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Theme # 1 - Life Dying OF fear or dying TO fear.

Wake up, it's time to choose: Decide or decease! Two worlds facing each other: death and immortality. The big disillusion. Becoming aware. The tricycle of death: Fear - Protection - Prevention. Its use. Stopping the compromise: survival/agony Living a life without beginning or end : infinite, boundless. Life and death : the cycles of duality. Dying in order to live. Fibonacci's spiral : life has a direction. Everything comes from inside. The outside mirror is an illusion. Lucifer, god of death, monarch of fear. Where is my allegiance? Luciferian (ego) or divine (soul)? Is it out of fear or out of love-of-me... that I pay income tax? My conscience is an elevator. The 7 floors of conscience. Take the elevator and experience ascension! Transformation : I can, I want, I decide, I ascend. Divine will is a conscience that sees and shines. It commands the ego to surrender to the soul (3 formulas). YES or NO to the decision to live? AT WHAT COST the decision to live? I reject death, its works, its promises A smorgasbord of fears. Egoliath's punch. The TLA recipe (Truth, Love, Action). Elixir of the present. I accept, I embrace my creation. I make peace with it. Love-of-me, the only true love. How do I stop living for the love-of-others? Love allows all : past, present and future. Healing. The end of fear and human suffering are possible now. Uprightness: the alignment of thought, speech and action. Divinity applied in daily life. Self-fulfillment. The divine being.

Theme # 2 - Order, Authority Priority of the Feminine Principle

Idessa, the most subtle vibration which rules all. Sovereignty, the supreme authority, is indivi-dual and divine. Re-establishing the priority of the Feminine Principle. Superiority (dis-order) and priority (order). Open the door : light invading darkness. Only love is contagious. Indivi-duality, the key to the mystery of Trinity. Mystery : the Trinity of powerlessness : victim, culprit, saviour. THREE different actors: poor sheep, nasty wolf, good shepherd. Secret: the Trinity of the all-powerful: creatrix, responsible, accountable. ONE only creatrix (Idessa) of ALL creation (Idessa). Opening the door to miracles! Bringing serenity, joy and bliss. History of feminism. Clichs. Androgyny and couples. Maternity, femininity, fertility, sexuality Mother Earth. Complementing the masculine : the mother, wife, daughter of Inquisition : eliminating the feminine principle. The soul and the body : who serves who? Emancipation of the Being or security of the Having? Stress. Duality, fusion, unity and peace. The peace treaty. Authority and obedience are one : harmony and peace on earth. The world is upside down. Let's straighten it up! Transforming nonsense (Law and Order) into common sense. The spiral of Fibonacci. STOP! Make a 180 turn. YES to life! Restoring order into daily life : WHAT, how, miracle! Process is more important than result. The end does not justify the means. Restoring order in institutions: SOUL, body, spirit. Restoring harmony between thought, word and action. Talking in the feminine : titles and duties. Fraternity (sorority). Fatherland (motherland), patrimony (matrimony), Mrs, Miss, Ms. Facilitates the decision-making process without stress. Amazing tool for business management. Allows equality and equity on earth. Daily living in the feminine : femininitude vs femininity vs feminism. Putting together 1+1+1 produces a new race on earth.

Theme # 3 - Religion, Spirituality & Divinity The Business of the Soul

History of incarnation. My divine plan. Cosmic pilot or automatic pilot? Who will win? From paradise to paradise. Adam and Eve. "Hi! Let me have a few words with the Creator! If paradise is up THERE, then THIS must be Hell!" Terrestrial and celestial hierarchies are all Luciferian. ROSSS : religions, orders, sects, secret societies. Power of divine rule. Social ladder. One OVER another. American dollar. Pyramid. New world order. * Creator = God, Allah, Yahweh, Krishna * Created = Jesus, Buddha, sons of God, brotherhood. Who am I? D.E.I.T. divine entity in training = body+soul+spirit. 1+1+1. I am Idessa, UNique creatrix of ALL created universe. True unity by inclusion (fusion). Illusory unity by exclusion (fission). One and only conflict of humanity : separation of creatrix and creation. Divide and rule: maintaining belief in an external God. Authorities demand blind obedience at multiple levels. Mental programming: home, school, culture, media, publicity, food, medication, vaccines, bank books, cards, implants, 666. Biometric ID, ID cards, social security number. NO to the three Cs: conflicts, cards, consumerism. The tricycle of death: Fear - Protection - Prevention. A good old recipe that always works : problem - reaction - solution. Ritual abuse and child sacrifices. Flesh and blood. Duplessis' children. Boarding schools. Initiations. Human robots: Monarch and MK Ultra programs. Ecumenism, preparing the unique religion of the NWO. Dala-Lama. Spiritual Egoliath. Channeling. Archangels. Ascended masters. White Brotherhood, Workers of Light. Mission. Monopoly of spiritual business: anti-sect inquisition. Spiritualizing matter is divinizing Lucifer. Collaboration 4COs : conspiration, corruption, complicity, consent. Prostitution of the soul. How much is my soul worth?

Theme # 4 - Politics Goodbye Democracy, Long Live Personocracy!

Big Money makes the world go round. How? With secret societies. Because we have forgotten who we are: Idessa. Real authority in inside: indivi-dual sovereignty. Authority, obedience, omnipotency. War or peace. Illusory external power / Real internal power. Where is the Graal? All-mightiness: its key is in the priority of the feminine principle. Dictatorship, democracy, synarchy, majority vs minority. Strongest. Animal duality: I dominate or I am dominated. The fear of death. Trinity's mystery and secret: the sheep, the wolf, the shepherd. The role of the good shepherd is to and make them believe that... Democracy based on duality: people/authorities, we/they. Freedom, Equality, Fraternity : where's the mistake? The only real freedom is inside : self-discipline. Hierarchy, domination, exploitation: when we separate spirit/matter. The New World Order in place. The truncated pyramid. All hierarchy is luciferian. The social scale with carrots and sticks. God Inc., God & Son Inc., Crown Inc., country, region, municipality inc. Personocracy based on indivi-duality, unity of spirit/matter. The person is the ultimate authority when conscious of being divine. World-wide, national and personal sovereignty. Deployment. A country cannot be sovereign, since limited. Constitution and Bible. Monopoly Game: competition, forced fusions, false unity. A lie in my own image: internal and external government. A secret in my own image: societies, services, activities, files. The establishment. The end justifies the means. Ruler above law. Spiritual power, temporal power and associates. Pope and Crowns. The tandem of power: law - money. Divide and conquer. The Sacred Heart of the Good Shepherd. Employers, unions, strikes, demonstrations, negotiations. Total collapse of all systems is imminent. Indivi-dual sovereignty: Conscience of the ONE. Universal solidarity: Conscience of the ALL. Who will bring peace to the world? - Personocratia.

Theme # 5 - Law Justice & Justness

Right and wrong duality. Separation. Division and war. Cowboy movies. The good guys against the bad guys. Social ladder. Divide and rule. Pyramid. The more laws, the more dis-order. Vicious circle... death. External gratification : Carrots and sticks. Heaven and hell. Who's right, who's wrong? Mental masturbation. Control. War. Justice : legality and legitimacy. The law of the strongest animal. Fear. Justness : sovereignty and divinity. Harmony and concord. Divine right: all the rights and no duties. No right or wrong. Charter of human rights. Granted to the sheep by the shepherd. ID card, social insurance number, birth certificate, passport. Artificial, natural, sovereign and divine persons. Common law (land) and Roman law (sea). Membership. Uniform Commercial Code: ruling on the whole planet. Corporations. Contrat when 3 conditions filled: Consent, Disclosure, Compensation. Honor / dishonor. Master / slave. What is your name? Telephone: Who? Identification. Send dated & signed letter. Be polite. Our assets belong to government. Protection, trust, trademark TM. Rights, duties, morality, ethics, deontology. Values. Judgment, guilt, blame, forgiveness. Excuses. Discernment. The tandem law & order. The Sacred Heart of the Good Shepherd. Law imposed by force: army, police, judiciary system, prison. What secret society does the judge belong to? Oath of allegiance. The tricycle : Fear-Protection-Prevention / Problem-Reaction-Solution. Montreal Polytechnic School massacre. 9-11 in New York. "Competition is a sin" - Rockefeller. "The only sin is unconsciousness" - Osho. Following the dictates of superiors or the voice of our conscience? Nuremberg trial. Papon's trial. The Nuremberg Principles. The only law is internal: "In all conscience" Love allows all. All is divine.

Theme # 6 - Money All About Money, All About Love Economy/Finance

Divine energy. Circulation or accumulation? A mirror of love-of-me. Money: exchange tool or commodity? I owe you. Debt money, no reserve. Big Money makes the world go round! How? Creating money out of thin air B.I.S., central banks, private cartels. National debt. Debt virus. Deficit. Usury, composite interest: tool for social inequity = 50% of retail price. Artificial creation of abundance/scarcity: boom/bust. Inflation. Speculation. Banking: profits, fusions. Monopolies. Electronic money, 666 microchip. Where goes my money? The 5-finger test. Its real use: financing wars. Government: income tax law for the TAXPAYER. The Velcro solution. Taxes: PST+QST. Collector as a fiduciary. The Nuremberg principles. Banks, insurance, brokerage, multinationals. Fear of lacking. Subventions, pensions, family allowances, deductions... for kept Sheep. Savings for old age. Pension plans. RRSP. Registered by the shepherd. Beliefs about poverty. Born for lack. New baby worth 850 000$. Voluntary simplicity. What to do with money? Loans without interest. Three-heart bank. Local currency. Sovereign money. No interest. Bartering systems: two-way barter, LETS, JEU/GAME (self-managed). Spiritual market. Charities, humanitarian work. Mother Teresa. War on poverty. More social justice. A better world.NO, an other world!

Low-Price Hysteria


The soul and the body of an enterprise. Upside down. Corporation. The Market rule. The stock exchange tyrant. Quotation. Profit-at-all-cost. Egoliath: profitability, efficiency, quality/price ratio. I WANT it NOW! Free marketnationalization ...state monopolyprivatization private monopoly! Foreign investment. Competition. Price wars. Dumping. Bankruptcy. World bank + I.M.F. + W.T.O. Transnationals. Globalization. NGOs. Unemployment Made-in-China. Big eats small. Publicity and marketing. Creating jobs. Human resources. Earning a living and loosing a life. Employee (slave) or hired worker (free). Contract-for-hire. Creatrix. Three conditions for a contract: Consent, Disclosure, Compensation. Deductions: income tax, union fees, health insurance, pension plan Business: Creatrix / Commerce (wholesale & retail) / Consumer. Food industry. Water industry. Public-Private Partnership. Vioxx. Labelling: fair-trade commerce, long-term, ecological, organic Local trade at any price. Small surface. C.O.C. (Cash Of Course). Sovereign business: Small is beautiful, no tax, no employees. Macdonald and Wall-Mart for sale! Get ready!

Theme # 7 - Health Unlimited Health, Eternal Youth, Physical Immortality

Medicine, a system of illness. The Medical Mafia, 10 years later. Free enterprise...State monopoly...(Chaos)...Private monopoly. PPP. Mafioso family. Canadian tycoon : Castonguay+Burson-Marsteller+TC. Associations, orders, colleges, corporations, insurance obedience. Public health: vaccines, cancer, AIDS, 3 lies. Pandemics. Fear of death. Medical body. Where is the medical soul? Health upside-down. Sovereign sick person has given away her power to insurance & doctor. State of health = state of consciousness. We die of fear and exhaustion. Science does not exist: cause/effect/consequence. Karma/salvation/prayer Time does not exist. Quantum physics. Pension plan. The body is a bio-computer. Where is the CD? Leaving the WSAD program: Work, Suffer, Age and Die. Adopting the PLRL program: Play, Laugh, Rejuvenate and Live eternally. Naessens' somatid theory. His 714X remedy. Micro-organisms (germs) are not contagious. Diseases are not 'caught'. We create them ourselves as allies. Obesity. Genetic/family ailments. New medicine by Hamer, a German physician. Maslow's pyramid + New medecine + Rosenberg's NVC + ADConscience. Creatrix conscience. End of reproduction. From animality to divinity. Disease = blessing. Embrace it. Self-healing. Peace treaty. Only love heals. From love-of-others to love-of-me. Transformation and weird symptoms. Keep your body : blood, organs and ftus businesses. How do I become a free HEALTH practitioner? Membership with corporations, insurance. Pricing. Paying in COC. Consulting from beginning to end. Needs. Order in treatments. The only conflict: separation between creative spirit and created creature. The only solution: unification creatix/creation. Accepting, welcoming. Accomplished divine being: preview. Shape-shifting. Physical immortality. Nothing needs to be done, everything needs to be undone. Cellular deprogramming. Behaving as a divine entity in all situations. Rejuvenation. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual detoxification. Easy recipes: Amaroli, clay, charcoal Nutrition and fasting. Living on light. 21 day experience. 0 appetite. Androgyny. From physical to cosmic orgasm. Asexuality.

Theme # 8 -

Education, Information

Manufacturing White Sheep EDUCATION

School, manufacturing white sheep. Submission or retaliation. State monopoly serving BigMoney. Financing&controlling. Kids come in the box different...and come out identical. Normalization. Mental manipulation. Blind obedience. No questions asked. "The orders of the lodge must be executed, not questioned." Initiations. First break them, then make them. Drop-outs, Ritalin. External gratification: rewards/punishments, carrots/sticks, Heaven/Hell. School's purpose: obeying external authorities, working for carrot$, (not self-esteem) maintaining social hierarchy and belief in democracy. Diplomas, success, competition, performance. Drugs. Money. The expert as a regurgitator. Origin of information. Reproduction. Partnership: school - university - finance. Budget control. Censorship. Student debt. Caught in the slave trap of BigMoney . Illiteracy. Compulsory education. Vaccination on a captive market. Starting at 5. Day-care at 5$. Vaccines. Government control. Alternatives: Montessori, Waldorf, home schooling, unschooling... The child: a divine & sovereign person, unlimited creatrix. Only teaching = living our divinity. Just set an example. Being creatrix/responsible/accountable brings serenity and peace. Indigo children = obeing their conscience, the only authority. The child is creating parents and teachers in his own image. Mirror. Science does not exist: cause-effect-consequence. Creator/created=1. Time does not exist: past-present-future. Only the here & now. Olympics = improved chimpanzee seeking the absolute.

Financial monopolies. Information controlled by press agencies. Propaganda, a tool of mental manipulation. Sponsorship. Infantilization. Star cult. Consumerism. Normality. Censoring truth. Opinion making: "Manufacturing consent" - Noam Chomski. Freedom of expression 0. Sports-Sex-Money. Pornography. Violence.


Reproducing the past, from generation to generation. Conditioning. Grammar, politeness, vocabulary, arts, sports, dancing, cooking, Animal memories. Patriotism. Belonging to the flock.

Theme # 9 - Family From the Family by Blood to the Family of the Heart
THE FAMILY BY BLOOD : illusory and animalistic. THE #1 sect. The herd syndrome. Leaving it in order to live. Ecovillages. Belonging to: family, homeland, race, nation, religion, culture, country The first historical sect. Hierarchy and obedience. Law of the strongest. Role-playing: parent/child, grand-parents, godparents. The trinity of hell-on-earth: victim-saviour-culprit. Suffering. Tragedy. Family secrets: sex&$. Shame. Omerta. Parental projects. Decoding. Rights and duties: name, reputation, honor, care. Obligations. Property: buildings, furniture, pictures, paintings, silverware, jewels Patrimony, testament, insurance, inheritance, cemetery. Anniversaries: mothers, fathers, birthdays, Christmas, gifts. Be nice. Illness : heredity, responsability, care, death. Blood/organ donations. THE FAMILY OF THE HEART : communion of spirit. One divine plan. STOP the family by blood: attachment & security. Divine conscience. Creatrix of the Real Me: no parents, no children. ONE and ALL. Indivi-dual sovereignty. Unity creatrix-creation. Peace treaty. Unconditionnal love allows all. End of hierarchy, beginning of equality. Community of spirit without structures or borders. Sovereign neighbors. THE COUPLE : partnership. Love-of-me X2 or codependency. External mirror of my internal couple (me and myself). Marriage, divorce, sexuality, fidelity, finance. Truth or lie. A bus trip. Reproduction or creativity. Androgyny. Asexuality. Abortion. Sterility. Conscienciousness and truth. Love that permits all. Perpetual change. CHILDREN: photocopies out of reproductive organs. Find the original! Reason of being: insure the survival of the species absolutely. Instinct. Conditioning, motivation, number, first name, nickname. Abortion. Pregnancy, birthing, breastfeeding. Pediatrician, vaccination, UNICEF. Illness : child manifests parents conflict. Treat the parents. Baptism, confirmation and other rituals. Circumcision and clitoridectomy. Ownership, adoption, expectations, breed improvement. Indigo. Ritalin. TV, videos, books, publicity, consumerism. Barbie, Pokemon, dragons Blame, resentment, regret, incest, nostalgia. Grieving. Real healing. I create my parents/children in my own image and likeness. Sovereign child: creatrix/responsible/accountable. No carrots or sticks. We can only set an example: love-of-me.

Theme # 10 - Society Paradise-On-Earth, Here and Now!

Society : a mere reflection of its indivi-duals conciousness. I created Hell-on-Earth, I can do the opposite. Birth contractions have started, the baby is getting out soon. Indivi-dual evolution only brings collective evolution, and vice-versa. The all-mightiness of the unlimited, internal creatrix. The lightest vibration rules. Two rooms and one door. Light (love-reality) prevails over darkness (fear-illusion). The person is the true sovereign. Flip-over at 100 000 Personocratias. Personocracy with creatrix/responsible/accountable indivi-duals. An other society: 0 hierarchy, 0 system. Creation here and now. New life program : Play, Laugh, Rejuvenate, Live for ever. All the rights, no duties. Self-discipline. Liberty. Internal peace (me and myself) brings world-wide peace. Everything starts from the inside: Fibonacci. Hollow Earth? Yes to the 3Cs : Community, Circle, Consensus. Majority, minority, unanimity. The ONE and the ALL. Fear is over. Love rules all. Unconditional permission. Priority of the Feminine Principle: process comes before results. Guaranteed for life for 1000 years Stuck in Stukely, CLITP (City of Light In the Terrestrial Paradise).

- HEART-TO-HEART COMMUNICATION Real: exchange with another, motivated by mutual rush from the heart. MCS (Movement of Community Spirit): I am - I feel - digging - fear. NVC (Non-Violent Communication): observation - feeling - need - request. Language of life: what is alive in me now. Deprogramming vocabulary. Listen to needs of both. Peace. Language of death: what I think (past-related, future-programming). Who is right and who is wrong. Good or bad duality. War. Feel-o-meter: contraction or expansion = Need unsatisfied or satisfied. Always hear "Please" or "Thanks". Take your time . Make other repeat. Communion with myself first, then with the other, because I am ALL. Heres the key : priority of the process (Fem.P.) over the result (Masc.P.). When we can put together 1+1+1, we will have created a new species on Earth. - Satprem