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What is Rudraksha?

Rudraksha is commonly used to mean the bead of Rudraksha tree ie Elaeocarpus ganitrus roxb. In sanskrit rudraksha Litreally means the eye of Rudra.The beads have been traditionally considered sacred in Hinduism.The bead of Rudraksha tree holds a very sacred place in Hinduism and is credited to possess mystic and divine properties.Necklace and Malas made from rudraksha beads are considered auspicious as well as powerful and are supposed to have profound astrological and health benefits.It is believed that one who wears rudraksha is untouched by sins, and is protected from all impious deeds and thoughts. More...

Origin and Myths about Rudrakshas ?

Rudraksha has its etymological origin in sanskrit words i.e Rudra and Aksha. Rudra is another name given to Lord Shiva and Aksha means teardrops.Mythological tales have it that the Rudraksha plant was born out of Lord Shiva's teardrops.Ancient scriptures such as Padma puran, Shiva puran and Srimad Bhagwad mentions the greatness and wonderful powers of Rudrakshas.For thousand of years they have adorned the bodies of sages and saints leading the fearless life in far flung frontiers seeking enlightment and liberation.Now a days Rudraksha are very popular between common man too.

Types of Rudraksha
Rudraksha trees are found in Sotheren Eastern asian islands of Java,Sumatra, Borneo, Bali ,Iran , Java,Timor ( Indonesia), South asian kingdom of Nepal and in India. Nepalese rudrakshas are best in quality and faces are very clear on these beads.Indonesian beads are not too good in quality and faces are not soo clear on these.So, when it comes to choosing between javanese and nepalese i choose nepalese blindly.Nepali beads are bit expensive in comparison to Indonesian beads. Generally Rudraksha beads are classified on the basis of number of faces "mukhis" - the clefts and furrows - they have on their surface ( or say the number of partitions the bead is divided into). Each bead has a different effect on you, depending on the faces it has. These faces are vital from astrological viewpoint , since it is believed that Rudrakshas of different faces please different planets. The scriptures speak of 1-21 faces , but Rudrakshas of 1-14 faces are common , 15-21 are expensive and rare ones.

Can one wear combination of different faced rudrakshas at same time? A person can wear Rudraksha bead having a single type of mukhis or combination of diferent mukhis. Wearing a combination of several mukhis will bring all the different effects of them simultaneosly to the wearer. Rudrakshas have no harmful or negative effects as in case of gems. A person should wear these with faith and he will feel the results surely.

Beware of Fakes Now a days they seem to come in all shapes and sizes.These are available now a days in every little shops that sells puja items and bulk of online stores and sites. Whenever u buy rudrakshas make sure that u get real ones even if u have to pay extra.Imitations look real but dont work. Here's how you can identify a good Rudraksha bead:(i) One can spot a fake bead by using magnifying glass and check for glued joints or carved lines. Mostly fakes come in Round one faced Rudrakshas and above 8 faced beads. (ii) Its always good to buy from a genuine and reliable source ( (iii) Rudraksha bead shall not be broken from any end.

Other Important Tips While Wearing Rudraksha

One should not interchange their Rudraksha bead / mala with anyone; one can pass it on as blessings or good luck to their near & dear ones but should not interchange or take it back once given. This is because Rudraksha & its possessor get use to each other & there has been acceptances by bothSo kindly do not disturb the same

Rudraksha can be worn in any metal, be it gold / silver / copper / panch dhatu or thread

One can wear a mala of 108 or 54 or even a special combination of Rudraksha beads as per their requirements of any origin as it does not have any negative effects on its wearer or possessor. They are simply the most natural representations of gods & goddesses & hence cant have any reverse or negative effects on their children. Anyone can wear Rudraksha, without any discrimination of caste, creed or sex as we believe its produced by nature for the welfare of all human being. Rudraksha should be kept well cleaned and oiled, at least once in two months. Rudraksha can be kept in house, office, factory, or any place of work or Puja room (altar) to get positive energy flow in the same premises but at the same time we would like to make it clear that we do not have any instrument to give you the measurement of positive energy flow but our clients are our proof. Rudraksha should be energized in any Lord Siva temple or even at home by performing Abhishek (on any day) before using it for the first time & it is said that one should preferably start wearing it on a Monday (since it is Lord Shivas day) & then continue wearing it. (For better effects of Rudraksha, energizing is necessary). To know about how to energize your Rudraksha Visit Energization of Rudraksha Each & every Rudraksha has specific mantra which is called as beej mantra. Rudraksha mantra should be chanted regularly for better effects, in case one forgets the specific beej mantra then they can chant the universal mantra Om Namah Shivaya Never lose faith on Rudraksha. To know more on this view Effects of Rudraksha. Over & above this feel free to contact us regarding any doubts, information or suggestions on the Rudraksha bead, we would be glad to gain information or be of any help to you.