Coyotes will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to be a top 25% school within five years

Issue # 13, May 3, 2013 Corning Achievement Elementary School
1662 Dabbs Ave Memphis, TN 38127 Jessica Jackson, School Principal Frednardo Davis, Dean of Students Norie Pride, Director of School Operations

The mission of Corning Achievement Elementary School is to provide an education that is both rigorous and engaging, promotes creative and critical thinking, and challenges students to better themselves and their community. Therefore, it is the school’s and educators’ responsibility to provide a structured, nurturing, and no-excuses environment that result in high achievement for 100% of our students.

You can’t keep good teachers down!!!
This week was hoppin!!! There were so many great things to capture. Field lessons, project based learning!! It was hard to capture them all. I know that this week had challenges too, but every day students and teachers came back ready to prove that CAES is a great place to teach and learn!! Thank you for your indomitable positive attitude!! We persevered!!!

So Many Picture So Little Time: Learning is Fun at CAES!!
Check them out: Project based learning abounded…and good times were had by all (at least some of the time…)
What did it look like? Details: Ms. Godfrey’s class demonstrate phases of the moon using oreo cookies! Yummy!

Publishing Party in Ms. Waters class. Castaneda’s class!! Media Club: KK explores technology Pic 1: Old School (computers) Pic 2: New School (ipads!!) 2 . This was too awesome! 1st graders researched their favorite animals and created books about them. They celebrated by inviting 5th graders to come listen to them read and sign a page!! Omg! Tear-this was a “it’s all coming together moment for me!!” Know It Alls!! These two walked around with crowns exclaiming “I know 200 sight words!!” Rock on Ms.

Field Lessons: KK.modeling their Firefighting helmets after a trip to the Fire Museum PK saw EVERYTHING at the Memphis Zoo including some flamingos!  Project Based learning abounded across the grades and schools this week. So much to capture it may require its own special edition or blog post (hint hint)!!! 5th and 4th grade are doing a unit on Egypt along with 7th grade at WAMS. Support Team are doing a project on the rainforest… 1st grade science experiments continue…up next Ladybugs!!!!  2nd grade very hands on lessons on Perimeter!! 3 . There are full on exhibits in the works upstairs.

4 .

Rainforest headdress? Clown wig? Students and teachers got in on the fun… Heavenly angels?!? 5th grade passed out smoothies to everyone on Friday. Whatever it takes!!!!  5 . Owens led them through an improv exercise to release some tension and laugh away the stress. Way to show the love…teachers appreciating teachers!!! How do teachers survive the month of May?!? For 2nd and 3rd grade PLC Ms.

Carter Shout out to Tara Garrett. Harris for taking my class on Thursday when I had to take my son to the Dr.until the Grizzlies game J -Portia Owens I want to send a shout out to Ms. Sarah Carter. Katie Lepo. Carter I want to send a shout out to Ms. mmmm good!” -Avis Robinson Shout out to Ms. and Jessica Jackson for making the "bubbling" of student demographics a fun experience! -Bekki Shaak Shout out to 5th grade for totally making my day. JJ and FD were incredible efficient as they reworked the afternoon schedules to accommodate my absence. I love SMOOTHIES!!! 2 claps and a “mmm.  -Frednardo Davis Shout outs to Mrs. Avis Robinson for always being available to print Student of the Week certificates. Blair for keeping the office running like a well-oiled machine. 6 . -Frednardo Davis Shout out to Mrs. 2 claps! -Avis Robinson Shout out to Mrs. -Portia Owens I would also like to shout out Allyson Chambers Leigh for my Teacher Appreciation sweet treat. -Frednardo Davis Shout outs to 4th and 5th grade teacher for the great looking projects that are being created. Chambers for sharing teacher appreciation treats. Waters for sending some Rainforest Books to me for our thematic unit. Jusland Patterson.5 minutes. Ramsey and Mrs. Carter and the fifth graders for making Max apart of the Corning family. Two claps and a garden slap! 1-2!! -Mrs. Two claps and a hug! -Mrs. Two claps and a book snap 1-2!! -Mrs. Ramirez for putting our lawn mower together for the garden in 2. Carter I want to send a shout out to Mr. It was the highlight of my day….Weekly Shout Outs from your team: I must sent a shout out to everyone who took kept my class yesterday when I had to leave. Tavieya Harris.

and Glenda thanks for your constant support and go hard or go home attitudes:-) -Katrina Armor Sarah for always smiling and being so joyful regardless!!!! -Katrina Armor Susan Sullivan from the tech/data support Liz. couldn’t have done everything without her. Thanks for reading my mind Susan!!!!! -Katrina Armor Shout out to the 5th Grade team for the smoothies today!! They were amazing! -Tavieya Harris 7 .-Frednardo Davis Shout out to everyone who covered for me when I had to be out this week! You all are fantastic to work with and I appreciate every one of you!!! -Katie Lepo I would like to shout out 5th grade for the smoothies!!! They were really tasty! I would also like to shout out Mrs. Also for being the best zoo guide ever on our field trip…we saw EVERYTHING!!  -Claire Lee Robin for saving me Monday with “OUR STUDENT!” -Katrina Armor My Team Vernola. Thomas for being my partner and friend. It was very creative!! -Erica Hudson Shout to the 5th grade dazzling duo for their Friday afternoon pick-me-up!! -Claire Lee Shout out to ms. as Allyson always says “she is the bomb. Waters and her students for their nonfiction book celebration.

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