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Ben Mathews  Certificate IV in Music Business  19/11/2010    Marketing Plan For   Fading Like A Dream Artwork by Angus Daley  The sophomore EP by Thursday’s Page Distributed and serviced nationally by Firestarter Music and Distribution Page 2 of 15    .

This creates a rather large demographic for the band to appeal to and there’s already many young and older fans. Although the EP hasn’t sold too well outside of live show sales. titled ‘Fading Like a Dream’. it also contains elements of hard rock. This report is going to propose the strategy that will be put in to the marketing plan in the lead up to the 2 launch shows in 2011. The final aim of the EP release is to not generate massive CD sales. February 18th 2011 will be the release date for an online single from the EP. punk and metal. The project is currently in the mixing and mastering stages and the act intend on creating a hype and publicity towards the EP’s release. The band returned to the studio in 2010 to begin work on what would become their second EP. which appear to be the strongest point of sale for the act at this current point in time. The track ‘Shivering’ will be launched at the Rocket Room and available as a free download after this show. With occasional headlining and support shows lined up for the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011 the band will be creating awareness towards the EP.Ben Mathews  Certificate IV in Music Business  19/11/2010  Executive Summary: In 2009 Thursday’s Page released their debut EP ‘Beyond Paradise’ to a near capacity crowd at the Rocket Room and followed it up extensively with shows around Perth and in regional towns. While the music does have some commercial aspects to it. It is to raise a higher local awareness towards the act. ranging from teenagers to people in their late 30’s/early 40’s. they have successfully raised their profile and created an awareness of the band in the Perth music scene. Page 3 of 15    . This is to provide the Perth music scene and it’s punters a taste of what’s to come with the EP and generate a buzz on the band leading up to the EP launch. aimed for May 2011. The music should appeal to anyone who enjoys rock music regardless of age or social status. build reputation and continue to press local and national radio stations for airplay.

Ben Mathews  Certificate IV in Music Business  19/11/2010  Table of Contents: Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Pages 13 & 14 Page 15 Situation analysis SWOT Analysis Thursday’s Page Biography & Contact Details Music Press & Radio airplay Online presence Product Summary Single launch marketing schedule Budgets RTRFM Fresh Blash Sponsorship Information References Page 4 of 15    .

there are still people who are big enough fans of music who will make the effort to go out and purchase music from their local record store. A lot of people who hear an act on their local community radio station which they enjoy are more likely to go to the bands website. If a whole bunch of more popular CD’s come out around the same time you might miss out on a mention or review in the street press. Having a national distributer in place is also good to have. tell their friends about the band and come back to see them again. The best angle to take at this stage is to have a national distributer servicing the music to all relevant radio broadcasters and promoters Australia wide. Macro-environmental Situation: There are plenty of factors that can effect a successful CD release. merchandise. artwork. but not really a viable option with the budget of many local acts who should be aware they’re not going to sell much more vinyl than they will CDs. Page 5 of 15    . Weather issues. This also means ensuring every live show is of the highest quality as you never know who may be in the crowd that will talk about the band.Ben Mathews  Certificate IV in Music Business  19/11/2010  Situation Analysis Market Situation: Physical CD sales for a band without national exposure can’t be guaranteed in this day and age. These people are a minority though. or even Perth. If someone in another state enjoys it but can’t get to a concert they will most likely check out the bands website and then may legally download the CD. the best option is having well designed websites and putting on top class live shows which will in turn make the punters want to buy CDs. Similar big name touring acts may be playing the same night or week. For an act like Thursday’s Page. This is not to say that the physical CDs should not be available at a store through a national distributor. Attempting to crack national airwaves on radio stations such as Triple J is another highly competitive situation for an alternative rock act. Vinyl sales are also on the rise. the occasional record store sale and provide quarterly sales summaries. Competitive Situation: Thursday’s Page is not the only alternative rock act in Australia. Having posters on the streets. The more often people see the name the easier it is for them to remember it. trying to crack the national airwaves and gain a strong local fan base. people don’t like to go out during a storm. This is very hard to avoid as the tour may not be made public at the time of booking a local CD launch show. Having a reputable distribution company behind the band name. maybe a live show and then perhaps buy a CD. a strong bio/web presence and easy to find contact details are all essential in trying to get on top of a highly competitive situation. as they can take care of iTunes sales. if any in the first place. getting regular mentions in street press and maintaining a strong online presence are all essential in trying to stay on top of this competitive situation. This means for a local band trying to break the market the best avenue for selling physical CDs is at live shows. Having a good enough live show for the punters to want to spend their money on more than just beer and perhaps a door entry price is essential. as well as some incredibly catchy songs.

Ben Mathews  Certificate IV in Music Business  19/11/2010  SWOT Analysis Thursday’s Page Single Launch February 2011 & EP Launch May 2011 Opportunity: • Chance to leave a lasting impression on the local music scene • Possibility of live show and CD reviews in media • Opportunity to expand on fan base. if not enough people show up could look empty • Technical faults on the evening • Media decide not to cover the show • Bad reviews • Weather • Strengths: • Strong live show/songs • Ability to promote a show and pull a crowd • Good products • Solid online presence • Understand who to target and what support acts to put on Weaknesses: • Lack of a strong mailing list • Not enough supporting shows to promote EP on live circuit • Occasional unprofessional stage show • Singer is not the best at talking between songs Use the strong show • Fix the mailing list. advertising the show and and free publicity to continue promotions make target audience to lead up go to this show rather • Use any negative than a competitor. and music to make start signing new the positive names up at shows impression required and asking online for interest Follow up on all publicity to ensure the • Hussle promoters. reach others who haven’t heard of the band • After show word of mouth can really lift the bands profile Threats: • Other touring acts that may play on the same night or same week that would take away target audience • The size of venue is large. show is being bands and venues for marketed in every support shows avenue possible • Extra rehearsals to ensure the Use the online presence to promote performance and the hell out of the stage show is at 110% show • Have the singer script and rehearse in Get support acts to also promote the between song talk show Use the online • Early promotion of presence. feedback as reference for future shows Offer incentives (door prizes/giveaways/che • Direct marketing in aper CD’s) all areas target audience is. make Make sure all gear is working properly them want to come to before show this show and not another Persistence – make sure the media covers • Constant rehearsing the lead up to the and stage show development • • • • • • • Page 6 of 15    .

Thursday’s Page have been working on their latest EP. due for release in May 2011. FOR BOOKINGS AND ENQUIRIES: thursdaysmusic@live. It was an intense brand of rock ala Muse and System of a Down.0433 225 114 http://www. Glen Hagger on guitars. The Rosemount and The Rocket Room. The band originally formed in the South West region of Western Australia and has been building a solid following in Perth since 2008. but they  never  got carried Page 7 of 15    . Fading Like A Dream."   Members include Jake Hoskins on lead vocals. "Enter  Thursdays  Page.  The  five‐piece  flicked  the  volume  switch  north  and  charged into a thrilling set. Ben Mathews on Bass and Ryan Ammon on Drums. Phil Watts on Ben . Following the launch this track will be available as a free download through iTunes. supporting the likes of The Butterfly Effect and headlining shows at The Amplifier Bar. Having released their debut EP 'Beyond Paradise' in 2009.0417 365 866 | Ryan .thursdayspage. The singer hit the wavering  Bellamy falsetto without  much  effort as the  lead  guitarist executed creative swings in rhythm and style that kept the audience engaged. Drum media writes.Ben Mathews  Certificate IV in Music Business  19/11/2010  Photo by Becky May Felstead  Thursday’s Page presents an open mixture of alternative rock that combines the heavy styling’s of 90’s alt-rock with upbeat indie pop sensibility. The first tease off the EP will be an online single launch in February 2011 of the track ‘Shivering’.

5 (ACT) – featured on Upstream COWFM 107. Bunbury) “By the time Thursdays Page hit the stage. The Rocket Room was almost at full capacity and no one was left disappointed.SPACESHIP NEWS (‘Beyond Paradise’ Review) Radio Airplay: There has been confirmed airplay on dozens of interstate and local community radio stations including. This formula of contrasting from soft to loud.9 (NSW) Noosa Community Radio 101.SPACESHIP NEWS (‘Beyond Paradise’ Review) “Opening is the title track. The singer hit the wavering Bellamy falsetto without much effort as the lead guitarist executed creative swings in rhythm and style that kept the audience engaged. which starts with some delicate guitar riffs and is quickly joined by some whispered vocals. meshed with emotional lyrics and vocals is repeated throughout the remainder of the track and most of the EP with great effect.DRUM MEDIA (Live review from The Prince of Wales.9 RTRFM . Two thumbs up!” Chris Martin .Ben Mathews  Certificate IV in Music Business  19/11/2010  Some of the other things the music press have had to say: "Enter Thursdays Page. They boast strong songs and an enthralling live show. This shifts into heavier guitars and drumming and an almost wail before leading into the first anguished verse. Hoskins’ falsetto is amazing.” Suzanne Oldfield .. at one point they had people climbing the walls. There have been other features and interviews on Perth stations. Page 8 of 15    . It was an intense brand of rock ala Muse and System of a Down. but they never got carried away. The five-piece flicked the volume switch north and charged into a thrilling set. • • • • • • Valley FM 89. literally. but not limited to. keys.features on Homegrown and Critical Mass. • • • Twin Cities FM Radio Fremantle 107. As soon as the band started.” FasterLouder (Beyond Paradise EP Launch Review) “The band was good at controlling the mood of the crowd..3FM (QLD) Radio Adelaide (SA) .featured on Up Downunder City Park Radio 103. and used at exactly the right times.7 (VIC) – featured on Aussie Assault. vocalist Jake Hoskins showed his talent with an archipela opening before the band launched into their first song.” FasterLouder (Beyond Paradise EP Launch Review) “This EP proves that Thursday’s Page are a force to be reckoned with." Brayden Edwards . In fact. it was clear who the audience was there to see.7FM (TAS) – featured on Aussie Brew The Pulse 94. bass and light drumming. Facebook: Page 9 of 15 Myspace: FasterLouder: px?BandID=24907 Sonicbids: http://www.Ben Mathews  Certificate IV in Music Business  19/11/2010  Online Presence: Official Url: iTunes: Reverbnation: Spaceship News: Triple J Unearthed: WAM:!/thursdayspage You Tube: LastFM:

35 $6.22 $4.99 Page 10 of 15    .Ben Mathews  Certificate IV in Music Business  19/11/2010  Product Summary Artist: Album Title: Digital Release Date: In The Warehouse: Physical Release Date : Tracks: Physical Packaging: Digital Packaging: Sponsorship: Labeling: Thursday’s Page Fading Like A Dream TBA TBA TBA 6 CD Jewel Case with 4 page booklet iTunes with printable album cover and track listing RTRFM Fresh Blast Sponsorship Firestarter Music and Distribution Distribution Physical: Digital: Firestarter Music and Distribution iTunes Pricing RRP: PPD: Artist Share:: Digital: $9.95 $6.

 Any final pressers that  need to go out must be sent this week  Print out pre‐sale ticket list on day of the  show  Delegated To  Band. paid  and ready for publication  Ensure all street press gig guides have been  sent event details. WAM.  Contact RTRFM & other stations for radio  interviews in the lead up to the launch  Posters printed and given to poster  distributors  Send EP off for pressing.         RTRFM. The Gig  Man. Glen & Angus  Ben  Notes        Firestarter Music  11  30/11/2010  Band. Drum  Media. Any minor details need  fixing ensure they are done so over the  next week  Any minor details that needed fixing  complete. Drum  Media. All new merch for  EP launch sent off for printing too  Send off the first presser and single launch  details and pre sale ticket details  Have the free download cards printed and  ready at this stage  Any street press advertising finalised.  The Sunday Times  Firestarter Music  The Wire Mag.Ben Mathews  Certificate IV in Music Business  19/11/2010  Single Launch Marketing Schedule Weeks til  Event  14  13  12  Week  Starting  9/11/2010  16/11/2010  23/11/2010  Tasks  EP mixing and mastering and artwork  finalisation process  EP mixing and mastering and artwork  finalisation process  Discuss with Firestarter the finer details of  the free online single and work out what  needs to be done to achieve this  Mixing and mastering of EP complete and  ready for pressing. Artwork complete this week  Have the free download cards ready for  printing. Glen & Angus  Band. Glen & Angus  Band & Angus        Spaceship News. Perth Bands. Drum. The Wire.  FasterLouder. JJJ.  RTRFM.  Twin Cities FM  World Wide Print &  Streetpitch  Firestarter  X‐Press. X‐Press  Ben  8  20/12/2010  Ben and Angus  Everyone!  Ben  Ben  Ben  Ben  Ben  Ben  7  27/12/2010  6  3/1/2011  5  4  3  2  10/1/2011  17/1/2011  24/1/2011  31/1/2011  1  7/2/2011  Ben  0  14/2/2011  Ben  Moshtix  Page 11 of 15    . Glen & Angus     10  9  6/12/2010  13/12/2010  Band. X‐Press  The Wire Mag. Radio Fremantle. Look at budget and decide how  much new merch to purchase  Gig details in all online gig guides by this  week  All poster/merch and other art for single  launch ready for printing  Party week.

00  Heidi  Weston  heidi@firestarter.00  $ matt@drumperth. GST)  Contact  Name  Contact Email  Contact  Phone  Firestarter  Music  $1.00  $291.719.Ben Mathews  Certificate IV in Music Business  19/11/2010  Budgets Single launch marketing budget Company  World Wide  Print  Streetpitch  Drum  Media  Total  Description  200 x A3  Posters  150 x Posters  Distributed  2 x 1/4 Page  Mono Ads  $465.00  Yes  $ michelle@streetpitch.50  Price  $  $  Total  (Inc. d/s inlay.00  $   0409 071 908  Total  TOTAL COST  $1.254. 4pp booklet.50  Contact  Name  Alan  Faulkes  Michelle  Matt  McMullin  Contact Email  perthwest@worldwide.00  GST  Inc.00  $75. assembled in clear jewel case Price  GST  Inc.  No  Yes  No  Total  (Inc.50  Page 12 of 15    .com. GST)  $     Contact  Phone  (08) 9226  2744  0413 303 286  (08) 9228  9655    EP Printing and merchandise prices Company  Description  500 x Replicated CD's with White Base.

decorations.Ben Mathews  Certificate IV in Music Business  19/11/2010  RTRFM Fresh Blast Sponsorship The RTRFM Fresh Blast program. The submission deadline is the first Friday of every month: • • Round 11: For launches in December – Friday 5 November Round 12: For laucnhes in January 2011 – Friday 3 December Page 13 of 15    . sound and lighting crew.000 worth of sponsorship towards your CD launch. printing of posters and flyers.g. payment to support bands.A. Furthermore to show that they are willing to promote the “Alcohol Think Again” and “Don’t Drink and Drive” messages and have disclosed to their venue that have applied for Fresh Blast sponsorship. A strong applicant needs to have a confirmed date at a venue (that does not already receive Healthway funding). A radio promotion package (20 Sponsorship Announcements) to help promote the CD after the launch. Hire. sponsors CD launches for Western Australian bands or solo performers who are willing to stage their launch in a smoke-free environment and promote the “Alcohol. P. The Sponsorship Announcements won’t promote a gig but the actual CD and encourage people to buy it. A half-page advertisement in X-Press Magazine Up to $250 for any costs associated with the gig. This promotion will start shortly after the CD launch. Think Again” and “Don’t Drink and Drive” messages. including: • • • • A radio promotion package (30 Sponsorship Announcements) to help promote the CD launch. e. supported by Healthway and Community Road Safety Grants Program Funded by the Road Trauma Trust Fund. with a CD ready to be launched and put into shops for sale. etc. RTRFM’s Fresh Blast Program provides over $2. venue hire.

Ben Mathews  Certificate IV in Music Business  19/11/2010  To apply for Fresh Blast funding complete the Fresh Blast application form (download from below). include a copy of your CD and post to: Eloise Sweetman Fresh Blast RTRFM PO Box 842 Mt Lawley WA 6929 Please note terms and conditions of the 2010 Fresh Blast program are liable to change. Also note that there is an addition to the application form. Page 14 of 15    . a one page document to give to your venue disclosing the nature of the Fresh Blast Program and the advantages for the venue. For further info contact the Program Coordinator. Eloise Sweetman at RTRFM on (08) 9260 9200.

2010. Retrieved: November Page 15 of 15    . from http://www. Freshblast.rtrfm. WA.Ben Mathews  Certificate IV in Music Business  19/11/2010  References: RTRFM.