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and Stephan Michael Sechi . Talislanta is a trademark of SMS. Scott Agnew Stephan Michael Sechi LEAD DESIGNER LAYOUT & GRAPHIC DESIGN Kevin Knight CREATIVE DIRECTORS INTERIOR GRAPHICS Christian St. Talislanta d20 Edition Fantasy Role Playing Game is ©2005 by Morrigan Press Inc. Scott Purdy file ple m ART DIRECTOR COVER ART ADDITIONAL GAME DESIGN Jim Andrews John Harper Mark Williams Jason Leinen Sa ILLUSTRATORS Alison J.morriganrpg. Pierre K. Mark Tedin. Denis Pacquet. Ron Spencer. Jennifer Bray. EDITOR CARTOGRAPHY d20 EDITION PLAYTESTERS Christian Denton. Christian St. Ménard Don Rosso Jonathan Elliot Kevin Knight The Talislanta game and fantasy world are the creations of Stephan Michael Sechi. Breeding-Black.com Email: talislanta@morriganrpg. Alex Rowe. Obsidian. 46 Weldon Street Moncton. Scott Agnew K.com MORRIGAN PRESS INC.D. Anson Maddocks. Colin Kay. Adam Black. All rights reserved. 4 . Andrew Robinson. Darren Sweet. New Brunswick E1C 5V8 Canada On the Web: www. and is used by Morrigan Press Inc. Pierre. Larry Elmore. Scott Agnew P. Breeding-Black P. Brad McKenzie. Kevin Chiasson.FANTASY ROLE PLAYING GAME d20 EDITION Dedication: To Hannah and Mhàiri TALISLANTA DESIGN TEAM K. Larry Dixon.D. under license.

In particular. symbols. several regional guides are also forthcoming These will go into much greater detail of the various locales found on Talislanta. likenesses. this book is all you will need to begin adventuring in the fantastic and dangerous world of Talislanta. bringing the OGL and d20 STL to Talislanta and not vice versa. storylines. any elements of the Talislanta setting including but not limited to race and culture names. Written by the renowned wizard Tamerlin. Ron Spencer. That said. In addition. depictions. Colin Chapman. m VISIT TALISLANTA ON THE WEB: Web enhancements. the classes. races. new character types. equipment. skills and feats of Talislanta have been carefully crafted around the world of Talislanta and thus are custom made for the Talislanta player. Aldo Ghiozzi. and more! WWW. Gary & Terry Agnew. ‘d20 System’ and the ‘d20 System’ logo are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast. fully detailing Talislantan magic and containing many new magical character classes.Declaration of Product Identity The following items are hereby designated as Product Identity in accordance with section 1(e) of the Open Game License version 1. All other content should be considered closed.TALISLANTA. plots. Archetypes for example are absent from this edition in favor of the more standard class and level system familiar to many gamers.com/d20. A copy of this License can be found at www. Talislanta has a long and respected history in the RPG industry and great care was taken not to mess with the core of the world to force it into a game system for which is was not designed. and are used according to the terms of the d20 System License version 6. That said. Jonathan Elliot. players familiar with other d20 games should find the concepts and ideas presented within readily identifiable. Joy Cummings. then it most certainly will appear in one of the number of other books and supplements we have planned for Talislanta. only a handful of creatures and monsters are presented in this book. 5 . setting and historic events.COM ple file This edition of Talislanta was designed under the Open Game License and d20 System Trademark License by Wizards of the Coast. if your favorite race or class didn’t make it into this book. including elements either drived or inferred from the Talislanta setting. For spellcasting players. spells. the Chronicles detail his travels around the continent and contain much more detail then we could squeeze into the world guide chapter of this book. any other unspecified incarnations of Talislanta creative property. characters. Finally. Tal fans will be pleased to see that not only have we kept this system largely intact but we have defined it in d20 terms. pick up a copy of the Chronicles of Talislanta (revised & annotated). all artwork. players wanting more monsters should look for the Talislanta Menagerie from Morrigan Press in the coming months (early 2005). the Fan Zone.0. As such. equipment. The above Product Identity is NOT Open Game Content. including all Talislanta product and product line names. for those looking for a more detailed overview of the continent of Talislanta. Sa Older fans of Talislanta will recognize many of the same rules as previous editions of the game but will also notice that some of the sacred cows of Talislanta are gone. understanding and assistance in the preparation of this book. Adam Black. the Talislanta mailing list. Open Game Content: All skills and feats and new character race game statistics are Open Content with the exception of race and culture names and descriptions. organizations. Bob Rybak. thematic elements. Inc. logos. again. graphic design. the Codex Magicus will be an invaluable tool. John Harper. We hope you enjoy this new edition of Talislanta and have hours of fun playing in this unique world in the annals of roleplaying games. maps and cartography. Florence Spencer. SPECIAL THANKS Special thanks goes to my wife for her patience. PD BreedingBlack. designs. Brian Agnew. All material derived from the d20 SRD or d20 Modern SRD is Open Content.wizards. due to space restrictions. illustrations. locations. No need to worry. Great effort was made by the game designers to fit the d20 system around Talislanta and not vice-versa.0: Any and all Talislanta logos and identifying marks and trade dress. Along with Core Rulebook I from Wizards of the Coast. place names. Trudy Andrews. experienced Talislanta fans will notice decidedly fewer character types than they may be familiar with from previous editions. Again. and all members of the TalDev group. One distinction Talislanta has had for many years is the elegance of its magic system. Thanks also to the following individuals without whom this book would never have existed: Stephan Michael Sechi.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter One: A Traveler’s Guide to Talislanta The Seven Kingdoms The Western Lands The Wilderlands of Zaran The Desert Kingdoms The Eastern Lands The Northern Reaches The Central Regions The Southern Rim The Far Isles Talislantan Cosmology 7 10 14 16 18 19 20 22 23 24 25 Chapter Two: Races & Cultures Chapter Three: Character Classes 33 101 Chapter Four: Skills & Feats Sa Rogue Scholar Scout Trader Warrior Prestige Classes file Barbarian Magician 101 103 107 110 116 119 121 122 m ple 131 131 143 New Skills and New Uses for Old Skills New Feats Chapter Five: Equipment & Trade Goods Equipment Master Lists Merchants and Trading 153 182 186 Chapter Six: The Magic of Talislanta Spell Design Modes Orders 189 193 196 207 Chapter Seven: Gamemaster’s Only Religion in Talislanta A Talislantan Bestiary 225 244 253 Index 283 6 .