ART 420/620 DUE: Monday, June 3rd @ 12:00pm


MEDIA: Ink, watercolor, micron pen, charcoal, conte, graphite, matte media, tracing paper collage, etc. PAPER: 59”x44” sheet of Fabriano 140lb. watercolor paper, can be torn into a diptych or triptych. SUBJECT: Your subject matter to decide, below are the steps you should go through before beginning to work on the final drawing. This should take you about an hour, possibly two. Remember that we have limited time to finish this piece and that you will only be working on it for approximately 4 days. PROCESS: 1. Start by looking at artists work that you admire. 2. Pick a subject that you are interested in and then do research by collecting images, articles, etc. 3. Look at how contemporary artists are dealing with a similar subject, how they use media, and also how those artists link back to historical artists. 4. Make 3 studies focusing on media, composition and layering (part of grade). TIPS FOR WORKING LARGE SCALE: Start with large strokes from a brush or washes, they take up more space in a short amount of time. Think about ways to use texture to build surface efficiently, use or make tools (like we did for the abstract project) that will allow you to effectively work with layering texture. Several layers working from light to dark can also give you texture and build up texture. Remember that you are working large so use your entire arm, do not focus in one spot, keep moving around the paper. It is also important to think about line quality and variation, you will need a variety of different size line (and value) to focus your viewer. It also takes more lines to draw on a large scale than it does to draw the same subject on a smaller scale. Constantly step back from your piece and examine what changes are taking place, large work is often first viewed from a distance so make sure that you work with that in mind.

Final Project Studies (3 studies on mixed media paper) 18. DAY 15 -­‐ Cleanup + pickup of portfolios. Mylar panorama of objects 16. Stick gestures 2. Abstract rock drawing w/ found materials 5. Lake/Dam drawing I (use 1 colored ground) 14. DAY 14 (Monday) -­‐ Portfolio due at noon. Extended stick drawing 3. Landscape drawing on colored ground (red or brown) 7. Tracing paper tree collage/drawing (use 1 colored ground) 13. . 3 hour long drawings from Botanical Garden 4. Lake/Dam drawing II (use 1 colored ground) 15. DAY 11 (Wednesday) -­‐ Figure/morning.FINAL PORTFOLIO DRAWING LIST 1. DAY 12 – 13 (Thursday-Friday) -­‐ Final Project/all day. Watercolor Texture/effect chart 10. 3 Figure Drawings (3 remaining grounds) 17. -­‐ Final Project/afternoon. Gesture drawings of skeleton & figure 11. Watercolor color chart 9. Tim Knowles inspired tree drawings 8. Extended drawings of skeleton & figure 12. -­‐ Final Project grounds + initial sketches/afternoon. Gesture drawing on colored ground (red or brown) 6. Final Project SCHEDULE: DAY 10 (Tuesday) -­‐ Final Project Studies/morning.