Pacific Redwoods CFO Friday 1992 Reflections by Margaret Thrasher Light shining on water Light – the source Water

– the cleanser Image “In MY image,” says God. Light and water are always there. It’s up to me to place the image in the center Remember…-the source of the image is true. What I see reflected back at me May be… altered – by the ripples of breezes playing softly in the water altered – by clouds of doubt, or coming storm. altered – by the raging waves and pelting rain altered – by cover of ice or snow. In absolute stillness In the light of “Son” Reflections of truth shine deep. Remember the peace in raging times Know it exists – and weep Let tears of cleansing Sweep over thy soul And heal the worldly pain And rejoice for the lessons That come as friends For they bring you to God again.