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A yurt is a portable, bent wood-framed dwelling structure traditionally used by Turkic nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. The structure comprises a crown or compression wheel (tüýnük) usually steam bent, supported by roof ribs which are bent down at the end where they meet the lattice wall (again steam bent). The top of the wall is prevented from spreading by means of a tension band which opposes the force of the roof ribs. The structure is usually covered by layers of fabric and sheep's wool felt for insulation and weatherproofing. The similar Mongolic nomadic structure the ger is Turkmen woman at the entrance to often wrongly referred to by westerners as a yurt a yurt in Turkestan; 1913 picture by but differs in that the heavier roof wheel (toono) Prokudin-Gorskii is supported on posts and the roof ribs are straight rather than bending down at the wall junction. The wall lattice of a ger is constructed of straight pieces as opposed to the yurt's curved lattice .[1]

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Etymology and synonyms
Yurt - originally from a Turkic word referring to the imprint left in the ground by a moved yurt, and by extension, sometimes a person's homeland, kinsmen, or feudal appanage. The term came to be used in reference to the physical tent-like dwellings only in other languages. In modern Turkish the word "urt" is used as the synonym of homeland or a dormitory. In Russian the structure is called "yurta" (юрта), whence the word came into English.

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The felt is made from the wool of the flocks of sheep that accompany the pastoralists. Depending on availability. because of the color of the felt. The (self-supporting) wood frame is covered with pieces of felt. Construction Traditional yurts consist of an expanding wooden circular frame carrying a felt cover. They vary with different sizes.In Turkmen the term is both literally "white house" and "black house". and there are indications that the [2] design is much older. киіз үй (transliterated: kïiz üy) . means "home". The frame consists of one or more expanding lattice A Mongolian Ger wall-sections. Complete construction takes around 2 hours. "Kheymah" (‫ )ﺧﻴﻤﻪ‬is the word for a yurt or a tent like dwelling in Pakistan.the Kazakh word.org/wiki/Yurt Jurta is what Hungarians whose origins are in Central Asia use for Yurt. гэр (transliterated: ger) . боз үй (transliterated: boz üy) . sometimes supplemented by a heavy weight hung from the center of the roof. хайма). bent roof poles and a crown. The frame is held together with one or more ropes or ribbons. 2 of 6 18/07/12 06:24 . the felt is additionally covered with canvas and/or sun-covers.Wikipedia. in Tajik the names are yurt. A yurt is designed to be dismantled and the parts carried compactly on camels or yaks to be rebuilt on another site.wikipedia. The timber to make the external structure is not to be found on the treeless steppes. the free encyclopedia https://en. and means "felt house". and relative weight. A yurt in Shymkent.the Kyrgyz term is meaning "grey house". from the Urdu (and Persian) :‫ ﺧﻴﻤﻪ‬In Persian yurt is called xeyme (‫)ﺧﻴﻤﻪ‬. a door-frame. The Mongolian Ger has one or more columns to support the crown and straight roof poles. The structure is kept under compression by the weight of the covers.Afghans call them . used as a café. xayma (юрт.Yurt . xona-i siyoh. and must be obtained by trade in the valleys below. "Kherga"/"Jirga" . ak öý and gara öý .in Mongolian simply Kazakhstan. depending on its luxury and elegance. History Yurts have been in use at least since the 13th century. хонаи сиёҳ.

metal. unchanging elements of the cosmos. [3] clothing. The most widespread geometric pattern is the continuous hammer or walking pattern (alkhan khee). tiger. books. garuda and dragon). including the khas (swastika) and four powerful beasts (lion. but also on embroidery. Such patterns are commonly used in the home with the belief that they will bring strength and offer protection. and wood). Another common pattern is the ulzii which as a symbol of long life and happiness. Symbols representing strength are among the most common. and are the oldest traditional patterns. furniture. In Central Asia 3 of 6 18/07/12 06:24 . as well as stylized representations of the five elements (fire.Wikipedia. but are derived from sacred ornaments with certain symbolism. doors. earth. water. and other objects.org/wiki/Yurt Mongolian Ger: starting with walls and door Mongolian Ger: starting to place roof poles Mongolian Ger: with roof poles in place Mongolian Ger: placing the thin inner cover on the roof Mongolian Ger: adding felt cover Mongolian Ger: adding the outer cover Decoration and Symbolism The traditional decoration within a yurt is primarily pattern based. Commonly used as a border decoration it represents unending strength and constant movement.Yurt . considered to be the fundamental. The khamar ugalz (nose pattern) and ever ugalz (horn pattern) are derived from the shape of the animal's nose and horns. All patterns can be found among not only the yurts themselves.wikipedia. These patterns are generally not according to taste. the free encyclopedia https://en. Repeating geometric patterns are also widely used.

yurts may be used as cafés (especially those specialising in traditional food). A family's length of heritage could be measured by the accumulation of stains on the shangrak from decades of smoke passing through it. nowadays more readily found in Central Asian yurts.Wikipedia. but the shangrak would remain intact. Kyrgyz: түндүк [tyndýk]. semi-permanent tent—and have adapted it to their cultural needs.wikipedia. Western yurts Enthusiasts in other countries have taken the visual idea of the yurt—a round. museums (especially relating to national culture). passed from father to son upon the father's death. Such yurts are called "uyangiin ger" -. Although those structures may be copied to some extent from the originals found in Central Asia. Also the shapes. [tɔːn]. In old Kazakh communities.literally meaning "home of lyrics" or "home of melodies". Buddhist symbol dharmachakra is represented by the khorlo (Tib: ) 4 of 6 18/07/12 06:24 . A stylized version of the crown is in the center of the coat of arms of Kazakhstan. and forms the main image on the flag of Kyrgyzstan. they often have some different features in their design that adapt them to different climate and use. Turkmen: tüýnük) is itself emblematic in many Central Asian cultures. and souvenir shops. pillars and poles of the Mongolian yurt are in accord with the artistic style found in Buddhist monasteries of Mongolia. Kazakh: шаңырақ [ʃɑɴərɑ́ q]. Buddhist symbolism in the Mongolian Gers The design of the Mongolian Ger developed from its ancient simple forms to actively integrate with Buddhist culture. The crown—toono adopted the shape of Dharmachakra. colors and ornaments of the wooden elements—toono. The earlier style of toono. the yurt itself would often be repaired and rebuilt. the free encyclopedia https://en.org/wiki/Yurt shangyrak Kazakh coat of arms Kyrgyz flag The wooden crown of the yurt (Mongolian: тооно. and as such. Today the yurt is seen as a nationalistic symbol among many Central Asian groups. is called in Mongolia "sarkhinag toono" while the toono representing Buddhist dharmachakra is called "khorlo" (Tibetan ) toono.Yurt .

php) 2. In addition.wikipedia. Boston Star Consulting.com /mongolian_yurt_decoration.php. These tents use local hardwood.html) .yurtinfo.php) . They are highly engineered and built for extreme weather conditions. webpage. Different groups and individuals use yurts for a variety of purposes. 5 of 6 18/07/12 06:24 .[4] In 1978. Douglas's visit to Mongolia. the free encyclopedia https://en.yurt-ger-yourte. In essence they are yurts. "Mongolian ger decoration" (http://www. North American yurts and yurt derivations were pioneered by William Coperthwaite in the 1960s. yurts are made using hi-tech materials. and often are adapted for a wetter climate with steeper roof profiles and waterproof canvas. Retrieved 27 October 2011. Bernard. at least 17 other US States have introduced yurt camping into their own [5] parks departments. Since then. but some lack the felt cover that is present in traditional yurt.co. erecting one can take days and they are not intended to be moved often. ^ van der Haegan.org/yurtstory. These North American yurts are better named yurt derivations. ^ A complete guide to making a Mongolian Ger (http://www. http://www. as they are no longer round felt homes that are easy to mount.yurt-ger-yourte. permanent yurts are available for camping. dismount and transport. after he was inspired to build them by an article about Supreme Court Justice William O. retrieved October 23.woodlandyurts.com /mongolian_yurt_decoration.com/) became the first to manufacture yurts using architectural fabrics and structural engineering. In 1993. paving the way for yurts to become popular attractions at ski resorts and campgrounds. ^ [1] (http://www. In some provincial parks in Canada. from full-time housing to school rooms. 2011 3.Yurt . See also Architecture of Mongolia Flag of Kyrgyzstan List of human habitation forms Tent Yaranga Yurt quarter Mausoleum of Theodoric References 1. Oregon-based company Pacific Yurts (http://pacificyurts.uk /Yurt_Facts/Build_Your_Own. and state parks in several US states.org/wiki/Yurt In the United States and Canada. toono. Other Buddhist symbols--khadag (Tib: ) hangs from the toono and dpaljibeu (Tib: ) is present on the stove A yurt-derived structure in the Colorado mountains In Europe. Oregon became the first state to incorporate yurts into its Parks Department as year round camping facilities.Wikipedia. a closer approximation to the Mongolian and Central Asian yurt is in production in several countries.

yurtinfo.revver.Wikipedia.chaingang.html) .Documents the complete process of building a yurt from raw materials in pictures and text Kazakh Yurt Set-Up (http://one.An online video of yurt (http://www.A comprehensive resource for yurts and related structures (http://www. Inc.org/yurtquest/FAQ.wikipedia.alternativesmagazine.kz/en/about/20/) About Yurt structure.co. sustainabile construction.com . retrieved December 08.woodlandyurts.blogs. 2006 5.midwestweekends. from VisitKazakhstan. maintaining.com /plan_a_trip/stay/camping/yurts_state_parks. ^ Article at Alternatives Magazine on North American Yurts (http://www.com/decthree/Menu11.org/Yurt) . additional terms may apply.wikipedia. England by Mike Lusmore (http://www. webpage.asp?lng=en&art=urta) yurtinfo. See Terms of use for details.mac. Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation. etc.president. decorations. Timelapse of Yurt construction at Blackdown Yurts .html) by Paul King (PDF & HTML Book) Yurt Building (http://homepage.yurtshawaii.org/wiki/Yurt 4.org: Yurt Notes & Calculator (http://SimplyDifferently.uk/yurt-construction-video.php?title=Yurt&oldid=502785732" Categories: Central Asian culture House types Portable buildings and shelters This page was last modified on 17 July 2012 at 12:35. BBC Earth (http://timothyallen.com/watch/149791/flv) by Rebecca Schultz.html) Kazakh Yurta (http://www.co..html) .com .An online discussion about building.org) Timothy Allen. 6 of 6 18/07/12 06:24 . how-to manuals and online calculator How to build a yurt (http://www. and living in yurts (http://www.yurtforum.Devon.html) Kazakh Yurt (http://visitkazakhstan. yurt building resources.kz/articles/culture /culture_container.uk/Yurt_Facts /Build_Your_Own.com) yurtforum. a non-profit organization. informative video exposé from Kazakh community in northwestern China. Retrieved from "http://en. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. webpage. retrieved February 9.org/w/index. 2010 External links yurtshawaii.Yurt .com) Yurt FAQ (http://www. the free encyclopedia https://en.html) .blackdownyurts.bbcearth.com/2009/07 /10/theres-no-place-like-home/) Time lapse movie of a Mongolian yurt being constructed Simply Differently.com/18/kemery. ^ Article at Midwest Weekends on Yurt Camping (http://www.org .kz.