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General Product Specification for MisAligning Flange (MAF)


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The assembled MAF. may be . Although not recommended. may be used as a single swivel for spool piece tie-ins whereby the o-ring provides a bi-directional seal to the rated pressure of the MAF. Once the MAF has performed its alignment function and the Studs and Nuts are tightened. the prescribed Stud and Nut tightening for the MAF at make-up exceeds the thrust load resulting from the design or test pressure. thereby. the Retainer Flange can be rotated during installation for stud hole alignment. The butt-weld by flange MAF configuration. The MAF is available in two standard configurations. A secondary o-ring seal is provided for the purpose of testing the primary Metal Seal. GPS-07-01. The metal sealing criteria is the same as that specified by the ASME for ring-joint flanges. illustrated in Figure1. 1. the MAF may be connected subsea to join pipelines whereby subsea assembly and make-up of the MAF is accomplished by divers using the same tools and procedures required to make-up a standard flange. defines the specifications for HydroTech Systems standard MisAligning Flanges. pipeline. is particularly applicable to subsea flowline. The MAF. a test port in the Housing may be used to apply hydraulic pressure to the annulus between the o-ring and Metal Seal to verify the metal sealing integrity after the MAF is tightened. In addition. Reliable metal sealing requires sufficient seal make-up load to result in plastic deformation of the seal contact surfaces. Primary sealing of the MAF is accomplished by a proprietary metal seal design. lateral pipeline and riser connections where minimum on bottom assembly time will result in significantly reduced job costs. The MAF flange and a mating pipeline flange are connected instead. illustrated as Figure 2 with an RTJ groove. although this Specification may be referenced in part. The latter is not true for flanges with R or RX type gaskets or raised face flanges with flat gaskets. Alternatively. with its Studs and Nuts only hand-tight.MisAligning Flange GSP-07-01 Oil States Industries. the butt-weld by flange configuration is recommended. avoiding possible damage to the Ball when stabbing it into the Housing and fouling of the Metal Seal by entrapped seabed sediment. The resulting connection has a tightening factor greater than one. it is then statically metal-sealed and the Ball resists rotating when external moments are applied. GENERAL DESCRIPTION A MisAligning Flange (MAF) is a metal-to-metal sealed ball-joint connector designed to bolt together two pipelines with misaligned axes. for connecting a subsea pipeline utilizing a MAF. each having a variety of optional equipment. Sealing integrity is maintained at any angle of misalignment with the seal being relatively insensitive to externally applied bending loads at all operating pressures. The butt-weld by butt-weld configured MAF is illustrated as Figure 1. MisAligning Flanges with alternate requirements can be designed and manufactured but are outside the scope of this document. The metal sealing integrity may be verified by the annulus test feature previously described. HydroTech Division Date: 10-Apr-97 Rev: 1 Page 2 of 5 ON O General Product Specification. When doing so. Instead of pressurizing the entire pipeline.

HydroTech Systems maintains an inventory of MisAligning Flanges up to 900 ANSI rating in nominal sizes from 4 inches to 16 inches. Division 2. When completely tightened. The appropriate standard material for the MAF Housing and Ball is based on the nominal pipe size and has controlled carbon equivalency for enhanced weldability. pipe size and below .MisAligning Flange GSP-07-01 Oil States Industries. The MAF Assembly is externally protected by a single coat of high build epoxy per HCS-13 (white). All materials listed below comply with NACE MR0175 incorporating Class III bolting. Available optional equipment is shown in Figure 3. approximate dimensional data for common sizes and pressure ratings of butt-weld by butt. unless another recognized code is specified by the purchaser. the wall thickness at the weld-ends will be increased by the ratio of the yield strengths. For buried pipelines. HydroTech Division Date: 10-Apr-97 Rev: 1 Page 3 of 5 ON O provided with an RF flange or Swivel-Ring Flange with either face when specified by the purchaser. The MAF is designed for a maximum misalignment of 10 ° off its center axis in any plane as years of actual service has demonstrated that normal production and inspection pigs can be passed when fully misaligned.weld MisAligning Flanges is tabulated on sheet 10. Other sizes up to 60 inches and pressure ratings to 2500 ANSI and 20. 3.000 API can be designed and manufactured. With reference to Figure 4. COMPONENT Housing MATERIAL ASTM A694 Gr F46 (HMS-16. The outside diameter of the MAF Housing and Ball weld-ends is increased as a result of the increased wall thickness and the bore is the same as the matching pipe. when an external moment is applied. Class II reduced hardness bolting should be specified. if the minimum yield strength (SMYS) of the standard material for the MAF Housing and Ball is less than the SMYS of the matching pipe material. MATERIALS AND COATINGS Standard materials and coatings for Misaligning Flanges are tabulated below along with the appropriate HydroTech Material Specification (HMS) and HydroTech Coating Specification (HCS). DESIGN REQUIREMENTS MisAligning Flanges designed to this General Product Specification are in accordance with the ASME Pressure Vessel Code. the MAF is designed for the Ball to resist rotating. up to at least the bending yield strength of a comparable rated pipe. Section VIII. CL 1) for 10” nom. MAF Studs and Nuts are designed to be torqued unless stud tensioning is specified by the purchaser. In accordance with ASME B16. 2. pipe size and below COATING Nickel-Manganese Phosphate Conversion (HCS-11 & Oil) for 16” nom.5 and MSS SP-44.

Each Assembly also has a unique serial number steel stamped on the outside diameter of the Housing for compete material traceability. and Test Chart • HydroTech Setting Instructions. CL 1) for 10” nom. Every MAF is shipped with HydroTech Setting Instructions. All pressure containing welds are 100% radiographed per ASME. pipe size and below Temporary Rust Preventive (HCS-6) for 18” nom. HSI-2 • Heat Sketch for each pressure containing component identifying: . up to two sets of Quality Assurance documentation will be provided for all MisAligning Flanges. Division 1.MisAligning Flange GSP-07-01 Oil States Industries. QUALITY ASSURANCE The part and heat numbers of each MAF pressure containing component are steel stamped or etched. CL 2) for 12” nom. CL 1) Metal Seal Studs Nuts Test Seal Mild Steel (HMS-22) ASTM A193 Gr B7 ASTM A194 Gr 2H Nitrile (HMS-15) Nickel-Manganese Phosphate Conversion (HCS-11 & Oil) for 16” nom.5 times the design pressure of the specified ANSI or API class rating for a minimum of 1 hour. Upon request. pipe size and above ASTM A694 Gr F46 (HMS-16. Dimensional inspection reports and material test reports for each pressure containing component are maintained on file. Section VIII. pipe size and below ASTM A694 Gr F52 (HMS-16. Part UW-51. Each MAF Assembly is annulus tested to 1. HydroTech Division Date: 10-Apr-97 Rev: 1 Page 4 of 5 ON O ASTM A694 Gr F52 (HMS-16. HQA-464. The documentation shall consist of the following: • Certificate of Conformance • Material Test Reports for pressure containing components • NDE Reports for radiography of welds • Annulus Test Procedure. pipe size and above Nickel . pipe size and above Ball Temporary Rust Preventive (HCS-6) for 18” nom.Manganese Phosphate Conversion (HCS-11 & Oil) Retainer Flange ASTM A694 Gr F46 (HMS-16. CL 2) for 12” nom. pipe size and above Epoxy Bonded Fluorocarbon (HCS-8) Epoxy Bonded Fluorocarbon (HCS-8) Epoxy Bonded Fluorocarbon (HCS-8) N/A 4.

HydroTech Division Date: 10-Apr-97 Rev: 1 Page 5 of 5 ON O Part number ‘H’ number (traceable to vendor heat number) Serial number HydroTech purchase order number HydroTech sales order number 5. ORDERING INFORMATION The following minimum information must be specified on any request for quotation or purchase order for a MAF intended to meet this General Product Specification. • Nominal pipe size • Pipe wall thickness or bore • Pipe grade • Design rating • Butt-weld by butt-weld or butt-weld by flange configuration • Flange type and specification if butt-weld by flange configuration • Stud tensionable fasteners if desired .MisAligning Flange GSP-07-01 Oil States Industries. GPS-07-01.