How Do You Measure Comfort

My name is Joaquin Contreras, President and Owner of JBS Heating & Air, Inc. My passion has been in providing real Indoor comfort solutions for more than 25 years. You know they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks well let me tell you there is nothing further from the truth. Over the last two years I have taken nine certification courses and I actually passed them thank goodness or I would never hear the end of it from my technicians. What I have learned is without constant improvement we cannot survive in today’s high tech world. I think back to my first cell phone in 1989, my first big screen television (27”), or my 286 pc. I wonder what it would be like if I was still lugging around that cell phone or waiting for dialup connections on my old pc. Then I realize the average Home Comfort systems we work on were installed in the 80’s and 90’s. It makes me wonder why with the same advancements in technology more people have not upgraded the highest energy consuming appliance in their homes. Then it hit me I expect you to believe and trust me because I ask you to. What if one of the Certifications I worked so hard for gave you concrete proof in writing how efficient or more likely inefficient your current system is operating at. Would that be enough? How about after performing these testing protocols you see no value you pay nothing. Would that help you decide if you could trust me? As you know California has the best weather in the country this time of year and my Technicians are hungry for work so here is my offer until April 15, 2013 I will have one of my Technicians perform a NCI Certified CoolMaxx™ test on your current system (normally $139.00) for only $69.95 after completion he will give you a written System Effective Efficiency percentage% Once complete we will do a thorough review and then I would be happy to present options to improve not only your systems efficiency but also your homes comfort. No pressure sales just good old sound advice. So call today and prepare to save!


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JBS Heating & Air, Inc Volume I, Issue 2 2/22/13

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Volume I, Issue 2

Bryant Perfect Air Purifier, A Brand you can Trust
Truly a whole-home solution, the Perfect Air purifier treats 100% of the air flowing through your home comfort system using a unique three step process. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: The Perfect Air purifier uses precision point
ionization to charge particles as they enter the purifier.

Step2: A specially designed, continuously charged
media captures airborne particles.

Step 3: Patented, state-of-the-art technology kills

Did you know?
1.) Household dust is present even in clean homes, and can be composed of mold spores, bacteria, viruses, animal dander, human skin particles, fabric fibers, dust mites, parts of cockroaches, food particles and other debris. 2.) Allergic disease is the 5th leading cause of chronic disease among all ages and 3rd common chronic disease among children under 18. 3.) A sneeze can add 100,000 droplets of pathogen-containing moisture to the air. These droplets are called “fomites”.

captured viruses, bacteria, mold spores and other allergens.

Germicidal Capability
Physiology Organism Kill Rate* 97%7 97%7 97.5%4 96.6%1 100%4 99.9%7 99.9%1 99.9%6 99.9%² 99%1 99%² 99.9%3 99.99%4 99%7

Spore Forming

Bacillus subtilis (Anthrax surrogate) Mycobacterium Parafortuitum (Tuberculosis surrogate) Staphlococcus aureaus Serratia marcescens

Gram Positive

Gram Negative

Pseudomonas aeruginosa Morbillivirus (Measles) Vaccinia (Smallpox surrogate) Coronavirus (SARS)


Influenza Wild Type A Human Influenza Avian Influenza Encephalomyocarditis picornavirridae (Human cold virus surrogate)

1 2

Aspergillus versicolor

* Kill rate claim is percentage of pathogens captured on the media that were killed or inactivated after continuous exposure to an energized system for the stated time period.

After 1 hour exposure After 2 hour exposure

3 4

After 5 hour exposure After 6 hour exposure

5 6

After 12 hour exposure After 18 hour exposure


After 24 hour exposure

Call Today to find out more about the Perfect Air Purifiers - 855.JBS.4AIR

How Do You Measure Comfort

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Duct Leakage Reduces Cooling Capacity, Wastes Money, and Energy

Indoor Air Quality FACTIODS
• The EPA has ranked indoor air pollution as a high priority public risk.

Almost a third of an air conditioning system’s airflow could be leaking through the ducts, which could be causing a loss of comfort and cooling capacity.


Internal Gains

• According to the EPA, levels of The impact is worst when the ducts are indoor pollutants installed in attics where temperatures can be 2 to 5 can reach and exceed 140 degrees times higher than during the summer time. outside. Inexpensive filters found at local hardware stores are only about 10% efficient for the largest particles.



On Average, 30% of cooling energy is wasted because of duct leakage. While • there will always be some duct leakage, Infiltration homes that are properly sealed can have leakage reduced to 5%. Ceilings

• The average person inhales about 2,300 gallons of air per day.
Honey, I just dusted 2 days ago. What is going on?

7 Steps to Better Indoor Air:
1 - Test 2 - Evaluate
Properly Design Duct System using Manual J,D, & S is completed to know what size A/C equipment and what size ducts need to be going to every single room.

3 - Engineer 4 - Fabricate
A/C now stands for throwing “Away Cash”

5 - Install 6 - Seal 7 - Treat

Call Today to Repair your Leaky Ducts 855.JBS.AIR1

JBS is Proud to Serve those Who Serve
On September 11, 2012 Juan and his family were presented with the keys to their new Standard Pacific Home in Temecula. We were honored to take part in providing one of America’s hero’s with the two customized Bryant Heating & Air Conditioning systems in his home where he and his family can live in complete comfort. “Prayers are not enough for our Military Heroes; it’s our time to serve them” - Joaquin Contreras, President JBS Heating & Air, Inc.

Home Aid Orange County The Teen Project - Serving Homeless Emancipated Foster Youth
In California 20,000 to 25,000 youth are homeless. More shocking statistics - 65% of foster youth emancipated without a place to live. The Teen Project provides a home and family support system for young women who have aged out of the foster care system. JBS provided a new system at no cost to the Teen Project.

Home Aid Orange County H.I.S. House - Serving Homeless Families and Individuals
H.I.S. House provides transitional shelter to families, single adults and couples who are homeless but have the motivation and capability, with assistance, to regain self-sufficiency. JBS Heating & Air donated 1 of 2 systems installed in H.I.S House providing comfort for all current and future residents.

Home Run for Home Comfort Residence of Clara D. - Loma Linda
In September 2011, we installed a new Home Comfort System free of charge to a person that was nominated by their neighbor for being the most generous and selfless person they knew. She was so happy and speechless when we told her she was nominated and won. It was an awesome experience to help her.

Extreme Home Makeover Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary
In January 2009, we offered to take part in helping a deserving family with rebuilding there home & wildlife center. We donated all the equipment, time, and labor to help this family that truly needed help. It was an amazing experience working with others to help this families dreams come true.