For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle

shall in no wise pass away from the law, till all things be accomplished. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5: 18,19 Prayer for Revelation
Heavenly Abba, I come before you on this day believing that your word sent by Yourdivine son will prick the heart of those in this Garden and those whom we touch in wisdom. I pray that Your Truths are understood by all of our Garden Sisters, beginning with myself. Oh Abba, give me revelation so that I can teach my children and my daughters in Your Wisdom and in Yourunderstanding. Abba allow us to see that every word You gave us in Scripture is for us to use as a guide for living, according to your covenant. Allow us to reverence Your commands naturally and Spiritually, by our heartsand by our walk. Have Your Ruwach to write these on our hearts. Open our hearts so that we become more concerned with Yahushua’s walk and His lessons of rivers of life to flow in our hearts, minds, being, spirit and even through our flesh in order to

humble and diminish our need to serve our fleshly desires. Oh Abba I come to you today in prayer that we cherish the lesson that Yahushua taught us when giving this Sermon on the Mount. I pray that Your divine message becomes an imprint upon our hearts and our minds. Oh Abba, I read so many commentaries and listened to many sermons. Yet, I continue to pray Your Revelation not man’s to enter this Garden. Your Word Abba said not one jot nor tittleshall pass away from the law until all things be accomplished. So Abba with this one statement all believers in Your Yahushua whom the Greeks named Jesus should come to the knowledge and understanding that we are to walk a covenant life according to Your Torah and Your Son’s Besorah, which is one. If I do not receive Your wisdom and this is not Your desire for us, then Abba reveal to me Your understanding on this day. Father, I beseech Youthat only what is Truth enters my spirit and all in my spirit is Your Truth.

Abba YAHUWAH, I pray Your great blessings upon every sister in this Garden because this Garden is composed of Your Leading Isha and I am believing that our time here will ignite a light and a torch that will lead many to Your Covenant in Spirit and in Truth. Oh Abba, May Your Ruwach HaQoDosh fall upon each of us and give us rest from our weariness as we search for Your Wisdom and as seek Your anointing upon our lives and the lives of our children and our children’schildren. Our quest, Blessed Abba, is to end the curses upon our family, Y’Israel,because we know that the time for the return our Bride Groom is close at hand. Guide our footsteps, keep us focused upon Youand keep all evil and wrong teachings and pagan understanding away from this Garden. Guard our lives from self imposed bondage while keeping us from ignoring Your law. Help us, blessed Abba, to know the difference and we implore you that you bless each of us with Spiritual

Revelation regarding every commandment, every feast, every jot and tittle of Your law so that we are on one accord with Your Covenant, according to Your will. Abba YAHUWAH may we become Great in Your Kingdom because we keep and teach Your Commandments, according to Your Besorah. We lift this prayer up to You in the matchless, wondrous, and everlasting Name of Yahushua HaMaschiah. Ahmayn.


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