Animal Cruelty Marisol Ferro DeVry University

and frequently these sentiments engender a feeling to protect them instead of killing the animals to eat them. we have inherited from our ancestors the habit of eat animal meat. like the carnivorous animals have. and interpreted from two different points of views: the people who blindly defend the animal rights. however. for many others this is a misconception. instinctively. the controversy over this matter goes beyond than a juicy steak and deeper than a bowl of vegetables. by hunting them to be consumed as an important part of their nourishing. because although humans do not have the instinct to kill. analyzed. Nevertheless. have compassion feelings towards them. Indisputably. In their seminal 1985 hit song.2 ANIMAL CRUELTY Animal Cruelty There is a question with which this research started: “What is a difference between animal cruelty and being carnivore? This issue has been discussed. Because of this perception many people have decided to become vegetarians. and they do not consider that being a carnivore makes them animal abusers. there is an innate feeling in the human beings that. “Meat is Murder” the British band the Smiths elucidated their vegetarian anthem with the following lyrics: Heifer whines could be human cries Closer comes the screaming knife This beautiful creature must die . on having observed an animal make us. or an unreal idea. versus those who affirm there is difference between the animals intended for human consumption and the animals they pamper in their homes.

3 ANIMAL CRUELTY This beautiful creature must die A death for no reason And death for no reason is MURDER And the flesh you so fancifully fry Is not succulent. tasty or kind It's death for no reason And death for no reason is MURDER And the calf that you carve with a smile Is MURDER And the turkey you festively slice Is MURDER Do you know how animals die? Kitchen aromas aren't very homely It's not "comforting". cheery or kind Its sizzling blood and the unholy stench Of MURDER .

who is the ex-lead singer for the band. "If you stick your grandmother in an oven. and never. However. who is not known for being comfortable speaking publicly. clearly indicating the points on which their demands and concerns are based. nothing can be further from the truth. with the exception of cannibals' tribes. The most recent of which has been when Stephen Colbert interviewed Morrissey on his late night show. Morrissey. trying to earn his/her empathy towards the animal sufferings. I am using this song as an example because the sentiments reflected in its lyrics are highly consistent with the animal rights activist groups’ beliefs. Morrissey ended the interview by responding. However. After stating the demand. card-carrying member of PETA.4 ANIMAL CRUELTY The song. but is that any reason to eat your grandmother?" There are not elements of comparison in this argument. The Smiths. Colbert’s interview was typical. although for the animal rights activists could be easily accepted as valid. humanity has found its nourishment in the meat from animals since its beginnings. with the sole purpose of establishing the idea that eating animal meat may be compared with cannibalism. human beings have been considered a food source. from the point of . being also consciously focused to touch deeply the listener’s feelings. he requested all the staff to go vegan for the day. she will probably be tasty. He is famously known as an unabashed. “The Colbert Report.” Morrissey made an amazing condition for his appearance on The Colbert Report. “Meat is Murder” was written by Steven Patrick Morrissey (stage name: Morrissey). and on several occasions he has made controversial statements regarding animal rights. squirmed in response to Colbert’s repeated shenanigans and prodding.

(Doctissimo. In analyzing PETA’s name. there are studies that say humans evolved to what we are now. against the argument that humans need vitamins that are only found in animal flesh. there is a situation in which both groups have agreed. mostly exaggerated. this is a fact. I am concentrating in the unnecessary animal abuse. the manufacture of clothes and the use of animals as entertainment. the only argument for or against either diet should only be made upon each individual biochemistry and on the preferences and values of each person. Is my understanding. due to their change to an omnivore diet. can be seen from many different platforms. . The arguments exposed by vegetarians versus the omnivores arguments. and without taking any party. Animals are being mistreated. it called my attention that it does not mention anything related to the consumption of animal meat for human nourishing. and above all the irreconcilable principles these two groups could have. from the ethical question of whether we should satisfy our feeding needs through the sacrifice of other animals lives. formed through the words: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. (Disabled World News 2009) Nonetheless. because is there where the real problem lies. that this point. Moreover.5 ANIMAL CRUELTY view of those who enjoy a good piece of meat these demands may be erroneous. 2010) However. what can make a difference and turn into the solution to most of the problems by which the animal’s rights activists are so concerned. or at best. and it is exactly where I am centering my thesis. which advocates for better life conditions for them. laboratories. certainly. on which both groups have converged. its intention focuses in four primary areas in which its members believe animals are mistreated: industrial production in farms. becoming an undeniable right the imposition of a fair code of ethics and respect.

this a good thing. we could join together in demanding an immediate change of this behavior. the hormones with which these animals are . In addition. and they undoubtedly would be interested and will question. From the consumer’s perspective. From my point of view. We all would have reached an accord that would provide better living conditions to these animals. as is more space than an overcrowding industrial farm and the elimination of the use of antibiotics and hormones. but information which indicates the quality of the treatment of the animals. contributing to the rise of the bad cholesterol. if we begin paying more attention to where and how the meat is being processed. high blood pressure and heart diseases complications. which will produce a better product for the consumers and would eliminate the abuse about animal rights defenders are complaining. where animals are confined in small crates in which they can scarcely move. and are treated with antibiotics and hormones to accelerate their growth is not appropriate. it is also known that the excessive consumption of meat could affect the health.6 ANIMAL CRUELTY These are the same concerns that meat consumers are having nowadays. However. but the conditions under these animals have been raised. not only to the price and date of the product. not only on the quality and origin of the meat. In the other side. there are many consumers today who want to know if the animals they consume have been treated with antibiotics and hormones. whereas animal’s rights activists and meat consumers are fully in agreement on the situation that the treatment that animals are receiving in some breeding farms. which could be the solution that would please and benefit everyone. certainly some of them just check the labels on the meat they buy to verify the price or the packaging date.

7 ANIMAL CRUELTY treated have also greatly been associated with most of the obesity problems the population is currently facing. an omnivorous diet or a vegetarian one. (http://www. body and mind will be greatly benefited. Whether is the best regimen. Meats and Leguminous plants: These provide the human body the proteins and vitamins needed. based on his/her own principles. Fruits and Vegetables: These contribute with essential vitamins.org/en/diet-nutrition/index. naming “the obesity epidemic” as the most severe public-health problem America is confronting nowadays.greenfacts. or on to what type of omnivorous or vegetarian diet this person is willing to adopt. in the suitable proportions and in the necessary quantities. The development of a healthy diet should be elaborated taking in consideration all the nutrients that the human being needs in order to achieve a healthy life. on his many articles and books. 2003) As exposed by Michael Pollan (Pollan).htm. The elaboration of a healthy diet should be crafted taking in consideration all the nutrients that the human being needs in order to achieve a healthy and active life. The benefits of a proper diet are amazing. will vastly depend on each individual decision. Fats and sugars: aliments that offer vigor to the muscles. minerals and fiber. habits and tastes. Another point which the members of organizations in defense of the animal’s rights have fiercely denounced is the use of animals to test new drugs. There are 4 primordially groups of aliments: (Alimentacion Sana) Carbohydrates: These contain rich sources of energy needed for the human body. they also appointed this . A healthy diet should include aliments from all groups. and most important it will prevent and avoid diseases related to a wrong nutrition.

healthier lives. future suffering in humans. The decision of whether or not perform tests that constitutes the suffering of an animal. and in most of the cases they are submitted to sufferings not related to the investigation. would they find ethical to use humans instead? Despite this. Surgery techniques. the cure or treatments for diseases that humanity has suffered and is suffering. like for instance. in the case of suspending the use of animals for scientific investigations due to the protest of the animal’s rights defender. and there is no justification whatsoever for these abuses. because first. Although. none of these arguments seems to convince those who fiercely defend the rights of the animal. Nevertheless. this concern is valid. since the animals used for research are not always receiving the proper treatment. it is necessary to consider the benefits obtained through these experiments. as those to correct and prevent bone illnesses. could be a difficult choice. pacemakers. nor would be a good reason to justify these abuses. measuring blood pressure.8 ANIMAL CRUELTY practice as a crime against the animal’s rights. or at least minimize. sometimes in animals. A lot of medical procedures. and heart and lung machines were improved by being tried in animals before humans. Cat nutrition has been better understood through animal research. were developed on animals. even if there are thousands of examples in history showing that humanity and animals has been highly benefited from the results obtained with . However. these experiments are conducted with the aim of avoiding. Heartworm medicine that developed from research on animals has helped countless dogs. Vaccines for polio and hepatitis B were developed through experiments on animals. and has helped cats live longer. have been achieved by the performance of these experiments. The answer is not simple.

we have to come back to the same principle. or for sport. In this study. within others. sick animals thrown to the streets without mercy. unnecessary acts of animal cruelty. for the sole use of their skins as luxury ornaments. These are cases of undeniable animal cruelty and it is unquestionably necessary to apply laws that protect animals from these real animal abusers. none of these animals used for scientific research. Howbeit. but rather a means of . such are bullfights. Like happens in the case of deciding between being an omnivorous or not. and among them. it is not possible to obviate other circumstances related to the unnecessary mistreatment to which animals are submitted. mostly people cannot make that connection when it comes to animals. It is impossible not to mention those cases in which animal cruelty goes beyond any limit. . cases in which domestic animals receive an atrocious treatment by their owners. these are indisputably. or or allowed to die of famine due to the negligence of who was responsible for their care. the hunting. displaying their heads hanging on the wall as trophies. cats tortured for fun. deserve to be physically abused in the name of science. dog fights and rooster fights. while this is not considered murder. foremost. taking in consideration all the benefits we received from them. Also. dogs beaten to death. since many other animal species eat other animals. or of any benefit which could be achieved through these researches. and coming back to the main topic of consuming meat or not. in events in which animals are subjected to sufferings for the amusement of a crowd. the real problem relies on the treatment that these animals are receiving and the one they deserve to receive.9 ANIMAL CRUELTY these investigations.

and it is my stance. or with the emotional bonds they established with their pets. and each has suitable reasons to stand for their perceptions. and leaving behind the controversy between if the consumption of animal meat can be considered animal cruelty or not. But first and foremost.10 ANIMAL CRUELTY survival. vegetarians. but love also love animals. Therefore. since there is an immense number of people who love to eat meat. vegans. this is a topic that will be eternally be controversial. The animal abuse has to be eradicated. It would be a fallacy to deny those animals perceive sensations. Nonetheless. the heat and the pain like every living being does. by exposing their arguments leave to the readers the decision of chose which one is more convincing and most adaptable to their own necessities. and in the other side there will be those individuals who would say: “Yes. it is absurd to try to compare these instinctive sentiments with the affective feelings of humans. the decision of being an omnivore or becoming vegetarian belongs to each individual and what his/her beliefs dictate. These two positions are equally valid. and it should be the aim of all. they feel the cold. like our ancestors did thousands of years ago. it is understandable that the most important point in this dispute. meat eaters and animal rights defenders to . despite our eating preferences. Nevertheless. should be the creation of a universal consciousness about the necessity to demand better life conditions for the animals on farms and laboratories. there is a point in which we all have to agree. In concluding. this is murder”. because they do.

Regardless the purpose for which animals are destined. scientific researches or human consumption. .11 ANIMAL CRUELTY claim from the competent authorities a wide monitoring on the conditions of life in which these animals live. all animals deserve a treatment based on ethics principles and respect.

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