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The R 93 Bolt Action The Blaser radial locking action R  93 made the shooter’s dream a reality. The straight, steady repe­ tition without rotational movements of the bolt seemed to be the one missing element of success. The bolt rotation that used to be standard before 1993 had often cost that vital fraction in precision. When the R  93 bolt is locked, it centers automatically. Repeating is extremely fast. The shooter is staying firmly in his aiming position. The entire operating is simple and smooth.

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Barrel and Scope: The barrel is easily exchangeable. It is fluted in order to guarantee optimum shooting characteristics.


Straight Pull Action: Repeating is fast and straight with minimum movement. The self-centering of the bolt head is a great contribution to steady accuracy.


Synthetic Stock: The one-piece synthetic stock is absolutely stable in its dimensions even in extreme temperatures. Butt plate and cheekpiece are adjustable in length and height. As a standard, the stock can be converted from a righthanded to a left-handed version by just a few turns of the hands. A left-handed bolt is available at an extra charge.


The barrel is equipped with special mounting notches to accept the Blaser saddle scope mount. It allows any scope to be mounted precisely and very low.

Receiver Block: The receiver block is bedding the barrel and holding the trigger assembly, the bolt assembly and the magazine. It is shaped out of one block of extremely tough aluminium alloy. This receiver is fundamental to the high durability of the LRS 2. Thermally related tensions are impossible.


LONG RANGE SPORTER 2 The Blaser R 93 LRS 2 is the latest, most accomplished rendering of the R  93 Target Rifle for professional shooters. Each element is driven to supreme stability and reliability. High-end accuracy even with standard ammunition was the one principle during development. The highly stable synthetic stock and the special receiver design based on one strong aluminium block holding the main parts are the essential modules of a truly rugged rifle.

The barrel is optionally available with a fixed Picatinny rail (extra charge). Barrel Finish: The surface of the barrel is gas plasma nitrated to achieve an extremely durable finish.


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Optional Features:

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4 Trail Spade 5
Mirage Band

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Muzzle Brake




Optional Features: Rifle Scope, Mount, Trail Spade, Mirage Band, Muzzle Brake, Bipod


Buttstock: Height and lateral position of the cheekpiece are fully adjustable. The surface is lightly roughened. The butt plate is adjustable in its vertical position. Length of pull adjustment is possible with spacer plates.

Trigger: The single stage trigger is set to a weight of 1200 g (2 lb. 10 oz.) at the factory. The trigger pull weight, the trigger position and the trigger stop are adjustable. 2 stage trigger optionally available.

Magazine: The magazine is easily detachable with one hand due to its convenient magazine grips. It is single column and holds 5 cartridges or 4 cartridges in caliber .300 Win. Mag.

Locking: Radial locking action with expansion sleeve. The locking elements lock evenly 360° behind the cartridge. The bolt head is centering itself when it is locked.

Saddle Mount: The one-piece saddle scope mount can be attached directly to the notches on the barrel. Once the scope is sighted in, it can easily be attached and detached.

Riflecase: High-quality synthetic case featuring aluminium reinforced edges. It holds the LRS  2 with mounted scope as well as extra magazines, bipod and accessories. Both locks can be ­ retracted. ­ Dimensions: 123 x 41 x 13 cm (48 ½ x 16 x 5”). Weight when empty: 8.2 kg (18 lb.).

Drag Bag – Gun Carrying Bag: Made of Nylon and Cordura®. It holds the LRS  2 with mounted scope and bipod. The bag features freely adjustable interior pockets for extra magazines and accessories, a water-repellent docu­ ment compartment as well as a rucksack strap system on the

back side. The bag can be used as shooting mat and is extendable with extensible nylon mats. Dimensions: 125 x 38 x 7 cm (49 x 15  x  2  ¾”). Weight when empty: 3.3 kg (7 lb. 4 oz.).

Model Caliber Overall length Barrel length Rate of twist No. of Grooves Magazine capacity Scope Mount Weight w/o scope Trigger pull weight

.223 Rem. 1130 mm (44 ½“) 627 mm (24 ¾“) 10“ 4 5

R 93 LRS 2 6 mm Norma BR 6,5x55 .308 Win. 1130 mm (44 ½“) 1130 mm (44 ½“) 1130 mm (44 ½“) 627 mm (24 ¾“) 627 mm (24 ¾“) 627 mm (24 ¾“) 8“ 8.66“ 11“ 4 4 4 5 5 5 Barrels are equipped to accept the original Blaser saddle mount approx. 4.8 kg (10 lb. 9 oz.) approx. 1200 g (2 lb. 10 oz.)

.300 Win. Mag. 1150 mm (45 ¼“) 650 mm (25 ½“) 11“ 6 4

Note: Calibers .223 Rem. and 6 mm Norma BR are available on demand! Specifications subject to change without notice.

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