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What is the National Development Plan (NDP)?

The National Development Plan is the governments plan for the country to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality by 2030 through uniting South Africans, unleashing the energies of its citizens, growing an inclusive economy, building capabilities, enhancing the capability of the state and leaders working together to solve complex problems. (Source 1)

Can Theoretical Physics develop knowledge workers?

De nitely! Theoretical Physics is a branch of physics that employs mathematical models and abstractions of physics to rationalise, explain and predict natural phenomena The advancement of science depends in general on the interplay between experimental studies and theory. (Source 4) Theoretical Physics equips people with problem solving, numerical and analytic skills. These skills are typically used in the nancial, insurance, consultation, IT, teaching and academic sectors, where the bulk of NIThePs graduates nd employment. offers an inexpensive training environment. No costly equipment is required, so there are no major capital costs.

Can poverty in South Africa really be overcome?

Yes, poverty can be eliminated by 2030, according to statistics presented by Bono, U2 lead singer and anti-poverty campaigner, at the February 2013 TED conference. Concerted effort from various parties is required to accomplish this. (Source 2)

What is the new global context?

The developed world has changed from a post-industrial/mass production economy to a knowledge economy. This economy uses knowledge technologies to produce economic bene ts, as well as job creation. To fully participate in the global knowledge economy South Africa needs knowledge workers, as opposed to manual workers. Peter Drucker, author of The E ective Executive, says knowledge workers work with their head and produce ideas, knowledge and information. Their main capital is knowledge. Those who think for a living include software engineers, architects, engineers, lawyers and scientists. (Source 3)

NITheP plays an important role in accelerating the aims of the National Development Plan: poverty reduction, economic growth, economic transformation and job creation.
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