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Sherlock Holmes 6: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes By frogwares Studios Walkthrough by MaGtRo September 2012

Gameplay: This game can be played in first or third person point of view; or with point and click or keyboard manipulation. The main menu has: new, options, controls, exit game and honours. Play More (frogwares games link) and Write Us (support contact link) are seen at bottom ri ght of the screen. Resume and load will be added during gameplay. Options menu has video, graphics, sound and game setup selections. Scroll th rough the list using the bottom arrow. The video setup has selections for: resolution, colour depth, vertic al sync, antialiasing, anisotropic filtering, fullscreen and gamma. The graphics setup has selections for: graphics detail, texture quali ty, normal mapping quality, water quality, water reflection, shadows, depth and bloom. Any graphic setup changes from default will need a restart of the game. I f you get problems with the graphics, play the game in normal or minimum setting s with all special effects turned off. Also be sure that you have updated your v ideo card drivers. The sound setup has volume adjustments for: ects and ambient volumes. master, voice, music, eff

The game setup has selections for: subtitles, text language, voices language, mouse sensitivity, invert camera, aim (cursor icon), game difficulty a nd controls. Controls menu shows the keyboard list of the actions in the game. Below are some of the keyboard information. Caps lock alternates between walking and running. L shift (or double click) makes the character run. R key toggles the first/third person view. Space bar shows Sixth Sense or the hotspots in the game as indicated by the magnifying glass. To open inventory, use the right mouse button or I key. Click to select an o bject and then go back to game screen. See the object at top right of screen. Us e the mouse wheel to scroll through the inventory items. If the item selected is appropriate on the game screen close up; it will automatically be used and poss ibly removed from the inventory bag. The inventory items collected are underline d in the walkthrough. At the game inventory screen see picture links at the bottom (from left to r ight): Return arrow goes back to the game screen.

Dr. Watson's medical bag is the inventory. Framed picture is for dialogue review. Stack of books are for documents obtained during gameplay. The collected documents are in underlined italics in the walkthrough. Chalkboard shows the case deductions. Character (Holmes and Watson) feature will be activated later in the gam e. This feature allows the gamer to select either Holmes or Watson to be the mai n character in the gameplay. Medal shows the Honours collected in the game. The honours collected are in red text in the walkthrough. The Map is used to access triggered locations. Camera also returns to the last game screen. ESC key returns to main menu and skips cutscenes. Three children climb into the attic. They look around the attic in search of interesting items. The young boy sees a puppet show stand with Watson and Holme s puppets hanging in front. He plays with Watson puppet and it falls off the str ings holding it. The puppet reveals a hidden book. The oldest girl reads the wor ds written by Dr. Watson.

221B Baker Street: Dr. Watson writes I wish that I had seen through all your lies... He writes that it started one morning in 1898 when he accompanied Sherlock H olmes to the residence of Marquis of Conyngham. Marquis of Conyngham's Residence The Samoan Necklace: Holmes states that he has solved the missing Samoan necklace. Dr. Watson summarizes the case. The service bell rings alerting the servants . They find the door locked and smell of burning within. The Marquis of Conyngha m unlocks the door with the sole key. They put out the fire in the room. The Sam oan necklace has disappeared. A tutorial of the game manipulation is presented. Follow the instructions seen on the screen for moving in the game and ex amining objects. Use all of the W A S D keys to walk around. (Thanks, Rushes.) The tutorial (inset) will not go away until the instructions are done. Press the R key several times to get the active cursor.

The inventory (right click and select Dr. Watson's medical bag) has matches and pocket knife. After the tutorial, examine - click on: - the hole on the display case. See that the hole is cut with a diamond. The hole is small and has no fingerprints on the window. - to take the magnifying glass from the fireplace chimney-top mantel. - the music scores on the floor beside the piano. Select the magnifying glass from inventory and then click the music scores for a close up view. Use and move the magnifying glass on the music score to see small sooty hands. Click on the prints of the sooty hands. - the goldfish aquarium. See a floating dead fish. - the candle on the floor at center of room in front of aquarium. It mus t have fallen from chandelier. - documents on the center table. - the draught screen at right corner of room. The thief hid behind the d raught screen to wait until he was alone in the room. - the floor behind the draught screen. There are no prints left by the t hief. - the room door. The thief can't get out until the servants opened the d oor. - the tipped over statues on fireplace mantel. - the footprints in front of fireplace. - the fireplace stand in front of fireplace. - the bell pull right of fireplace. The thief must have had his feet in the fire and reached for the bell pull. - the chest-cabinet at corner right of bell pull. - the latch of the closed window. Go to the right and look close at left window. - the left window with a start of a cut. The thief tried to escape by cu tting the window but was interrupted by the entrance of the servants. Inspector Baynes arrives when all the items above are inspected. Holmes explains his deduction about the trail of the trained monkey. Holmes recovers the missing necklace from the aquarium. Marquis of Conyngham: Holmes shows the necklace to the Marquis of Conyngh am. The Marquis verified that it is the necklace. The Inspector is called away to a bank robbery. Holmes places the necklace i n the chest at the corner.

Elementary honour is obtained. 221B Baker Street: Dr. Watson drinks his coffee and reads the newspaper. He tells Holmes to rea d the newspaper. Take the newspaper from dining table and read September 1898 Globe Explorer newspaper article by O. Farley stored in the book (documents). It insinuates tha t Holmes is responsible for the fake Samoan necklace that replaced the real one stored in Marquis' chest. The next article is about the confirmation of the royal ancestry of Prince W oodville. This confirmation allows him a claim to the Royal family's inheritance . Samoan necklace: Holmes detects the arrival of Inspector Baynes.

Talk to the Inspector. Holmes does not want to be late for his appointment w ith the Bishop of Knightsbridge. Learn that the necklace is the Marchioness' dow ry. Dr. Watson insists that Holmes examine the necklace. Examine the necklace: Pick up the necklace from the table. Click on 3 pearls that show that the necklace is a vulgar fake. Map: Time to go to Knightsbridge. Go to desk at right and pick up the map . It will now be seen at bottom right of the Inventory screen. Lord Peregrine Maitland, Bishop of Knightsbridge Use the map to jump to Diocese of Knightsbridge. Examine the scene of the Crime. Meet the Reverend, assistant of the Bishop in the hallway. See the tortured and mutilated Bishop in his office. The extremely upset Reverend says that it appears nothing is stolen and the Bishop doesn't have anything of value. The Reverend doesn't want Holmes to inves tigate the crime and insists on wanting to call the police. Deduction board: e is not for gain. Watson creates a deduction board and notes that the crim

Click on the wealth square. Information that is verified is in blue. Use the return arrow or right mouse click to show the deduction book. Return to the gam e screen using the camera or left return arrow. Examine the mutilated body: Head and torso: Go to the body of the Bishop.

Look close at head.

Click on head. Holmes sees strips of skin in the mouth. Click on lacerated chest. Use the Close icon or pull back. Hands and waist: Look close at hands.

Click on fingers. It has been crushed and struck.

Click on forearm to note that there is degeneration around the gnawed sk in. In this close up, pick up the rope on the floor left of the chair. Click on old puncture wounds on waist. They are not made by the murderer s. Use the Close icon or pull back. Legs: Look close at legs and feet.

Pick up the severed finger right of chair. Click on burns on leg. Click on rope tied on his legs. Click on feet. They have been burned. Holmes notes that the Bishop wears size 9 shoes. Pull back completely from the body and Holmes states that the Bishop's s hoes are missing. Stove: . Desk: Pan back to the left of the body. Turn to the right and check the stove. It is filled to overflowing

Check the phial- broken flask on the floor in front of the desk. It has blood on the neck and smells of chemicals components. Go behind the desk at left. Check the broken bottle of whiskey on the floor close to the Bishop. Check the bottle of whiskey on the desk stained with blood and dirt. Click on the bloody paperweight used to crush the victim's fingers. Armoire: Go to the armoire by the wall.

Check the portrait of Lord Peregrine Maitland, Commander of Infantry Bri gade in Waterloo. Open the bottom cabinets. See whip for self flagellation on the left and a cilice on the right. Take the metal stick right of cilice. It is used for fas tening the cilice. Check the locked chessboard chest right of the portrait. Click on scratc hes upper right edge of the checkerboard. Right click on the chest. The Reverend refuses to give the necessary implements to open the safe. Bedroom: Enter the door left of the armoire and look around. Check the be d and window. Exit the bedroom. Veranda door: Check the veranda door and see that it is locked. The Rever end refuses to help in opening the door. Small table: Check the small table left of the veranda door. Take the blo

ody surgical scalpel from the table. Examine the footprints: ook at the floor. s: Top left: Get a stone fragment from the size 9 well worn shoes with odd pattern on soles. Top right: Middle left: Middle right: Bottom left: Bottom right: . Question 1: Click on question 1 at top of screen. How many criminals were there? Scroll the arrow to 3. Click on check mar k. Question 2: Click on question 2 at top of screen. What do the footprints reveal? One man left the room wearing different s hoes. Holmes surmised that there were 3 men who came in but one left with diff erent shoes from the one he came in with. Pea-Souper honour can be obtained when the sixth sense (space bar)-hints has been used 15 times or more in the game. Deduction board for Bishop of Knightsbridge murder: Talk to Watson about the deduction board. Click on the subject matters at left column to get known clues at right. Cli ck on the blue squares (known clues) to open it. Click on the ? squares (deduction choices) and select the correct conclusion from the known clues. If the choice is correct, the square will turn green. Perfect. The murderers were after something specific and they did not get it. Holmes asks the Reverend to open the chest-safe again. He refuses. Holmes asks Watson to go to the police station with the Reverend and to see only Inspector Baynes. Get the Reverend's cooperation. Veranda: It is a size 9.5 hobnailed boot worn by labourers. It is a size 9.5 hobnailed boot worn by labourers. It is a size 9 hobnailed boot worn by labourers. It is a size 9 hobnailed boot worn by labourers. It is a size 9 expensive shoe and not a labourer's shoe Go to the office door where Watson is standing. L

Use the magnifying glass and the measuring tape on each of the footprint

Now that Holmes is alone; let's look around. Remember that the Reverend ment ioned having the implements to open the safe. Open the Veranda door: Go to the closed veranda door.

Use the metal stick taken from the armoire on the door latch. See the close up of the lock. See the metal stick at bottom frame. There are 4 parts to the stick. Click the parts of the stick to complement the shape of the tumblers of the lock above. Select-click on part of the stick to be reshaped. Use the up or down arr ows to shape the stick. As a clue, take note that the pattern of the stick is already imprinted between the tumblers. Then click on validate button at bottom right to use the shaped metal st ick on the lock. There we are. It is simplicity itself. Rug: Go to the table at right. Check the table and see that an inkwell wa s tipped over. Move at center of carpet. Click on the carpet in front of the tipped inkwell . Holmes moves the carpet to see an ink stain on the floor tile but no stain on the rug. Turn around and click on the ink stain at other side of the carpet. Holmes d educed that someone moved the rug recently. Click on the rug to remove it from the floor tiles at center of room. There are certain stones marked out like a chess board. Knight on chessboard: Go to the table again.

Look at the checkered cloth covered item on the floor right of the table and under the window. It hides a horse statue. Click again to take the big chess knight horse's head with a message at the bottom. Check unknown message in documents (stack of books). The last square on whic h the knight will place himself after having covered all the others will be the right one. I love you. Ah. Go back to the chessboard on the floor. Knight moves: Click the horse's head on the tiles on the floor.

See a close up of the puzzle. The chessboard is made of 5x5 squares. The horse's head is at top left corner square. Remember the message under the horse's head: the object of the puzzle is to land the horse's head on all the squares of the chessboard. The knight chess piece-horse's head moves forward 2 squares and ends in one move to either right or left; like an L shape.

One solution is shown below. Click on the squares in numerical order. The horse's head ends up at top right corner. Use the knife to pry the tile off. See hidden letters. Read The Reverend's hidden letters. Learn about the Reverend's secret illegi timate family. Look for the reason for the murder. The Chest: Learn what opens the chest-safe: Go back to the office to meet the return ing Watson and Reverend. They did not see Inspector Baynes. Talk to the Reverend about the letters. Select the Blackmail dialogue. The e lements-sticks are scattered around the room. Find the sticks: Look around the area for 7 elements or sticks.

- Face the armoire and take 3 sticks from bookshelf from the slot at mid dle right. - Enter the bedroom and take a stick used to hold the mattress on the be d. - Go to the veranda and take 2 sticks from the table. - Turn left and take a stick hidden by the leaves in the plant left of t he chair. Automatically, Holmes talks to the Reverend. Learn that the Bishop's nephew who rarely visits his uncle had a heated conversation with the Bishop. The nephe w works at the Archives Section of the Royal Library. Open the chest-safe: he armoire. Click to look close at the chessboard chest in t

See the 7 sticks collected at left. Click on a square to place a stick i n the hole of that square. The object of the puzzle is to place the sticks in slots that do not hav e another stick diagonally, horizontally and vertically. To return or remove a stick from a square; click on the stick and it wil l be placed back on the left. To reset the puzzle, pull back from or close the puzzle. There is a skip button to solve the puzzle automatically. Below is just one solution. Now I can open the chest. Click on the handl e to open the safe. Get the Safecracker honour for opening the safe. If no puzzle is skipped in the game, you will get the Brain honour. The Reverend runs out to call the police. Holmes hastens Watson to run after

the Reverend. When alone, Holmes places something in his pocket. Watson returns without ca tching the Reverend. Holmes says there is nothing of importance in the chest. 221B Baker Street - Murder of the Bishop Use the map to return to Baker Street-Holmes at top left of map. Analyze the clues: Examine the items obtained: At Holmes worktable, click on the 2 triangula r plates with a magnifying lens above it. See the 4 samples taken from the Bishop's office at top right. Select an ite m to be place under the lens. Use any or all instruments from the holder left of the water on the item. Use acid or water to test the sample. Rope: Take the rope taken beside the Bishop's body from top right.

Take the pincers from the holder and use on rope. Click the pincers on the stones on the rope. The stones are too small to be examined. Click the pincers on the dirt on the rope. It is black and damp earth. Click pincers on the collected earth from the rope to take the sample. Click pincers on the rope and Holmes notes that it is worn only on one s ide. Stone: Take the stone taken from the boot print at the Bishop's floor from top right. Holmes notes that it is smooth and needs to be stripped with one of his chemicals. Use acid on the stone. It is the similar to the small stones taken from the rope fibers. Right click to return the acid on the table. Use the scalpel on the stone. The stone is covered in black paint. It is granite and comes from the same place as the small stones. Scalpel: Take the scalpel taken from small desk left of veranda door. There is something written on it. Use water on the bloody scalpel. Then use brush on the wet scalpel. See W.C.C.H. etched on the scalpel. I t is from a hospital in Whitechapel. Finger: Take the finger.

Use pincers on the dirt under the nail. Obtain black and damp earth unde r the nail.

Click pincers on the obtained earth from the nail to collect it. Click pincers on the tooth marks at side of the finger. The deep marks a re from incisors and a canine. Click pincers on the cut end of finger. The finger was ripped off. Holmes deduced that the Bishop bit the finger off one of the murderers w hen the finger was waved in front of his face. Earth samples: Click on the 2 earth samples obtained in the examinati ons to place them under the lens. Use water on the sample. Use the scalpel to mix the 2 earth samples. They are both from the same place. Dr. Watson surmises that it might be from a river bank, mine or trench. Holmes isolated it to a pit. Get Register of London Hospitals (as Dr. Watson): ter of London Hospitals. Look around the flat. Newspaper: Go to the table in front of the fireplace and read the new spaper - Daily Report - The Sherlock Holmes Affair. O. Farley mentions another c ase involving the blackmailing of Lady Hilda Trelawney Hope. The blackmailer was murdered. Holmes found the compromising letter with ease even after a search wa s done. Book: Check the book case left of the fireplace to see 3 active books . Take the List of Hospitals book at left second from the bottom shelf. Go back to Holmes. Click the book on Holmes. Chemical Analysis (as Sherlock Holmes): Click the broken neck of flask taken in front of the desk at the Bishop' s office on tubes right of the work table. See 5 colored chemicals in tubes and one sample (?) tube. The result chart is seen at left. Sample: ) tube. Reagents: Select a colored tube to place it in front. Click on the broken neck of flask to place it on the sample (? Holmes wants the regis

Click on the stopcock to add reagent to the sample in the tray. Count how many colored spots appear in the tray. Enter the result on the chart by clicking the number. If correct, the nu mbers turn green. The brown reaction shows the strength of the fatality of the unknown che mical.

The green reaction shows the strength of the aggressiveness of the unkno wn chemical. The clear bubble reaction shows the strength of the degeneration of skin tissue of the unknown chemical. The blue reaction shows the strength of the muscular stimulant of the un known chemical.

Result: It is a very virulent poison as seen in the results of the ch emical analysis in documents. The poison administered to the Bishop is a substan ce that provokes heightened aggressions; close to madness. Death is by cardiac a rrest. Holmes states that it is detectable only by post mortem and that it is t he work of an expert chemist. Get Monograph on Poisoners (as Dr. Watson): h on poisoners. Holmes asks for his monograp

Go to the writing desk left of the door. Take the Chemistry book. See an entry on documents: File No. 452 Hans Schielman, a.k.a. the "Rat Kill er". Read the known information about Hans Schielman. Talk to Holmes. Holmes wants to visit Schielman at the Westgate prison tomor row. Bishop of Knightsbridge deductions: Click on the chalkboard in inventory screen. Select-click on Deduction Knigh tsbridge. Select the correct deductions based on the clues obtained. If the conclusio n is correct; the frame turns green. Holmes concludes that the Bishop was poisoned by murderers following orders from a person more intelligent that the murderers. Get the Deduction Apprentice honour for completing the first deduction board . Investigation into the Whitechapel dispensary: esk. Select the correct deductions based on the clues obtained. The correct answe r turns the frame green. Now I can make the next decision. Dispensary book: Click on the book at right edge of the dispensary deduct ion board or from the worktable. See the List of Hospitals. Select the correct Dispensary based on the deduct ion board just completed. Click on Dispensary 4661, near the Whitechapel Cemetery. Holmes and Watson talk about the deduction. Click on the book on the d

Get the First Class Chemist honour for completion of analysis at Baker St . 3 leads: Holmes has sent Wiggins the leader of the Baker Street Irregulars to find ou t where the Bishop's nephew lives. Wiggins arrives and is reluctantly paid by Wa tson. The nephew lives near Kensington and rents a room from an old lady. Holmes asks for an additional strain in Watson's pocket. The children at the attic are engrossed listening to the story. Watson retires for the night. The next day at dawn. Holmes puts forth 3 possible places they can go to continue the investigatio n: - Whitechapel Dispensary 4661 and the Whitechapel cemetery to learn the iden tity of the murderer. - The nephew at Knightsbridge. - Westgate Prison to see Hans Schielman. Watson thinks this is the more prom ising. Check the newspaper on the sofa beside Holmes worktable. Read "Globe Explore r" - The Sherlock Holmes Affair. O. Farley states that Holmes has been in contac t with criminals wanted by the police. You can visit the 3 places above in any sequence since they are all self-contain ed. Follow the appropriate walkthrough below.

Westgate Prison Get information about the poison and poisoner. Use the map to jump to Westgate jail. Holmes and Watson talks to Frank Brighton manning the reception booth. They have to get permission from Director to see Schielman. Frank Brighton is not all owed to leave his post. Hans Schielman has not received any visitors lately. Secretary's office: Behind the reception booth; there are 3 corridors. To the left is the low se curity level, right to the high security level and ahead is the administration c orridor. At the corner of the administration corridor and high security level corrido r is the guardroom. Walk the corridor behind the reception guard post and turn left at the end p ass the cloakroom at right and checkroom at left. Jenny Patterson: Enter the last room at right and go up the stairs. Talk to the napping secretary. She informs the director.

Watson deduced that she is expecting a happy event. Look around. See a tea tray with lemon, sugar bowl and 2 tea cups on the cab inet by the stairs. Click on the name sign on the desk - Ms Jenny Patterson. Click the sign on the door: Director - Mr. P. Patterson. The secretary and t he director have the same last name. This brings the director out of his office. Director Paul Patterson gives permission to see Schielman. Holmes sidesteps the Scotland Yard reference. The director gives a pass to show Warden James at t he guardroom. Learn from Ms. Patterson that the secretary and director are father and daug hter. Exit the room and go back to the area behind the reception booth. Guard room: Select the pass in inventory so that it is seen at top right of screen. Enter the room at the corner of the administration corridor and high securit y level corridor. Holmes is now allowed inside. Look around. Click on the guards' signing book on the table and the saltpete r - potassium nitrate on the shelf on left wall. The information board on the wa ll is nearly empty. Talk to Chief Warden Peter James. He says the other exit at the corridor is blocked for security measures. The other guard is Deputy Warden O'Sullivan. Warden Mackenzie is the one at the post in the basement. O'Sullivan is a fan of Holmes and wants to enter the police force. He is stu dying hard for the entrance examination to police school. Learn about the prisoners: Hans the Rat Killer and the simple minded Flint b rothers that detest one another. Learn how the alarm system is set up. The code to unlock the basement gate i s reset every guard change when the timer ends. Only the new guard to be station ed at the basement knows the code to open the gate below. There are weapons on the wall by the window. Check the guest signing in book on the desk. Note the alarm left of the gate. Prison cells: Go through the gate, down the steps and pass through another gate to the bas ement. Warden Mackenzie greets them and advises to walk the middle of the corridor to get to Schielman's cell at the end. Walk the corridor and note the brothers at first cells facing each other. Yo u can talk to each of the Flint brothers.

Schielman the Rat Killer: Go to the end of the corridor and talk to Schie lman at the left cell. He is writing on the dirt floor. Holmes informs Schielman about the new chemist that surpassed his genius. Sc hielman knows about the chemical poison that eats flesh and induces hysteria. Learn that he once made a poison from food given to him which caused half th e guards to hallucinate. In return for information, Schielman wants his own ink pen that the guards c onfiscated from him when he arrived here. It must be in the checkroom. Exit the prison cell area. Get Schielman's pen: Wardens: Go upstairs and talk to the Wardens. Learn that the prisoners' t hings are held in the locker room. The keys are in the secretary's office. Secretary's office: Go back to Ms. Patterson at the secretary's office at end of Administration corridor. Talk to Ms. Patterson. She informs the director. Talk to the Director about the locker room. There is a coded case in Schielm an's locker that cannot be opened. The experts advise to leave it alone after th ey tried to open it with no success. The director gives the keys to Schielman's locker. The Director reprimands Jenny about the delay in posting the duty list. With out it the changing of the guards cannot take place. Ms. Patterson starts crying. Learn that she lost the key to her locker in th e cloakroom. The locker has the list. Exit the office. Enter the checkroom: Go to the first door at right. Check the sign left of door. Use the bunch of keys on the door. Look around. Use the bunch of keys on the active locker at right with H. Sch ielman's name tag. See a box, a paper knife and blank blotting paper. Open the box: Click on the box.

See chemical elements chart on top of the box. Read the note written by a William Topaz McGonagall. Right click to place it down. Check the blotting paper. Use the magnifying lens on the close-up of the blo tting paper. Note that there are 4 holes in the blotting paper. Click on holes. There is something interesting here. Right click to put the blotting paper down again.

Get the box code:

Pick up the McGonagall's note.

Pick up the blotting paper. It should be over the written note. Pick up the paper knife. Puncture each of the 4 holes with the paper knife. See 4 elements throug h the holes. Place the papers down by right clicking. Press the correct elements on the chart (in any order): H, S, Ca and Br. The box opens. Take the note and the light brown pen. Holmes takes the note and stalls tell ing Watson what it is about. Get Guard Duty List: Warden Brighton: Go back to the reception desk. Warden Brighton at the re ception area is upset that the cleaners brought his ceremonial dress while he is working. He is attending a wedding. He can't leave his post to place the dress in his locker. Holmes offers to help and Brighton gives the cloakroom key, Brigh ton's locker key and Brighton's suit. Guardroom: Enter the guardroom and talk to Warden James. They cannot go t hrough since the gates are automatically locked. MacKenzie is locked in there. T hey need the guard duty list. Cloakroom: Go back outside and down the administration corridor.

Use the cloakroom key on the cloakroom door (the first door at right after t he turn in the corridor). Brighton's locker: Use Brighton's locker key to open the last locker at l eft with Brighton's name tag. Place the ceremonial dress - Brighton's suit on the hanger. Check the baking soda used for upset stomach. Check the book and take the key with Jenny Patterson name on it. J. Patterson's locker: Turn around and check Jenny's locker.

Use the key taken from Brighton's locker on Jenny's locker. Check the box. Open the box: See an intricate lock on the box.

The aim of the puzzle is to place the hexagons on light colored slots to get similar colored jewels adjacent to each other. Check the contents of the box. See Brighton's locket with inscription in doc uments book. How sweet! Read the letter from Brighton asking Jenny to marry him because of the forth coming baby. Take the Guard duty list. See that new basement guard will be O'Sullivan. A Fine Romance honour is obtained after finding all the love letters in the game.

Changing of the guards: Secretary's office: Go back to secretary's office.

Talk to Jenny Patterson to inform her about the guard duty list. Guardroom: Go back to the guardroom. Talk to Warden James.

O'Sullivan unlocks the door that is connected to the alarm system. O'Sullivan asks that Holmes sign the guest book. Holmes signs the guest book by the window. O'Sullivan checks the guest book. Holmes comments that a good night sleep will do O'Sullivan good. Eventually, Holmes using O'Sullivan's paper writes a letter of recommendatio n to Inspector Baynes. Schielman's escape plan: Go down to the prison cells and to Schielman's cell. Give him the pen. Learn from Schielman that the poison is not finished yet. The end result tha t the maker of the poison wants is to keep the poison stable enough to be stored and made in big proportion. After talking to Rat Killer, Watson noted that Schielman is planning an esca pe. They have to warn the director. See that the guard is now O'Sullivan. Inform the Director: Go to the secretary's office.

See the confrontation between the director-father and Jenny about her pregna ncy and refusal to name the father. Holmes asks the Director to search Schielman's cell. Problem in the cells: The search showed nothing of interest was found in the cell. The director is happy about it. Holmes delayed their departure and waited to be called to Jenny's office. Ho lmes leaves Watson in the guardroom. Hear Brighton called to the director's office; thus leaving his post. Hear a shout coming from the cells below. The Flints are out of their cells. Warden James and Mackenzie go down the steps to the basement. They are locke d between the 2 doors. Calling O'Sullivan has no result. Smoke is coming out of the basement. Warden James tells Watson to set the alarm to get the doors unlocked. Unlock the prison doors (as Dr. Watson): Check the alarm on the wall and see that it doesn't work.

Talk to Warden James. He wants Watson to check O'Sullivan through the other door at the hallway. The keys are in the guard room. Pick up the bunch of keys beside the telephone on the desk where O'Sullivan was sitting before. Go to the hallway. Turn left to the end of the corridor of the high security level. Use the key on the door. It does not work. Hear a foreign-accented voice call from the smoky basement. He says that the door above is blocked by the timer but not the one below. Talk to the man below and is asked to throw the keys. Watson throws the keys and the uniformed man catches them. Holmes returns to fix the alarm. Fix the alarm: fix the alarm. Click on the alarm. Holmes and Watson work together to

The object of the puzzle is to move the gold metal arrowhead at bottom t hrough the rings to end up at the inner horizontal slot at the center. Note that there 5 rings. There are metal bars that blocks passage within the rings and rotating gold bars that throws the arrowhead back to the start. I find that the easiest way for me is to use point and click within the rings rather than keyboard or arrows at bottom right. Position the arrowhead at the open spot at bottom. Move the arrowhead using left click on the place you want it to go. Click on next ring when the rotating bar just passed. Time each click on the next subsequent rings when the rotating bars are far from where you click. At the 4th inner ring or the one second to the innermost, position the a rrowhead close to the blocking bar at right so that you can get to the inner rin g as close as possible to the horizontal slot at center. Then move the arrowhead inside the slit. Good luck. Check the cells: The wardens have placed the Flints back in their cells. O'Sullivan is nowhere to be found presumably left through the other door. No w the wardens will check the cells. Holmes goes upstairs and Watson stays to help check the cells. Check Schielman's cell. The gate is open. Enter and check the sleeping man. It is O'Sullivan. Warden James says that O'Sullivan was with them earlier unless... Schielman has escaped. Go back to the reception room and talk to Holmes.

Prison Break honour is obtained. Behind the prison: Behind the prison, go to the man standing at left. It is Schielman. He is th ere because Holmes asked him to. Holmes admits helping Schielman escape. This caused Watson to be very upset. Holmes will bring Schielman to a safe place and will rejoin Watson at the ne xt place Watson will go to. Holmes gives his notes to Watson as explanation to what happened. Select the next place you want to go to. Read Escape from Westgate Prison for Watson's transcription of the Holmes' e xplanation. Holmes revealed what was in the note in Schielman's box. The ink in the pen was mixed with his masterpiece. His special ink will destroy the will of anyone it touches. Holmes used the situation. Learn how Schielman got the keys from Warden James and how Holmes influenced O'Sullivan who is the new basement g uard. Click the books - documents at bottom of page to see the next entry that con tinues the story. Continue the story at Escape from Westgate Prison (continued). Learn how the smoke screen was made; Jenny's involvement, the director's manipulation and how Holmes controlled Schielman. Whitechapel Holmes and Watson walk down Whitechapel Street. Look around and talk to any active person. It is nice to revisit the area. Y ou can check Buck's Row (first side road at right) where Polly Nichols was kille d. See people eating. Some have lost their homes. If you talk to some of the non-essential characters in the streets, you migh t get the A Very Fine Loafer honour. (Optional) Check the people at Whitechapel Street: those in line for a job, young boys, man closing shop; man selling newspaper; beggars and policeman pass the church. Solomonovitch place is closed. Find the source of items taken from murder and analysis. Dispensary: Walk forward and see the dispensary at right. It is now marked at the map (i nset after clicking on Whitechapel). Go through the gate and see falling leaves from trees; people sleeping in be nches and working people. Enter the dispensary. Talk to the physician. Dr. Watson recognizes the docto r. It is an old colleague, Dr. Grant. Dr. Grant sounds bitter.

Holmes asks about the scalpel. Dr. Grant says it seems to be stolen from her e by an employee. Exit the dispensary and through the gate. Cemetery: See a circulating soup kitchen cart across the street and left of the church . Enter through the church gate where a beggar is kneeling and right of the so up kitchen cart. Go right of the closed main church door and be in a small courtyard. Talk to the flower girl left of the cemetery gates. Front part of cemetery: Shed: Go through the cemetery gates. Look around.

Go to the shed at right side of the front area of the cemetery.

Check the door and see that is impossible to open. Rope: Check the rope hanging by the window sill.

See a close up of the long rope and the rope taken from the Bishop's office. Use the magnifying lens on rope. Click to see that the long rope is worn on one side. Click on the short rope taken from the Bishop. Holmes deduces that it came from the long rope. The rope is used to lower the coffins to the grave. Items: by the ladder. Go to the right side of the shed and check the shovel leaning

Take the leaflet on the wheelbarrow. It mentions that the soup kitchens are donated by Prince Woodville. This is a voucher for September 19. It is writt en for Kurtz and signed by Grape Ape. Holmes deduces that since this voucher is for 2 days from now, only some one that works there could have written it. So Grape Ape works with the soup kit chen distribution. Back part of cemetery: rt of the cemetery. Open grave: Soil: Go through the gates at right to enter the back pa

Turn left and go forward to the freshly dug grave. Examine the soil at foot of grave.

See a close up of the soil and a plate with the sample taken from Ba ker St examination. Use the magnifying lens on the soil. It is freshly turned over and d amp.

Use the magnifying lens on the soil on the plate. It is black and da mp earth. They are the same type; the soil sample came from here. Headstone: Go to the shed at the left corner of the back cemetery.

Look close at the chipped headstone leaning on the right wall. Stone: See the close-up of the stone and the small stone from Bak er Street examination. Use the magnifying lens on the big piece of stone - granite. Use the magnifying lens on the small piece of stone - they are of th e same granite. Use the magnifying lens on the wall under the chipped area at bottom part of the large piece of stone - black paint. Use the magnifying lens on the small stone to show that it also has black paint. Holmes and Watson surmise that the items taken from the Bishop's murder scen e came from here and that one of the murderers works here. Exit the cemetery, church courtyard and go to Whitechapel Street. Find information and evidence about the murderers. Soup kitchen: Talk to the volunteer manning the mobile soup kitchen by the church gate. Learn that Prince Woodville donated all the soup kitchens and the soup ticke ts are handed out after mass for that day's distribution. Ask about Grape Ape and Kurtz. He refuses to answer. Money Dice game: soup kitchen. Click on the dice game - 36 on the box right of the

Aha. Talk to the volunteer again about the money game. The bet is the vo lunteer's ring against Watson's watch. The rule is the first who gets 36 points wins. Roll the dice and then decide if you want to accept that number shown. I f yes, roll again. Roll the dice as many times as you want before "storing it" but - warnin g; if you show a skull all the numbers accumulated is lost. (I do not roll more than 4 times before storing the accumulated points.) Click the "store points" button at bottom left to keep what numbers has been rolled (as shown at top bar) and let the opponent play. The accumulated number is seen at right. Talk to the volunteer after winning the game. My, such a sob story. Hahahaha

. Grape Ape works for them; he deals with the tickets. He was last seen with h is friends. Grape Ape's friends work at the morgue of the dispensary. He refuse s to discuss Kurtz. Get The Gambler honour after winning the dice game. Morgue: Go back to the dispensary across the street. Enter the building and talk to Grant about the morgue. Go and enter through the back door to be at hallway before the morgue. Check the tack board at left and see the list of the recent death. Note that Sally Petticoat and John Hamilton are to be buried at same part of cemetery. Th ey died of suicide by poisoning and were to be married. Go through the next door. Look around. Take the scissors from the tray by the autopsy table. Coat: Check the coat hanging at the back of the desk chair. See a close u p of the coat. Use the scissors on the left on the "Kurtz" tag. Take the plan hidden behind the tag. Use the scissors on the sewn pocket. Take 2 keys. Use the scissors on the sewn cuff of the sleeve to get metal core. Plan: Examine the plan in documents and see that it is the layout of the cemetery. The shed at front part of cemetery has an X on it. Exit the morgue and then dispensary. Cemetery: Go to the cemetery behind the church across the street. X marked Shed: Lock: Go to the shed marked in the plan.

Use the 2 keys from Kurtz' coat on the lock and then turn them.

Use the metal core at right side of the box to push out the bar to open the shed door. Enter and search the shed. Take the axe on top of a barrel at left wall. Take and read the note from the cemetery tacked on post at left wall. Chief Long tells the workers to fell the Lovers' Tree. Use the axe on the crate at center of room. It has bags full of nails. Move the bag of nails and see a large crack at bottom of crate.

Use the pocket knife on the crack. See valuables that the murderers stole. Click on the gold bag. Take the note from cemetery bandits. It states that w hatever items they stored didn't fit the chest; so the rest were hidden with Rom eo and Juliet, the two newcomers. Exit the shed. Find Romeo and Juliet: Lovers tree: Go to the back part of the cemetery. Check all the trees.

Go to the right and look close at the tree at end of the front row. See name s and drawings etched by lovers on the trunk of the tree. Click on the recently deceased lovers - Sally and John at top. There is an i ntricate rose etched beside their names. Grave: Check the designs on the headstones for the intricate rose design.

Go to the back wall graves. Look close at the headstone of the fresh grave t hird from left closest to the shed and has no fence. Go close and click on rose etched on headstone. Holmes says yes - it must be there. Go back to the shed at front part of the cemetery. Take the shovel leaning a t right outside wall of the shed. Go back to the grave and use the shovel. See a metal box. Open the grave box: two at a time. Take the box and see 8 numbers that can be moved

See etched numbers at bottom right. The object of the game is to arrange the numbers in the same sequence as the etched number at bottom right. Click on the two numbers and then click on the place you want to move it to: above, below or either side. It will move to that place as long as one or both numbers are not blocked. There is a reset arrow and skip puzzle arrow at top right.

One solution is shown below. Move the numbers as stated: Move 75 up and left to the end. Move 26 down, right and up to space before 8. Move 44 up. Move 68 down, left and up between 3 and 2. Move 36 down, right and up at end. Move 75 down. Move 44 left and down after 5.

Move 54 up. Move 82 down, left and up between 7 and 4. Move 36 down, left and up after 24. Move 43 down and left under 82. Move 54 right, down after 82. Move 46 up and right once. Move 43 right and up after 5. Move 54 down , right and up after 3. Move 35 down, left and up after 2. Move 46 down. It is simplicity itself. Get the Number Lover honour for opening the safe box. See candlesticks, bloody hammer and key. Take the key. The shed at left opens and closes. There is someone in that hut! The shed: Go to the shed at left. Check the door. Holmes talks to the people inside. S ave game here. They are children and one is wounded. Holmes deduces that the boys tried to steal from Samuel Fletcher the butcher. Select the dialogue that blackmails (Afraid) the kids to get Kurtz' address. The boy says that Kurtz is called Colonel and lives at 8 Batty Street. After treating the boy, Holmes tells Watson that the butcher must have hurt the boy as a warning. Find the Kurtz. Prince of Woodville: Exit the cemetery. See a group of people. Big Danny talks to the Prince of Woodville who is visiting Whitechapel. The Prince is guarded by Inspector Baynes. Kurtz' place: As directed by the boy; go left with the church gate on your back facing the street and then first right. #8 is on the right at the end of the blind alley. Check the door and see it is closed. Use the key taken from the grave box on the lock.

Examine Kurtz' torso:

See a scene of carnage. Look close at Kurtz' body.

- check the head. The shredded skin is decomposed yet he recently died. - check the stomach wounds. The dogs must have done these. - check the bite mark on left hand. It is a dog bite. - check the left forearm. It looks like a dog did this and gnawed on afterwa rds. - check the bandaged finger at right hand. It is a day or 2 old. - use the pocket knife on the bandage. He is missing the finger. Examine Kurtz' feet: Look close at Kurtz' feet.

- check the wound on the right leg. - check the tip of the shoe. It is size 9 hob nailed boots. Examine the dog on Kurtz' right side: - check the wounds on the body. The shredded skin is decomposed yet the dog recently died. - check the horrible wound close to stomach. - check the front leg wound. The skin is deeply torn. Examine the dog by Kurtz' feet: - check the wounds on the top part of the left front leg. The shredded skin is decomposed yet the dog recently died. - check the body wound. The skin is deeply torn. - check the horrible wound of the rear left thigh. Examine the tray material: son. - check the pipe with strange smell at top of tray. - check the glass lamp at left side. It is a small burner. - check the small round balls in the bowl at center. They are burnt opium ba lls. Dog items: - check the dog bowl on the floor left of the sofa. It is empty. - check the crumpled paper on the floor in front of the sofa. It is a newspaper. - click on the grape stem. Look close at the tray on the floor behind Wat

- click on the blood soaked on the newspaper. Someone wrapped meat in th e newspaper. - click on the left part of the newspaper to know that it was yesterday' s newspaper. Someone brought meat for the dogs. After the dogs ate, they attacked the man. Boer War items: - check the military badge on the top mantel of the fireplace. Kurtz served in the Boer war. - check the newspaper clipping tacked on the wall above the fireplace. It is an article about the Boer War. - check the picture on the left wall. Kurtz served as a commando and fought against Great Britain. - check the paper in the drawer on the floor in front of the upturned table by the window. Read Kurtz' letter that mentions the reason he was dismissed from the Malan Kommando. Kurtz deductions #1: Talk to Watson to start the deduction. Click on the chalkboard in inventory frame. Click on Deduction Kurtz. Select the correct deductions based on the clues obtained. Watson says that he is still missing some information. Holmes tells Watson to get permission for a post mortem examination at the d ispensary while he arranges transport. Morgue : (As Dr. Watson) Automatically be at the dispensary. Go to the morgue door at back of the room. Talk to Dr. Grant. After Dr. Watson's reprimand, Dr. Grant washes his hands off the business. Autopsy (As Sherlock Holmes): body is on the table. Holmes and Watson enter the morgue. Kurtz'

Clean: Click on the cloth covering the body to expose the torso. Clic k the torso for close up. Use-click the gauze on the body. Wipe the gauze on the body to clean the area. Automatically cut marks are lined on the body. Lung: Use the scalpel on the right dotted line.

Use the rib spreader on the cut. Use the scalpel on the exposed lungs.

Use the pipette on the exposed lungs to get a sample of the liquid conte nts. Stomach: Use the scalpel on the left dotted line.

Use the rib spreader on the cut. Use the scalpel on the exposed stomach. Use the tweezers on the exposed stomach to get the ball of paper. Check Kurtz' map to see a logo and an address - 13 Berner Street. The Hidden Message honour is obtained after the post mortem. Analyze the liquid from the lungs: behind Holmes. Go to the worktable right of the sink

Click the pipette with the lung liquid on the test tubes at the corner of th e table. Pick up the pipette on the tray and automatically place the sample on the tu be with the (?) question mark. Select a colored tube to place it in front. Click on the stopcock to add reagent to the sample in the tray. Count how many colored spots appear in the tray. Enter the result on the chart by clicking the number. If correct the numbers turn green. Poison! Apparently very virulent. Check the Results of the complete chemical analysis in documents. Kurtz deductions #2: Click on the chalkboard in inventory frame. Click on Deduction Kurtz. Continue the deductions of Kurtz by adding the conclusion from lung examinat ion. If the conclusion is correct; the frame turns green. Holmes summarizes the findings that Kurtz was killed by his accomplices with the same poison that was given to the Bishop. They did so because Kurtz became obvious due to his cut finger. The poison was administered through his opium pip e. Kurtz swallowed the map as revenge and as a clue where to find his murderers.

Find the other murderers. 13 Berner Street: Go to the street. Turn left from dispensary and turn on first street at righ t. Talk to the people on the street. Turn right at the end of the street. See the Chinese establishment ahead.

Enter and talk to the manager of the opium den. The friend that looked into himself to recommend the place to Holmes was tied up with his dogs. Watson choke d. Check the opium den: Note the keys behind the manager.

Enter beyond the curtain and look around. See glasses and mugs in dirty water at left. Check the customers. Go forward. The table under the window across the entra nce and end of the hallway has Jasmine tea. Turn right and note that the customer at right is still awake. The table at the foot of his bed has a filled ashtray. Go forward and turn to the next hallway to see a large guard standing in fro nt of the private room. Talk to the guard. The locked adjoining room: Storage room: Turn back and check the closed door at right - end of hallw ay. Holmes is interested in discreetly entering the guarded private room. He wants to check this locked adjoining room. Click and note the Chinese characters on top of the locked storage door. Room key: nager. Go to the reception area and check-click the keys behind the ma

Holmes says the key is here and he must get the man out of the way. Distract the manager: Prepare the distraction: rty water from the bowl. Go back inside and turn left. Take a glass of di

Go to the table under the window across from the entrance. Take the cup of J asmine tea. Go to the table with the conscious man across the hall at right. Take the as htray with ashes. In inventory, combine (click-hold-drop) ashes with dirty water and then comb ine dirty water and ashes with the tea to get lousy booze. Do the distraction: rner of the hallway. Give the lousy booze to the conscious man at right co

Watch the manager rush in and attend to the sick customer. Get the key: Immediately go to the front reception room and take the key at left of top row; under the familiar Chinese characters. Go to the locked room and use the key. Watson returns the key. Utility room: Look around. Turn to the right and see a grilled window partly hidden by the

curtain and right of the shelves. It looks through the guarded private room. Hear the 2 murderers talk about w hat happened. The one wearing the cap complains that he didn't get much except for new boo ts. The other (who must be Grape Ape) growls in reply. Learn that they must do t he next one well or the boss will not forgive them as easily. Prepare sedative: Holmes wants to have something that can put an elephant to sleep. That will take care of the guard. Take syringe and the bottle of barbituric acid from the shelf left of Watson . Turn around from the shelf. Take a teaspoon of opium beads from the bowl on the floor. Go to the back room and see a cart with opium preparation utensils. Light the burner with the matches. Move the attached screen over the burner. Place the teaspoonful of opium on top of the screen. The opium melts to get liquid opium. The manager sees the open door. The two hide behind the room separator. The manager locks the door. The two are locked in. In inventory combine the liquid opium with the syringe. Combine the syringe with opium with barbituric acid to get syringe with soporific. Find a way out: en. Check the window right of the door. It is big enough to go through. Watson s ays the window is stuck. Take the billhook hanging below the window. Look down to the floor and take stick from the barrel. Use the billhook on the window to open it. Use the stick to hold the window open. Go through the window. Private room: Take care of the guard: Highlight-select the syringe with soporific in inv entory to show it at top right of screen. Go forward to a position to see the guard at the hallway. Holmes wants Watson to lure the brute and he will administer the sedative. After Watson calls the guard, the guard walks towards Watson. Wait until the guard passes the corner where Holmes is hiding and click the syringe on the guard. Check the window in the back room. It is impossible to op

If you fail, you can repeat the scenario.

The first time you miss, see what happens to Holmes and Watson. Hahahahahah. Enter the private room: or. Go up the stairs. Watson stops Holmes from doing the deed. Grape Ape sees Ho lmes. Inspector Baynes arrives. 221B Baker Street: Watson wants to go to the police station and help Baynes. Holmes thinks that the murderers will not talk to the police. They need more inf ormation to proceed. Go forward to the hallway and check the locked do

Kensington Gardens Use the map to jump to Kensington Gardens. Holmes and Watson arrive at the house where Henry Hampford, the Bishop's nep hew rents a ground floor room. Talk to the landlady. There are prowlers about. Some of her washings have be en stolen. Learn that Henry is strange. Find the stolen washings: Look around the gardens. Enter through the gate left of the house to be in the backyard. Look around. Check the laundry hanging on the clothes line. Take clothes pegs with no clothes attached close to right end of the line. Turn right to the house and check the window of the nephew's room. Shed: Check the closed door of the shed right of the back door.

There is a missing spade on left side. Take the pickaxe (labeled spade) from right. Go to the vegetable garden and pick up the rake from the ground. Go to the right corner by the trees and look at the ground. There are tins o f food tied to one another. Click on wire at left end holding the tins together. They serve as intruder alert. Fence: Go to the wooden fence beside the clothesline and gate.

See new nails on the fence. Use the axe-spade on the interesting part of the fence. Next lot: Go through the opening on the fence.

Check the remains of a small meal on top of the barrel at right.

Check the newspaper on the other barrel. It is 4 days old. The nephew was be ing watched long before his uncle's murder. Read the September 1898 "The Strand" newspaper that talks about the food shortage. Check the closed shed. Stolen washing: en washing. Go left of the shed and look up at the tree. See the stol

Use the rake to get the tattered clothes. The thief must have caught it on t he tree. Garden Gumshoe honour is obtained after the recovery of the stolen clothing. Peephole: Go back to the fence beside the barrel with food.

Check-click the hole in the fence. It has an ideal view of Henry's room. Return the stolen washing: lady gets her washing back. Go back to the front door and knock. The land

Learn that Henry lives in a world of his own. The landlady last saw Henry ye sterday morning. Henry gets cross and quickly as that; stands still. The landlady gives permission to check Henry's room. Check Henry's room: Enter the house and the first door on the left. Look around Henry's room. Check the bed - someone emptied a bag here. Take the scarf by Watson's feet. Check the empty hanger on the coat stand left of the door. No hat; no coat. Torn pieces of paper: Check the trashcan beside the desk. It was emptied and torn pieces throw n in it. There is a smell of onion. Get torn-up pieces of paper. Place the torn pieces of paper on the left side of the desk. Put the paper together. Left click to pick up the paper and to place it down. The mouse wheel or arrow rotates the paper. Use the stain and creases as guidelines. Get blank paper. Blank paper: the desk. Use the clothes pegs on the rope strung at right side of

Hang the blank paper on the line. Light the candle with the matches. Click the hanged blank paper for a close up. Take and move the lit candle on the onion smelling paper. Click the candle when a whole word is formed on the paper.

Arrange the words at bottom of the screen to make the correct address wr itten on the paper: Stinging Street Wharf 3 2 1 south bank. The Message written in onion juice is entered in documents. Check the bookcase and the violin on the small table. The violin case is not here. Secret compartment: Check the wall under the windows. Use the spade-axe o n the light colored joint of 2 panels. See and take a box with 4 dials. Open the box: - Colt Paterson. Look close at the box and see a brand name on the cover

Turn the box on several sides and bottom. See and click on all 4 lock ci pher codes - numbers etched on those sides. They are noted by Watson. I have not ed everything. Dial I = The progression of the numbers is: 1 + 2 = 3; 2 + 3 = 5; 3 + 5 = 8. Turn dial 1 to 8. Dial II = Add the left column and the sum is 9. Add the middle column an d the sum is 9. If the blank third number of the right column is 1; the sum will be 9. Turn dial 2 to1. Dial III = Going on a spiral starting at 21; the difference between 21 a nd 18 is -3; 18 and 16 is -2; 16 and 15 is -1; 15 and 12 is -3 (starts over); 12 and 10 is -2 ; 10 and 9 is -1 and 9 and 6 is -3 again. So it is a repeated -3, -2 and -1 pattern. By the progression, the next number following 6 should be 4 h aving a difference of -2. (Thanks Rushes!) Turn dial 3 to 4. Dial IV = The difference between 10, 8 and 6 is 2; the difference betwee n 3, 7 and 11 is 4. The only available progression with a difference on the bott om row is 1; so the middle blank number is 3. Turn dial 4 to 3. From left to right: turn the dials 8, 1, 4 and 3. The box opens. See th at the new revolver is gone. Holmes' question to Watson: Now that all items are checked, Holmes asks Watson a question. My dear Watson, in the garden and in this room, pieces are missing that shou ld have never have left their places. What do you think? Click on revolver, spade and violin case.

Holmes says that they have to recapture Henry Hampford immediately. Holmes e

xplains that Henry has a moderate behavioural problem. The candle is still warm so Henry left just moments before they arrived. A sign that Henry is upset is th e chaotic state of the room. The missing items especially the gun is worrisome. Holmes will pick up an old friend in Lambeth. One that helped them at The Si gn of Four.

Wharf 321 Holmes says that the reason for the quarrel between Henry with the Bishop is here in the industrial area. Toby will find Henry with his sense of smell. Watson is to go around the disused factory and can hold Henry if he runs awa y through to there. Find Henry's scent (as Toby): Start of the hunt: earch. Holmes gets Toby to smell Henry's scarf. Search Toby s

Move Toby forward until you see footprints on the ground. (Love the cursor). You can make Toby run also - just don't tire the old dog too much. :wink: ;) Turn around and climb the stairs. Smell the footprints. You have found his trail! Climb the ramp at other side of the rail tracks at left. Check the pub. Go d own the boxes-crates in front of the Pub door. Go left and up the ramp surrounded by barrels. Smell the footprints. Our man came this way! Continue on the ramp. Go down the ramp at right. Go forward and smell the do or that is ajar at left. Enter the building. Inside the bridge control building: See footprints left of door.

Follow the footprints to the room with the bridge control panel. Click on th e lever at right - it is stuck. Exit the room and go to right hallway. Exit through the back door of the building and be at the raised drawbridge. Smell footprints in front of the raised drawbridge. Our man came this way! Go to the bottom screen. Go to the barrel at right close to the dead end. Sm ell the grease on top of the barrel and Holmes will pick it up. Go back to the control room in the building and click on the stuck lever aga in. Now that you have grease, Holmes pulls down the lever raising the small plat form by the drawbridge. Cross the drawbridge: Go back to the drawbridge.

Jump down on the small platform. Jump on the different posts until you get t o the ramp at top right; other side of the bridge. Get Holmes to this side of the bridge: trols the bridge on this side. Climb the metal structure that con

Click-jump on the lever to lower the bridge. Good dog, Toby! Enter the next building: See the footprints at left. Continue forward unt il the next footprints that makes Holmes say "he left by this door". The door is right of a big double door. Check the door and see that it is locked from the inside. The scene panned t o show a small platform held by a rope and pulley in front of the double doors. Go to the rope tied to the wall left of the step. Click to release the rope and drop the platform down. Climb on the platform. Holmes pulls the rope and raises the platform with To by on it. Check this building: Toby enters through the window.

Go down the stairs and smell the metal bar that blocks the door to open it. Well done Toby, you are a true detective. Holmes can now enter. The metal bar falls on the floor. Go to the left and see footprints that goes left and then right. Go left and smell the tools on the wall. Some ice picks are missing. Go to the right side to follow the other set of footprints. Click-smell the wall above the crates. Holmes notes that he used the ice pic ks to climb through the window. Check the large door on the left. Holmes says that the door is locked but we can force it. Go back to the other door that Toby opened and take the metal bar on the flo or. Toby carries it to the other door. Smell the door and Holmes takes the metal bar to pry the door lock. Alley: Exit through door. See footprints on the ground at left.

Outside smell the panel that has tools across the door they came out from. H olmes says that he took the gaff and cut a piece of fire hose. Continue to the right, over the rail tracks and forward until the chained ga te. Hint - If you get stuck, use first person and see if you can walk through so me obstacles like the rail tracks. Cross the canal: Smell the chained gate. Our man must be on the other sid e of the gate. See footprints on the ground in front of the gate. Go to the end of the broken rail tracks left of the bridge. It is better to

not go down there. Smell the lever on the left wall that holds the rope attached to the small p latform. Holmes pulls the lever to move the platform with Toby to the other side of t he broken rail tracks. Get Holmes to this side of the rail track: tes that is on the tracks. Go to the rail car full of cra

Click to remove the wedge holding the left wheel of the rail car. The car rolls to the broken part of the bridge and scatters the crates. Holm es crosses the rail track. Find an entrance to the smelting factory: bridge. Follow the footprints from the

Check the door of the building at left. It is locked from inside. Climb the small cart at right, over the crates, then roof and check the open window. See footprints on the roof. Holmes stops Toby from jumping inside. Another way to enter the smelting factory: and then to the ground. Go down the roof, crate, cart

Go forward towards the wall behind the crates that is behind the cart - this is right of the closed door. See sacks. Smell the sacks to break them and expose the entrance. Enter and then look for a way for Holmes to enter. Get the Sleuth-Hound honour for being Toby.

Get Holmes inside the factory:

Go to the right.

Pull-click on the end of the rope on the floor. This rope is hanging from th e pulley above close to the crates and wall where the window is located. The pul ley with rope is moved to allow Holmes to come down. Find a way out: Enter through the door with footprints in front of it.

Look around the rooms. Note that you as Toby can climb up crates to be on th e level above. From the door you just entered and Toby facing the back area, enter the room at left. Enter the room right of the door you just entered through. Go to next room and see pile of crates. Climb the crates at bottom of screen. Walk the rusted pipe until the end. Climb down the crates in the next room.

Go right to climb up the stairs until the top. Click to open the door at end of hallway. Holmes is with Toby when he sees a cat. Toby chases the cat. Aren't you too old for this, Toby? Find Henry (as Sherlock Holmes): Go through the door at end of hallway (not door where Toby went). See the sm elting room. Take the first side walkway. Go forward and down the steps to the lower leve l. Turn left to the wall-post and walk around to the right side. Go forward and see Henry in the middle of the room. Go to Henry. See what happens. Henry gets scared when he recognizes Holmes. Toby jumps from one girder to another but loses his hold. Toby falls down on Henry making him drop the gun and falls into the pool of smelted liquid. Watson arrives. Use the map to travel back to 221B Baker Street. 221B Baker Street: At the attic, the 3 children are upset at Holmes. The young boy hits the Hol mes puppet. Learn that this is Holmes' attic. At Baker St., Watson asks about the rat killer. Learn that Schielman has esc aped. Watson is upset that Holmes has been using him. Holmes does not give an ex planation. Let the dogs bark with the pack, Watson. O. Farley is well informed. The mystery informer might be the missing link t o the case. Read the September 1898 Globe Explorer newspaper and see that report of Schi elman's escape from Westgate implicates Watson and Holmes. It also reports the p resence of Holmes at the opium den when the 2 criminals were arrested. Mr. Chen Cha Hu said only Holmes and Watson were present when the guard was incapacitated with the anaesthetic. Talk to Toby by the window. O. Farley's Office Use the map to jump to Farley's office. Find clues about the informant. Gain entrance to Farley's office: Farley's reception room: e table. Look around the room. Check the hot coffee on th

Check the office door and find it locked.


Look close at the coat hanging on the stand right of the door.

Inspect the pocket to get inexpensive cigarettes. Inspect the inside breast pocket to get the press card. Read the press card in documents. Farley: Osmond Farley comes out of the office. Holmes and Farley have an unpleasant exchange. Farley leaves. Holmes noticed that a usually fastidious Farley has crumbs on his jacket and his hands and mouth are greasy. Farley must have noticed their arrival and rush es out to not be questioned by Holmes. Get the secretary out of the office: Click on the door and Watson states that Ms Jeanne, the secretary is occupie d in sending a telegram via their electric telegraph. Holmes wants to interrupt the transmission which will force her to go the Ke nsington telegraph office. Shortcircuit the electric box: ric box right of door. Face the exit door and see a panel - elect

Got to the coat stand and take the hanger. Use the hanger on the electric bo x. It is opened. See the circuitry and the lever. The object of the puzzle is to complete the circuitry connecting the 3 outle ts (2 on top and one at bottom). Turn the connectors by left clicking them. Pull the lever to short circuit the connection. It is simplicity itself. The secretary leaves while the gentlemen hides. Enter the office. Get the Freedom of the Press honour for entering Farley's office. Search the Secretary's office: Go forward to the window. Check the telegraph right of the window. Check the trash can under the window to see the discarded typewriter dark bl ue ribbon. Check the desk and see the typewriter doesn't have the ribbon. Notebooks: Examine the torn notebook that is in shorthand. Read the Messa ge from Farley's writing desk in documents. Notes on the investigation into Sher lock Holmes - to all his colleagues: after the visit from... Check the notebook at top left. More work is needed to show the marks on the notebook. Take the brush from the pencil box.

Search Farley's office: Go left of Watson to be at Farley's office. Look around. Bulletin board: Look close at the board behind the desk.

Read Note from Farley about a body of a drowned man pulled from the Thames. The man was being prosecuted for destruction of a vast quantity of wheat. Read the newspaper article about what happened to the nuns in the convent of St. Anthony. The 16 nuns went mad and ate each other after a meal of clear vege table soup. Take the photo of Prince Woodville on the left. Phone: Check small table with the telephone left of the board.

Take the bunch of keys. See a phone number written on a small paper - 1313. It is familiar to Holmes and Watson. Use the telephone to dial that number and verify that it is Scotland Yard. Desk: Curtain: Armchair: See an unfinished sandwich on the desk. Someone closed the curtain; maybe for privacy. The left armchair is out of place.

Ashtray: Check the ashtray beside the lamp and in front of the other armc hair. It has ashes and a lit cigar. Take the ashes in the ashtray. The ashes came from a well known brand of cig arettes. It is still warm. Click on the lit tip of the cigar and then click on the cut end of the cigar . It is a very expensive cigar - Habano Clarissimo. The guest is a rich man. Pull out of Farley's investigation frame. We need to check other things firs t. Find clues about the mysterious visitor. Secretary's desk: Go back to the secretary's desk. Notebook: Look close at the notebook at top left.

Use magnifying lens on notebook to check the marks again. Use the ashes from ashtray on the top part of the notebook. Sweep the ashes with the brush. Read the Note from Farley's writing desk: Followed Holmes: prepare elements bio/ D-F. Farley's Investigation:

We have now checked the ashtray and armchair in Farley's office. Door: Look close at the lock of the door. The key is still in the lock.

Book: Check the book on the floor left of the fireplace. It fell from the shelf. It is the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. Check the bookshelf above where the book fell from. Fireplace: Pick up the burnt paper in front of the fireplace. Read the me ssage on the paper. It is notice of a visit that morning and that the note must be destroyed. File cabinet: Go to the file cabinet in the corner.

Based on the Note from Farley's writing desk; open DEF file drawer with the bunch of keys taken from the small table. To find the correct card in the drawer, look for the one that has blue i nk from the secretary's typewriter ribbon and grease from Farley's sandwich. Read the index card from Farley's secretary. It is information about Pri nce Woodville. Watson notes that from here by the file cabinet, you can see the street even with the curtain closed. That is when Farley saw Holmes and Watson arrive. Deduction board: . See the office with 6 locations highlighted. The object of the puzzle is to recreate the sequence of Farley's action just before the arrival of Sherlock Holmes. Click on a highlighted location or item. Choose-click the appropriate number in the sequence of events and correct st atement from the selection. File cabinet: The journalist looked at a card in the cupboard. Select 1. The journalist looked out the window and saw Holmes. Armchair is in the wrong place. Select 2. The journalist pushed the armc hair when he ran. Door: The key is still in the lock on the inside of the door. Select 3. The journalist closed the door and left the key in the lock. Ashtray: A cigar and ashes are in the ashtray. Select 4. The visitor smo ked a cigar and sat opposite the journalist. Book: The journalist dropped the book here accidentally. Select 5. The j ournalist accidentally dropped a book from the bookcase. Fireplace: The paper isn't entirely burnt. Select 6. The journalist thre w this paper into fire without making sure that it burned entirely. Find where the mysterious visitor exited: Open the deduction board and select Deduction Journalist

Watson wants to know where the visitor exited from. Holmes says that it lies with Farley being where he should not be. Open the deduction board; select Deduction journalist. Click on the place that has no explanation for Farley to be in - select the book on the floor (5). Click on the bookshelf where the book fell from. See a control box that might open the secret place. See a close-up of the panel. Note that the panel has 3 sets of numbers a nd letters. Etched on the panel is +6. Do the sequence of the numbers and letters co unting 6 ahead. Note that a set of one number and a letter are in a frame. There are 3 f rames: 4 D - (+6) 10 J - (+6) 16 P. Enter the sequence on the panel using the red arrows J - 16 - P. Pull th e lever at right. There you are. It is simplicity itself.

The Master of Deduction honour is obtained when all deduction boards are don e. Secret door: The secret door opens. Go to the door and look around.

Pick up the hat of the mysterious visitor on the floor. The hat got caught b y the closing door and the guest did not take the time to pull it off. This hat will help in identifying the visitor. Let us return to Baker Street. Identify the mysterious visitor. 221B Baker Street: Watson leaves to work alone. Examine the top hat: Place the top hat on Holmes' worktable.

Pick up the wealthy man's hat for a close up. Rotate (click-hold-move) the hat to examine different features. Click on evi dence seen on the hat. - heat marks and strong smell of tobacco on the front tip of the hat to show that he smokes. - slight scratch marks (left and right side) to show that he wears glasses. - label to show that the hat was made to order by a shop close to the Old Ba iley. - gray hairs inside the hat to show that he is in his early fifties.

- ribbon at rim of the hat was changed and that shows that he is married. Together with the connection with Scotland Yard and the Law Courts (Old Bail ey), Holmes deduced that the man is a judge. Identify the judge: Holmes wants his book on influential judges.

Go to the bookcase right of Holmes' bedroom door. Pick up the Judges' regist er from middle shelf. Place the book on Holmes' worktable. See portraits of 3 influential judges. Use the magnifying lens to examine each picture. Look for cigars, hats, wedding rings, glasses and note the color of the hairs. Click or check the appropriate identification on the list under each pic ture. The judge is Sir Coutes Beckett. Watson comes back. He shows the September 1898 Globe Explorer newspaper arti cle about Lady Cathy Coutts-Beckett's school for illiterate children and her tri p to Portsmouth. The judge will be alone in his home. Watson will get the judge's address from his friend at the post office. While Watson is gone, Holmes prepares a wrapped box. Sir Coutes Beckett's residence Use the map to go to Judge Beckett's residence. Gain entry to Judge Beckett's residence: Holmes sidesteps question about the box he is carrying. Door: Find out that the door is closed. Move to the doorbell and press it . No one is home. Find an entry to the house: Check the windows right of the door.

Go to the end of the road at right and see a family packed to leave their re sidence due to hard times. Click on the trunks on the cart. Go back towards the judge's house. Go to the right side of the house and ent er through the gate. Go to the back. See a window. Click on the latch and Holmes asks for a pin. Lucy (as Dr. Watson): ing flowers. Go back to the front of the house. See a woman sell

Talk to Lucy, who we met at Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper. Learn th at she is now married and has twin girls. Dr. Watson is still enamoured with Lucy. Smart woman! She gives a hairpin; a

better tool to open a window. Window: Go back to the window at back of the house.

Give the hairpin to Holmes. Window (as Sherlock Holmes): Use the hairpin on the window latch.

See the close up of the lock. See the hairpin at bottom frame. There are 4 parts to the pin. Click the parts of the stick to complement the shape of the tumblers of the lock above. Note that there is already a line between the tumblers. Select-click on part of the stick to be reshaped. Use the up or down arr ows to shape the stick. Then click on validate button at bottom right to use the shaped pin on t he lock. Search the kitchen: eft of the stove. Look around the kitchen. See a bottle of olive oil l

Examine the packet on the floor left of the heater on back wall. Take the oa rlock. Check the classroom: Open the door and be at the classroom. Look around. Mrs. Beckett's desk: Look close and check the items on the teacher's desk. Check the 2 photos on the left: one taken on Judge Beckett's wedding day and the other is the Judge and his wife. Take and read the letter from Judge Beckett from the drawer of the desk. The Judge wants to meet with the Prime Minister about an important affair. He is al so missing 2 of his oarlocks and noted that the cupboard was vandalised. Take and read the letter from Lord Benagard from the podium left of the desk . Learn that Mrs. Beckett worked at orphanages in Bombay where he met Judge Beck ett. The father gave Mrs. Beckett a safe - mechanical planisphere with a persona lised combination. Mechanical planisphere: Check the box at right side of the desk.

See that the 2 photos from the desk can be examined by clicking on the t abs at top. The top of the box shows the map of the world with some cities marked by buttons. Study the photos using the magnifying lens. Click the lens on unique information. Bombay photo: See that the clock points to 6 PM. The notation sho ws that they are in Bombay. The hands do not show any wedding ring.

Wedding Day photo: edding ring.

See that Big Ben shows 10 AM. The hands show w

Click on London button to move the crosshair to that spot. Use the arrow above to show 10, the time the wedding picture was taken. Click on Bombay at bottom right of the map. Use the arrow above to show 18, (6 PM on 24 hr cycle) the time the other picture was taken. The box is opened. Take the key inside. Get the Finders Key-pers honour for opening the box. Blackboard: Go to the blackboard and see that the lesson is about Greece. Click on the screws on either side that holds the blackboard. It is stuck. Go back to the kitchen and take the cooking olive oil left of the stove. Use the olive oil on the screws on either side of the blackboard. Turn the blackboard to see Greek alphabets. Click to copy the Greek alphabet . Roman Numeral box: Go to the table between the 2 windows and see a box with metal shafts. The aim of the puzzle is to place the shafts on the box in the form of Roman numerals. No number is to be greater than 10 and X can only be used once. The r esulting numbers should be in a particular sequence. Click on middle of shaft to pick it up and use the arrows to tilt the shafts . One solution is shown below. Perfect! Take another oarlock. We now have the 2 missing oarlocks mentioned by Judge Beckett. Open the cupboard: Remember that Judge Beckett mentioned in his letter that the cupboard has be en vandalised. Cupboard: Go to the right of the windows and check the cupboard. See that the cupboard's door handles have been removed. Click on the sweet box at top shelf and on the open book at bottom shelf. Ho lmes says that he wants to open the cupboard. Identify the culprit: Coat: Go right of the door. Check the coat hanging on the coat rack. Clic k the name tag that reads "James". Check the sweet papers on the floor under the coat. Now we know whose hands are in the sweet box.

Classroom seating: .

Go right and study the seating arrangement on the wall

Read the note at top left. It states that the row leaders are represented by flags. See red, yellow and blue flags at bottom row. Some children have tasks as shown by images on the desks. The room has one set of kids desks isolated by blue lines (younger kids) and at bottom has red lines (older kids). Their name tags show if they are in the blue or red set. Each student is partnered with another; so the desks are in 2s and separated by the aisle. Study or hover the cursor over each name tag to know their particular ch aracteristics. Click on a name tag and place them in their deduced desk. Use the arrow to scroll through the name tags. Red Seats: Taylor is row leader at kitchen line. Place Taylor at desk with red flag at bottom row close to the kitchen at left. Blank space is beside Taylor. Place blank name tag right of Taylor. Louisa is in charge of older children book. Place Louisa on desk with bo oks above Taylor. Rose sits beside Louisa. Place Rose right of Louisa. See that the 4 have check marks showing that they are correctly placed. Justin is row leader at middle row. Place Justin at bottom row desk with yellow flag. Loyd is the row leader at window row. Place Loyd at bottom row desk with blue flag by window. Fergus is in charge of blackboard cleaning. Place Fergus on desk with br ush. Aaron is behind Fergus. Place Aaron right of Justin. Simon is on James left. The only 2 adjoining seats available is close to window. Place Simon above Loyd. James is beside Simon. Place James right of Simon. Damian should sit on the left side because of his hand. Place Damian lef t of Fergus. Lewis saw an airship in the sky; so he is near the window. Place Lewis a t bottom right.

Red kids' desks are done. Blue seats: Thalia cares for plants. Place Thalia on the seat with plant at second r ow by window. Alissa sits beside her sister Thalia. Place Alissa left of Thalia. Eddy likes to sit by window but he needs to exchange place. Place Eddy a bove Alissa. Charles needs light and is Eddy's neighbour. Place Charles at top right row. Jasper has to sit close to kitchen. Place Jasper at top left desk. Bart is in charge of the youngest group's books. Place Bart on desk with fish book. Pierce is at second row behind Anastasia and is beside Elmer. The only 2 seats together for the 2 boys are in the middle. Place Pierce right of Bart. Place Elmer right of Pierce. Place Anastasia above Pierce. Place Ophelia right of Anastasia. Orson is beside Bart and has Anastasia in his line of vision when he loo ks at the blackboard. Place Orson left of Bart. Mark can go anywhere. Place Mark beside Jasper. Now we know where James is seated. James' desk: Go to James desk and open his desk.

Take the cupboard door handles. Cupboard: Use the door handles on the cupboard.

Take the open Greek book at bottom shelf. Wall side of room: Go to the opposite wall from window where the book shelves are located. Take the school book from the table. It is about schools in North America. Search Judge Beckett's office: Foyer: Exit the room through the double doors to be at the foyer. Check the double doors at right. It goes to the upper floor. Check the tack board stand right of the door to upper floor. It is a warning by Lady Beckett about the missing door handles.

Check the small table by the coat stand left of the main door beside Watson. Take Lord Beckett's note with a circle from the small table. Enter Judge Beckett's office: The door is locked. Use the key taken from Lady Becket's box-safe on door. Holmes places the box he is carrying on Judge Beckett's desk. Look around. Desk: cigar. Pictures: Check the ashtray on the desk and see that it is Habano Clarissimo Go to the corner right of the doors.

Take the oarlock from the table under the pictures. Examine each picture of Judge Beckett's college days: The top left picture has a parade outside the Fraternity house. The flag has a symbol. Bottom left is of the Judge rowing. Top right is a group picture of the Judge's time at University of New Yo rk. Bottom right is of Beckett and his friends rowing. Statue of Justice: Check Lady Justice left of the doors.

Files: Go to other side of the desk and check the files on the table. Not hing of importance. Trophies: s. Open the metal door: Check the metal door right of the trophies. There is no lock. Examine the Coat of Arms at left and attached by metal bar to the metal door . See a close up of the Coat of Arms made up of 2 oars, red and black shield a nd a lion rampart. Determine which fraternity Judge Beckett was a member of: Click on the paper with 2 lines right of the coat of arms. See all the colle cted documents about schools and fraternities. Remember that the picture at top right at the corner shows that the Judge st udied at the University of New York. Study the List of Universities fraternities page (taken from table by book c ases) that shows the coat of arms of different American fraternities. Study the picture of the flag outside the fraternities and see that the flag shows the first Greek alphabet. Go to the wall across the desk and check the table with trophie

The notes taken from the blackboard showed that the flag's Greek alphabet is a nu.

Study the University of New York Fraternity coat of arms that has a nu at be ginning of the frat name.

Remember that the coat of arms is red and black with a lion rampart. So the fraternity name is nu zeta pi. This is verified by Lord Beckett's note taken from the table at the foyer: c onstant 3.14 which is pi (last alphabet of the frat name). Click on the blank paper with 2 lines. See the Greek alphabets. Click on a blank space and then click on the appropriate Greek alphabet to be placed on that space. Select to enter nu zeta pi. If correctly done, all the other documents a re removed. Unlock the door: Oarlocks: See the 3 collected oarlocks at bottom right.

Insert the oarlocks on the 3 holes under the coat of arms. Holmes notes that there is a mechanism at bottom of each of the holes. Fraternity name: The object of the puzzle is to arrange the oars to form the fraternity's Greek name. Click on the holes of each oar to change their positions. The 2 side oars have top and bottom holes. The center oar can use the side h oles as well as the central one. Note where the knobs (handle) and the red lines (paddle) of the oars are pla ced. The oars can only swing on the knob holes. If the correct alphabet is formed; an oarlock turns and a sound is made. The metal door opens. Get the Breaking the Law honour for opening the safe room.

Chest inside Judge Beckett's secret room. Enter the secret room. See the room full of files about Sherlock Holmes. Eac h mound of files are under "descriptive" labels of Holmes supposed crimes: Robbe ry, Fraud, Intimidation and Murder. Watson is over the edge upset because again he has been manipulated. Sherloc k Holmes is only interested in the chest.

Open the chest:

Look close at the chest.

See colored balls and 2 large side panels and small one at center. The aim of the puzzle is to place one set of colored balls in each of th e panels. Note that blue balls are for the center panel. Arrows on each panels move the balls. Move - click arrow to select colors to be moved to the open inner area o f the panel. Position the colored ball(s) of the "to be moved" panel similar to the e nd color(s) of the receiving panel at other side. This will group similar colors together. For example: if the open receiving panel has green at top and/or bott om; move green colored balls on the top or bottom of the moving-sending panel. T hen move it to the other side. Then do a similar move to get the other color to the other side. Slowly after some moves, the similar colored balls will be arranged together. Good luck. There is a skip button for this puzzle. Leave the Judge's house: Holmes takes something from the opened chest. Watson demands to see what he took. Holmes urges Watson to put everything back in its place. Watson is to do the oarlocks while Holmes takes care of all the others. As Dr. Watson: et room. See the plan of 221B Baker Street on the wall of the secr

Exit the secret room. Go to the coat of arms lock of the metal door. Try to take the oars. Holmes stops Watson and is in a hurry to leave. In front of the house, Judge Beckett arrives and walks to his home. Watson r ushes to talk to the Judge even after being ordered by Holmes not to. Judge Beckett enters the house and an explosion occurs. Watson was thrown in the street and Lucy is hurt. Watson calls Holmes to help. An empty handed Holmes apologizes and leaves. Search for Holmes 221B Baker Street: Watson says that Lucy is hanging between life and death but is in good hands . Search the room for signs of Holmes: Check the desk left of the main door and see Schielman's pen. Check the small table by the window to see Kurtz' opium pipe. Check Toby who knows where Holmes is.

Check the newspaper on the dining table. Read Reporter - The Sherlock Holmes Affair. It insinuates that Holmes double crossed a crime partner to get hold of a submarine plan and that Holmes is the boss and partner at the same time. Check the wrapping paper on the sofa. Try to open Holmes' bedroom door. This will make Watson go get some rest. Go to Watson's bedroom. Nightmare: Watson experiences a nightmare.

Kurtz, the bishop, Lucy and Holmes are featured in his nightmare. Inspector Baynes: The next day, the police arrive.

Watson is brought to the station to be interrogated. The police search the a partment. Baynes says that Holmes is wanted for murder of the Bishop. The murderers co nfessed. Find where Holmes is: Look for clues to Holmes hiding place: Search: Check the letters on the top mantel of the fireplace.

Check the harpoon above Dr. Watson's bedroom door. Look around the room, Dr. Watson's room and Holmes' bedroom. Holmes' bedroom: s of tobacco. Go to Holmes' bedroom and search the room. The room reek

Check the bust of Colonel Moran on the right side table in Holmes' bedroom. Get The Holmesian honour if you find all of the items of Holmes' past advent ures here at 221B. Check the left side drawer. Move the tobacco box. See a hole on the bottom o f the drawer. Pick up the nail on the right side and use it on the hole. See a picture of Irene Adler - "The Woman" and Holmes' Victoria Cross. Read the 4 letters in the drawer: one to a clergyman, one for Escott a worke r, another for a clerk of court and one to a Naval captain. These must be Holmes ' other personae. Get pastor envelope, labourer envelope, clerk's envelope and captain's envel ope. Watson wants to refine his search to one location. Find out what disguise Holmes changed into: Disguise: Check the mannequin on the floor by the door. It is wearing the tweed suit that Holmes was wearing yesterday. So Holmes' came back here and don

ned a disguise. Collect all of Holmes' disguises: Holmes' bedroom: Pick up: the shoes left of the mannequin, hat on the mirror dresser; stained trousers on the chair by the clock and shoe under the c hair by the fireplace. Take: hat from the cart left of door and jacket on the be d. Exit the room. Sitting room: Pick up: the trouser on the sofa's armrest; jacket on o verturned dining chair and the trouser on the floor left of desk. Take: the shoe s on the shoe rack left of door and jacket and hat hanging on coat stand right o f door. Assemble the disguise: Open the wardrobe right of the door and automatica lly place the 3 hats, 3 jackets, 3 shoes and the 4 envelopes. Use the magnifying lens on each item to check for each characteristics of th e 4 known Holmes disguises. Click on an item and click on another item to exchange them. Pastor disguise has wide brim hat, long stained jacket, clean pants and simp le shoes. Clerk disguise has ink stains on pants and pocket, clean jacket, simple shoe s and unmatched hat. The navy captain has naval jacket, smart matching hat, belted pants and shin y polished shoes. Identify the costume: Now that the costumes are assembled; place the appr opriate envelopes to identify the disguises. If the costume is assembled correctly, it will be stated and can not be move d anymore. The remaining envelope is the disguise Holmes used and the address is where he is hiding. Holmes is disguised as a labourer and is staying at 6 Buck Row's in Whitecha pel. Map: Watson says to check the map. Click on Whitechapel and then click on Whitechapel St. Watson wants to take some money with him. Enter Watson's bedroom and try to get money from the slightly opened drawer of the desk. LOL. Holmes took his money. Get the Desperately Seeking Sherlock honour for deducing Holmes disguise.

6 Buck's Row, Whitechapel: Use the map to jump to Whitechapel. Then click on Whitechapel St. Take the first right to Buck's Row. Talk to some characters in the street.

Go forward until the boarding house, The Rat Hole, 6 Buck's Row. Find Holmes' room: Danny's boarding house: Use the left door of The Rat Hole.

Danny the Anvil, eleven times champion of male wrestling is now the manager of the boarding house. She has retired from the game. She recognizes Watson during his Jack the Ripper visits here. Save game here . Talk to Danny. You can listen to all the dialogues, if you want. The dialogue that blackmails is (Thanks, Rushes!): - I work for the hygiene service - I will tell the police (even if she won't let you in) To successfully enter, select: - I am one of your fans. - I would like to do your portrait. - To give you immortality. - The right light. Watson selected a room to do Danny's portrait. He recommends that Danny wear her stage costume. Danny leaves to get her costume from the pawnbroker. The Blackmailer honour can be obtained if all the blackmail-type dialogue is selected in the game. There are 3 blackmail-type dialogues in the game. Search Holmes' room: Look around at the messy room. Go left and check the box of tobacco, blotting paper and books on the dresse r. Check the table with analysing material, microscope, liquid cleaning reagent and pipe. Check the deerstalker and coat hanging at other end of room; left of the doo r. Check the dirty water in the basin and magnificent crystal glasses on the sh elves. Go to the area by the window. Check the out of tune violin on the stand by the armoire. Check the musical scores on the chair. Check the plant and empty pot by the window.

Check the open suitcase on the sofa. Check the handcuffs holding the suitcase and is attached to the sofa. It nee ds a key and code. Find the code and key of the handcuff: Code: Go back to the table and check Holmes' pipe. See that Holmes has th e pipe on top of a newspaper. Take the pipe. Study the musical newspaper. It has musical notes and is only one page. Go to the crystal glasses on the shelf across the room. Use the pipe on the crystals. Watson plays the notes from the newspaper. It is Beethoven's 5th Symphony. Go to the chair with musical scores by the window. Take Beethoven's 5th Symp hony score. It has a stain. Go to the microscope at the round table. Use the stained score on the microscope. Inspect and see that there is somet hing hidden by the stain. Pull back and take the liquid cleaning reagent from the table. Look through the microscope again. Use the liquid cleaning reagent on the st ain and Watson says it's too strong. Go to the dirty water basin at other side of the room. Use the liquid cleani ng reagent on the dirty water to dilute the reagent. Go back to the microscope and look through the lens. Use the reactive agent mixed with water all over the stain (5 times). Take the blotting paper from the dresser by the tobacco. Look through the microscope again. Use the blotting paper on the reagent soa ked score to get 3 numbers - 3 5 9. The music score is in documents. Obtain the Melomania honour for finding the hidden code.


Go back to the dirty water basin.

Check the water in the basin and see soil that washed off Holmes' hands. Go to the plant by the window. Search (as Holmes does) the soil to get a sma ll key. Suitcase: Use the key on the handcuff holding the suitcase.

Enter the code found on the musical score - 3 5 9. Turn the key. Examine the suitcase and see train ticket to London suburbs.

Holmes: A man and an old lady enter the room. Watson demands the man remo ve his disguise. The old lady intervenes and sends Mr. Hooper away. Holmes is forced to take Watson with him to his next destination

Sawmill at London Countryside Sawmill: After a night's train travel, Holmes and Watson arrive in a sawmill out in t he countryside. Holmes wants Watson to hold the 3 men at the ground floor of the mill while he checks upstairs. The men will kill them if they could. Holmes leaves to go to the attic of th e sawmill. Main floor (as Dr. Watson): Go to the door of the sawmill and enter. Watson with pistol in hand enters. 3 Russian brothers: See the 3 bloodied men by the table.

Click on the London Times newspaper on the table. Check the standing man and see that he is mute. Check the man holding his ears and find that he is deaf. His wound is infect ed. Check the blind man. Watson talks to the men in English knowing that they know the language. They are anarchists. Get the Anarchy in the UK honour after talking to them. Attic (as Sherlock Holmes): The Characters menu is now activated. Go to the gameplay menu by right click ing. Select the picture of Holmes and Watson. You can select which character you want to play. Click on Sherlock. Search: Look around.

Turn left and see a can of petrol. Take the rope on the wall left of the pet rol can. Turn right and check the lamps on the box. All the lamps are out of order. Go forward and check the chest under the window at left. Magician's props: Open the chest and see accessories for magic show and a

costume. The costume is placed on the dummy. Search the costume completely.

Get Fergusson's diary and master key from the secret slit at back of the coa t. Read Fergusson's diary to learn that he has a new contract for several shows around the country. Check the wardrobe and see several military uniforms that are disguises. Hatch: See a hatch on the floor right of the wardrobe that can be used to contact the people at main floor. Flour sacks: Turn around from the wardrobe and hatch on floor.

See that there are 2 sacks at center post that are not touched by mice. They are beside the sacks eaten by mice. Use the knife on both good sacks. Take the information card that describes H enry Fergusson, the magician from left sack and the safe conduct passes from the right sack. Take the cog under the emptied sacks. Millstone: Go to the millstone and see that it is in good condition.

Check the horizontal post right of the millstone and see that it is bloody. Click again on the blood to find out that someone must have been tied to it for a long time. The right end and the left vertical post need cogs. Place the cog taken from under the flour sacks on the vertical post at left. We need another cog. Broken floorboard: wall. Turn around from millstone and walk towards the white

Halfway, Holmes says that the board gives in to his weight. Look down on the broken board. It has been broken and hastily repaired. Use the knife on the board and the knife breaks. White wall: llow. Go to the white colored wall. Check the wall and it sounds ho

See the crack at bottom right of wall. Look up to see an opening at top of w all. There is a piece of iron behind the opening. Shed: Exit the attic. Check the wall above the stairs. See that the opening has be en boarded up but this is not seen in the attic. Go down the stairs and look through the window. See that Watson is in contro l down there.

Shed: Go to the building across from the mill. Use the master key of the magician to open the shed. Look around inside. Take the screwdriver from the tool box at right shelf. Check the left shelf to see a solid spade blade. Exit the shed and go to the rear of the cart right of the stairs to the atti c. See a broom. Use the screwdriver on the tie of the broom to get the broom ha ndle. Go back to the blade of the spade in the shed. Use the broom handle on the blade. Use the screwdriver to screw the blade to the handle. Take the spade. Go back to the attic. White wall in attic: Use the spade on the white wall. Holmes destroys the wall and sees an iron b ar that holds the false wall. Use the rope on the iron bar. Holmes ties the rope on the iron bar. See that it is too short to reach the millstone. Arsenal: Use the spade on the broken floor board under the left window.

See a Gatling gun, new pistols and boxes of weapons. Get the chains from the left boxes. Millstone: Use the chains on the millstone. Holmes automatically wraps it around the millstone. Turn around and connect the chain to the rope. Now we need another cog. Cog: Go to the hatch right of the wardrobe and talk to Watson.

Attention to Detail honour is obtained. Ground floor (as Dr. Watson): Change to Dr. Watson. The flour dripping from the attic gives Watson an idea . Chest: Look down at chest and see flour dripped on it.

Go to the cloth covered box left of the fireplace. Take the large brush from the crate. Go back to the chest and look close. Use the brush at bottom right on the fl our at left. Use the flour covered brush on all the numbered buttons. See that 3 greasy b uttons hold the flour. Press the correct sequence of the buttons to open the chest.

A clue is etched at bottom left < 3 <. Press 2 3 6. The chest has bomb making parts. Learn about the brothers' terrorism. Watson asked about the bomb that killed the judge in London. They made the bomb but the one who ordered it placed the b omb at the judge's place. Take care of the deaf brother: icine cabinet. The blind brother gives the key to the med

Use the key on the medicine cabinet right of the balalaika. You can strum th e balalaika if you want. Take the bandages and hydrogen peroxide. There's not much hydrogen peroxide. Go back to the table and take the vodka bottle. Combine the bandages and hydrogen peroxide. Combine the bottle of vodka with the bandages with hydrogen peroxide to get bandages with disinfectant. Use the bandages with disinfectant on the deaf brother. Learn why they were tortured. Judge Beckett was killed because he has inform ation about the leader. They refuse to give the name of the leader of the organi zation. Giving his name would be signing their death warrant. Cog: Watson asks about the cog. They told Watson that the other cog is un der the logs by the fireplace. Go to the logs by the fireplace and take the cog. Look up (first person) to the hatch in the ceiling and give the cog to Holme s. Attic (as Sherlock Holmes): Change to Holmes. Place the cog at the right end of the horizontal post of the millstone set u p. The mill is still not working. Go to the hatch right of the wardrobe and talk to Watson. Ground floor (as Dr. Watson): Gear: Go to the right and pick up the gear propped on the separation fenc e between the fireplace and the canvas covered item. Use the gear on the top part of the post that connects the axle to the mills tone upstairs. Attic (as Sherlock Holmes): The millstone turns and pulls the iron bar of the white wall down. Check what is hidden behind the white wall. It is the magician. Take the paper the skeleton is holding in his hand.

Time to destroy this place: The end of the mill:

Take the petrol right of the door.

The blind brother smells petrol. Watson calls to Holmes upstairs. The brothers upon hearing the name panick and run out to escape. They are ve ry afraid of Sherlock Holmes. Inspector Baynes arrives with his policemen. Baynes goes up to the attic. Hear a gunshot and see Baynes fall from above. The mill is burning. 221B Baker Street: Holmes has escaped. Watson is despondent that again he has been manipulated. Go to the desk and see Holmes' broken pipe. Read the Daily Report Newspaper. Holmes is wanted by Scotland Yard for the murder of Inspector Baynes and is pri ncipal suspect on the explosion in Judge Beckett's house. Dr. Watson writes about his feelings. ...up until today, I had a friend. A noise! Exit the room and look around the living room. Check Holmes bedroom door. Talk to Holmes. I am sorry Watson... ...Why did it have to come to this, Holmes? It is all over.

The Sewers Dr. Watson after days of investigation returns to the Thames area close to t he smelting factory where the Bishop's nephew died. The nephew thinks this area is important. He goes down to the sewers. Watson Alone honour is obtained. Search the sewers (as Dr. Watson): Turn around, go to the end. Look at the water and see a piece of rope. Pull several times to take the rope. There's a body weighed down by the anch or. Take the hook and rope. Turn left and forward back to the ladder. Go forward and examine the still d ry cigarette on the ground. Go forward to the next ladder at left. Check the rusty bars of the ladder es pecially the one on top. The rusty bar - ladder rung at top part of the ladder g ave way. Continue and see a grilled door on the left. See a rusty bar on the right si

de of the grate. Look close and use the ladder rung to get the rusty metal bar. Go to the end and take the wire hanging from the pipes in the ceiling. Cross the canal: oss the canal. Look across the canal and see a boat. Watson wants to cr

Use the hook and rope on boat. Watson pulls the boat to his side of the cana l. But the boat is still tied on the other side and still far for him to get in on. Look down and see gold colored knobs. Raise the trap door and see that it might be used to release water. The door closes when released. The door needs to be held up. Combine the ladder rung and the rusty metal bar to get 2 iron bars. Tie them with the wire to get long iron bar. Raise the trap door again. Use the long iron bar on the holes of the trap do or to hold it up. Now that we have the trap door raised; walk to the boat. Boat: Grate: Take the bloody scarf and piece of iron from center of boat. Cross to the other side. Look down and see footprints.

Go right and forward. See footprints around a grate on the ground. Inspect the grate in close-up. It has a dirty panel over it. Use the bloody scarf to clean the grate. Clean-hold-wipe the scarf over the grate. Mechanical locking mechanism: p right. The aim of the puzzles is to move the disk to the circle. Click the arrows at the sides to move it around. Do this 3 times to remo ve the bars at right. Use the piece of iron on the slot at to

Go down the ladder of the now open grate. Lazarus (as Sherlock Holmes): A person looks through a sack. See 2 men taunting and beating up the person behind the sack. Watson arrives and shoots the 2 bullies. See the reunion of old friends. I am so very glad to see you. The children in the attic are ecstatic. The older girl's grandpa is Holmes a

nd the blond boy's grandpa is Watson. Finally, the explanation: Obtain the Lazarus honour for bringing the dead to the living. Watson brings Holmes back to 221B. Holmes finally gives an explanation. Learn the parts that Moriarty, the Bishop, nephew, Prince of Woodville, Bayn es, the Judge, poison and Hans played in the plot. Holmes still do not know what the poison's part in the scheme is about. Moriarty's lair is at a fun fair. This is the information he got from the ma gician's hand. Hans, the Prince and Moriarty are at the fun fair.

Fun Fair The fun fair is beside an abandoned warehouse. Find out the poison connection: Find a way to get to the warehouse: Go forward to the lit barrel beside a tree on the left side. Take the iron b ar. Go forward to the cable car and Holmes say that with this car they can get t o the warehouse roof. Continue forward on the path until the lit barrel at center of road. Take th e 3 bottles of vodka beside the barrel. Continue forward and see 2 guards manning the gate. Get the Cable car working: Search: ft. See a ladder stuck under the cable car. Enter the cable car. Turn left and see a box tied with wires. Use pliers to cut the wires. Take the bottle of motor oil. Turn to the other side and check the stuck lever. Look close at the metal box on the floor and see that it is locked. Use the iron bar on the padlock. Open the metal box and take the crank. Motor: motor. Go to the motor of the cable car on the platform. Look close at the Go back to the cable car. Take the pliers from the tool box at le

Open the bottom left canister - oil reservoir. Use the bottle of motor oil o n the reservoir.

Open the fuel tank at top right. There's just a little petrol left but not e nough. Use the 3 bottles of vodka on the fuel tank. Place the crank on the small hole at left side of the motor. Turn the crank. Holmes says that they will separate. Watson will check the warehouse while h e goes to the fun fair. Check the warehouse (as Dr. Watson): Enter the cable car and push the lever. Watson travels to the warehouse roof . Water tower: Go forward and check the reservoir. It is very rusty.

Climb the ladder right of the water reservoir. Take the dry duster from the railing. Turn left and open the window to the reservoir. It is dark in there. Try to use the duster in the dark reservoir. The water is too far down. Go down the ladder. Go right to the big circular window. See a queue of soup kitchen carts. Ground level: e car. Turn around and go forward to the platform left of the cabl

Go down several flights of stairs. Go forward until Watson sees the guard manning the front. If you get caught by the guard, the game starts over from the bottom of the stairs. Look down and pick up the bottle from the ground. Turn left and check the window of the warehouse. The window is too dirty to see inside. Use the dry duster and Watson complains that it is too dry. Wet the cloth: Go back to the roof of the warehouse.

Check the different piles of sacks all over the roof to get ropes. Go right of the circular window and check the sacks to get piece of rope. Go to left of the circular window and check the sacks to get more piece of rope. Go left of the water reservoir and in front of the roof door and check the s ack to get piece of rope. Combine the 3 pieces of ropes to get tied rope. Combine the tied rope and the empty bottle to get attached empty bottle. Climb the ladder to the top of the water reservoir.

Use the attached empty bottle on the dark water reservoir at left to get bot tle of water. Combine bottle of water with dry duster to get wet duster. Check the window: Go down to the ground level and look at that dirty window. Use the wet duster on the dirty window. Wipe the window clean. Watson sees the guards inside and Hans ordering the workers. The siren signals to let out the soup kitchen cart. The soup kitchen carts c arry Hans' poison to London. Watson wonders what Holmes is up to now. Find Moriarty: Enter the fun fair (as Sherlock Holmes): Automatically change to Holmes. Holmes is standing by the wall of the fun fa ir. Go forward to the wall and then look up at the barbed wire on top of the fen ce. Holmes says this is a good place to try to get through. Check the crate on the ground. It is not large enough. Go back to the cable car platform. Take the ladder now that the cable car is gone. Go back to the wall Holmes thought was a good place to get through. Use the ladder on the crate by the wall. Climb the ladder. Use the pliers to cut 2 barbed wires. The way is clear. Automatically enter fun fair grounds. Search: rm. Automatically, check the telephone power box at the corner of the trailer at right. See that the cable goes to the large building across the road. Aha! Targets stand: Turn around and enter the blue and white striped tent. Take the lion-shaped target on top of the cabinet. Account book: book. Check the open book by the lamp. It is the stand's account Go forward to the clearing ahead.

Pick up the giraffe-shaped target from the ground left of the trailer platfo

Close the book by clicking on the bottom left of the book.

Inspect the cover of the book. Curious. Use the knife on the rip at bottom l eft edge. Take the hidden paper. Read the Secret accounts. The gazelle is dead! It was dangerous to turn its back on the lion. Check the mattress on the bed. Targets clues: Go to the front part of the stand.

Check the till. Take the monkey-shaped target. Read the note in pencil - paper on the bench. They are clues to the position s of the animals. Secret panel: Face the targets - firing range.

Place the monkey, lion and giraffe targets on the firing range's sticks. Click on the monkey - porcupine poster below the animals. Holmes notes that there is something behind that poster. Use the knife to remove the poster. See that there is a hidden panel. Click again to note that there is no keyhole to open the compartment. Click the targets to get the puzzle. Place the targets according to the notes: Hover the cursor over the targets to see the clues. The targets can be interchanged by left click on one and place on anothe r target. The arrows show: up for alive, down for dead and facing right or left. Sitting at the edge of the jungle, the chimpanzee didn't notice a vultur e that grabbed him with his claws. The giraffe witnessed that scene. Place the monkey at left end, vulture beside him and then giraffe. Use the dead-down arrow on the monkey and he should be facing left away from the vulture. The vulture is facing the monkey at left. The giraffe is facing them. A hyena waited for a hare to come out of its burrow. Which he will never do again because they both died of hunger. That has upset the giraffe because h e and the hare were neighbours. Place the hare beside the giraffe and the hyena to the hare's right. Turn the hare to face the hyena. Use the dead-down arrow on both hare and hyena to show that they died. Only the elephant can stand among predators and risk turning his back on

the king of the animals. Place the elephant beside the dead hyena and faces left. Place the lion beside the elephant and faces right. The gazelle is dead! It's dangerous to turn one's back on a lion! Place the gazelle at right end facing right with his back to the lion th at is facing it. Use the dead-down arrow to show that the gazelle is dead. There we are. It is simplicity itself! The secret panel opens. Take the slush fund - 5 wads of banknotes. Laws of Nature honour is obtained after doing the animal puzzle. Take care of the first guard: Exit the stand and Holmes says to be careful not to be seen by the guard and to neutralise him discreetly. Menagerie: Walk close to the fence and enter the next trailer to be in the service pass age of the menagerie. Look through the small window of the cages and see the guard patrolling in f ront of the trailer. Treatment room: Enter the last door at right. The cage is covered with pl anks and is hidden from outside. Look around. See bandages on floor and syringe on table. It is a place to tr eat the animals. Pick up the small key from the floor close to the wall. Exit the room. Medicine cabinet: abinet. Go to the end of the service passage. See the medicine c

Use the key taken from the treatment room to open the cabinet. Take the bottle of ether. Lure the guard:

Go back to the treatment room at right end of passage. Place one wad of banknotes on the hay on the floor. Turn around and place one wad of banknotes on the floor in front of the door.

Go down the passage. Open the trailer door to the steps.

Place one wad of banknotes on the floor in front of the exit door. Go down and forward to the corner of the trailer. Place one wad of banknotes on the ground by the barrel at the corner close to th e targets stand.

Place the last wad of banknotes at the corner close to the front of the menageri e. Go close to the circled area and then look down on the road close to the rope at top left. Place the last wad of banknotes on the ground. Watch as the guard finds the banknotes. Take care of the guard: Holmes has hidden himself at leftmost cage.

Exit the cage. Go to the treatment room at end of passage where the guard is located. Close the door and automatically bars it. Use the bottle of ether on the win dow. The bawler is snoring. Take care of the second guard: Exit the menagerie and walk the path. Look around at the different tents and stands. This must have been a great fun fair once. At the corner right across from Henry's Picture Show, see through an open wi ndow into a show tent. Turn around and take the rope from the Magic Ball stand right of Henry's Pic ture Show. Continue down the road and see another guard. Holmes wants to trap the guard . Freak show: Enter the Freak Show tent at right. Look around. See a Bearded Lady poster below the stairs. Turn right and see box full of b ottles. See cages of the creatures. Climb the ladder beside the Bearded Lady poster. See the top of the aquarium is open (first person). Go down and check the aquarium. Check the mermaid's poster at other side of the aquarium. Climb the stage using the stack of crates beside it. Hans diary: Check the contents of the table on the stage. It has several chemistry materials. Take and read Han's diary. Learn how Hans used several subjects to perfect h

is creation-formula and combine it with adjusted Moriarty's poison. He can now m ass produce the poison with the result they want to achieve: obedient but still full of fury. Drawer: Open the drawer of the table and read note from the funfair's dir ector. So the magician Fergusson is the director. The bearded lady kept the key to this exhibition. Wolfman: Go down from stage. Check the wolfman cage and see that there is a live subject still in there. If he was freed he will leap at the throat of th e first person he sees. Aha! Check the bar on top of the cage. It needs only to be pulled to open the cag e. Prepare the cage setup: Turn around from the cage and go to central post to see a wheel. The wheel is attached to a pulley system above. Go to the chair close to the steps left of the box with bottles. Take part o f the crank. Use the part of the crank on the wheel on the central post. Use the crank to move the hook above the wolfman's cage. Look up at the hook above the cage and use the rope on it. The rope is in pl ace. It is now attached to the bar. Click on the end of the rope to have the end of the rope thrown outside the window. Trap the second guard: Go to the bearded lady poster. Look close and clic k on the lightened area at her left shoulder. Use the knife on that spot. Take the key to this Freak Show building. Now to get the guard. Turn around from the poster. Tilt the box of bottles a nd it crashes on the floor. Automatically, Holmes hides and is outside in front of the window. See the g uard inside the building. Go back to the front of the freak show building and use the key to lock the door. Go back to the window. Pull the bar and then pull the end of the rope at lef t of the window sill. Watch what happens. Holmes leaves them to the many things they need to do. L OL. Check the rest of the fun fair: Carousel: Go forward pass the Freak Show building and the main gate at left. See a gorgeous carousel at right. See that there is a satellite dish at top of the carousel roof. Watson and poison plan: Watson joins Holmes. Watson updates Holmes about

the warehouse. Watson wants to blow up the water reservoir to destroy the soup f actory. Holmes explains about Moriarty's army and plans. Enter the carousel and enjoy the fine horses. Go around to the control panel connected to the antenna. Big building: Go down from the carousel and check the big elaborate building - haunted hou se at other side. There is noise coming from inside. Go around to the right side of the building. Look up and see the telephone l ine. This is the building seen when Holmes first entered the fun fair. Go to the left side of the building and see a vulnerable window. It is too h igh and has bars. Go back to the stairs and climb back up. Continue checking the area. Caravans: Walk down the path and see 3 caravans on the left. Let's check them. Go to far left and see a shed with a strange padlock across the left red car avan. Left red caravan: Enter the left red caravan. Look around.

Take the metal plate from the left table. Read and take the Propaganda Tract. It is the anarchist manifesto in several languages. Check the wanted poster in Russian on left wall at end of caravan. Exit the caravan. Middle caravan: Check the door and see it is closed.

Go to the side and check the ladder on the wall. It is held by a bolt. Climb the ramp and check the slatted window. There is no one here and nothin g interesting. Right decorated caravan: on the wall. Check the green caravan with painted decorations

Check the ladder and it is also held by a bolt. Check the broken chimney pipe and see that it releases steam. Climb the boards to check the window. See the 3 Russian brothers inside. Watson and Holmes want to get them out of the caravan. Washroom: s. Look around. See a case of vodka, cards on the table and sinks on the left. The door can be locked from the outside. Enter the green and white striped building right of the caravan

Theatre and the Prince: Continue exploring to the path right of the washroom building. See a circula r arrangement of stalls. Check the supergiant building and the high flying swing s. Theatre: Enter the theatre; the largest building here. See the left way i s blocked by a red rope. Turn right and go down the steps. Prince of Woodville: See the Prince of Woodville on stage.

Talk to the Prince. Holmes is now Howard Sawberry in charge of protocol duri ng the events. Watson is Sir John Canard in charge of the peacocks at the palace . Holmes tells the Prince that the Queen has been dethroned. The Prince inform s them about the bombs made by the anarchists and placed all over London. He tol d them the location of the work shed the bombs were made. Talk to the Prince. The Prince becomes agitated and wants Sawberry to bring Moriarty here while he holds Watson at gunpoint. Take care of the Prince: Go back to the door.

The red rope blocking the left side can now be removed. Go down to the other side and walk the left side of the theatre to the backs tage area. See Prince Woodville on the stage. Check the tangled ropes holding back the curtains on the stagefloor. Unravel the ropes. Click-hold-move a metal disk and place it at empty sp ace until the ropes are not touching each other or red colored. Two solutions are shown below. The curtain drops onto the Prince.

The Prince passed out under the dropped curtain. Look across the tangled rope that dropped the curtain and see a lever for th e magician's trapdoor. Pull the lever and the Prince disappears. Hey, presto! Stage Manager honour is obtained when you made the Prince disappear. Audience: Go back to the front of the stage.

Pick up the Prince's diamond ring from the stage. Check the dummies facing the stage. Look close at the dummy with the red coa t. Take his solid leather belt. It has a small bag attached to the belt. Use the knife with the magician's belt and get magician's powder and belt.

Find the bomb: Enter the right caravan: Take care of the 3 brothers: sian brothers are located. Examine the broken chimney pipe. Place the magician's powder in the broken chimney pipe. Then cover the pipe with the metal plate. See the 3 brothers run out of the caravan into the washroom where they wash their eyes. Go to washroom and close-bar the door. The brothers are now having some vodk a. Hear the siren from the warehouse. Each chime means a group of soup kitchen carts are ready. Search the caravan: pe. Enter the caravan and look around. See a Russian-English dictionary on the drawer by door. See the carved prince hanging on the right table. Take the wire hanging beside the ladle and serving fork at left wall. See empty dynamite shells on the bed. Take the small saw on top of the bucket of coal on the floor by the bed. Find the location of the bombs in London: Pick up the piece of paper at the bench at right. Read the letter to the ana rchists. The Peddlers of Freedom placed the bombs at 4 targets. The locations are wri tten in Russian. Check the Russian-English dictionary by the door. See a close up of the dict ionary. Open the book and then click the paper on top to bring it down. See Cyrillic letters on the tabs at right side of the pages. Check the beginning alphabet of the Russian word and look for that alphabet on the tabs. Click the tab to open that page. Look for the Russian word written on the paper and then click on the English translation. If correct, the location in English will be crossed off. Remove the metal plate covering the broken chimney pi Go back to the right caravan where the 3 Rus

The locations of the bombs are: Buckingham Palace, House of Commons, Scotlan d Yard and Bank of England. Holmes will try to telephone Inspector Lestrade and inform him of the bombs. Watson is asked to find out more about the bomb to help the experts disable the m. The telephone is in the big building - Haunted House. Learn about the bomb: Enter the Haunted House. Get the ladder: ed to the 2 caravans. Go outside and use the small saw on the 2 ladders attach

Window: Go to the left side of the big building - Haunted House. Look up at the window. Combine the 2 ladders with the wire to get a large ladder. Use the large ladder on the grilled window. Climb the ladder. Use the saw on the metal bars at left and right side of the window. Use the Prince's diamond ring to cut the glass pane. Click on the window latch. Holmes will look for the telephone while Watson will search the shed where t he bombs were made. Find out information about the bomb (as Dr. Watson): The ladder fell apart after Holmes used it. Right caravan: Go to the rightmost caravan.

Pick up the water can between the benches at right wall. Check the lard cooking on the stove. The fire of the stove is overheating. Use the cloth hanging on the left to open the stove door. Use the water can on the fire. Take the key hidden by the hanging cloth. Middle caravan: Go to the locked middle caravan. Use the key on the lock. Enter and look around. See a stacking Russian doll on the bench. Click on the heads until all 3 dol ls are opened. Take the key from the last doll. Check the carved wood items on the table. Check the chest under the bed. Use the key on the chest.

Take the arrow-clock's hand, bag of marbles and the letter in Russian. Note the Cyrillic alphabet on letterhead. Work shed: Go to the work shed with strange padlock across the left caravan. Look close at padlock. Open the padlock: le. Place the arrow-clock's hand at center circle. Click on a letter and see tha t the other letters change but not the one that was clicked. The aim of the puzzle is get all 4 letters to show the A - Cyrillic letter s een in the letter taken from the chest at middle caravan. One solution is to click on bottom, left, top and right. The padlock is open ed. Hear another siren from the warehouse. Search the shed: Watson wants to build a bomb. Bomb plan: Check the table. Note that it has Cyrillic letters around a central circ

Take the creased paper at bottom left. Fold the paper to show the diagram explaining how to build a bomb.

Look for parts:

Study the plan. Look for parts around the room.

Go left to the cabinet. Take the crowbar. Use the crowbar on the crate right of the cabinet. Take the sticks of dynami tes. Go to the crate at right corner. Take the copper wires and radio set. Build a bomb: Using the plan as reference, click on each part in correct sequence and they will be assembled. To start; take the dynamite and place at center of table. Click on the next item as shown by the picture and then click it on the assembled parts. Turn the crank and see that it is stuck. Uh oh! It's live.

Take the bomb from table. Merry Go Round: Go to the carousel and then to the control panel. Look close at the left control panel. Locate the bombs: Flip the switch at bottom right.

See the radio search for the signals of the bombs. The bombs are shown b y the blue circles. After the radio finds all 4 circle, the 4 lights go off. The aim of the puzzle is to click on the point-circle that once had a bl ue light. If correct, the panel at right side will show a blue light. If wrong it will show red light. You have only 4 chances to find all 4 locations. Since the bombs have a radio; the control panel can disconnect the bombs . The control panel at right now works. It has the location of all 4 bombs and is connected to the radios of those bombs. Warn Holmes: Check the telephone panel at top right. Watson wants to warn Holmes. Exit the carousel and go left of the Haunted House. Use the marbles on window. He is not there. Go to the right side of the building and throw marbles at the window close t o the telephone lines. Watson will wait until Holmes gets to this room. Get to the telephone: Haunted House (as Sherlock Holmes): Moriarty's bedroom: Look around.

Check the book on the foot chest. It is a book written by Moriarty. Check the paintings left of the bed. They are the works of the great masters . Check the wardrobe. Take 2 bed sheets. Check the display case and see a magnificent rifle. Check the small table left of the door. Take the key. Check the small chest right of the door. Use the pliers on the padlock. Read and take the Act of Transfer that shows that Fergusson gave up all the rights to the fun fair to Mr. B. Tromary.

Check the doll. Take the pin from the red ribbon. Go back to the display case. Open the gun case: Use the pin taken from the doll on the keyhole.

See the close up of the lock. See the pin at bottom frame. There are 5 p arts to the pin. Click the parts of the pin to complement the shape of the tumblers of th e lock above. Note the lines between the tumblers. Select-click on part of the stick to be reshaped. Use the up or down arr ows to shape the pin. Then click on validate button at bottom right to use the shaped pin on t he lock. There we are. It is simplicity itself. Obtain Lockpicker honour after opening the third and last lock. Check the rifle. It is unusable; the hammer is missing. Open the box at right. Take the oilcan. Exit the room. Find a way to the telephone room at other side of the building: Balcony: Go right and see Moriarty and his guards downstairs. Moriarty ta lks as if he is obeying somebody else. Check the empty bookshelf by the wall beside the stairs. Take 5 planks from the bookshelf. Go to the other end of the balcony and check the other bookshelf. The Maze: While standing left of the draped sheet on the balcony railing, look down and study the maze below. Open the doors: See that a path can be made from here to the other si de using the top of the maze walls. Place a plank on the railing (at the spot of the cursor in the picture). Walk the plank. See that a wall support is needed for the second plank. Go back to the railing, study the maze below again and see that there ar e 2 areas that need walls. In inventory combine the 2 bed sheets to make a cloth rope. Use the clot h rope on the bottom part of the baluster left of the draped cloth on the railin g. Climb down the cloth rope. First wall: Go forward and check the plain wood wall at left. Look r ight to see a metal wheel panel that turns the plain wood wall. Holmes says it i s rusty and might make noise. Use the oilcan taken from the rifle case on the metal wheel panel. Push the plain wood panel at left and see it swing to the right side. On

e wall support is now in place. Second wall: From the metal wheel panel; go F - R - L - L.

Open the plain wood panel at right. Immediately go left (while seeing a cross at far end of the hallway). Op en another plain wood wall. Go F and open another plain wood wall. The wall swings to the right wher e we want it to be. Second wall support is now in place. Go back to the cloth rope and balcony. Turnaround, F - R - R - L - R - R - L - F to cloth rope. Make a walkway: Place the first plank on the railing. Walk the plank.

Place the next plank. Look around for the active place to put the next p lank down; it might be on the left or right of the previously laid plank. Turn and walk the next plank until there are no more planks. Turn around and take the previous stepped on plank and place it to the l ast empty space. Climb to the other balcony. Disable the planted bombs: Call and warn Inspector Lestrade: Check the glass door at left. Use the key taken from Moriarty's table on the lock. Enter and use the telephone. Hear another warehouse bell. Holmes calls Scotland Yard and talks to Inspector Lestrade about his state o f health and the bombs. The police are to wait for the defusing instructions. Watson: . Holmes talks to Watson about the live bomb he has with him. Watson wants Hol mes to bring the telephone. Holmes jumps out the window. They will use the bomb on the warehouse and che ck the merry go round. They have to disconnect the bomb from the merry go round control panel and t hen tell Lestrade when to turn off the switches. You are reversing the roles, Watson. Highly amusing. Turn off the switches to the bombs: Go to the carousel and then to the control panel. Connect the telephone to the telephone panel at top right. Perfect! Look close at the live control panel at left. Holmes is alerted by the tapping on the window. Check the window

See colored balls in 2 rows at outer circle. The inner circle balls are still grayed out. The outer balls are separated into quadrants. Each of those quadrants re presents a bomb in a London location. The grayed balls in the inner circle can be clicked to show different co lors. The aim of the puzzle is to highlight a column of balls in the outer cir cle by complimenting their colors with the balls in the inner circle. Click the inner balls to copy a pair of balls in the column seen at oute r ring. Once a quadrant is finished, a bomb in that location can be switched off . Holmes will tell Lestrade to do so. One solution is shown below. The starting colored ball in this solution is the inner yellow ball seen at left picture and the lit balls go counterclockw ise. The bottom left quadrant (Scotland Yard) is finished at left picture. The finished solution is the picture on the right. The bombs have been disconnected. The switches can be turned off now. Get the Minesweeper honour for defusing the planted bombs. Obtain The Brain honour for not skipping a puzzle.

Moriarty exits from the Haunted House and wonders why the bombs have not exp loded yet. He calls for the anarchists to be brought to the warehouse. He will g o to the warehouse to check on the soup preparations. Stop the soup kitchen carts: Cable car: Go to the main gate just across the steps from the carousel. Exit through ga te. There are no guards. Go to the cable car. Hear the warehouse siren. Watson explains about the sir en. We must hurry... Moriarty's men are looking for us, the soup production is n early finished and I am carrying a primed bomb in my hands! Enter the cable car. The cable car stalls in the middle of the ravine. The goons see the cable car and Moriarty is alerted. Moriarty taunts Holmes. Bomb: Pick up the bucket from behind Watson.

In inventory combine the bucket and the bomb. Combine the bomb in a bucket w ith the belt to get bomb ready.

Use the bomb ready on the cable above Watson. Watson sends the bomb through the cable to fall and roll in front of the water reservoir. Get back to the other side away from the bomb: ide Holmes at side of cable car. r. Watch the bomb destroy the water reservoir. Get the Bomb Defuser honour for using the bomb. Find out who Moriarty obeys: Enter the fun fair again. Go to and enter the Haunted House. From the door, go left to the side passage. Open the door. Watch what happens. Get The Legacy honour for finishing the game. Love This document may not be distributed without express written permission of the a uthor and the content may not be altered in any way. For Questions or Comments on this Walkthrough, Please write to: MaGtRo Copyright 09/2012 MaGtRo GameBoomers Walkthroughs and Solutions Look left at the panel bes

Use the knife to flip the right latch. Pull the manual emergency system leve