Alfalfa spent much time courting Darla. until we find all 59 and take back the square! Yeah!” . 22) “25. 18) Arnold Palmer .Model and actress most famous for marrying billionaire J. 20) . Howard Marshall when he was close to ninety and she was in her twenties. (Ep. (Ep.Squeaky-voiced cabaret singer and pianist. (Ep. famed American Annie Leibowitz . 8) Annie Sullivan .Rocky’s girlfriend in the Rocky films.Controversial indie film directed by Vincent Gallo that included a very graphic sex scene. 7) Capone .Non-profit organization for the blind. (Ep. . . 2) Adrian .Comments by AMY SHERMAN-PALLADINO and DANIEL PALLADINO Aragorn . 2) Peter Sellers on the Pink Panther movies.Popular silent film actor known for wearing natty attire.High priest involved in the crucifixion of Christ. her relationship with Helen Keller was depicted in the film The Miracle Worker. (Ep.Teacher of the deaf and blind. 12) Augustus Gloop . ” Alive . (Ep. (Ep. (Ep. (Ep. and then 45 and then 50. she went into a long court battle with her husband’s son over the inheritance. After his death.Famous celebrity photographer whose work regularly appears in Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair. (Ep. 21) Braille Institute . (Ep.Bad rotund child from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.Heir to the throne of men in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 4) Brown Bunny .Singer with the unmistakable deep voice who topped the music charts in the 70’s.Reference to Howard Dean’s uninhibited speech during the 2004 Democratic nomination campaign. 4) Adolphe Menjou . 2) gangster of the 20’s and 30’s who was arrested for income tax evasion. 17) Amy:“Seriously. (Ep. (Ep. (Ep.1993 movie about a rugby team trying to survive the freezing weather of the Andes after a plane crash.Championship golfer. (Ep. (Ep. 14) Barry White . (Ep. 22) Daniel:“I am of the legion of fans who can quote Alfalfa extensively. and then 30 . 8) Anna Nicole .Film director and producer who worked with Alfalfa and Darla .Reference to Al Capone. (Ep. how do you comment on ‘Brown Bunny’? What could I possibly say that Roger Ebert hasn’t already covered?” Caiphas . 13) Blake Edwards . 13) Blossom Dearie .Characters from The Little Rascals television series.

(Ep. 12) Cole Porter . part dwarf.” (Ep. (Ep.” David Blaine .Earned the title of “Disco Queen” singing hits like “Hot Stuff ” and “Last Dance. 13) . this virus is severe and often fatal in humans.Film actress whose questionable behavior put her in and out of mental institutions. who committed murder and robbery during the Great Depression.Noted film critic Roger Ebert.” (Ep.1980 film about an overweight man who has a Donna Summer . (Ep.Named for a river in Congo (formerly Zaire).Dysfunctional family from the soap opera Dynasty. (Ep. (Ep. 17) Daria . They had a string of soft rock hits including “Top of the World” and “Close to You. 12) Doogie . (Ep.American rock band popular in the 70’s for such hits as “Black Water” and “Takin’ It to the Streets.Reference to Farrah Fawcett’s infamous 1997 appearance on The Late Show. co-host of a television program Casper .Cynical MTV animated character.The friendliest ghost from the animated Casper series. (Ep. (Ep. (Ep.Half of the infamous outlaw duo Bonnie and Clyde.Street magician and stunt performer who spent several days standing in a block of ice. he also writes a review column for the Chicago-Sun Times. 22) Amy:“The craziest event to take place on television until the Tom Cruise ‘I will jump on this couch cause I’m dating Joey from Dawson’s Creek’ incident of 2005. (Ep.” (Ep. 12) Farrah on Letterman . (Ep.Actress and singer best known for playing Catwoman The Carringtons .” (Ep.Character in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist.Popular 70’s musical group made up of siblings Karen and Richard. 1) Amy:“And my role model. 9) Ebert .Doogie Houser. 20) Amy:“The funniest movie ever! Ever !!!” Doobie Brothers . 18) Eartha Kitt . 8) Ebola . 19) on the Batman television series in the 60’s.Carpenters songs .D.Middle of the road rock group whose songs included “Cold as Ice” and “I Want to Know What Love Is. 12) Fagin . 18) hard time getting motivated to lose weight until he falls in love.” Fatso . 17) Clyde . 14) Dorf .Famed American composer known for popular songs like “Night and Day” and “I’ve Got You Under My Skin. 11) that critiques new releases. (Ep. Her behavior was unaccountably bizarre. (Ep.Memorable Tim Conway character that golfed and was part dork. (Ep. 2) Frances Farmer .” (Ep. was an 80’s television series about a genius teenaged doctor. M. who is the leader of a group of boy thieves. 12) Foreigner .

He spent years on television giving fitness instruction. 18) Jethro Tull . 1) Hayley Mills .Danish author in the 1800’s whose work is the basis for many modern fairy tales. 2) Jayson Blair .Raw.Singer-songwriter known for his melancholy hit about a father and son.Iranian militants took U.1975 documentary about a reclusive and eccentric mother and daughter holed up in a mansion in East Hampton.Bodybuilder and well-known fitness expert.we just watched. “Cat’s in the Cradle.” James Spader / Pretty in Pink . (Ep.4) Henry Box Brown . (Ep. 21) Hans Christian Andersen . smarmy brat in this 80’s teen flick. 20) Hart to Hart . Harpo. (Ep. 5) 60’s that was set in a German POW camp during WWII.Spader plays a rich. 22) Hare Krishnas . 18) Heidi’s grandfather . 16) Harry Chapin . (Ep. (Ep. (Ep. including The Ugly Duckling and The Little Mermaid. (Ep. 1) Jack LaLanne . thinly sliced cured salmon. 3 ) Hogan’s Heroes . (Ep.Television series about a wealthy husband and wife who play detective. (Ep. (Ep. (Ep.Lead singer of The Doors who is buried in the Pere LaChaise cemetery in Paris. 11) Jim Morrison .Members of a religious sect easily recognized by their colorful robes and chants. Chico.S. (Ep. (Ep. 22) .Television sitcom of the late Grey Gardens . 18) Tehran hostage in 1979.” (Ep.Classic story of a girl sent to live in the mountains with her reclusive grandfather. 15) Iran in ’79 . a comedic troupe who performed on vaudeville stages and in film. 6) Daniel:“In my house growing up. (Ep. we watched Jack LaLanne a lot.First names of the Marx Brothers. We never exercised -.Line from the film Pulp Fiction. (Ep. (Ep.Played twins in The Parent Trap – a movie about sisters trying to bring their parents back together.New York Times reporter caught plagiarizing and subsequently forced off the paper. and Zeppo . considered passe by boys Jess’s age. embassy employees in Groucho. (Ep.1997 movie starring Demi Moore as the head-shaved first female Navy SEALS trainee. (Ep.Progressive English rock band of the 60’s. 2) Gravlax .“get medieval on their ass” . 3) GI Jane .Plantation slave who escaped to freedom in the North by shipping himself in a 3´ x 2´ box.

(Ep. 19) Metrosexual .German electro-pop group credited with the growing interest and development of electronic music.Nominated by President Clinton and the highest-ranking woman in the history of the U.Popularizer of Transcendental Meditation Joy Division .Over-reaching Attorney General during George W. (Ep. Government when she was sworn in as the 64th Secretary of State in 1997.Guitarist for the Rolling Stones.Bodybuilder and actor who played The Incredible Hulk on the television series. (Ep. known for his astute diplomacy.Canadian sketch comedy group with an 80’s-90’s television series of the same name. (Ep. 14) Mel . (Ep. 15) Mommie Dearest . 14) John Ashcroft . 20) Lou Ferrigno . 7) Madeleine Albright . (Ep. Kids member Bruce McCulloch has guested on Gilmore Girls.Brilliant mathematician who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and was the inspiration for the 2001 film A Beautiful Mind. (Ep.Magazine for young men. 3) .1981 movie starring Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford – the screen legend and abusive mother.S.Secretary of the United Nations. the emperors of the Ming Dynasty were members of the Zhu family. 21) The Lords of Flatbush . 12) The L Word . 11) Ming Dynasty . always featuring a scantily clad woman on the cover. (Ep. (Ep. (Ep. (Ep. Later morphed into New Order following singer Ian Curtis’s death. (Ep. 15) around the world. (Ep.Television series about the lives of a group of lesbians.Award-winning actress with a reputation for being difficult.Much-mocked rock band led by Keith Richards at Altamont . CA. 17) Kids in the Hall .Late 70’s post punk band. (Ep.Newly coined phrase used to describe a heterosexual male with good fashion sense. 5) Kofi Annan . (Ep.Joan Crawford . (Ep.The grumpy owner and cook at Mel’s Diner in the television series Alice. 8) Matchbox Twenty . The book and movie Mommie Dearest are based on Crawford’s shortcomings as a mother. 19) Maxim . 18) Kraftwerk . marred by violence between concert goers and the Hell’s Angels. 3) Maharishi Mahesh Yogi .Ruling dynasty of China from 1368 to 1644. (Ep. Bush’s first term. 2) singer Rob Thomas. (Ep.Movie about greasers (50’s gang members with greased hair and leather jackets) starring Sylvester Stallone and Henry Winkler. (Ep. 11) John Nash . performed at an infamous free concert in Altamont.

” (Ep. (Ep. 13) Daniel:“The cover photo of the band’s album ‘Wish You Were Here’ was photographed at Warner Bros.Celebration commemorating the efforts of Queen Esther to save the Jewish people from the tyrannical Haman.Classic rock and roll band formed in the 60’s. 2) Persis Khambatta . 8) Amy:“To me. the Festival of Death & Walter Koenig. (Ep.Short for progressive rock. at a Purim Carnival. Robinson is a married woman who seduces a much younger man. to me. 7) Pat Summerall . Purim is the holiday of winning goldfish at a carnival that are time released to die once you get them home so you can be emotionally scarred by their death.A style of dance. where ‘Gilmore Girls’ is shot.” Pop locked . featuring a combination of musical elements (classical. 13) . jazz. (Ep. best known Mummenschanz . 8) Daniel:“I hid the fact for years but th ere’s no denying it -I love progressive rock ! Long live ‘Gentle Giant. (Ep. the Grand National. 1) Owsley . named after its manufacturer in San Francisco. . 22) National Velvet .1944 Elizabeth Taylor movie about a young equestrian named Velvet who hopes to win England’s greatest racing event.In the 1940’s an important collection of ancient texts dealing with the gospels was found near Nag Hammadi in Egypt. Robinson .Actress who played the bald Lt. (Ep.’ ‘Van der Graaf’ and ‘Triumvirat’!” Norman Rockwell . Mrs.Mrs. 15) for the albums Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall. (Ep. 5) Amy:“Oh Shabba doo and Boogaloo Shrimp. 12) Petticoat Junction . (Ep.Pantomime group from Switzerland that makes use of surreal masks and props. so Purim is. 7) Nag Hammadi . (Ep. (Ep.Actor who broke into a stranger’s house thinking it was his own and fell asleep.Potent form of LSD. I also saw Walter Koenig.Studios. (Ep.Famed football play-by-play announcer. (Ep. 7) Purim . 4) Robert Downey Jr.60’s television series centered around the goings-on at the Shady Rest Hotel and its colorful country characters. 11) New Zoo Review . spin-off of break dancing. (Ep. (Ep. where are you now? We need you so.80’s heavy metal band who gained fame from a remake of Slade’s “Cum On Feel the Noize.Beloved artist whose sweet depictions of American life appeared on the covers of The Saturday Evening Post. (Ep. Ilia in the 1979 Star Trek movie. 18) Pink Floyd .) and occasionally over-wrought structures. Star Trek’s Chekov.” Prog rock .1972 television series for kids.Character in the 1967 film The Graduate.” Quiet Riot . etc. (Ep.

the prominent military leader and Prime Minister of Israel. 3) Julie Andrews as a nun-turned-nanny. ” Taxi Driver .Reporter for The New Republic magazine who was fired after it was discovered that over half of his stories were in some degree fabricated.Movie set in Austria starring Romanov kids . (Ep. 9) claims to stock 16 miles of books.Oscar®-winning actress who is outspoken about her belief in reincarnation. 4) . (Ep.Unfortunate teenage caveman character on the animated series The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show. granddaughter of Queen Victoria. 8) Stephen Glass . 14) “Sk8er Boi” . the most recognizable being the melting watch. Rockefeller was the founder of Standard Oil.Surrealist painter of dream-like images. (Ep.The Shriners is a men’s organization whose members wear fezes and drive tiny cars in local parades. the kids were born into a life of incredible wealth and luxury. (Ep.Avril Lavigne’s annoyingly ubiquitous hit song from the album Let Go. 1) Daniel:“I usually buy about a mile of books per visit. (Ep. 1) The Strand . 1) The Sound of Music .One of the richest men of the 1800’s.Children of Russian Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Alexandra.Members of a leftist Nicaraguan political party. 1) Roslyn Kind . (Ep. 17) Shriner hats . (Ep. (Ep. 16) Sandinistas . I need help.As in Ariel Sharon. 17) Ted Knight . (Ep.Popular nightclub singer and little sister of Barbra Streisand.Rockefeller .Silver-haired actor who played newscaster Ted Baxter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.Satellite launched by the USSR that began the space race in 1957.1976 movie starring Robert De Niro as a New York cabby slowly losing his sanity in what he perceives to be a hopeless city. 22) Stations of the Cross . (Ep. 10) Sputnik . John D. (Ep. (Ep. 14) Sharon . (Ep.Fourteen sculptures found in Catholic churches depicting Christ’s journey from sentencing to his burial. 8) Salvador Dali . and a Clash album. (Ep. (Ep. (Ep. (Ep. 8) Shirley MacLaine .New York used bookstore that Schleprock .

Deputy Secretary of Defense who was a leading proponent of the 2003 Iraq War and the architect of George W. 11) Trigger . (Ep. (Ep. (Ep. He appeared in over 80 films . who is over thirty years his junior. (Ep.As in Guthrie. (Ep. his view of family values might be very different than mine. 10) Tolstoy . 15) “What’s your damage. 5) Village People . and Curly. Bush’s foreign policy. Larry.always playing a horse named Trigger.A Neo-Conservative U. 18) Valley of the Dolls -1966 best-selling novel by Jacqueline Susann about the rise and fall of three women in Hollywood. 6) Wolfowitz . .Genius Russian author of War and Peace and Anna Karenina. but ‘Hannah and Her Siste rs’ is one of the greatest movies ever and I’ve watched it two hundred and fif ty thousand times just to make sure. (Ep.Psychologist who walked a fine line between genius and insanity.The Three Stooges . 9) Amy:“Yes. (Ep.Disco group of the 70’s best known for their use of costumes and their hit “YMCA. 19) Witches of Eastwick . 6) “Winona in the Family” .American filmmaker once married to Mia Farrow and now married to her adopted daughter.Novel and movie about three witches who innocently conjure up a mystery man to free them from their boredom. 12) Tony Robbins . 20) Woody Allen .” (Ep. The Smartest Horse in the Movies. he was outspoken about his belief in drug use and spent some time dabbling in the occult. (Ep. Heather?” .A.A. (Ep. 12) Toby from American Splendor .Actress Winona Ryder was caught stealing from Saks Fifth Avenue in 2001.” (Ep. 16) Timothy Leary .Referring to the 1989 cult movie Heathers about three cruel girls named Heather. ” Woody .Popular slapstick comedy group made up of brothers Moe. (Ep.Reference to chatty geek character in the movie based on the writings of cartoonist Harvey Pekar. Depression-era folk singer best known for the song “This Land is Your Land. 22) “Oscar®” is the registered trademark and service mark of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.S. (Ep.K.Well-known motivational speaker. (Ep.