my court judgment of $112,000.00 for the property Bette Glover stole from me in 2006? I can “fergedaboudit.” I get squat, nada, nothing. WHAT CAN YOU DO? Put some more pressure on them! Email them and tell them you want an accounting, in writing, of all their efforts to recover your money, including but not limited to:

Their notes and the transcripts of their negotiations with the Glovers, and; The reports of the “Special Auditor” or “Forensic Accountant” whom you paid to find out where the embezzled money went.


Email your demand to BOTH the following: Trustee Trudy Nowak Trustee Attorney Nathan Rothschild: Roy Warden

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