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Composed In 40 Lessons by T.O.D.

Dedicated for knowledge, understanding, and inspiration as we seek to follow Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. Also available on A a! as a beautiful, professionall" bound & printed trade paperback book, and a #$.%% &indle e'book(

A Layman's Commentary On the Gospel of Luke

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0 T.O.D. Johnston's Commentary on Luke Ta,le of Contents 9refa%e Intro(u%tion Lesson I $ Chapters & an( 2 Lesson II $ 0:&$2) Lesson III $ 0:2&$2:&$&0 Lesson I? $ 2:&2$22 Lesson ? $ 3:&$2* Lesson ?I $ 3:2@$*:3 Lesson ?II $ *:*$24 Lesson ?III $ *:0&$@:&@ Lesson IA $ @:&1$3) Lesson A $ 1:&$2& Lesson AI $ 1:22$3* Lesson AII $ 4:&$22 Lesson AIII $ 4:20$23 Lesson AI? $ 4:2*$&):2) Lesson A? $ 9art $ &):2&$0@ Lesson A? $ 9art 8 $ &):01$&&:&0 Lesson A?I $ &&:&2$02 Lesson A?II $ &&:00$32 Lesson A?III $ &2:&$02 Lesson AIA $ &2:03$&0:3 Lesson AA $ &0:*$2& Lesson AAI $ &0:0&$&2:22 Lesson AAII $ &2:23$&3:&) Lesson AAIII $ &3:&&$02 Lesson AAI? $ &*:&$&1 Lesson AA? $ &*:&4$&@:&) Lesson AA?I $ &@:&&$0@ Lesson AA?II $ &1:&$0) Lesson AA?III $ &1:0&$&4:&) Lesson AAIA $ &4:&&$22 Lesson AAA $ &4:23$2):&1 Lesson AAAI $ 2):&4$2) Lesson AAAII $ 2):2&$2&:22 Lesson AAAIII $ 2&:23$22:* Lesson AAAI? $ 22:@$0) Lesson AAA? $ 22:0&$2* Lesson AAA?I $ 22:2@$@& Lesson AAA?II $ 20:&$23 Lesson AAA?III $ 20:2*$24 Lesson AAAIA $ 20:3)$22:&2 Lesson AL $ 22:&0$3) 8i,liography $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 3 * 4 0& 0* 2& 2* 3& 33 *) ** @& @* 1& 13 4) 4@ &)) &)3 &)4 &&2 &2) &23 &0) &0* &2) &23 &24 &32 &34 &*3 &@) &@3 &@4 &12 &4& &43 2)) 2)3 2&& 2&* 222 22@ 202

Layman's Commentary On the Gospel of Luke: Compose( In 2) Lessons &st '(ition 2))* Britten ,y T.O.D. Johnston 9u,lishe( ,y O.en Johnston http:!!holy,i,lestu(ies.,logspot.%om! http:!!....paran,aptist%hur%h.%om De(i%ate( for kno.le(ge, un(erstan(ing, an( inspiration as .e seek to follo. Our Lor( C 5a+ior Jesus Christ.

T.O.D. Johnston's Commentary on Luke 9refa%e

fter rea(ing many s%holarly %ommentaries on (ifferent ,ooks of 5%ripture, it ,e%ame my mental ha,it to sift through the minute (is%ussions of in(i+i(ual .or(s an(!or phrases, an( the -uoting of +arious s%holars of the past of many (iffering opinions, an( %enter on the most logi%al an( inspirational truths that remaine(. Thus I relie( on the stu(ie( s%holarship of those .ho ha( learne( the original languages an( ha( rea( all the pre+ious s%holars that ha( .ritten to get the ,est possi,le un(erstan(ing of 5%ripture that I, as a non$s%holar, %oul(. It seeme( that most %hur%h mem,ers .oul( not attempt to rea( s%holarly .orks $ ,ut .oul( ,enefit from their kno.le(ge if presente( in a plain an( manner, the truths they ha( per%ei+e(. The %ommentary is my attempt to (o this. Day Go( ,less my efforts to the eEtent that they in%rease the un(erstan(ing an( faith of the rea(er. T.O.D. Johnston 2))3


The Briter of the Gospel It is a generally a%%epte( fa%t that Luke .as the author of the 0r( Gospel, as .ell as the ,ook of %ts. :rom the e+i(en%e in his epistles, Luke .as a fre-uent %ompanion of 9aul $ espe%ially in "ome. ?ery early in the Christian Chur%h F&*)$&1) .D.G, a straight$ re%or( of e+i(en%e re%or(e( Luke is 9aul's %ompanion .ho .rote the Gospel an( %ts. prologue to the Gospel ,y one of the early %hur%h fathers re%or(e(: HLuke .as an ntio%hian of 5yria, a physi%ian ,y profession. /e .as a (is%iple of the apostles an( later a%%ompanie( 9aul until the latter's martyr(om. /e ser+e( the Lor( .ithout (istra%tion, ha+ing neither .ife nor %hil(ren, an( at the age of 12 fell asleep in 8oeotia, full of the /oly 5pirit. The Gospels of Datthe. an( Dark .ere alrea(y in eEisten%e. In his prologue Luke makes this %lear ,ut he felt mo+e( to re%or( an a%%ount spe%ifi%ally for the Gentile ,elie+ers so that they .oul( not ,e (e%ei+e( ,y any miEture of Je.ish (istra%tions that %oul( %lou( the truth. t the ,eginning Luke relates the nati+ity of the 8aptist $ the Lor('s forerunner in preparation ,y the ,aptism unto repentan%e. This ministry ha( ,een foretol( ,y Dala%hi. fter .riting this Gospel, Luke also .rote the %ts of the postles.H ,out 0)) .D., 'use,uis .rote, HLuke .ho .as ,y ra%e an ntio%hian, an( a physi%ian ,y profession, .as a long %ompanion of 9aul, an( ha( %areful %on+ersation .ith the other postles, an( in t.o ,ooks left us eEamples of the me(i%ine for souls .hi%h he ha( gaine( from them.H Luke's 5our%es /e .as not an eye$.itness of Jesus' life on earth, ,ut he ha( the ,est opportunity to talk to an( re%or( the .itnesses of those .ho ha( seen an( hear( Jesus. /e .as %losely %onne%te( .ith 9aul, .ho also in turn ha( %ome in %onta%t .ith many eye.itnesses of Jesus' life, (eath, resurre%tion, an( as%ension F9eter, James, an( othersG. Bhile in Jerusalem from 3@$34 .D., Luke ha( ample opportunity to speak to James FJesus' ,rotherG, the el(ers, an( other mem,ers of the 9alestinian %ongregations Fespe%ially at Caesarea an( JerusalemG. s an e(u%ate( man, he .oul( %arefully re%or( all information +alua,le in getting a full an( %lear kno.le(ge of e+erything he %oul( fin( out from these eye.itnesses. %%or(ing to %ts, Luke staye( .ith 9hilip the e+angelist, tra+ele( .ith 5ilas of the Jerusalem %hur%h, an( .as %losely asso%iate( .ith Dark. Dark authore( the se%on( Gospel an( ha( most likely ,een eye.itness to some of the later e+ents in Jesus' life. /e .as kno.n as the %lose of 9eter, .hose prea%hing %on%erning Jesus is generally re%ogni=e( as the main sour%e of his Gospel. Luke ha( ,een together .ith Dark (uring 9aul's %apti+ity in "ome Fmentione( in Colossians 2:&),&2 an( 9hilemon 22G. Though .ithout (ou,t many eye.itnesses .oul( ha+e .ritten (o.n their kno.le(ge %on%erning Jesus, it .as not until the eye.itnesses, espe%ially the postles, ,egan to (ie that the ne%essity of re%or(ing all that .as kno.n a,out Christ ,e%ame essential. It is also likely that the postles an( other early prea%hers re%or(e( notes of their messages to ai( their memory an( (eli+ery. In his o.n prefa%e, Luke remarks that he ha( tra%e( the %ourse

Intro(u%tion %ontinue(

of all things from the first. /e .rote to make %ertain that Theophilus ha( the ,est re%or( of those things %on%erning Jesus that he ha( ,een taught. It has ,e%ome a pre%arious assumption of some mo(ern %riti%s, that the art of .riting .as not .i(ely kno.n an( pra%ti%e( in the time of Jesus. 2 Timothy 2:&&,&0 gi+es the %areful rea(er the i(ea that 9aul .as then helping Luke in the %omposing of the thir( Gospel an(!or the 8ook of %ts. #o %ertain (ate has ,een suggeste( that %an ,e %orro,orate( .ithin the Gospel or the %ts. It is assume( that the Gospel .as .ritten first. 8oth are generally regar(e( as ,eing .ritten ,efore @) .D. Luke's .riting sho.s a mastery of the Greek language. In his t.o ,ooks he re%or(s .ith a +o%a,ulary of a,out 1)) .or(s .hi%h (o not o%%ur else in the #e. Testament. Luke s /istorian fter (oing many years of resear%h an( stu(ying regions .here e+ents (es%ri,e( ,y Luke took pla%e, "amsey state( that HLuke's history is unsurpasse( in respe%t of its trust.orthiness.H "amsey .as a .orl($ ar%haeologist. /is 9urpose Luke himself states the reason he .rote his ,ook. It is a((resse( to Theophilus to make %ertain that he may kno. .ith %ertainty the fa%ts a,out the things he .as taught. /e .ante( Gentile Christians to kno. on .hat %ertain histori%al fa%ts their faith .as ,ase(. It .as .ritten from a histori%al an( s%ientifi% point of +ie.. /e %onstantly refers to the relationship ,et.een the history of Jesus an( the first Christians, an( that of the Je.ish an( "oman .orl( of the time. /e often gi+es in(i%ations of time, an( mostly follo.s %hronologi%al or(er. /is Gospel is the most %omplete an( %omprehensi+e of the four Gospels. /is .as not, ho.e+er, >ust a histori%al .ork, ,ut .ith the o,>e%t of %on+in%ing, %on+erting, an( spiritually instru%ting his fello. ,elie+ers. /is .ork .as .ritten out of faith unto faith, to re+eal Jesus as Lor( an( "e(eemer. 5pe%ial Chara%teristi%s of Luke One thing that Luke (oes uni-uely in his Gospel is (epi%t Jesus as the Great 9hysi%ian .ho %ame to seek an( heal all those si%k .ith sin. /e is %alle( 5a+ior F.hat Jesus the name meansG, the "e(eemer, /e em,o(ies the sal+ation .hi%h Go( prepare(. Luke also emphasi=es the uni+ersal -uality of that 5al+ation. /e .as not >ust the promise( Dessiah of the Ol( Testament %ome to only sa+e Israel, or >ust the Je.s. /is sal+ation .as offere( to 5amaritans, pagans, pu,li%ans, sinners, out%asts, the poor, the respe%ta,le, the ri%h, .omen, as .ell as men, e+en to sla+es. Ini-uely, Luke %onne%ts the e+ents in Jesus' life .ith important referen%es to the .i(er .orl( of people, for%es, an( e+ents. Jesus' ,irth is re%or(e( as (uring the reign of "oman 'mperor ugustus. John the 8aptist ,egan prea%hing in the &3th year of Ti,erius Caesar, 9ilate .as go+ernor of Ju(ea, /ero( Tetrar%h of

Intro(u%tion %ontinue(

Galilee, his ,rother 9hilip tetrar%h of Iturea an( Tra%honitis, the high priesthoo( of nnas an( Caiaphas. In his genealogy of Jesus he goes ,a%k ,eyon( ,raham to (am as %reate( ,y Go(. Luke also emphasi=es Jesus' %ompassion for physi%al as .ell as spiritual nee(. /e %ame to ,ring physi%al as .ell as spiritual re(emption to all in nee(, ,oth no. an( fore+er more. great +ariety of people .ere sa+e(, an( espe%ially noti%e( is the totally (ifferent attitu(e .omen than that of all the %ultures of that time. Generally they .ere treate( as less than any man, as ser+ants, an( often .ith %ontempt. Jesus treate( them as of e-ual +alue an( stature. Luke also stresse( the perfe%t humanity of Jesus an( /is %onstant %ommunion .ith the :ather. /e is the 5on of Dan, /e is the 5on of Go(, /e is Christ our Lor(, the "e(eemer. 9lease #ote It is essential to rea( the appropriate 5%riptures as you stu(y the lessons, in or(er to gain a full un(erstan(ing of the material.

Lesson I: Chapters & an( 2 Chapter &.

& :orasmu%h as many ha+e taken in han( to set forth in or(er a (e%laration of those things .hi%h are most surely ,elie+e( among us, 2 e+en as they (eli+ere( them unto us, .hi%h from the ,eginning .ere eye.itnesses, an( ministers of the .or(J 0 it seeme( goo( to me also, ha+ing ha( perfe%t un(erstan(ing of all things from the +ery first, to .rite unto thee in or(er, most eE%ellent The$oph'ilus, 2 that thou mightest kno. the %ertainty of those things, .herein thou hast ,een instru%te(. 3 K There .as in the (ays of /ero(, the king of Ju(ea, a %ertain priest name( Le%hari'ah, of the %ourse of ,i'>ah: an( his .ife .as of the (aughters of aron, an( her name .as 'lisa,eth. * n( they .ere ,oth righteous ,efore Go(, .alking in all the %omman(ments an( or(inan%es of the Lor( ,lameless. @ n( they ha( no %hil(, ,e%ause that 'lisa,eth .as ,arrenJ an( they ,oth .ere no. .ell stri%ken in years. 1 K n( it %ame to pass, that, .hile he eEe%ute( the priest's offi%e ,efore Go( in the or(er of his %ourse, 4 a%%or(ing to the %ustom of the priest's offi%e, his lot .as to ,urn in%ense .hen he .ent into the temple of the Lor(. &) n( the .hole multitu(e of the people .ere praying .ithout at the time of in%ense. && n( there appeare( unto him an angel of the Lor( stan(ing on the right si(e of the altar of in%ense. &2 n( .hen Le%hari'ah sa. him, he .as trou,le(, an( fear fell upon him. &0 8ut the angel sai( unto him, :ear not, Le%hari'ah: for thy prayer is hear(J an( thy .ife 'lisa,eth shall ,ear thee a son, an( thou shalt %all his name John. &2 n( thou shalt ha+e >oy an( gla(nessJ an( many shall re>oi%e at his ,irth. &3 :or he shall ,e great in the sight of the Lor(, an( shall (rink neither .ine nor strong (rinkJ an( he shall ,e fille( .ith the /oly Ghost, e+en from his mother's .om,. &* n( many of the %hil(ren of Israel shall he turn to the Lor( their Go(. &@ n( he shall go ,efore him in the spirit an( of 'li'>ah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the %hil(ren, an( the (iso,e(ient to the .is(om of the >ustJ to make rea(y a people prepare( for the Lor(. &1 n( Le%hari'ah sai( unto the angel, Bhere,y shall I kno. this6 for I am an ol( man, an( my .ife .ell stri%ken in years. &4 n( the angel ans.ering sai( unto him, I am Ga,riel, that stan( in the presen%e of Go(J an( am sent to speak unto thee, an( to sho. thee these gla( ti(ings. 2) n(, ,ehol(, thou shalt ,e (um,, an( not a,le to speak, until the (ay that these things shall ,e performe(, ,e%ause thou ,elie+est not my .or(s, .hi%h shall ,e fulfille( in their season. 2& n( the people .aite( for Le%hari'ah, an( mar+ele( that he tarrie( so long in the temple. 22 n( .hen he %ame out, he %oul( not speak unto them: an( they

Lesson I %ontinue(


per%ei+e( that he ha( seen a +ision in the templeJ for he ,e%kone( unto them, an( remaine( spee%hless. 20 n( it %ame to pass, that, as soon as the (ays of his ministration .ere a%%omplishe(, he (eparte( to his o.n house. 22 K n( after those (ays his .ife 'lisa,eth %on%ei+e(, an( hi( herself fi+e months, saying, 23 Thus hath the Lor( (ealt .ith me in the (ays .herein he looke( on me, to take a.ay my reproa%h among men. 2* K n( in the siEth month the angel Ga,riel .as sent from Go( unto a %ity of Galilee, name( #a=areth, 2@ to a +irgin espouse( to a man .hose name .as Joseph, of the house of Da+i(J an( the +irgin's name .as Dary. 21 n( the angel %ame in unto her, an( sai(, /ail, thou that art highly fa+ore(, the Lor( is .ith thee: ,lesse( art thou among .omen. 24 n( .hen she sa. him, she .as trou,le( at his saying, an( %ast in her min( .hat manner of salutation this shoul( ,e. 0) n( the angel sai( unto her, :ear not, Dary: for thou hast foun( fa+or .ith Go(. 0& n(, ,ehol(, thou shalt %on%ei+e in thy .om,, an( ,ring forth a son, an( shalt %all his name J'5I5. 02 /e shall ,e great, an( shall ,e %alle( the 5on of the /ighestJ an( the Lor( Go( shall gi+e unto him the throne of his father Da+i(: 00 an( he shall reign o+er the house of Ja%o, for e+erJ an( of his king(om there shall ,e no en(. 02 Then sai( Dary unto the angel, /o. shall this ,e, seeing I kno. not a man6 03 n( the angel ans.ere( an( sai( unto her, The /oly Ghost shall %ome upon thee, an( the of the /ighest shall o+ersha(o. thee: therefore also that holy thing .hi%h shall ,e ,orn of thee shall ,e %alle( the 5on of Go(. 0* n(, ,ehol(, thy %ousin 'lisa,eth, she hath also %on%ei+e( a son in her ol( ageJ an( this is the siEth month .ith her, .ho .as %alle( ,arren. 0@ :or .ith Go( nothing shall ,e impossi,le. 01 n( Dary sai(, 8ehol( the han(mai( of the Lor(J ,e it unto me a%%or(ing to thy .or(. n( the angel (eparte( from her. 04 K n( Dary arose in those (ays, an( .ent into the hill %ountry .ith haste, into a %ity of Ju(ahJ 2) an( entere( into the house of Le%hari'ah, an( salute( 'lisa,eth. 2& n( it %ame to pass, that, .hen 'lisa,eth hear( the salutation of Dary, the ,a,e leape( in her .om,J an( 'lisa,eth .as fille( .ith the /oly Ghost: 22 an( she spake out .ith a lou( +oi%e, an( sai(, 8lesse( art thou among .omen, an( ,lesse( is the fruit of thy .om,. 20 n( .hen%e is this to me, that the mother of my Lor( shoul( %ome to me6 22 :or, lo, as soon as the +oi%e of thy salutation soun(e( in mine ears, the ,a,e leape( in my .om, for >oy. 23 n( ,lesse( is she that ,elie+e(: for there shall ,e a performan%e of those things .hi%h .ere tol( her from the Lor(. 2* n( Dary sai(, Dy soul (oth magnify the Lor(, 2@ an( my spirit hath re>oi%e( in Go( my 5a+iour. 21 :or he hath regar(e( the lo. estate of his han(mai(en: for, ,ehol(, from hen%eforth all generations shall %all me ,lesse(.

Lesson I %ontinue(


24 :or he that is mighty hath (one to me great thingsJ an( holy is his name. 3) n( his mer%y is on them that fear him from generation to generation. 3& /e hath sho.e( strength .ith his armJ he hath s%attere( the prou( in the imagination of their hearts. 32 /e hath put (o.n the mighty from their seats, an( eEalte( them of lo. (egree. 30 /e hath fille( the hungry .ith goo( thingsJ an( the ri%h he hath sent empty a.ay. 32 /e hath holpen his ser+ant Israel, in remem,ran%e of his mer%yJ 33 as he spake to our fathers, to ,raham, an( to his see( for e+er. 3* n( Dary a,o(e .ith her a,out three months, an( returne( to her o.n house. 3@ K #o. 'lisa,eth's full time %ame that she shoul( ,e (eli+ere(J an( she ,rought forth a son. 31 n( her neigh,ors an( her %ousins hear( ho. the Lor( ha( sho.e( great mer%y upon herJ an( they re>oi%e( .ith her. 34 n( it %ame to pass, that on the eighth (ay they %ame to %ir%um%ise the %hil(J an( they %alle( him Le%hari'ah, after the name of his father. *) n( his mother ans.ere( an( sai(, #ot soJ ,ut he shall ,e %alle( John. *& n( they sai( unto her, There is none of thy kin(re( that is %alle( ,y this name. *2 n( they ma(e signs to his father, ho. he .oul( ha+e him %alle(. *0 n( he aske( for a .riting ta,le, an( .rote, saying, /is name is John. n( they mar+ele( all. *2 n( his mouth .as opene( imme(iately, an( his tongue loose(, an( he spake, an( praise( Go(. *3 n( fear %ame on all that (.elt roun( a,out them: an( all these sayings .ere noise( a,roa( throughout all the hill %ountry of Ju(ea. ** n( all they that hear( them lai( them up in their hearts, saying, Bhat manner of %hil( shall this ,e6 n( the han( of the Lor( .as .ith him. *@ K n( his father Le%hari'ah .as fille( .ith the /oly Ghost, an( prophesie(, saying, *1 8lesse( ,e the Lor( Go( of IsraelJ for he hath +isite( an( re(eeme( his people, *4 an( hath raise( up a horn of sal+ation for us in the house of his ser+ant Da+i(J @) as he spake ,y the mouth of his holy prophets, .hi%h ha+e ,een sin%e the .orl( ,egan: @& that .e shoul( ,e sa+e( from our enemies, an( from the han( of all that hate usJ @2 to perform the mer%y promise( to our fathers, an( to remem,er his holy %o+enantJ @0 the oath .hi%h he s.are to our father ,raham, @2 that he .oul( grant unto us, that .e, ,eing (eli+ere( out of the han( of our enemies, might ser+e him .ithout fear, @3 in holiness an( righteousness ,efore him, all the (ays of our life. @* n( thou, %hil(, shalt ,e %alle( the prophet of the /ighest: for

Lesson I %ontinue(


thou shalt go ,efore the fa%e of the Lor( to prepare his .aysJ @@ to gi+e kno.le(ge of sal+ation unto his people ,y the remission of their sins, @1 through the ten(er mer%y of our Go(J .here,y the (ayspring from on high hath +isite( us, @4 to gi+e light to them that sit in (arkness an( in the sha(o. of (eath, to gui(e our feet into the .ay of pea%e. 1) n( the %hil( gre., an( .aEe( strong in spirit, an( .as in the (eserts till the (ay of his unto Israel. Chapter 2. & n( it %ame to pass in those (ays, that there .ent out a (e%ree from Caesar ugustus, that all the .orl( shoul( ,e taEe(. 2 F n( this taEing .as first ma(e .hen Cyre'ni$us .as go+ernor of 5yria.G 0 n( all .ent to ,e taEe(, e+ery one into his o.n %ity. 2 n( Joseph also .ent up from Galilee, out of the %ity of #a=areth, into Ju(ea, unto the %ity of Da+i(, .hi%h is %alle( 8ethlehem, F,e%ause he .as of the house an( lineage of Da+i(,G 3 to ,e taEe( .ith Dary his espouse( .ife, ,eing great .ith %hil(. * n( so it .as, that, .hile they .ere there, the (ays .ere a%%omplishe( that she shoul( ,e (eli+ere(. @ n( she ,rought forth her first,orn son, an( .rappe( him in s.a((ling %lothes, an( lai( him in a mangerJ ,e%ause there .as no room for them in the inn. 1 K n( there .ere in the same %ountry shepher(s a,i(ing in the fiel(, keeping .at%h o+er their flo%k ,y night. 4 n(, lo, the angel of the Lor( %ame upon them, an( the glory of the Lor( shone roun( a,out themJ an( they .ere sore afrai(. &) n( the angel sai( unto them, :ear not: for, ,ehol(, I ,ring you goo( ti(ings of great >oy, .hi%h shall ,e to all people. && :or unto you is ,orn this (ay in the %ity of Da+i( a 5a+iour, .hi%h is Christ the Lor(. &2 n( this shall ,e a sign unto youJ Me shall fin( the ,a,e .rappe( in s.a((ling %lothes, lying in a manger. &0 n( su((enly there .as .ith the angel a multitu(e of the hea+enly host praising Go(, an( saying, &2 Glory to Go( in the highest, an( on earth pea%e, goo( .ill men. &3 K n( it %ame to pass, as the angels .ere gone a.ay from them into hea+en, the shepher(s sai( one to another, Let us no. go e+en unto 8ethlehem, an( see this thing .hi%h is %ome to pass, .hi%h the Lor( hath ma(e kno.n unto us. &* n( they %ame .ith haste, an( foun( Dary an( Joseph, an( the ,a,e lying in a manger. &@ n( .hen they ha( seen it, they ma(e kno.n a,roa( the saying .hi%h .as tol( them %on%erning this %hil(. &1 n( all they that hear( it .on(ere( at those things .hi%h .ere tol( them ,y the shepher(s. &4 8ut Dary kept all these things, an( pon(ere( them in her heart. 2) n( the shepher(s returne(, glorifying an( praising Go( for all the things that they ha( hear( an( seen, as it .as tol( unto them. 2& K n( .hen eight (ays .ere a%%omplishe( for the %ir%um%ising of

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the %hil(, his name .as %alle( J'5I5, .hi%h .as so name( of the angel ,efore he .as %on%ei+e( in the .om,. 22 K n( .hen the (ays of her purifi%ation a%%or(ing to the la. of Doses .ere a%%omplishe(, they ,rought him to Jerusalem, to present him to the Lor(J 20 Fas it is .ritten in the la. of the Lor(, '+ery male that openeth the .om, shall ,e %alle( holy to the Lor(JG 22 an( to offer a sa%rifi%e a%%or(ing to that .hi%h is sai( in the la. of the Lor(, pair of turtle(o+es, or t.o young pigeons. 23 n(, ,ehol(, there .as a man in Jerusalem, .hose name .as 5imeonJ an( the same man .as >ust an( (e+out, .aiting for the %onsolation of Israel: an( the /oly Ghost .as upon him. 2* n( it .as re+eale( unto him ,y the /oly Ghost, that he shoul( not see (eath, ,efore he ha( seen the Lor('s Christ. 2@ n( he %ame ,y the 5pirit into the temple: an( .hen the parents ,rought in the %hil( Jesus, to (o for him after the %ustom of the la., 21 then took he him up in his arms, an( ,lesse( Go(, an( sai(, 24 Lor(, no. lettest thou thy ser+ant (epart in pea%e, a%%or(ing to thy .or(: 0) for mine eyes ha+e seen thy sal+ation, 0& .hi%h thou hast prepare( ,efore the fa%e of all peopleJ 02 a light to lighten the Gentiles, an( the glory of thy people Israel. 00 K n( Joseph an( his mother mar+ele( at those things .hi%h .ere spoken of him. 02 n( 5imeon ,lesse( them, an( sai( unto Dary his mother, 8ehol(, this %hil( is set for the fall an( rising again of many in IsraelJ an( for a sign .hi%h shall ,e spoken againstJ 03 Fyea, a s.or( shall pier%e through thy o.n soul alsoJG that the thoughts of many hearts may ,e re+eale(. 0* K n( there .as one nna, a prophetess, the (aughter of 9han'u$ el, of the tri,e of sher: she .as of a great age, an( ha( li+e( .ith a hus,an( se+en years from her +irginityJ 0@ an( she .as a .i(o. of a,out fours%ore an( four years, .hi%h (eparte( not from the temple, ,ut ser+e( Go( .ith fastings an( prayers night an( (ay. 01 n( she %oming in that instant ga+e thanks like.ise unto the Lor(, an( spake of him to all them that looke( for re(emption in Jerusalem. 04 K n( .hen they ha( performe( all things a%%or(ing to the la. of the Lor(, they returne( into Galilee, to their o.n %ity #a=areth. 2) n( the %hil( gre., an( .aEe( strong in spirit, fille( .ith .is(omJ an( the gra%e of Go( .as upon him. 2& K #o. his parents .ent to Jerusalem e+ery year at the feast of the passo+er. 22 n( .hen he .as t.el+e years ol(, they .ent up to Jerusalem after the %ustom of the feast. 20 n( .hen they ha( fulfille( the (ays, as they returne(, the %hil( Jesus tarrie( ,ehin( in JerusalemJ an( Joseph an( his mother kne. not of it. 22 8ut they, supposing him to ha+e ,een in the %ompany, .ent a (ay's >ourneyJ an( they sought him among their kinsfolk an( a%-uaintan%e.

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23 n( .hen they foun( him not, they turne( ,a%k again to Jerusalem, seeking him. 2* n( it %ame to pass, that after three (ays they foun( him in the temple, sitting in the mi(st of the (o%tors, ,oth hearing them, an( asking them -uestions. 2@ n( all that hear( him .ere astonishe( at his un(erstan(ing an( ans.ers. 21 n( .hen they sa. him, they .ere ama=e(: an( his mother sai( unto him, 5on, .hy hast thou thus (ealt .ith us6 ,ehol(, thy father an( I ha+e sought thee 24 n( he sai( unto them, /o. is it that ye sought me6 .ist ye not that I must ,e a,out my :ather's ,usiness6 3) n( they un(erstoo( not the saying .hi%h he spake unto them. 3& n( he .ent (o.n .ith them, an( %ame to #a=areth, an( .as su,>e%t unto them: ,ut his mother kept all these sayings in her heart. 32 K n( Jesus in%rease( in .is(om an( stature, an( in fa+or .ith Go( an( man. 9refa%e &:&$2 $ Luke's 9refa%e. Only Luke a((resses his rea(ers an( relates his reason for .riting. This is a style of %lassi%al Greek historians an( me(i%al .riters. /is purpose is to re%or( the Gospel story. Ip to this time the spoken .or( of the postles an( other eye.itnesses .as the metho( of (eli+ering the Gospel message to the Chur%h. s the %hur%h rea%he( further (istan%es an( as those original .itnesses (ie( there ,e%ame an e+er in%reasing nee( for the essential an( %omplete Gospel re%or( to ,e .ritten an( %ir%ulate(. Luke per%ei+e( this nee(. /e refers to the fa%t that others ha( alrea(y set forth su%h a re%or(. /e in(i%ates, ho.e+er, that he sees a nee( for a spe%ifi% re%or( of e+ents that those alrea(y .ritten (i( not fulfill. It is generally a%%epte( that Dark .as one of these .riters. Luke emphasi=e( that all the .ritings .ere ,ase( upon a%%ounts relate( ,y eye.itnesses, spe%ifi%ally the postles. Thus these re%or(s are not fa,les or ritualisti% tra(itions, ,ut the authoritati+e information of o,ser+e( fa%t. Dark is %re(ite( as re%or(ing the message that 9eter taught an( prea%he(. Luke, as a %ompanion of 9aul ha( ample opportunities to inter+ie. those that .ere eye.itnesses of the life an( ministry of Jesus, ,oth in Jerusalem an( in other lo%ations. ?erse 0. /e states that he has gotten the information from the ,eginning of the life of Jesus, as .ell as the promise of the :orerunner, John the 8aptist. Luke reports that he looke( at all a+aila,le information to ,e %ertain that .hat he re%or(e( here .oul( ,e as %omplete an( (etaile( as ne%essary. Be must assume that, un(er the gui(an%e of the /oly 5pirit, he .rote the most important an( ne%essary (ata to re%or( the .or(s an( e+ents of the Gospel narrati+e. /e also set his task to relating these e+ents in %hronologi%al or(er. Of the four Gospels, Luke's is the most %omprehensi+e. It in%lu(es many things not mentione( in the others. Luke a((resse( himself to Theophilus, other.ise unkno.n, ,ut a

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'most eE%ellent' person, most likely of high offi%ial rank, in the "oman 'mpire. 5in%e 'Theophilus' means '(ear to Go(', some ha+e suggeste( that this .as a pseu(onym gi+en to a %on+ert to Christianity. It .as a not un%ommon pra%ti%e of the time to (e(i%ate a .riting to a spe%ifi% person, an( plan it for a .i(er %ir%ulation of rea(ers. ?erse 2. Luke stresses the nee( for Theophilus Fan( other rea(ersG to ha+e a %omplete a%%ount of .hat they ha+e alrea(y ,een taught in part to firmly groun( their faith. In the original Greek, these 2 +erses are .ritten in one senten%e. In the rest of his .riting he follo.s the pattern of /e,rai=ing style of the Greek translation of the Ol( Testament, ,oth ramai% i(iom, an( %ollo-uial style of the time. /is o,>e%t .as %lear %ommuni%ation, not %lassi%al or ornate skillful language. /e (i( not .ant to (istra%t the rea(er from the message. The uni-ueness of Christianity is the re%or(ing o+er many %enturies of ho. Go( has (ealt .ith man ,oth propheti%ally, an( pra%ti%ally. In the Ol( Testament, this is sho.n through the .hole sa%rifi%ial system, espe%ially the 9asso+er an( the Day of tonement. This .as to prepare them for the %oming of Jesus. This re(emption .as %omplete( in an( through the In%arnation an( finishe( .ork of Jesus the Christ. In other .or(s, it tells ho. Go(, through /is mer%y an( gra%e, ma(e a .ay to sa+e the lost. Luke >ustly emphasi=es the trust.orthiness of his Gospel narrati+e. Luke &:3$23 $ The 8irth of John the 8aptist nnoun%e(. The appearan%e an( ministry of Jesus is the %entral e+ent of time. '+erything that .ent ,efore le( up to it. '+erything that has %ome is %onne%te( .ith it, or in a%%eptan%e or re>e%tion of it. This re%or( has the ,a%kgroun( of the 8aptist, forming the link ,et.een the re+elation of the Ol( Testament an( the #e. Testament. The ol( an( ne. are a %ontinuous mo+ement in the unfol(ing re+elation of Go('s plan. The +oi%e of prophe%y ha( ,een silent for a,out 2)) years. '+erything .as prepare(. #o. Go( .as to turn to the .hole of humanity. It ,egins in the temple, .ith a priest .ho .ill father the one to prepare the .ay. Luke tells the story of John fo%using on the .ay it points to, an( i(entifies Jesus the Christ. This ne. .ork ,egins .ith the life of a priest in the /oly Temple in Jerusalem, the /oly City. Luke re%ounts only the aspe%ts of the ,a%kgroun( of John the 8aptist that point to Jesus. ?erse 3. The nati+ity of the 8aptist is %losely %onne%te( .ith that of Christ, as /is forerunner. s John announ%es the ,eginning of the #e. Dispensation, the reign of /ero( Fking of Ju(ea from 2) to 2 8.C.G rea%hes its tragi% %on%lusion. /e .as %alle( /ero( 'the Great'. /e .as from Dumea, ,ut professe( to follo. the Je.ish faith. /is kingship .as ,y fa+or of the "oman Go+ernment. he seeme( su%%essful, espe%ially ,e%ause of the many ,eautiful ,uil(ings he ha( ,uilt, .hi%h in%lu(e( the ne. temple. On the other han(, he ha( also ere%te( pagan temples, an( institute(

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pagan games. /e .as relentless in his %ruelty any .ho oppose( him. /e (istruste( his o.n family, se+eral of .hom he ha( put to (eath. Bhen he (ie( in 2 8.C., no one mourne(, in his o.n family nor in the .hole Je.ish nation. The (ays of /ero( .ere %onsi(ere( (ark an( (angerous for Israel. gainst this ,a%kgroun(, Luke ,egins .ith the %oming of the :orerunner, an( then the Christ. 5in%e Da+i('s time, the priests .ere (i+i(e( into 22 or(ers, of .hi%h ,i>ah .as the eighth. La%harias ,elonge( to this or(er. /is .ife, 'li=a,eth, .as also of priestly (es%ent. priest marrie( to a priest's (aughter .as %onsi(ere( a spe%ial (istin%tion. ny offspring .as %onsi(ere( espe%ially ,lesse(. La%harias means 'the Lor( remem,ers' in the sense of /is %o+enant. 'li=a,eth means 'Dy Go( is the ,solutely :aithful One'. This suggests the .orking of Go('s pro+i(en%e. ?erse *. These t.o .ere righteous an( upright ,efore the people $ an( also ,efore Go(. They a%te( -uite (ifferently than the general ,eha+ior of the time. These .ere the parents %hosen ,y Go( to ,ring Christ's forerunner into the .orl( an( raise him in su%h a righteous home until the time for his ministry to ,egin. ?erse @. This %ouple ha( ,orne the sorro. to an a(+an%e( age of ,eing %hil(less. They ha( not ,e%ome ,itter or resentful Go(. They perse+ere( in their ser+i%e to Go(. ?erse 1,4. In this parti%ular .eek the priestly %ourse of ,i>ah .as %alle( upon to ser+e at the Temple. La%harias .as one. 'a%h (ay the lot .as %ast for the +arious (uties for that (ay. On that (ay La%harias .as %hosen ,y lot to ,urn in%ense in the /oly 9la%e in the morning an( again a,out 0 in the afternoon. ?erse &). In the temple %ourt outsi(e the 5an%tuary, pu,li% gatherings for prayer typi%ally took pla%e three times a (ay. The first an( last of these gatherings took pla%e at the same time as the ,urning of in%ense. La%harias .as presenting the in%ense offering on the gol(en alter in the holy pla%e, a great multitu(e .ere praying in the outer temple %ourt. Bhen the signal .as gi+en, the in%ense .as offere(. The in%ense represente( true %onse%ration to Go(. s the smoke of the in%ense as%en(e(, the people fell (o.n .ith han(s sprea( out in silent prayer. ll .as -uiet throughout the area. This lot normally fell to a priest only on%e in his lifetime. ?erse &&. It .as (uring these moments that an angel of the Lor( appeare( to La%harias. /e stoo( all at on%e on the honore( right si(e of the gol(en altar on .hi%h La%harias .as offering the in%ense. ?erse &2. La%harias .as o+ertaken .ith fear in this most solemn moment .hen the angel appeare(. ?erse &0. The angel assure( him that he ha( no nee( to fear, ,ut that Go( ha( hear( his prayer. This prayer .as most likely for the

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sal+ation of his people through the promise( Dessiah. The angel assure( him that a great pri+ilege .as to ,e +isite( upon him an( his .ife. 'lisa,eth .as to ,ear him a son .ho .oul( ,e the forerunner an( pro%laim the %oming re(eemer. Go( in this .ay .as also fulfilling their years of prayer for a %hil(, e+en though they .ere so a(+an%e( in age. The %hil( .as to ,e %alle( John, the name meaning 'the Lor( is mer%iful', or 'the gra%ious gift of Go('. ?erse &2. /is parents as .ell as any other .ill re>oi%e at the %hil('s %oming into the .orl(. fter so long a time .ithout a prophet, the %oming of John .ill ,e a great ,lessing to the (e+out follo.ers of Go(. ?erse &3. This %hil( .ill ,e great in the sight of the Lor(, so the rea%tion .ill ,e great re>oi%ing. /e .ill neither (rink .ine nor any other strong (rink. /e .ill ,e %onstantly full of the /oly Ghost an( re%ei+e from /im the ne%essary strength an( inspiration to fulfill his (i+ine %alling. The Ol( Testament prophets .ere as a rule only temporarily fille( .ith the 5pirit, ,ut John .ill ,e fille( .ith the /oly 5pirit from the ,eginning of his life. ?erse &*. The true fun%tion of a prophet .as to %all the an( sinful people ,a%k to Go( an( true righteousness FJeremiah 0:&@J '=ekiel 0:&4, Daniel 4: &0G. /e .ill ,e su%%essful. ?erse &@. /e .ill ,e more than any or(inary prophet. /e .ill go ,efore the Lor( an( prepare the .ay for the Dessiah. Bhat .as prophesie( in the last Ol( Testament 8ook of Dala%hi 0:& H8ehol(, I .ill sen( my messenger, an( he shall prepare the .ay ,efore me: an( the Lor(, .hom ye seek, shall su((enly %ome to his temple, e+en the messenger of the %o+enant, .hom ye (elight in: ,ehol(, he shall %ome saith the Lor( of hosts.H In Dala%hi 2:3, H8ehol(, I .ill sen( you 'li>ah the prophet, ,efore the great an( terri,le (ay of the Lor(.H Jesus /imself sai( of John that he .as the prophet 'li>ah .ho .as to %ome. Christ's %oming ,rought the >u(gment of Go( in Israel ,e%ause the ma>ority of the people ha( refuse( to a%%ept /im. The angel (e%lares that John .ill appear in the manner of 'li>ah. The hearts of those in a family .ill ,e reunite(. John's %alling for repentan%e .ill %ause those .ho that %all to gi+e up their sinful .ays. This .oul( ,ring the formerly re,ellious into religious harmony .ith their ,elie+ing an%estors FforefathersG. ll this .orks to prepare a people to ,e spiritually a.akene( an( eEpe%tant of the %oming of the Lor(. ?erse &1. La%harias is o+er.helme(. /o. %an these things ,e6 'lisa,eth is not only ,arren, ,ut also far a(+an%e( in age as he also is. /e .ants to ,elie+e ,ut hesitates in asking for a sign of the truth of this prophe%y. ?erse &4. Certainly he kne. the story of ,raham an( 5arah .ho ha( ,een gi+en Isaa% in their a(+an%e( age. 5arah ha( also ,een

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,arren. /is la%k of ,elief in the a,solute an( mer%y of Go( is unmerite(, so he is %hastise(. La%harias %alls himself 'an ol( man'. In %ontrast, the angel states: HI am Ga,riel, that stan( in the presen%e of Go(J an( I .as sent to speak unto thee, an( to ,ring thee these gla( ti(ingsH. /o. %an La%harias (ou,t su%h a message from su%h a messenger, sent from the imme(iate presen%e of Go(, espe%ially to him6 ?erse 2). The sign aske( for is gi+en, ,ut at the same time, it is a %hastisement. /e .ill, from that moment, until the ,irth of the promise( son, ,e (um,. /e (ou,te( the message of Ga,riel $ yet it .ill %ome to pass, as Go( planne(. ?erse 2&. Dean.hile, the people .ere .aiting for the priest to %ome out from the /oly 9la%e. The length of time .as to ,e imme(iately after the in%ense .as offere(. ny (elay ,rought in%reasing anEiety. ?erse 22. Tra(itionally, the priest .oul( %ome out an( ,less the people that of #um,ers *:22$2*. Bhen La%harias finally %ame out, the people .ere .aiting. They imme(iately noti%e( that something eEtraor(inary ha( happene(. La%harias not only (i(n't gi+e the priestly prayer, ,ut .as .a+ing his arms in an agitate( .ay. They %on%lu(e( that something supernatural ha( taken pla%e. ?erse 20. Bhen the .eek of his ser+i%e in the temple .as %omplete(, La%harias .ent home. This .as pro,a,ly in a +illage in the mountainous region south of Jerusalem F+erse 04G. ?erses 22,23. Be %an naturally assume that La%harias .rote (o.n the supernatural e+ent that he ha( eEperien%e( in the temple, to his .ife. /is ina,ility to speak .as a %ertain sign of Go('s message. In a short perio( of time, 'lisa,eth ,e%ame pregnant an( .ith(re. from pu,li% life. It seems %ertain that 'lisa,eth ,elie+e( an( .as eEtremely grateful to Go( for ,lessing her an( her hus,an( .ith a %hil( at their a(+an%e( age $ un-uestiona,ly a mira%le. It also seems most likely that this (i+ine promise .as not share( .ith anyone else. Bho .oul( ,elie+e that su%h a thing %oul( happen6 fter 3 months, ho.e+er, the e+i(en%e .oul( ,e%ome o,+ious, an( then no one %oul( ,ut a%%ept that a mira%le ha( in(ee( taken pla%e. Then the rest of the promise ma(e to La%harias %oul( also ,e ,elie+e( ,y those aroun( the %ouple. This gi+es us a pi%ture from Go('s point of +ie., .here .hat .e %all supernatural is natural to Go(. Be %an a%%ept it ,e%ause Go( re+eale( it an( %ause( it to ,e re%or(e( in /is Bor(. Deuteronomy 24:24 $ Hthe se%ret things ,elong unto the Lor( our Go(J ,ut the things that are re+eale( ,elong unto us an( to our %hil(ren.H

Lesson I %ontinue( Luke &:2*$01.


?erses 2*,2@. 5iE months after he ha( ,een sent to (eli+er the message to La%harias, he .as again sent to earth .ith the most momentous message of all time. /is (estination .as a Galilean +illage %alle( #a=areth. It .as a,out @) miles north$east of Jerusalem, in a +alley on the northern si(e of the plain of Je=reel. It .as surroun(e( ,y hills on all si(es eE%ept the south. The +illage is still inha,ite( to(ay an( is %alle( 'n$#asirah. It .as here that Ga,riel .as sent to speak to the +irgin Dary. 5he .as unmarrie( ,ut .as engage( to Joseph, a (es%en(ant of Da+i(. To ,e ,etrothe( .as a solemn promise of mutual faithfulness. ?erses 21,24. Bhen the angel Ga,riel %ame to Dary, he greets her as one highly fa+ore( of Go(. /er rea%tion sho.s she is mo(est an( serious. 5he is upset ,y su%h a greeting, not feeling .orthy, ,ut she %onsi(ere( it, thinking, an( .on(ering .hat it %oul( mean. ?erses 0)$00. Ga,riel reassures her, that she has no reason to fear, that Go( has %hosen her as the most spe%ial .oman to ,ring forth a son .ho is to ,e %alle( Jesus Fthis means 'the Lor( is sal+ationG. This promise( 5on is the One through .hom Go( .ill a%%omplish the sal+ation of men. This %hil( .as to ,e uni-ue $ /e shall ,e so great that /e .ill ,e %alle( the 5on of the Dost /igh. /is eE%ellen%e .ill eE%ee( that of Da+i( $ /e .ill ,e gi+en the throne of /is father Da+i(. The throne is the sym,ol of supreme Only the Dessiah$king promise( in the Ol( Testament .ill ha+e %omplete so+ereignty, ,oth spiritual an( e+erlasting. This .as to happen .hen all of %reation .ill ,e ,rought in %omplete su,mission to Go(, .hen all things shall ,e un(er /is feet, an( satan an( his follo.ers .ill ha+e ,een ,anishe( from /is presen%e. ?erse 02. Dary ,elie+es .hat the angel says .ill happen, although she (oes not un(erstan( ho. this is to %ome to pass. 5he a%kno.le(ges that she has ha( no physi%al relationship .ith a man. ?erse 03. The angel replie( ,y stating the mira%ulous %on%eption .as (i+ine in origin. The /oly 5pirit .ill o+ersha(o. her an( ,y /is, she .ill %on%ei+e. 5he re%ei+es the of the Dost /igh. Bherefore that .hi%h is to ,e ,orn shall ,e %alle( /oly, the 5on of Go(. Through /is humanity, /e .ill re+eal /is (i+inity. /e .ill ,e free from all sin, therefore %alle( holy. /e ha( to ,e ,orn of a .oman to ,e human. It .as >ust as important that /e ,e perfe%tly holy, sin%e, no sinful ,eing %oul( gain re(emption for others. Ga,riel emphasi=e( that ,oth of these %ir%umstan%es .oul( ,e present in Jesus. ?erse 0*. Ga,riel no. informs her that 'lisa,eth, her kins.oman, though ,arren an( a(+an%e( in age, has %on%ei+e( a son. This %onfirms the mira%ulous of Go(, further strengthening Dary's faith. 'lisa,eth, .ho .as %alle( ,arren, .as alrea(y siE months pregnant.

Lesson I %ontinue( ?erse 0@. from Go( shall H'+ery .or( of says .ill %ome it to pass.


Ga,riel emphasi=es the true of Go(: H:or no .or( ,e +oi( of To state the same thing positi+ely Go( is full of 8oth mean that .hate+er Go( to pass, ,e%ause Go( has the omnipotent to bring

?erse 01. Dary su,mits herself %ompletely to Go('s .ill. H8ehol(, the han(mai( of the Lor(J ,e it unto me a%%or(ing to thy Bor(.H The highest honor e+er %onferre( upon a .oman .as this $ to ,e%ome the mother of the 5on of Go(. This (i( put Dary in an an( potentially (angerous position in referen%e to her ,etrothal to Joseph. Dary %hose not to tell Joseph. /o. %oul( he ,elie+e su%h an eEtraor(inary eEplanation for her ,e%oming pregnant ,efore their marriage6 Dary left the .hole matter in Go('s han(s. :rom Datthe. &:&3 .e are tol( of Go( %ommuni%ating .ith Joseph the mira%ulous e+ent that .as to take pla%e. The angel left, his %ommission ,eing a%%omplishe(. Dary ha( a%%epte( an( su,mitte( to Go('s .ill. Only Jesus .as ,orn .ithout sin, an( /e shall ,e %alle( the only$,egotten of the :ather, The /oly One. /e .ill ,e the ;ing of all those .ho ,elie+e as %iti=ens in /is spiritual king(om unto eternity. ?erses 04$23. Dary +isits 'lisa,eth. ?erses 04,2). fter the angel left, Dary must ha+e thought a lot a,out the ne.s %on%erning 'lisa,eth ,eing alrea(y siE months pregnant. Bithin a fe. (ays, she felt %ompelle( to go an( see her. Be are later tol( that Dary returne( to #a=areth >ust ,efore John's ,irth F+erse 3@G, an( staye( .ith 'lisa,eth three months. fter her return, she .oul( likely ha+e ,een enough to ,e o,+iously .ith %hil(. Joseph then ,egan making plans to se-uester her so she .oul( not ,e pu,li%ly a%%use( of infi(elity an( punishe(. During her stay .ith 'lisa,eth, Go( sent Ga,riel to Joseph to eEplain the mira%ulous truth a,out Dary's pregnan%y FDatthe. &:&0$23G. Dary .oul( not ,e prepare( to share her sa%re( eEperien%e .ith anyone. 5he ha( no proof, an( .ho .oul( ,elie+e her6 'lisa,eth, on the other han(, .oul( ,e the most un(erstan(ing person in the .orl(, ,eing the only other person that also ha( ,een +isite( ,y the angel $ an( the promises ma(e to her ha( mira%ulously alrea(y ,egun an( she .as in her siEth month. fter a >ourney of a,out 2 (ays, Dary %ame to the home of La%harias in the +illage of the hilly region south of Jerusalem. ?erses 2&,22. Bhen Dary enters their home, she greets 'lisa,eth. t the soun( of her +oi%e, 'lisa,eth's un,orn %hil( leaps for >oy. This .as an in%omprehensi,le rea%tion eE%ept that it .as the .ork of the 5pirit of Go(. The /oly 5pirit in John saluting the 5on of Go( alrea(y %on%ei+e( .ithin Dary ,y the of that same 5pirit. This rea%tion .ithin 'lisa,eth ,rings her to reali=e that the holy %hil( .as rea%ting to someone also (i+inely ,lesse( ,y Go(. The /oly 5pirit inspire( her to re%ogni=e that Dary .as the mother of the promise( Dessiah. 5he %alls out eE%ite(ly, H8lesse( art thou a,o+e all other .omen.H

Lesson I %ontinue(


'lisa,eth a%kno.le(ges also that, although %on%ei+e( ,y the /oly 5pirit, yet this %hil( .oul( ,e fully human, ,eing ,orn of the flesh an( ,loo( of Dary. ?erses 20$23. 'lisa,eth also a%kno.le(ges that Dary's honor greatly eE%ee(s her o.n. In humility she eEpresse( the great pri+ilege that she has ,een ,lesse( ,y this +isit ,y the mother of her Lor(. 5he also praise( Dary for rea(y a%%eptan%e of the .or( of Go(, ha+ing faith that .hat .as promise(, /e .oul( most %ertainly (eli+er. 'lisa,eth eEperien%e( eE%ee(ing great >oy an( eEpresse( it .ith sin%ere thanksgi+ing. ?erses 2*$3*. Dary's praise to the Go(. Bhen Dary .as %alle( the mother of 'lisa,eth's Lor(, inspire( ,y the /oly 5pirit, she uttere( a series of praises for .hat Go( .as ,ringing to pass. Dany of the +erses are -uotations from the Ol( Testament. It must ,e kept in min( that from their %hil(hoo(, the (e+out Je.s .ere taught the s%riptures, espe%ially 9salms, .hi%h .ere sung on spe%ial o%%asions an( (uring .orship, e+en in their homes. Dary's praise has ,een (es%ri,e( as a hymn. :rom the ?ulgate translation in Latin, it has ,een %alle( the HDagnifi%atH, an( has ,een use( as part of Christian .orship from the earliest (ays. ?erses 2*$21. Dary ,egins ,y (es%ri,ing her personal feelings an( eEperien%e, in an elegant an( (ire%t manner. 5he eEpresses her respe%tful gratitu(e for Go('s %hoosing her for su%h a great ,lessing. Though an unimportant, hum,le .oman from the small to.n of #a=areth, from hen%eforth she .ill ,e %alle( ,lesse(. ?erses 24,3). /ere Dary praise( Go('s might an( holinessJ /e is The One .ho has (one great things for her. /is mer%y has ,een sho.n %ontinually from generation to generation on those that ha+e respe%t an( re+eren%e, an( honor /im ,y trying to follo. /is %omman(ments. ?erses 3&$30. /ere Dary eEtols the great prin%iple of re+ersing the eEpe%tations of sinful men: the prou( are s%attere(J prin%es ha+e ,een taken from their thronesJ on the opposite si(e /e has lifte( up those of lo. (egreeJ fille( the hungry, .hile the ri%h are sent a.ay empty. ?erses 32,33. /e has kept mer%y Israel, /is ser+ant. /e promise( ,raham that from his see( all the .orl( .oul( ,e ,lesse(, through the %oming of the Dessiah. Dary speaks of these things as past, ,ut that .ill %ontinue until fulfille( %ompletely. ?erse 3*. fter spen(ing 0 months .ith La%harias an( 'lisa,eth, she returne( to #a=areth. Be %an only imagine the %on+ersations of these t.o la(ies, (is%ussing the mira%ulous ,lessings they ha( ,oth re%ei+e( from Go(, as .ell as their thoughts a,out the future an( the great things that .ill ,e a%%omplishe( ,y their Go($gi+en %hil(ren. La%harias pro,a,ly also %ommuni%ate( .ith them through .riting. The fa%t that Dary lea+es ,efore the ,irth of John seems natural, ,e%ause that e+ent .oul( in+ol+e a %ro.( of people an( great

Lesson I %ontinue( %ele,rations an( eE%itement. Only no. .ere the Ol( Testament prophe%ies an( re+elations %on%erning Go( to ,e un(erstoo( through the in%arnation of Christ.


?erses 3@$**. The 8irth of John the 8aptist. The allotte( time ha( passe( sin%e the angel ha( appeare( to La%harias in the temple to announ%e the %oming ,lessing of a %hil( to the %hil(less el(erly %ouple. mira%le only possi,le through the of Go( no. %omes to fruition in the ,irth of their promise( %hil(. ?erses 3@$31. Dany neigh,ors an( kin people %ame together to re>oi%e in this eEtraor(inary e+ent. ?erses 34$*&. On the 1th (ay a%%or(ing to Ceremonial La., the %hil( .as to ,e %ir%um%ise(. Those that %ame thought that the %hil( .as to ,e name( La%harias after his father, as .as a %ommon %ustom among the Je.s. 'lisa,eth ha( ,een tol( in .riting from La%harias that the %hil( .as to ,e %alle( John, a%%or(ing to the .or( of the angel. 'lisa,eth firmly insists that his name .as to ,e John. The %ro.( is surprise( %onsi(ering that no one in their family ha( that name. ?erses *2,*0. 'lisa,eth insists, so the %ro.( turns to La%harias an( makes -uestioning signs to him that he .oul( %lear up this apparent (e+iation from tra(ition. La%harias asks for a ta,let to .rite on an( ins%ri,es the .or( John there upon. H/is name is John,H no -uestion or point to argue. The %ro.( is surprise( at their >oint firmness in saying that his name is John. ?erse *2. 5in%e La%harias has no. o,eye( Go('s %omman( %on%erning the ,a,y's name, Go( release( him from his %hastisement. La%harias ,egan to speak, praising Go(. ll sa. that the Lor('s han( .as upon the %hil(. The names .ere fille( .ith meaning in Go('s (ealing .ith men. La%harias 7 Go( remem,ers /is %o+enant. 'lisa,eth 7 Go( is a,solutely faithful. John 7 Go( is mer%iful. Jesus 7 Go( sa+es, or the (i+ine 5a+ior. ?erses *@$1). La%harias 9raises Go(. ?erse *@. 8eing fille( .ith the /oly Ghost an( ha+ing regaine( his +oi%e, La%harias praises Go( for /is mer%y an( sal+ation. ?erses *1,*4. /e praise( Go( for again +isiting /is people an( again re+ealing /is mer%y in the %oming Dessiah. This sal+ation La%harias (es%ri,es as li,eration from their enemies. The spiritual meaning is sal+ation from the guilt an( of sin. This .ill ,e a%%omplishe( through the prophesie( 5a+ior as promise( to the house of Da+i(. /ere it is referre( to as a horn of sal+ation in the house of Da+i(. La%harias kne. of the promise( Dessiah's %oming through the eEperien%e of Dary, .hi%h he learne( of (uring her 0 month stay in

Lesson I %ontinue( his house. John .as not a (es%en(ant of Da+i(. ?erse @). ll .ill %ome to pass in a%%or(an%e .ith all of the foresha( an( prophe%ies an( promises of Go( as re%or(e( ,y /is prophets from the ,eginning.


?erses @&$@0. The sal+ation ,rought a,out through the Dessiah is (es%ri,e( in politi%al terms. Met +erses @@$1) regar( this sal+ation as spiritual. Christ's king(om is not of this .orl( FJohn &1:0*G. ?erses @2$@3. The final sa+ing of men from the for%es of (arkness ,y Christ .as to make a .ay for those ,elie+ers to ser+e Go( in righteousness, free from the ,on(age of sin. ?erses @*,@@. /ere La%harias tells of the part his son .ill play as the forerunner of the Lor( to make /is .ays straight. This means to ,ring people to the reali=ation of their sin so they reali=e their nee( for a 5a+ior. John .ill only gi+e noti%e of the %oming "e(eemer. Dost of the people of the time thought of the Dessiah as the li,erator from the oppression of "oman "ule. Their nee( .as per%ei+e( as material an( politi%al, rather than re%ognition of their personal nee( for sal+ation. They regar(e( themsel+es as righteous, the "omans as pagans an( outsi(e the family of Go(, an( ,elie+e( that the Dessiah .as to (ri+e these heathen out of the /oly Lan(. The heral( of Christ must %ause the people to reali=e their guilt an( to %onfess their sins. They must also ,e ma(e to reali=e the true oppressors they nee(e( re(emption from $ the of sin, the for%es of (arkness, an( the %on(emnation an( >u(gment of Go(. ?erse @1. Bithin the ten(er mer%y of Go( .as the promise of the 5a+ior, (es%ri,e( as the sun of righteousness FDala%hi 2:2G .ith healing in /is .ings. ?erse @4. Christ as the (ayspring .as to appear to those sitting in (arkness, an( in the sha(o. of (eath. These .or(s in(i%ate the eEtent of the (arkness an( misery of the ma>ority of mankin( ,efore the %oming of Jesus. The ,ringing of light pointe( to the .ay of re(emption an( re%on%iliation .ith Go(, through the re(eeming .ork of Jesus .hi%h lea(s to pea%e an( forgi+eness. ?erse 1). To .rap up the story of John's ,eginning, Luke (es%ri,es the ,oy as up in ,o(y an( ,e%oming strong in the spirit. :rom the time of his maturity until the ,eginning of his pu,li% ministry, he li+e( in the (esert regions to the .est of the Dea( 5ea in Ju(ea, preparing for his Go(ly mission. Luke 2:&$@. s the fullness of time ha( %ome, John the 8aptist ha( ,een ,orn. The promise( re(eemer, so longe( for o+er the %enturies, .as no. to ,e ,orn. Luke, in a simple an( matter of fa%t .ay, relates the narrati+e of the nati+ity of Jesus.

Lesson I %ontinue(


?erses &$0. These histori%al %ir%umstan%es %ause( Joseph an( Dary to go to 8ethlehem. The "oman 'mperor, Caesar ugustus, ha( (e%lare( that all of the 'mpire .as to ,e taEe(. /e rule( from 0) 8.C. until &2 .D. /e ha( su%%ee(e( in -uashing many re+olts an( (ealt .ith any an( all opposition. Through 22 years of a,solute rule o+er the 'mpire, he organi=e( the system of authority, ,ringing an unpre%e(ente( or(er, safety, an( ease of tra+el. ll of these things .ere to help in the sprea(ing of the %hur%h. Go( use( him through his %omman( to make the prophe%y of Di%ah 3:& %ome to pass. To make %ertain e+eryone .as taEe(, a %ensus ha( to ,e taken first. This %olle%te( name, o%%upation, property, an( %losest relations. The Je.s .ere not re-uire( for military ser+i%e, ,ut .ere still un(er "oman rule. Luke %alls this the first taEing, .hi%h took pla%e .hen Nuirinius .as go+ernor of 5yria. This .as a(ministere( through /ero(, "ome's appointe( king of the Je.s. Therefore, the Je.ish %ustom of signing up a%%or(ing to their an%estry re-uire( them to go to their an%estral home, their nati+e %ity. ?erses 2,3. 5in%e Joseph .as of the house of Da+i(, he .as re-uire( to return to 8ethlehem, the ,irthpla%e of Da+i( a,out &,))) years ,efore. It is still in eEisten%e, a,out siE miles south of Jerusalem. This .as not a (iffi%ult thing. The Je.s, from earliest times, +ery %arefully kept their genealogi%al ta,les up$to$(ate an( a%%urate. 8y this time Dary .as great .ith %hil( an( therefore Joseph felt it ,est to ha+e her .ith him. It has ,een suggeste( that they .ere ,oth a.are of the prophe%y of Di%ah that the "e(eemer .as to ,e ,orn in 8ethlehem. ?erses *,@. 8e%ause of the great num,er of people .ho ha( tra+ele( to 8ethlehem for the registration for taEing, there .as no room at the inn. #o one offere( to gi+e up their pla%e, though Dary .as o,+iously a,out to gi+e ,irth. They en(e( up in a pla%e .here animals .ere kept. 'arly tra(ition states that this sta,le .as in a %a+e. It .as here that the /oly Chil( .as ,orn. /e ha( left the presen%e an( glory of Go( to ,e ,orn, flesh an( ,loo(, a human %hil( in the hum,lest of situations. /e .as lai( in an animal's fee( ,oE. The (ate has not ,een re%or(e( $ the eEa%t (ate unimportant %ompare( .ith the importan%e of the e+ent itself. #either has the eEa%t pla%e ,een i(entifie( for %ertain. 9ossi,ly this is to a+oi( any superstitious .orship of times an( pla%es. Christmas .as first %ele,rate( in "ome in 032 an( has sin%e ,een generally a%%epte( throughout the Christian .orl(. Bhat a ,lessing .as misse( ,y the proprietors of the inn, .ho in their ignoran%e (i( not make a .ay for Dary an( Joseph to ,e %omforta,le. ?erses 1$2). The 5hepher(s of 8ethlehem. Luke re%ounts this e+ent in a (ire%t an( matter of fa%t .ay, though it .as a truly mira%ulous e+ent. fter the 5on of Go( .as ,orn, Go( .ante( to announ%e an( ,ring noti%e of this in%arnation,

Lesson I %ontinue(


/is only ,egotten 5on. It is only appropriate that Go( .oul( again use hea+enly messengers to (o so. They .ere sent to a group of simple shepher(s an( later to a fe. .ise men from the east FDatthe. 2G. ?erse 1. In fiel(s like those that Da+i( kept sheep, .as a small group of shepher(s looking after their flo%ks o+ernight. ?erse 4. 5u((enly, an angel appeare( near them, ra(iating Go('s glory. The shepher(s .ere afrai( of this su((en appearan%e. ?erses &),&&. The first .or(s of the angel are 'fear not'. 8ut he goes on to eEplain the reason that they .ere not to fear $ ,e%ause of the glorious ne.s that the promise( Dessiah has ,een ,orn. This .as a message to ,ring >oy to all those .ho longe( for /is %oming. /e is Christ, the Lor(, the nointe( One, the Dessiah of Go(, /is only ,egotten 5on, the Great 9rophet, 9riest, an( ;ing, the 5a+ior of the Borl(. ?erse &2. The angel tells them .here to fin( the /oly Chil(. /e .oul( not ,e foun( in fan%y an( .ell$prepare( %omfort, ,ut in the fee(,oE of an animal .rappe( in s%raps of %lothing. #o other ,a,y in 8ethlehem .oul( ,e foun( thus. Therefore they %oul( ,e %ertain .hen they foun( /im lying in the manger. ?erse &0. ll at on%e there appeare( a host of angels .ith the messenger. They imme(iately ,egin to praise Go( for .hat /e has (one: HGlory to Go( in the highest, an( on earth pea%e, among men, .ho are pleasing to Go(.H Only Go( is .orthy of praise for this uni-ue e+ent. The pea%e .hi%h .as ,rought ,y Jesus .as the inner pea%e .ith Go( .hi%h is sprea( a,roa( in their hearts ,y the /oly 5pirit, .hi%h is naturally to a pea%eful attitu(e in (ealing .ith their fello. man. Only those re(eeme( ,y Go( through Christ .oul( ha+e this pea%e as %hil(ren of Go(. ?erse gra(ually, hea+en. 8y sent these true. &3. The hea+enly host, though appearing su((enly, (eparte( so that the shepher(s %oul( .at%h them as%en(ing to all this, the shepher(s .oul( ha+e no (ou,t that Go( ha( %elestial messengersJ therefore, their message must ,e

?erse &*. They -ui%kly make their .ay to 8ethlehem. The (etails of time elapse( in their sear%h is neither re%or(e( nor essential. The point .as that they (i( fin( Joseph an( Dary, an( the /oly Chil( in a manger. ?erse &@. 8e%ause these shepher(s are the first to re%ei+e the gla( ti(ings, they in turn ,e%ome the first pro%laimers of .hat they

Lesson I %ontinue( ha( seen an( hear( to anyone they %ame in %onta%t .ith.


?erses &1,&4. Be are tol( that Dary kept all these e+ents an( pon(ere( them in her heart. ll a((e( to the original message gi+en to her ,y Ga,riel, to sho. the genuine truth of that message, an( to gi+e her un(erstan(ing of the (i+ine glory of her %hil(. It is most likely that these (etails .ere tol( to Luke ,y Dary herself. ?erse 2). The shepher(s foun( the %hil( as (es%ri,e( ,y the hea+enly host, an( left glorifying Go( as the sour%e of e+erything that ha( happene(. Only through the %oming of Christ %oul( men approa%h Go( .ithout fear. Jesus %ame from the unseen .orl(, an( returne( to it. /is (ominion in%lu(es the .hole %reate( uni+erse an( in%lu(es mer%y an( lo+ing$kin(ness /is "e(eeme( Ones. ?erses 2&$2). Jesus De(i%ate( an( Cir%um%ise(, 5imeon an( nna. These +erses sho. ho. %entral the re+elation of the promise( "e(eemer .as throughout the Ol( Testament 5%riptures. :rom the ,irth of Jesus .e see this %lose relationship of the Ol( Testament to the #e. Testament. ?erse 2&. HBhen the fulness of time ha( %ome Go( sent forth /is 5on, ,orn of a .oman, ,orn un(er the la., to re(eem them that .ere un(er the la..H $ Galatians 2:2. In or(er to fulfill all righteousness, Jesus .as o,ligate( to perform all the re-uirements of the La.. The eighth (ay %ir%um%ision an( the purifi%ation after a ,irth re-uire( sa%rifi%es an( the sprinkling of ,loo(. This .as ,e%ause ea%h human ,eing .as ,orn in sin. That this .as (one also to Jesus to sho. su,mission to the La., i(entifying /imself .ith /is people. Later /e .as to re%ei+e the ,aptism of John. The name Jesus FJeho+ah the 5a+iorG is gi+en at the %ir%um%ision of the %hil( as %omman(e( ,y Go( through Ga,riel. ?erses 22$22. %%or(ing to Le+iti%us &2, a .oman .as %eremonially impure for 2) (ays after a ,irth. The %hil( also goes through this purifi%ation. fter the 2) (ay perio( a lam, as a ,urnt offering, an( a pigeon as a sin offering .ere to ,e ,rought to the temple. 9oor people .ere allo.e( to ,ring a pigeon in pla%e of the lam,. Joseph an( Dary sho.e( their e%onomi% situation ,y ,ringing t.o pigeons. The sa%rifi%es sym,oli=e( the penalty of sin as (eath. The animal took the guilt an( penalty to %o+er the guilt an( penalty of the one .ho ,rings the sa%rifi%e. This al.ays ha( to ,e (one for a first$,orn son. F'Eo(us &0.G The ,lesse( %ouple also ,rought the ,a,y Jesus to present /im to the Lor(, an( %onse%rate /im to the ser+i%e of Go(. #e+er ,efore .as this %onse%ration fulfille( so perfe%tly as in the life of Jesus. :rom the ,eginning Jesus su,mitte( to Go('s .ill, %ompletely an( +oluntarily.

Lesson I %ontinue(


?erse 23. '+en (uring su%h (ark (ays as .ere then eEperien%e( ,y the nation of Israel, there .ere ne+ertheless a remnant of true ,elie+ers .ho .ere praying for an( yearning for the %oming of Dessiah. Of the (e+out people in Jerusalem at that time .as the faithful 5imeon. /e .as %ontinually inspire( ,y the /oly 5pirit, an( he .as tol( that he .oul( not (ie ,efore he sees the promise( "e(eemer. ?erses 2@,21. In(er the gui(an%e of the 5pirit, he .ent to the Temple ,efore Joseph an( Dary ,rought the /oly Chil(. Bhen they arri+e to fulfill the %ustoms of the La., 5imeon takes the Chil( into his arms an( praises Go( for this great ,lessing grante( him. ?erses 24$02. /is .or(s e%ho those of a ser+ant .ho .as %ommissione( ,y his master to .at%h for the %oming One, an( .hen that One arri+e( then he .oul( ,e through .ith his .ork an( he %oul( go in pea%e, as Go( ha( promise(. 5imeon ha( ,een tol( to .ait for the rising of the H5un of righteousnessH FDala%hi 2:2G. #o. that /e hel( the Chil(, he looke( upon the re(emption of Go( in%arnate in Jesus Christ. This sal+ation Go( has prepare( to ,e o,ser+e(, an( offere( to all people, not >ust the nation of Israel. The .hole .orl( sits in the (arkness of ignoran%e, sin, an( hopelessness. Jesus .ill ,ring light that all may ,e a,le to see the glorious pri+ilege of forgi+eness an( sal+ation e+en to the Gentiles. In the %ourse of time it .ill ,e seen that the glory of Israel %omes from the Dessiah ,eing promise(, prophesie(, an( prepare( for, in the line of Da+i(, in the to.n of 8ethlehem. ?erse 00. '+en though Joseph an( Dary ha( ,een tol( ,y Ga,riel of the /oliness of their %hil(, /is supernatural %on%eption, plus the glorious message of the shepher(s that /e .as the promise( Dessiah, they .ere not a,le to fully grasp the importan%e an( potential of the Chil('s (i+ine mission. The inspire( .or(s of 5imeon ,ring further information a,out the (i+ine ma>esty an( the uni+ersal signifi%an%e of /is Coming, an( ma(e the %ouple 'mar+el'. ?erse 02. 5imeon then prays for ,lessings upon them. /e then turns to Dary an( for the first time she is tol( of the %oming struggle an( suffering. Jesus .ill ,e as a stone o+er .hi%h some .ill trip, fall, an( (ie, ,ut others .ill ,e ena,le( to rise up an( ,e sa+e(. Those .ho rely on their o.n strength an( merit, an( are prou(, (o not kno. their o.n nee( an( %on(emnation. Others .ho hum,ly reali=e their sin an( nee( for a 5a+ior, .ill %ome to /im an( ,e raise( up ,y /is gift of forgi+eness an( re%on%iliation .ith Go(. The %limaE of resistan%e to the 5a+ior .as seen in /is Cru%ifiEion. >u(gment %ame upon the Je.ish nation an( they %ease( to eEist as a nation. ?erse 03. Certainly for Dary to .at%h Jesus' %ru%ifiEion .as the s.or( pier%ing her soul. The %oming of Jesus .ill %ause Hthe thoughts of many hearts to ,e re+eale(H. person's true moti+es or (esires

Lesson I %ontinue( .ill ,e re+eale( ,y .hether they a%%ept or re>e%t the 5a+ior.


?erses 0*,0@. nother true ,elie+er in the Go( of Israel is (ra.n to the Chil(. 5he is nna, a prophetess, through .hom Go( has re+eale( this gift to men. 5he .as of the tri,e of sher Fone of the so$%alle( lost ten tri,esG. Bhen nna ha( only ,een marrie( for se+en years, her hus,an( ha( (ie(. The rest of her life she remaine( unmarrie(. /er approEimate age .as o+er &)) years. 5he spent most of her time in the Temple in prayer an( fasting. ?erse 01. 5he also li+e( in eEpe%tation an( longing for the promise( "e(eemer. Bhen she sa. the Chil(, she kne. /e .as the Christ, an( praise( Go( as the :aithful One .ho ,rought to pass .hat /e ha( promise( $ the re(emption though the Dessiah. 5he rea(ily share( this re+elation among the faithful. ?erse 04. Luke (oes not mention the Bise Den's +isit, or the flight of Joseph an( Dary to 'gypt FDatthe. 2G. fter the (eath of /ero(, they .ere .arne( ,y Go(, to return to #a=areth. Luke skips o+er these e+ents an( re%or(s their return to #a=areth. ?erse 2). The first &2 years of Jesus' life are summari=e( in this +erse. s a human %hil(, /e passe( through the normal pro%esses of physi%al an( spiritual, an( maturity. /is intelle%tual, moral, an( spiritual .as e-ually real as /is physi%al /is an( maturity took pla%e .ithout the influen%e of sin or (efe%t. /e .as the first perfe%t eEample of .hat man .as (esigne( to ,e. The true .is(om an( gra%e of Go( .as gui(ing, prote%ting, an( supporting /im. '+eryone at some point must %hoose for or against the Gift of Jesus Christ. ?erses 2&$32. Jesus among the Do%tors in the Temple. The tea%hing of the postles (ealt mostly .ith Jesus' pu,li% ministry, from /is ,aptism ,y John through the %ru%ifiEion, resurre%tion, an( as%ension. Only gra(ually (i( these early e+ents ,e%ome kno.n mostly through the .itness of Dary. Only this re%or( foun( in Luke re%or(s this e+ent in the young life of Jesus. ?erse 2&. 8y this time, most Je.s only .ent to the Temple to %ele,rate the 9asso+er in Jerusalem ea%h year. Joseph an( Dary follo.e( this %ustom. ?erse 22. Bhen Jesus .as &2, /e .ent .ith /is parents. The year /e .oul( >oin the religious %ommunity as a responsi,le mem,er F8ar Dit=+ah $ .hi%h takes pla%e .hen the Je.ish ,oy is &0G. ?erses 20,22. Bhen the @ festi+al (ays .ere o+er, Joseph an( Dary left .ith a %ompany that ha( gone from their area aroun( #a=areth. Joseph may ha+e thought Jesus .as .ith Dary, she also supposing /e .as .ith Joseph. t the en( of a (ay's >ourney, it .as the %ustom to gather together for the night at a normal stopping pla%e. t that time the parents %ame to reali=e that Jesus .as not

Lesson I %ontinue( among the %ompany, an( that /e must ha+e staye( in Jerusalem. They ha( truste( Jesus to ,e .here /e .as suppose( to ,e. They ha( not thought that /e .oul( stay at the temple to learn from the (o%tors there.


?erses 23$3@. The morning, they returne( to Jerusalem, arri+ing that night. The neEt morning, they (is%o+ere( that /e ha( staye( in the temple. /e .as sitting in one of the %ourts .here a num,er of Je.ish (o%tors gathere( to gi+e opinions among themsel+es as .as %ustomary after festi+als. Jesus .as attenti+e (uring these (isputations, then aske( -uestions, an( sometimes -uestions .ere aske( of /im. This .as the tra(itional .ay to re%ei+e instru%tion $ asking an( ans.ering -uestions. /is -uestions an( ans.ers sho.e( eE%eptional insight an( un(erstan(ing so that the (o%tors .ere -uite surprise( at one so young to ,e so per%epti+e, .ithout pri(e or arrogan%e. ?erse 21. Dary espe%ially .orrie( .hen Jesus .as not foun( among their fello. tra+elers. 5he is first to eEpress her %on%ern an( motherly affe%tion an( anEiety: H5on, .hy hast thou thus (ealt .ith us6 8ehol(, thy father an( I ha+e sought thee They, as normal human parents, rea%te( as any parents .oul(, e+en though their Chil( .as the Christ of Go(. It .as possi,ly not until after /is resurre%tion an( s%ension that Dary reali=e( fully .ho /e is. ?erse 24. Jesus replies in ama=ement. /e ha( not ,een .orrie( that /e ha(n't seen /is parents for a fe. (ays. /e therefore (i( not think they .oul( ,e .orrie( a,out /im. /e at this early age .as self$ reliant an( intelle%tually %urious. /e eEpresses surprise that they (i(n't kno. .here /e .oul( naturally ,e $ in the Temple fin(ing out a,out the %on%erns of /is :ather. /e .ante( to kno. a,out the 5%riptures, the Temple ser+i%e, an( the un(erstan(ing an( kno.le(ge among the (o%tors of the La.. Jesus i(entifies himself as the 5on of Go(, not the son of Joseph. To the %hil( Jesus, /is %alling is the most important $ that of ser+ing /is :ather. /e is surprise( that Joseph an( Dary ha( not reali=e( it. ?erse 3). In their humanity, the %ouple %oul( not take in the a%tual meaning of Jesus' .or(s. ?erse 3&. /e (i( go .ith them, returning to #a=areth an( remaine( o,e(ient to them, fulfilling the Go($gi+en re-uirement as state( in the &) Comman(ments. This e+ent .as kept in Dary's heart, an( therefore only she %oul( relate this to Luke. ?erse 32. Luke here again summari=es the neEt &1 or so years of Jesus until /e ,egan to appear pu,li%ly. pparently, /e gre. up .ith se+eral ,rothers an( sisters FDark *:0G. Joseph as a %arpenter .oul( train Jesus in that +o%ation. During this perio(, Joseph (ie(. It is assume( that Jesus took o+er, pro+i(ing for the family, until the ,eginning of /is ministry. In

Lesson I %ontinue(


those times, this .oul( in%lu(e ,uil(ing houses, making furniture, an( other househol( items, an( farm implements su%h as ploughs an( yokes. In Jesus' para,les .e see many in(i%ations of /is familiarity .ith these things: the foun(ations of housesJ han(s turne( to a ploughJ taking up /is yoke, .hi%h makes the loa( light, et%. Luke's summary of these years: HJesus in%rease( in .is(om an( stature, an( thus also in fa+or .ith Go( an( man.H

Lesson II Luke 0:&$2) $ 9rea%hing of John the 8aptist.


& #o. in the fifteenth year of the reign of Ti,e'ri$us Caesar, 9ontius 9ilate ,eing go+ernor of Ju(ea, an( /ero( ,eing tetrar%h of Galilee, an( his ,rother 9hilip tetrar%h of Iturae'a an( of the region of Tra%honi'tis, an( Lysa'ni$as the tetrar%h of ,ile'ne, 2 nnas an( Cai'aphas ,eing the high priests, the .or( of Go( %ame unto John the son of Le%hari'ah in the .il(erness. 0 n( he %ame into all the %ountry a,out Jor(an, prea%hing the ,aptism of repentan%e for the remission of sinsJ 2 as it is .ritten in the ,ook of the .or(s of Isaiah the prophet, saying, The +oi%e of one %rying in the .il(erness, 9repare ye the .ay of the Lor(, make his paths straight. 3 '+ery +alley shall ,e fille(, an( e+ery mountain an( hill shall ,e ,rought lo.J an( the %rooke( shall ,e ma(e straight, an( the rough .ays shall ,e ma(e smoothJ * an( all flesh shall see the sal+ation of Go(. @ K Then sai( he to the multitu(e that %ame forth to ,e ,apti=e( of him, O generation of +ipers, .ho hath .arne( you to flee from the .rath to %ome6 1 8ring forth therefore fruits .orthy of repentan%e, an( ,egin not to say .ithin yoursel+es, Be ha+e ,raham to our father: for I say unto you, That Go( is a,le of these stones to raise up %hil(ren unto ,raham. 4 n( no. also the aEe is lai( unto the root of the trees: e+ery tree therefore .hi%h ,ringeth not forth goo( fruit is he.n (o.n, an( %ast into the fire. &) K n( the people aske( him, saying, Bhat shall .e (o then6 && /e ans.ereth an( saith unto them, /e that hath t.o %oats, let him impart to him that hath noneJ an( he that hath meat, let him (o like.ise. &2 Then %ame also pu,li%ans to ,e ,apti=e(, an( sai( unto him, Daster, .hat shall .e (o6 &0 n( he sai( unto them, 'Ea%t no more than that .hi%h is appointe( you. &2 n( the sol(iers like.ise (eman(e( of him, saying, n( .hat shall .e (o6 n( he sai( unto them, Do +iolen%e to no man, neither a%%use any falselyJ an( ,e %ontent .ith your .ages. &3 K n( as the people .ere in eEpe%tation, an( all men muse( in their hearts of John, .hether he .ere the Christ, or notJ &* John ans.ere(, saying unto them all, I in(ee( ,apti=e you .ith .aterJ ,ut one mightier than I %ometh, the lat%het of .hose shoes I am not .orthy to unloose: he shall ,apti=e you .ith the /oly

02 Lesson II %ontinue( Ghost an( .ith fire: &@ .hose fan is in his han(, an( he .ill thoroughly purge his floor, an( .ill gather the .heat into his garnerJ ,ut the %haff he .ill ,urn .ith fire un-uen%ha,le. &1 K n( many other things in his eEhortation prea%he( he unto the people. &4 8ut /ero( the tetrar%h, ,eing repro+e( ,y him for /ero'(i$as his ,rother 9hilip's .ife, an( for all the e+ils .hi%h /ero( ha( (one, 2) a((e( yet this a,o+e all, that he shut up John in prison. s Luke prepares to tell us a,out the pu,li% ministry of Jesus, he gi+es us a ,rief a%%ount of the pu,li% ministry of John, .ho ser+e( to prepare the .ay for Jesus. /e therefore gi+es only a general outline of John's ministry as the forerunner of the 5a+iour. ?erses &,2. Luke gi+es us some histori%al in(i%ators to re%or( the time. Jesus ,egan his ministry a,out * months later. John .as tol( ,y Go( to ,egin in the &3th year of Ti,erius $ ,est re%koning that to ,e 2@ .D. /e also mentions that 9ilate .as pro%urator of Ju(ea, /ero( tetrar%h of Galilee, /ero('s ,rother 9hilip the tetrar%h of Iturea an( Tra%honitis, an( Lysanias of ,ilene. pproEimate (ates: 9ilate rule( 2* .D. $ 0* .D., /ero( 2 8.C. $ 04 .D., 9hilip from 2 8.C. $ 02 .D. Lysanias is not kno.n. Luke then mentions the high priesthoo( $ listing 2 names. nnas ha( ,een high priest from * $ &3 .D. .hen he .as fire( ,y the "oman go+ernor. /is son$in$la. Caiaphas ,e%ame high priest ,ut nnas kept a large amount of influen%e $ thus listing these t.o together sho.e( the a%tual state of affairs. 8esi(es the time setting as 2@ .D. $ listing all these important people gi+es a rather (ark pi%ture of the situation politi%ally as .ell as religiously .hen John an( then Jesus ,egan their respe%ti+e ministries. Du%h %ruelty an( %orruption .as part of "oman rule throughout the empire. The /oly Lan( .as ar,itrarily (i+i(e( up an( rulers appointe( $ most of .hom .ere uns%rupulous an( immoral. In the religious life "ome ha( ma>or influen%e ,y appointing, then (eposing the high priests, if they (isplease( "oman authority. It .as then that Go( ga+e .or( to John to ,egin. ?erse 0. fter o+er 2)) years .ithout a prophet in Israel, John .as %alle(. 8e%ause part of his man(ate .as ,aptism $ he .as to ,e near .ater an( most likely .as on the ,anks of the ri+er Jor(an in the +i%inity of Jeri%ho. /e prea%he( the ,aptism of repentan%e for remission of sins. /e %alle( the people to repent. Those .ho %onfesse( an( (esire( to %hange their life .ere assure( that Go( grante( a par(on to them. 8aptism .as the pu,li% sign an( seal of

00 Lesson II %ontinue( that par(on. 8aptism is the sym,ol of the .ashing a.ay of guilt through forgi+eness. In the past, only the non$Je. .as ,apti=e( .hen a%%epte( into the Je.ish faith. To ,apti=e those ,orn Je.ish .as ne. $ thus John ,e%ame kno.n ,y this right as HThe 8aptistH. This also suggeste( that >ust ,eing ,orn as one of the %hosen people .as not enough $ this .as part of John's message. ?erses 2$*. The ministry of John fulfille( prophe%y of the Ol( Testament espe%ially Isaiah. John is the +oi%e %alling the people to prepare for the %oming of Go('s 5a+ior. The fo%us an( (esires of the people nee( to %hange in or(er to ,e rea(y an( a,le to a%%ept the re(emption that Jesus .as to ,ring. The %rooke( selfish .ays must ,e left ,ehin( an( the straight path follo.e(. The path of righteousness to Go( lea(s to sal+ation. This .as a,solutely ne%essary ,e%ause the people .ere spiritually an( morally ,ankrupt. lso John ha( to reshape their ,eliefs a,out the Dessiah. Dost Je.s of those times looke( for a Dessiah to ,e politi%al, to (eli+er them from the oppression of the "oman 'mpire. John ha( to %on+in%e them that their greatest nee( .as not a politi%al solution, ,ut a personal an( spiritual (eli+eran%e from their o.n sinfulness. John ha( to sho. that this nee( .oul( ,e met ,y Go('s true DessiahJ this .as /is true mission. The people must ,e rea(y an( eEpe%t /im. '+erything prepare( $ /e .ill surely %ome an( all .ill see /im. ll .ill make a (e%ision. #ot all .ill a%%ept /im $ ,ut there is no mi((le groun(. Those that are prepare( /e .ill re(eem. Those that aren't are (oome(. ?erses @$4. ,rief outline sho.s ho. John fulfille( the prophe%ies %on%erning him preparing the .ay. lso ,e%ause of the supernatural e+ents ,efore, an( after, his ,irth $ he .as .i(ely kno.n as eE%eptional. Bhen he ,egan prea%hing, great multitu(es %ame to hear him. Luke mentions a fe., ,ut typi%al, eEamples of John's message. /e (ra.s attention to their sins an( %alls on them to repent. /e .arns an( threatens them a,out >u(gment on those .ho refuse to turn to Go(. /e %alls them self satisfie( an( full of pri(e $ >ust %oming to hear him is not enough. The point is repentan%e $ ,aptism is the sign of the %hange. /e %alls the people a generation of +ipers, trying to a+oi( Go('s .rath. Like snakes .hen the grass is on fire, they try to es%ape. /e says they must pro(u%e goo( fruit to pro+e true repentan%e.

02 Lesson II %ontinue( ?erse 1. /e .arns them not to rely on ,eing (es%en(ants of ,raham to a+oi( the %oming .rath of Go(. 8y saying that Go( %an raise the s%attere( stones of the (esert, to ,e the people of faith, it has ,een suggeste( that /e is thinking of these stones as Gentiles .ho also .oul( ,e offere( the Gospel. The nation of Israel re>e%te( Jesus an( in @) .D. %ame their (estru%tion an( (esolation. The true %hil(ren of ,raham are spiritual, no matter the people or nation. ?erse 4. They are .arne(: the aEe is a,out to se+er the root of the tree. There is no time to put this off. ?erses &), &&. The people get the point an( ask for a .ay out, as if John ha( some se%ret plan. /o.e+er, he replies that they are to sho. their repentan%e ,y ,eing unselfish in their present %ir%umstan%es, an( to sho. lo+e to their neigh,or. This is the .ell kno.n %omman( of Go(. ?erses &2, &0. The 9u,li%ans .ere agents of "ome .ho %olle%te( (uties from the people. s su%h, they .ere (espise( ,y the people. The pu,li%ans also (esire( to es%ape the .rath to %ome. Bhat must they (o6 John (oesn't tell them to -uit their unpopular >o,s, ,ut to ,e fair an( honest, an( not a,use their position ,y eEtorting money for their o.n po%kets. ?erse &2. '+en sol(iers $ .ho .ere suppose( to uphol( an( enfor%e the la., .ere not tol( to fin( other .ork. Instea(, they .ere tol( to ,e %ontent .ith their pay an( not use +iolen%e to get money for themsel+es. ?erses &3, &*. 8e%ause of his %alling people to Go(, many ,egan to .on(er if John .as the promise( Dessiah. In no un%ertain terms John sai( #o $ he pointe( to Christ as the %oming "e(eemer. /e emphasi=es that his .ork is merely to prepare $ his ,aptism is only Christ .ill ,ring a,out purifi%ation an( /is .ill ,e the true ,aptism .ith the /oly 5pirit an( fire. :ire in this sense is purifying ,y ,urning off the %haff, yet preser+ing the .heat. They .ill ,e (eli+ere( from the an( penalty of sin. John pla%es himself ,elo. a ser+ant .ho .oul( untie his master's shoela%es. s one tosses the threshe($out .heat $ the %haff is ,lo.n a.ay .hile the grain falls to the groun( $ so .ill Jesus separate the people. This true Dessiah .ill ,ring >u(gment upon /is o.n people as .ell as all others. John (e%lares >u(gment on all .ho re>e%t this offer of repentan%e. ?erse &1. Though Luke only in%lu(es a fe. eEamples of John's typi%al pronoun%ements $ he (oes announ%e the Goo( #e.s $ the Gospel. The messiah .ill %ome an( ,ring forgi+eness of sins, an( purifi%ation through the 5pirit to all .ho truly turn to Go(. ?erses &4, 2). John mentions the fa%t that the 8aptist prea%he( against /ero( ntipas ,e%ause of his sin of stealing his ,rother's .ife. /e also put out his o.n .ife, (aughter of retas I? of ra,ia. This e+entually le( to John's arrest an( imprisonment. John .as later ,ehea(e( $ through the plotting of /ero(ias Fthe infamous .ifeG.

03 Lesson II %ontinue( The prea%hing of the %hur%h has ,een an( al.ays shoul( in%lu(e the true nature of man in sin an( re,elling against Go(. That Go('s >usti%e (eman(s punishment. #o one has any here(itary, or personal (ignity or importan%e, or piety that pleases Go( or meets /is stan(ar(. Only One e+er has or e+er .ill $ Jesus. It is to /im .e must turn, reali=ing our o.n guilt an( helplessness, an( hopelessness. One 5a+ior, one Jesus, one "e(eemer, one /ope, one /elp, one, one Christ our Lor(.

Lesson III Luke 0:2&$2:&$&0.


2& K #o. .hen all the people .ere ,apti=e(, it %ame to pass, that Jesus also ,eing ,apti=e(, an( praying, the hea+en .as opene(, 22 an( the /oly Ghost (es%en(e( in a ,o(ily shape like a (o+e upon him, an( a +oi%e %ame from hea+en, .hi%h sai(, Thou art my ,elo+e( 5onJ in thee I am .ell please(. 20 K n( Jesus himself ,egan to ,e a,out thirty years of age, ,eing Fas .as suppose(G the son of Joseph, .hi%h .as the son of /eli, 22 .hi%h .as the son of Datthat, .hi%h .as the son of Le+i, .hi%h .as the son of Del%hi, .hi%h .as the son of Janna, .hi%h .as the son of Joseph, 23 .hi%h .as the son of Dattathi'as, .hi%h .as the son of mos, .hi%h .as the son of #ahum, .hi%h .as the son of 'sli, .hi%h .as the son of #ag'gai, 2* .hi%h .as the son of Da'ath, .hi%h .as the son of Dattathi'as, .hi%h .as the son of 5em'e$i, .hi%h .as the son of Joseph, .hi%h .as the son of Ju(ah, 2@ .hi%h .as the son of Joanna, .hi%h .as the son of "hesa, .hi%h .as the son of Leru,',a,el, .hi%h .as the son of 5he$al'ti$el, .hi%h .as the son of #eri, 21 .hi%h .as the son of Del%hi, .hi%h .as the son of ((i, .hi%h .as the son of Cosam, .hi%h .as the son of 'lmo'(am, .hi%h .as the son of 'r, 24 .hi%h .as the son of Jose, .hi%h .as the son of 'li$e'=er, .hi%h .as the son of Jorim, .hi%h .as the son of Datthat, .hi%h .as the son of Le+i, 0) .hi%h .as the son of 5imeon, .hi%h .as the son of Ju(ah, .hi%h .as the son of Joseph, .hi%h .as the son of Jonan, .hi%h .as the son of 'li'akim, 0& .hi%h .as the son of De'le$a, .hi%h .as the son of Denan, .hi%h .as the son of Dat'tatha, .hi%h .as the son of #athan, .hi%h .as the son of Da+i(, 02 .hi%h .as the son of Jesse, .hi%h .as the son of O,e(, .hi%h .as the son of 8oa=, .hi%h .as the son of 5almon, .hi%h .as the son of #ahshon, 00 .hi%h .as the son of mmin'a(a,, .hi%h .as the son of "am, .hi%h .as the son of /e=ron, .hi%h .as the son of 9hare=, .hi%h .as the son of Ju(ah, 02 .hi%h .as the son of Ja%o,, .hi%h .as the son of Isaa%, .hi%h .as the son of ,raham, .hi%h .as the son of Terah, .hi%h .as the son of #ahor, 03 .hi%h .as the son of 5erug, .hi%h .as the son of "e'u, .hi%h .as the son of 9eleg, .hi%h .as the son of ',er, .hi%h .as the son of 5alah, 0* .hi%h .as the son of Ca$i'nan, .hi%h .as the son of

Lesson III %ontinue(


rphaE'a(, .hi%h .as the son of 5hem, .hi%h .as the son of #oah, .hi%h .as the son of Lame%h, 0@ .hi%h .as the son of Dethu'selah, .hi%h .as the son of 'no%h, .hi%h .as the son of Jare(, .hi%h .as the son of Dahal'aleel, .hi%h .as the son of Ca$i'nan, 01 .hi%h .as the son of 'nos, .hi%h .as the son of 5eth, .hi%h .as the son of (am, .hi%h .as the son of Go(. Chapter 2:&$&0. & n( Jesus ,eing full of the /oly Ghost returne( from Jor(an, an( .as le( ,y the 5pirit into the .il(erness, 2 ,eing forty (ays tempte( of the (e+il. n( in those (ays he (i( eat nothing: an( .hen they .ere en(e(, he hungere(. 0 n( the (e+il sai( unto him, If thou ,e the 5on of Go(, %omman( this stone that it ,e ma(e ,rea(. 2 n( Jesus ans.ere( him, saying, It is .ritten, That man shall not li+e ,y ,rea( alone, Deut. 1.0 ,ut ,y e+ery .or( of Go(. 3 n( the (e+il, taking him up into a high mountain, sho.e( unto him all the king(oms of the .orl( in a moment of time. * n( the (e+il sai( unto him, ll this .ill I gi+e thee, an( the glory of them: for that is (eli+ere( unto meJ an( to .homsoe+er I .ill, I gi+e it. @ If thou therefore .ilt .orship me, all shall ,e thine. 1 n( Jesus ans.ere( an( sai( unto him, Get thee ,ehin( me, 5atan: for it is .ritten, Thou shalt .orship the Lor( thy Go(, an( him only shalt thou ser+e. 4 n( he ,rought him to Jerusalem, an( set him on a pinna%le of the temple, an( sai( unto him, If thou ,e the 5on of Go(, %ast thyself (o.n from hen%e: &) for it is .ritten, /e shall gi+e his angels %harge o+er thee, to keep thee: && an( in their han(s they shall ,ear thee up, lest at any time thou (ash thy foot against a stone. &2 n( Jesus ans.ering sai( unto him, It is sai(, Thou shalt not tempt the Lor( thy Go(. &0 n( .hen the (e+il ha( en(e( all the temptation, he (eparte( from him for a season. Jesus ha( ,e%ome ,y this time, a mature man, .ell$prepare( physi%ally an( spiritually. It is time for the ,eginning of /is pu,li% ministry. :irst he goes to John to ,e ,apti=e( ,y him. The three other Gospels gi+e more (etail of this e+ent. Luke only in%lu(es .hat Go( (i( an( sai( after the ,aptism itself. /e is %on%erne( a,out .hat Go( re+eale( a,out Jesus at the ,eginning of his pu,li% appearan%e.

Lesson III %ontinue(


0:2&. Those of the Je.ish people .ho ha( turne( to Go( are not num,ere(, ,ut a great many ha( ,y this time %ome to John. It .as then that Jesus .ent an( .as ,apti=e( ,y John. 8y /is su,mitting to this rite, the 5inless One took the sin of mankin( upon /imself. /e offers /imself as the 5u,stitute, to ,e i(entifie( .ith an( represent the sinful ra%e of man. This .as the an( pu,li% sign that /e a%%epte( /is .ork of re(emption .hi%h ,egan here an( .hi%h .as not to ,e %omplete( until /is suffering an( (eath. Jesus .as praying in %ommunion .ith Go(, .hen the hea+en opene( $ a ,rief .in(o. to the ma>esty an( glory of the father an( Jesus. Jesus an( also John Frea( John &:02G sa. the /oly 5pirit (es%en(ing from hea+en in the form of a (o+e $ a sym,ol of purity, inno%en%e, ,eauty, an( pea%e. This means Jesus .as hen%eforth %ompletely e-uippe( to fulfill the role of Dessiah an( "e(eemer $ openly sho.n in pu,li% as a further sign of /is (esignation as the Christ of Go(. /is eternal 5on$ship is further %onfirme( ,y a +oi%e from hea+en saying, HThou art my ,elo+e( 5on, in .hom I am .ell please(.H ?erse 22. Hin Thee I am .ell please(H $ in referen%e to e+erything Jesus ha( (one up to this time $ all .ithin Go('s .ill. #o. /e .as espe%ially in Go('s .ill ,y su,mitting to ,aptism $ offi%ially an( pu,li%ly taking on the .ork of re(emption, ultimately lea(ing to the Cross. In Christ Jesus, hea+en has ,een opene( to us, an( the .ay prepare(. Be ha+e ,een re(eeme( an( ,e%ome Go('s %hil(ren ,y that "e(emption. ?erses 20$01 $ The Genealogi%al Ta,le of Jesus. /a+ing sho.n the ,a%kgroun( of Jesus an( ,eginning of /is pu,li% ministry, Luke %hose to pla%e the genealogi%al ta,le here. ?erse 20. /e mentions the age of Jesus Fthe only one to (o soG as a,out 0) years ol(. Genealogi%al ta,les ha( ,een %ompile( an( up(ate( for many %enturies. 9u,li% registers .ere kept, an( many families also (i(. Luke o,taine( a %opy of the genealogi%al ta,le of Dary's father /eli. 5in%e it .as not %ustomary to insert the name of a .oman in su%h a list he a((e( Fas .as suppose(G the son of Joseph $ in Luke & C 2 he has re%or(e( that Jesus .as solely the son of Dary. In Datthe. .e fin( the family tree of Joseph .ho .as legally Jesus' father Fthough only stepfather, a%tuallyG. This ta,le is -uite (ifferent from Luke's. Met, it %learly esta,lishes Da+i(i% (es%ent legally. s Luke ha( ,een .riting for "omans an( Greeks, Jesus' Da+i(i% (es%ent .as not essential. Luke .ante( to sho. Jesus' a%tual human (es%ent through Da+i(, ,raham, to (am the son of Go(. That Dary .as a (es%en(ant of Da+i( .as ne+er (ispute( (uring the early %enturies.

Lesson III %ontinue(


?erses 22$01. 8y going all the .ay ,a%k to (am, Luke sho.s Jesus' an%estry not only from the Je.ish line to ,raham, ,ut ,efore the eEisten%e of that line. /e sho.s the family tree of all mankin( .hi%h ,egan .ith (am $ the son of Go( in that he .as %reate( ,y Go( as a mature man. Jesus ,e%omes the se%on( (am $ ,orn of .oman ,ut %on%ei+e( ,y the /oly 5pirit. Dany ,ooks ha+e ,een .ritten that go into the (etails of these lists i(entifying as many of the unfamiliar names an( their pla%es on the lists. Chapter 2:&$&0 $ The Temptation. 8e%ause of /is purity, temptations in /is %ase %oul( only %ome from the outsi(e. #e+ertheless, Jesus .as eEpose( to all the temptations %ommon to all people. F"ea( /e,re.s 2:&@,&1.G Jesus' sympathy for the sinner (oes not (epen( on the eEperien%e of gi+ing in ,ut the eEperien%e of ho. strong the temptation to sin is. Only those .ho (on't gi+e in kno. the %omplete strength of temptation. Jesus fa%e( temptations throughout /is life $ as a %hil(, a youth, an( as an a(ult $ as all of us (o. /e triumphe( o+er all of them. #e+ertheless, these .ere a set apart $ these tempting Jesus as the Dessiah. This .as (ire%tly after Jesus' ,aptism, /is a%%eptan%e of the role of 5a+iour. The +ery plan of "e(emption is put on the line $ if Jesus ha( gi+en in at any point, "e(emption .oul( ,e %an%ele(. /e ha( to fa%e the ruler of all that is oppose( to Go( $ satan himself. ?erses &, 2. Jesus .as le( ,y the 5pirit into the .il(erness to (eal .ith the temptations of satan. It .as only at the en( of 2) (ays that Jesus ,e%ame %ons%ious of physi%al hunger. Certainly, Jesus .as tire( as .ell. It is at this eEtreme the enemy ,e%omes most +i%ious. ?erse 0. The e+il one ,egins his atta%k .ith the infamous HIf thou art the 5on of Go(,H to for%e Jesus to (ou,t. Jesus at /is .eakest surely must think /e is forsaken. It (oesn't .ork O satan then appeals to selfishness, an( impatien%e. Bhy shoul( /e ,e hungry if /e has an( authority to turn stones into ,rea(6 ?erse 2. Jesus remains .ithin the .ill of the :ather an( kno.s su%h gi+ing in .as %ontrary to that .ill. 5o /e replies -uoting s%ripture FDeuteronomy 1:0G. This points to Go(, not ,rea(, as the ne%essary sustainer of life. Daterial ,ounty has no +alue if it (oes not in%lu(e Go('s ,lessing. Jesus' trust is not in ,rea( ,ut /is faith in Go(, /is relationship .ith Go(, /is (oing the .ill of Go(. In Datthe. I?: Go( sent angels to gi+e Jesus .hat /e nee(e(. ?erse 3. 5atan pro+i(es Jesus .ith a +ision of all the king(oms of the .orl( in a moment. ?erses *, @. The (e+il (e%lares that he %ontrols all of these

Lesson III %ontinue(


king(oms. 5in%e Jesus has %ome to form a king(om, satan %an imme(iately pro+i(e /im .ith all of these. This tempts Jesus to a+oi( the path of suffering, re>e%tion, an( (eath. Though only .ithin the o+erruling an( permissi+e .ill of Go( (i( satan a%tually ha+e $ an( only to the eEtent that people surren(er ,y sin to the e+il one. satan's %laim that he %an turn o+er to .hoe+er he pleases is another half truth $ only Go( has that ?erse 1. Jesus re>e%ts the temptation an( %omman(s satan to lea+e $ Jesus %loses the argument ,y again -uoting /oly 5%ripture FDeuteronomy *:&0G, thus a%kno.le(ging the a,solute authority of the Bor( of Go(. This is the strength an( gui(e of /is life as Dan. Jesus (oesn't argue .ith the %rafty one. /e gi+es the father of lies a final (ose of Truth. That %loses the -uestion. This sho.s those .ho looke( for an earthly Dessiah that Jesus .as not here for that $ ensuring /is re>e%tion ,y the ma>ority of the Je.ish nation. ?erses 4$&&. /ere a further temptation. Jesus is taken in spirit to a high pinna%le of the temple $ again trying to %ause (ou,t. 5atan suggests that if Jesus %ast /imself (o.n, Go( .oul( sen( /is angels to preser+e /im F-uote( from 4&:&&,&2G. 5atan lea+es out the .or(s all thy .ays.H ?erse &2. Jesus re>e%ts any suggestion that /e shoul( test the faithfulness of Go( ,y putting /imself in su%h a selfish unla.ful (anger. To test Go( thus foolishly pro+es that one (oes not trust Go( %ompletely. Jesus (oes not argue $ (on't argue .ith a liar $ >ust gi+e him a (ose of Truth. Deuteronomy *:&* $ HMe shall not tempt the Lor( your Go(,H to see ho. far you %an go. ll these temptations .ere to (ra. Jesus from Go('s Bill. ?erse &0. HBhen the (e+il ha( en(e( e+ery kin( of temptation he (eparte( until a suita,le time.H $ lternate translation. Lesson to ,e learne( $ Our 5a+iour .as +i%torious o+er the most eEtreme an( mali%ious atta%ks of satan $ e+en those in the Gar(en of Gethsemane. /e has %on-uere( satan $ Bhat shoul( .e ,e afrai( of $ (arts, small temptations or large6 Through Jesus are .e also %on-uerors. 5%ripture remains the ,est (efense against anything satan %an in+ent to (ra. us a.ay from the .ill of Go(.

Lesson I? Luke 2:&2$22.


&2 K n( Jesus returne( in the of the 5pirit into Galilee: an( there .ent out a fame of him through all the region roun( a,out. &3 n( he taught in their synagogues, ,eing glorifie( of all. &* K n( he %ame to #a=areth, .here he ha( ,een ,rought up: an(, as his %ustom .as, he .ent into the synagogue on the sa,,ath (ay, an( stoo( up for to rea(. &@ n( there .as (eli+ere( unto him the ,ook of the prophet Isaiah. n( .hen he ha( opene( the ,ook, he foun( the pla%e .here it .as .ritten, &1 The 5pirit of the Lor( is upon me, ,e%ause he hath anointe( me to prea%h the gospel to the poorJ he hath sent me to heal the ,roken$hearte(, to prea%h (eli+eran%e to the %apti+es, an( re%o+ering of sight to the ,lin(, to set at li,erty them that are ,ruise(, &4 to prea%h the a%%epta,le year of the Lor(. 2) n( he %lose( the ,ook, an( he ga+e it again to the minister, an( sat (o.n. n( the eyes of all them that .ere in the synagogue .ere fastene( on him. 2& n( he ,egan to say unto them, This (ay is this 5%ripture fulfille( in your ears. 22 n( all ,are him .itness, an( .on(ere( at the gra%ious .or(s .hi%h pro%ee(e( out of his mouth. n( they sai(, Is not this Joseph's son6 20 n( he sai( unto them, Me .ill surely say unto me this pro+er,, 9hysi%ian, heal thyself: .hatsoe+er .e ha+e hear( (one in Caper'na$ um, (o also here in thy %ountry. 22 n( he sai(, ?erily I say unto you, #o prophet is a%%epte( in his o.n %ountry. 23 8ut I tell you of a truth, many .i(o.s .ere in Israel in the (ays of 'li'>ah, .hen the hea+en .as shut up three years an( siE months, .hen great famine .as throughout all the lan(J 2* ,ut unto none of them .as 'li'>ah sent, sa+e unto Lar'ephath, a %ity of 5i(on, unto a .oman that .as a .i(o.. 2@ n( many lepers .ere in Israel in the time of 'li'sha the prophetJ an( none of them .as %leanse(, sa+ing #a'aman the 5yrian. 21 n( all they in the synagogue, .hen they hear( these things, .ere fille( .ith .rath, 24 an( rose up, an( thrust him out of the %ity, an( le( him unto the ,ro. of the hill .hereon their %ity .as ,uilt, that they might %ast him (o.n hea(long. 0) 8ut he, passing through the mi(st of them, .ent his .ay, 0& an( %ame (o.n to Caper'na$um, a %ity of Galilee, an( taught them on the sa,,ath (ays. 02 n( they .ere astonishe( at his (o%trine: for his .or( .as .ith 00 K n( in the synagogue there .as a man, .hi%h ha( a spirit of an un%lean (e+il, an( %rie( out .ith a lou( +oi%e, 02 saying, Let us aloneJ .hat ha+e .e to (o .ith thee, thou Jesus of #a=areth6 art thou %ome to (estroy us6 I kno. thee .ho thou artJ the /oly One of Go(.

Lesson I? %ontinue(


03 n( Jesus re,uke( him, saying, /ol( thy pea%e, an( %ome out of him. n( .hen the (e+il ha( thro.n him in the mi(st, he %ame out of him, an( hurt him not. 0* n( they .ere all ama=e(, an( spake among themsel+es, saying, Bhat a .or( is thisP for .ith authority an( he %omman(eth the un%lean spirits, an( they %ome out. 0@ n( the fame of him .ent out into e+ery pla%e of the %ountry roun( a,out. 01 K n( he arose out of the synagogue, an( entere( into 5imon's house. n( 5imon's .ife's mother .as taken .ith a great fe+erJ an( they ,esought him for her. 04 n( he stoo( o+er her, an( re,uke( the fe+erJ an( it left her: an( imme(iately she arose an( ministere( unto them. 2) K #o. .hen the sun .as setting, all they that ha( any si%k .ith (i+ers (iseases ,rought them unto himJ an( he lai( his han(s on e+ery one of them, an( heale( them. 2& n( (e+ils also %ame out of many, %rying out, an( saying, Thou art Christ the 5on of Go(. n( he re,uking them suffere( them not to speak: for they kne. that he .as Christ. 22 K n( .hen it .as (ay, he (eparte( an( .ent into a (esert pla%e: an( the people sought him, an( %ame unto him, an( staye( him, that he shoul( not (epart from them. 20 n( he sai( unto them, I must prea%h the king(om of Go( to other %ities also: for therefore am I sent. 22 n( he prea%he( in the synagogues of Galilee. Luke 2:&2$02 $ Jesus Dri+en from #a=areth. In telling a,out the pu,li% ministry, Luke %hooses .hat to in%lu(e an( .hat to omit. /e (oes not in%lu(e those e+ents re%ounte( in Dark *$1, an( some (etails mentione( ,y John. 5e+eral of the (etails suggest that this is not Jesus' first pu,li% appearan%e after the temptation, ,ut that mu%h ha( alrea(y taken pla%e. Luke is .riting to a non$Je.ish au(ien%e an( therefore (epi%ts those e+ents that %learly sho. Jesus as 5a+ior of all .ho ,elie+e in /im. /ere Jesus prea%hes a,out "e(emption %oming to those outsi(e of Israel. ?erses &2,&3. general (es%ription of Jesus' a%tions (uring that perio( in Galilee %ause( a great sensation. /e .as highly popular .ith the people. ?erses &*,&@. fter an unstate( perio( of time in Galilee, Jesus %ame to /is ol( hometo.n of #a=areth. The people ha( hear( of /is fame an( .ere %urious to see an( hear /im. s .as /is %ustom from /is youth, Jesus .ent to the synagogue on the 5a,,ath. Jesus stoo( up as a sign that /e .ishe( to speak. It .as a %ustom to allo. +isiting ra,,is su%h an opportunityJ the hea( of the synagogue ha( the ,ook of Isaiah gi+en to Jesus, a portion of .hi%h .as neEt to ,e rea(. ?erses &1,&4. /e rea( Isaiah *&:&,2 an( a phrase from Isaiah 31:*.

Lesson I? %ontinue(


?erse 2). /e rolle( up the ,ook Fpar%hment s%rollG an( sat (o.n on the %ustomary platform to (eli+er /is message. "a,,is usually pro%ee(e( .ith eEplanations an( instru%tion rather than orations. ll eyes of /is ol( a%-uaintan%es .ere fastene( eEpe%tantly on /im. ?erse 2&. Luke gi+es a ,rief a%%ount of the main theme. Jesus (e%lares that the prophe%y /e ha( rea( ha( ,een fulfille( in /is o.n person $ that /e .as the One anointe( ,y Go( to pro%laim gla( ti(ings to the poor, to heal the ,roken hearte(, to pro%laim (eli+eran%e to %apti+es of sin, to gi+e sight to the ,lin(, to lift up the (o.n%ast, to pro%laim Hthe a%%epta,le year of the Lor(H $ the time of the Dessiah through Bhom Go( .ill gi+e sal+ation to /is people. ?erse 22. The authority an( %on+i%tion of /is .or(s ha( an imme(iate fa+ora,le effe%t. The turning point %ame .hen they remem,ere( that this .as only a son of Joseph, an or(inary %arpenter, so familiar to them. Bhat ha( ,egun .ith ama=ement ,e%ame skepti%ism C in(ifferen%e, like HBho (oes he think he is6H ?erse 20. Jesus imme(iately noti%e( the %hange of attitu(e an( sai( they .oul( likely -uote him the pro+er, $ H9hysi%ian, heal thyself,H that they no. (ou,t all that they ha+e hear( a,out /im, an( /is o.n %laims to greatness. They ha( to ha+e proof. ?erses 22$2@. To further pro+e that prophets of Go( ha( ,een similarly treate( $ /e re%ounts the %ases .ith 'li>a an( 'lisha $ .ho not ,eing a%%epte( ,y their o.n people .ere %onse-uently sent ,y Go( to people outsi(e of Israel FpagansG. Jesus refuses their (eman( for signs an( .on(ers to pro+e /is %laims. They misse( the .hole point of the 5al+ation /e .as offering. ?erse 21. These eEamples enrage the people in the synagogue. ?erse 24. #a=areth is situate( in the hollo. ,et.een three peaks of a mountain. The Je.s (ro+e Jesus to one of them $ .ith the purpose of pushing /im o+er. ?erses 0),0&. /o. Jesus a%tually (i( this, .e are not tol(, ,ut sin%e it .as not yet /is time to lay (o.n /is life $ /e .alke( through them an( .ent again to Capernaum to %ontinue /is ministry. ?erse 02. /is .or(s are .el%ome an( the hearers .ere surprise( at the an( authority of /is tea%hing. The s%ri,es an( ra,,is usually spoke from the tra(itions, .ritten ,y former s%ri,es an( ra,,is $ many (etaile( eEplanations an( opinions. Jesus uni-uely spoke ,solute Truth ,ase( on /is (i+inity as the 5on of Go(. 9art of Jesus' uni-ue prea%hing .as /is (es%ription of the utter misery of the human ra%e, their %omplete spiritual ,lin(ness. This (arkness of sin /e ha( %ome to %ure $ to ,ring the light $ the -uote from Isaiah %learly sho.s this. /e has %ome to ,ring (eli+eran%e to the poor, ,lin( %apti+es %rushe( ,y sin $ through /imself.

Lesson I? %ontinue(


?erses 00$0@. Demon 9ossession %ure( in Capernaum. It ,e%omes apparent that the (e+il an( his (emons .ere %ompletely a.are of .ho Jesus .as an( that /e ha( %ome to (estroy the .orks of the (e+il. They on the other han( .ere going to try to fight $ an( hamper /im $ to (istur, .hene+er possi,le. Jesus ha( to sho. /is authority o+er the e+il spirits $ that /e ha( o+er%ome the of The '+il One. In the Gospels, se+eral eEamples are re%or(e( a,out the %asting out of these (estru%ti+e spirits. ?erses 00,02. Bhile Jesus is tea%hing at the synagogue, /e .as su((enly interrupte( ,y a man %rying out .ith a lou( +oi%e $ possesse( of Ha spirit of an un%lean (emon.H $ shouting H hP Bhat ha+e .e to (o .ith Thee, Thou Jesus of #a=areth6H This is a %ry of fear $ that his (estru%tion has %ome. /e re%ogni=es Jesus as the /oly One of Go(. ?erse 03. Jesus (oesn't argue, ,ut imme(iately re,ukes the (emon an( %omman(s him to shut up an( %ome out of the poor man. The (emon thre. the man (o.n an( left him, ,ut the man .as not in>ure(. ?erses 0*,0@. The people .ho .itnesse( this .ere astonishe(J they ha( ne+er ,efore seen su%h an authoritati+e an( po.erful (efeat of a (emon possession. The story .as imme(iately tol( an( retol( throughout the +i%inity. #ote: in the #e. Testament, (emon possession al.ays means that a person is (ominate( ,y a (emon spirit $ an( tormente( ,y him. It is (istinguishe( $ espe%ially ,y Luke Fthe physi%ianG from %ases of or(inary illness, insanity Fluna%yG, (eafness, lameness, or or(inary (efe%ts an( (iseases. It seems to ha+e ,een espe%ially fre-uent (uring Jesus' ministry. ?erses 01$22. Jesus %ame to sa+e people in ,o(y an( soul $ throughout the Gospels /e is the Great 9hysi%ian. ?erses 01,04. t 9eter's house in Capernaum, his mother$in$la. has %ome (o.n .ith a serious fe+er. fter Jesus stoo( o+er her, he authoritati+ely re,uke( the fe+er. 5he .as imme(iately heale( an( regaine( enough strength to get up an( .ait on them. ?erses 2),2&. Je.ish (ay ,egan an( en(e( .ith the setting of the sun. The 5a,,ath en(e( at sunset. The inha,itants of Capernaum .aite( until then to ,ring their si%k to Jesus. /e lai( /is han(s on the si%k one ,y one an( heale( them, an( .ith authority /e %ast out the (emons from the many .ho .ere possesse(. The e+il spirits again sho.e( that they re%ogni=e( /im as the nointe( 5on of Go(. /e (i( not .ant these e+il ones pro%laiming /im the Christ. ?erse 22. 'arly the neEt morning Jesus sought a pla%e of -uiet after an eEhausting (ay an( night. large num,er of people .ent after /im, seeking to get /im to stay .ith them, to keep /im to themsel+es.

Lesson I? %ontinue(


?erse 20. #o matter ho. mu%h sympathy /e may ha+e ha( for them, /e .oul( not gi+e in. /is .ork at that pla%e .as finishe( $ /e must go to other %ities to pro%laim ,y .or( an( (ee( the gla( ti(ings of the king(om of Go(. ?erse 22. 5o /e .ent to other pla%es in Galilee %ontinuing to sprea( the Goo( #e.s. During /is earthly ministry it .as ne%essary for Jesus to heal so many as a re+elation of /is lo+e an( forgi+eness for suffering people, an( also as +isi,le proof that /e .as the Dessiah, %ome to (eli+er man in ,o(y an( spirit. The healings of the apostles .ere also of su%h a spe%ial nature $ to %onfirm their relation to Jesus an( as foun(ers of the Chur%h. It is also %learly sho.n in the 8i,le, that it isn't al.ays Go('s .ill to heal (iseases. 5ometimes Go( permits some of /is faithful to suffer affli%tions, sometimes e+en unto (eath. /is plan is perfe%t for the purposes .hi%h /e has or(aine(. Be (o ha+e a right to pray for healing, ,ut not to (eman( it. Be must trust in /is perfe%t .ill to %ome to pass $ .hether in health, or in suffering. Our purpose here is not to ,e eEempt from the trials of life, ,ut to trust /im to ,e .ith us through them. It is more than o,+ious that it is through su%h trials that .e ha+e opportunities of sharing our faith an( lo+e to others, an( others for us. The Great 9hysi%ian .ill one (ay at /is %oming ,ring an en( to all pain an( suffering to those .ho trust in /im.

Lesson ? Luke 3:&$2*.


& n( it %ame to pass, that, as the people presse( upon him to hear the .or( of Go(, he stoo( ,y the lake of Gennes'aret, 2 an( sa. t.o ships stan(ing ,y the lake: ,ut the fishermen .ere gone out of them, an( .ere .ashing their nets. 0 n( he entere( into one of the ships, .hi%h .as 5imon's, an( praye( him that he .oul( thrust out a little from the lan(. n( he sat (o.n, an( taught the people out of the ship. 2 #o. .hen he ha( left speaking, he sai( unto 5imon, Laun%h out into the (eep, an( let (o.n your nets for a (raught. 3 n( 5imon ans.ering sai( unto him, Daster, .e ha+e toile( all the night, an( ha+e taken nothing: ne+ertheless at thy .or( I .ill let (o.n the net. * n( .hen they ha( this (one, they in%lose( a great multitu(e of fishes: an( their net ,rake. @ n( they ,e%kone( unto their partners, .hi%h .ere in the other ship, that they shoul( %ome an( help them. n( they %ame, an( fille( ,oth the ships, so that they ,egan to sink. 1 Bhen 5imon 9eter sa. it, he fell (o.n at Jesus' knees, saying, Depart from meJ for I am a sinful man, O Lor(. 4 :or he .as astonishe(, an( all that .ere .ith him, at the (raught of the fishes .hi%h they ha( taken: &) an( so .as also James, an( John, the sons of Le,'e(ee, .hi%h .ere partners .ith 5imon. n( Jesus sai( unto 5imon, :ear notJ from hen%eforth thou shalt %at%h men. && n( .hen they ha( ,rought their ships to lan(, they forsook all, an( follo.e( him. &2 K n( it %ame to pass, .hen he .as in a %ertain %ity, ,ehol( a man full of leprosyJ .ho seeing Jesus fell on his fa%e, an( ,esought him, saying, Lor(, if thou .ilt, thou %anst make me %lean. &0 n( he put forth his han(, an( tou%he( him, saying, I .ill: ,e thou %lean. n( imme(iately the leprosy (eparte( from him. &2 n( he %harge( him to tell no man: 8ut go, an( sho. thyself to the priest, an( offer for thy %leansing, a%%or(ing as Doses %omman(e(, Le+. &2.&$02 for a testimony unto them. &3 8ut so mu%h the more .ent there a fame a,roa( of him: an( great multitu(es %ame together to hear, an( to ,e heale( ,y him of their infirmities. &* n( he .ith(re. himself into the .il(erness, an( praye(. &@ K n( it %ame to pass on a %ertain (ay, as he .as tea%hing, that there .ere 9harisees an( (o%tors of the la. sitting ,y, .hi%h .ere %ome out of e+ery to.n of Galilee, an( Ju(ea, an( Jerusalem: an( the of the Lor( .as present to heal them. &1 n(, ,ehol(, men ,rought in a ,e( a man .hi%h .as taken .ith a palsy: an( they sought means to ,ring him in, an( to lay him ,efore

2@ Lesson ? %ontinue( him. &4 n( .hen they %oul( not fin( ,y .hat .ay they might ,ring him in ,e%ause of the multitu(e, they .ent upon the housetop, an( let him (o.n through the tiling .ith his %ou%h into the mi(st ,efore Jesus. 2) n( .hen he sa. their faith, he sai( unto him, Dan, thy sins are forgi+en thee. 2& n( the s%ri,es an( the 9harisees ,egan to reason, saying, Bho is this .hi%h speaketh ,lasphemies6 Bho %an forgi+e sins, ,ut Go( alone6 22 8ut .hen Jesus per%ei+e( their thoughts, he ans.ering sai( unto them, Bhat reason ye in your hearts6 20 .hether is easier, to say, Thy sins ,e forgi+en theeJ or to say, "ise up an( .alk6 22 8ut that ye may kno. that the 5on of man hath upon earth to forgi+e sins, Fhe sai( unto the si%k of the palsy,G I say unto thee, rise, an( take up thy %ou%h, an( go into thine house. 23 n( imme(iately he rose up ,efore them, an( took up that .hereon he lay, an( (eparte( to his o.n house, glorifying Go(. 2* n( they .ere all ama=e(, an( they glorifie( Go(, an( .ere fille( .ith fear, saying, Be ha+e seen strange things to(ay. ?erses &$&&. In pre+ious %hapters Luke portraye( Jesus as the 5on of Go( .ith a,solute authority to repel the temptations of the (e+il an( %omman( the un%lean spirits to release their %apti+es $ an( ha+ing the to heal physi%al (iseases. In these fe. +erses Luke sho.s Jesus ha+ing e+en o+er the fish of the lake. lso this e+ent %on+in%es his (is%iples to gi+e up their +o%ation an( follo. /im. ?erses &$0. :rom .hat .e learn from the other gospels, Jesus ha( alrea(y met 9eter, John, n(re., an( others $ an( %alle( them to ,e (is%iples FDatthe. 2:&1, Dark &:&*G. They ha( follo.e( /im ,ut part of the time they still .ent fishing $ their pre+ious tra(e. On this morning, Jesus .as on the shore of Lake Gennesaret near Capernaum. great multitu(e ha( alrea(y turne( out to hear /im speak. In or(er to more effe%ti+ely talk to su%h a throng, Jesus aske( 9eter, .hose ,oat .as near,y, to push out a little from shore, an( from there /e taught the %ro.(. ?erses 2$@. fter /e finishe( speaking, /e tol( 9eter to go into the (eep .ater an( put out the nets. 9eter re+eals that they ha( ,een fishing all night an( %aught nothing. It .as tra(itionally at night that the ,est fishing .as (one $ the .orst in the morning, .hen the sun .as refle%ting on the .ater. Though eEhauste( after a frustrating an( tiring night, 9eter trusts Jesus enough to (o .hat /e

21 Lesson ? %ontinue( suggeste( e+en if e+erything pointe( against it. Contrary to all eEpe%tations, so many fish are %aught that they %all for their partners to %ome .ith their ,oat to help. They en( up filling ,oth ,oats to the ,rim .ith the nette( fish. ?erses 1$&). ll .ere ama=e( at the uneEpe%te( results of Jesus' %ounsel $ that /e %oul( %ause the fish to %ome into the nets at the most unlikely time. 9eter $ e+er impulsi+e $ falls at Jesus' feet eE%laiming, HDepart from meJ for I am a sinful man, O Lor(PH Though 9eter ha( o,ser+e( many po.erful an( mira%ulous things, this single e+ent stru%k him espe%ially ,e%ause of 9eter's lifelong pursuit of ,eing a fisherman. Thus he .as a.estru%k ,y the supernatural e+ent. This also ,rought to his min( ho. utterly sinful an( un(eser+ing he .as in the presen%e of the 5a+iour. This ,e%ame a (ramati% turning point in 9eter's life. 9eter felt un.orthy of e+en ,eing in the presen%e of the /oly One, e+en saying HDepart from De, O Lor(.H Jesus, ho.e+er, un(erstoo( 9eter's heart an( reassure( him, H:ear not, from hen%eforth though shalt %at%h men.H 9eter .ill ,e /is an( .ill rea%h others for Christ. Bhat a promiseP ?erse &&. Be %an naturally assume that the %at%h of fish .as properly (ealt .ith $ thus pro+i(ing for the families in+ol+e( ,efore the (is%iples left to go .ith Jesus. This .as %ertainly a lesson to them that Jesus %oul( pro+i(e for their nee(s e+en if they follo.e( /im. If they truste( an( o,eye( /im they ha( nothing to fear. It .as then that 9eter, n(re., James an( John %hose to ,e%ome full time follo.ers of Jesus. ?erses &2$&*. The /ealing of a Leper. /ere Jesus is again sho.n as the Great 9hysi%ian in healing the in%ura,le (isease of leprosy. ?erse &2. It .as against the la. for a leper to ,e in a %ity or aroun( healthy people. O,+iously, one hear( a,out Jesus an( /is healing people, an( ,elie+e( it enough to risk e+erything to get to see Jesus. Bhen he got to Jesus, he imme(iately fell at /is feet an( aske( to ,e heale(, in%lu(ing the .or(s Hif thou .iltH, that he .as hum,ly asking, not (eman(ing. ?erse &0. Though it .as against %eremonial la. to tou%h a leper, Jesus ne+ertheless sho.e( %ompassion ,y tou%hing, an( healing, him. ?erse &2. Jesus (oes not .ant the multitu(es to ,e%ome too (eman(ing a,out mira%les, .hi%h %oul( easily lea( to their .ishing /im to ,e their earthly Dessiah. /e tells the man not to ,roa(%ast

24 Lesson ? %ontinue( .hat happene(, ,ut to o,ey the La. FLe+iti%us &2G an( sho. himself to a priest an( make the proper offering, so he %an ,e pronoun%e( %lean an( there,y reenter so%iety. This .oul( ,e a .itness to the priests that Jesus o,ser+es the %eremonial la., an( that /e, the 5a+ior, %an e+en heal leprosy. ?erse &3. The >oyous man (oes not follo. Jesus' %omman(, an( as a result, e+en more num,ers of people %ome after /im. ?erse &*. Often Luke re%ounts ho. Jesus repeate(ly .ith(re. to fin( -uiet, an( %ommune .ith /is :ather in prayer. ?erses &@$2*. /ealing a Dan .ith a 9alsy. The fo%us here is that Go( alone has the right an( authority to forgi+e sin $ Jesus sho.s that Go( has gi+en /im that "ight an( uthority. ?erse &@. Dark tells this story in Dark %hapter 2, Datthe. in Datthe. %hapter 4. s tol( in John %hapter 3, Jesus ha( alrea(y ha( %onfli%t .ith the authorities $ an( they .ere sear%hing for something serious to a%%use /im of. In Luke's +ersion he mentions them %oming to o,ser+e e+erything /e (i(. Jesus pro%ee(s to sho. /imself as the (i+ine physi%ian. ?erses &1,&4. group of men ha+ing firm faith in Jesus ha+e ,rought a paraly=e( man to ,e heale(. The house Jesus .as tea%hing in .as full to, so there .as no .ay they %oul( get to /im. They are (etermine( $ they %lim, to the roof, remo+e some of the roof tiles, an( let the man (o.n on his pallet $ in front of Jesus. ?erse 2). Jesus re%ogni=e( that the si%kness of the paralyti% .as %onne%te( to his sin. :or this reason Jesus tou%hes the root of the pro,lem saying, HDan, thy sins are forgi+en theePH #ot all physi%al ailments .ere relate( to parti%ular sins $ ,ut this one .as. ?erse 2&. Bhen Jesus thusly forgi+es the man, the s%ri,es an( 9harisees imme(iately a%%use /im of ,lasphemy. They (i( not re%ogni=e Jesus as the 5on of Go(. ?erses 22$22. To say your sins are forgi+en seems easy, ,e%ause you (on't eEpe%t to see any +isi,le sign $ no .ay to (ispro+e it. 8ut to say, H"ise up an( .alk,H either the person is heale( or not. The result is in(isputa,le. 5o Jesus tells the paraly=e( man to rise up an( go home. This sho.s that /e has authority in the +isi,le an( in+isi,le realms. ?erses 23,2*. The %ro.( .as totally ama=e( $ ne+er ha( anyone seen or eEpe%te( to see a paraly=e( man instantaneously heale(. Only Go( %oul( .ork su%h a mira%le an( o,+iously Jesus ha( a uni-ue relationship .ith Go(. #othing .as allo.e( to stop the frien(s of the paraly=e( man to get to Jesus. Jesus is still forgi+ing sins an( granting the free(om of Lo+e $ to gi+e .ithout eEpe%ting $ to meet e+il .ith goo(. If you li+e ,y the .orl('s la. $ you gi+e only .hat an( .hen you eEpe%t at least e-ual Mou gi+e as goo( as you get, .hether for goo( or ,a(.

3) Lesson ? %ontinue( #ote: 9harisees $ a party of people .ho trie( to li+e a%%or(ing to the Dosai% La. $ pre%epts as interprete( ,y the s%ri,es or (o%tors of the La.. They ha( to ,e free from all foreign influen%e. They looke( for hope in the prophesie( Dessiah $ .ho they represente( as an earthly ruler .ho .oul( (eli+er them from the "oman Oppression. They ga+e a spe%ial +alue to tra(itions an( eEpositions of the La.J many %eremonial la.s to (istinguish pure an( impure $ espe%ially in o,ser+an%e of the 5a,,ath. This ,e%ame superfi%ial an( formal. They .ere at the same time +iolating the real spirit of Go('s la.s. 9ri(e an( self righteous attitu(es le( them to eEalt themsel+es a,o+e the other people $ thinking they earne( from Go( ,y their o,ser+an%es. They therefore ha( no nee( or use for Jesus $ e+en thinking of /im as one to re>e%t an( get ri( of.

Lesson ?I Luke 3:2@$*:3.


2@ K n( after these things he .ent forth, an( sa. a pu,li%an, name( Le+i, sitting at the re%eipt of %ustom: an( he sai( unto him, :ollo. me. 21 n( he left all, rose up, an( follo.e( him. 24 K n( Le+i ma(e him a great feast in his o.n house: an( there .as a great %ompany of pu,li%ans an( of others that sat (o.n .ith them. 0) 8ut their s%ri,es an( 9harisees murmure( against his (is%iples, saying, Bhy (o ye eat an( (rink .ith pu,li%ans an( sinners6 0& n( Jesus ans.ering sai( unto them, They that are .hole nee( not a physi%ianJ ,ut they that are si%k. 02 I %ame not to %all the righteous, ,ut sinners to repentan%e. 00 K n( they sai( unto him, Bhy (o the (is%iples of John fast often, an( make prayers, an( like.ise the (is%iples of the 9hariseesJ ,ut thine eat an( (rink6 02 n( he sai( unto them, Can ye make the %hil(ren of the ,ri(e%ham,er fast, .hile the ,ri(egroom is .ith them6 03 8ut the (ays .ill %ome, .hen the ,ri(egroom shall ,e taken a.ay from them, an( then shall they fast in those (ays. 0* n( he spake also a para,le unto themJ #o man putteth a pie%e of a ne. garment upon an ol(J if other.ise, then ,oth the ne. maketh a rent, an( the pie%e that .as taken out of the ne. agreeth not .ith the ol(. 0@ n( no man putteth ne. .ine into ol( ,ottlesJ else the ne. .ine .ill ,urst the ,ottles, an( ,e spille(, an( the ,ottles shall perish. 01 8ut ne. .ine must ,e put into ne. ,ottlesJ an( ,oth are preser+e(. 04 #o man also ha+ing (runk ol( .ine straight.ay (esireth ne.J for he saith, The ol( is ,etter. Chapter *:&$3. & n( it %ame to pass on the se%on( sa,,ath after the first, that he .ent through the %orn fiel(sJ an( his (is%iples plu%ke( the ears of %orn, an( (i( eat, ru,,ing them in their han(s. 2 n( %ertain of the 9harisees sai( unto them, Bhy (o ye that .hi%h is not la.ful to (o on the sa,,ath (ays6 0 n( Jesus ans.ering them sai(, /a+e ye not rea( so mu%h as this, .hat Da+i( (i(, .hen himself .as ahungere(, an( they .hi%h .ere .ith himJ 2 ho. he .ent into the house of Go(, an( (i( take an( eat the sho.,rea(, an( ga+e also to them that .ere .ith himJ .hi%h it is not la.ful to eat ,ut for the priests alone6 3 n( he sai( unto them, That the 5on of man is Lor( also of the

Lesson ?I %ontinue( sa,,ath.


Luke 3:2@$02. The Call of Le+i, Life$%hanging moment. Le+i $ also %alle( Datthe. $ .ho .rote the :irst Gospel. /e .as a taE %olle%tor $ ser+ing /ero( ntipas .ho .as in %harge of that area. 8et.een %re on the De(iterranean 5ea an( Damas%us, to the north, the roa( .ent past Capernaum. There a %ustom station .as situate( to %olle%t taEes on goo(s transporte( on that roa(. ll pu,li%ans .ere .ell$pai(. They .ere %onsi(ere( hirelings of the hate( foreigners $ an( %onsi(ere( as %olla,orators an( outrageous sinners. Datthe. must ha+e hear( an( seen a great (eal of the results of Jesus' ministry in that +i%inity. It ha( an o,+ious effe%t. Jesus kne. his heart an( .hen /e .alke( past him, /e tol( him to follo. /im as /is (is%iple. ?erses 21,24. Le+i imme(iately follo.e( /im, lea+ing e+erything ,ehin(. /e .ante( to %ele,rate an( also make it possi,le for his fello.$pu,li%ans an( a%-uaintan%es to see an( hear Jesus. /e prepare( a great feast for Jesus at his house, an( in+ite( them. ?erses 0)$02. During the ,an-uet some of the s%ri,es an( 9harisees %ome $ pro,a,ly unin+ite( $ to .at%h Jesus. They o,>e%t to /is eating .ith su%h notorious sinners. Jesus replies that this is .hy /e %ame $ to rea%h sinners to %all them to repentan%e. s a physi%ian, /e has %ome to make .hole those that are si%k. The righteous For self$righteousG ha+e no nee( of a physi%ian. This is the opposite of the attitu(e of these people $ .ho are a,o+e any asso%iation .ith su%h o,+ious out%asts. The highest %alling of the Chur%h also is the rea%hing out to out%asts, to sinners for repentan%e an( forgi+eness. #ot to only offer an in+itation to respe%ta,le or righteous people. The 9harisees' i(ea .as sal+ation ,y separation, Jesus' is sal+ation ,y asso%iation. ?erses 00$04. Bhat :asting Deans. Luke no. sho.s us ho. the .ays of Jesus .ere (ifferent from those of John the 8aptist an( the 9harisees. ?erse 00. :rom John 0:2* .e see that some of John's (is%iples (i( not a%%ept John's (e%larations a,out Jesus an( a%tually ,e%ame %riti%al a,out /im an( his (is%iples. They ask .hy Jesus an( /is (is%iples (on't fast often an( make suppli%ations. ?erses 02,03. Jesus replies asking if the frien(s of the ,ri(egroom shoul( fast .hile the ,ri(egroom is .ith them. /e tells them the time .ill %ome .hen the ,ri(egroom .ill ,e taken a.ay

30 Lesson ?I %ontinue( FJesus' first hint of /is %oming (eathG, an( then they .ill fast from grief. fter /is resurre%tion an( the gi+ing of the /oly 5pirit there .oul( ne+er again ,e a reason for grief or fasting in the sense of loss, ,e%ause Jesus promises to ,e .ith e+ery ,elie+er e+en unto the en( of the .orl(. Therefore pea%e an( >oy shoul( ,e the spiritual attitu(e of a of Jesus. ?erse 0*. To further illustrate the (ifferen%e ,et.een the ol( .ays an( Jesus' .ay /e tells 2 para,les. /e tea%hes that it is foolish to tear a pie%e of a ne. garment to repair an ol( one. The ne. .ay /e .as tea%hing .oul( ,e ruine( if >oine( to the ol(, tra(itional forms of religion. lso .hen the ol( garment is .ashe(, the ne. pie%e has yet to shrink $ an( .ill pull the ol( %loth to pie%es. Thus .oul( it ,e to try to a(apt the prin%iples of Jesus to the ol( .ays. ?erses 0@, 01. #e. .ine .hi%h has yet to ferment, %annot ,e put in ol( .ineskins .hi%h ha+e alrea(y ,een stret%he(. Bhile fermenting, the ol( skins .oul( ,urst, (estroying them an( .asting the .ine. Bhen put in ne. skins, ,oth .ill ,e preser+e(. In the same .ay, the ne. .ay of life an( .orship ,rought ,y Jesus %annot ,e %ontaine( in the ol( stri%t forms of religion. The ne. life re-uires ne. forms. s the ol( Co+enant .as preparation for the #e. $ no. that Jesus has %ome, the #e. fulfills an( there,y superse(es the Ol(. The ol( %eremonies an( sa%rifi%es all pointe( to Christ, no. they are no longer nee(e(. ll this points to the (ifferen%e ,et.een the (is%iples of Jesus an( those of John an( the 9harisees. ?erse 04. /ere Jesus eEplains that those .ho are in the ha,it of (rinking ol( .ine, ha+e no taste for the ne.. Just so those .ho ha+e ha,itually fulfille( the forms of the ol( .ay of .orship are not only satisfie( .ith them, ,ut think that theirs is the only %orre%t .ay of pleasing Go(. This .as the main reason for the e+entual %ru%ifiEion of Jesus. #ote on fasting. In the Ol( Testament, fasting is only on the Great Day of tonement FLe+iti%us &*:24 $ affli%ting your souls in%lu(es fastingG. Other.ise it .as pra%ti%e( +oluntarily as a sign of mourning, (isaster, or national %alamities, a sign of repentan%e of sin. During the eEile in 8a,ylon, fasting ,e%ame an an( formal rite, thought to gain fa+or from Go(. fter the eEile the prophets pro%laime( that true fasting %onsiste( of renoun%ing sin, not in a,staining from foo( an( (rink. It persiste( an( (uring the time of Jesus many Je.s faste( t.i%e a .eek .ith mu%h (isplay. This .as a .ork of righteousness, to earn points .ith Go( an( sho. e+eryone else ho. religious they .ere, an( therefore ,etter

Lesson ?I %ontinue(


than those .ho (i(n't (o this. Jesus re>e%te( it as %ompulsory or (oing it to earn merits for its formal o,ser+an%e. /e /imself faste( an( a%%epts it as a +oluntary form of spiritual (e+otion. FDatthe. 2:2J *:&*$&1.G The first Christians also o,ser+e( it $ %ts 4:4J &0:2,0J an( &2:0. Luke *:&$3. Luke relates that Jesus is also Lor( of the 5a,,ath. ?erses &,2. Balking through %ornfiel(s on a 5a,,ath $ the (is%iples are hungry an( plu%k some ears an( eat the grain. %%or(ing to Deuteronomy 20:23 it .as la.ful to plu%k grain in the %ornfiel(s of others. 8ut a%%or(ing to the rigi( opinions of the 9harisees $ the (is%iples .ere ,reaking the 5a,,ath la.s. %%or(ing to them, plu%king an( ru,,ing .as the same as har+esting an( threshing, an( this .as for,i((en on the 5a,,ath. In a((ition to the Ol( Testament 5a,,ath prin%iples, the (o%tors of the la. pres%ri,e( literally thousan(s of pro+isions of .hat .as %omman(e(, an( espe%ially .hat .as for,i((en on the 5a,,ath. :ormalism $ legalism $ %lashes .ith the free, spiritual attitu(e of Jesus a,out the 5a,,ath. ?erses 0,2. In /is reply, Jesus lays (o.n the prin%iple that no %eremonial pro+ision shoul( stan( in the .ay of pro+i(ing for essential nee(s. 5a,,ath o,ser+an%es shoul( not ,e unne%essarily impose( ,ur(ens. Just as Da+i('s eEample F& 5amuel 2&G .as not against the spirit of the (i+ine 5a,,ath $ so like.ise the ,eha+ior of Jesus' (is%iples .as not sinful $ ,eing ne%essary for their physi%al .ell$,eing. That Jesus re>e%te( all man$ma(e formalism on the 5a,,ath, (i( not mean that the 5a,,ath shoul( not ,e %onse%rate( to Go( $ as a (ay of rest from or(inary a%ti+ities, an( to ser+e, .orship, an( glorify Go(. Jesus regularly atten(e( 5ynagogue ser+i%es on The 5a,,ath. ?erse 3. Jesus eEpressly (e%lares that as the Dessiah the 5on of Dan, /e has authority to (e%i(e in .hat spirit an( manner the 5a,,ath shoul( ,e kept. Later the Chur%h .oul( %hange the (ay of rest an( .orship to the (ay of Jesus' resurre%tion, the first (ay of the .eek. This is a sym,ol of the Ol( Co+enant of Borks gi+ing pla%e to the #e. Co+enant of Der%y an( Li,erty, a %ele,ration of ne.ness of heart an( life.

Lesson ?II Luke *:*$23.


* K n( it %ame to pass also on another sa,,ath, that he entere( into the synagogue an( taught: an( there .as a man .hose right han( .as .ithere(. @ n( the s%ri,es an( 9harisees .at%he( him, .hether he .oul( heal on the sa,,ath (ayJ that they might fin( an a%%usation against him. 1 8ut he kne. their thoughts, an( sai( to the man .hi%h ha( the .ithere( han(, "ise up, an( stan( forth in the mi(st. n( he arose an( stoo( forth. 4 Then sai( Jesus unto them, I .ill ask you one thingJ Is it la.ful on the sa,,ath (ays to (o goo(, or to (o e+il6 to sa+e life, or to (estroy it6 &) n( looking roun( a,out upon them all, he sai( unto the man, 5tret%h forth thy han(. n( he (i( so: an( his han( .as restore( .hole as the other. && n( they .ere fille( .ith ma(nessJ an( %ommune( one .ith another .hat they might (o to Jesus. &2 K n( it %ame to pass in those (ays, that he .ent out into a mountain to pray, an( %ontinue( all night in prayer to Go(. &0 n( .hen it .as (ay, he %alle( unto him his (is%iples: an( of them he %hose t.el+e, .hom also he name( apostlesJ &2 5imon, F.hom he also name( 9eter,G an( n(re. his ,rother, James an( John, 9hilip an( 8artholome., &3 Datthe. an( Thomas, James the son of l'pheus, an( 5imon %alle( Lelo'tes, &* an( Ju(as the ,rother of James, an( Ju(as Is%ar'i$ot, .hi%h also .as the traitor. &@ K n( he %ame (o.n .ith them, an( stoo( in the plain, an( the %ompany of his (is%iples, an( a great multitu(e of people out of all Ju(ea an( Jerusalem, an( from the sea%oast of Tyre an( 5i(on, .hi%h %ame to hear him, an( to ,e heale( of their (iseasesJ &1 an( they that .ere +eEe( .ith un%lean spirits: an( they .ere heale(. &4 n( the .hole multitu(e sought to tou%h him: for there .ent +irtue out of him, an( heale( them all. 2) K n( he lifte( up his eyes on his (is%iples, an( sai(, 8lesse( ,e ye poor: for yours is the king(om of Go(. 2& K 8lesse( are ye that hunger no.: for ye shall ,e fille(. 8lesse( are ye that .eep no.: for ye shall laugh. 22 K 8lesse( are ye, .hen men shall hate you, an( .hen they shall separate you from their %ompany, an( shall reproa%h you, an( %ast out your name as e+il, for the 5on of man's sake. 20 "e>oi%e ye in that (ay, an( leap for >oy: for, ,ehol(, your is great in hea+en: for in the like manner (i( their fathers unto the prophets. 22 K 8ut .oe unto you that are ri%hP for ye ha+e re%ei+e( your %onsolation. 23 K Boe unto you that are fullP for ye shall hunger. Boe unto you that laugh no.P for ye shall mourn an( .eep. 2* K Boe unto you, .hen all men shall speak .ell of youP for so (i( their fathers to the false prophets. 2@ K 8ut I say unto you .hi%h hear, Lo+e your enemies, (o goo( to them .hi%h hate you,

Lesson ?II %ontinue(


21 ,less them that %urse you, an( pray for them .hi%h (espitefully use you. 24 n( unto him that smiteth thee on the one %heek offer also the otherJ an( him that taketh a.ay thy %loak for,i( not to take thy %oat also. 0) Gi+e to e+ery man that asketh of theeJ an( of him that taketh a.ay thy goo(s ask them not again. 0& n( as ye .oul( that men shoul( (o to you, (o ye also to them like.ise. 02 K :or if ye lo+e them .hi%h lo+e you, .hat thank ha+e ye6 for sinners also lo+e those that lo+e them. 00 n( if ye (o goo( to them .hi%h (o goo( to you, .hat thank ha+e ye6 for sinners also (o e+en the same. 02 n( if ye len( to them of .hom ye hope to re%ei+e, .hat thank ha+e ye6 for sinners also len( to sinners, to re%ei+e as mu%h again. 03 8ut lo+e ye your enemies, an( (o goo(, an( len(, hoping for nothing againJ an( your shall ,e great, an( ye shall ,e the %hil(ren of the /ighest: for he is kin( unto the unthankful an( to the e+il. 0* 8e ye therefore mer%iful, as your :ather also is mer%iful. 0@ K Ju(ge not, an( ye shall not ,e >u(ge(: %on(emn not, an( ye shall not ,e %on(emne(: forgi+e, an( ye shall ,e forgi+en: 01 gi+e, an( it shall ,e gi+en unto youJ goo( measure, presse( (o.n, an( shaken together, an( running o+er, shall men gi+e into your ,osom. :or .ith the same measure that ye mete .ithal it shall ,e measure( to you again. 04 K n( he spake a para,le unto themJ Can the ,lin( lea( the ,lin(6 shall they not ,oth fall into the (it%h6 2) The (is%iple is not a,o+e his master: ,ut e+ery one that is perfe%t shall ,e as his master. 2& n( .hy ,ehol(est thou the mote that is in thy ,rother's eye, ,ut per%ei+est not the ,eam that is in thine o.n eye6 22 'ither ho. %anst thou say to thy ,rother, 8rother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye, .hen thou thyself ,ehol(est not the ,eam that is in thine o.n eye6 Thou hypo%rite, %ast out first the ,eam out of thine o.n eye, an( then shalt thou see %learly to pull out the mote that is in thy ,rother's eye. 20 K :or a goo( tree ,ringeth not forth %orrupt fruitJ neither (oth a %orrupt tree ,ring forth goo( fruit. 22 :or e+ery tree is kno.n ,y his o.n fruit. :or of thorns men (o not gather figs, nor of a ,ram,le ,ush gather they grapes. 23 goo( man out of the goo( treasure of his heart ,ringeth forth that .hi%h is goo(J an( an e+il man out of the e+il treasure of his heart ,ringeth forth that .hi%h is e+il: for of the a,un(an%e of the heart his mouth speaketh. 2* K n( .hy %all ye me, Lor(, Lor(, an( (o not the things .hi%h I say6 2@ Bhosoe+er %ometh to me, an( heareth my sayings, an( (oeth them, I .ill sho. you to .hom he is like: 21 he is like a man .hi%h ,uilt a house, an( (igge( (eep, an( lai( the foun(ation on a ro%k: an( .hen the floo( arose, the stream ,eat +ehemently upon that house, an( %oul( not shake itJ for it .as foun(e( upon a ro%k.

Lesson ?II %ontinue(


24 8ut he that heareth, an( (oeth not, is like a man that .ithout a foun(ation ,uilt a house upon the earthJ against .hi%h the stream (i( ,eat +ehemently, an( imme(iately it fellJ an( the ruin of that house .as great. Luke *:*$&&. /ealing of the Dan .ith the Bithere( /an(. ?erses *,@. nother 5a,,ath. Jesus .as tea%hing in a synagogue. 5ome s%ri,es an( 9harisees .ere there .ith the set purpose of fin(ing fault in Jesus $ to fin( something to a%%use /im of $ to e+entually get ri( of /im. ?erse 1. Jesus .as fully a.are of their intentions. "ather than a+oi(ing %onfli%t, /e pointe(ly pro%ee(s to heal the %ripple( man. /e asks the man to stan( in the mi((le of the %ongregation so e+eryone %an see. This stan(s in sharp %ontrast .ith thoughts an( intents of the s%ri,es an( 9harisees. ?erses 4,&). Bhile the man is stan(ing there, the Lor( asks .hether it is la.ful on the 5a,,ath to (o goo( or e+ilJ to sa+e life or (estroy it. t that time the re%ogni=e( opinion among the Je.s .as that only if a person's life .as in (anger %oul( a si%k person ,e treate( on the 5a,,ath. Jesus on the other han( regar(e( it as sinful to lea+e a man .ith this serious han(i%ap in this pitiful %on(ition, .hen /e %oul( imme(iately heal him. Jesus .as portraying the .ill of Go( that healing shoul( ,e gi+en e+en on the 5a,,ath. On the other han( the moti+es of the s%ri,es an( 9harisees .ere to fin( fault an( plan ho. to ,ring serious %harges against Jesus $ they planne( (estru%tion. /e only sought to (o goo(. Jesus then looke( aroun( at the %ro.(, %ertainly .ith some sa(ness ,e%ause of these people's la%k of %ompassion, an( spiritual un(erstan(ing of the truth a,out .hat Jesus sai(, an( .hat /e .as a,out to (o. ?erse &&. Jesus pro%ee(e( to heal the man. Then they pro%ee(e( to talk amongst themsel+es in a +ery agitate( manner a,out .hat they %oul( (o against Jesus. The final result .as to ,e /is (eath. F5ee also Dark 0:3,*.G nother lesson to the %hur%h, the Christian's mission is to ,e e+er rea(y to (o goo(, to sa+e life any (ay an( on the 5a,,ath also. Thus to follo. Jesus' eEample sho.s us .hat our reasona,le ser+i%e to /im an( to Go( is. 9.5. $ Only Luke mentions that it .as the man's right han(. Though the Je.ish tra(ition %alle( for no .ork on the 5a,,ath it .as in fa%t (estru%ti+e. 8y thinking they .ere pleasing Go( ,y their ina%tion ,y refusing to sa+e life, they in fa%t .ere (oing e+il. ?erses &2$&*. Choosing the T.el+e postles. Thus far Luke has (es%ri,e( Jesus re+ealing /imself, the promise( Dessiah, in uni-uely (i+ine kno.le(ge,, an( authority. /e has also sho.n the num,er an( intensity of those .ho oppose( /imJ +ery many of the lea(ers an( also a great num,er of more or(inary people. The ma>ority of the %hosen nation .oul( refuse to

Lesson ?II %ontinue(


a%%ept /im as the promise( "e(eemer. ne. %ongregation must ,e foun(e(, e+en %alle( out from the e+er$faithful remnant among the Je.s. Thus Luke re%or(s the o%%asion .hen Jesus %hose t.el+e as apostles, the foun(ers of the ne. %ongregation. ?erse &2. striking re%urring a%ti+ity .as Jesus' intimate %ommunion .ith /is :ather in prayer. On many o%%asions, espe%ially in Luke, .e rea( of /is seeking out a pla%e of solitu(e in or(er to pray. In this %ase /e spent a .hole night in prayer. The future of /is %hur%h (epen(e( on /is %hoi%es. It must ,e a%%or(ing to the perfe%t .ill of the :ather. It is at first almost sho%king that among the &2 .as the one .ho .oul( ultimately ,etray /im. Met this .as ne%essary in Go('s perfe%t 9lan. ?erse &0. 'arly the morning, Jesus %alle( to /im those .ho .ere .ith /im an( %hose &2 .ho .oul( hen%eforth ,e espe%ially %lose to /im an( %alle( them no longer >ust (is%iples, ,ut postles Fmeaning persons sent .ith a spe%ial %harge an( spe%ial authority from /imG. ?erses &2$&*. The list of names also appears in Datthe. &):2$2J Dark 0:&*$&4J %ts &:&0. 9eter's name appears first in all four $ ,eing re%ogni=e( as lea(er. Ju(as Is%ariot is al.ays last. Datthe. is sometimes %alle( Le+i. Ju(as, son of James, is also %alle( Tha((eus, an( Ju(as not Is%ariot. lesson here .oul( suggest that all important (e%isions, espe%ially %on%erning Go('s .ill, shoul( ,e pre%e(e( ,y serious prayer. ?erses &@$24. The 5ermon on the Dount. In these +erses Jesus, .ith a,solute authority, pro%laims the la.s of the ;ing(om of Go(. s no man e+er spoke ,efore or sin%e, /e (e%lares that .hat ea%h person (oes in response to /is .or(s (etermines their a%%eptan%e or re>e%tion of Go('s offer of sal+ation through /im. ?erses &@$&4. Dost s%holars assume that this is ,asi%ally the same sermon as that in Datthe. @ $ though in a shorter +ersion. fter %hoosing the &2 /e (es%en(e( further (o.n the mountain to a le+el pla%e .here /e sat (o.n to tea%h those /im. great multitu(e gathere( in a((ition to /is apostles an( (is%iples. ?erse 2). fter Jesus %ure( many, /e starte( /is sermon on the more le+el slope of the mountain. /e ,egins ,y talking to /is (is%iples a,out .hat .ere to ,e %alle( the 8eatitu(es $ 8lesse( ,e... /e is not %alling poor people ,lesse( ,e%ause of a la%k of material possessions, ,ut those that (o not li+e for or only seek .ealth an( a%%umulation of earthly things. They re%ogni=e their o.n po+erty of life an( %ome to Jesus for the life that is real $ of eternal +alue. If a poor person reali=es his %omplete (epen(en%e on Go( an( hum,ly seeks to follo. /im, .ill ,e ,lesse( to some (egree in

Lesson ?II %ontinue( this life ,ut more a,un(antly in the neEt. ?erse 2&. 5o also those .ho hunger spiritually, .ho reali=e their o.n sinfulness an( ina,ility to meet the re-uirements of Go(, .ill re%ei+e ,lessing. Those .ho mourn o+er their sinful %on(ition .ill re%ei+e real %omfort an( >oy.


?ersus 22,20. It shoul( ,e %onsi(ere( a great pri+ilege to ,e (espise( an( perse%ute( ,e%ause of their faithfulness to Jesus. This is proof that their fello.ship .ith Go( is true an( the .orl( re>e%ts them. "i%h ,lessings an( eE%ee(ing >oy are their ?erses 22$2*. Jesus talks to those .ho (on't follo. /im .ho in self righteousness an( pri(e are only happy a,out their earthly possessions. They seek only their o.n happiness ,ase( upon material things, not a.are of their o.n responsi,ility, an( (epen(en%e upon Go(. They .ill hereafter only reali=e their spiritual (arkness .ith hopeless sorro.. To ,e praise( ,y the un,elie+ing .orl( only pro+es that they ha+e no relationship .ith Go(. /e .ho attempts to li+e a holy life .ill only lea( to fri%tion .ith the ungo(ly an( thus ,e%ome out%asts. The life of Jesus is the ,est eEample of pleasing Go(. This lea(s to hatre(, re>e%tion, an( finally (eath at the han(s of the ungo(ly. The pre+ious +erses (es%ri,e some of the -ualifi%ations of those .ho are a(mitte( as mem,ers of /is king(om. ?erses 2@$23. /e (es%ri,es the prin%iples of li+ing for the su,>e%ts of /is king(om in their relations .ith their fello. men. /e speaks to all those present, not only /is (is%iples. '+eryone is o,ligate( to meet those stan(ar(s. ?erse 2@. ll the prin%iples are ,ase( on lo+e $ not as merely a sentiment ,ut as a%tion those .ho are .orse off an( e+en those .ho are hostile. The Je.s regar(e( their neigh,ors as those Je.s .ho .ere e-ual to themsel+es $ mainly those .ho %oul( return their fa+ors. Jesus goes so far as treating e+en enemies .ith gi+ing an( goo( .ill. ?erses 21$0). /ere Jesus gi+es pra%ti%al eEamples of ho. this gi+ing, goo( .ill must ,e pra%ti%e( one's enemies. Be must .ish an( pray for ,lessings for those .ho %urse an( insult us. '+en if treate( +iolently, no re+enge shoul( ,e taken. /atre( shoul( ne+er ,e returne(. Bishing .hat is ,est for the other person (oes in%lu(e re,uking the sinner .ith the hope of their repentan%e an( therefore re%on%iliation.

Lesson ?III Luke *:0&$@:&@.


0& n( as ye .oul( that men shoul( (o to you, (o ye also to them like.ise. 02 K :or if ye lo+e them .hi%h lo+e you, .hat thank ha+e ye6 for sinners also lo+e those that lo+e them. 00 n( if ye (o goo( to them .hi%h (o goo( to you, .hat thank ha+e ye6 for sinners also (o e+en the same. 02 n( if ye len( to them of .hom ye hope to re%ei+e, .hat thank ha+e ye6 for sinners also len( to sinners, to re%ei+e as mu%h again. 03 8ut lo+e ye your enemies, an( (o goo(, an( len(, hoping for nothing againJ an( your shall ,e great, an( ye shall ,e the %hil(ren of the /ighest: for he is kin( unto the unthankful an( to the e+il. 0* 8e ye therefore mer%iful, as your :ather also is mer%iful. 0@ K Ju(ge not, an( ye shall not ,e >u(ge(: %on(emn not, an( ye shall not ,e %on(emne(: forgi+e, an( ye shall ,e forgi+en: 01 gi+e, an( it shall ,e gi+en unto youJ goo( measure, presse( (o.n, an( shaken together, an( running o+er, shall men gi+e into your ,osom. :or .ith the same measure that ye mete .ithal it shall ,e measure( to you again. 04 K n( he spake a para,le unto themJ Can the ,lin( lea( the ,lin(6 shall they not ,oth fall into the (it%h6 2) The (is%iple is not a,o+e his master: ,ut e+ery one that is perfe%t shall ,e as his master. 2& n( .hy ,ehol(est thou the mote that is in thy ,rother's eye, ,ut per%ei+est not the ,eam that is in thine o.n eye6 22 'ither ho. %anst thou say to thy ,rother, 8rother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye, .hen thou thyself ,ehol(est not the ,eam that is in thine o.n eye6 Thou hypo%rite, %ast out first the ,eam out of thine o.n eye, an( then shalt thou see %learly to pull out the mote that is in thy ,rother's eye. 20 K :or a goo( tree ,ringeth not forth %orrupt fruitJ neither (oth a %orrupt tree ,ring forth goo( fruit. 22 :or e+ery tree is kno.n ,y his o.n fruit. :or of thorns men (o not gather figs, nor of a ,ram,le ,ush gather they grapes. 23 goo( man out of the goo( treasure of his heart ,ringeth forth that .hi%h is goo(J an( an e+il man out of the e+il treasure of his heart ,ringeth forth that .hi%h is e+il: for of the a,un(an%e of the heart his mouth speaketh. 2* K n( .hy %all ye me, Lor(, Lor(, an( (o not the things .hi%h I say6 2@ Bhosoe+er %ometh to me, an( heareth my sayings, an( (oeth them, I .ill sho. you to .hom he is like: 21 he is like a man .hi%h ,uilt a house, an( (igge( (eep, an( lai( the foun(ation on a ro%k: an( .hen the floo( arose, the stream

Lesson ?III %ontinue(


,eat +ehemently upon that house, an( %oul( not shake itJ for it .as foun(e( upon a ro%k. 24 8ut he that heareth, an( (oeth not, is like a man that .ithout a foun(ation ,uilt a house upon the earthJ against .hi%h the stream (i( ,eat +ehemently, an( imme(iately it fellJ an( the ruin of that house .as great. Chapter @:&$&@. & #o. .hen he ha( en(e( all his sayings in the au(ien%e of the people, he entere( into Caper'na$um. 2 n( a %ertain %enturion's ser+ant, .ho .as (ear unto him, .as si%k, an( rea(y to (ie. 0 n( .hen he hear( of Jesus, he sent unto him the el(ers of the Je.s, ,esee%hing him that he .oul( %ome an( heal his ser+ant. 2 n( .hen they %ame to Jesus, they ,esought him instantly, saying, That he .as .orthy for .hom he shoul( (o this: 3 for he lo+eth our nation, an( he hath ,uilt us a synagogue. * Then Jesus .ent .ith them. n( .hen he .as no. not far from the house, the %enturion sent frien(s to him, saying unto him, Lor(, trou,le not thyselfJ for I am not .orthy that thou shoul(est enter un(er my roof: @ .herefore neither thought I myself .orthy to %ome unto thee: ,ut say in a .or(, an( my ser+ant shall ,e heale(. 1 :or I also am a man set un(er authority, ha+ing un(er me sol(iers, an( I say unto one, Go, an( he goethJ an( to another, Come, an( he %omethJ an( to my ser+ant, Do this, an( he (oeth it. 4 Bhen Jesus hear( these things, he mar+ele( at him, an( turne( him a,out, an( sai( unto the people that follo.e( him, I say unto you, I ha+e not foun( so great faith, no, not in Israel. &) n( they that .ere sent, returning to the house, foun( the ser+ant .hole that ha( ,een si%k. && K n( it %ame to pass the (ay after, that he .ent into a %ity %alle( #ainJ an( many of his (is%iples .ent .ith him, an( mu%h people. &2 #o. .hen he %ame nigh to the gate of the %ity, ,ehol(, there .as a (ea( man %arrie( out, the only son of his mother, an( she .as a .i(o.: an( mu%h people of the %ity .as .ith her. &0 n( .hen the Lor( sa. her, he ha( %ompassion on her, an( sai( unto her, Beep not. &2 n( he %ame an( tou%he( the ,ier: an( they that ,are him stoo( still. n( he sai(, Moung man, I say unto thee, rise. &3 n( he that .as (ea( sat up, an( ,egan to speak. n( he (eli+ere( him to his mother. &* n( there %ame a fear on all: an( they glorifie( Go(, saying, That a great prophet is risen up among usJ an(, That Go( hath +isite(

Lesson ?III %ontinue( his people. &@ n( this rumor of him .ent forth throughout all Ju(ea, an( throughout all the region roun( a,out.


?erse 0&. negati+e form of the gol(en rule ha( ,een pronoun%e( ,y Je.ish spiritual lea(ers ,efore the time of Jesus. It ,asi%ally says HDon't (o to others .hat you (on't .ant them to (o to you.H Jesus states /is rule in the proa%ti+e, positi+e sense $ ho. .e shoul( a%t our neigh,ors. ?erse 02$02. /ere Jesus points out that an attitu(e of perfe%t lo+e shoul( ,e unselfish e+en one's enemies. The truth of a person's unselfish lo+e .ill ,e seen in ho. that person (eals .ith an( a%ts those that are against them. To ,e ni%e to those that are ni%e to us is a naturally easy thing. Dost people that (on't ,elie+e in Jesus (o that. ?erse 03. To li+e as a %hil( of Go( one must follo. Go('s eEample as a %omman(ment. s Go( (oes goo( those that are un,elie+ing, un%aring, ungrateful, an( re,ellious /im. Thus ,y (oing goo( to them that hate you, you sho. that Go( is your /ea+enly :ather. ?erses 0*$01. lso >ust as Go( is mer%iful, so .e must ,e mer%iful. This also in%lu(es >u(ging others $ only Go( kno.s a person's %on(ition, %ir%umstan%es, an( the (isposition of their heart $ only /e has the right to (e%i(e their guilt or inno%en%e. It is the attitu(e of fin(ing fault, an( %on(emning, that Jesus is saying is .rong. This in no .ay interferes .ith o,eying the la.s of the lan( or in the pursuit of >usti%e. Be must not seek re+enge, ,ut forgi+e those .ho ha+e sinne( against us, >ust as Go( has forgi+en us. Be are also %alle( upon to sho. mer%y ,y gi+ing to those in nee( $ to share one's time, money, or anything that %oul( help someone, .ithout %ounting the %ost, or eEpe%ting anything in return, or in thinking that .e are earning some merit .ith Go(. Go( has so or(aine( that e+en in this life the generous gi+er .ill re%ei+e ,lessings $ no one %an out$gi+e Go(. Jesus tea%hes that there are al.ays more ,lessings gi+en to a person than that person %an gi+e. 5ee also Datthe. 23:0&$2*. ?erses 04,2). Luke's +ersion of this sermon is a shorter one than in Datthe.. ll of Jesus' .or(s relate( to these +erses .ere not .ritten (o.nJ the %hange in su,>e%t seems a,rupt. /ere Jesus emphasi=es ho. foolish it .oul( ,e for a person .ho .as ,lin( to try to gui(e others. The only out%ome .oul( ,e (isaster. Those .ho are looking for someone to follo. shoul( ,e %areful an( make %ertain that

Lesson ?III %ontinue(


they (o not %hoose a ,lin( one. Jesus a(+ises /is hearers that the s%ri,es an( 9harisees (on't kno. the .ay an( %an only lea( them into a (it%h. In +erses 2@$24 Jesus sho.s them that /e is the only right %hoi%e $ The Bay, The Truth, an( The Life. ?erses 2&,22. Jesus tea%hes that ,efore someone thinks they shoul( ,e telling others .hat to (o an( ho. to li+e, he or she shoul( eEamine their o.n life. Only .hen one has foun( the right path shoul( one ha+e the right to gui(e others. ?erses 20$23. To illustrate the pre+ious lesson, Jesus tells this para,le of the goo( an( the %orrupt trees. s a goo( tree ,ears goo( fruit $ ,eing the nature of the tree. 5o also a person .ho is goo( .ill say an( (o things that are goo(. person a%ts out of the nature of their (isposition, an( their attitu(e refle%ts their true personality. 5o also if a person (oes harm to others an( speaks e+il things, it re+eals their %orrupt (isposition. ?erses 2*$24. Jesus (es%ri,es .hat a.aits those .ho follo. /is .or(s an( those that (o not $ a ,lesse( future or a fatal en(. :or those .ho %laim Jesus is their Lor(, an( yet (o not li+e ,y /is .or(s ha+e no part in /im. /e .ho surren(ers himself to Jesus an( follo.s /is gui(an%e, an( o,eys /is %omman(s, .ill reap the ri%hest house ,uilt on ,e(ro%k .ill .ithstan( any storms. Those o,e(ient to Christ's tea%hing .ill %ome through affli%tions an( temptations triumphantly. Those .ho hear /is .or(s an( (o not keep them .ill suffer (isastrous loss >ust as those .ho ,uil( upon san( .ill eEperien%e a fatal %rash .hen the storms of life o+er.helm them. Datthe. (es%ri,es the rea%tion of the %ro.( at the en( of the 5ermon FDatthe. @:21,24G. It %ame to pass, .hen Jesus en(e( these .or(s, the multitu(es .ere astonishe( at /is tea%hing, for /e taught them as one ha+ing authority, an( not as their s%ri,es. Con%lusion: #either ,efore nor sin%e Jesus has anyone taught su%h high stan(ar(s for ho. a person shoul( li+e in thought an( a%tion Go( an( one's fello. man. It %oul( ,e (es%ri,e( as a,solute perfe%tion in lo+e. #o one has e+er, or e+er .ill, ,e a,le to fulfill this. Only Jesus /imself a%%omplishe( this perfe%tly in /is earthly life. /e is the 9erfe%t Gi+er of the (i+ine la. an( the 9erfe%t 'Eample of its pra%ti%e. #one of these things are to ,e (one .ith any thinking of earning merit or pleasing Go(, ,ut ,y only the appropriate thankful .ay to li+e to sho. our gratefulness for Go('s mer%y an( a%%eptan%e of us as /is %hil(ren through the gift of Jesus our 5a+iour an( Lor(.

Lesson ?III %ontinue( @:&$&). The Centurion of Capernaum. Luke (es%ri,es the healing of a man's ser+ant .ithout going near him. ?erse &. Capernaum.


t the en( of the sermon on the mount, Jesus returns to

?erses 2,0. ser+ant of a "oman offi%er .as near (eath. The offi%er .as +ery fon( of the ser+ant an( ha+ing hear( of the mira%les of Jesus, he sent the el(ers of the lo%al synagogue to ask Jesus to %ome an( heal the ser+ant. ?erses 2,3. The Je.ish lea(ers .ere +ery .illing to inter%e(e( for the 5ol(ier. The sol(ier ha( ,uilt a synagogue for them in Capernaum $ at his o.n eEpense. /e also must ha+e not felt .orthy to %ome to Jesus himself. ?erses *$1. Bhen he hear( that Jesus .as %oming, he sent .or( ,y frien(s that Jesus nee( not go to the trou,le of a%tually %oming to his house. The sol(ier ha( %omplete faith in the authority an( of Jesus. Just as he as a sol(ier is o,eye( .ithout hesitation ,y those un(er him, that Jesus ha( the authority to sen( healing ,y /is Bor( $ it .as unne%essary that Jesus ,e a%tually present. ?erse 4. parallel a%%ount in Datthe. 1:3$&0 emphasi=es that after the %enturion sent his frien(s, he himself ,e%ause of the seriousness of the o%%asion .ent Jesus. 8oth took pla%e $ one .riter mentioning one part, the other .riter mentions the other. Jesus .as -uite surprise( at the %ertain faith of this pagan sol(ier. The sol(ier re%ogni=e( the (i+ine authority of Jesus $ a fa%t that most of the Je.s (i( not a%kno.le(ge. ?erse &). Bhen the messengers .ent ,a%k to the man's house, the ser+ant .as alrea(y heale(. T.o important -ualities seen in the Centurion: he .as hum,le, feeling un.orthy, an( at the same time he ha( .hole hearte( faith in Christ. @:&&$&@. The 5on of the Bi(o. of #ain. "e%or(e( only in Luke. 8eyon( the a,ility of healing someone near (eath $ here Jesus ,rings one alrea(y (ea(, ,a%k to life. ?erses &&, &2. On the .ay south of Capernaum, Jesus, /is (is%iples, an( a large %ro.(, .ere .alking near the to.n of #ain $ a,out 2 miles .est of 'n(or, on a slope of the mountains %alle( Little /ermon $ it eEists to(ay. Tom,s in ro%k ha+e ,een foun( near the eastern gate of the +illage, along the roa( lea(ing to Capernaum. Thus as Jesus an( /is follo.ers neare( the +illage they %ame upon the pro%ession near the gate $ pro,a,ly in%lu(ing the family, hire( mourners an( some musi%ians .ith flutes an( %ym,als. ?erses &0,&2. %%or(ing to %ustom, the .i(o.e( mother .oul( ,e .alking in front of the ,ier upon .hi%h her (ea( son .as %arrie(. It .as natural that Jesus .oul( talk to her an( %omfort her ,efore he %ause( the ,earers to stop. In (eep %ompassion an( sympathy .ith the mourning mother, Jesus %omman(e( the young man to rise up an( %ome ,a%k to life. There .ere no pre+ious re-uirements of any merit or e+en faith on anyone's part. ?erse &3. Jesus is Lor( o+er life an( (eath, possessing o+er the spiritual realm. /e %alls the young man's spirit to %ome

Lesson ?III %ontinue( ,a%k $ ,ringing the ,o(y ,a%k to life. In (eep sympathy for the .i(o.e( mother $ .ho aske( nothing of him $ /e ga+e the young man ,a%k to her.


?erses &*,&@. This e+ent .as so o,+iously a .ork only possi,le .ith Go( that those present kne. that Jesus .as from Go( $ at least a great prophet. #o prophet ha( ,een seen in Israel for se+eral generations. This .as an un(enia,le an( astonishing testimony to Go( again +isiting /is people. The perfe%t fulfillment of Jesus as ?i%tor o+er (eath an( the reuniting of lo+e( ones, .ill take pla%e in the hea+enly realm. ll those .ho ha+e (ie( in Christ .ill ,e raise( in%orrupti,le along .ith those still ali+e $ to ,e fore+er together .ith Jesus.

Lesson IA Luke @:&1$3).


&1 K n( the (is%iples of John sho.e( him of all these things. &4 n( John %alling unto him t.o of his (is%iples sent them to Jesus, saying, rt thou he that shoul( %ome6 or look .e for another6 2) Bhen the men .ere %ome unto him, they sai(, John 8aptist hath sent us unto thee, saying, rt thou he that shoul( %ome6 or look .e for another6 2& n( in that same hour he %ure( many of their infirmities an( plagues, an( of e+il spiritsJ an( unto many that .ere ,lin( he ga+e sight. 22 Then Jesus ans.ering sai( unto them, Go your .ay, an( tell John .hat things ye ha+e seen an( hear(J ho. that the ,lin( see, the lame .alk, the lepers are %leanse(, the (eaf hear, the (ea( are raise(, to the poor the gospel is prea%he(. 20 n( ,lesse( is he, .hosoe+er shall not ,e offen(e( in me. 22 K n( .hen the messengers of John .ere (eparte(, he ,egan to speak unto the people %on%erning John, Bhat .ent ye out into the .il(erness for to see6 ree( shaken .ith the .in(6 23 8ut .hat .ent ye out for to see6 man %lothe( in soft raiment6 8ehol(, they .hi%h are gorgeously apparele(, an( li+e (eli%ately, are in kings' %ourts. 2* 8ut .hat .ent ye out for to see6 prophet6 Mea, I say unto you, an( mu%h more than a prophet. 2@ This is he, of .hom it is .ritten, 8ehol(, I sen( my messenger ,efore thy fa%e, .hi%h shall prepare thy .ay ,efore thee. 21 :or I say unto you, mong those that are ,orn of .omen there is not a greater prophet than John the 8aptist: ,ut he that is least in the king(om of Go( is greater than he. 24 n( all the people that hear( him, an( the pu,li%ans, >ustifie( Go(, ,eing ,apti=e( .ith the ,aptism of John. 0) 8ut the 9harisees an( la.yers re>e%te( the %ounsel of Go( against themsel+es, ,eing not ,apti=e( of him. 0& K n( the Lor( sai(, Bhereunto then shall I liken the men of this generation6 an( to .hat are they like6 02 They are like unto %hil(ren sitting in the market pla%e, an( %alling one to another, an( saying, Be ha+e pipe( unto you, an( ye ha+e not (an%e(J .e ha+e mourne( to you, an( ye ha+e not .ept. 00 :or John the 8aptist %ame neither eating ,rea( nor (rinking .ineJ an( ye say, /e hath a (e+il. 02 The 5on of man is %ome eating an( (rinkingJ an( ye say, 8ehol( a gluttonous man, an( a .ine,i,,er, a frien( of pu,li%ans an( sinnersP 03 8ut .is(om is >ustifie( of all her %hil(ren. 0* K n( one of the 9harisees (esire( him that he .oul( eat .ith him. n( he .ent into the 9harisee's house, an( sat (o.n to meat. 0@ n(, ,ehol(, a .oman in the %ity, .hi%h .as a sinner, .hen she kne. that Jesus sat at meat in the 9harisee's house, ,rought an ala,aster ,oE of ointment, 01 an( stoo( at his feet ,ehin( him .eeping, an( ,egan to .ash his feet .ith tears, an( (i( .ipe them .ith the hairs of her hea(, an( kisse( his feet, an( anointe( them .ith the ointment.

Lesson IA %ontinue(


04 #o. .hen the 9harisee .hi%h ha( ,i((en him sa. it, he spake .ithin himself, saying, This man, if he .ere a prophet, .oul( ha+e kno.n .ho an( .hat manner of .oman this is that tou%heth himJ for she is a sinner. 2) n( Jesus ans.ering sai( unto him, 5imon, I ha+e some.hat to say unto thee. n( he saith, Daster, say on. 2& There .as a %ertain %re(itor .hi%h ha( t.o (e,tors: the one o.e( fi+e hun(re( pen%e, an( the other fifty. 22 n( .hen they ha( nothing to pay, he frankly forga+e them ,oth. Tell me therefore, .hi%h of them .ill lo+e him most6 20 5imon ans.ere( an( sai(, I suppose that he, to .hom he forga+e most. n( he sai( unto him, Thou hast rightly >u(ge(. 22 n( he turne( to the .oman, an( sai( unto 5imon, 5eest thou this .oman6 I entere( into thine house, thou ga+est me no .ater for my feet: ,ut she hath .ashe( my feet .ith tears, an( .ipe( them .ith the hairs of her hea(. 23 Thou ga+est me no kiss: ,ut this .oman, sin%e the time I %ame in, hath not %ease( to kiss my feet. 2* Dy hea( .ith oil thou (i(st not anoint: ,ut this .oman hath anointe( my feet .ith ointment. 2@ Bherefore I say unto thee, /er sins, .hi%h are many, are forgi+enJ for she lo+e( mu%h: ,ut to .hom little is forgi+en, the same lo+eth little. 21 n( he sai( unto her, Thy sins are forgi+en. 24 n( they that sat at meat .ith him ,egan to say .ithin themsel+es, Bho is this that forgi+eth sins also6 3) n( he sai( to the .oman, Thy faith hath sa+e( theeJ go in pea%e. ?erses &1$03. John the 8aptist sen(s 2 (is%iples to Jesus. The (is%iples of John are aske( to .at%h the .orks Jesus .as performing as the fulfillment of 5%ripture %on%erning the Dessiah. Jesus %alls John the greatest of all prophets ,e%ause he .as the forerunner of Jesus, the Lam, of Go(. ?erses &1,&4. John .as alrea(y in prison, an( must ha+e hear( of some of the things Jesus .as (oing an( saying. Jesus .as not ,ringing >u(gment against the sinnersJ /e .as not organi=ing a re+olt, he .as not ,e%oming a politi%al lea(er. /e ha( left John in prison. John .as %onfuse( an( (i( not un(erstan( .hat .as a%tually going on. /e .as after all a falli,le human ,eing. ?erses 2)$22. It .as .hile Jesus .as in+ol+e( in many .orks of mer%y through healing that the (is%iples of John %ame an( -uestione( /im. Jesus (oes not imme(iately reply ,ut %ontinues to perform .orks that sho. (i+ine lo+e, mer%y, an( /e gi+es sight to the ,lin(, makes the lame .alk, the (eaf hear, the lepers %lean, raises the (ea(, an( also prea%hes the gla( ti(ings. 8y mentioning all this, Jesus .ants to remin( John of Isaiah 03:3,* an( 3&:& .here the .orks of the promise( Dessiah are (es%ri,e(. s Jesus fulfills these prophe%ies they ,e%ome the proof that /e is the 9romise( One. ?erse 20. In these .or(s Jesus .arns that these proofs are so

Lesson IA %ontinue( o,+ious an( unmistaka,le that no one shoul( -uestion that. Jesus is (oing eEa%tly .hat /e is suppose( to.


?erse 22. fter John's (is%iples lea+e, Jesus asks a num,er of rhetori%al -uestions of those .ho remain. Nuestions that /e eEpe%ts no ans.ers to. /is ans.ers pro%laim the greatness of John, /is forerunner. :irst: John is (etermine( an( un.a+ering, not influen%e( ,y the opinions of others. /e remaine( true to his mission. 8y sen(ing messengers, John .as -uestioning Jesus' metho(s o,+iously misun(erstan(ing Jesus' mission as the suffering ser+ant. ?erse 23. The se%on( -uestion $ also re-uiring a negati+e sho.s the 8aptist (enying himself any earthy %omforts or luEury, only rough %lothing an( simple foo(. This .as effe%ti+e in his moti+es $ prea%hing repentan%e. Nuite a %ontrast to most mo(ern me(ia prea%hers in our time. ?erse 2*. Through his prea%hing, John not only prophesie( a,out the %oming of the Dessiah ,ut also, sa. /im an( pointe( /im out as the Lam, of Go( .ho takes a.ay the sins of the .orl(. /e .as therefore more than a prophet. ?erse 2@. John .as prophesie( ,y Dala%hi 0:& as the forerunner sent to %all the people to a %hange of heart an( life Go( an( therefore to ,e rea(y to a%%ept an( o,ey the 9romise( Dessiah. ?erse 21. The Ol( Testament prophets only .ere gi+en pie%es of .hat Jesus .as to ,e. John ho.e+er .as the li+ing prophet .hen Jesus ,egan /is ministry $ /is heral(. /e also ,apti=e( Jesus, an( .itnesse( ,efore men that /e .as the 5a+iour. Though the most important prophet $ ,eing the %losest to Christ $ yet he takes a pla%e than e+ery ,elie+er of the #e. Testament. John .as part of the preparation $ yet he (i( not a%tually un(erstan( the %omplete mission of Jesus .hi%h .as not finishe( until the (eath an( resurre%tion. Long ,efore that time John ha( ,een kille(. Jesus is the Dessenger of the #e. Co+enant. ?erses 24,0). There .as a great (ifferen%e ,et.een the responses t.o groups to John's prea%hing. The %ommon people .ere %on+i%te( sin, a%kno.le(ging John's %all to repentan%e, an( pu,li% (isplay su%h ,y ,eing ,apti=e( to sho. a turning from sin, an( a ne.ness life Go(. The s%ri,es an( 9harisees felt no su%h nee( an( refuse( Go('s offer of forgi+eness. of of of of ?erses 0&$02. Jesus uses this para,le to (es%ri,e the attitu(e an( a%tions of the Je.ish lea(ers .ho listene( to neither John nor to Jesus. They are like groups of %hil(ren $ .hen one group playe( musi% as at a .e((ing, the other group .oul( not (an%e. Bhen the first group playe( a sa( song like at a funeral, the other group .oul( not play along. In this .ay Jesus sho.e( ho. this self$.ille( an( self$ righteous generation .as (issatisfie( .ith .hate+er Go( ha( to offer through /is messengers.

Lesson IA %ontinue(


?erse 03. Those .ho lo+e Go( a%%ept an( follo. .hoe+er Go( sen(s to them, .hether a prea%her of repentan%e, or Jesus .ho ,rought the Goo( #e.s of forgi+eness through /is 5a%rifi%e. ?erses 0*$3). The 5inful Boman Bho nointe( Jesus' :eet. Jesus .as in+ite( to a meal at a 9harisee's home. It is not %lear .hat the moti+e .as $ possi,ly %uriosity $ ,ut from .hat follo.s, he (oes not seem to ,e a ,elie+er. Jesus kne. it .oul( ,e an opportunity to tea%h a +ery important lesson to all those present. ?erses 0*$01. Bhile they .ere at the ta,le, this .oman %omes in unin+ite(. #ot only (oes she %ome in, ,ut also .ent up to the ta,le .here Jesus .as. In that time an( pla%e, those at a meal %ustomarily re%line( $ leaning on the left el,o., fa%ing the ta,le at an angle, their feet furthest from the ta,le. It .as also %ustomary for them to remo+e their san(als. 5o it .oul( ha+e ,een easy for this .oman to .ash /is feet, .hile kneeling. ?erse 04. The 9harisee is .at%hing Jesus .hile this is happening. /e is -uestioning .hy Jesus is this notorious .oman to thus minister to /im. /e thinks that no prophet of Go( .oul( ha+e anything to (o .ith su%h a person $ ,ut .oul( a+oi( any %onta%t .ith a sinner. ?erses 2)$22. Though the 9harisee, 5imon, (oes not say a .or(, Jesus kno.s .hat is in his heart. Jesus asks him .ho .oul( ha+e the most gratitu(e $ someone .ho .as forgi+en little or someone .ho .as forgi+en a great (eal. 5imon rightly says it .oul( ,e the one forgi+en mu%h. Jesus says that he is %orre%t. ?erses 22$2@. Jesus pro%ee(s to sho. ho. the .oman's %ase applies pra%ti%ally to the prin%iple that 5imon himself (e%i(e( is true. Jesus also points out to 5imon that he (i( not e+en ,other to sho. the tra(itional %ourtesies an honore( guest. This raises some -uestions a,out 5imon's attitu(e Jesus. In %ontrast, this .oman ha( sho.ere( upon Jesus great affe%tion an( appre%iation. To Jesus, it is o,+ious that she has eEperien%e( forgi+eness for her sins, .hi%h apparently .ere many. It .as then Jesus tol( 5imon that her sins .ere forgi+en, as sho.n ,y her mu%h lo+e. Jesus re%ogni=es the .oman as a ,orn$again ,elie+er, a ne. person. /e tells her that her sins are forgi+en an( to go in pea%e. ?erses 21$3). Those also at the ta,le .ere -uestioning .ho ha( the right to forgi+e sins. This lea+es us .ith the impression that those (ining .ith Jesus misse( the .hole point. Jesus .as trying to tea%h the o,ser+ers the glorious %hange that ha( taken pla%e in this .oman's life $ as re+eale( ,y her great gratitu(e. They only %oul( re%ogni=e her as .ho she ha( ,een $ a notorious sinner. Bhen she ha( faith in the 5a+ior, Jesus %onfirms her ne.,orn state. It is important to remem,er that .orks of lo+e an( affe%tion the %hur%h, Jesus, or Go(, (o not earn forgi+eness. s .e ha+e seen here ho.e+er, the opposite is true. Jesus .itnesses that her genuine an( earnest a%tions /im sho. that she has eEperien%e(

Lesson IA %ontinue( an assuran%e of her forgi+eness. HGo in pea%e in the (eepest sense $ the permanent pea%e .ith Go(, pea%e of heart, an( min(.H


Lesson A Luke 1:&$2&.


& n( it %ame to pass, that he .ent throughout e+ery %ity an( +illage, prea%hing an( the gla( ti(ings of the king(om of Go(: an( the t.el+e .ere .ith him, 2 an( %ertain .omen, .hi%h ha( ,een heale( of e+il spirits an( infirmities, Dary %alle( Dag'(alene, out of .hom .ent se+en (e+ils, 0 an( Joanna the .ife of Chu=a /ero('s, an( 5usanna, an( many others, .hi%h ministere( unto him of their su,stan%e. 2 K n( .hen mu%h people .ere gathere( together, an( .ere %ome to him out of e+ery %ity, he spake ,y a para,le: 3 .ent out to so. his see(: an( as he so.e(, some fell ,y the .aysi(eJ an( it .as tro((en (o.n, an( the of the air (e+oure( it. * n( some fell upon a ro%kJ an( as soon as it .as sprung up, it .ithere( a.ay, ,e%ause it la%ke( moisture. @ n( some fell among thornsJ an( the thorns sprang up .ith it, an( %hoke( it. 1 n( other fell on goo( groun(, an( sprang up, an( ,are fruit a hun(re(fol(. n( .hen he ha( sai( these things, he %rie(, /e that hath ears to hear, let him hear. 4 K n( his (is%iples aske( him, saying, Bhat might this para,le ,e6 &) n( he sai(, Into you it is gi+en to kno. the mysteries of the king(om of Go(: ,ut to others in para,lesJ that seeing they might not see, an( hearing they might not un(erstan(. && #o. the para,le is this: The see( is the .or( of Go(. &2 Those ,y the .aysi(e are they that hearJ then %ometh the (e+il, an( taketh a.ay the .or( out of their hearts, lest they shoul( ,elie+e an( ,e sa+e(. &0 They on the ro%k are they, .hi%h, .hen they hear, re%ei+e the .or( .ith >oyJ an( these ha+e no root, .hi%h for a .hile ,elie+e, an( in time of temptation fall a.ay. &2 n( that .hi%h fell among thorns are they, .hi%h, .hen they ha+e hear(, go forth, an( are %hoke( .ith %ares an( ri%hes an( pleasures of this life, an( ,ring no fruit to perfe%tion. &3 8ut that on the goo( groun( are they, .hi%h in an honest an( goo( heart, ha+ing hear( the .or(, keep it, an( ,ring forth fruit .ith patien%e. &* K #o man, .hen he hath lighte( a %an(le, %o+ereth it .ith a +essel, or putteth it un(er a ,e(J ,ut setteth it on a %an(lesti%k, that they .hi%h enter in may see the light. &@ :or nothing is se%ret, that shall not ,e ma(e manifestJ neither any thing hi(, that shall not ,e kno.n an( %ome a,roa(. &1 Take hee( therefore ho. ye hear: for .hosoe+er hath, to him

Lesson A %ontinue(


shall ,e gi+enJ an( .hosoe+er hath not, from him shall ,e taken e+en that .hi%h he seemeth to ha+e. &4 K Then %ame to him his mother an( his ,rethren, an( %oul( not %ome at him for the press. 2) n( it .as tol( him ,y %ertain .hi%h sai(, Thy mother an( thy ,rethren stan( .ithout, (esiring to see thee. 2& n( he ans.ere( an( sai( unto them, Dy mother an( my ,rethren are these .hi%h hear the .or( of Go(, an( (o it. Luke 1:&$0. Bomen .ho Dinistere( unto Jesus In these first three +erses, Jesus goes from one another, announ%ing the goo( ne.s of the king(om (is%iples' material nee(s .ere ,eing met ,y many ha( ,een heale( ,y /im. of Their 5u,stan%e. %ity an( +illage to of Go(. /is an( /is .ell$to$(o .omen .ho

?erse &. /is &2 (is%iples .ere .ith /im %onstantly. ?erses 2,0. group of .omen among the follo.ers supporte( /is an( the (is%iples' nee(s. 5in%e /e ,egan /is ministry Jesus ha( ,een altogether .ithout possessions. /e (i( not use (i+ine to pro+i(e for /is nee(s. /e ha( hum,le( /imself to the point of ,eing .illing to ,e ser+e( .ith material nee(s ,y these .omen. 5e+eral of these .omen .ill %ontinue .ith /im until /is %ru%ifiEion $ to follo. an( ser+e. '+en after all /is (is%iples ha( fle( FeE%ept JohnG some of them .ere there at the %ross an( at the gra+e, .here they also .ere the first .itnesses of /is resurre%tion. There is no mention in the Gospels of any .omen .ho .ere hostile Jesus $ ,ut numerous referen%es ma(e of their ministering to /im. 1:2$&3. The 9ara,le of the :rom here Falso in Datthe. an( DarkG Jesus ma(e fre-uent use of para,les. ?erse 2. /is reno.n ha( ,een sprea( a,roa( ,e%ause of /is many mira%les of healing, an( /is prea%hing. The para,le of the is re%or(e( in the first 0 Gospels. ?erses 3$1. Bhat is (es%ri,e( is a +ery familiar o%%urren%e. In Israel, paths often .ent through %ulti+ate( fiel(s, an( the .oul( lose some see( on them. Dany pla%es ha( many ro%ks near the surfa%e $ lea+ing only a thin layer of soil. This groun( -ui%kly (ries out, the see(lings soon .ither a.ay. Bhere thorn ,ushes ha+e pre+iously ,een, see(s or roots .oul( ,e left. Bhen the goo( see( has ,een so.n an( the rainy season %ommen%es, ,oth sprout, ,ut the tougher thorn$,ush .oul( %hoke out the .eaker plants.

Lesson A %ontinue( In the goo( soil, the see( gro.s un(istur,e( to e+entually pro(u%e an a,un(ant har+est.


?erses 4,&). Later the (is%iples ask for an eEplanation. Jesus first tells .hy /e is no. telling para,les. The multitu(es seem to ,e only looking for or intereste( in things $ mira%les an( signs. Therefore /e is only re+ealing the (eep spiritual truths a,out /is king(om to /is follo.ers .hose min(s ha( ,een prepare( to un(erstan( these things. This is a result of the multitu(e not a%%epting /is message, ,ut %hoosing to ,e stu,,orn in their .orl(ly$min(e(ness. It is /is >u(gment against them that /e gi+e the pri+ilege of learning the truth, only to those .ho earnestly seek to kno. /is tea%hing. /is faithful follo.ers .ill ,e more thoroughly an( intimately instru%te( to ,e e-uippe( to ,egin the formation of /is %hur%h. These para,les seem to gra, the attention of the %ro.( though they (o not un(erstan( .hat /e really means. This /e sa+es for /is true follo.ers. ?erses &&$&3. Jesus eEplains that the para,le $ Jesus /imself $ is the Bor( of Go(, also the Gospel .hi%h .ill ,e pro%laime( ,y /is follo.ers. The pla%es the see(s fall represent four types of hearers. :irst, the har( groun( $ those .ho hear only .ithout %on+i%tion of the heart, ,efore the see( %an germinate the of (arkness takes a.ay e+en the memory of it. The se%on( falls on ro%ky soil, .hi%h represents those .ho hear, .ith emotional eE%itement an( enthusiasm. The see( again remains on the surfa%e. Bhen pra%ti%al struggle an( .orl(ly %on%erns %ome upon the hearer, the %on%ern of spiritual things (isappear. The thir( kin(, .here thorns gro., sho. those .ho allo. the Bor( to take root in heart an( life, ,ut not to the eE%lusion of all else. Other things in their life +ie for %ontrol an( e+entually these other %on%erns %hoke the spiritual life. Bhether am,ition or gree( or, these %on%erns a,sor, the hearers' energies to the point that .hate+er ,enefit the hearers gaine( from the Bor( of Go( is altogether (estroye(. Last an( most important is the goo( soil .here a,un(ant fruit is pro(u%e(. In Datthe. 1:1, there are three (ifferent amounts of fruit $ 0)$, *)$, an( &))$fol(. The Bor( of Go( (oes not return to /im +oi(J It is Truth an( It is Life $ the right soil in the human heart gi+es the Bor( a pla%e to gro. in faith an( o,e(ien%e to the point of ,earing fruit for the Lor(.

Lesson A %ontinue(


?erses &*$&1. 9ara,le of the Lamp. Jesus has eEplaine( the pre+ious para,le to the (is%iples. /e no. tea%hes them their responsi,ilities in response to the enlightenment /e has gi+en them, in the form of another para,le. ?erse &*. Jesus makes %ertain that /is (is%iples %learly un(erstan( /is tea%hing, that after /is as%ension an( 9ente%ost they .ill ,e rea(y to sprea( the Gospel. They .ill ,e a,le to tea%h all these lessons to all .ho .ill hear, to ,egin /is %hur%h. They shall ,e /is light in this .orl(. ?erse &@. Bhate+er is in a person's heart .ill %ome out. ?erse &1. Jesus tells them to listen %arefully, to try to un(erstan( the truths /e has gi+en them. To those .ith un(erstan(ing, more shall ,e gi+enJ to those .ho (on't, e+en that .hi%h they think they ha+e .ill ,e taken a.ay. Their hearts .ill ,e%ome (arker. '+ery ,elie+er is %alle( upon to hear an( un(erstan( the Bor( of Go( an( let their light shine in an( through their li+es in .or( an( (ee(. ?erses &4$2&. The "elati+es of Jesus. Dary an( her other %hil(ren ha+e %ome to see Jesus. :rom Datthe. an( Dark, it appears that they .ere %on%erne( that Jesus .as o+ertaEing /imself in /is %onstant an( %ontinual tra+eling, healing, an( prea%hing. Their plan .as to take Jesus home for some rest. Jesus o,+iously .as a.are of their moti+es. /e use( this o%%asion to tea%h the spiritual truth that the %losest ,on( .as ,et.een those .ho ,elie+e( an( o,eye( the .or( of Go(, .hi%h .as ,rought to them ,y /im. #atural kinship .as not as important. #othing an( no one .oul( %ause /im to e+en interrupt /is (i+ine ministry. It is a repriman( to them that their thinking an( %on%ern .as still on human %onsi(erations. Be %an also %laim this %lose relationship .ith Christ. #ote on Dary an( Chil(ren. 8est info $ in the #e. Testament, Jesus' ,rothers an( sisters are mentione( in a natural .ay $ ,orn of Dary an( Joseph $ in Luke 2:@, Jesus is %alle( the first$,orn. T.o ,rothers .ere James an( Ju(as $ ea%h .rote a letter in%lu(e( in the #e. Testament. Joseph an( 5imon are mentione( in Dark *:0. t least t.o sisters are suggeste(. It is also apparent that Joseph (ie( early, therefore lea+ing Jesus as the el(est, responsi,le for taking %are of the family for many years $ e+en up to the time /e ,egan /is pu,li% ministry aroun( age 0). #ote: John in 9rison. %%or(ing to early tra(ition, John .as pla%e( in a pit .ithin /ero('s prison. grate %o+ere( the opening. la((er ha( to ,e let (o.n for the person .ithin to get out. Therefore it .as a (ark an( solitary pla%e. pparently his (is%iples .ere allo.e( to talk to him at times. /ero( on a fe. o%%asions ha( him ,rought out that he might hear John prea%h to him. In(er these %ir%umstan%es, John .as not

Lesson A %ontinue( a.are of ,ut ,its an( pie%es of ne.s a,out .hat Jesus .as (oing an( he ,egan to (ou,t .hether Jesus .as the Dessiah, the "e(eemer, the ;ing of Go('s people, the Ju(ge an( 9unisher of 5in.


#ote on John s /eral( $ the one .ho goes ,efore the king to announ%e the ;ing's %oming an( make sure all preparations are %omplete. On%e the ;ing arri+es, the heral( is no longer nee(e(. On%e Jesus arri+e(, .as ,apti=e(, an( ,egan /is pu,li% ministry, John .as no longer nee(e(. John .as put in prison. Jesus (i( not try to get him out, ,e%ause this .as a ne%essary part of Go('s planJ John .as not to %ompete .ith Jesus. John's ina,ility to %ompletely un(erstan( his o.n role e+en le( him to -uestion if Jesus .as truly the promise( Dessiah. John %ontinue( to ha+e (is%iples, an( %ommuni%ate .ith them, though in prison. t a later point, John is taken out of the pi%ture ,y ,eing kille( ,y /ero(. Then no longer a (istra%tion from Jesus $ a planne( ne%essity.

Lesson AI Luke 1:22$3*.


22 K #o. it %ame to pass on a %ertain (ay, that he .ent into a ship .ith his (is%iples: an( he sai( unto them, Let us go o+er unto the other si(e of the lake. n( they laun%he( forth. 20 8ut as they saile(, he fell asleep: an( there %ame (o.n a storm of .in( on the lakeJ an( they .ere fille( .ith .ater, an( .ere in >eopar(y. 22 n( they %ame to him, an( a.oke him, saying, Daster, Daster, .e perish. Then he arose, an( re,uke( the .in( an( the raging of the .ater: an( they %ease(, an( there .as a %alm. 23 n( he sai( unto them, Bhere is your faith6 n( they ,eing afrai( .on(ere(, saying one to another, Bhat manner of man is thisP for he %omman(eth e+en the .in(s an( .ater, an( they o,ey 2* K n( they arri+e( at the %ountry of the Ga('arenes, .hi%h is o+er against Galilee. 2@ n( .hen he .ent forth to lan(, there met him out of the %ity a %ertain man, .hi%h ha( (e+ils long time, an( .are no %lothes, neither a,o(e in any house, ,ut in the tom,s. 21 Bhen he sa. Jesus, he %rie( out, an( fell (o.n ,efore him, an( .ith a lou( +oi%e sai(, Bhat ha+e I to (o .ith thee, Jesus, thou 5on of Go( most high6 I ,esee%h thee, torment me not. 24 F:or he ha( %omman(e( the un%lean spirit to %ome out of the man. :or oftentimes it ha( %aught him: an( he .as kept ,oun( .ith %hains an( in fettersJ an( he ,rake the ,an(s, an( .as (ri+en of the (e+il into the .il(erness.G 0) n( Jesus aske( him, saying, Bhat is thy name6 n( he sai(, Legion: ,e%ause many (e+ils .ere entere( into him. 0& n( they ,esought him that he .oul( not %omman( them to go out into the (eep. 02 n( there .as there a her( of many s.ine fee(ing on the mountain: an( they ,esought him that he .oul( suffer them to enter into them. n( he suffere( them. 00 Then .ent the (e+ils out of the man, an( entere( into the s.ine: an( the her( ran +iolently (o.n a steep pla%e into the lake, an( .ere %hoke(. 02 K Bhen they that fe( them sa. .hat .as (one, they fle(, an( .ent an( tol( it in the %ity an( in the %ountry. 03 Then they .ent out to see .hat .as (oneJ an( %ame to Jesus, an( foun( the man, out of .hom the (e+ils .ere (eparte(, sitting at the feet of Jesus, %lothe(, an( in his right min(: an( they .ere afrai(. 0* They also .hi%h sa. it tol( them ,y .hat means he that .as possesse( of the (e+ils .as heale(. 0@ Then the .hole multitu(e of the %ountry of the Ga('arenes roun( a,out ,esought him to (epart from themJ for they .ere taken .ith great fear: an( he .ent up into the ship, an( returne( ,a%k again. 01 #o. the man, out of .hom the (e+ils .ere (eparte(, ,esought him that he might ,e .ith him: ,ut Jesus sent him a.ay, saying, 04 "eturn to thine o.n house, an( sho. ho. great things Go( hath (one unto thee. n( he .ent his .ay, an( pu,lishe( throughout the .hole %ity ho. great things Jesus ha( (one unto him. 2) K n( it %ame to pass, that, .hen Jesus .as returne(, the people gla(ly re%ei+e( him: for they .ere all .aiting for him.

Lesson AI %ontinue(


2& n(, ,ehol(, there %ame a man name( Jai'rus, an( he .as a ruler of the synagogueJ an( he fell (o.n at Jesus' feet, an( ,esought him that he .oul( %ome into his house: 22 for he ha( one only (aughter, a,out t.el+e years of age, an( she lay a (ying. K 8ut as he .ent the people thronge( him. 20 n( a .oman ha+ing an issue of ,loo( t.el+e years, .hi%h ha( spent all her li+ing upon physi%ians, neither %oul( ,e heale( of any, 22 %ame ,ehin( him, an( tou%he( the ,or(er of his garment: an( imme(iately her issue of ,loo( stan%he(. 23 n( Jesus sai(, Bho tou%he( me6 Bhen all (enie(, 9eter an( they that .ere .ith him sai(, Daster, the multitu(e throng thee an( press thee, an( sayest thou, Bho tou%he( me6 2* n( Jesus sai(, 5ome,o(y hath tou%he( me: for I per%ei+e that +irtue is gone out of me. 2@ n( .hen the .oman sa. that she .as not hi(, she %ame trem,ling, an( falling (o.n ,efore him, she (e%lare( unto him ,efore all the people for .hat %ause she ha( tou%he( him, an( ho. she .as heale( imme(iately. 21 n( he sai( unto her, Daughter, ,e of goo( %omfort: thy faith hath ma(e thee .holeJ go in pea%e. 24 K Bhile he yet spake, there %ometh one from the ruler of the synagogue's house, saying to him, Thy (aughter is (ea(J trou,le not the Daster. 3) 8ut .hen Jesus hear( it, he ans.ere( him, saying, :ear not: ,elie+e only, an( she shall ,e ma(e .hole. 3& n( .hen he %ame into the house, he suffere( no man to go in, sa+e 9eter, an( James, an( John, an( the father an( the mother of the mai(en. 32 n( all .ept, an( ,e.aile( her: ,ut he sai(, Beep notJ she is not (ea(, ,ut sleepeth. 30 n( they laughe( him to s%orn, that she .as (ea(. 32 n( he put them all out, an( took her ,y the han(, an( %alle(, saying, Dai(, arise. 33 n( her spirit %ame again, an( she arose straight.ay: an( he %omman(e( to gi+e her meat. 3* n( her parents .ere astonishe(: ,ut he %harge( them that they shoul( tell no man .hat .as (one. Luke 1:22$23. Jesus 5tills the Tempest. Luke here re+eals Jesus as the lmighty "uler e+en o+er the for%es of nature. ?erse 22. :rom Dark 2:03 it appears that after a +ery tiring (ay, Jesus tol( /is (is%iples that /e .ante( to go to the other si(e of the lake. They ,oar(e( a ship an( set off. ?erse 20. On%e some (istan%e from shore, Jesus ha( fallen asleep from .eariness. Then a storm %ame su((enly (o.n on the lake. It has often ,een o,ser+e( that this is a spe%ial %hara%teristi% of that lake. It is pra%ti%ally surroun(e( ,y hills. lthough generally -uite %alm, sometimes +iolent .in(storms +ery uneEpe%te(ly %ome rushing (o.n on the lake.

Lesson AI %ontinue(


?erse 22. The (is%iples, ,eing eEperien%e( fishermen ha( ,ra+e( many storms. They (i( all they kne. ho. to keep the ,oat afloat. 8ut their ,est efforts .ere not su%%essful. The ,oat .as nearly full of .ater an( they .ere afrai( that they .ere in (anger of perishing. s an in(i%ation of /is eEhaustion, Jesus .as still sleeping. :inally the (is%iples in pani% .oke /im saying, HDaster, master, .e perishPH Jesus re,uke( the .in( an( raging .ater. This in(i%ates that /e sa. in this parti%ular storm the influen%e of e+il spirits trying to (estroy Go('s plan ,y (ro.ning Jesus an( the (is%iples. pparently Go( sometimes permits the e+il one to eEer%ise some o+er the for%es of nature $ .ithin %ertain limits. ?erse 23. fter the storm su,si(e(, Jesus aske( /is (is%iples .here their faith .as. /o. %oul( they think they %oul( ,e kille( .hile Jesus .as .ith them6 /o. %oul( they fear that Go( .oul( allo. Jesus to (ie ,efore the appointe( time6 '+en after all the mira%ulous things they ha( alrea(y seen Jesus (o, they ne+ertheless .ere ama=e( an( e+en afrai(, seeing this o+er a raging storm. This e+ent %an ,e un(erstoo( as a para,le of the %hur%h, an( of e+ery true ,elie+er. #o matter ho. (ire the trials an( tri,ulations one fa%es in life, Jesus is al.ays there to see us through. One further positi+e note, Jesus no longer re-uires sleep. lso, the (is%iples eEhauste( themsel+es to no a+ail $ Jesus is the 5o many times .e try to (o e+erything oursel+es, also to no a+ail. 5eek an( you shall fin(. ;no%k an( it shall ,e opene( to you. Jesus .ants us to %all on /im first, not last. Luke 1:2*$04. The 9ossesse( Dan of Ga(ara. This sho.s Jesus' (i+ine o+er the for%es of the (e+il. These e+il spirits re%ogni=e his authority an( must o,ey /is %omman(. ?erse 2*. :rom Capernaum, they ha( saile( to the southeast shore .here the small to.n of Ga(ara Fto(ay ;ersaG .as. ?erse 2@. Dany tom,s %an still ,e seen near,y. It .as among those tom,s that this possesse( man staye(. /e .an(ere( aroun(, nake(, often atta%king any that passe( near,y. Bhen Jesus %ame ashore, this man %ame to /im. ?erse 21,24. Bhen he %ame near, Jesus %omman(e( the e+il spirits to %ome out. The man fell at Jesus' feet, the e+il spirits re%ogni=e( Jesus as the 5on of Go( most high, an( plea(e( to not ,e tormente(. ?erse 0). Jesus asks the man his name, to see if he has any %ontrol o+er himself. 8ut it is an e+il spirit that %auses him to HLegionH $ to in(i%ate the large num,er of e+il spirits possessing him. ?erses 0&$00. The spirits fear returning to the H(eepH or a,yss .here many (emons are imprisone(. The (esire of (emons is to enter humans or animals to influen%e them in unnatural an( (estru%ti+e .ays. Legion re-uests that Jesus allo. them to enter a her( of s.ine

Lesson AI %ontinue(


near,y. /e permits this. Then the (emons influen%e the animals to run hea(long (o.n the steep le(ges into the lake so that the .hole her( .as ( Dost likely the (emons then ha( to return to the a,yss, not to molest anyone, or anything else. It has ,een o,ser+e( that, .hen Jesus ,e%ame man, the '+il one .ishe( to also (ire%tly influen%e human affairs $ ,y his follo.ers possessing many people $ in (ire%t opposition to Jesus an( /is ministry. Though .e may not un(erstan( .hy Jesus allo.e( the (emons to go into the s.ine, .e must assume /e (i( so %orre%tly a%%or(ing to /is authority an( ?erses 02$0@. Bhen those looking after the pigs sa. this, they .ent into the %ity, an( tol( the story. great many %ame to the gra+eyar( to see .hat ha( happene(. They sa. the formerly possesse( man %lothe( an( sitting -uietly at Jesus' feet. Mou .oul( think their first rea%tion .oul( ,e to praise Go( that the man .as free of the (emons, an( in his right min(. They shoul( ha+e re%ogni=e( Jesus as One sent from Go(, an( ,elie+e( in /im. #ot so. Their response .as fear of this a.esome lso, the (eath of all the s.ine .as +ie.e( as a real (isaster. pparently they .ere also afrai( of something else going .rong that might threaten their li+elihoo( or possessions. 8e%ause of this, they insiste( that Jesus lea+e imme(iately. They apparently .ere not %on%erne( a,out the man's sal+ation, or their o.n for that matter. ?erses 01,04. The heale( man .ante( to go .ith Jesus, ,ut Jesus ha( a ministry for the man to fulfill among his o.n family an( a%-uaintan%es $ to tell .hat a mighty .ork of re(emption Go( ha( a%%omplishe( in his life. The man (i( as he .as tol( an( pro%laime( his story throughout that region. pparently it .as a rather se%lu(e( area .here there .as no real (anger of inflaming Dessiani% passions to a politi%al uprising. This .as also a mainly Gentile area. Con%lusion: /ere again .e are gi+en a (ramati% e+ent that re+eals the (i+ine an( authority Jesus has o+er any an( all .i%ke( spirits. They re%ogni=e .ho /e is an( are una,le to (iso,ey /im. In our times .e are %ertainly a.are of unpre%e(ente( e+il, hatre(, an( (estru%tion, from sui%i(e ,om,ers to %hil( molesters, an( mur(erers, all unnatural an( unholy a%ts $ if not ,y people possesse( ,y (emons, then %ertainly hea+ily un(er their influen%es. 8ut .e nee( not li+e in fear, for Jesus still has authority o+er them, an( sin%e .e are /is, so (o .e in /is name. ?erses 2)$22. Bhen Jesus returns Capernaum, a great %ro.( .as .aiting for /im on the shore. man name( Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue, %ame to ,eg Jesus to %ome home .ith him to heal his only %hil(. /is &2 year ol( (aughter .as (ying. ?erses 20,22. In the mi((le of the %ro.( a .oman pushes her .ay through to get to Jesus. 5he ha( ,een ,lee(ing for &2 years an( no physi%ian ha( ,een a,le to help her. 5he ,elie+e( that >ust ,y tou%hing Jesus' garment she .oul( ,e heale(. pparently, on han(s an(

Lesson AI %ontinue(


knees, she rea%hes out an( tou%he( the ,or(er of the garment an( .as imme(iately heale(. ?erses 23$21. Jesus kne. she ha( %ome to ,e heale(, that she tou%he( /is %lothing, an( .as heale(. /e kne. it .as ne%essary for /im to a%kno.le(ge her, an( let e+eryone kno. that she .as heale(. %%or(ing to Je.ish la., an issue of ,loo( ma(e a person un%lean $ therefore an out%ast $ she %oul( not %ome in %onta%t .ith anyone, an( %oul( not parti%ipate in any religious fun%tions. 5he ha( also spent all she ha( going to (o%tors for help, to no a+ail, for many years. If Jesus ha( not (one this for her, it .as highly likely that no one .oul( ha+e listene( to or ,elie+e( her after so many years of ,eing an out%ast, an( impo+erishe(. Jesus pronoun%es her heale( ,efore the multitu(e. In a((ition, /e tells her that her faith ha( ma(e her .hole $ not that she tou%he( his garment. 5he truste( in /imJ she is sa+e( ,y faith. /e tells her to go in pea%e. ?erses 24,3). Jairus must ha+e ,e%ome +ery ner+ous .hile this .oman .as heale(. On the other han(, he may ha+e ,een greatly en%ourage( ,y this mighty mira%le. Infortunately, .hile still on the .ay to his house, someone %omes .ith the ne.s that his (aughter has alrea(y (ie(. Jesus reassure( the father, saying H:ear notJ only ,elie+e, an( she shall ,e ma(e .hole.H ?erses 3&$30. Bhen they arri+e at the house, Jesus tells those .eeping an( .ailing to stop $ that the girl .as only sleeping $ not meaning that she .as asleep, ,ut that /e .as there to .ake her up through /is (i+ine /e (i( not .ant this to ,e a sensational pu,li% spe%ta%le, ,ut the kin(est an( most ten(er gift to her parents $ /e only allo.e( them an( /is %losest (is%iples to o,ser+e. /e kno.s the Truth .hi%h they are una,le to see or un(erstan(. ?erses 32$3*. Bhen the others .ere sent out, Jesus %alle( the spirit of the young girl ,a%k from the in+isi,le realm. gain ali+e an( .ell, she is gi+en ,a%k to her parents. s a proof of her return to the physi%al .orl(, an( out of ten(er kin(ness, Jesus tells them to gi+e her something to eat. /e aske( them to stay -uietly .ith their restore( (aughter, pon(er .hat ha( ,een (one for them, an( to .orship Go( an( thank /im, for su%h a mira%le. One %an only imagine the hysteria if they ha( imme(iately gone out an( tol( the .aiting %ro.( .hat ha( taken pla%e. The (is%iples .ere so,er .itnesses, .ho %oul( testify that the girl .as ali+e, an( therefore no funeral .oul( take pla%e. Bhat a %ontrast ,et.een these t.o e+ents. In ea%h %ase, Jesus (oes .hat is ,est for the person or persons in nee(. Bith the ,lee(ing .oman, it .as ,est to pu,li%ly announ%e the healing to restore her stan(ing in the %ommunity. Bith Jairus' (aughter, it .as ,est that healing ,e (one in pri+ate an( .ithout fanfare.

Lesson AII Luke 4:&$22.


& Then he %alle( his t.el+e (is%iples together, an( ga+e them an( authority o+er all (e+ils, an( to %ure (iseases. 2 n( he sent them to prea%h the king(om of Go(, an( to heal the si%k. 0 n( he sai( unto them, Take nothing for your >ourney, neither sta+es, nor s%rip, neither ,rea(, neither moneyJ neither ha+e t.o %oats apie%e. 2 n( .hatsoe+er house ye enter into, there a,i(e, an( then%e (epart. 3 n( .hosoe+er .ill not re%ei+e you, .hen ye go out of that %ity, shake off the +ery (ust from your feet for a testimony against them. * n( they (eparte(, an( .ent through the to.ns, prea%hing the gospel, an( healing e+ery .here. @ K #o. /ero( the tetrar%h hear( of all that .as (one ,y him: an( he .as perpleEe(, ,e%ause that it .as sai( of some, that John .as risen from the (ea(J 1 an( of some, that 'li'>ah ha( appeare(J an( of others, that one of the ol( prophets .as risen again. 4 n( /ero( sai(, John ha+e I ,ehea(e(J ,ut .ho is this, of .hom I hear su%h things6 n( he (esire( to see him. &) K n( the apostles, .hen they .ere returne(, tol( him all that they ha( (one. n( he took them, an( .ent asi(e pri+ately into a (esert pla%e ,elonging to the %ity %alle( 8ethsai'(a. && n( the people, .hen they kne. it, follo.e( him: an( he re%ei+e( them, an( spake unto them of the king(om of Go(, an( heale( them that ha( nee( of healing. &2 n( .hen the (ay ,egan to .ear a.ay, then %ame the t.el+e, an( sai( unto him, 5en( the multitu(e a.ay, that they may go into the to.ns an( %ountry roun( a,out, an( lo(ge, an( get +i%tuals: for .e are here in a (esert pla%e. &0 8ut he sai( unto them, Gi+e ye them to eat. n( they sai(, Be ha+e no more ,ut fi+e loa+es an( t.o fishesJ eE%ept .e shoul( go an( ,uy meat for all this people. &2 :or they .ere a,out fi+e thousan( men. n( he sai( to his (is%iples, Dake them sit (o.n ,y fifties in a %ompany. &3 n( they (i( so, an( ma(e them all sit (o.n. &* Then he took the fi+e loa+es an( the t.o fishes, an( looking up to hea+en, he ,lesse( them, an( ,rake, an( ga+e to the (is%iples to set ,efore the multitu(e. &@ n( they (i( eat, an( .ere all fille(: an( there .as taken up of fragments that remaine( to them t.el+e ,askets. &1 K n( it %ame to pass, as he .as alone praying, his (is%iples .ere .ith himJ an( he aske( them, saying, Bhom say the people that I am6 &4 They ans.ering sai(, John the 8aptistJ ,ut some say, 'li'>ahJ an( others say, that one of the ol( prophets is risen again. 2) /e sai( unto them, 8ut .hom say ye that I am6 9eter ans.ering sai(, The Christ of Go(. 2& K n( he straitly %harge( them, an( %omman(e( them to tell no man that thingJ

Lesson AII %ontinue(


22 saying, The 5on of man must suffer many things, an( ,e re>e%te( of the el(ers an( %hief priests an( s%ri,es, an( ,e slain, an( ,e raise( the thir( (ay. Luke 4:&$*. Jesus 5en(s out the &2 postles.

?erse &. Only Jesus has the (i+ine a,ility to gi+e an( authority to these &2 $ to sprea( the Gospel in in%reasing num,ers there,y rea%hing many more people than /e %oul( ,y /imself. ?erse 2. The message of the ;ing(om of Go( $ that Go( (oes still rule o+er all $ that through the Dessiah /e .ill one (ay rule o+er the entire .orl(, (estroying all .ho oppose /im. lso that to ,e part of that ;ing(om, they must repent an( turn ,a%k to Go( to a+oi( the >u(gment of %on(emnation. In a((ition they are to heal the si%k, %aring for their physi%al nee(s, a gift of mer%y, an( to +erify their message as %oming from Go(, inspiring their faith in the sal+ation foun( only in Jesus. ?erse 0. They are not to take any time in ela,orate preparations for the >ourney. They are to go >ust as they are $ trusting that Go( .ill pro+i(e for their nee(s. ?erse 2. They shoul( .aste no time going from one house to another in a %ity, ,ut stay in the first home that .el%omes them until their .ork in that pla%e is %omplete( $ those that are seeking Go( .ill %ome to them. ?erse 3. Bhere they are not re%ei+e(, they are to make a pu,li% (emonstration of shaking the (ust of that pla%e as a testimony against them, that they (on't .ant to ha+e e+en a spe%k of (ust from that pla%e upon them. This also ser+es as a last an( urgent %all to repentan%e. ?erse *. In +ery fe. .or(s .e are tol( that the apostles %arry out the instru%tion of Christ $ that Jesus ha( e-uippe( them to su%%essfully %omplete the task. 5ummary: this is the first time Jesus sent anyone to represent /im in .or( an( (ee(. It is also our mission $ to go into the .orl( an( share our faith in the finishe( .ork of Jesus the Lam, of Go(, an( that one must repent an( a%%ept this pre%ious Gift. lso .e must %ontinue .orks of mer%y to help meet physi%al nee(s. ?erses @$4. /ero( the Tetrar%h Nuestions Bho Jesus Bas. /ero( ntipas seems to ha+e ,e%ome +ery upset ,y hearing +arious opinions as to .ho %oul( ,e (oing su%h Go($gi+en .orks. Though John has ,een kille(, some spe%ulate that he has risen from the (ea( $ others think that /e might ,e 'li>ah $ .ho .as to %ome $ or some other great prophet. /ero( .as %ertainly feeling great guilt, ha+ing ha( John kille(. /e feare( the possi,ility that this %oul( ,e John, returne( to life. /e therefore .ante( to see the one %ausing all the uproar an( settle the issue. Later F&0:0&G it appears that /ero( su,se-uently (e%i(e( to ha+e Jesus kille(.

Lesson AII %ontinue(


fter the apostles %omplete( their mission, the .hole area of Galilee .as talking a,out Jesus. The ruler of the region's only response .as in %uriosity an( fear $ as all those in fear the %oming of someone .ith more This is the opposite of .hat Jesus %alls us to (o $ to hum,le oursel+es, an( a%kno.le(ge an( a%%ept /im as all$po.erful an( so+ereign in our li+es. ?erses &)$&@. :irst In%rease in :oo(. This mira%le .as re%or(e( in all four Gospels, presente( as a great %limaE in Jesus' pu,li% ministry. :rom this point on, more attention is pai( to the .ay to the %ross. In John's Gospel, he tells us that the (ay after this e+ent, Jesus eEplains the spiritual lesson of the mira%le $ an( repriman(s the %ro.( for making a ,ig (eal a,out the material aspe%t $ rather than the spiritual. ?erse &). The &2 return an( gi+e a report of their .ork. /e takes them to a se%lu(e( spot on a mountain near 8ethsai(a Fa small to.n north$east of the sea of GalileeG. Dark mentions that Jesus .ante( them to rest FDark *:0&G. ?erse &&. Bhen the multitu(es foun( out .here /e ha( gone, they sought /im out, like sheep .ithout a shepher(. Jesus ha( %ompassion for them an( ,egan tea%hing them a,out the king(om of Go(, an( also healing the si%k. ?erses &2$&3. s the afternoon .as passing, the (is%iples ,egan to ,e %on%erne( a,out the .eaker ones in the %ro.( $ that they might %ollapse from hunger an( fatigue, if they %ontinue( a long time in this remote pla%e. They aske( Jesus to sen( them to near,y to.ns or +illages to fin( foo( an( a pla%e to spen( the night. Jesus tells them to take %are of the situation. They reply that they only ha+e 3 loa+es an( t.o fish FJohn *:4 says that these .ere from a young ,oyG $ %ertainly not nearly enough. They also (i( not ha+e enough money to go an( ,uy enough for the %ro.(. Jesus tells them to group the %ro.( in a,out 3) people ea%h an( settle them (o.n Fa,out 3,))) men plus .omen an( %hil(renG. ?erse &*. Jesus took the loa+es an( fish an( ,lesse( the foo( in prayer, a%kno.le(ging the kin(ness of Go( for pro+i(ing for su%h ne%essities. /e then ,roke the foo( into pie%es for the (is%iples to (istri,ute to the people. ?erse &@. great mira%le of in%rease, that ,reaking it ,e%ame more until e+eryone ha( ha( enough, then the lefto+ers .ere gathere( in &2 ,askets. Be are not eEpe%te( to perform su%h mira%les as Jesus (i(, ,ut >ust like the little ,oy .ho share( all he ha( $ Jesus ma(e the in%rease. If .e share .hat .e ha+e in Jesus, /e .ill make the in%rease.

Lesson AII %ontinue(


?erses &1$22. The Confession of 9eter. Luke omits the e+ents (es%ri,e( in Dark *:23$1:2*. In(er the gui(an%e of the 5pirit he .rites only .hat is most ne%essary for his purpose. s it is, his Gospel is the longest ,ook in the #e. Testament. Luke has re%or(e( the progressi+e self$re+elation of Jesus, the sprea(ing of /is Gospel, the (i+ine healing, an( the in%rease of foo(. #o. the great pronoun%ement $ Jesus is the Christ of Go(. ?erse &1. #o time in(i%ation is gi+en as to .hen this took pla%e $ only that it .as a (ifferent o%%asion $ Bhen Jesus .as praying alone. pparently, /e .as .ith only the (is%iples in a solitary lo%ation. Only Luke mentions Jesus praying in @ pla%es, not mentione( ,y the others. fter praying, Jesus asks them .ho the multitu(es think /e is. '+eryone seems to ha+e hear( the many rumors that .ere %ir%ulating therea,out. In asking this, Jesus is lea(ing them to the final -uestion. ?erse &4. The rumors sho. that Jesus .as really thought to ,e someone sent ,y Go( $ ,ut they %oul( not see /im as the Dessiah $ al.ays pi%ture( as an earthly ruler. ?erse 2). To ,ring the issue to the final an( %orre%t reali=ation, /e asks, H8ut .ho (o you say that I am6H Their .oul( help ,ring out a (efinite an( final name to their faith. 9eter, e+er impetuous, on ,ehalf of the others ans.ers that Jesus is the Christ, the Dessiah of Go(, the promise( "e(eemer. ll of Jesus' tea%hing an( ministry, an( prayer, through the .orking of the /oly 5pirit ha( ,orn goo( fruit $ the (is%iples .ere to eEperien%e an( %ome to the reali=ation that Jesus' .as truly .ho /e sai( /e .as $ the 5on of Go( $ .ith all an( authority. They .ere no. at the point .here they %oul( openly .itness to its truth. ?erse 2&. /o.e+er, ,e%ause of the misinforme( ,eliefs most of the other people ha( a,out the promise( Dessiah $ Jesus %omman(s them not to speak of this openly. ?erse 22. #o. that the (is%iples ha+e re%ogni=e( /im as the Christ, Jesus ,egins to prepare them for the %oming sa%rifi%e of /is suffering an( re>e%tion ,y the religious lea(ers an( others of the %hosen people, e+en to the (eath on the %ross. Then on the 0r( (ay /e .oul( rise again. :rom here, Jesus ,egins to often refer to /is suffering $ an( also to the resurre%tion. The personal %onfession: Jesus is the Christ of Go(, the promise( Dessiah, the "e(eemer, the 9rophet, 9riest, an( ;ing, Our 5a+ior an( Tea%her .ho no. inter%e(es for us: .ho lo+es us an( %ares for our nee(s an( .ill ,e .ith us from no. through all eternity: Bho is %oming again for us so that .here /e is, .e may ,e also.

Lesson AIII Luke 4:20$23.


20 K n( he sai( to them all, If any man .ill %ome after me, let him (eny himself, an( take up his %ross (aily, an( follo. me. 22 :or .hosoe+er .ill sa+e his life shall lose it: ,ut .hosoe+er .ill lose his life for my sake, the same shall sa+e it. 23 :or .hat is a man a(+antage(, if he gain the .hole .orl(, an( lose himself, or ,e %ast a.ay6 2* :or .hosoe+er shall ,e ashame( of me an( of my .or(s, of him shall the 5on of man ,e ashame(, .hen he shall %ome in his o.n glory, an( in his :ather's, an( of the holy angels. 2@ 8ut I tell you of a truth, there ,e some stan(ing here, .hi%h shall not taste of (eath, till they see the king(om of Go(. 21 K n( it %ame to pass a,out an eight (ays after these sayings, he took 9eter an( John an( James, an( .ent up into a mountain to pray. 24 n( as he praye(, the fashion of his %ountenan%e .as altere(, an( his raiment .as .hite an( glistering. 0) n(, ,ehol(, there talke( .ith him t.o men, .hi%h .ere Doses an( 'li'>ah: 0& .ho appeare( in glory, an( spake of his (e%ease .hi%h he shoul( a%%omplish at Jerusalem. 02 8ut 9eter an( they that .ere .ith him .ere hea+y .ith sleep: an( .hen they .ere a.ake, they sa. his glory, an( the t.o men that stoo( .ith him. 00 n( it %ame to pass, as they (eparte( from him, 9eter sai( unto Jesus, Daster, it is goo( for us to ,e here: an( let us make three ta,erna%lesJ one for thee, an( one for Doses, an( one for 'li'>ah: not .hat he sai(. 02 Bhile he thus spake, there %ame a %lou(, an( o+ersha(o.e( them: an( they feare( as they entere( into the %lou(. 03 n( there %ame a +oi%e out of the %lou(, saying, This is my ,elo+e( 5on: 0* n( .hen the +oi%e .as past, Jesus .as foun( alone. n( they kept it %lose, an( tol( no man in those (ays any of those things .hi%h they ha( seen. 0@ K n( it %ame to pass, that on the neEt (ay, .hen they .ere %ome (o.n from the hill, mu%h people met him. 01 n(, ,ehol(, a man of the %ompany %rie( out, saying, Daster, I ,esee%h thee, look upon my sonJ for he is mine only %hil(. 04 n(, lo, a spirit taketh him, an( he su((enly %rieth outJ an( it teareth him that he foameth again, an( ,ruising him, har(ly (eparteth from him. 2) n( I ,esought thy (is%iples to %ast him outJ an( they %oul( not. 2& n( Jesus ans.ering sai(, O faithless an( per+erse generation, ho. long shall I ,e .ith you, an( suffer you6 8ring thy

Lesson AIII %ontinue(


son hither. 22 n( as he .as yet a %oming, the (e+il thre. him (o.n, an( tare him. n( Jesus re,uke( the un%lean spirit, an( heale( the %hil(, an( (eli+ere( him again to his father. 20 n( they .ere all ama=e( at the mighty of Go(. K 8ut .hile they .on(ere( e+ery one at all things .hi%h Jesus (i(, he sai( unto his (is%iples, 22 Let these sayings sink (o.n into your ears: for the 5on of man shall ,e (eli+ere( into the han(s of men. 23 8ut they un(erstoo( not this saying, an( it .as hi( from them, that they per%ei+e( it not: an( they feare( to ask him of that saying. Luke 4:20$2@. To Take Ip the Cross. /a+ing alrea(y prophesie( /is o.n %oming (eath, Jesus here tea%hes the .ay of the %ross, that his follo.ers .ill ha+e to follo. to truly ,e /is (is%iples. ?erse 20. To ,e%ome /is, one must ,e rea(y an( .illing to put self$interest an( personal plans asi(e to ser+e /im. This in%lu(es ,eing prepare( to suffer perse%ution, an( to gi+e up e+erything, e+en unto (eath to ,e true to one's faith an( o,e(ien%e to Jesus. ?erse 22. nyone .ho spen(s all their energy trying to please themsel+es an( a%-uire great possessions an(, seeking happiness an( pleasure are (oome(. #e+er .ill they eEperien%e true >oy an( pea%e, an( .ill spiritually remain %on(emne( to (eath in their sins. The other %hoi%e is to gi+e one's life an( ser+i%e to Jesus, an( in this, one .ill fin( true >oy an( pea%e in this life an( hereafter. ?erse 23. To gi+e one's life for Christ's sake .ill ,ring true sal+ation an( eternal life. Bhat goo( (oes it (o for a man to a%-uire un%ounta,le ri%hes an( property if in (oing so, his soul is lost. /e kno.s not Go( an( /is sal+ation $ so that his only future .ill ,e eternal (estru%tion. ?erse 2*. Though Jesus has pre(i%te( /is o.n (eath, here /e pro%laims that /e .ill ,e re+eale( in glory .ith the :ather an( the holy ones $ as the supreme Con-ueror, an( finally the "ighteous Ju(ge of the Borl( F%f. Daniel @:&0G. t that point, /e .ill (e%i(e the eternal (estiny of e+eryone. Those .ho ha+e re>e%te( /im to follo. their o.n selfish .illful (esires .ill re%ei+e from Jesus .hat they %an eEpe%t to hear $ the final %on(emnation: HI ne+er kne. you.H ?erse 2@. /ere Jesus emphati%ally states that some of those then present .ill still ,e ali+e to see a mighty re+elation of the 9o.erful rule of Go( o+er the .orl(. 5in%e only some .oul( .itness

Lesson AIII %ontinue(


this e+ent, it %oul( not ,e the resurre%tion or as%ension $ .hi%h .oul( take pla%e .ithin a fe. months. The time .hen that generation .as at the point of passing a.ay $ the >u(gment upon Israel for their re>e%tion of Jesus %ame in the (estru%tion of Jerusalem, in%lu(ing the Temple $ .here the "omans ,urne( the %ity an( tore (o.n the stones so that not one .as left on another in .D. @) Fa,out 2) years after these .or(s .ere spokenG. The Je.ish national eEisten%e en(e(. The Ol( Dispensation, the sa%rifi%ial system an( the Temple 5er+i%es .ere no. o+er. They ha( %omplete( their preparatory role. The #e. Dispensation ha( ,egun .ith Jesus an( /is %hur%h. This >u(gment .as a foresha( of the :inal Ju(gment at /is %oming. '+ery person is responsi,le to make a %hoi%e $ to a%%ept Jesus or to li+e for themsel+es, seeking only pleasure, ri%hes, an(, there,y re>e%ting Christ. Ipon this %hoi%e (epen(s not only the true happiness in this .orl( ,ut also >u(gment in the :inal Ju(gment. Just as the Je.ish nation .as >u(ge( an( (estroye(, so .ill /is 5e%on( Coming an( the :inal Ju(gment ,e fulfille(. ?erses 21$0*. The Transfiguration. Jesus' self$re+elation ha( alrea(y le( to the (is%iples eEpli%itly a%kno.le(ging that /e .as the Dessiah of Go(. /e ha( ,egun to point to the path of suffering an( (eath $ ,ut also to the final glorifi%ation. /ere for a fe. moments it is re+eale( to /is three %losest follo.ers, Jesus in /is (i+ine glory. ?erse 21. ,out a .eek after 9eter's %onfession, Jesus took /is 0 %losest follo.ers $ 9eter, James, an( John $ up into a mountain to pray. It .as pro,a,ly (uring the night. This .as a most important point in /is ministry. /e .as free to %hoose $ to +oluntarily follo. the suffering path to the %ross or not. t this point, prayer .as ne%essary $ to %ommune .ith the :ather. The transfiguration is the of /is :ather. ?erses 24$0&. Bhile /e .as praying, /is (i+ine ma>esty shone gloriously through /is human nature $ e+en /is %lothing glistene( a .hite. Doses an( 'li>ah appear in hea+enly glory, to speak to /im a,out all that /e must suffer an( en(ing in /is %ru%ifiEion. Jesus %ame to fulfill the La. an( the 9rophets, so it .as that Doses $ through .hom the La. .as gi+en, an( 'li>ah representing the prophets through .hom Go( ha( promise( an( prophesie( the %oming of Christ $ are sent ,y the :ather. ?erses 02,00. Dean.hile, the (is%iples ha( ,een sleeping for some time, an( .ere a.akene( pro,a,ly ,y the light of the hea+enly +ision. They .oke up an( sa. the 5a+iour .ith the t.o holy messengers, (i+ine glory ra(iating from them. The three (is%iples re%ogni=e( this uni-ue pri+ilege $ e+en reali=ing that Doses an( 'li>ah are .ith Jesus. The e+er impulsi+e 9eter, in an eE%ite( .ay

Lesson AIII %ontinue(


speaks out that it is goo( for them to ,e there $ that they shoul( stay a.hile $ that he an( his fello.s .ill make three tents for them, an( that he, James, an( John .oul( ser+e them. ?erse 02. 5in%e Jesus ha( a%%epte( the .ay of the %ross, their mission a%%omplishe(, the hea+enly messengers (epart in the %lou( that surroun(s them $ the (is%iples ,e%ome afrai( as the %lou( surroun(s them also. ?erse 03. s at the ,aptism, so here Go( again spoke from the hea+enly %lou( to pro%laim /is pleasure in Jesus $ that /e must ,e listene( to .ith attention, faith, an( o,e(ien%e $ for /e is the ,elo+e( 5on. ?erse 0*. Bhen Go( spoke, the (is%iples fell to the groun( in .orship. Then .hen all .as -uiet, they again looke( up, seeing that they .ere alone .ith Jesus. Datthe. re%or(s that Jesus %omman(s the (is%iples to tell no one of the e+ent ,efore /is resurre%tion. Luke merely relates that they (i(n't tell anyone at that time. Bhat a %ontrast $ hea+enly glory $ the +ision of the glorifie( Christ .ith Doses an( 'li>ah, the +oi%e of Go( $ then silen%e an( (arkness $ ,ut Jesus .as still .ith them. ,rief s%ene of .hat Jesus ha( gi+en up to ,e%ome our 5a+iour $ %hoosing the .ay to suffering an( (eath. ?erses 0@$23. /ealing the Lunati% Chil(. ?erses 0@$2). Bhen they %ome (o.n from the mountain there .as alrea(y a %ro.( .aiting. man .as (istraught %on%erning his son. n e+il spirit has ,een hurting him %ontinuously. /e ha( aske( the (is%iples to help $ ,ut they .ere not a,le to %ast the (emon out. ?erse 2&. Jesus eEpresses /is sorro. ,e%ause of their un,elief $ then tells the man to ,ring his son. ?erse 22. ; that he .as a,out to ,e %ast out, the (emon trie( to +iolently thro. the ,oy (o.n, possi,ly to kill him, to frustrate the mission of the 5a+ior. Jesus re,uke( the un%lean spirit in time, making him lea+e the ,oy. Jesus (eli+ere( the ,oy to his father, .hole again. ?erses 20$23. The people are again ama=e( at the mira%le an( praise( Go(. Jesus ho.e+er is more %on%erne( a,out .hat /e is a,out to go through. Bhate+er popularity /e .as en>oying at present, ,efore long /e .ill ,e (espise(, re>e%te(, an( put to (eath. /e urgently a(+ises /is (is%iples to remem,er /is pre(i%tion of ,eing (eli+ere( into the han(s of men to ,e %ru%ifie(.

Lesson AIII %ontinue(


fter the three ha( eEperien%e( the transfiguration, an( all ha( o,ser+e( the (i+ine healing of the possesse( ,oy, it must ha+e ,een unthinka,le that Jesus .oul( ,e re>e%te(, mu%h less put to (eath. Jesus .ithhol(s the insight of min( that .oul( allo. them to grasp the reality of the pre(i%tion, ,e%ause they .oul( ,e (estroye( ,y its gra+ity. 8ut it is su%h a startling an( un,elie+a,le pre(i%tion, they .ill remem,er it later $ after it ha( taken pla%e. They .ill a%kno.le(ge an( un(erstan( its %omplete meaning. t this time, they are una,le to e+en -uestion /im a,out it. The /oly One of Go( has an( authority o+er e+il spirits, yet men .ill ha+e an( authority o+er /im. Inthinka,le to the point of +ie. of those +ery normal human (is%iples. Though they .oul( not un(erstan( then, they .oul( later see that no one ha( o+er Jesus, ,ut that .hi%h Jesus %hose for them to ha+e. That /e kne. an( %hose the path /e took, ,e%ause if /e (i(n't, all people .oul( remain lost in their sins, .ithout hope, an( .ithout Go(, in the .orl(. Be are thankful that .e ha+e ,een gi+en an un(erstan(ing of this lo+e, an( mer%y, an( gra%e.

Lesson AI? Luke 4:2*$&):2).


2* K Then there arose a reasoning among them, .hi%h of them shoul( ,e greatest. 2@ n( Jesus, per%ei+ing the thought of their heart, took a %hil(, an( set him ,y him, 21 an( sai( unto them, Bhosoe+er shall re%ei+e this %hil( in my name re%ei+eth meJ an( .hosoe+er shall re%ei+e me, re%ei+eth him that sent me: for he that is least among you all, the same shall ,e great. 24 K n( John ans.ere( an( sai(, Daster, .e sa. one %asting out (e+ils in thy nameJ an( .e for,a(e him, ,e%ause he follo.eth not .ith us. 3) n( Jesus sai( unto him, :or,i( him not: for he that is not against us is for us. 3& K n( it %ame to pass, .hen the time .as %ome that he shoul( ,e re%ei+e( up, he stea(fastly set his fa%e to go to Jerusalem, 32 an( sent messengers ,efore his fa%e: an( they .ent, an( entere( into a +illage of the 5amaritans, to make rea(y for him. 30 n( they (i( not re%ei+e him, ,e%ause his fa%e .as as though he .oul( go to Jerusalem. 32 n( .hen his (is%iples James an( John sa. this, they sai(, Lor(, .ilt thou that .e %omman( fire to %ome (o.n from hea+en, an( %onsume them, e+en as 'li'>ah (i(6 33 8ut he turne(, an( re,uke( them, an( sai(, Me kno. not .hat manner of spirit ye are of. 3* :or the 5on of man is not %ome to (estroy men's li+es, ,ut to sa+e them. n( they .ent to another +illage. 3@ K n( it %ame to pass, that, as they .ent in the .ay, a %ertain man sai( unto him, Lor(, I .ill follo. thee .hithersoe+er thou goest. 31 n( Jesus sai( unto him, :oEes ha+e holes, an( ,ir(s of the air ha+e nestsJ ,ut the 5on of man hath not .here to lay his hea(. 34 n( he sai( unto another, :ollo. me. 8ut he sai(, Lor(, suffer me first to go an( ,ury my father. *) Jesus sai( unto him, Let the (ea( ,ury their (ea(: ,ut go thou an( prea%h the king(om of Go(. *& n( another also sai(, Lor(, I .ill follo. theeJ ,ut let me first go ,i( them fare.ell, .hi%h are at home at my house. *2 n( Jesus sai( unto him, #o man, ha+ing put his han( to the plo., an( looking ,a%k, is fit for the king(om of Go(. Chapter &):&$2). & fter these things the Lor( appointe( other se+enty also, an( sent them t.o an( t.o ,efore his fa%e into e+ery %ity an( pla%e, .hither he himself .oul( %ome. 2 Therefore sai( he unto them, The har+est truly is great, ,ut the la,orers are fe.: pray ye therefore the Lor( of the har+est, that

4& Lesson AI? %ontinue( he .oul( sen( forth la,orers into his har+est. 0 Go your .ays: ,ehol(, I sen( you forth as lam,s among .ol+es. 2 Carry neither purse, nor s%rip, nor shoes: an( salute no man ,y the .ay. 3 n( into .hatsoe+er house ye enter, first say, 9ea%e ,e to this house. * n( if the son of pea%e ,e there, your pea%e shall rest upon it: if not, it shall turn to you again. @ n( in the same house remain, eating an( (rinking su%h things as they gi+e: for the la,orer is .orthy of his hire. Go not from house to house. 1 n( into .hatsoe+er %ity ye enter, an( they re%ei+e you, eat su%h things as are set ,efore you: 4 an( heal the si%k that are therein, an( say unto them, The king(om of Go( is %ome nigh unto you. &) 8ut into .hatsoe+er %ity ye enter, an( they re%ei+e you not, go your .ays out into the streets of the same, an( say, && '+en the +ery (ust of your %ity, .hi%h %lea+eth on us, .e (o .ipe off against you: not.ithstan(ing, ,e ye sure of this, that the king(om of Go( is %ome nigh unto you. &2 8ut I say unto you, that it shall ,e more tolera,le in that (ay for 5o(om, than for that %ity. &0 K Boe unto thee, Chora'=inP .oe unto thee, 8ethsai'(aP for if the mighty .orks ha( ,een (one in Tyre an( 5i(on, .hi%h ha+e ,een (one in you, they ha( a great .hile ago repente(, sitting in sa%k%loth an( ashes. &2 8ut it shall ,e more tolera,le for Tyre an( 5i(on at the >u(gment, than for you. &3 n( thou, Caper'na$um, .hi%h art eEalte( to hea+en, shalt ,e thrust (o.n to hell. &* K /e that heareth you heareth meJ an( he that (espiseth you (espiseth meJ an( he that (espiseth me (espiseth him that sent me. &@ K n( the se+enty returne( again .ith >oy, saying, Lor(, e+en the (e+ils are su,>e%t unto us through thy name. &1 n( he sai( unto them, I ,ehel( 5atan as lightning fall from hea+en. &4 8ehol(, I gi+e unto you to trea( on serpents an( s%orpions, an( o+er all the of the enemyJ an( nothing shall ,y any means hurt you. 2) #ot.ithstan(ing, in this re>oi%e not, that the spirits are su,>e%t unto youJ ,ut rather re>oi%e, ,e%ause your names are .ritten in hea+en. Luke 4:2*$21. Bho's Greatest in the ;ing(om of /ea+en6 The thoughts an( +alues of the (is%iples .ere in %omplete %ontrast to the .ay of the Cross $ the %hosen path of Jesus. The

42 Lesson AI? %ontinue( thoughts of the (is%iples .ere %ompletely self$%entere(. Datthe. re%or(s their %oming to Jesus .ith the -uestion: HBho is the greatest in the ;ing(om of /ea+en6H In their hearts, they .ere thinking, HCoul( I ,e the greatest6H "ather than anger or (ispleasure .ith their inner thoughts, Jesus .ill tea%h them .ith the eEample of a little %hil( $ to ,e great one must first learn to ,e really small. In humility one shoul( gi+e ser+i%e e+en as an unimportant person in the Lor('s name. This follo.s the eEample of the /ea+enly :ather in /is gra%e an( mer%y an( lo+ing$kin(ness. This kin( of helping others unselfishly is greatly +alue( ,y Go( $ an( makes one great in the ;ing(om of Go(. To ,e truly hum,le remains a (iffi%ult .ay of seeing oneself $ to the point .here one %an ,e so hum,le that they ,e%ome +ery prou( of ho. hum,le they are. To put others ,efore oneself is to %onsi(er them more important an( .orthy of ,eing ser+e(. To help a small %hil( is seen as true unselfish gi+ing ,e%ause the %hil( has no .ay to return the fa+or or (o anything for us. To (o a ser+i%e for someone .ith position an( al.ays raises the -uestion $ .hether ser+i%e is (one eEpe%ting a return, there,y tainting the ser+i%e .ith one's selfish intent. ?erses 24,3). /e Bho Is #ot gainst Is Is :or Is. John tells Jesus that he an( the other (is%iples ha( en%ountere( a man %asting out (emons in Jesus' name $ ,ut sin%e he .as not one of the %lose follo.ers, they ha( tol( him to stop (oing that. Jesus tells them they a%te( in%orre%tly $ that man must ha+e ha( a strong faith in Jesus, ,eing su%%essful in %asting out (emons in Jesus' name $ they ha( no right to for,i( him. O,+iously he .as a%ting for Jesus $ against the '+il One. Jesus sho.s them that they shoul( ,e more tolerant. '+ery person is either for or against Jesus, e+en if they are not a.are of it. Be must ,e tolerant of others .ho are (oing .orks for Go( $ e+en if they are (ifferent from us in other .ays. nyone (oing goo( .orks in Jesus' name is therefore for us, an( shoul( ,e a%%epte( as su%h. ?erses 3&$3*. The 5amaritans Turn Jesus .ay. :rom here to Chapter &4:22, Luke (es%ri,es Jesus' ministry as /e tra+els to Jerusalem. The ma>or portion of .hi%h is not in%lu(e( in the other 0 Gospels. These in%lu(e many of the most memora,le para,les: the goo( 5amaritan, the 9ro(igal 5on, the lost sheep. ?erse suffering, of man. /e >ourney to 3&. Jesus ha( %hosen to follo. the path of humiliation, an( (eath $ to fulfill the (i+ine plan for the 5al+ation ha( in(i%ate( this to /is (is%iples. #o. /e ,egins the Jerusalem, .here these e+ents are to take pla%e.

40 Lesson AI? %ontinue( ?erses 32,30. Jesus sen(s out messengers to the neEt to.n, %rossing 5amaria to Ju(ea $ to get a pla%e to stay, as .ell as foo(. That +illage refuses to a%%ommo(ate them, ,e%ause they .ere going to Jerusalem. The 5amaritans ha( institute( their o.n pla%e of .orship at Dount Geri=in $ they therefore are hostile to Jesus, .ho .as going to Jerusalem to .orship at the Temple there. /ere they re>e%t the 5on of Go(, .ho in going through their %ountry .oul( ha+e gi+en them the %han%e of learning from /im the .ay of sal+ation. ?erse 32. James an( John, Hsons of thun(erH as Jesus %alls them Fin Dark 0:&0G, in their =eal to honor Jesus, ,e%ome angry at the 5amaritan's re>e%tion. They ask .hether they shoul( %all fire (o.n from hea+en to ,urn them up Fas 'li>ah (i( in 2 ;ings &:04$&&G. ?erses 33,3*. Jesus urges them to ,e more tolerant $ they must not a%t .ith +iolen%e those .ho oppose or are hostile to them. Jesus' present ministry .as for sal+ation, not >u(gment. They then .ent on to another +illage. Bhate+er our =eal for Christ $ it must not in%lu(e a%ting in any .ay %ontrary to the eEample sho.n ,y Jesus /imself. ?erses 3@$*2. /o. Jesus Is to 8e :ollo.e(. s they .ent Jerusalem, an( all those things that .ere to take pla%e there, Jesus tea%hes lessons on .hat the pri%e is to follo. /im $ to three prospe%ti+e follo.ers. ?erses 3@,31. s they tra+ele(, someone %omes, telling Jesus that he .ill follo. /im .here+er /e goes. /e speaks .ith great self$%onfi(en%e $ not reali=ing his o.n .eakness $ nor the path Jesus .as Jesus %alls his attention to the fa%ts of /is ministry, that %ontinuously /e is tra+eling from to.n to to.n, .ith no %laim of house or possessions. /e only seeks to meet the nee(s of others. /e .ishes the man to ,e %ompletely a.are of .hat /im hol(s. ?erses 34,*). #eEt Jesus asks someone to follo. /im. The man eEplains that first he must go an( ,ury his father. /e pro,a,ly means that his father is el(erly or ill an( he (oesn't .ant to (esert him in that %on(ition. Jesus ans.ers that to follo. /im is more urgent $ that the most intimate family ties must ,e put asi(e to follo. /im. Jesus replies that those spiritually (ea( are a,le to take %are of the funeral of anyone .ho (ies. To follo. Jesus imme(iately is the most important thing. ?erses *&,*2. thir( person .ishe( to follo. Jesus, ,ut first .ante( to say goo(,ye to his family. Jesus a(+ises that half$hearte( ser+i%e is not enough $ >ust as a must pay attention, or a

42 Lesson AI? %ontinue( %rooke( furro. .ill ,e (one. nyone .ho follo.s Jesus shoul( ne+er allo. other %on%erns to (istra%t them from su%h a holy %alling. De+otion an( faithfulness are ne%essary parts of Jesus. Luke (oes not mention .hat ,e%ame of any of the three in-uirers. Jesus (i( not re>e%t them, ,ut merely relate( .hat (eman(s .ere part of /im. Jesus ma(e no re-uirements of /is follo.ers that /e (i( not meet /imself. /e set asi(e e+en /is o.n family ties, an( .ithout turning asi(e, /is task .ith purpose to the en(. /is eEample is the high$%alling that /e %alls upon us to follo.. Luke &):&$2). The Dission of the @). s Jesus' pu,li% ministry .as in its final phase, an( many to.ns an( +illages ha( not ,een +isite( $ here Jesus appoints @) (is%iples to go in pairs to the pla%es /e still .ishe( to +isit. 9ro,a,ly this .as along the Jor(an, on the .ay to Jerusalem, a,out * months ,efore the %ru%ifiEion. Those .ho li+e( a%ross the Jor(an ha( ,een ignore( .ith in(ifferen%e ,y the Je.ish religious lea(ers, an( thus .ere in great nee( of spiritual enlightenment. ?erse &. /ere Jesus sen(s out a mu%h greater num,er than ,efore $ @) instea( of &2. ?erse 2. Jesus points out that the nee( is great ,ut the la,orers are fe.. Jesus a(+ises /is follo.ers to pray for more la,orers for this task. ?erse 0. 8e%ause of the (anger of the task, Jesus .arns them to ,e %areful, as lam,s among .ol+es. Go( alone .ill prote%t them. ?erse 2. They are gi+en pra%ti%ally the same instru%tions as the &2. They are not to take any eEtra pro+isions for the >ourney. They must go as is. They (i( not .aste time on the .ay .ith long$.in(e( salutations Fa %ustom in those partsG. They must not allo. anything to hin(er their task. ?erses 3,*. Bhen entering a home, they are to greet the family .ith H9ea%e 8e to MouH $ .hi%h ,ears the (eeper signifi%an%e of the Gospel of the ;ing(om offering the pea%e an( sal+ation of Jesus, the Dessiah, the 9rin%e of 9ea%e. Those that a%%ept this offer .ill eEperien%e the pea%e of faith, an( the greeting .ill remain upon them. On the other han(, those .ho (o not a%%ept the greeting infaith .ill not re%ei+e the ,lessing. ?erse @. Bhere+er they stay, they are to a%%ept .hate+er is offere( as >ust re%ompense for sprea(ing the Gospel. They are not to go from house to house $ .asting time an( energy. They must stay in

43 Lesson AI? %ontinue( the house .here they .ere first taken in. ?erse 1. In that area .ere many Gentiles, an( the Je.s .ere not so %areful a,out %eremony, so Jesus a(+ise( them to eat .hate+er .as set ,efore them. ?erse 4. s part of the sprea(ing of the message of the king(om of Go(, the mira%le of healing ser+e( as proof that Go( is .ith Christ an( the (is%iples. ?erses &),&&. Bhere they are not re%ei+e(, they must pu,li%ly .ipe the (ust of that pla%e from their feet $ to make those people reali=e that ,y this a%tion they separate themsel+es from the king(om $ that they ha+e no eE%use for not a%%epting it. ?erse &2. 8e%ause they ha+e re>e%te( the opportunity to ,e sa+e(, an( ,e%ome part of the king(om of Go(, their >u(gment .ill ,e more se+ere than those that li+e( in 5o(om, .ho ne+er ha( su%h an opportunity. ?erse &3. Capernaum ha( many opportunities also, ,ut %hose >u(gment against themsel+es. ?erse &*. Those .ho re>e%t the (is%iples, also re>e%t Jesus $ those .ho re>e%t /im also re>e%t the :ather .ho sent /im $ thus re>e%ting the .ay of sal+ation offere( freely to them. ?erse &@. pparently an amount of time .as fiEe( after .hi%h the (is%iples .ere to report ,a%k to Jesus at a %ertain lo%ation. Bhen they %ame, they .ere re>oi%ing a,out their su%%ess, e+en the e+il spirits ha( o,eye( their %omman(s in Jesus' #ame. ?erse &1. Jesus eEplains .hy the (emons .ere su,>e%t to them. /e has seen the of satan ,roken. Bhen Jesus re>e%te( his temptations $ the (e+il's might ha( ,een (efeate(. The +i%tory .as .on. Throughout Jesus' ministry in freeing those possesse( ,y (emons, this +i%tory is sho.n. 5atan as a %on-uere( enemy must o,ey those .ho ,elong to his %on-ueror Jesus. ?erse &4. 8e%ause Christ has o+erthro.n satan, /e gi+es authority to /is follo.ers, an( prote%ts them against all (anger from spiritual opponents. ?erse 2). Jesus a(+ises them not to ,e so elate( that the (emons .ere su,>e%t to them, ,ut to ,e most >oyful a,out the fa%t that their names are .ritten in the Lam,'s 8ook of Life in hea+en. Their re(emption ,y Go('s Gra%e is the greatest gift they .ill e+er

4* Lesson AI? %ontinue( re%ei+e. #o amount of (arkness %an put out the light of a single %an(le. They .ere sent out in pairs $ to en%ourage ea%h other, an( also Hin the mouth of t.o .itnesses e+ery .or( is esta,lishe(H FDatthe. &1:&*G

Lesson A? $ 9art Luke &):2&$0@.


2& K In that hour Jesus re>oi%e( in spirit, an( sai(, I thank thee, O :ather, Lor( of hea+en an( earth, that thou hast hi( these things from the .ise an( pru(ent, an( hast re+eale( them unto ,a,es: e+en so, :atherJ for so it seeme( goo( in thy sight. 22 ll things are (eli+ere( to me of my :ather: an( no man kno.eth .ho the 5on is, ,ut the :atherJ an( .ho the :ather is, ,ut the 5on, an( he to .hom the 5on .ill re+eal him. 20 K n( he turne( him unto his (is%iples, an( sai( pri+ately, 8lesse( are the eyes .hi%h see the things that ye see: 22 for I tell you, that many prophets an( kings ha+e (esire( to see those things .hi%h ye see, an( ha+e not seen themJ an( to hear those things .hi%h ye hear, an( ha+e not hear( them. 23 K n(, ,ehol(, a %ertain la.yer stoo( up, an( tempte( him, saying, Daster, .hat shall I (o to inherit eternal life6 2* /e sai( unto him, Bhat is .ritten in the la.6 ho. rea(est thou6 2@ n( he ans.ering sai(, Thou shalt lo+e the Lor( thy Go( .ith all thy heart, an( .ith all thy soul, an( .ith all thy strength, an( .ith all thy min(J an( thy neigh,or as thyself. 21 n( he sai( unto him, Thou hast ans.ere( right: this (o, an( thou shalt li+e. 24 K 8ut he, .illing to >ustify himself, sai( unto Jesus, n( .ho is my neigh,or6 0) n( Jesus ans.ering sai(, %ertain man .ent (o.n from Jerusalem to Jeri%ho, an( fell among thie+es, .hi%h strippe( him of his raiment, an( .oun(e( him, an( (eparte(, lea+ing him half (ea(. 0& n( ,y %han%e there %ame (o.n a %ertain priest that .ayJ an( .hen he sa. him, he passe( ,y on the other si(e. 02 n( like.ise a Le+ite, .hen he .as at the pla%e, %ame an( looke( on him, an( passe( ,y on the other si(e. 00 8ut a %ertain 5amaritan, as he >ourneye(, %ame .here he .asJ an( .hen he sa. him, he ha( %ompassion on him, 02 an( .ent to him, an( ,oun( up his .oun(s, pouring in oil an( .ine, an( set him on his o.n ,east, an( ,rought him to an inn, an( took %are of him. 03 n( on the morro. .hen he (eparte(, he took out t.o pen%e, an( ga+e them to the host, an( sai( unto him, Take %are of him: an( .hatsoe+er thou spen(est more, .hen I %ome again, I .ill repay thee. 0* Bhi%h no. of these three, thinkest thou, .as neigh,or unto him that fell among the thie+es6 0@ n( he sai(, /e that sho.e( mer%y on him. Then sai( Jesus unto him, Go, an( (o thou like.ise.

41 Lesson A? $ 9art %ontinue( Luke &):2&$22. Jesus "e>oi%es in 5pirit. ,rief ,ut signifi%ant pi%ture of the intimate relationship ,et.een the ,elo+e( 5on an( /is /ea+enly :ather. ?erse 2&. The .or(s of re>oi%ing are %onne%te( .ith the return of the @) .ith >oy in relating their mission. Jesus' >oy .as so great as to eEpress it out lou( to /is :ather $ that Go('s .is(om arrange( matters so that insight is gi+en to those .ho in %hil(like simpli%ity an( humility re%ogni=e their %omplete (epen(en%e on the 5a+ior an( a%%ept the truth re+eale( ,y Go( through /im. The self$eEalte(, self$ righteous, .ise in their o.n estimation as the s%ri,es an( 9harisees .ere, are too intelle%tually arrogant to a%%ept the simpli%ity an( mer%y an( lo+e re+eale( in the Gospel. This has no relation as to .hether one is .ell$e(u%ate( or not. ?erse 22. /ere .e ha+e the %lear testimony of Jesus' unity .ith the :ather $ .ho has gi+en e+erything o+er to /im $ only /e therefore kno.s the :ather an( only through /im %an anyone kno. the :ather $ ,y Christ's re+ealing him to them $ /e is therefore a,solutely one .ith The :ather. F lso state( in Datthe. &&:2@, an( John &@.G ?erses 20,22. Jesus a((resses parti%ularly /is %lose (is%iples $ %alling to their attention the glorious pri+ilege they are eEperien%ing $ longe( for ,y the prophets an( kings of the Ol( Testament $ .ho kne. a,out the %oming of the Dessiah $ they (i( not li+e to see /is %oming, or listen to /is Tea%hing. Though their pri+ilege .as great $ .e possess the %omplete( re+elation of Go( in the #e. Testament as the In%arnate 5on of Go(, the One Cru%ifie(, the "isen "e(eemer, an( the Glorifie( One, an( /ea( of /is Chur%h. Bith this pri+ilege goes the responsi,ility to share it .ith others. ?erses 23$0@. 9ara,le of the Goo( 5amaritan. "e%or(e( only ,y Luke. ?erse 23. The ultimate -uestion $ ho. %an anyone inherit eternal life6 F ske( as a test.G ?erses 2*$21. Jesus in turn asks .hat Go('s re-uirements are in the La. $ the perfe%t lo+e Go( an( one's neigh,or. Jesus replies that he ans.ere( %orre%tly $ that if he o,ser+es these re-uirements faithfully $ he .ill li+e for time an( eternity. ?erse 24. The La.yer kno.s .ell that he is not really up to that $ that he (oes not regar( all people .ith e-ual %ompassion. reply sho.s his (esire to fin( a loophole so that his %ons%ien%e ,e -uiete( $ in asking .ho is he to %onsi(er his neigh,or $ that all /is %an he

44 Lesson A? $ 9art is not responsi,le to help >ust anyone. ?erses 0)$03. To the -uestion a,out .ho a person's neigh,or is, Jesus tells the para,le of the goo( 5amaritan. The (iffi%ult, ro%ky path from Jerusalem to Jeri%ho ha( ,een for %enturies notorious as a pla%e .here ro,,ers all too often atta%ke( +illagers. ?erses 0*,0@. s Jesus usually (oes, so here, in to a -uestion $ not as the la.yer .oul( ha+e it $ ,ut through a para,le for%es the la.yer to the real spiritual -uestion: HDo I a%t as a neigh,or to those in nee(, .ithout (istin%tion6H %%or(ing to tra(ition at that time the term neigh,or meant Je.s only $ not the heathen or 5amaritans. In this para,le it is a (espise( 5amaritan that is the goo( neigh,or. Jesus tea%hes that lo+e for one's neigh,or has no ,oun(s of nationality, religious ,a%kgroun(, or anything else, no matter .hat. #o time .as .aste( in hypotheti%ally (is%ussing .ho is to ,e %onsi(ere( one's neigh,or or un(er .hat %ir%umstan%es one shoul( help or not help. The point is sho.n to ,e that anyone .ho you %ome in %onta%t .ith is your neigh,or an( .orthy of ,eing helpe(. The la.yer .as for%e( to a%kno.le(ge the profoun( truth .ithin the para,le. Jesus then tells him to, HGo, an( (o thou like.ise.H gain .e are not tol( a,out .hat the la.yer (oes then $ ,e%ause that is not the most important thing. That is the Dessage of the po.erful lesson that Jesus tea%hes in this para,le. The La. of Go( states that he .ho o,ser+es the La. perfe%tly .ill li+e. The t.o pillars are al.ays lo+ing Go( an( /is fello. man $ there,y inheriting eternal life. nyone .ho thinks they %an attain this is only (elu(ing themsel+es an( not a%kno.le(ging their o.n sinfulness. This .as Go('s gift to us $ to sen( /is 5on as Dan to fulfill the La., in a life of perfe%t lo+e Go( an( perfe%t lo+e /is fello. men. Only ,y /is %omplete Inno%en%e %oul( Christ's (eath pay the pri%e for our sins. Our response shoul( ,e a life of gratitu(e an( ser+i%e, that through the of the /oly 5pirit .ithin ea%h ,elie+er, .e ha+e the free(om to eEpress lo+e Go( an( our fello. men. %ontinue(

Lesson A? $ 9art 8 Luke &):01$&&:&0.


01 K #o. it %ame to pass, as they .ent, that he entere( into a %ertain +illage: an( a %ertain .oman name( Dartha re%ei+e( him into her house. 04 n( she ha( a sister %alle( Dary, .hi%h also sat at Jesus' feet, an( hear( his .or(. 2) 8ut Dartha .as %um,ere( a,out mu%h ser+ing, an( %ame to him, an( sai(, Lor(, (ost thou not %are that my sister hath left me to ser+e alone6 ,i( her therefore that she help me. 2& n( Jesus ans.ere( an( sai( unto her, Dartha, Dartha, thou art %areful an( trou,le( a,out many things: 22 ,ut one thing is nee(fulJ an( Dary hath %hosen that goo( part, .hi%h shall not ,e taken a.ay from her. Chapter &&:&$&0. & n( it %ame to pass, that, as he .as praying in a %ertain pla%e, .hen he %ease(, one of his (is%iples sai( unto him, Lor(, tea%h us to pray, as John also taught his (is%iples. 2 n( he sai( unto them, Bhen ye pray, say, Our :ather .hi%h art in hea+en, /allo.e( ,e thy name. Thy king(om %ome. Thy .ill ,e (one, as in hea+en, so in earth. 0 Gi+e us (ay ,y (ay our (aily ,rea(. 2 n( forgi+e us our sinsJ for .e also forgi+e e+ery one that is in(e,te( to us. n( lea( us not into temptationJ ,ut (eli+er us from e+il. 3 K n( he sai( unto them, Bhi%h of you shall ha+e a frien(, an( shall go unto him at mi(night, an( say unto him, :rien(, len( me three loa+esJ * for a frien( of mine in his >ourney is %ome to me, an( I ha+e nothing to set ,efore him6 @ n( he from .ithin shall an( say, Trou,le me not: the (oor is no. shut, an( my %hil(ren are .ith me in ,e(J I %annot rise an( gi+e thee. 1 I say unto you, Though he .ill not rise an( gi+e him, ,e%ause he is his frien(, yet ,e%ause of his importunity he .ill rise an( gi+e him as many as he nee(eth. 4 n( I say unto you, sk, an( it shall ,e gi+en youJ seek, an( ye shall fin(J kno%k, an( it shall ,e opene( unto you. &) :or e+ery one that asketh re%ei+ethJ an( he that seeketh fin(ethJ an( to him that kno%keth it shall ,e opene(. && If a son shall ask ,rea( of any of you that is a father, .ill

&)& Lesson A? $ 9art 8 %ontinue( he gi+e him a stone6 or if he ask a fish, .ill he for a fish gi+e him a serpent6 &2 Or if he shall ask an egg, .ill he offer him a s%orpion6 &0 If ye then, ,eing e+il, kno. ho. to gi+e goo( gifts unto your %hil(renJ ho. mu%h more shall your hea+enly :ather gi+e the /oly 5pirit to them that ask him6 Luke &):01$22. Dartha an( Dary. This e+ent is re%or(e( only ,y Luke. In John &&, in the story of the raising of La=arus, their %hara%ters refle%t .hat is re%or(e( here in Luke. This only makes the Gospels pre%ise an( relia,le. ?erse 01. %%or(ing to John &):22 an( other statements in John, Jesus .ent to Jerusalem on se+eral o%%asions (uring the last * months ,efore /is %ru%ifiEion. Be are also tol( in John that they li+e( in 8ethany, a +illage near Jerusalem on the main roa( from Trans$Jor(an. /ere Luke (oesn't mention La=arus, or the +illage, ,ut re%or(s the heart of the matter $ the (ifferent responses to Jesus an( /is .or(s refle%te( in their %hoi%es. ?erses 04,2). Bhen Jesus %ame to their home, Dary ha( %hosen to sit at the feet of Jesus an( listen to /is e+ery .or(. Bhat a pri+ilege, .e %an only pray to ha+e su%h an opportunity some(ay. Dartha Fpro,a,ly the el(er sisterG .as +ery agitate(, trying to ,e responsi,le in preparing a .orthy repast for Jesus an( /is %lose follo.ers. /er moti+es .ere goo( in seeking to (o these things to sho. hospitality $ ,ut then she sulke( an( spoke a,out the fa%t that Dary .as not helping her. 5o she ,ol(ly suggests that Jesus shoul( tell Dary to help her in the manifol( preparations. ?erses 2&,22. In reply, Jesus points out to Dartha that she is upset an( preo%%upie( .ith all these preparations for /im, .hile Dary has %hosen the ,etter response to /is %oming. That ,etter part in (esiring to listen to Jesus' .or(s of e+erlasting life. Though Jesus (oes not (isappro+e of .hat Dartha .as (oing $ yet she shoul( not resent Dary's %hoi%e nor ask /im to make Dary get up an( help her. Jesus' .or(s .ere to sho. the true perspe%ti+e an( true +alue of Dary's %hoi%e. The lesson here lies in our %hoi%es in ser+ing Christ. That .e shoul( not ,e agitate( or (issatisfie( .ith others ,e%ause .e are so ,usy trying to (o some a%ti+e ser+i%e for Jesus. The most important part is al.ays %ommunion .ith Jesus, so that in our a%ti+e ser+i%e .e .ill ,e at pea%e. Dany religions %on%entrate on one or the other parts of the .hole. 5ome insist on eE%essi+e %ontemplation an( me(itation, or in tra(itions of formal liturgy an( formal repetition, rituals,

&)2 Lesson A? $ 9art 8 %ontinue( an( %eremonies. Jesus re-uires ,oth a life of %ommunion, prayer, an( .orship $ as .ell as a rea%hing out to others in pra%ti%al ser+i%e to help those in nee(. &&:&$2. The Lor('s 9rayer. In Datthe., a similar prayer is re%or(e( as part of the 5ermon on the Dount. There /e is tea%hing a large group not to pray in +ain repetitions $ ,ut ho. to pray. It is %ompletely natural that Jesus .oul( gi+e similar instru%tion on (ifferent o%%asions an( that the .or(ing .oul( +ary in some (egree $ an( also sin%e that .as part of /is a(+i%e $ not to merely repeat .or(s memori=e( for a ritual purpose. ?erse &. Luke (es%ri,es no spe%ifi% time or pla%e, ,ut emphasi=es that .hile Jesus .as praying, one of the (is%iples .as mo+e( ,y the (epth of %ommunion Jesus seeme( to ,e engage( in. This le( him to ask Jesus .hat one must (o to pray .ith su%h earnestness, .hen Jesus ha( finishe( praying. The (is%iple mentions the fa%t that John ha( taught his follo.ers to pray. "eali=ing his o.n ina(e-ua%y, he (esire( Jesus to sho. them ho. to pray. ?erse 2. Jesus respon(s ,y gi+ing this mo(el prayer. The opening .or( H:atherH sho.s in .hat attitu(e .e must approa%h Go( $ .ith faith an( lo+e /im as our :ather .ho has sho.n us lo+e an( mer%y $ yet re%ogni=ing /is Di+inity $ H.hi%h art in /ea+en.H Bhen praying together .e say Our :ather $ .hen in pri+ate, .e say :ather. The first part %on%erns the glory of Go( $ H/allo.e( ,e Thy #ameH $ a petition that Go( shoul( ,e re%ogni=e( an( gi+en re+eren%e in all %reation, an( that the one praying re%ogni=es that Go( is .orthy of all honor an( a(oration $ to ,e lo+e( an( o,eye( .hole$hearte(ly. HThy ;ing(om ComeH seeks Go('s (i+ine so+ereignty to in%rease until fully reali=e( as the rightful pla%e in the heart an( life of e+eryone. Go('s so+ereignty in hea+en shoul( ,e ,rought to the earth. This .ill not to %ome to pass until the 2n( %oming of Christ. ?erses 0,2. Only no. is prayer offere( for the nee(s of man $ %alling for (i+ine ,lessing in all areas $ for oursel+es an( others. 8rea( represents all man's nee(s for earthly eEisten%e $ so that one may .ork fulfilling the .ill of Go( in ea%h person's life. This is aske( $ not ,e%ause of some merit or right .e ha+e, ,ut in relying on the gra%e of Go( for e+ery moment an( e+ery nee(. H n( forgi+e us of our sins,H remin(s us of our inherent sinfulness. :orgi+eness is grante( ,y Go('s gra%e alone $ not ,e%ause .e forgi+e those .ho (o us .rong. Our forgi+ing others sho.s a%kno.le(gment our ha+ing ,een forgi+en in mer%y an( gra%e. This gi+es us the free(om an( to forgi+e others.

&)0 Lesson A? $ 9art 8 %ontinue( H8ring us not into temptation.H Bhen seeking to a+oi( (oing anything (ispleasing to Go( so it is natural to pray, ,eing %ons%ious of our o.n .eaknesses $ that Go( may gui(e our life a.ay from situations in .hi%h one is eEpose( to su%h temptations. This prayer has ,een repeate( for o+er &4)) years ,y millions of ,elie+ers, in un%ounte( num,ers of languages an( %ountries $ it has ,e%ome a glorious %ommon ,on( of unity an( fello.ship. It is ne+er out of (ate or inappropriate. ?erses 3$&0. 9ara,le of the Importunate :rien(. 8y .ay of this para,le an( the eEamples it, Jesus tea%hes in an easy to remem,er an( striking manner ho. %ertain it is that our /ea+enly :ather .ill to a prayer of nee(. ?erses 3$1. Jesus here emphasi=es that prayer shoul( ,e (one .ith a firm faith in an To illustrate this, Jesus tells the para,le that e+en a normal selfish person .ill gi+e the frien( .hat he nee(s e+en if it is at an in%on+enient an( (isrupting time. t su%h a ,a( time $ he .ill get up an( gi+e >ust to get ri( of him. The -uestion $ ho. mu%h more .ill Go( .ho in perfe%t lo+e, mer%y an( gra%e is .illing to gi+e to prayer to one of /is %hil(ren in nee(6 To remem,er there is a relationship ,et.een the t.o, an( the re-uest is of genuine nee(, not something selfish. The %ertainty of follo.s $ a relationship an( a nee(. ?erse 4. :ar more %ertain than the earthly frien( is the (esire of Go( that .e shoul( petition /im for our nee(s. Be shoul( (iligently %ommuni%ate .ith Go( through prayer $ to seek, to kno%k .ith Go( is to fin(, an( the (oor to ,e opene(. ?erse &). This +erse reemphasi=es the %ertainty of to prayer, ,ase( upon a right relationship .ith Go(, an( sin%erity of nee(. ?erses &&$&0. /ere Go( is (es%ri,e( as the /ea+enly :ather. If an earthly, imperfe%t father .oul( ne+er gi+e useless or (angerous things .hen his son asks for ne%essary things $ then far a,o+e this the perfe%t /ea+enly :ather .ill supply the nee(ful things /is %hil(ren ask for . ,o+e all gifts is the /oly 5pirit $ the most po.erful an( ne%essary gift through .hi%h all other goo( things are grante(. To (ou,t that Go( .ill our nee( is to say Go( is less un(erstan(ing an( sympatheti% than an or(inary human parent or e+en an or(inary frien(. Therefore our %ertainty in prayer refle%ts our faith in .ho /e is, an( .hat /is nature, an(, an( attitu(e us are.

&)2 Lesson A? $ 9art 8 %ontinue( 5ummary: #ot to ha+e faith in Go('s .illingness an( %ertainty to prayer is to re>e%t the .hole of Go('s plan of sal+ation in sen(ing us /is greatest gift $ Jesus the Christ, the Lam, of Go( to pay for our sins an( present us .ith the gift of eternal life .ith /im $ in the presen%e of all the saints, the /oly ngels an( Jesus $ in glory, .here there are no tears, or illness, or sin, or (arkness, ,ut all light an( life an( lo+e, an( pea%e an( praise an( thanksgi+ing an( >oy .ithout measure an( .ithout %easing. men.

Lesson A?I Luke &&:&2$02.


&2 K n( he .as %asting out a (e+il, an( it .as (um,. n( it %ame to pass, .hen the (e+il .as gone out, the (um, spakeJ an( the people .on(ere(. &3 8ut some of them sai(, /e %asteth out (e+ils through 8eel'=e,u, the %hief of the (e+ils. &* n( others, tempting him, sought of him a sign from hea+en. &@ 8ut he, their thoughts, sai( unto them, '+ery king(om (i+i(e( against itself is ,rought to (esolationJ an( a house (i+i(e( against a house falleth. &1 If 5atan also ,e (i+i(e( against himself, ho. shall his king(om stan(6 ,e%ause ye say that I %ast out (e+ils through 8eel'=e,u,. &4 n( if I ,y 8eel'=e,u, %ast out (e+ils, ,y .hom (o your sons %ast them out6 therefore shall they ,e your >u(ges. 2) 8ut if I .ith the finger of Go( %ast out (e+ils, no (ou,t the king(om of Go( is %ome upon you. 2& Bhen a strong man arme( keepeth his pala%e, his goo(s are in pea%e: 22 ,ut .hen a stronger than he shall %ome upon him, an( o+er%ome him, he taketh from him all his armor .herein he truste(, an( (i+i(eth his spoils. 20 /e that is not .ith me is against meJ an( he that gathereth not .ith me s%attereth. 22 K Bhen the un%lean spirit is gone out of a man, he .alketh through (ry pla%es, seeking restJ an( fin(ing none, he saith, I .ill return unto my house .hen%e I %ame out. 23 n( .hen he %ometh, he fin(eth it s.ept an( garnishe(. 2* Then goeth he, an( taketh to him se+en other spirits more .i%ke( than himselfJ an( they enter in, an( (.ell there: an( the last state of that man is .orse than the first. 2@ K n( it %ame to pass, as he spake these things, a %ertain .oman of the %ompany lifte( up her +oi%e, an( sai( unto him, 8lesse( is the .om, that ,are thee, an( the paps .hi%h thou hast su%ke(. 21 8ut he sai(, Mea, rather, ,lesse( are they that hear the .or( of Go(, an( keep it. 24 K n( .hen the people .ere gathere( thi%k together, he ,egan to say, This is an e+il generation: they seek a signJ an( there shall no sign ,e gi+en it, ,ut the sign of Jonah the prophet. 0) :or as Jonah .as a sign unto the #in'e+ites, so shall also the 5on of man ,e to this generation. 0& The -ueen of the south shall rise up in the >u(gment .ith the men of this generation, an( %on(emn them: for she %ame from the utmost parts of the earth to hear the .is(om of 5olomonJ an(, ,ehol(, a greater than 5olomon is here. 02 The men of #in'e+eh shall rise up in the >u(gment .ith this generation, an( shall %on(emn it: for they repente( at the prea%hing

&)* Lesson A?I %ontinue( of JonahJ an(, ,ehol(, a greater than Jonah is here. Luke &&:&2$21. 8lasphemy of the 9harisees. Be see the attitu(e of the Je.s $ espe%ially the lea(ers $ ,e%ome more negati+e $ e+en to hatre(. This is a strong sign the final re>e%tion of Jesus ,y the nation at Jerusalem $ this in%rease( from here ?erses &2,&3. This e+en ,egins .ith Jesus %asting out a (emon from a possesse( person. The spirit ha( ma(e its +i%tim spee%hless. Bhen the spirit .as gone out, the man %oul( again speak. Those .itnessing it .ere ama=e( $ some .ere %orre%tly seeing the han( of Go(. Others .oul( not a%kno.le(ge Jesus as the Christ $ ,ut .ent in the opposite (ire%tion ,lasphemously, saying that Jesus .as using the of satan. ?erse &*. Others (eman( some sign or (emonstration to pro+e in(isputa,ly that he .as the Dessiah. 5igns point to something else Fi.e. roa( signsG. Other.ise they thought that may,e /e .as a%ting through the of satan. ?erses &@,&1. Jesus sa. through their .or(s, an( into their hearts, an( sho.e( the empty argument of these enemies of the Gospel. 5atan (oes e+il through his (emons. Bhy then .oul( satan .ork against his o.n interests an( ,y freeing their human +i%tims $ there,y (estroying his .ork an( po.er6 ?erse &4. The a%%usation .as a,sur( $ here Jesus re+eals their hypo%risy $ it .as generally a%%epte( that if a Je. or ra,,i (eli+ere( a person possesse( ,y a (e+il $ it .as a sign of Go('s .orking through that person. 8ut no. they see Jesus (oing the same a%tion yet they as%ri,e the .ork to satan $ Jesus re+eals that their fello. Je.s .ill >u(ge against them for their hypo%risy. ?erse 2). Jesus emphasi=e( that it is o,+ious /is o+er satan allo.s him to %ast out the of satan. Therefore the of Go( is manifeste( $ that Go('s authority is at .ork, the king(om of Go( is on earth, through Jesus .ho is /is 5on, the ;ing of ;ings, an( the Lor( of Lor(s. ?erses 2&,22. The eEample sho.s that e+en .hen a strong man guar(s his (ominion $ he is only su%%essful until a stronger one %omes along $ then he is una,le to prote%t his goo(s. That Jesus %asts out (emons (emonstrates that one greater than satan has %ome an( spoile( his plans of possession an( (estru%tion.

&)@ Lesson A?I %ontinue( ?erse 20. nyone .ho is not .ith Jesus fighting the po.ers of e+il an( (estru%tion en( up lost an( ,lin(, an( %annot fin( the right path or help anyone else $ thus %ontinuing an( %ontri,uting to the po.ers of (arkness. The re>e%tion of Jesus ,y the Je.ish lea(ers, through them the ma>ority of the nation, le( to their (estru%tion .ithin one generation ,y the "oman rmy in @) .D. Intil &421 an( the forming of the Je.ish 5tate, they .ere s%attere( all o+er the .orl( an( suffere( en(less perse%ution an( mur(er $ the prey of the e+il one. ?erses 22$2*. /ere Jesus (es%ri,es a person from .hom a (emon has ,een %ast out, ,ut .ho has not let the 5pirit of Go( %ome in. One .ho .ante( to ,e neutral Fan impossi,ilityG $ an( in not %hoosing Go( has emptiness, in essen%e in+ites the e+il spirit to return $ ,ut his in%rease( .eakness lea(s that e+il one to gather other (emons, .orse than himself to %ome along. That foolish person is se+erely .orse off than ,efore. This is a serious .arning to the Je.ish people. They ha+e ,een gui(e( ,y the tea%hing of the Ol( Co+enant, they ha+e hear( John the 8aptist %all for repentan%e, an( the ministry of Jesus, healing, %asting out (emons, an( prea%hing the ;ing(om of Go( an( the forgi+eness of sins. They ha+e eEperien%e( free(om from satani% oppression, they ha+e ,een offere( the Gospel of Christ an( they must %hoose. Infortunately, .e are .ell a.are that they ma(e the .rong %hoi%e $ an( the terri,le fate that it le( to. ?erses 2@,21. In response to the an( sin%erity of Jesus' .or(s, a .oman ,lesses the mother of so .on(erful a person as Jesus. /e (oes not %riti%i=e her .or(s, ,ut points out that something else is more important than to ,e /is mother $ something .ithin e+eryone's grasp $ to listen to /is tea%hing an( o,eying the .or( of Go( therein $ that a spiritual relationship is far a,o+e any natural relationship. This emphasi=es the impossi,ility of ,eing or remaining neutral in the struggle ,et.een the po.ers of light an( (arkness. Be are ,orn .ith a sinful nature $ selfishness. If .e (o not %hoose the path of Jesus, .e remain %ontrolle( ,y our sinful nature $ .hi%h lea(s only on the (ark path of (estru%tion. Thank Go( that through Jesus, Go( has o+er%ome the of satan an( there,y .e are free( from that, an( %an li+e in the free(om to %hoose the narro. path to the ;ing(om of Go( an( life eternal. Luke &&:24$02. The 5ign of Jonah. Jesus here replies to the re-uest of those .ho in ?erse &* ask for a sign Ffrom /ea+enG. possesse( person has ,een heale(. The %ro.( %ontinues to in%rease $ Jesus (e%lares that the Je.s of that

&)1 Lesson A?I %ontinue( generation .ere %orrupt spiritually $ that in spite of e+erything /e has (one in /is pu,li% ministry $ still they (eman(e( some spe%ta%ular hea+enly sign to pro+e that /e .as the promise( Dessiah. Jesus replies that no spe%ta%le .ill ,e gi+en ,ut that of Jonah FDatthe. &2:2) eEpli%itlyG. Jonah ha( ,een a sign to the #ine+ites ,e%ause he ha( arri+e( there after ha+ing ,een mira%ulously (eli+ere( ,y the great fish Fas one raise( from the (ea(G as proof that he .as sent ,y Go(. 5o also Jesus .ill pro+e ,y /is resurre%tion that /e has ,een sent ,y Go( as the Christ, the promise( "e(eemer. ?erse 0&. The Nueen of the south %ame from the furthest kno.n %ountry of the time to hear the .is(om of 5olomon. 5he ha( spare( no trou,le or eEpense to eEperien%e this Go($gi+en .is(om. On the other han(, one greater than 5olomon .as present, an( the ma>ority of the Je.s, in spite of su%h a uni-ue pri+ilege, .oul( not hee( /is offer of sal+ation, ,ut in their un,elief, they re>e%te( /im. On the (ay of >u(gment the -ueen of the south .ill >ustly %on(emn them .ho .illfully re>e%te( the in%ompara,le opportunity they ha( ,een offere(. ?erse 02. 5o also those #ine+ites .ho repente( an( turne( to Go( through the prea%hing of Jonah, .ill %on(emn the Je.s .ho ha( the opportunity of ,eing prea%he( to, taught, heale(, an( sa+e( ,y the promise( Dessiah, Jesus Christ /imself $ ,ut they re>e%te( /im. Through the .ritings of the eye.itnesses of Jesus' ministry, %ru%ifiEion an( resurre%tion, as%ension, an( the "e+elation gi+en to John $ .e ha+e the opportunity to kno. an( ,elie+e in Jesus an( there,y a+oi( the %on(emnation of the final >u(gment. 5ummary. The only sign that Jesus .oul( offer the nation of Israel .as that of Jonah an( the .hale $ that /e .oul( (ie, an( on the 0r( (ay /e .oul( ,e resurre%te(. Dy -uestion is: those .ho %hose not to ,elie+e the .or(s an( .orks of Jesus, in asking for a sign, .oul( they ,elie+e in that sign or .oul( they not ,elie+e $ ,ut %ontinue to make (eman(s of this sign or that sign $ only to %all it a tri%k, or %all into -uestion .hether it .as of Go( or not. ll signs ha+e one purpose $ to point to something $ all the signs of the prophets %on%erning the Dessiah pointe( eEa%tly an( (ire%tly to Jesus. :or the un,elie+ing Je.s to ask for a sign $ in the presen%e of Jesus $ sho.s their foolishness, an( spiritual ,lin(ness.

Lesson A?II Luke &&:00$32.


00 K #o man, .hen he hath lighte( a %an(le, putteth it in a se%ret pla%e, neither un(er a ,ushel, ,ut on a %an(lesti%k, that they .hi%h %ome in may see the light. 02 The light of the ,o(y is the eye: therefore .hen thine eye is single, thy .hole ,o(y also is full of lightJ ,ut .hen thine eye is e+il, thy ,o(y also is full of (arkness. 03 Take hee( therefore, that the light .hi%h is in thee ,e not (arkness. 0* If thy .hole ,o(y therefore ,e full of light, ha+ing no part (ark, the .hole shall ,e full of light, as .hen the ,right shining of a %an(le (oth gi+e thee light. 0@ K n( as he spake, a %ertain 9harisee ,esought him to (ine .ith him: an( he .ent in, an( sat (o.n to meat. 01 n( .hen the 9harisee sa. it, he mar+ele( that he ha( not first .ashe( ,efore (inner. 04 n( the Lor( sai( unto him, #o. (o ye 9harisees make %lean the outsi(e of the %up an( the platterJ ,ut your part is full of ra+ening an( .i%ke(ness. 2) Me fools, (i( not he, that ma(e that .hi%h is .ithout, make that .hi%h is .ithin also6 2& 8ut rather gi+e alms of su%h things as ye ha+eJ an(, ,ehol(, all things are %lean unto you. 22 K 8ut .oe unto you, 9hariseesP for ye tithe mint an( rue an( all manner of her,s, an( pass o+er >u(gment an( the lo+e of Go(: these ought ye to ha+e (one, an( not to lea+e the other un(one. 20 Boe unto you, 9hariseesP for ye lo+e the uppermost seats in the synagogues, an( greetings in the markets. 22 Boe unto you, s%ri,es an( 9harisees, hypo%ritesP for ye are as gra+es .hi%h appear not, an( the men that .alk o+er them are not a.are of them. 23 K Then ans.ere( one of the la.yers, an( sai( unto him, Daster, thus saying thou reproa%hest us also. 2* n( he sai(, Boe unto you also, ye la.yersP for ye la(e men .ith ,ur(ens grie+ous to ,e ,orne, an( ye yoursel+es tou%h not the ,ur(ens .ith one of your fingers. 2@ Boe unto youP for ye ,uil( the sepul%hres of the prophets, an( your fathers kille( them. 21 Truly ye ,ear .itness that ye allo. the (ee(s of your fathers: for they in(ee( kille( them, an( ye ,uil( their sepul%hres. 24 Therefore also sai( the .is(om of Go(, I .ill sen( them prophets an( apostles, an( some of them they shall slay an( perse%ute: 3) that the ,loo( of all the prophets, .hi%h .as she( from the foun(ation of the .orl(, may ,e re-uire( of this generationJ 3& from the ,loo( of ,el unto the ,loo( of Le%hari'ah, .hi%h perishe( ,et.een the altar an( the temple: +erily I say unto you, It

&&) Lesson A?II %ontinue( shall ,e re-uire( of this generation. 32 Boe unto you, la.yersP for ye ha+e taken a.ay the key of kno.le(ge: ye entere( not in yoursel+es, an( them that .ere entering in ye hin(ere(. 30 K n( as he sai( these things unto them, the s%ri,es an( the 9harisees ,egan to urge him +ehemently, an( to pro+oke him to speak of many things: 32 laying .ait for him, an( seeking to %at%h something out of his mouth, that they might a%%use him. Luke &&:00$0*. The Light of the 8o(y. Jesus is tea%hing a,out the Je.s often (eman(ing a sign ,e%ause of their spiritual ,lin(ness, .hi%h stops them from seeing the %learest, ,rightest light of Jesus /imself throughout /is ministry. ?erse 00. It is o,+iously illogi%al to light a lamp an( then pla%e it so as to pre+ent the lamp from its light. The un,elie+ing Je.s still li+e in (arkness ,e%ause of the .i%ke(ness of their o.n hearts. ?erses 02,03. The eye %at%hes the light to ser+e the nee(s of the ,o(y $ if the eye .orks properly, it ena,les a person to see to (o the ne%essary things. If there is a pro,lem .ith the eye $ no amount of light %an ,e ma(e use of. s a result, your .hole ,o(y is trappe( in the (arkness. This refers to the life of a person. Bhen a person's inner attitu(e or (isposition is pure Go(, then the light of the Gospel .ill shine ,rightly in their heart $ %learly seeing Christ as Lor( an( "e(eemer. Bhether a person %hooses to .alk in the light is their o.n %hoi%e. Jesus .arns us that one's inner attitu(e must seek to ,enefit from that light. ?erse 0*. If the eyes are soun(, the light in the room .ill allo. one to see e+erything, to kno. ho. an( .here to go $ to see spiritual +alues $ ho. to a%t an( (ire%t one's life for Christ. If the Je.s ha( ,een spiritually enlightene(, they .oul( ha+e ,een a,le to see that Jesus .as the Christ an( .oul( ha+e ,elie+e( in /im $ ,ut on the %ontrary, they still sought a sign in their ,lin(ness. If any .oul( (esire more light $ see more %learly the path of Go('s .ill in their life $ go to the sour%e $ the Gospel of Jesus as re+eale( in the /oly Brit $ in prayerful %ommunion through the /oly 5pirit. The lo+e of Go( .ill ,e she( a,roa(, in the heart, as the Light of Truth .hi%h re+eals the Di+inity an( /umanity of Jesus an( /is "e(emption. ?erses 0@$32. Jesus "e,ukes the 5%ri,es an( 9harisees. In a re%ent o%%asion F&&:&2$21G, the 9harisees refuse( to a%%ept

&&& Lesson A?II %ontinue( Jesus as Dessiah $ e+en to the point of ,lasphemy, ,y a%%using /im of %asting out (emons ,y the of the '+il One. Though they .ere a.are of /is tea%hing an( the mira%les of healing, an( o+er (emons $ they re>e%t /im an( as relate( in this e+ent, they ,e%ome more angry an( har(ene( in their un,elief, hea(ing on the path to +iolen%e. ?erses 0@,01. fter Jesus ha( spoken a,out the sign of Jonah, an( the light of the ,o(y, a 9harisee Fnot yet hostile JesusG in+ites /im to (ine at his house. 9erhaps he .as >ust %urious. /e mar+ele( .hen Jesus (i( not go through the tra(itional a,lutions ,efore the meal. ?erse 04. Jesus .ho kne. the pre>u(i%e of /is host an( that of the ma>ority of his fello. 9harisees $ paying too mu%h hee( to the formalities $ %hose not to (o the purifi%ation %eremonies. This .oul( lea( to the host -uestioning Jesus. This .oul( open the .ay for Jesus to point out to them Fthe host an( other guestsG ho. they ha( allo.e( their religion to (egenerate into the pra%ti%es of a legalisti% of rituals, many of .hi%h .ere pres%ri,e( ,y their tra(itions, an( not ,y Go(. One of these .as the %leaning of the outsi(e of %ups. The insi(e of the %up an( the heart remaine( %o+ere( .ith filth an( all kin(s of sin in Jesus' %omparison . ?erse 2). Go( is not please .ith su%h formalities. /e looks upon the inner life of the .ill an( heart $ that purity .oul( lea( to (ee(s of lo+e an( %ompassion. ?erse 2&. The %leansing ,enefite( no one. If the %ontents .ere share(, that .oul( sho. the lo+e of neigh,ors $ thus pointing to a sharing of .hate+er one possesses .ith those in nee(. This .oul( make a person %lean, .ithin an( .ithout, in the right relationship .ith Go( an( man. ?erse 22. Bith so,er seriousness, Jesus points out another eEample of ho. the 9harisees pra%ti%e a (ea( form of religion $ to %on+in%e them of their great nee( to repent. They are meti%ulous in gi+ing a tenth of the smallest her,s of their gar(en $ yet they sho. little %on%ern for treating others >ustly an( gi+ing Go( heartfelt re+eren%e. Their main %on%ern .as .ith small (etails of %eremony. ?erse 20. further pra%ti%e is %on(emne( in their (esiring honor an( fa+oritism for their religious lea(ership.

&&2 Lesson A?II %ontinue( ?erse 22. In #um,ers &4:&*, .hen a person tou%hes a gra+e, they are %onsi(ere( %eremonially un%lean for @ (ays. It ha( ,e%ome a %ustom to %learly mark gra+es ,y .hite.ashing them, there,y making them easily a+oi(e(. Jesus a%%use( the 9harisees of ,eing like unmarke( gra+es $ making those .ho %ome in %onta%t .ith them un%lean. The legalisti% pra%ti%es people makes them think they are pleasing Go(. They (o not reali=e the hypo%risy, an( the spiritually (e+oi( nature of the rituals they %opy. ?erse 23. (o%tor of the la. o,>e%ts that Jesus is referring also to him an( his fello. la.yers. ?erse 2*. This lea(s Jesus to point out .hat la.yers are most guilty for $ in a((ing %on(itions an( a((itions to Go('s La.. They for their part kne. loop holes an( .ays aroun( the %omman(ments .hile gi+ing the appearan%e of them. ?erses 2@,21. They also make a ,ig (eal a,out re+eren%e an( taking spe%ial %are of the gra+es of the prophets Fmur(ere( ,y their fathersG. They sho. the same hatre( anyone speaking for Go( $ an( e+en Jesus /imself $ the One promise( ,y the prophets $ therefore their real inner (isposition is i(enti%al to their fathers. 8y paying homage, ,uil(ing monuments to the prophets, they (ra. attention to their ,eing >ust like their forefathers, .ho kille( the en+oys of Go(. They %ontinue .ith this attitu(e against Christ. ?erses 24$3&. 8e%ause the ma>ority of the Je.ish people an( their lea(ers %ontinue to re>e%t Go('s messengers FJohn the 8aptist, Jesus, an( later the apostles an( first Christians $ many of .hom .ere kille(G, Go( .as going to %on(emn them to (estru%tion. That generation .as a%%ounte( .ith greater guilt ,e%ause of their re>e%tion an( %ru%ifiEion of the 5on of Go(, the 9romise( One sent forth for their 5al+ation. This .as %limaEe( ,y the (estru%tion of the %ity of Jerusalem an( the Temple in @) .D., the (issol+ing of the nation of Israel, an( the (ispersion of the Je.s to all nations $ .hi%h only %ease( in &421 .ith the reformation of the #ation of Israel. ?erse 32. The la.yers, ,y in%orre%tly un(erstan(ing the true intent of s%ripture, an( ,uil(ing unnum,ere( stri%t pro+isions, ha( in effe%t ,lurre( the fo%us of the (i+ine plan of sal+ation, there,y ,e%oming ,lin( themsel+es $ ,ut also ,lin(ing the multitu(es. They shoul( ha+e ,een the true interpreters of 5%ripture. They shoul( ha+e sought the (i+ine plan of sal+ation re+eale( in so many promises of the Ol( Testament $ no. ,eing fulfille( in Jesus $ thus they shoul( ha+e lea( the people to Jesus as the 9romise( one $ the "e(eemer, the

&&0 Lesson A?II %ontinue( 5uffering 5er+ant, the Dessiah. ?erses 30,32. s Jesus .as lea+ing, these men follo.e( /im %losely, putting all kin(s of -uestions to /im in their anger an( frustration, trying to get /im to say something that they %oul( use against /im $ no. ,eing (etermine( to ,ring /im (o.n. These religious lea(ers ha( the greatest responsi,ility of the 5%riptures an( .hat they re+eale( a,out Christ, an( then lea(ing the people to /im. They, ho.e+er, (i( the opposite. Nuestion: Bhat are the a%kno.le(ge( religious lea(ers of to(ay lea(ing people to ,elie+e, an( .hat is their relationship to Jesus6 If they are not lea(ing people to Jesus, then they are lea(ing people a.ay from /im. '+en if it is to prosperity, popularity, su%%ess, or goo( feelings, or goo( .orks. :orgi+eness is foun( in only one pla%e, at the feet of Jesus, our 5a+ior, fore+er.

&&2 Lesson A?III Luke &2:&$02. & In the mean time, .hen there .ere gathere( together an innumera,le multitu(e of people, insomu%h that they tro(e one upon another, he ,egan to say unto his (is%iples first of all, 8e.are ye of the lea+en of the 9harisees, .hi%h is hypo%risy. 2 :or there is nothing %o+ere(, that shall not ,e re+eale(J neither hi(, that shall not ,e kno.n. 0 Therefore, .hatsoe+er ye ha+e spoken in (arkness shall ,e hear( in the lightJ an( that .hi%h ye ha+e spoken in the ear in %losets shall ,e pro%laime( upon the housetops. 2 K n( I say unto you my frien(s, 8e not afrai( of them that kill the ,o(y, an( after that ha+e no more that they %an (o. 3 8ut I .ill fore.arn you .hom ye shall fear: :ear him, .hi%h after he hath kille( hath to %ast into hellJ yea, I say unto you, :ear him. * re not fi+e sparro.s sol( for t.o farthings, an( not one of them is forgotten ,efore Go(6 @ 8ut e+en the +ery hairs of your hea( are all num,ere(. :ear not therefore: ye are of more +alue than many sparro.s. 1 K lso I say unto you, Bhosoe+er shall %onfess me ,efore men, him shall the 5on of man also %onfess ,efore the angels of Go(: 4 ,ut he that (enieth me ,efore men shall ,e (enie( ,efore the angels of Go(. &) n( .hosoe+er shall speak a .or( against the 5on of man, it shall ,e forgi+en him: ,ut unto him that ,lasphemeth against the /oly Ghost it shall not ,e forgi+en. && n( .hen they ,ring you unto the synagogues, an( unto magistrates, an( po.ers, take ye no thought ho. or .hat thing ye shall, or .hat ye shall say: &2 for the /oly Ghost shall tea%h you in the same hour .hat ye ought to say. &0 K n( one of the %ompany sai( unto him, Daster, speak to my ,rother, that he (i+i(e the inheritan%e .ith me. &2 n( he sai( unto him, Dan, .ho ma(e me a >u(ge or a (i+i(er o+er you6 &3 n( he sai( unto them, Take hee(, an( ,e.are of %o+etousness: for a man's life %onsisteth not in the a,un(an%e of the things .hi%h he possesseth. &* n( he spake a para,le unto them, saying, The groun( of a %ertain ri%h man ,rought forth plentifully: &@ an( he thought .ithin himself, saying, Bhat shall I (o, ,e%ause I ha+e no room .here to ,esto. my fruits6 &1 n( he sai(, This .ill I (o: I .ill pull (o.n my ,arns, an( ,uil( greaterJ an( there .ill I ,esto. all my fruits an( my goo(s. &4 n( I .ill say to my soul, 5oul, thou hast mu%h goo(s lai( up

Lesson A?III %ontinue(


for many yearsJ take thine ease, eat, (rink, an( ,e merry. 2) 8ut Go( sai( unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall ,e re-uire( of thee: then .hose shall those things ,e, .hi%h thou hast pro+i(e(6 2& 5o is he that layeth up treasure for himself, an( is not ri%h Go(. 22 K n( he sai( unto his (is%iples, Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, .hat ye shall eatJ neither for the ,o(y, .hat ye shall put on. 20 The life is more than meat, an( the ,o(y is more than raiment. 22 Consi(er the ra+ens: for they neither so. nor reapJ .hi%h neither ha+e storehouse nor ,arnJ an( Go( fee(eth them: ho. mu%h more are ye ,etter than the fo.ls6 23 n( .hi%h of you .ith taking thought %an a(( to his stature one %u,it6 2* If ye then ,e not a,le to (o that thing .hi%h is least, .hy take ye thought for the rest6 2@ Consi(er the lilies ho. they gro.: they toil not, they spin notJ an( yet I say unto you, that 5olomon in all his glory .as not arraye( like one of these. 21 If then Go( so %lothe the grass, .hi%h is to(ay in the fiel(, an( tomorro. is %ast into the o+enJ ho. mu%h more .ill he %lothe you, O ye of little faith6 24 n( seek not ye .hat ye shall eat, or .hat ye shall (rink, neither ,e ye of (ou,tful min(. 0) :or all these things (o the nations of the .orl( seek after: an( your :ather kno.eth that ye ha+e nee( of these things. 0& 8ut rather seek ye the king(om of Go(J an( all these things shall ,e a((e( unto you. 02 K :ear not, little flo%kJ for it is your :ather's goo( pleasure to gi+e you the king(om. 00 5ell that ye ha+e, an( gi+e almsJ pro+i(e yoursel+es ,ags .hi%h .aE not ol(, a treasure in the hea+ens that faileth not, .here no thief approa%heth, neither moth %orrupteth. 02 :or .here your treasure is, there .ill your heart ,e also. Luke &2:&$&2. Lea+en of the 9harisees an( Bho Is To 8e :eare(. /a+ing left the 9harisee's house, an( ,eing -uestione( ,y s%ri,es, la.yers, an( 9harisees $ a +ery large %ro.( gathere(, ,umping into one another, .ith great eE%itement. Dost likely this .as (one (ue to the arguing an( %ommotion raise( ,y the 9harisees an( %ohorts against Jesus, as pre+iously (es%ri,e( in Luke %hapter &&. In the first 34 +erses of this %hapter, Jesus is talking mostly to /is (is%iples, ,ut also in the hearing of the %ro.(.

Lesson A?III %ontinue(


?erse &. s the %ro.( presse( in an( aroun( Jesus, those that ha( ,een -uestioning Jesus -uiete( (o.n, Jesus to speak. Jesus, ,eginning to talk, a((resses /is (is%iples. /e .arns them against the harmful influen%e of the 9harisees. Just as a((ing yeast to (ough, in effe%t a((s air .ithin the (ough an( makes it rise, in%reasing in +olume, not in mass. Jesus is saying that the tea%hing an( li+ing of the 9harisees has a similar effe%t on the truth a,out Go(. Lea+en is also a %orrupting pro%ess $ fermentation. 5o also is the hypo%risy of the 9harisees. ?erses 2,0. s hypo%risy is an attempt to hi(e the truth $ it is pointless ,e%ause truth .ill al.ays %ome to light $ partly in this life ,ut %ompletely at the Last Ju(gment. ?erses 2,3. The follo.ers of Jesus shoul( not, through fear of physi%al harm, (eny their faith. Den %an only kill the ,o(y. ll real honor an( re+eren%e is (ue to Go(, .ho alone has the o+er eternity. The num,er of early Christians kille( for their faith is -uite large, among them most of the apostles. ?erses *,@. :ear the of Go( >u(ge of one's eternal (estiny. t the lo+e as hea+enly :ather .ho %hooses to %reations, espe%ially for /is %hil(ren one's hea(. o+er all %reation an( final same time .ith faith in /is %are for e+en the least of /is $ e+en num,ering the hair on

?erses 1,4. If a (enies Jesus ,efore man, he .ill fa%e a return (enial ,y Jesus ,efore the Ju(gment 5eat of Go(. Those .ho a%kno.le(ge /im as the Dessiah an( openly sho. that they follo. /im .ill ,e openly %laime( ,y /im ,efore the :ather an( the hea+enly ,eings. ?erse &). Bithout fearing the of man, the (is%iples ha+e to ,e %ourageous in their faith. nyone .ho ,lasphemes against the /oly Ghost, or perse%utes the faithful, .ill not es%ape >u(gment of %on(emnation. Dost s%holars %onsi(er gi+ing %re(it to satan for .orks of Go( through the /oly 5pirit as the ,lasphemy against the /oly 5pirit .hi%h is unforgi+a,le. It is not possi,le for a true ,elie+er to (o su%h a thing. 5ins against Jesus (uring /is earthly ministry .ere forgi+a,le ,ut on%e /e has as%en(e(, the /oly 5pirit .ill re+eal the truth of the Gospel. Then ,lasphemy against the /oly 5pirit .ill seal one's fate.

Lesson A?III %ontinue(


?erses &&,&2. /is follo.ers shoul( not fear ,eing perse%ute( or ho. to to a%%usations .hen ,rought ,efore rulers or other authorities. The /oly 5pirit .ill gui(e their thinking an( replies in the right .ay. lso, that e+en if they are %on(emne( unto (eath, they are un(er Go('s prote%tion, an( Jesus .ill take %are of them unto life eternal. Be must re%ogni=e the %are of the :ather, the inter%ession of Jesus on our ,ehalf, an( the in(.elling of the 5pirit Bho tea%hes us the truth, an( there,y ,e%ome e-uippe( to lea( a sin%ere an( fearless life of faith an( ser+i%e for Jesus. #ote: Ise of the term HThe 5on of DanH $ %alls to min( the insignifi%an%e an( frailty of Dan in %ontrast .ith the eternal, spiritual, omnipoten%e of Go(. Jesus uses this term %on%erning /imself to emphasi=e /is true humanity, espe%ially %on%erning /is suffering an( (eath. F5ome .oul( later (eny /is humanity, an( there,y /is physi%al (eath.G It is also %onne%te( to Daniel @:&0 .here Hone like until the 5on of man approa%hes the n%ient of Days an( re%ei+es a uni+ersal an( e+erlasting (ominion.H ?erses &0$2&. 9ara,le of the "i%h :ool. fter Jesus ha( ,een talking a,out (eep holy matters, someone among the %ro.( re-uests that Jesus persua(e his ,rother to (i+i(e the inheritan%e ,et.een himself an( his ,rother. This person seems to not ha+e ,een affe%te( ,y the spiritual tea%hing of Jesus. In response to this totally materialisti% -uestion, Jesus tells the (ramati% para,le of the ri%h fool. ?erse &0. The man at least a%kno.le(ges Jesus as an authority, an( asks this selfish an( .orl(ly$min(e( re-uest. ?erse &2. Jesus refuses this re-uest $ as outsi(e /e .as not here to >u(ge material matters. Jesus .arns %o+etousness $ he for .anting part of the inheritan%e, in refusing to (i+i(e it. #o true happiness, pea%e, or in pursuit of or possession of .orl(ly things. /is mission. him against his ,rothers life is foun(

?erses &*$2). To sho. a %lear pi%ture of the total folly of this attitu(e, Jesus tells the para,le of the ri%h fool .ho measures his happiness ,y the a,un(an%e of his possessions. /e falsely thought that he ha( %olle%te( a great enough -uantity of pro+isions that he .oul( en>oy the rest of his life eating, (rinking, an( tasting other .orl(ly pleasures. /e %onsi(ere( e+erything in his life as his personal property $ repeating my, my, my. /e ha( no re%ognition of Go('s pro+i(en%e, nor his responsi,ility to help others in nee(. Bhen he thought that he .as set for a life of ease, Go( appears an( re-uires his life to en( $ that he only appeare( to ha+e

Lesson A?III %ontinue(


%ontrol o+er his life an( goo(s $ all .as lost in a moment, not ,eing a,le to take a single penny .ith him. ?erse 2&. '+eryone .ho is spiritually (ea( in sin may spen( e+ery .aking moment gathering an( hoar(ing e+erything they %an. The .ay of truth takes hee( of Go( an( seeks spiritual ri%hes in %ommunion .ith an( ser+i%e to Go(, then his ri%hes .ill ,e in hea+en. Jesus (oes not %on(emn the possession of .orl(ly goo(s, ,ut the o+er.helming (esire for amassing .orl(ly .ealth, putting trust in them for se%urity an( happiness, an( (isregar(ing Go( an( /is offer of life e+erlasting. ?erses 22$02. The Cares of Life. fter a((ressing the multitu(e, /e here again speaks to /is (is%iples. /e .arns them a,out ,eing o+erly %on%erne( a,out .orl(ly things $ they shoul( ,e most %on%erne( a,out (e+eloping true faith in the fatherly %are of Go(. ?erse 22. Dan's life (oes not (epen( on possession of goo(s. Jesus a(+ises against ,eing trou,le( a,out foo( an( %lothing. ?erse 20. Go( as Creator of '+erything is a,le to %are for the most insignifi%ant things, su%h as foo( an( %lothes. ?erse 22. Go( pro+i(es for all %reatures in nature $ that %annot pro+i(e or %olle%t their o.n foo( supply. /o. mu%h more .ill Go( pro+i(e for the (is%iples, .ho ha+e more +alue than the ,ir(s6 ?erses 23,2*. Borry is useless. #o one %an ,e%ome taller or li+e longer ,y .orrying $ mu%h less (o anything great. It is therefore useless to ,e trou,le( .ith things. ?erses 2@,21. Go( makes plants gro. an( ,loom ,eautifully .hen they neither toil nor spin. /o. mu%h more .ill Go( grant gifts of reason an( intelligen%e an( other gifts to /is %hil(ren6 s Go( so ,ountifully %ares for temporary things like grass an( flo.ers, /e .ill %ertainly pro+i(e for /is follo.ers an( gi+e them .hat is ,est for them. '+erything .ill .ork together for those that lo+e /im. ?erses 24,0). Be shoul( not make the most important >o, in life the hoar(ing of material things. Jesus (oes not suggest that .e ,e la=y or ignore the or(inary .ork an( responsi,ilities, ,ut that .e must not ,e%ome preo%%upie( a,out them to .orry or ,e%ome afrai(, ,ut instea( trust in Go('s pro+i(en%e. Go( kno.s our nee(s an( .ill pro+i(e. Be shoul( a%t in %omplete trust in Go(.

Lesson A?III %ontinue( ?erse 0&. Go( .ill gi+e the material nee(s of the faithful in the .ay most ,enefi%ial to them. The response shoul( ,e to try to ser+e Go(, ,e gui(e( an( rule( ,y /im, there,y sharing in the ,lessings of /is king(om.


?erse 02. lthough the faithful are fe. in num,er, an( not among the most po.erful, yet they shoul( ha+e no fear ,e%ause Go( has %hosen to gi+e them the king(om. In prin%iple they alrea(y possess it an( share in its ,lessings $ ,ut at the en( of the age, they .ill inherit its fullness. Though (espise( an( perse%ute( in this .orl(, .e .ill li+e .ith the ;ing an( rule .ith /im at /is 5e%on( Coming F"e+elation 3:&), 22:3G. ?erse 00. The real .ealth of the faithful is in their spiritual life, righteously sharing material .ealth .ith those in nee(, an( supporting the sprea(ing of the gospel $ lo%al %hur%h an( foreign missions as .ell. Thus are in(estru%ti,le treasures (eposite( in hea+en. ?erse 02. Bhere one a%%ounts to ,e their treasures $ there .ill his (esires an( passion (.ell. Therefore it is essential to see the eternal treasures of ser+i%e to Go(. If one's treasures are a%%ounte( ,y earthy .ealth, possessions,, there .ill one's heart (.ell. 9ossession of material things (oes not make a person .orl(ly$min(e(, ,ut their attitu(e them. #or (oes the la%k of them make a person hea+enly$min(e(. To ,e free from selfish >ealousy, an( %o+etousness, ,y trusting in the pro+i(en%e of Go( an( /is lo+ing %are for us is the right .ay. These ,lessings %an ,e %ounte( upon ,e%ause of the greatest gift of Jesus $ through .hom .e are a%%ounte( .orthy $ not ,y any merit .e may think .e possess. Be are a(opte( as Go('s %hil(ren, an( as the perfe%t :ather, Go( is mu%h more rea(y, .illing, an( a,le to gi+e us .hat .e truly nee(, an( .hat is 8'5T :O" I5, e+en if .e (on't re%ogni=e it at the time.

Lesson AIA Luke &2:03$&0:3.


03 K Let your loins ,e gir(e( a,out, an( your lights ,urningJ 0* an( ye yoursel+es like unto men that .ait for their lor(, .hen he .ill return from the .e((ingJ that, .hen he %ometh an( kno%keth, they may open unto him imme(iately. 0@ 8lesse( are those ser+ants, .hom the lor( .hen he %ometh shall fin( .at%hing: +erily I say unto you, that he shall gir( himself, an( make them to sit (o.n to meat, an( .ill %ome forth an( ser+e them. 01 n( if he shall %ome in the se%on( .at%h, or %ome in the thir( .at%h, an( fin( them so, ,lesse( are those ser+ants. 04 n( this kno., that if the goo(man of the house ha( kno.n .hat hour the thief .oul( %ome, he .oul( ha+e .at%he(, an( not ha+e suffere( his house to ,e ,roken through. 2) 8e ye therefore rea(y also: for the 5on of man %ometh at an hour .hen ye think not. 2& K Then 9eter sai( unto him, Lor(, speakest thou this para,le unto us, or e+en to all6 22 n( the Lor( sai(, Bho then is that faithful an( .ise, .hom his lor( shall make ruler o+er his househol(, to gi+e them their portion of meat in (ue season6 20 8lesse( is that ser+ant, .hom his lor( .hen he %ometh shall fin( so (oing. 22 Of a truth I say unto you, that he .ill make him ruler o+er all that he hath. 23 8ut an( if that ser+ant say in his heart, Dy lor( (elayeth his %omingJ an( shall ,egin to ,eat the menser+ants an( mai(ens, an( to eat an( (rink, an( to ,e (runkenJ 2* the lor( of that ser+ant .ill %ome in a (ay .hen he looketh not for him, an( at an hour .hen he is not a.are, an( .ill %ut him in sun(er, an( .ill appoint him his portion .ith the un,elie+ers. 2@ n( that ser+ant, .hi%h kne. his lor('s .ill, an( prepare( not himself, neither (i( a%%or(ing to his .ill, shall ,e ,eaten .ith many stripes. 21 8ut he that kne. not, an( (i( %ommit things .orthy of stripes, shall ,e ,eaten .ith fe. stripes. :or unto .homsoe+er mu%h is gi+en, of him shall ,e mu%h re-uire(J an( to .hom men ha+e %ommitte( mu%h, of him they .ill ask the more. 24 K I am %ome to sen( fire on the earthJ an( .hat .ill I, if it ,e alrea(y kin(le(6 3) 8ut I ha+e a ,aptism to ,e ,apti=e( .ithJ an( ho. am I straitene( till it ,e a%%omplishe(P 3& 5uppose ye that I am %ome to gi+e pea%e on earth6 I tell you, #ayJ ,ut rather (i+ision: 32 for from hen%eforth there shall ,e fi+e in one house (i+i(e(, three against t.o, an( t.o against three.

Lesson AIA %ontinue(


30 The father shall ,e (i+i(e( against the son, an( the son against the fatherJ the mother against the (aughter, an( the (aughter against the motherJ the mother$in$la. against her (aughter$in$la., an( the (aughter$in$la. against her mother$in$la.. 32 K n( he sai( also to the people, Bhen ye see a %lou( rise out of the .est, straight.ay ye say, There %ometh a sho.erJ an( so it is. 33 n( .hen ye see the south .in( ,lo., ye say, There .ill ,e heatJ an( it %ometh to pass. 3* Me hypo%rites, ye %an (is%ern the fa%e of the sky an( of the earthJ ,ut ho. is it that ye (o not (is%ern this time6 3@ K Mea, an( .hy e+en of yoursel+es >u(ge ye not .hat is right6 31 Bhen thou goest .ith thine a(+ersary to the magistrate, as thou art in the .ay, gi+e (iligen%e that thou mayest ,e (eli+ere( from himJ lest he hale thee to the >u(ge, an( the >u(ge (eli+er thee to the offi%er, an( the offi%er %ast thee into prison. 34 I tell thee, thou shalt not (epart then%e, till thou hast pai( the +ery last mite. Chapter &0:&$3. & There .ere present at that season some that tol( him of the Galileans, .hose ,loo( 9ilate ha( mingle( .ith their sa%rifi%es. 2 n( Jesus ans.ering sai( unto them, 5uppose ye that these Galileans .ere sinners a,o+e all the Galileans, ,e%ause they suffere( su%h things6 0 I tell you, #ay: ,ut, eE%ept ye repent, ye shall all like.ise perish. 2 Or those eighteen, upon .hom the in 5ilo'am fell, an( sle. them, think ye that they .ere sinners a,o+e all men that (.elt in Jerusalem6 3 I tell you, #ay: ,ut, eE%ept ye repent, ye shall all like.ise perish. Luke &2:03$21. 9ara,le of the Bat%hful 5er+ant. This lesson of Jesus is tie( %losely to /is pre+ious tea%hings a,out not ,eing .orl(ly min(e(. /e is trying to make /is (is%iples ,e preo%%upie( .ith ,eing rea(y for /is 5e%on( Coming, to ,e foun( faithful in their (aily ser+i%e. ?erses 03,0*. s ser+ants .aiting for the return of their ,oss from a marriage ,an-uet $ .ith their long garments tie( aroun( their .aist for -ui%ker mo+ement, an( .ith lamps lit rea(y to open the (oor at his return. 5o also must Jesus' ser+ants ,e rea(y to re%ei+e /im upon /is return. ?erse 0@. Those that %ontinue to ,e rea(y to re%ei+e /im .ill ,e ri%hly ,y Jesus /imself.

Lesson AIA %ontinue(


?erse 01. The time of the 5e%on( Coming is un%ertain. FIn the 2n( or 0r( .at%h of the night $ no matter ho. long in %oming makes it no less %ertain.G 5o ,lesse( shall those faithful ser+ants ,e. ?erse 04. The Lor( .ill %ome like a thief in the night, %oming at an uneEpe%te( moment $ therefore rea(iness must ,e %onstant. Just like a master of a house must ,e %onstantly +igilant so his house is not ro,,e(, other.ise all that he has .ill ,e lost. 5o also like those .ho are not rea(y for /is 5e%on( Coming .ill suffer loss. FThose .ho neither ,elie+e in nor o,ey /im.G It is thus essential that e+eryone ,e rea(y. ?erse 2&. 9eter -uestions .hether Jesus is talking to the .hole %ro.( or first to the (is%iples. /e .as pro,a,ly inse%ure a,out the possi,ility of suffering loss. ?erse 22. Instea( of a (ire%t to 9eter's -uestion, /e asks the hypotheti%al -uestion $ Bho then .ill ,e faithful in %aring for others $ those of /is imme(iate follo.ers $ the e+entual %hur%h lea(ers $ an( ultimately e+ery Christian, ea%h ,earing the responsi,ility to spiritually %are for others. ?erses 20,22. Offi%e ,earers of /is %hur%h .ho faithfully pro+i(e .hat is nee(e( to e+eryone in their %are .ill ,e ri%hly $ espe%ially the %ommuni%ation of the Gospel. In .aiting for the 2n( Coming, no one shoul( ,e%ome %ompla%ent an( ina%ti+e $ ,ut on the %ontrary, must ,e a%ti+e an( helpful for those in their %are. ?erses 23,2*. The ser+ant .ho ,egins to think that Jesus is (elaying /is %oming then that /e is not %oming at all, ,egins to li+e as if no a%%ounting .ill ,e %alle( for at all $ therefore a%ts like a tyrant o+er those un(er his %are $ they .ill ,e fa%ing fatal punishment. ?erses 2@,21. 'spe%ially those .ith greater pri+ileges .ill fa%e greater punishment. Those .ith lesser pri+ileges .ill ha+e some (egree of punishment ,ut not so mu%h as the others. Those in Christ's ser+i%e .ho (e+ote their li+es an( faith an( eEpe%t the 5e%on( Coming .ill look for it as the greatest >oy. Those .ho (ou,t /is promises an( li+e selfishly an( in+ol+e( in .orl(ly things .ill see Jesus' %oming .ith fear an( (rea(. ?erses 24$30. Jesus 8rings :ire an( Di+ision on 'arth. 5till in the mi(st of a great an( miEe( %ro.( $ angry offi%ials, %urious %ommon people, an( /is %lose follo.ers, Jesus speaks these surprising .or(s. /e (es%ri,es not the purpose of /is earthly mission, ,ut the %onse-uent responses of people.

Lesson AIA %ontinue( ?erse 24. :ire has fun%tion $ it %onsumes .hat .ill ,urn an( purifies .hat (oes not. Jesus longs for /is sa%rifi%es for man's sal+ation ,e %omplete( so that the /oly 5pirit may %ome to .ork in the li+es of people to purify the faithful an( the (estru%tion of e+il. Jesus ,egan this fire in /is ministry.


?erse 3). Jesus re%ogni=es the terri,le suffering a.aiting /im. ?erses 3&$30. The %ommon opinion of that time %on%erning the Dessiah .as that /is %oming .oul( imme(iately ,ring +i%tory of the Je.ish nation o+er all their enemies an( usher in a time of perfe%t pea%e. Jesus .ants to make %ertain that /is follo.ers un(erstan( that that is not /is mission. /e is not ,ringing pea%e on earth $ ,ut (i+ision $ those that follo. /im .ill ,e perse%ute(, e+en hate( ,y those that re>e%t /im $ e+en in the %losest family relationships. Those .ho (on't a%%ept /is sal+ation in fa%t %hoose to hol( on to their sinful, selfish nature an( therefore %annot an( .ill not a%%ept those that %hoose to li+e for Jesus $ ,ut .ill openly oppose them. This struggle has an( .ill %ontinue until the re(emption of the .hole earth $ an( the separation of all e+il from the re(eeme( $ #e. /ea+ens, #e. 'arth. '+eryone shoul( re%ogni=e the seriousness of the times $ an( or(er one's life .hile the opportunity remains. ?erses 32$3*. 5till talking to a large %ro.(, Jesus says that they are eEperien%e( enough to rea( the portents of .eather $ to pre(i%t %orre%tly %oming rain or (ry heat. /e %alls them hypo%rites for not reali=ing the multitu(es of signs that point to Jesus as the Christ. Jesus a%%uses them of refusing to ,elie+e the o,+ious an( (istin%t signs of /is Dessiahship. ?erses 3@$34. Jesus -uestions their ina,ility to >u(ge the (eman(s of righteousness an( >usti%e in their li+es. It is e+eryone's responsi,ility to a%%ept Go('s offer in Christ .hile the time of gra%e remains. Luke &2:32$34 $ Con%lusion. The ma>ority of the Je.ish people of that time (i( not (is%ern the signs of the times an( re%ogni=e an( a%%ept Jesus as Dessiah. The result .as in(es%ri,a,le misfortunes $ %ulminating in the (estru%tion of Jerusalem in @) .D. Be also li+e (uring times of many signs that point to the imminent %oming of Jesus. &0:&$3. The Dur(er of the Galileans. The urgent ne%essity of repentan%e. ?erse &. 5ome Je.s ,rought Jesus the ne.s that the prefe%t of

Lesson AIA %ontinue( Ju(ea $ 9ilate $ kno.n for ,loo(y a%ts, ha( or(ere( a group from Galilea .ho .ere sa%rifi%ing in the temple to ,e kille( $ thus mingling their ,loo( .ith their sa%rifi%es. Dost likely they ha( ,roken some "oman La. $ ,eing notoriously re,ellious, an( there,y gi+ing 9ilate the eE%use of taking %are of them.


?erses 2,0. The generally a%%epte( opinion of that time .as that those .ho eEperien%e( su%h %alamities .as proof of their punishment ,y Go( for eE%eptional sins. s in other pla%es, Jesus here re>e%ts this as .rong. /e .arns the ones ,ringing this ne.s that similar (isasters .aite( for them also. The kille( Galileans .ere no more guilty than those .ho ,rought the ne.s. ?erses 2,3. To emphasi=e the seriousness of this -uestion, Jesus mentions another %alamity $ .here also those kille( .ere no more guilty than those .ho es%ape( it. ll are guilty an( shall eEperien%e (isaster. "epentan%e is %alle( for as the only reme(y. Only the goo( ne.s of this Gospel lea(s the .ay of life $ through repentan%e. Those not fin(ing an( %hoosing that .ay %ontinue on the roa( to (estru%tion an( eternal (amnation. Those .ho (o not %hoose eternal life through Jesus %hoose eternal (eath .ithout Go( $ no light, no lo+e, no forgi+eness, no fello.ship, no sharing, no a%%eptan%e, no pea%e an( trust, no Jesus. To take a.ay all the ,enefits of Our /ea+enly :ather through the li+ing Gift of /is 5on is an eternal hell, .here there shall .eeping an( gnashing of teeth.

Lesson AA Luke &0:*$0).


* K /e spake also this para,leJ %ertain man ha( a fig tree plante( in his +ineyar(J an( he %ame an( sought fruit thereon, an( foun( none. @ Then sai( he unto the (resser of his +ineyar(, 8ehol(, these three years I %ome seeking fruit on this fig tree, an( fin( none: %ut it (o.nJ .hy %um,ereth it the groun(6 1 n( he ans.ering sai( unto him, Lor(, let it alone this year also, till I shall (ig a,out it, an( (ung it: 4 an( if it ,ear fruit, .ell: an( if not, then after that thou shalt %ut it (o.n. &) K n( he .as tea%hing in one of the synagogues on the sa,,ath. && n(, ,ehol(, there .as a .oman .hi%h ha( a spirit of infirmity eighteen years, an( .as ,o.e( together, an( %oul( in no .ise lift up herself. &2 n( .hen Jesus sa. her, he %alle( her to him, an( sai( unto her, Boman, thou art loose( from thine infirmity. &0 n( he lai( his han(s on her: an( imme(iately she .as ma(e straight, an( glorifie( Go(. &2 n( the ruler of the synagogue ans.ere( .ith in(ignation, ,e%ause that Jesus ha( heale( on the sa,,ath (ay, an( sai( unto the people, There are siE (ays in .hi%h men ought to .ork: in them therefore %ome an( ,e heale(, an( not on the sa,,ath (ay. &3 The Lor( then ans.ere( him, an( sai(, Thou hypo%rite, (oth not ea%h one of you on the sa,,ath loose his oE or his ass from the stall, an( lea( him a.ay to .atering6 &* n( ought not this .oman, ,eing a (aughter of ,raham, .hom 5atan hath ,oun(, lo, these eighteen years, ,e loose( from this ,on( on the sa,,ath (ay6 &@ n( .hen he ha( sai( these things, all his a(+ersaries .ere ashame(: an( all the people re>oi%e( for all the glorious things that .ere (one ,y him. &1 K Then sai( he, Into .hat is the king(om of Go( like6 an( .hereunto shall I resem,le it6 &4 It is like a grain of mustar( see(, .hi%h a man took, an( %ast into his gar(enJ an( it gre., an( .aEe( a great treeJ an( the of the air lo(ge( in the ,ran%hes of it. 2) K n( again he sai(, Bhereunto shall I liken the king(om of Go(6 2& It is like lea+en, .hi%h a .oman took an( hi( in three measures of meal, till the .hole .as lea+ene(. 22 K n( he .ent through the %ities an( +illages, tea%hing, an( >ourneying Jerusalem. 20 Then sai( one unto him, Lor(, are there fe. that ,e sa+e(6 n( he sai( unto them, 22 5tri+e to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, .ill seek to enter in, an( shall not ,e a,le.

Lesson AA %ontinue(


23 Bhen on%e the master of the house is risen up, an( hath shut to the (oor, an( ye ,egin to stan( .ithout, an( to kno%k at the (oor, saying, Lor(, Lor(, open unto usJ an( he shall an( say unto you, I kno. you not .hen%e ye are: 2* then shall ye ,egin to say, Be ha+e eaten an( (runk in thy presen%e, an( thou hast taught in our streets. 2@ 8ut he shall say, I tell you, I kno. you not .hen%e ye areJ (epart from me, all ye .orkers of ini-uity. 21 There shall ,e .eeping an( gnashing of teeth, .hen ye shall see ,raham, an( Isaa%, an( Ja%o,, an( all the prophets, in the king(om of Go(, an( you yoursel+es thrust out. 24 n( they shall %ome from the east, an( from the .est, an( from the north, an( from the south, an( shall sit (o.n in the king(om of Go(. 0) n(, ,ehol(, there are last .hi%h shall ,e firstJ an( there are first .hi%h shall ,e last. Luke &0:*$4. The :ruitless :ig Tree. This para,le sho.s the urgent ne%essity of true repentan%e $ one that ,rings forth fruit. ?erses *$4. It .as tra(itional to plant fruit trees in a +ineyar(. /ere a fig tree is plante(, ,ut after 0 years no fruit ha( %ome. 8e%ause it takes up spa%e an( (ra.s nutrients out of the soil, the o.ner .ants it %ut (o.n. The (resser plea(s for one more season $ in .hi%h he .ill take spe%ial %are, aerating the soil an( fertili=ing it. If there is no fruit, then the tree .ill ,e %ut (o.n. Jesus is thinking of Israel $ .ho Go( ga+e %ontinual opportunity to ,ear fruit, ,ut it remaine( unfruitful. #o. that Jesus has re+eale( /imself to the nation, it is their last %han%e to turn to /im in true repentan%e an( a%%ept /is gift of Jesus. If they re>e%t /im, so Go( .ill re>e%t them an( the nation shall ,e %ut (o.n. gain after Jesus' (eath, resurre%tion, the mighty a%ts of the apostles, an( the of the %hur%h, all openly offere( to the people of Israel $ yet the great ma>ority refuse( to %hange $ to ,ear the fruit of true repentan%e. The (isaster .hi%h %ame through the .ar .ith "ome en(e( their nation in the /oly Lan(. Go('s patien%e is long, an( /is mer%y ,oun(less the penitent. /o.e+er, those .ho persist in sin .ill in the en( ,e punishe(. Go( in /is gra%e seems to postpone this for a long time $ /e is gi+ing them opportunities to turn to /im $ ,ut there is a limit. Bhen it is rea%he(, the in(i+i(ual or a nation, or nations, .ill ,e >u(ge(, an( punishment .ithout mer%y .ill ,e eEa%te(. The time for the Je.ish people ha( nearly rea%he( the en( an( Jesus is .arning /is listeners of this an( the ne%essary fate of those .ho persiste( in re>e%ting /im an( the /ea+enly :ather. It .as

Lesson AA %ontinue( %ertain an( (estru%tion .as the out%ome.


?erses &)$&@. /ealing of a Crooke( Boman. This .as the last time in the Gospel of Luke that Jesus .as in a synagogue tea%hing. The Je.ish lea(ers .ere so against Jesus that they .oul( not allo. Jesus to enter a synagogue any longer. ?erses &)$&0. Bhile Jesus .as tea%hing in a synagogue, a .oman .ho ha( for &1 years ,een ,o.e( o+er through an e+il spirit of infirmity. Jesus in %ompassion took noti%e of her $ %alle( her to /im an( heale( her. ?erse &2. The ruler of the synagogue ,e%ame upset that Jesus .oul( perform su%h a .ork on the 5a,,ath. /e speaks re,uke against Jesus, not a((ressing /im (ire%tly, ,ut speaks to the %ro.( O self$ righteously %laiming authority o+er Jesus. /e %alle( upon men's tra(itions of healing ,eing a .ork %onsi(ere( against the la. of the 5a,,ath. ?erses &3,&*. Jesus replies ,y pointing out their hypo%risy $ .hen they (o not hesitate to %are for their animals on the 5a,,ath, they %on(emn the healing of a .oman .ho ha( ,een suffering for many years $ a (aughter of ,raham. ?erse &@. Jesus' a%tion an( %ommentary eEpose( the false +ie.s of those against /im. They .ere put to shame $ .hile the %ro.( praise( Go( for su%h a mira%le of healing. The rea%tion of the %ro.( sho.s their a%%eptan%e an( appre%iation of the healing as a .ork of Go('s mer%y. Luke &0:&1$2&. 9ara,les of Dustar( 5ee( an( Lea+en. Jesus' ministry as Dessiah starte( in affe%ting small num,ers of people, ,ut .oul( %ontinue to gro. to a glorious si=e. ?erse &1. 8y intro(u%ing the su,>e%t as a -uestion, Jesus gets the attention of the au(ien%e. ?erse &4. The mustar( see( is the smallest kin( of see( so.n ,y farmers in 9alestine, ,ut .hi%h gro.s rather -ui%kly into the largest plant that is gro.n from see(. In a similar .ay, Jesus' prea%hing of the ;ing(om of Go(, as the suffering ser+ant of Go(, seeme( insignifi%ant from man's point of +ie.. 8ut >ust as surely it .ill gro. rapi(ly, irresisti,ly into a large ,o(y .ith mem,ers all o+er the .orl( .ho .oul( fin( a pla%e of rest in it. Bhen 9ente%ost %ame, the %hur%h -ui%kly gre. in Jerusalem an( from there sprea( all o+er the %i+ili=e( .orl( $ e+en .ithin the %apital of the Imperial "oman 'mpire. This .ill %ontinue until

Lesson AA %ontinue(


the last of the %hosen ones is ,rought in, an( the return of Jesus as ;ing to set up /is ;ing(om. ?. This king(om .ill not only ,e great in of num,ers an( greatness, ,ut .ill also ,e a transforming influen%e in the spiritual life of e+ery ,elie+er, >ust as lea+en .orks .ithin the (ough, an( affe%ts e+ery part of the lump $ so the ;ing(om of Go( .ill transform e+ery mem,er of Christ's ;ing(om. #o matter ho. small an( insignifi%ant its ,eginning, it .ill gro. greatly, .ith nothing a,le to pre+ent its full (e+elopment $ to its final fulfillment .ith Jesus' "eturn in %omplete an( glory. Luke &0:22$0). The 5trait Gate. There .ill ,e a time .hen the time of gra%e .ill en( $ e+en those .ho ha+e seen an( hear( Jesus .ill ,e shut out. ?erse 22. This final perio( of Jesus' ministry mo+e( the e+entual e+ents in Jerusalem. /e %ontinue( to tea%h an( heal in the to.ns an( +illages on the .ay, pro,a,ly a%ross the Jor(an. ?erse 20. During that time someone aske( the -uestion a,out .hether those that are sa+e( .ill ,e fe.. It must ha+e ,een .ell$ kno.n ,y that time that there .ere many oppose( to Jesus, an( only a fe. that follo.e( /im faithfully. ?erse 22. "ather than ans.ering the -uestion (ire%tly, Jesus uses it to tea%h a +alua,le lesson. /e raises the point $ .hat profit is there in ,eing %on%erne( a,out num,ers $ ho. many .ill ,e or .on't ,e sa+e(. The most important thing is making %ertain that you, yourself are sa+e(. Bhate+er the num,er $ the .ay to the gate lea(ing to eternal life is straight $ it takes an a%t of the .ill an( the (esire of one's heart to enter therein. On%e the Gate is shut $ Gra%e %omplete( $ then many .ill try to get in, ,ut %annot. ?erses 2*,2@. '+en if plea(ing that they ha+e seen an( hear( /im, they .ill ,e re>e%te( $ sin%e they re>e%te( /im in spite of their opportunities. ?erse 21. The ma>ority of that generation of the Je.ish people .ill en(ure affli%tions an( pain of %ons%ien%e at the en( of the age. ?erses 24,0). Their remorse .ill ,e .orse ,e%ause as Je.s they are eE%lu(e(, .hile the Gentiles from all parts of the .orl( are .el%ome(. The Je.s of the time thought that they .oul( ,e pri+ilege( an( that the Gentiles .oul( ,e eE%lu(e(. Thus those thinking they .oul( ,e first .ill ,e last, an( the last .ill ,e first.

Lesson AA %ontinue( Though sa+e( ,y gra%e, .e are still responsi,le to stri+e to enter the strait gate, an( there is a time .hen the gate .ill ,e %lose(.


#ote on the 5traight Gate. It is narro. %ompare( .ith the pu,li% .ay of the %ro.(. 5ome s%holars suggest that the 5trait Gate refers to ,eha+ing as a repentant sinner (oing to e+eryone as they .oul( ha+e others (o to them $ the fruit of the true ,elie+er. Contrast this .ith the ,roa( .ay .here it is easy to take a(+antage of e+eryone that one %omes in %onta%t .ith. 5o ,usy in their self righteousness an( e+il, they (o no seek or see the strait gate. The strait gate is a narro. .ay to go in an( also a .ay of .alking thereafter, .ith a %ertain (estination.

Lesson AAI Luke &0:0&$&2:22.


0& K The same (ay there %ame %ertain of the 9harisees, saying unto him, Get thee out, an( (epart hen%eJ for /ero( .ill kill thee. 02 n( he sai( unto them, Go ye, an( tell that foE, 8ehol(, I %ast out (e+ils, an( I (o %ures to(ay an( tomorro., an( the thir( (ay I shall ,e perfe%te(. 00 #e+ertheless I must .alk to(ay, an( tomorro., an( the (ay for it %annot ,e that a prophet perish out of Jerusalem. 02 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, .hi%h killest the prophets, an( stonest them that are sent unto theeJ ho. often .oul( I ha+e gathere( thy %hil(ren together, as a hen (oth gather her ,roo( un(er her .ings, an( ye .oul( notP 03 8ehol(, your house is left unto you (esolate: an( +erily I say unto you, Me shall not see me, until the time %ome .hen ye shall say, 8lesse( is he that %ometh in the name of the Lor(. Chapter &2:&$22. & n( it %ame to pass, as he .ent into the house of one of the %hief 9harisees to eat ,rea( on the sa,,ath (ay, that they .at%he( him. 2 n(, ,ehol(, there .as a %ertain man ,efore him .hi%h ha( the (ropsy. 0 n( Jesus ans.ering spake unto the la.yers an( 9harisees, saying, Is it la.ful to heal on the sa,,ath (ay6 2 n( they hel( their pea%e. n( he took him, an( heale( him, an( let him goJ 3 an( ans.ere( them, saying, Bhi%h of you shall ha+e an ass or an oE fallen into a pit, an( .ill not straight.ay pull him out on the sa,,ath (ay6 * n( they %oul( not him again to these things. @ K n( he put forth a para,le to those .hi%h .ere ,i((en, .hen he marke( ho. they %hose out the %hief roomsJ saying unto them, 1 Bhen thou art ,i((en of any man to a .e((ing, sit not (o.n in the highest roomJ lest a more honora,le man than thou ,e ,i((en of himJ 4 an( he that ,a(e thee an( him %ome an( say to thee, Gi+e this man pla%eJ an( thou ,egin .ith shame to take the lo.est room. &) 8ut .hen thou art ,i((en, go an( sit (o.n in the lo.est roomJ that .hen he that ,a(e thee %ometh, he may say unto thee, :rien(, go up higher: then shalt thou ha+e .orship in the presen%e of them that sit at meat .ith thee. && :or .hosoe+er eEalteth himself shall ,e a,ase(J an( he that hum,leth himself shall ,e eEalte(. &2 K Then sai( he also to him that ,a(e him, Bhen thou makest a (inner or a supper, %all not thy frien(s, nor thy ,rethren, neither

&0& Lesson AAI %ontinue( thy kinsmen, nor thy ri%h neigh,orsJ lest they also ,i( thee again, an( a re%ompense ,e ma(e thee. &0 8ut .hen thou makest a feast, %all the poor, the maime(, the lame, the ,lin(: &2 an( thou shalt ,e ,lesse(J for they %annot re%ompense thee: for thou shalt ,e re%ompense( at the resurre%tion of the >ust. &3 K n( .hen one of them that sat at meat .ith him hear( these things, he sai( unto him, 8lesse( is he that shall eat ,rea( in the king(om of Go(. &* Then sai( he unto him, %ertain man ma(e a great supper, an( ,a(e many: &@ an( sent his ser+ant at supper time to say to them that .ere ,i((en, ComeJ for all things are no. rea(y. &1 n( they all .ith one %onsent ,egan to make eE%use. The first sai( unto him, I ha+e ,ought a pie%e of groun(, an( I must nee(s go an( see it: I pray thee ha+e me eE%use(. &4 n( another sai(, I ha+e ,ought fi+e yoke of oEen, an( I go to pro+e them: I pray thee ha+e me eE%use(. 2) n( another sai(, I ha+e marrie( a .ife, an( therefore I %annot %ome. 2& 5o that ser+ant %ame, an( sho.e( his lor( these things. Then the master of the house ,eing angry sai( to his ser+ant, Go out -ui%kly into the streets an( lanes of the %ity, an( ,ring in hither the poor, an( the maime(, an( the halt, an( the ,lin(. 22 n( the ser+ant sai(, Lor(, it is (one as thou hast %omman(e(, an( yet there is room. 20 n( the lor( sai( unto the ser+ant, Go out into the high.ays an( he(ges, an( %ompel them to %ome in, that my house may ,e fille(. 22 :or I say unto you, That none of those men .hi%h .ere ,i((en shall taste of my supper. Luke &0:0&$03. Jesus Barne( gainst /ero(. s Jesus .as tea%hing some 9harisees %ame to Jesus to .arn /im that /ero( .as talking a,out killing /im. Though these men may ha+e ,een sin%ere. It is also possi,le that after the harsh things Jesus ha( sai( against 9harisees, that these men sai( this to get Jesus to lea+e the area of their influen%e. ?erse 0&. %ross the Jor(an the Je.ish authorities $ %entere( in Jerusalem $ ha( little authority. pparently these parti%ular 9harisees ha( re%ei+e( .or( that Jesus .as in (anger in /ero('s territory. If /e .ent from there to Ju(ea, Jesus .oul( ,e eEpose( to the of the 5anhe(rin. ?erse 02. Jesus is not impresse(. n( in reply /e %alls /ero( Hthat foEH $ a sneaky an( .eak ruler. Jesus plans to %ontinue /is

&02 Lesson AAI %ontinue( ministry in that area until it is %omplete( perfe%tly. ?erse 00. #e+ertheless, /is time there is short ,e%ause /e is %ontinuously getting %loser to the roa( to Jerusalem, the /oly City. The histori% pla%e .here Go('s prophets ha( ,een kille(. ?erse 02. Jesus is (eeply mo+e( ,e%ause of the har(ness of heart of the people of Jerusalem .ho through the %enturies ha+e ignore(, mis>u(ge(, an( kille( Go('s messengers an( also ha+e re>e%te( Jesus an( all /is efforts %alling them to repentan%e. s a mother hen gathers her %hi%ks un(er her .ings to prote%t them from (anger, so /e has .ante( to prote%t them from the (estru%tion to %ome. ll /is .ork, all this tea%hing, all /is .arnings .ere re>e%te( an( they en(e( up openly an( persistently against /im. ?erse 03. The only possi,le %onse-uen%e .as (estru%tion $ spe%ifi%ally the temple, formerly %alle( the /ouse of Go(, ,ut after the re>e%tion of Jesus $ the people an( the temple are forsaken ,y Go(. /is prote%tion .ith(ra.n, %omplete (estru%tion .ill %ommen%e. 5ome Je.s .ill ,e sa+e( as a remnant from that time until /is 5e%on( Coming, .hen the .hole nation of Israel .ill see an( re%ogni=e /im as the true Dessiah. 8ut for the unre(eeme( it .ill ,e too late. Jesus earnestly offers sal+ation to those .ho are lost, ,ut .hen /e is re>e%te( .ith (etermination, Jesus lea+es them to their o.n final (estru%tion. &2:&$*. Jesus /eals a Dan of the Dropsy. :rom here to &4:21 %ontains material .hi%h Luke alone reports $ the last time ,efore /is final arri+al in Jerusalem. ?erse &. Jesus (oes not a+oi( the 9harisees in spite of the in%reasing hostility. /e a%%epts one of the 9harisee's in+itation to go eat at his home on a 5a,,ath. ?erse 2. Ipon entering the house, Jesus soon noti%e( an o,+iously si%k person there. :rom the %onteEt it appears that the si%k man .as pla%e( there to test Jesus $ .hether /e .oul( ,reak the la. of the 5a,,ath ,y healing him. This .oul( gi+e them something to report to the Je.ish %oun%il in Jerusalem. ?erse 0. Jesus sees through their sneaky plot an( imme(iately asks them the (ire%t -uestion: HIs it la.ful to heal on the 5a,,ath (ay or not6H They ,e%ame %onfuse( an( %oul( not If they ans.ere( no, then they .ere %on(emning the si%k man to another (ay of sufferingJ if they ans.ere( yes, then they .oul( ,e agreeing to Jesus' healing on the 5a,,ath.

&00 Lesson AAI %ontinue( ?erse 2. Bhile these men pon(ere( their (ilemma, Jesus heale( the man an( sent him a.ay. ?erse 3. Jesus then puts another -uestion to the group. If one of their animals fell into a pit on a 5a,,ath, .oul( they not imme(iately get it out6 O,+iously an emergen%y .as more important to ,e (ealt .ith than tra(ition, an( %eremonial la.. To %riti%i=e Jesus for healing on the 5a,,ath is hypo%riti%al $ to lea+e a person suffering physi%ally or spiritually on a 5a,,ath .as a %ruelty that lo+e an( %ompassion .oul( not allo.. The sa+ing of one's animal .as in(ee( a selfish .ork, .hile the healing ,y Jesus .as totally unselfish. ?erse *. The attitu(e of the 9harisees .as eEpose( so for%efully, that not one of them %oul( utter a .or( in reply. Be must al.ays put the nee( of others a,o+e anything .e %laim for oursel+es, .hether on a s%hool night, early in the morning, or on a 5un(ay. &2:@$&2. 9ara,le of In+itation to a Darriage :east. The healing took pla%e ,efore anyone sat (o.n, so no. Jesus o,ser+es some of the guests .ere attempting to get the most important seats. ?erses @$&). Jesus took this opportunity to tea%h them a lesson of an eternal truth. t a .e((ing feast, the pla%es of honor are not to those .ho aggressi+ely get there first, ,ut on the %hoi%e of the host. 5o also in the king(om of hea+en, a pla%e of honor is not ,ase( on anyone's opinion of themsel+es, ,ut on the righteous >u(gment of Go(. ?erse &&. The person .ho eEalts himself in earthly life .ill ,e ,rought to shame .hen the Lor( sho.s them their rightful pla%e. The one .ho li+e( in hum,le sin%erity .ill ,e ri%hly ,lesse(. ?erses &2$&2. fter a((ressing the guests, Jesus no. speaks (ire%tly to /is host $ a(+ising him not to only in+ite his frien(s, family, an( .ealthy neigh,ors. This is selfish in that a return in+itation is eEpe%te(. To sho. true an( unselfish lo+e an( ser+i%e, he must in+ite those .ho %annot repay his gi+ing. /e must gi+e to those in nee( an( thus re%ei+e a ,lessing at the en( of the age .hen Go( .ill the righteous. Be are all tempte( to puff oursel+es up an( pla%e oursel+es a,o+e others, an( ha+e selfish (esires. Be must ,e a.are of this an( ,e %onstantly .at%hful against these things.

&02 Lesson AAI %ontinue( &2:&3$22. 9ara,le of the Great 5upper. The lesson Jesus ha( >ust taught ha( ma(e a (eep impression on at least on of the guests $ lea(ing him to say, H8lesse( is he that shall eat ,rea( in the king(om of Go(.H %%or(ing to the pre+ailing ,elief of the 9harisees, there .as to ,e a glorious feast .hen the Dessiah set up /is ;ing(om on earth. These people %onsi(ere( it to ,e o,+ious that they .oul( ,e %ounte( as .orthy to take part in that %ele,ration, that they ha( earne( their pla%e ,y their righteous li+ing. In to this remark, Jesus tells this para,le $ .arning that only those .ho are in+ite( personally ,y Go( .ill ha+e a share in Go('s king(om. ?erses &*,&@. The self$righteous attitu(e is eEpose( in this para,le, .here a %ertain man in+ite( a great num,er of .ealthy people to a magnifi%ent ,an-uet at some future time. Bhen the time .as near, he sent a ser+ant to remin( the guests F%ommonly a %ustom in that areaG that e+erything .as rea(y, an( to %ome .ithout (elay. Go( is the man, the supper is the king(om of Go(. The first in+itation is %onsi(ere( the prophets an( other promises a,out the Dessiah in the Ol( Testament. The one .ho (e%lares the final in+itation is Jesus /imself, .ho spent /is 0 years of ministry prea%hing, an( tea%hing, the king(om of Go( to the Je.ish nation. ?erses &1$2). Bhen those first in+ite( hear( the final %all, they all aske( to ,e eE%use(. Their eEplanations .ere o,+iously not their true reasons ,ut rather preteEts. Bho ,uys a pie%e of lan( an( only later goes to see it6 The same .ith the oEen $ (o you ,uy an( then try them out6 Bhen one has marrie( $ (oes his .ife pre+ent him from %oming6 In the same .ay the 9harisees an( most of the nation, make all kin(s of lame eE%uses .hy they re>e%t Jesus. They are too atta%he( to their possessions, their status an(, their tra(itions, their parti%ular sinful pleasures. They turn (eaf ears to the in+itation that Go( offers. ?erse 2&. The host ,e%omes >ustly angry at this attitu(e $ they ha+e ,een in(ifferent, (e%eitful, an( (isrespe%tful. /e then in+ites the poor, the lame, the ,lin(, .here+er they are foun(. Those .ho shoul( ha+e %learly un(erstoo( the tea%hings of Jesus ,e%ause of their stu(y an( kno.le(ge of the Ol( Testament (i( not. Jesus then turne( to those (espise( in Israel $ the pu,li%ans, an( sinners. ?erses 22,20. fter these .ere ,rought in, there .as still room. The master sen(s the ser+ant to %ompel those outsi(e the %ity,

&03 Lesson AAI %ontinue( in the he(ges, an( lanes. 8e%ause these outsi(ers .oul( not %onsi(er themsel+es .orthy or proper enough to go to su%h a feast, they must ,e urge( strongly that they are %hosen an( .el%ome $ e+ery seat at the feast must ,e fille(. Jesus re+eals that after the Gospel .as offere( to the Je.s, it .oul( then ,e sprea( to the Gentiles. ?erse 22. Those originally in+ite( .ho ha( eE%use( themsel+es .ill later try to get in ,ut .ill ,e re>e%te(, >ust as they ha( re>e%te( Jesus. The time of gra%e .ill ha+e passe( an( >u(gment .ill %ome. /ere Jesus re+eals that it is /is ,an-uet as the Dessiah an( they ha+e only themsel+es to ,lame for their %on(ition. The Gospel message to(ay pro%laims the same in+itation $ e+erything is rea(y. ll preparations are %omplete through the perfe%t .ork of 5al+ation that Go( a%%omplishe( through Jesus, /is 5on. The ri%h ,lessings in Go('s e+erlasting ;ing(om .ill ,e share( ,y all that a%%ept this free offer ,y Go('s mer%y an( gra%e. Bhen the last in+itation is a%%epte(, the /ouse of Go( .ill ,e full. The time of Gra%e .ill ,e o+er $ the "apture of the %hur%h, then the Great Tri,ulation, an( finally the 5e%on( Coming of Christ.

&0* Lesson AAII Luke &2:23$&3:&). 23 K n( there .ent great multitu(es .ith him: an( he turne(, an( sai( unto them, 2* If any man %ome to me, an( hate not his father, an( mother, an( .ife, an( %hil(ren, an( ,rethren, an( sisters, yea, an( his o.n life also, he %annot ,e my (is%iple. 2@ n( .hosoe+er (oth not ,ear his %ross, an( %ome after me, %annot ,e my (is%iple. 21 :or .hi%h of you, inten(ing to ,uil( a, sitteth not (o.n first, an( %ounteth the %ost, .hether he ha+e suffi%ient to finish it6 24 Lest haply, after he hath lai( the foun(ation, an( is not a,le to finish it, all that ,ehol( it ,egin to mo%k him, 0) saying, This man ,egan to ,uil(, an( .as not a,le to finish. 0& Or .hat king, going to make .ar against another king, sitteth not (o.n first, an( %onsulteth .hether he ,e a,le .ith ten thousan( to meet him that %ometh against him .ith t.enty thousan(6 02 Or else, .hile the other is yet a great .ay off, he sen(eth an am,assage, an( (esireth %on(itions of pea%e. 00 5o like.ise, .hosoe+er he ,e of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he %annot ,e my (is%iple. 02 K 5alt is goo(: ,ut if the salt ha+e lost his sa+or, .here.ith shall it ,e seasone(6 03 It is neither fit for the lan(, nor yet for the (unghillJ ,ut men %ast it out. /e that hath ears to hear, let him hear. Chapter &3:&$&). & Then (re. near unto him all the pu,li%ans an( sinners for to hear him. 2 n( the 9harisees an( s%ri,es murmure(, saying, This man re%ei+eth sinners, an( eateth .ith them. 0 K n( he spake this para,le unto them, saying, 2 Bhat man of you, ha+ing a hun(re( sheep, if he lose one of them, (oth not lea+e the ninety an( nine in the .il(erness, an( go after that .hi%h is lost, until he fin( it6 3 n( .hen he hath foun( it, he layeth it on his shoul(ers, re>oi%ing. * n( .hen he %ometh home, he %alleth together his frien(s an( neigh,ors, saying unto them, "e>oi%e .ith meJ for I ha+e foun( my sheep .hi%h .as lost. @ I say unto you, that like.ise >oy shall ,e in hea+en o+er one sinner that repenteth, more than o+er ninety an( nine >ust persons, .hi%h nee( no repentan%e. 1 K 'ither .hat .oman ha+ing ten pie%es of sil+er, if she lose

&0@ Lesson AAII %ontinue( one pie%e, (oth not light a %an(le, an( s.eep the house, an( seek (iligently till she fin( it6 4 n( .hen she hath foun( it, she %alleth her frien(s an( her neigh,ors together, saying, "e>oi%e .ith meJ for I ha+e foun( the pie%e .hi%h I ha( lost. &) Like.ise, I say unto you, there is >oy in the presen%e of the angels of Go( o+er one sinner that repenteth. Luke &2:23$03. 9ara,le on :orethought $ Counting the Cost. Though a%%ompanie( ,y a great %ro.(, Jesus .as not flattere( ,y the si=e of the group, ,ut sets %on(itions of the true ?erse 23. Jesus' ministry in trans$Jor(an has ,e%ome +ery popular an( eE%iting to the general population. /e turns to the %ro.( an( lays (o.n a,solute (eman(s for anyone .ho (esires to ,e /is true (is%iple. ?erse 2*. nyone .ho %hooses /im must put /im first $ ,efore all other ties, .hether family or frien(s. Bhen a %hoi%e must ,e ma(e, the must a%t as though he hates his relati+es $ in the a,solute %hoosing of the Christ. This is a startling an( (ramati% prin%iple $ the importan%e /e pla%es on loyalty an( faithfulness /im. ny other %hoi%e lea(s to (eath $ to %hoose /im is our only %hoi%e. Bhy6 :or lifeP ?erse 2@. Jesus %alls for /is follo.ers to follo. the same path that /e (oes. One must ,e .illing to gi+e his life for his faith in Jesus as the Christ. In a more normal .ay it %alls for a person to gi+e up all his selfish am,ition an( li+ing for his o.n interests an( goals. ?erse 21$02. To ,e /is, ea%h one shoul( %ount the %ost $ .hat they .oul( gi+e up an( .hat they .oul( ,ear. Jesus illuminates the %on%ept .ith the t.o para,les. Only the main point of a para,le is important for its eEplanation. 8efore un(ertaking a ma>or task, one shoul( make sure he is a,le to %omplete the task. Jesus is asking that anyone .ho (esires to follo. /im shoul( seriously ,e sure they are .illing to pay the full pri%e $ (enying of self to the utmost, for /is sake. ?erse 00. The %ost is gi+ing up all that he possesses $ material things an( family, e+en his (esire for self$preser+ation, am,ition, et%. #ot that he must gi+e them all up, ,ut that he pla%es Christ first an( lets /im ,e in %harge of /is .hole life $ that un(er /is gui(an%e in /is ser+i%e, his heart must ,elong to Jesus, an( all else follo.s from this.

Lesson AAII %ontinue(


?erse 02,03. s salt possesses its -uality of seasoning (oes it ha+e +alue, so also the of Jesus must possess a %ertain -uality to ,e of any +alue. This .oul( ,e unselfishness an( un(ying loyalty to Jesus. Other.ise like salt that is stale is thro.n a.ay, the (is%iple .ho .ill not turn from their sin an( .holehearte(ly li+e for Jesus is .ithout +alue an( useless an( thereafter (is%ar(e(. Jesus %on%lu(es .ith the eE%lamation: H/e .ho has ears to hear, let him hearPH The .or(s /e has spoken ha+e %onse-uen%e on their immortal souls. The other %hoi%e is to ,e a (is%iple of (arkness, a ser+ant of the .orl( of sin, to fin( no pea%e an( true >oy in this life, an( re%ei+e (arkness an( torment throughout eternity. &3:&$&). 9ara,les of Lost 5heep an( Lost 9ie%e of 5il+er. :irst t.o of 0 para,les on the seeking gra%e of Go(. ?erse &. The pu,li%ans an( sinners .ere out%asts from the Je.ish religious an( national life. Jesus (i( not re>e%t them, ,ut took an a%ti+e interest in them, an( tea%hing them the roa( to sal+ation. They naturally .ent to hear /im .hene+er they %oul(. Though the s%ri,es an( 9harisees %ame to hear Jesus, they .ere still un.illing to ha+e any %onta%t .ith them. They .oul( %onsi(er themsel+es un%lean if they e+en tou%he( a pu,li%an or sinner. ?erse 2. Jesus ha( no su%h -ualms. The 9harisees %onsi(ere( themsel+es righteous an( for this reason they .oul( not asso%iate .ith these %ommon sinners. They -uestione( Jesus a,out ,eing so %lose an( %on%erne( a,out su%h out%asts. ?erses 0,2. To sho. the 9harisees the misgui(e( attitu(e of self$righteousness the out%asts, Jesus tells these para,les. In the first one he relates the story of a shepher( .ho has lost a sheep. The shepher( (oes e+erything ne%essary until the sheep is foun(, gi+ing up all self$interest an( se%urity, lea+ing the rest of the flo%k, not %ounting the time or trou,le, only that the sheep is foun(. In +ie. of /is impen(ing (eath on the %ross, Jesus .as a,out to gi+e /is life to sho. the .orl( ho. far Go( .as .illing to go for the sal+ation of e+ery last person. ?erses 3,*. The se%on( part emphasi=es the great >oy of he shepher( .hen the lost sheep is foun(. /e %alls together frien(s an( neigh,ors to re>oi%e .ith him. Jesus is trying to get /is %riti%s to see that they shoul( ,e re>oi%ing .ith /im .hen lost sinners turn to Go(, not %riti%i=ing /im for prea%hing to them.

Lesson AAII %ontinue(


?erse @. In hea+en there is great re>oi%ing o+er the sal+ation of one sinner, so shoul( they ,e re>oi%ing. ?erse 1. The first para,le emphasi=e( the lea+ing of e+erything an( time taken until the sheep is foun(. In this se%on( para,le of the last %oin, the emphasis is on the thoroughness of the sear%h. ?erses 4,&). gain this para,le sho.s the s%ri,es an( 9harisees that they shoul( re>oi%e .hen one that .as lost .as sa+e(. Jesus sho.s that it is the out%asts an( those in spiritual (arkness that nee( to ,e foun( an( offere( the sal+ation Go( has to offer. n( that those .ho %onsi(ere( themsel+es righteous shoul( ,e happy that Jesus .as rea%hing these out%asts for Go(. Con%lusion. In no other religion in the .orl( (o .e fin( Go( seeking man, in /is lo+e an( gra%e, pro+i(ing a 5a+ior, .ho in (ying for e+eryone's sins, has pai( the pri%e for our re(emption. The rest of the story is Go(, in Christ, through the /oly 5pirit, seeking, ,y means often not seen, to sa+e that one. There shall ,e great re>oi%ing in hea+en in the presen%e of the angels of Go(, .hen that one is ,rought into the fol(. These out%asts .ere (ra.n to Jesus ,e%ause /e .as not at all like the self righteous, pri(eful an( mo%king 9harisees .ho refuse( to e+en asso%iate .ith them. Jesus sho.e( them ten(er lo+e an( %on%ern %oming from the :ather, seeking to sa+e those that .ere lost, seeing in ea%h person great +alue. The greatest emphasis is on the %ommitment of Go( in seeking those that are lost. The %ommitment is not >ust to seek ,ut to seek until foun(. There is ne+er a -uestion of gi+ing up, taking a ,reak, lea+ing it to someone else. This sho.s Go('s lo+e, gra%e, mer%y an( ten(erest %are an( %ompassion for /is %hil(ren. They that the pre%ious ,loo( of /is 5on has pai( the pri%e for. Bhen the last lost one is foun(, the last %hair at the ,an-uet ta,le is fille(, look up, for our re(emption (ra.eth nigh, an( Jesus .ill %all us unto /imself. men.

Lesson AAIII Luke &3:&&$02. The 9ro(igal 5on.


&& K n( he sai(, %ertain man ha( t.o sons: &2 an( the younger of them sai( to his father, :ather, gi+e me the portion of goo(s that falleth to me. n( he (i+i(e( unto them his li+ing. &0 n( not many (ays after the younger son gathere( all together, an( took his >ourney into a far %ountry, an( there .aste( his su,stan%e .ith riotous li+ing. &2 n( .hen he ha( spent all, there arose a mighty famine in that lan(J an( he ,egan to ,e in .ant. &3 n( he .ent an( >oine( himself to a %iti=en of that %ountryJ an( he sent him into his fiel(s to fee( s.ine. &* n( he .oul( fain ha+e fille( his ,elly .ith the husks that the s.ine (i( eat: an( no man ga+e unto him. &@ n( .hen he %ame to himself, he sai(, /o. many hire( ser+ants of my father's ha+e ,rea( enough an( to spare, an( I perish .ith hungerP &1 I .ill arise an( go to my father, an( .ill say unto him, :ather, I ha+e sinne( against hea+en, an( ,efore thee, &4 an( am no more .orthy to ,e %alle( thy son: make me as one of thy hire( ser+ants. 2) n( he arose, an( %ame to his father. 8ut .hen he .as yet a great .ay off, his father sa. him, an( ha( %ompassion, an( ran, an( fell on his ne%k, an( kisse( him. 2& n( the son sai( unto him, :ather, I ha+e sinne( against hea+en, an( in thy sight, an( am no more .orthy to ,e %alle( thy son. 22 8ut the father sai( to his ser+ants, 8ring forth the ,est ro,e, an( put it on himJ an( put a ring on his han(, an( shoes on his feet: 20 an( ,ring hither the fatte( %alf, an( kill itJ an( let us eat, an( ,e merry: 22 for this my son .as (ea(, an( is ali+e againJ he .as lost, an( is foun(. n( they ,egan to ,e merry. 23 K #o. his el(er son .as in the fiel(: an( as he %ame an( (re. nigh to the house, he hear( musi% an( (an%ing. 2* n( he %alle( one of the ser+ants, an( aske( .hat these things meant. 2@ n( he sai( unto him, Thy ,rother is %omeJ an( thy father hath kille( the fatte( %alf, ,e%ause he hath re%ei+e( him safe an( soun(. 21 n( he .as angry, an( .oul( not go in: therefore %ame his father out, an( entreate( him. 24 n( he ans.ering sai( to his father, Lo, these many years (o I ser+e thee, neither transgresse( I at any time thy %omman(mentJ an( yet thou ne+er ga+est me a ki(, that I might make merry .ith my frien(s: 0) ,ut as soon as this thy son .as %ome, .hi%h hath (e+oure( thy li+ing .ith harlots, thou hast kille( for him the fatte( %alf. 0& n( he sai( unto him, 5on, thou art e+er .ith me, an( all that I

&2& Lesson AAIII %ontinue( ha+e is thine. 02 It .as meet that .e shoul( make merry, an( ,e gla(: for this thy ,rother .as (ea(, an( is ali+e againJ an( .as lost, an( is foun(. Luke &3:&&$02. The 9ro(igal 5on. In the pre+ious t.o para,les, Jesus re+eale( the seeking lo+e of Go( for the lost. In this thir( para,le, the emphasis is on the human si(e. ?erses &&,&2. :or the hea( of a family the Je.ish %ustom of the time in%lu(e( ( up a .ill to ,esto. his possessions to his heirs after his (eath. nother option: (uring his lifetime, gi+e to his heirs in the form of presents. Isually as .ith the el(er son, the father still ha( the use of the property until his (eath. The portion allotte( to the younger son .as gi+en to him ,efore his father's (eath. ?erse &0. On%e in possession of his inheritan%e, the younger son took e+erything he ha( an( mo+e( far a.ay from his home, so that he %oul( li+e as he please(. In unrestraine( self$in(ulgen%e an( riotous li+ing, .ith many .illing frien(s .ho helpe( him, he %onsume( all that he ha(. In his (esperate sear%h for free(om from his father's .at%hful eye, he ha( su%%um,e( to the influen%e of sin an( a ( spiral to utter ruin. /e en(e( up .ith nothing, an( .as %ompletely alone. To re,el against Go(, seeking some a,sur( i(ea of free(om, one only .astes an( (estroys the pre%ious gifts one has re%ei+e( from Go(. True happiness is only foun( in the eEpression an( use of these gifts to glorify Go(, an( in relationship to /im, an( in ser+ing one's neigh,ors. ?erse &2. On%e the great famine set in, none of the former frien(s .ho helpe( him .aste his life an( .ealth, .oul( gi+e him anything. /e ,egan to ,e in nee( of foo(, an( shelter, an( %ompanionship. /e .as ,roke, alone, hungry. ?erses &3,&*. The only >o, he %oul( fin( .as to look after a her( of pigs, %onsi(ere( ,y the Je.s as the lo.est an( most repulsi+e form of ,eing someone's ser+ant. '+en .orse is the fa%t that he is treate( .orse than the pigs an( %annot e+en get enough of the %oarse foo( he fee(s the pigs. /e has rea%he( the ,ottom. ?erse &@. :inally he %omes to reali=e .hat a fool he has ,een. /is present misery sho.s in %ontrast .hat he ha( gi+en up ,y running from the %ompany an( %omfort of his home.

&22 Lesson AAIII %ontinue( ?erses &1,&4. /e not only reali=es .hat he ha( gi+en up, ,ut also his sin for taking his inheritan%e an( .asting it all for selfish an( (estru%ti+e li+ing. /e is prepare( to a(mit his guilt against his father an( Go(, an( ask for forgi+eness $ eEpe%ting ,y faith that his father .ill not %ast him asi(e ,ut only eEpe%ting an( asking to ,e treate( as a %ommon la,orer. /is former pri(e in (eman(ing his inheritan%e is gone $ no. he feels un.orthy to ,e %alle( his father's son. /e %laims no merit on his si(e, ,ut (epen(s on the gra%e an( mer%y of his father to a%%ept him. 5o .ith e+ery sinner, .e must %ome to Go( a.are of our un.orthiness an( (epen( solely on the merit of Jesus as our 5a+ior .ho pai( the pri%e for our re(emption. ?erse 2). On%e the reali=ation .as re%ogni=e( he got up an( >ourneye( ,a%k to his home. The father, mean.hile ha( %ontinue( to lo+e an( long for his son $ e+en keeping an eye out for his possi,le return. /e is (es%ri,e( as seeing his son .hen still a (istan%e a.ay. /e ran to meet him an( greete( him affe%tionately. This again sho.s the seeking lo+e of Go(, the forgi+eness in Christ an( the .orking of the /oly 5pirit $ all .orking to ,ring one lost into the :ather's arms. ?erses 2&$22. The son a(mits his sin openly to his father. The father imme(iately respon(s .ith %omplete forgi+eness $ %omman(ing the ser+ants to get a ro,e, a ring, an( shoes $ that he .as a%%epte( fully as his o.n son $ e+en the fatte( %alf $ sa+e( only for +ery spe%ial o%%asions $ a >oyful feast to %ele,rate the return of his son from the far %ountry .here he .as lost an( (ea( to his father. Bhen a sinner turns to Go( he is like.ise a%%epte( as a ,elo+e( %hil( $ an( there is re>oi%ing in hea+en. ?erses 23$21. Be no. turn to the el(er ,rother, .ho ,e%omes upset at the return of his foolish ,rother $ an( the >oyful %ele,ration in his honor. This again points to the attitu(e of the 9harisees an( s%ri,es Jesus' tea%hing, an( miEing .ith pu,li%ans an( sinners. The el(er ,rother refuses to >oin in the %ele,ration an( is annoye( .ith his father's a%tions. The father ha( a%tually gone out to the el(er ,rother to in+ite him to >oin in the %ele,ration. /e sho.s e-ual lo+e to this el(er son an( .ants him to share his lo+e for the sa+ing of the lost one. ?erses 24,0). :rom the .or(s of the el(er son it sho.s that he thinks of himself as the perfe%t son, ha+ing staye( an( .orke( as .as his (uty. 8e%ause of this he sees himself as (eser+ing honor an( $ for his .orks Fnot his relationship of lo+e .ith his

&20 Lesson AAIII %ontinue( fatherG. /e sees his younger ,rother as the total opposite $ ha+ing no right to a%%eptan%e as son, ha+ing .aste( his inheritan%e, an( %oming ,a%k .ith nothing. /e %annot un(erstan( or a%%ept the .ay his father has treate( Hhis sonH $ not Hmy ,rotherH $ he no longer %laime( him as ,rother. Jesus is (es%ri,ing the tra(itional pra%ti%es of the 9harisees. They %laim to ,e pleasing Go( ,y their self$righteous a(heren%e to %ertain religious la.s an( spe%ial pra%ti%es. In their %ol( life of .orks, they remo+e( themsel+es from any asso%iation .ith those unlike them $ %onsi(ere( ,elo. them, sinners not .orthy to ,e %ounte( as %hil(ren of Go(. ?erse 0&. The el(er ,rother a%%uses his father of not gi+ing him any spe%ial treatment. Bith great sympathy the father replies that e+erything he ha( .as at all times a+aila,le to him. If they .ere not en>oye(, then it is the son's %hoi%e to ha+e li+e( as only a .orker an( not as the o.ner's son. Jesus is tea%hing the 9harisees that Go( has al.ays ,een seeking to ,less the true ,elie+ers among /is people. 8ut in their spiritual estrangement from /im, they are not e+en a.are of their poor an( unhappy %on(ition. ?erse 02. The other a%%usation $ to the el(er ,rother, it seems that his younger ,rother has ,een for .hat he has (one. /e is reassure( that that has nothing to (o .ith it. It is only re>oi%ing from gratitu(e for one of the family to ,e reunite( after ha+ing ,een lost for a time. 8y this, Jesus is trying to sho. the 9harisees that Go( (oes not re-uire so$%alle( meritorious .orks, like %areful o,ser+an%e of the La. an( formalities. Go( seeks people to turn to /im in hum,le repentan%e an( a%kno.le(ge( (epen(en%e on /im. Then they are in a relationship of lo+e, a%%eptan%e, pea%e, an( >oy. Do .e see oursel+es in this story6 If so, .here6 Do .e see the >oy of full sonship an( eEperien%e the gra%e an( lo+e of the :ather6 Or, (o .e follo. the forms, ,eing respe%ta,le an( pious, ,ut not en>oying a relationship .ith the :ather an( the immeasura,le ,lessings that /e offers us6 Be are not tol( .hether the el(er son .ent in after the :ather's %oun%il. Be are not tol( ho. the younger son ,eha+e( after this. 8oth .ere free to make their o.n %hoi%e. 5o also .e %ontinually ha+e the %hoi%e. To some (egree or other, .e ha+e all %hosen our o.n .ay, to pursue the goals that .e learne( up, an( un(er the influen%e of the .orl(, our o.n ego an( am,ition $ an( at some point, .e reali=e( that fe. of these things .orke( out the .ay .e planne( or ,rought the promise( happiness they .ere suppose( to. Be reali=e( our

&22 Lesson AAIII %ontinue( helplessness, our hopelessness, our loneliness. t that point .e turne( to fin( our .ay to the .aiting forgi+eness an( lo+e an( a%%eptan%e of the :ather through /is 5on Jesus. Thankfulness results.

Lesson AAI? Luke &*:&$&1.


& n( he sai( also unto his (is%iples, There .as a %ertain ri%h man, .hi%h ha( a an( the same .as a%%use( unto him that he ha( .aste( his goo(s. 2 n( he %alle( him, an( sai( unto him, /o. is it that I hear this of thee6 gi+e an a%%ount of thy for thou mayest ,e no longer 0 Then the sai( .ithin himself, Bhat shall I (o6 for my lor( taketh a.ay from me the I %annot (igJ to ,eg I am ashame(. 2 I am resol+e( .hat to (o, that, .hen I am put out of the, they may re%ei+e me into their houses. 3 5o he %alle( e+ery one of his lor('s (e,tors unto him, an( sai( unto the first, /o. mu%h o.est thou unto my lor(6 * n( he sai(, hun(re( measures of oil. n( he sai( unto him, Take thy ,ill, an( sit (o.n -ui%kly, an( .rite fifty. @ Then sai( he to another, n( ho. mu%h o.est thou6 n( he sai(, hun(re( measures of .heat. n( he sai( unto him, Take thy ,ill, an( .rite fours%ore. 1 n( the lor( %ommen(e( the un>ust, ,e%ause he ha( (one .isely: for the %hil(ren of this .orl( are in their generation .iser than the %hil(ren of light. 4 n( I say unto you, Dake to yoursel+es frien(s of the mammon of unrighteousnessJ that, .hen ye fail, they may re%ei+e you into e+erlasting ha,itations. &) K /e that is faithful in that .hi%h is least is faithful also in mu%h: an( he that is un>ust in the least is un>ust also in mu%h. && If therefore ye ha+e not ,een faithful in the unrighteous mammon, .ho .ill %ommit to your trust the true ri%hes6 &2 n( if ye ha+e not ,een faithful in that .hi%h is another man's, .ho shall gi+e you that .hi%h is your o.n6 &0 #o ser+ant %an ser+e t.o masters: for either he .ill hate the one, an( lo+e the otherJ or else he .ill hol( to the one, an( (espise the other. Me %annot ser+e Go( an( mammon. &2 K n( the 9harisees also, .ho .ere %o+etous, hear( all these things: an( they (eri(e( him. &3 n( he sai( unto them, Me are they .hi%h >ustify yoursel+es ,efore menJ ,ut Go( kno.eth your hearts: for that .hi%h is highly esteeme( among men is a,omination in the sight of Go(. &* K The la. an( the prophets .ere until John: sin%e that time the king(om of Go( is prea%he(, an( e+ery man presseth into it. &@ n( it is easier for hea+en an( earth to pass, than one tittle of the la. to fail. &1 K Bhosoe+er putteth a.ay his .ife, an( marrieth another, %ommitteth a(ultery: an( .hosoe+er marrieth her that is put a.ay from her hus,an( %ommitteth a(ultery.

&2* Lesson AAI? %ontinue( Luke &*:&$&0. 9ara,le of the In>ust This para,le has ,een use( ,y Christ's %riti%s to try to pro+e an unethi%al tea%hing. They are .rong. :aithfulness of the ser+ant is the issue. ?erses &,2. /ere a ser+ant ha( .aste( his master's goo(s Fas ha( the pro(igal sonG. Bhen the master .as informe( $ he (eman(e( an a%%ount of the property the ser+ant manage(, to fin( the true eEtent of the ser+ant's transgression. 5in%e he (i( not imme(iately ha+e him arreste(, it suggests that he thought the negligent or irresponsi,le $ then only fire( him. ?erses 0,2. The %ulprit use( to easy li+ing, %oul( not imagine (oing strenuous .ork or (e,asing himself ,y ,egging. In his %unning min(, he thought of a .ay to feather his nest, so to speak. ?erses 3$@. /e met .ith those .ho o.e( his former master. One ,y one, he suggeste( they %an%el their former (e,t agreements an( (ra. up ne. ones .ith a %onsi(era,le re(u%tion in the amount o.e(. /e ro,,e( his master ,ut gaine( fa+or from the (e,tors for lightening their (e,t. ?erse 1. The o.ner foun( out a,out this (e+ious a%tion $ ,y .hi%h the hope( to ,e taken %are of ,y the (e,tors for his tri%kery. 5in%e the former agreements ha( ,een (estroye(, an( he ha( spoken to them in(i+i(ually, there .as no e+i(en%e, an( no .itnesses to pro+e the %ase. The master ha( no legal re%ourse. /e %oul( only a%kno.le(ge the shre.(ness of the for his H.orl(ly .is(omH. 8y not %ontinuing the story, Jesus emphasi=es the %le+er .ay men of the .orl( a%t selfishly their fello. men. Jesus is pointing to the often o,ser+a,le ,eha+ior of those like the 9harisees .ho, in their self$righteous an( pri(eful attitu(e, ru, the .rong .ay those .ho they shoul( seek to influen%e $ the pu,li%ans an( sinners. t no point (oes Jesus suggest that the .as anything ,ut un>ust. /e .as not suggesting that .e use (ishonest metho(s. ?erse 4. The referen%e to .orl(ly possessions in the para,le. Jesus %alls them the mammon of unrighteousness ,e%ause they are %ommonly the temptation for in>usti%e $ .hether in selfish a%%umulation or use. Dan's sinful attitu(e an( a%tion make these things a %urse to the unsa+e(. Jesus (oes not tea%h that these things are e+il in themsel+es. Jesus tea%hes that /is follo.ers must use .orl(ly goo(s to help others, an( therefore ,uil(ing up treasure for themsel+es in hea+en, an( to ,e .el%ome( ,y those they helpe( on earth.

&2@ Lesson AAI? %ontinue( The un>ust may ,e taken in ,y his fello. (ishonest ,enefa%tors, until they get tire( of him or he (ies. ?erses &),&&. person's %hara%ter remains the same, no matter .hat -uantity of .ealth or (egree of po+erty. It (epen(s on the (isposition of the heart. If irresponsi,le an( (ishonest .ith small things, so .ill one ,e .ith greater things. This goes for material things an( spiritual things. If unfaithful an( hypo%riti%al .ith or(inary things, so .ill they ,e .ith spiritual matters $ no spiritual gifts or ,lessings %an ,e entruste( to them. ?erse &2. '+erything that a person is an( has is gi+en ,y the Creator, so that a person has more than enough for themsel+es, ,ut that they may ,e a ,lessing for neigh,ors. To share .hat one has ,een gi+en ,y Go( is to honor Go(. If a person is (ishonest, an( %o+etous, gree(y, an( self$seeking, then they %annot eEpe%t to please Go(, or re%ei+e spiritual gifts or eternal life .ith Go(. ?erse &0. To li+e for the a%%umulation an( en>oyment of earthly goo(s is a life of sla+e la,or for the Dammon of unrighteousness. '+en if per%ei+e( as free an( in(epen(ent, an( making %hoi%es, yet they are ,oun( ,y their sla+ery to their sin. It is not possi,le to ser+e Go( in thankfulness an( generosity an( at the same time, ,e gree(y an( selfish, an( grasp e+erything that %omes your .ay. Our attitu(e an( a%tions respe%ting earthly goo(s sho. the (isposition of our hearts. The +alue is not ho. mu%h one has ,ut in .hat one (oes .ith .hate+er Go( has ,lesse( you .ith $ in%lu(ing time, a,ilities Fphysi%al an( spiritualG, %ompassion, as .ell as sharing material resour%es. Luke &*:&2$&1. The uthority of the La.. The rea%tion of the 9harisees to the tea%hing Jesus ha( >ust gi+en .as to s%off at /im. The true reason .as that they lo+e( money an( all that .ent .ith it. ?erse &2. The 9harisees thought their %areful o,ser+an%e of the La. earne( them the of ri%hes from Go(. On the other han(, Jesus an( /is small group of follo.ers .ere %ertainly too poor to %laim that Go( ha( honore( them. ?erse &3. Jesus points out their %omplete misun(erstan(ing. 8y (oing goo( .orks as a pu,li% (isplay, they %laime( their .ealth as proof of Go('s ,lessing. 8e%ause of their self$righteous o,ser+an%e of the La., they think of themsel+es as pious an( >ust. Go(, ho.e+er, sees the hi((en moti+es in their hearts, not >ust their a%ts.

&21 Lesson AAI? %ontinue( ?erse &*. The ministry of John ha( ,egun the (ispensation of the #e. Testament $ the king(om of Go( on earth through Jesus /is 5on. The ne. message .as one of forgi+eness an( faith. The ne. .ay of this king(om .as self$(enial an( (e(i%ate( (etermination, (es%ri,e( as a +iolent %hange of life an( (ire%tion. One must stri+e .ith all one's might to enter ,y the strait gate $ a matter of life or %on(emnation. Dost of the 9harisees not only refuse to ,elie+e Jesus, ,ut make fun of /im $ there,y %hoosing to eE%lu(e themsel+es from /is king(om. ?erse &@. '+en though a ne. Gospel has ,een ,rought to men, it is not a (ispla%ement of the Ol( Testament, ,ut the fulfillment of its preparation $ it remains the moral an( spiritual authority as man's gui(e to the .ay Go( eEpe%ts us to li+e. ?erse &1. These la.s are not to ,e +iolate( $ a(ultery is still a(ultery. To(ay many .ealthy people support %harities an( share their .ealth $ an( are regar(e( +ery highly. Be %an ,e sure that many of them are sin%ere an( (o these things as Christians, seeking to follo. the tea%hing of Jesus. lso .e must a%%ept the fa%t that many (o their goo( (ee(s an( support %harities for the praise of men. They think of themsel+es as goo( an( .el%ome honor an( re%ognition $ .hi%h is their only an( >ust In their spiritual ,lin(ness, they are as ,lin( an( mislea(ing as the 9harisees of Jesus' time. #ote on Darriage. 8y the time of Jesus, some of the %omman(ments ha( ,een %ompromise( ,y an a%%umulation of eE%eptions, an( spe%ial %on(itions $ all lea+ing men a .ay aroun( their original stri%tness. tra(ition of the 9harisees %onsi(ere( the .ife ,oun( to her hus,an( $ in other .or(s, she ha( no rights, e+en if %ruelly treate(. The hus,an( on the other han( ha( the right to (ismiss $ get ri( of $ his .ife for %ertain kin(s of trifling matters. Jesus %learly %on(emns this totally un>ust pra%ti%e.

&24 Lesson AA? Luke &*:&4$&@:&). &4 K There .as a %ertain ri%h man, .hi%h .as %lothe( in purple an( fine linen, an( fare( sumptuously e+ery (ay: 2) an( there .as a %ertain ,eggar name( La=arus, .hi%h .as lai( at his gate, full of sores, 2& an( (esiring to ,e fe( .ith the %rum,s .hi%h fell from the ri%h man's ta,le: moreo+er the (ogs %ame an( li%ke( his sores. 22 n( it %ame to pass, that the ,eggar (ie(, an( .as %arrie( ,y the angels into ,raham's ,osom: the ri%h man also (ie(, an( .as ,urie(J 20 an( in hell he lifte( up his eyes, ,eing in torments, an( seeth ,raham afar off, an( La=arus in his ,osom. 22 n( he %rie( an( sai(, :ather ,raham, ha+e mer%y on me, an( sen( La=arus, that he may (ip the tip of his finger in .ater, an( %ool my tongueJ for I am tormente( in this flame. 23 8ut ,raham sai(, 5on, remem,er that thou in thy lifetime re%ei+e(st thy goo( things, an( like.ise La=arus e+il things: ,ut no. he is %omforte(, an( thou art tormente(. 2* n( ,esi(e all this, ,et.een us an( you there is a great gulf fiEe(: so that they .hi%h .oul( pass from hen%e to you %annotJ neither %an they pass to us, that .oul( %ome from then%e. 2@ Then he sai(, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou .oul(est sen( him to my father's house: 21 for I ha+e fi+e ,rethrenJ that he may testify unto them, lest they also %ome into this pla%e of torment. 24 ,raham saith unto him, They ha+e Doses an( the prophetsJ let them hear them. 0) n( he sai(, #ay, father ,raham: ,ut if one .ent unto them from the (ea(, they .ill repent. 0& n( he sai( unto him, If they hear not Doses an( the prophets, neither .ill they ,e persua(e(, though one rose from the (ea(. Chapter &@:&$&). & Then sai( he unto the (is%iples, It is impossi,le ,ut that offenses .ill %ome: ,ut .oe unto him, through .hom they %omeP 2 It .ere ,etter for him that a millstone .ere hange( a,out his ne%k, an( he %ast into the sea, than that he shoul( offen( one of these little ones. 0 Take hee( to yoursel+es: If thy ,rother trespass against thee, re,uke himJ an( if he repent, forgi+e him. 2 n( if he trespass against thee se+en times in a (ay, an( se+en times in a (ay turn again to thee, saying, I repentJ thou shalt forgi+e him. 3 K n( the apostles sai( unto the Lor(, In%rease our faith.

&3) Lesson AA? %ontinue( * n( the Lor( sai(, If ye ha( faith as a grain of mustar( see(, ye might say unto this sy%amine tree, 8e thou plu%ke( up ,y the root, an( ,e thou plante( in the seaJ an( it shoul( o,ey you. @ K 8ut .hi%h of you, ha+ing a ser+ant or fee(ing %attle, .ill say unto him ,y an( ,y, .hen he is %ome from the fiel(, Go an( sit (o.n to meat6 1 an( .ill not rather say unto him, Dake rea(y .here.ith I may sup, an( gir( thyself, an( ser+e me, till I ha+e eaten an( (runkenJ an( thou shalt eat an( (rink6 4 Doth he thank that ser+ant ,e%ause he (i( the things that .ere %omman(e( him6 I tro. not. &) 5o like.ise ye, .hen ye shall ha+e (one all those things .hi%h are %omman(e( you, say, Be are unprofita,le ser+ants: .e ha+e (one that .hi%h .as our (uty to (o. Luke &*:&4$0&. The "i%h Dan an( La=arus. In this para,le Jesus (ramati%ally illustrates that the selfish use of .ealth, though a%%epta,le in the eyes of the .orl(, is an a,omination to Go(. ?erse &4. The ri%h man %lothe( himself .ith the most luEurious an( eEpensi+e %lothing, an( spare( no eEpense in a,un(ant an( fan%y foo(s e+ery (ay. The highest purpose he ha( .as to en>oy e+ery .orl(ly pleasure. #o (ou,t he also .as +ery prou( of all his pomp an( splen(our. ?erses 2),2&. In %ontrast, .e are sho.n the plight of a si%k ,eggar, lai( at the ri%h man's gate, .ho only hope( for e+en the %rum,s that fell from the ri%h man's ta,le. t no time (o .e hear that the ri%h man e+en noti%e( the pitia,le ,eggar, mu%h less ha( any sympathy or %ompassion to help relie+e the suffering of the man. Only (ogs took any interest in him, ,y li%king his sores. #e+ertheless ,y some means he li+e( for some perio( of time, an( (aily lay at the ri%h man's gate hoping that e+entually the man .oul( take pity on him. That ne+er happene(. ?erse 22. :inally the ,eggar (ie(. 8e%ause he truste( in Go(, an( ne+er ,e%ame ,itter, nor (i( he %omplain a,out his %on(ition, or %urse the ri%h man, he .as taken to the pla%e of the righteous (ea( in the presen%e of :ather ,raham. #o (ou,t the ,eggar's ,o(y ha( ,een ,urie(, ,ut .ithout %eremony. ?erse 20. The ri%h man also (ie( an( no (ou,t ,urie( .ith a gran( an( eEpensi+e funeral. s is al.ays the %ase, the ri%h man %oul( not take any of his ri%hes or pleasures .ith him. On the other si(e his %on(ition .as totally opposite of .hat it ha( ,een on earth.

&3& Lesson AA? %ontinue( Bhile La=arus en>oys pea%e an( >oy .ith %onstant torment. ,raham, the ri%h man .as in

?erse 22. Bhile on earth, the ri%h man ha( ne+er ha( to ask anyone for anything, nor noti%e( the nee(s of others. #o. in his misery he ,egs for help, if only a single (rop of .ater to %ool his tongue. /e is the suffering one .ho ,egs. ?erse 23. ,raham ans.ere( that there .as no .ay to %hange things no.. The ri%h man ha( %hosen his o.n fate. In his life, he honore( only himself. #ot on%e ha( he sought to honor Go( ,y sharing the gifts Go( ha( ,lesse( him .ith. La=arus, on the other han(, ha( a%%epte( his state of suffering >ust as Jo, ha( $ not turning from Go( ,ut trusting in Go(. 8y trusting in Go(, the ,eggar ha( ,een gi+en true ,lesse( life from Go(. ?erse 2*. Bhate+er %hoi%es are ma(e in this life, after (eath the time of gra%e an( %hoi%e are finishe(. There is no %ommuni%ation or possi,ility of %hange ,et.een those in 9ara(ise an( those in torment in 5heol F/a(esG. ?erses 2@, 21. The ri%h man no. reali=es that his selfish an( heartless life has put him in torment, an( thinking that his ,rothers are li+ing eEa%tly the same .ay as he ha(, he plea(s .ith ,raham to sen( La=arus to .arn them to repent of their e+il life so they .on't en( up like he (i(. ?erse 24. ,raham replies that they are .ithout eE%use. The Bor( of Go( $ the La. an( the 9rophets sho. the .ay of sal+ation. They ha+e the full opportunity to (o so. This also implies that the ri%h man himself ha( ha( the same %han%e all his life to seek Go( an( fin( the truth a,out sal+ation an( e+erlasting life. ?erse 0). The ri%h man is (es%ri,e( as a typi%al Je. asking for an astoun(ing sign to for%e his ,rothers to ,elie+e. /e .ants La=arus to return from the (ea( to .arn his ,rothers. ?erse 0&. ,raham replies that if they ha+e ignore( the Bor( of Go( an( ,een %ompletely selfish, they .ill persist in their un,elief e+en if someone .ere to rise from the (ea(. These .or(s .ere propheti% of many peopleQs response to Jesus' resurre%tion. This .oul( ,e the sign for all the Je.s of the truth of /is ,eing the Dessiah, the 5a+ior, the proof of e+erything /e ha( prea%he( an( taught an( all the healings an( mira%les /e ha( (one. Met /e kne. that most .oul( %ontinue in their stu,,orn, .orl(ly$ min(e(, selfish un,elief. The a%tual %ourse of e+ents pro+e( this to

&32 Lesson AA? %ontinue( ,e true. Luke &*:&4$0& $ Con%lusion. Jesus tol( this para,le not to gi+e us a pi%ture of life after (eath, ,ut to +i+i(ly sho. the a,solute seriousness of life on earth. Our %hoi%es here (e%i(e our (estination there. That a person is ri%h, po.erful, honore(, an( popular, .ho la+ishly en>oys e+ery %omfort, has no ,earing on .here they .ill ,e after (eath. Only if they ha+e ,een sa+e( ,y Jesus %an their (estination ,e life eternal. In the same .ay, a person that suffers many har(ships, po+erty, illness, an( perse%ution (oes not (etermine their (estination. #either (oes it re+eal .hether they are ,lesse( ,y Go( in this life. Just re+ie. the life of 9aul. Go( %hooses a life that is ,est for us, to li+e a%%or(ing to /is .ill, to ,e useful an( ,ear goo( fruit. #ote: The name La=arus $ Greek form of 'lea=ar $ means HGo( has helpe(.H Though in the story he .as ignore( an( negle%te(, he looke( to Go( for help. It is also signifi%ant that the ,eggar ne+er utters a %omplaint or argument. &@:&$&). Con%erning Offenses. ?erses &,2. Jesus is a((ressing /is (is%iples $ .arning of ho. important their eEample isJ that their attitu(e or negle%t may lea( to spiritual harm to others $ espe%ially .eaker ones. 5o terri,le is the punishment that it .oul( ,e ,etter that they (ie( a +iolent (eath first. Thus they .oul( es%ape the sin an( the punishment. The (ramati% .ay /e eEplains the +ital importan%e of %ausing anyone to fall into sin ,e%ause of one's life or attitu(e, sho.s the seriousness an( ne%essity of ,eing %areful not to li+e in su%h a .ay as to %ause others harm. ?erses 0,2. It is also ne%essary to %ontinually ,e forgi+ing to those .ho offen(, or sin against them. :irst they must re,uke an( make the offense kno.n to the person. Then if he asks forgi+eness, he must ,e forgi+en. Bithout the repentan%e, forgi+eness is not offere(. On the other han(, there is no limit to the num,er of times one %an ,e forgi+en if it is aske( for. ?erse 3. The foregoing pronoun%ements make the (is%iples profoun(ly %on%erne( a,out their o.n a,ility an( responsi,ility to meet su%h righteous (eman(s, so they ask for more strength an( faith to ,e a,le to so li+e, that they may li+e .ithout offen(ing an( ,e prepare( to forgi+e.

&30 Lesson AA? %ontinue( ?erse *. Jesus points out that greater -uantity is not .hat they nee(, ,ut the right kin(J a li+ing +igorous faith. The eEample of the +ery small mustar( see( is gi+en $ ,e%ause in e+en su%h a tiny see( (.ells the germ of life potentially to ,e%ome a great tree. To ha+e faith of the same -uality, no task .oul( ,e too great. This .as ma(e manifest at 9ente%ost. ?erses @$4. Those that there,y perform glorious things in /is ser+i%e are in (anger of ,e%oming prou( of their (ee(s as if they (i( them on their o.n, an( there,y think they (eser+e spe%ial re%ognition an( honour. s in or(inary life, if a ser+ant only fulfille( his re-uire( (uties, he (oes not eEpe%t to ,e .aite( upon, an( praise( ,y his master. lso a ser+ant of Go( shoul( not ,e%ome so puffe( up in his o.n min( as to eEpe%t spe%ial honour, or from Go( for merely (oing his (uty. ?. The lesson is to remain hum,le, that all they %an (o in ser+ing the Lor( is their (uty, not earning spe%ial ny ,lessing an( gifts from Go( are the results only of gra%e an( mer%y, not anything earne( or (eser+e(. The grateful an( happy pri+ilege is that .e %an ser+e /im. It is %ertainly a high an( responsi,le %alling to represent Christ ,y the .ay .e li+e an( a%t an( ,efore others. Be must ,e alert to .hat eEample .e are an( .hat attitu(e .e ha+e those that are .eak or lost $ those in nee(, .hether physi%ally, emotionally, or spiritually. Be also nee( to %ontinue to pray for .is(om C strength to per%ei+e the lo+ing C sin%ere .ay to li+e, ,ringing honor an( glory to Go( an( /is 5on Jesus. menP

&32 Lesson AA?I Luke &@:&&$0@. && K n( it %ame to pass, as he .ent to Jerusalem, that he passe( through the mi(st of 5amaria an( Galilee. &2 n( as he entere( into a %ertain +illage, there met him ten men that .ere lepers, .hi%h stoo( afar off: &0 an( they lifte( up their +oi%es, an( sai(, Jesus, Daster, ha+e mer%y on us. &2 n( .hen he sa. them, he sai( unto them, Go sho. yoursel+es unto the priests. n( it %ame to pass, that, as they .ent, they .ere %leanse(. &3 n( one of them, .hen he sa. that he .as heale(, turne( ,a%k, an( .ith a lou( +oi%e glorifie( Go(, &* an( fell (o.n on his fa%e at his feet, gi+ing him thanks: an( he .as a 5amaritan. &@ n( Jesus ans.ering sai(, Bere there not ten %leanse(6 ,ut .here are the nine6 &1 There are not foun( that returne( to gi+e glory to Go(, sa+e this stranger. &4 n( he sai( unto him, rise, go thy .ay: thy faith hath ma(e thee .hole. 2) K n( .hen he .as (eman(e( of the 9harisees, .hen the king(om of Go( shoul( %ome, he ans.ere( them an( sai(, The king(om of Go( %ometh not .ith o,ser+ation: 2& neither shall they say, Lo hereP or, lo thereP for, ,ehol(, the king(om of Go( is .ithin you. 22 K n( he sai( unto the (is%iples, The (ays .ill %ome, .hen ye shall (esire to see one of the (ays of the 5on of man, an( ye shall not see it. 20 n( they shall say to you, 5ee hereJ or, see there: go not after them, nor follo. them. 22 :or as the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part un(er hea+en, shineth unto the other part un(er hea+enJ so shall also the 5on of man ,e in his (ay. 23 8ut first must he suffer many things, an( ,e re>e%te( of this generation. 2* n( as it .as in the (ays of #oah, so shall it ,e also in the (ays of the 5on of man. 2@ They (i( eat, they (rank, they marrie( .i+es, they .ere gi+en in marriage, until the (ay that #oah entere( into the ark, an( the floo( %ame, an( (estroye( them all. 21 Like.ise also as it .as in the (ays of LotJ they (i( eat, they (rank, they ,ought, they sol(, they plante(, they ,uil(e(J 24 ,ut the same (ay that Lot .ent out of 5o(om it raine( fire an( ,rimstone from hea+en, an( (estroye( them all. 0) '+en thus shall it ,e in the (ay .hen the 5on of man is

&33 Lesson AA?I %ontinue( re+eale(. 0& In that (ay, he .hi%h shall ,e upon the housetop, an( his stuff in the house, let him not %ome (o.n to take it a.ay: an( he that is in the fiel(, let him like.ise not return ,a%k. 02 "emem,er Lot's .ife. 00 Bhosoe+er shall seek to sa+e his life shall lose itJ an( .hosoe+er shall lose his life shall preser+e it. 02 I tell you, in that night there shall ,e t.o men in one ,e(J the one shall ,e taken, an( the other shall ,e left. 03 T.o .omen shall ,e grin(ing togetherJ the one shall ,e taken, an( the other left. 0* T.o men shall ,e in the fiel(J the one shall ,e taken, an( the other left. 0@ n( they ans.ere( an( sai( unto him, Bhere, Lor(6 n( he sai( unto them, Bheresoe+er the ,o(y is, thither .ill the eagles ,e gathere( together. Luke &@:&&$&4. The /ealing of the Lepers. The last part of the >ourney to Jerusalem, most of .hi%h is tol( only ,y Luke. ?erses &&$&0. This happene( as Jesus an( his follo.ers .ere making their .ay ,et.een Galilee an( 5amaria. /ere the lepers F.ho ha( o,+iously hear( a great (eal a,out Jesus' healing an( other ama=ing .orksG, ha+e sought him out hoping /e .ill take pity on them. They %all out to /im from a (istan%e, in o,e(ien%e to the la.s of lepers staying a.ay from the healthy. They %ry out together. They .ill also o,ey Christ together. ?erse &2. Jesus here merely (eman(s that they go an( sho. themsel+es to the priests that they may ,e %ertifie( as pure, so that they may re$enter so%iety. They are heale( as they o,ey /is %omman(, to ,egin their >ourney to the lo%al priestsJ their faith in /is .or( .as .hat heale( them. ?erses &3,&*. Only one, a 5amaritan, .hen he reali=e( he .as heale(, imme(iately %ame ,a%k to Jesus, fell at /is feet an( glorifie( Go(, thanking /im for the mira%ulous %ure. ?erses &@,&1. Jesus is (isappointe( at the ingratitu(e of the other nine .ho go on their .ay (isregar(ing the gi+er of the gift of healing. ?erse &4. Jesus tells the 5amaritan to get up, an( that he is sa+e( ,y his faith in Jesus an( his ne. relationship .ith /im. The other nine ha( no su%h assuran%e.

&3* Lesson AA?I %ontinue( Be must reali=e the gift of life, .e must ,e grateful an( sin%ere in thanking /im for all that /e has pro+i(e( $ se%urity, forgi+eness, pea%e, >oy, trust, that in /im .e ha+e life $ an( that is eternal. Luke &@:2)$0@. The 5u((en Coming of the ;ing(om. The 9harisees are asking .hen the ;ing(om is %oming $ thinking of the prophesie( Dessiah .ho .oul( esta,lish /is ;ing(om in Israel, there,y (efeating the "omans. ?erse 2&. Jesus' reply eEplains that the %oming of the Dessiah .oul( not ,e pre(i%ta,le ,y .at%hing for %ertain signs or seasons. /e replies that the king(om has %ome to earth ,y /is o.n presen%e an( ministry $ .here,y many ha+e ,elie+e( on Jesus for sal+ation an( o,ey /is %omman(ments. /e also tea%hes that the final %oming of the king(om .ill happen so su((enly an( uneEpe%te(ly that no one .ill ,e a,le to a%%urately pre(i%t it. ?erse 22. In turning to /is (is%iples, /e tells of the trials they .ill en(ure .hen they .ill yearn for /is imme(iate %oming. ?erses 20,22. During those times, many .ill try to mislea( them ,y all manner of spe%ulation a,out times an( e+ents an( false Christs. The (is%iples an( all true ,elie+ers after them must not ,e (e%ei+e(. Bhen Jesus returns, it .ill ,e .ithout .arning an( so uni+ersally +isi,le as lightning a%ross the sky $ there .ill ,e no (ou,t left. ?erse 23. 8efore this appearan%e in glory, the Dessiah must suffer many things an( ,e re>e%te( ,y this generation of the %hosen people $ those .ho shoul( ha+e a%%epte( /im as their Dessiah. ?erses 2*,2@. It .ill ,e as in the time ,efore the great floo(. The great ma>ority of the people .ill ,e %ompletely o%%upie( ,y their personal, materialisti%, an( self$pleasing affairs, an( take no hee( of the prea%hing an( .arning of the %oming >u(gment. Bhen that >u(gment %omes, there .ill ,e no time for (eli+eran%e. It .ill ,e su((en an( uneEpe%te(. ?erses 21$0). The people of 5o(om ha( ,e%ome so engrosse( in their utterly selfish sins, their preo%%upation .ith their pleasure seeking, that Go('s >u(gment o+ertook them. fter Lot's for%e( eEit, the %ity an( all .ithin .ere (estroye(P The >u(gment of mankin( at Christ's 5e%on( Coming .ill like.ise %ome at a (ay an( hour .ithout

&3@ Lesson AA?I %ontinue( .arning. Jesus (i( tea%h /is (is%iples that %ertain per%epti,le signs .oul( pre%e(e /is %oming. "emin(ers to those .ho .at%h that /is %oming .as %ertain, ,ut not re+ealing the a%tual year, month, (ay or hour. This appearan%e .ill ,e su((en an( uneEpe%te(. Those .ho ha+e not prepare( themsel+es in faithfulness an( eEpe%tation, .ill ,e >u(ge( a%%or(ingly. /is %oming .ill ,e su((en an( +isi,le to all. ?erse 0&. Jesus (es%ri,es eEamples of the (anger of putting the highest +alue on material possessions. This temptation is sinful an( selfish an( lea(s only to (estru%tion. It is therefore essential to put trust an( faith in Go( alone. ?erse 02. Lot's .ife, though fleeing from 5o(om, in her turning ,a%k the %ity re+eale( her %ontinue( atta%hment .hat she highly +alue( there, .hi%h le( to her (estru%tion. ?erse 00. The .arning is %lear $ those .ho selfishly spen( their time seeking their o.n pleasure, possessions, an( are %hoosing a life .ithout Go(, (enying Christ. They .ill at the same time %hoose a life of unsatisfie( am,ition, inse%urity, frustration, an( (isappointment. /e .ho spen(s his life putting Jesus first, in selflessness an( ser+i%e to others, an( trusts Jesus, .ill eEperien%e true >oy, %ontentment, an( pea%e $ ,oth here an( hereafter. t the en( of a life (e(i%ate( to personal gain, all .ill ,e lost. t the en( of a life gi+en to honoring an( ser+ing Go(, all .ill ,e gaine( ,y life eternal, e+en though the .orl('s opinion .ill ,e that their life has ,een .aste(. ?erses 02,03. Bhen the 5on of Dan appears in Glory, a %omplete, final separation .ill take pla%e ,et.een the faithful an( faithless. '+en ,et.een those .ho are %losest in life, the separation .ill take pla%e $ the faithful taken to ,e .ith the Lor(, the un,elie+ers left ,ehin( for >u(gment. ?erse 0@. Bhen the -uestion is aske( .here the unsa+e( .ill ,e left, Jesus (oes not (ire%tly. /e -uotes a pro+er,. Bhere those (ea( in there sins are, the pre(ators of (estru%tion .ill as %ertainly %ome upon them, >ust as %arrion eating ,ir(s are seen flo%king o+er (ea( meat. The >u(gments of Go( are >ust as sure. The main point is %rystal %lear. Our %hoi%e in life (etermines our ultimate en(. One (ay, e+eryone .ill ha+e to fa%e Jesus. If .e ha+e %hosen to li+e for oursel+es, .e .ill lose e+erything. If .e ha+e %hosen a life of faith an( ser+i%e to Jesus, .e gain e+erything.

&31 Lesson AA?I %ontinue( Though there remain many temptations an( personal .eaknesses, an( .e fail to al.ays (o .hat's ,est for others, an( are often selfish $ the most important +alue $ is .hat is in your heart. Be must %ontinually thank Go( for the gift of mer%y an( forgi+eness. Go( kno.s our .eaknesses an( Jesus eEperien%e( our temptations, so Go('s plan prepare( for this. Jesus pai( the pri%e for all our sins $ past, present, an( future. This sho.s the infinite lo+e Go( has us, an( .hat /e .as prepare( to pay, in or(er for us to ,e reunite( .ith our Creator. #o. .e may en>oy our life ,eyon( measure an( in a relationship that is eternal. men.

&34 Lesson AA?II Luke &1:&$0). & n( he spake a para,le unto them to this en(, that men ought al.ays to pray, an( not to faintJ 2 saying, There .as in a %ity a >u(ge, .hi%h feare( not Go(, neither regar(e( man: 0 an( there .as a .i(o. in that %ityJ an( she %ame unto him, saying, +enge me of mine a(+ersary. 2 n( he .oul( not for a .hile: ,ut he sai( .ithin himself, Though I fear not Go(, nor regar( manJ 3 yet ,e%ause this .i(o. trou,leth me, I .ill a+enge her, lest ,y her %ontinual %oming she .eary me. * n( the Lor( sai(, /ear .hat the un>ust >u(ge saith. @ n( shall not Go( a+enge his o.n ele%t, .hi%h %ry (ay an( night unto him, though he ,ear long .ith them6 1 I tell you that he .ill a+enge them spee(ily. #e+ertheless, .hen the 5on of man %ometh, shall he fin( faith on the earth6 4 K n( he spake this para,le unto %ertain .hi%h truste( in themsel+es that they .ere righteous, an( (espise( others: &) T.o men .ent up into the temple to prayJ the one a 9harisee, an( the other a pu,li%an. && The 9harisee stoo( an( praye( thus .ith himself, Go(, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, eEtortioners, un>ust, a(ulterers, or e+en as this pu,li%an. &2 I fast t.i%e in the .eek, I gi+e tithes of all that I possess. &0 n( the pu,li%an, stan(ing afar off, .oul( not lift up so mu%h as his eyes unto hea+en, ,ut smote upon his ,reast, saying, Go( ,e mer%iful to me a sinner. &2 I tell you, this man .ent (o.n to his house >ustifie( rather than the other: for e+ery one that eEalteth himself shall ,e a,ase(J an( he that hum,leth himself shall ,e eEalte(. &3 K n( they ,rought unto him also infants, that he .oul( tou%h them: ,ut .hen his (is%iples sa. it, they re,uke( them. &* 8ut Jesus %alle( them unto him, an( sai(, 5uffer little %hil(ren to %ome unto me, an( for,i( them not: for of su%h is the king(om of Go(. &@ ?erily I say unto you, Bhosoe+er shall not re%ei+e the king(om of Go( as a little %hil( shall in no .ise enter therein. &1 K n( a %ertain ruler aske( him, saying, Goo( Daster, .hat shall I (o to inherit eternal life6 &4 n( Jesus sai( unto him, Bhy %allest thou me goo(6 none is goo(, sa+e one, that is, Go(. 2) Thou kno.est the %omman(ments, Do not %ommit a(ultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not ,ear false .itness, /onor thy father an( thy mother. 2& n( he sai(, ll these ha+e I kept from my youth up.

&*) Lesson AA?II %ontinue( 22 #o. .hen Jesus hear( these things, he sai( unto him, Met la%kest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, an( (istri,ute unto the poor, an( thou shalt ha+e treasure in hea+en: an( %ome, follo. me. 20 n( .hen he hear( this, he .as +ery sorro.ful: for he .as +ery ri%h. 22 n( .hen Jesus sa. that he .as +ery sorro.ful, he sai(, /o. har(ly shall they that ha+e ri%hes enter into the king(om of Go(P 23 :or it is easier for a %amel to go through a nee(le's eye, than for a ri%h man to enter into the king(om of Go(. 2* n( they that hear( it sai(, Bho then %an ,e sa+e(6 2@ n( he sai(, The things .hi%h are impossi,le .ith men are possi,le .ith Go(. 21 Then 9eter sai(, Lo, .e ha+e left all, an( follo.e( thee. 24 n( he sai( unto them, ?erily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or parents, or ,rethren, or .ife, or %hil(ren, for the king(om of Go('s sake, 0) .ho shall not re%ei+e manifol( more in this present time, an( in the .orl( to %ome life e+erlasting. Luke &1:&$1. The In>ust Ju(ge. In the pre+ious +erses Jesus emphasi=e( the fa%t that no one .ill ,e a,le to pre(i%t the time of /is 5e%on( Coming. In this para,le /e tea%hes ,elie+ers not to ,e (is%ourage( if /is %oming seems to ,e long (elaye( $ they shoul( persist in prayer, not ,e (is%ourage( ,ut kno. that /is %oming .ill ,e eEa%tly at the right time. /e .ill then ,ring >u(gment against the po.ers of e+il, an( to /is %hosen. more general meaning is also in%lu(e( $ the faithful shoul( perse+ere in prayer in all matters e+en .hen the is not imme(iate. ?erse 2. The >u(ge is portraye( as totally self %entere( $ not respe%tful of the honor an( %omman(s of Go(, nor the opinions or influen%e of men. The /ea+enly :ather, in %ontrast, is holy an( >ust an( %ontinually pro+i(es for the highest .ell$,eing of those .ho %all upon /im in prayer. ?erse 0. The %omplaining .i(o. repeate(ly goes to the >u(ge to ask for >usti%e. The ele%t of Go( hum,ly seek /is help in prayer. The un>ust >u(ge has no regar( or interest in the .i(o.'s %ase. On the other han(, Go( kno.s /is %hil(ren, lo+es them, an( is intimately intereste( in their li+es. ?erses 2,3. Though heartless an( un>ust, the >u(ge (e%i(es to resol+e her %ase $ the only reason ,eing that she %ontinue( to ,other him an( his pea%e an( %omfort .oul( ,e gone if she persiste( in trou,ling him.

&*& Lesson AA?II %ontinue( ?erses *,@. If su%h an un>ust >u(ge finally grants the plea of the persistent .i(o., ho. mu%h more .ill Go(, perfe%t in lo+e an( righteousness, %ontinually ,ring >usti%e to /is %hil(ren, forgi+ing their sins, an( ans.ering their prayers6 ?erse 1. t the appointe( time, Go( .ill su((enly an( finally put an en( to the (istress of /is %hosen ones. 8elie+ers are .arne( that they must keep the faith through all trials ,e%ause /is Coming is %ertain. /is +i%tory is the out%ome $ no matter .hat. The apparent (elay lea(s to ha+ing misgi+ings. The -uestion suggests that Jesus kno.s that the ma>ority of the people at /is 5e%on( Coming .ill ,e non$,elie+ers. #e+ertheless, a faithful remnant .ill perse+ere to the en(. Luke &1:4$&2. 9ara,le of 9harisee an( 9u,li%an. This para,le in(i%ates the right attitu(e of ,elie+ing prayer. ?erse 4. It .as a((resse( to %ertain persons Fpro,a,ly 9hariseesG $ .ho thought they .ere the righteous, .ho looke( (o.n on others .ho they regar(e( as un%lean sinners. ?erse &). t a parti%ular time a 9harisee an( a pu,li%an .ent to the temple to pray. ?erses &&,&2. The 9harisee goes as far as to thank Go( he is not like other people $ ,ut ,etter than they are. This is ,ase( on his ethi%al ,eha+ior, plus he (oes goo( .orks $ ,y fasting t.i%e a .eek $ more than is (eman(e( ,y la., an( tithes all his in%ome, not >ust %ertain kin(s of in%ome as the la. re-uires. ?erse &0. The pu,li%an is a typi%al eEample of the kin( of person (espise( ,y the 9harisees ,e%ause of their sinful life. The pu,li%an is a.are of the real sinfulness of his life. /e re%ogni=es this un.orthiness ,efore Go(. This is sho.n also ,y his remaining far from the holiest parts of the temple. /e (oes not e+en (are to raise his eyes. /e ,eats on his %hest, an( ,egs for Go('s mer%y $ a(mitting he has no %laim on the goo(ness of Go( $ true repentan%e. ?erse &2. Jesus (e%lares that the 9harisee puts on airs of ,eing righteous ,ut is not seen that .ay ,y Go( $ .ho sees his formal an( ,eha+ior along .ith his pri(e an( %ontempt for others. The pu,li%an, in a(mitting the true state of his sinfulness, a%kno.le(ges his heart$felt nee( for forgi+eness ,y ,egging for Go('s mer%y: he is grante( that forgi+eness.

&*2 Lesson AA?II %ontinue( /e .ho thinks of himself so highly ,y their o.n .orks, .ill ,e hum,le( ,y Go(. /e .ho hum,les himself ,efore Go( .ill ,e lifte( up ,y Go(. Be all ha+e .eaknesses, as the 9harisee, to think .e are ,etter than others. Be must %ontinually pray to remain hum,le $ ne+er forgetting our nee( for forgi+eness $ therefore our %ontinuing nee( of Jesus as our 5a+ior. Luke &1:&3$&@. Jesus an( the Little Chil(ren. ?erse &3. On a %ertain (ay, or(inary people ,rought their infants to ,e ,lesse( ,y Jesus. The (is%iples %onsi(ere( this a .aste of /is time. They repriman( the parents, telling them not to ,other Jesus .ith their %hil(ren. ?erse &*. Jesus eEhi,ite( ten(er lo+e little %hil(ren $ imme(iately %alle( the parents to %ome to /im .ith their little ones $ an( .arne( all those present not to pre+ent little ones from %oming to /im. /e (e%lare( that su%h .ere like those .ho enter the king(om of hea+en $ those that are hum,le, re%epti+e an( trusting, .ith simple faith. ?erse &@. Those .ho (o not (ou,t the lo+e of Go( an( (on't rely on their o.n suppose( merits .ill ,e the ones .ho .ill ,e gi+en re(emption an( the e+entual ,lessing of Go('s king(om. This tea%hing points out to us the a,solute essential pla%e that training %hil(ren an( ministering to them in %hur%hes takes in all times an( pla%es. 'a%h %hil( has great +alue to Jesus an( so also shoul( they ,e to ea%h of us. Luke &1:&1$0). The Bealthy Moung Dan. ?erse &1. .ealthy, highly$esteeme( man %omes earnestly seeking the .ay to eternal life, asking Jesus, HBhat shoul( I (o6H /e apparently (oes not re%ogni=e Jesus as the Dessiah, yet esteems /im highly $ a((ressing /im as Goo( Daster. ?erse &4. Jesus replies .ith the -uestion, HBhy %allest thou me goo(6H /e points out that only Go( is goo( in an a,solute sense. 5in%e the man (oes not re%ogni=e Jesus as the 5on of Go( ,ut a normal person $ he shoul( not %all him goo(. Those .ho kno. /im as the (i+ine 5a+ior, ha+ing no sin shoul( %all /im Goo( Daster. /e regar(s the remark ,y the young man as an attempt at flattery. ?erse 2). The man asks ho. he may earn eternal life ,y his o.n (ee(s. Jesus refers him to the &) Comman(ments $ HBhosoe+er (oes these things perfe%tly shall li+e.H

&*0 Lesson AA?II %ontinue( ?erse 2&. #o one ,ut Jesus /imself %oul( e+er a%tually fulfill Go('s La. perfe%tly. #ot un(erstan(ing the fulness of the La.'s re-uirements, the man %laims to kno. an( to ha+e o,ser+e( all of them faithfully from his youth up until that time. O,+iously he %onsi(ers himself righteous an( appears (isappointe( that this is all that Jesus tells him. lso apparently the man .as not at pea%e, inse%ure a,out his relationship .ith Go(, here asking that there must ,e something more, some spe%ial .ork that .oul( lea( to pea%e an( assuran%e of re(emption. ?erse 22. Jesus (oesn't remark a,out the real truth of the young man's %laim of righteousness. /e (is%erns the man's heart $ though he seeks eternal life, he is firmly atta%he( to his earthly possessions $ a great o,sta%le. Jesus tells him that this .ealth stan(s ,et.een him an( Go(. To gi+e his heart to Go(, he must gi+e up his .orl(ly goo(s, sell them an( gi+e the money to the poor, then he .ill ,e rea(y to %ome an( follo. Jesus. /e %oul( ha+e pro+e( his faith an( trust in Go(, not his ri%hes. /e %oul( truly ha+e ,een re(eeme( ,y his faith in Christ alone. ?erse 20. That Jesus' >u(gment .as true is seen in the response ,y the young man. /e ,e%ame eEtremely sa(, un.illing to o,ey Jesus' %omman(, so he .ent a.ay (isappointe(, ,a%k to his ri%hes. ?erses 22,23. s the man .alke( a.ay, Jesus eEpresse( to /is (is%iples the strength of the temptation that .ealth hel( o+er people. The .orl( tea%hes us almost from ,irth, that the most important pursuit in life is the ne+er$en(ing a%%umulation of .orl(ly goo(s, .ith its atten(ing respe%t an( honor an( influen%e. Jesus poses the possi,ility of a ri%h man ,eing sa+e( in the saying, it is as possi,le as passing a %amel through the eye of a nee(le. #o one in his o.n strength %an o+er%ome the lure of .orl(ly .ealth. 8ut .ith Go( all things are possi,le. ?erse 2*. The general +ie. of those (ays .as that those .ho .ere .ell$to$(o .ere %onsi(ere( ,lesse( ,y Go(, an( those .ho .ere poor .ere ,eing punishe( ,y Go( for their sins. Those listening to Jesus ask in surprise $ then .ho %an ,e sa+e( $ if the fa+ore( ri%h ha+e no %han%e, .here (oes that lea+e those ,elo. them in so%iety, or the poor6 ?erse 2@. Jesus replies that no one, ri%h or poor, has the or a,ility to sa+e themsel+es $ ,ut Go( (oes ha+e ,oth an( authority, as .ell as gra%e an( mer%y, to sa+e ,oth ri%h an( poor.

&*2 Lesson AA?II %ontinue( ?erse 21. lmost pre(i%ta,ly, 9eter speaks out, as he fre-uently (i(, remin(ing Jesus that he an( the other (is%iples ha( gi+en up e+erything to follo. /im. In this .ay, he is asking Jesus if perhaps they may ,e in%lu(e( in the sa+e( %ategory. ?erses 24,0). "ather than gi+e a (ire%t, Jesus makes a positi+e statement of a spiritual la. of the king(om of Go( $ e+eryone .ho gi+es up anything for Jesus' sake .ill a,solutely inherit eternal life, an( re%ei+e ri%h ,lessings in this life $ pure lo+e, pea%e, an( assuran%e of sal+ation, an( >oy $ all things that no amount of money %an ,uy. Jesus is saying that to inherit eternal life, .e must ,e free from the of am,ition, possessions, an( our o.n pri(e. Be must seek to (o Go('s .ill in all things. Bhether ri%h or poor, in si%kness or health, alone or among many, .e must (esire to ser+e the Lor( .ith .hate+er goo(s, a,ilities, an( energy /e has gi+en us. men.

&*3 Lesson AA?III Luke &1:0&$&4:&). 0& K Then he took unto him the t.el+e, an( sai( unto them, 8ehol(, .e go up to Jerusalem, an( all things that are .ritten ,y the prophets %on%erning the 5on of man shall ,e a%%omplishe(. 02 :or he shall ,e (eli+ere( unto the Gentiles, an( shall ,e mo%ke(, an( spitefully entreate(, an( spitte( on: 00 an( they shall s%ourge him, an( put him to (eathJ an( the thir( (ay he shall rise again. 02 n( they un(erstoo( none of these things: an( this saying .as hi( from them, neither kne. they the things .hi%h .ere spoken. 03 K n( it %ame to pass, that as he .as %ome nigh unto Jeri%ho, a %ertain ,lin( man sat ,y the .aysi(e ,egging: 0* an( hearing the multitu(e pass ,y, he aske( .hat it meant. 0@ n( they tol( him, that Jesus of #a=areth passeth ,y. 01 n( he %rie(, saying, Jesus, thou 5on of Da+i(, ha+e mer%y on me. 04 n( they .hi%h .ent ,efore re,uke( him, that he shoul( hol( his pea%e: ,ut he %rie( so mu%h the more, Thou 5on of Da+i(, ha+e mer%y on me. 2) n( Jesus stoo(, an( %omman(e( him to ,e ,rought unto him: an( .hen he .as %ome near, he aske( him, 2& saying, Bhat .ilt thou that I shall (o unto thee6 n( he sai(, Lor(, that I may re%ei+e my sight. 22 n( Jesus sai( unto him, "e%ei+e thy sight: thy faith hath sa+e( thee. 20 n( imme(iately he re%ei+e( his sight, an( follo.e( him, glorifying Go(: an( all the people, .hen they sa. it, ga+e praise unto Go(. Chapter &4:&$&). & n( Jesus entere( an( passe( through Jeri%ho. 2 n(, ,ehol(, there .as a man name( La%%he'us, .hi%h .as the %hief among the pu,li%ans, an( he .as ri%h. 0 n( he sought to see Jesus .ho he .asJ an( %oul( not for the press, ,e%ause he .as little of stature. 2 n( he ran ,efore, an( %lim,e( up into a sy%amore tree to see himJ for he .as to pass that .ay. 3 n( .hen Jesus %ame to the pla%e, he looke( up, an( sa. him, an( sai( unto him, La%%he'us, make haste, an( %ome (o.nJ for to(ay I must a,i(e at thy house. * n( he ma(e haste, an( %ame (o.n, an( re%ei+e( him >oyfully. @ n( .hen they sa. it, they all murmure(, saying, That he .as gone to ,e guest .ith a man that is a sinner. 1 n( La%%he'us stoo(, an( sai( unto the Lor(J 8ehol(, Lor(,

&** Lesson AA?III %ontinue( the half of my goo(s I gi+e to the poorJ an( if I ha+e taken any thing from any man ,y false a%%usation, I restore him fourfol(. 4 n( Jesus sai( unto him, This (ay is sal+ation %ome to this house, forasmu%h as he also is a son of ,raham. &) :or the 5on of man is %ome to seek an( to sa+e that .hi%h .as lost. Luke &1:0&$02. /is 5uffering. This is the 2th time Jesus tells a,out /is %oming suffering an( (eath F,egun in %hapter 4:22,22J %hapter &0:00G. :rom here on e+erything is un(er the sha(o. of the %ross until the thir( (ay an( the empty tom, re+eals Christ's +i%tory o+er (eath. ?erses 0&$00. 8e%ause of the (ramati% trauma of these %oming e+ents, Jesus takes the (is%iples asi(e. /e again tells them of the prophesie( e+ents that .ill take pla%e on this final trip to Jerusalem. /ere /e a((s (etails a,out the .ays /e is to suffer $ to ,e mo%ke( an( a,use(, spat upon, .hippe( se+erely, an( finally kille( ,y the "omans. 9lus the +i%tory of resurre%tion on the thir( (ay. ?erse 02. The hopes an( (esires of the (is%iples .ere %ompletely (ifferent, e+en opposite to the a%tual %oming e+ents. They .ere in%apa,le of taking it in, an( un(erstan(ing that Jesus .as foretelling /is o.n future. Certainly they ha( a%%epte( /im as Go('s Dessiah, an( /e ha( an( authority to o+er%ome all foes an( esta,lish /is king(om on earth. That their Dessiah .oul( suffer an( (ie .as so in%omprehensi,le to them that they .oul( %learly remem,er these .or(s after they ha( %ome to pass. 8y telling them, they .oul( later reali=e that these things .ere kno.n ,y Jesus, an( /e .asn't taken ,y surprise ,y them $ that /e %hose to follo. that path as the only .ay to pay the ultimate pri%e for the re(emption of mankin(. This ha( ,een planne( ,efore the ,eginning of time: that the :ather .oul( gi+e /is 5on as the ne%essary sa%rifi%e: that the 5on ga+e /imself +oluntarily to fulfill the gift of go('s lo+e. This plan .as foretol( in many pla%es in the Ol( Testament Fi.e. Isaiah 24,3),30, et%.G pparently up to that time, no Je.ish tea%hers or lea(ers ha( un(erstoo( the 5%riptures that spoke of the 5uffering 5er+ant as %on%erning the promise( Dessiah. Luke &1:03$20. The 8lin( Dan of Jeri%ho. The .ay to Jerusalem le( through Jeri%ho. It .as along this ,usy roa( that a %ertain ,lin( ,eggar .as sitting, hoping for someone to gi+e him enough to get ,y on. s Jesus .as passing .ith a %ro.( a%%ompanying /im, the man %alle( out to fin( .hat all the %ommotion .as a,out. 5omeone informs him that Jesus of #a=areth is going ,y.

&*@ Lesson AA?III %ontinue( ?erse 01. O,+iously, he ha( hear( many things of Jesus $ healings of si%k an( %ripple( $ that many thought he %oul( ,e the Dessiah. That /e .as near,y le( the man to imme(iately %ry out to /im as the 5on of Da+i( Fone of the prophe%ies %on%erning the 9romise( DessiahG. /e aske( for mer%y an( an en( to his misery. ?erse 04. 5ome of the %ro.( trie( to -uiet him (o.n $ ,ut he sees this as most likely his only %han%e to get Jesus' attention $ so he yells out e+en more for Jesus' help. ?erse 2). Jesus stoppe( an( aske( that the man ,e ,rought to /im. ?erse 2&. In or(er for the man to eEpress his heartfelt nee(, Jesus asks him .hat he .ants /im to (o. In the misery of ,lin(ness, he imme(iately replies that he .ishes to ,e a,le to see. ?erse 22. Jesus replies, H"e%ei+e thy sight.H an( the man is instantly heale(. The man in relief an( gratitu(e ,egan praising Go( an( Jesus $ his faith ha( ma(e him .hole. The %ro.(, .hen they reali=e( .hat ha( taken pla%e, also ga+e praise to Go( for the great mira%le Go( ha( .rought through Jesus. Chapter &4:&$&). La%%haeus. fe. (ays ,efore the %ru%ifiEion, .e see a (ramati% eEample of the forgi+ing gra%e of Go( as Jesus seeks an( sa+es one that .as lost. ?erses &,2. 9assing through Jeri%ho, on the main roa( to Jerusalem, there .ere many pu,li%ans .ho %olle%te( the %ustoms. The %hief of these .as a man name( La%%haeus .ho ha( ,e%ome -uite .ealthy through this position. ?erses 0,2. Bithout a (ou,t, he ha( pre+iously hear( a lot a,out Jesus' ministry among the %ommon people. /e .as not like the Je.ish religious lea(ers, .ho %ommonly (espise( an( re>e%te( all those .ho .orke( for the "omans. They la,ele( all su%h as sinners. La%%haeus o,+iously ha( a (eep yearning to see Jesus for himself. The %ro.( surroun(ing Jesus .as so great that he, ,eing short, %oul( not see. /e ran ahea( an( %lim,e( a tree ,y the roa(. rather un(ignifie( thing to (o ,y a .ealthy an( influential offi%ial. /is position .as less important than seeing Jesus. Bhat a sightP ?erse 3. Bhen Jesus %ame that .ay, /e stoppe( at this uneEpe%te( sight, an( looking up at La%%haeus, %alle( him ,y name an( tol( him to %ome (o.n, ,e%ause /e .ishe( to stay at his house that

&*1 Lesson AA?III %ontinue( (ay. ?erse *. Bithout (elay, he %ame (o.n an( .ith great respe%t an( a(miration ,rought Jesus to his home an( share( .ith /im the utmost hospitality. ?erse @. mong the (e+out Je.s it .as unhear($of for a ra,,i or other religious lea(er to asso%iate .ith or pollute themsel+es ,y ,eing a guest of su%h a pu,li%an. They .ere offen(e( ,y this a%tion, murmuring a,out ho. (isgra%eful this .as. ?erse 1. great %hange ha( taken pla%e in the heart of La%%haeus ,y the time he stoo( an( spoke in a spontaneous a%t of repentan%e, in gratitu(e an( lo+e, that he .ill gi+e half his .ealth to the poor an( to pay ,a%k fourfol( .hate+er he ha( .rongly taken in his %apa%ity as taE %olle%tor. /is ne. relationship .ith Jesus ma(e him reali=e his gree(y an( selfish attitu(e of amassing .ealth an( his heartlessness those he ha( %harge( more than the la.ful amount. Instea( of taking, he no. says HI gi+e, I restore.H ?erse 4. Jesus kne. that La%%haeus ha( ,een a guilty man, spiritually lost. 8ut this (ay sal+ation ha( %ome to a pu,li%an he still .as a (es%en(ant of ,raham, ,ut also spiritual son of ,raham through his faith in the 5a+ior. house are no. sa+e(. an( sinful him. Though no. a /e an( his

?erse &). Jesus states that this sho.s most %learly /is purpose Fas the Great 5hepher(G to seek an( sa+e the lost sheep Flost in sin an( un,eliefG. Bhat .e see here sho.s the (ramati% %hange in a person's life .hen they a%%ept Jesus. :orgi+eness an( sal+ation ,ring a,out a re(ire%ting of one's moti+es an( attitu(es a.ay from selfishness, gree( an( (ishonesty generosity, %ompassion, an( %on%ern for others. They also ,ring gratitu(e an( lo+e Go( an( /is lo+e, gra%e, an( mer%y through the sa%rifi%e in sen(ing /is /oly 5on to take our pla%e on the %ross. gift ,eyon( measure, of inestima,le +alue an( eternal in (uration. It is ,eyon( our full %omprehension that our Creator pla%es su%h a high +alue on ea%h of us, that /e pro+i(e( su%h a perfe%t .ay that .e might ,e forgi+en an( a%%epte( as a %hil( of /is an( that /e .ishes us to ,e .ith /im an( /is 5on fore+er. /e gi+es us a portion of /is 5pirit, that seals the relationship an( .orks our an( maturity, that .e may mature to fulfill a role in /is ;ing(om of .hi%h .e %an ,arely imagine. Truly, .e are ,lesse( a,o+e all others in this assuran%e, lightening our ,ur(ens, gi+ing us a pea%e ,eyon( %ir%umstan%es, a hope ,eyon( (eath, a faith of %onfi(en%e in /is pro+ision an( support

&*4 Lesson AA?III %ontinue( of e+ery effort, an( a lo+ing :ather .ho .ishes us to %all upon /im for help in all our nee(s, %on%erns, an( inse%urities. To seek /im is to fin( /im. s La%%haeus' heart melte( from stone to flesh, he ,egan to gi+e $ so our hearts shoul( ,egin to share .hat .e ha+e, ,oth goo(s an( time, for others.

&@) Lesson AAIA Luke &4:&&$22. && K n( as they hear( these things, he a((e( an( spake a para,le, ,e%ause he .as nigh to Jerusalem, an( ,e%ause they thought that the king(om of Go( shoul( imme(iately appear. &2 /e sai( therefore, %ertain no,leman .ent into a far %ountry to re%ei+e for himself a king(om, an( to return. &0 n( he %alle( his ten ser+ants, an( (eli+ere( them ten poun(s, an( sai( unto them, O%%upy till I %ome. &2 8ut his %iti=ens hate( him, an( sent a message after him, saying, Be .ill not ha+e this man to reign o+er us. &3 n( it %ame to pass, that .hen he .as returne(, ha+ing re%ei+e( the king(om, then he %omman(e( these ser+ants to ,e %alle( unto him, to .hom he ha( gi+en the money, that he might kno. ho. mu%h e+ery man ha( gaine( ,y tra(ing. &* Then %ame the first, saying, Lor(, thy poun( hath gaine( ten poun(s. &@ n( he sai( unto him, Bell, thou goo( ser+ant: ,e%ause thou hast ,een faithful in a +ery little, ha+e thou authority o+er ten %ities. &1 n( the se%on( %ame, saying, Lor(, thy poun( hath gaine( fi+e poun(s. &4 n( he sai( like.ise to him, 8e thou also o+er fi+e %ities. 2) n( another %ame, saying, Lor(, ,ehol(, here is thy poun(, .hi%h I ha+e kept lai( up in a napkin: 2& for I feare( thee, ,e%ause thou art an austere man: thou takest up that thou laye(st not (o.n, an( reapest that thou (i(st not so.. 22 n( he saith unto him, Out of thine o.n mouth .ill I >u(ge thee, thou .i%ke( ser+ant. Thou kne.est that I .as an austere man, taking up that I lai( not (o.n, an( reaping that I (i( not so.: 20 .herefore then ga+est not thou my money into the ,ank, that at my %oming I might ha+e re-uire( mine o.n .ith usury6 22 n( he sai( unto them that stoo( ,y, Take from him the poun(, an( gi+e it to him that hath ten poun(s. 23 F n( they sai( unto him, Lor(, he hath ten poun(s.G 2* :or I say unto you, That unto e+ery one .hi%h hath shall ,e gi+enJ an( from him that hath not, e+en that he hath shall ,e taken a.ay from him. 2@ 8ut those mine enemies, .hi%h .oul( not that I shoul( reign o+er them, ,ring hither, an( slay them ,efore me. 21 K n( .hen he ha( thus spoken, he .ent ,efore, as%en(ing up to Jerusalem. 24 n( it %ame to pass, .hen he .as %ome nigh to 8ethphage an( 8ethany, at the mount %alle( the mount of Oli+es, he sent t.o of his (is%iples, 0) saying, Go ye into the +illage o+er against youJ in the .hi%h at your entering ye shall fin( a %olt tie(, .hereon yet ne+er man sat:

&@& Lesson AAIA %ontinue( loose him, an( ,ring him hither. 0& n( if any man ask you, Bhy (o ye loose him6 thus shall ye say unto him, 8e%ause the Lor( hath nee( of him. 02 n( they that .ere sent .ent their .ay, an( foun( e+en as he ha( sai( unto them. 00 n( as they .ere loosing the %olt, the o.ners thereof sai( unto them, Bhy loose ye the %olt6 02 n( they sai(, The Lor( hath nee( of him. 03 n( they ,rought him to Jesus: an( they %ast their garments upon the %olt, an( they set Jesus thereon. 0* n( as he .ent, they sprea( their %lothes in the .ay. 0@ n( .hen he .as %ome nigh, e+en no. at the (es%ent of the mount of Oli+es, the .hole multitu(e of the (is%iples ,egan to re>oi%e an( praise Go( .ith a lou( +oi%e for all the mighty .orks that they ha( seenJ 01 saying, 8lesse( ,e the ;ing that %ometh in the name of the Lor(: pea%e in hea+en, an( glory in the highest. 04 n( some of the 9harisees from among the multitu(e sai( unto him, Daster, re,uke thy (is%iples. 2) n( he ans.ere( an( sai( unto them, I tell you that, if these shoul( hol( their pea%e, the stones .oul( imme(iately %ry out. 2& K n( .hen he .as %ome near, he ,ehel( the %ity, an( .ept o+er it, 22 saying, If thou ha(st kno.n, e+en thou, at least in this thy (ay, the things .hi%h ,elong unto thy pea%eP ,ut no. they are hi( from thine eyes. 20 :or the (ays shall %ome upon thee, that thine enemies shall %ast a tren%h a,out thee, an( %ompass thee roun(, an( keep thee in on e+ery si(e, 22 an( shall lay thee e+en .ith the groun(, an( thy %hil(ren .ithin theeJ an( they shall not lea+e in thee one stone upon anotherJ ,e%ause thou kne.est not the time of thy +isitation. Luke &4:&&$21. 9ara,le of he 9oun(s. On the .ay to Jerusalem, still a,out &@ miles to go uphill from Jeri%ho, Jesus tea%hes an important lesson an( .arning. ?erse &&. /e kne. that many .ere eEpe%ting that at the 9asso+er in the /oly City, Jesus .oul( ,e re+eale( to ,e the Dessiah an( take o+er the %ountry, as the king of the king(om of Go(, thereupon (estroying all of Israel's enemies. This para,le eEplains that the earthly king(om of Go( is not to take pla%e at that time. That a perio( of time .ill pass .hile /e is a.ay an( they ha+e a great responsi,ility to faithfully .ork for /im

&@2 Lesson AAIA %ontinue( (uring that time. Bhen /e ultimately returns, there .ill ,e >u(gment $ the faithful, the unfaithful an( hostile .ill ,e punishe(. ?erse &2. The one .ho >ourneye( to a far %ountry to re%ei+e a king(om is Jesus returning to /is :ather to re%laim his honor an( glory an( sit at /is right han( as the 5a+ior of mankin(. ?erse &0. To ea%h, Jesus has gi+en the goo( ne.s of re(emption through /im. That ea%h of these shoul( ,e ,usy a,out sprea(ing the Goo( #e.s faithfully, until /e %omes ,a%k to %laim (ominion o+er all the earth. ?erse &2. The ma>ority of the people an( espe%ially the religious lea(ers re>e%te( Jesus. ?erse &3. This in no .ay affe%te( the out%ome of the finishe( .ork of Jesus' (eath, resurre%tion, as%ension, an( glory .hen /e is eEalte( in hea+en. Bhen /e returns, /e .ill re-uire an a%%ount of /is la,orers in /is +ineyar( an( ho. faithful they ha+e ,een. ?erses &*,&@. Jesus gi+es opportunities to ser+e the %ause. Bhoe+er, faithfully, an( (iligently uses them for Go('s glory .ill ,e ri%hly in the hea+enly king(om, .hi%h in%lu(es a greater mission of go+erning ten %ities on Go('s ,ehalf. ?erses &1,&4. lesser responsi,ility an( performan%e .ill ,e in a smaller amount. ?erses 2)$23. One .ho is unfruitful in ser+ing Jesus .ill re%ei+e no in the hea+enly king(om. The ,elie+er .ill not perish, ,ut .ill ,e empty han(e( an( suffer loss of ?erse 2*. To the most fruitful .ill ,e a((e( the most opportunities for %ontinue( ser+i%e. One .ho negle%ts opportunities is unfaithful an( shall ha+e no opportunities for ser+i%e. ?erse 2@. Those .ho re>e%t Jesus as ;ing an( Lor( .ill suffer >u(gment. The Je.ish re+olt against "ome $ **$@) .D. $ le( to the killing of hun(re(s of thousan(s of Je.s an( the (estru%tion of Jerusalem. The final >u(gment .ill finish this prophe%y for all time. ?erse 21. Jesus has again .arne( the Je.ish people of the %onse-uen%es of their refusal to a%%ept /im as Dessiah. s .ell /e .arne( /is (is%iples of the ne%essity of (iligently an( faithfully ser+ing /im to the en(. Then .ith set purpose, /e %ontinue( on the path to Jerusalem.

&@0 Lesson AAIA %ontinue( ll ,elie+ers are %alle( upon to ,ear fruit $ .hether ,y .or(, or (ee(, in prayer or offerings $ thus storing up treasure in hea+en .hi%h ,rings greater ser+i%e in the e+erlasting life to %ome. Luke &4:24$22. The Triumphal 'ntry into Jerusalem. Le%hariah 4.4 foretol( that the Dessiah$king .oul( enter Jerusalem as a 9rin%e of 9ea%e, not a %on-uering military hero. s Jesus here enters Jerusalem, /e offers /imself as the promise( Dessiah to the Je.ish nation. ?erses 24$02. 8ethany .as t.o miles from the %ity, 8ethphage still nearer. Jesus ha( not yet openly %laime( to ,e the Dessiah. #o. /e is going to announ%e /is ;ingship here in Jerusalem as the One prophesie( $ so that e+eryone must take si(es, either for /im or against /im. s the 9rin%e of 9ea%e, /e .ill enter Jerusalem, on the ,a%k of a %olt not ,efore ri((en. /e tells /is (is%iples to go ,efore an( loose the %olt, an( if aske(, to say that the Lor( has nee( of it, an( they .oul( %omply, ,e%ause they kne. /im as Lor( an( .oul( allo. it. ?erses 03,0*. /e then ri(es the %olt on the roa( that lea(s to the %ity a%ross the Dount of Oli+es. The large group of follo.ers ,e%omes more an( more eE%ite( a,out Jesus ,eing re+eale( as the Dessiah $ .ho .oul( take o+er the nation. In honoring /im, they sprea( some of their %lothing in the .ay to soften /is path. ?erse 0@. The pro%ession rea%hes the highest point on the Dount .here they %an see the /oly City. The (is%iples an( %ompany gi+e release to their eEpe%tations, praising Go( for the mighty (ee(s an( mira%les, espe%ially the raising of La=arus, the healing of the ,lin(, so re%ently, .hi%h only the Dessiah %oul( ha+e (one. ?erse 01. The multitu(e %all out praises to the ,lesse( king that %omes in the #ame of the Lor( $ The Dessiah $ the ,ringer of 9ea%e ,et.een Go( an( men. Other names .ere %alle( re%or(e( in Datthe. AAI an( Dark &&. 'Epe%tations .ere high an( enthusiasm .as %ontinually eEpresse( an( eE%itement .as all aroun(. ?erse 04. There .ere also some 9harisees .ho .ere annoye( ,y the Dessiani% re+eren%e +oi%e( a,out Jesus, .ho they ha( long ago taken si(es against. #o (ou,t fear of some "oman retaliation ,e%ause of the uproar .as also on their min(s. They (are not try to -uiet the %ro.( themsel+es, they ask Jesus to get them to -uiet (o.n.

&@2 Lesson AAIA %ontinue( ?erse 2). Jesus replies that the %ro.( is ,eha+ing %orre%tly in hailing /im as the Dessiah. It is impossi,le that /e ,e not applau(e( on this o%%asion. If the %ro.( .as silent, the stones must %ry out in /is honour as the true Dessiah of Go(. ?erse 2&. In %omplete %ontrast to the re>oi%ing multitu(e, Jesus .eeps o+er Jerusalem, that the %ity .oul( follo. the eEample of the 9harisees, an( ,e silent, that the ma>ority of the Je.ish people are a,out to re>e%t /im unto /is (eath. ?erse 22. /e .eeps in pity for the fate of the people .ho re>e%t /im, the utter (estru%tion of them an( their %ity. /e speaks of /is sin%ere (esire that e+en at this late (ate they might %ome to their senses an( a%%ept the re(emption from Go( /e offers. /e also reali=es that it is too late. Their persisten%e in un,elief lea+es them ,lin(e( to the sal+ation that is ,eing offere( ,efore their eyes. ?erses 20,22. :or three years of /is open an( pu,li% ministry, /e spoke .or(s of eternal life $ .or(s from Go(. /is gift of healing an( mira%les, /is lo+ing %ompassion, /is patien%e $ all these things ha( not mo+e( them $ ,ut they re>e%te( /im an( %hose not to a%%ept or ,elie+e in /im. This .as their time of Gra%e. It .as o+er after /is as%ension. Bithin 2) years, their >u(gment %ame .hen the "oman rmy surroun(e( the %ity, lay siege, an( finally (estroye( the /oly City $ lea+ing not one stone upon another, nor anyone ali+e. This happene( to the nation of Israel. It is the same for any in(i+i(ual .ho re>e%ts Go('s gift of lo+e in the gi+ing of /is 5on to (ie in our stea(, they .ill ,e >u(ge( guilty an( punishment follo.s. nother thought $ .hen Jerusalem ha( ,een (estroye( an( no +oi%e %oul( pro%laim Jesus $ the stones ,e%ame .itnesses to pro%laim that ,e%ause this %ity re>e%te( Jesus it ha( ,een (estroye(. Coul( Jesus ha+e ha( this pi%ture in min( .hen /e spoke of the stones %rying out, an( that s%ene is .hat ,rought /im to tearsP Jesus entere( hum,ly as 9rin%e of 9ea%e, not a military or politi%al Dessiah. This %learly sho.e( that the king(om of Go( /e ,rought .as not of this .orl(, ,ut a spiritual king(om .here,y in(i+i(uals entere( .ith a ne. relationship .ith Go( an( Christ as their ;ing. 8ut this .as not the en(. Israel is again a nationJ Jerusalem is re,uilt, an( the Je.s %ontinue to .ait for their Dessiah. Go('s great prophe%ies are still %oming to pass an( Jesus is on /is .ay. Be are li+ing in times of great eEpe%tations of e+il an( %atastrophes in%reasing on the earth, an( the sprea(ing of the Gospel $ until the last Gentile is sa+e( an( Jesus %alls us up in the "apture. Daranatha. '+en so %ome Lor( JesusP

&@3 Lesson AAA Luke &4:23$2):&1. 23 K n( he .ent into the temple, an( ,egan to %ast out them that sol( therein, an( them that ,oughtJ 2* saying unto them, It is .ritten, Dy house is the house of prayerJ ,ut ye ha+e ma(e it a (en of thie+es. 2@ K n( he taught (aily in the temple. 8ut the %hief priests an( the s%ri,es an( the %hief of the people sought to (estroy him, 21 an( %oul( not fin( .hat they might (o: for all the people .ere +ery attenti+e to hear him. Chapter 2):&$&1. & n( it %ame to pass, that on one of those (ays, as he taught the people in the temple, an( prea%he( the gospel, the %hief priests an( the s%ri,es %ame upon him .ith the el(ers, 2 an( spake unto him, saying, Tell us, ,y .hat authority (oest thou these things6 or .ho is he that ga+e thee this authority6 0 n( he ans.ere( an( sai( unto them, I .ill also ask you one thingJ an( me: 2 The ,aptism of John, .as it from hea+en, or of men6 3 n( they reasone( .ith themsel+es, saying, If .e shall say, :rom hea+enJ he .ill say, Bhy then ,elie+e( ye him not6 * 8ut an( if .e say, Of menJ all the people .ill stone us: for they ,e persua(e( that John .as a prophet. @ n( they ans.ere(, that they %oul( not tell .hen%e it .as. 1 n( Jesus sai( unto them, #either tell I you ,y .hat authority I (o these things. 4 K Then ,egan he to speak to the people this para,leJ %ertain man plante( a +ineyar(, an( let it forth to hus,an(men, an( .ent into a far %ountry for a long time. &) n( at the season he sent a ser+ant to the hus,an(men, that they shoul( gi+e him of the fruit of the +ineyar(: ,ut the hus,an(men ,eat him, an( sent him a.ay empty. && n( again he sent another ser+ant: an( they ,eat him also, an( entreate( him shamefully, an( sent him a.ay empty. &2 n( again he sent a thir(: an( they .oun(e( him also, an( %ast him out. &0 Then sai( the lor( of the +ineyar(, Bhat shall I (o6 I .ill sen( my ,elo+e( son: it may ,e they .ill re+eren%e him .hen they see him. &2 8ut .hen the hus,an(men sa. him, they reasone( among themsel+es, saying, This is the heir: %ome, let us kill him, that the inheritan%e may ,e ours. &3 5o they %ast him out of the +ineyar(, an( kille( him. Bhat therefore shall the lor( of the +ineyar( (o unto them6

&@* Lesson AAA %ontinue( &* /e shall %ome an( (estroy these hus,an(men, an( shall gi+e the +ineyar( to others. n( .hen they hear( it, they sai(, Go( for,i(. &@ n( he ,ehel( them, an( sai(, Bhat is this then that is .ritten, The stone .hi%h the ,uil(ers re>e%te(, the same is ,e%ome the hea( of the %orner6 &1 Bhosoe+er shall fall upon that stone shall ,e ,rokenJ ,ut on .homsoe+er it shall fall, it .ill grin( him to po.(er. Luke &4:23$21. 9urifi%ation of the Temple. In Dala%hi 0:& it prophe%ies: HThe Lor(, .hom ye seek, shall su((enly %ome to /is temple, an( the messenger of the %o+enant, .hom ye (elight in, ,ehol(, he %ometh, saith the Lor( of /osts.H t the ,eginning of /is ministry, Jesus ha( entere( the temple an( %leanse( it (ramati%ally. O,+iously the ,usiness ha( ,een allo.e( to return an( Jesus again (ro+e these sellers outP Their unholy pra%ti%es .ere e+il in the Lor('s sight. ?erses 23,2*. Dany Je.s .ere transa%ting all kin(s of ,usiness in the temple %ourts, turning it into a (en of thie+es $ (ishonestly taking a(+antage of many, instea( of .orshiping Go( in 5pirit, an( in Truth. Jesus again (ri+es them out. ?erses 2@,21. During the last .eek ,efore /is (eath, Jesus (aily taught the people gathere( at the temple. The Je.ish lea(ers, ,oth religious an( other.ise, .ere greatly upset ,e%ause /e (istur,e( the status -uo. They (esire( to get ri( of /im ,ut felt it too (angerous ,e%ause of /is popularity .ith the %ro.(s of or(inary people. Luke 2):&$1. ,out the 8aptist. out the money %hangers an( the +en(ers from the temple .as a (rasti% interferen%e .ith the normal ,usiness allo.e( ,y the religious lea(ers. These same lea(ers %ome to Jesus, asking ,y .hat authority /e felt /e ha( a right to (o these things. They .ere .ell a.are of /is %urrent popularity .ith the masses, an( most likely aske( this -uestion to get a reply that .oul( make /im less esteeme(. Their -uestion misfire( ,y the manner in .hi%h Jesus replie(. ?erses &,2. During the /oly Beek $ Christ's last .eek. Bhile /e .as tea%hing in the temple, a group from the Je.ish Coun%il %ame .anting to kno. .ho authori=e( /im to purify the Temple. Certainly they ha( not. They hope( to eEpose him as an imposter, an intru(er in the affairs of the temple, .hi%h they %laime( as their right to regulate. ?erse 0. gain, /e %ounters their -uestion .ith another. This pla%es them in a +ery position, .hi%h they %annot es%ape ,y

&@@ Lesson AAA %ontinue( ans.ering. ?erse 2. Bas John the 8aptist sent ,y Go( an( /is .ill, or (i( he take it on himself to ,apti=e on his o.n6 ?erses 3,*. These lea(ers reali=e( the (iffi%ulty the -uestion entaile(. If they sai( John .as sent ,y Go(, then .hy ha( they not ,elie+e( him, in%lu(ing not ,elie+ing him as the promise( forerunner of Go('s Dessiah, Jesus. If they ans.ere( the other .ay, the %ro.( might a%%use them of ,lasphemy, an( stone them then an( there $ ,e%ause the people ha( regar(e( John as a prophet of Go( an( thousan(s ha( ,een ,apti=e( ,y /im. ?erse @. These lea(ers .ere %ornere(. Though in all pre+ious religious matters, they ha( %laime( the right to (e%i(e. /ere they a(mitte( that they (i( not kno. the $ in pu,li%. ?erse 1. Though it is o,+ious they ne+er a%%epte( John's authority as from Go(, an( they also re>e%te( John's i(entifying of Jesus as the promise( Dessiah $ ,ut .ere too timi( to a(mit it ,efore the %ro.( in their fear of %onse-uen%es against themsel+es. In reply, Jesus refuse( to their -uestion. 8y their reply, the lea(ers .ere eEpose( as in%ompetent, therefore no longer .orthy of lea(ing the people in religious matters. In effe%t, Jesus ,rought out the most important point $ if one (oes not re%ogni=e true authority .hen fa%e to fa%e .ith it, no amount of information or arguing .ill %on+in%e them of it. The authority Jesus a%te( un(er .as from Go(, an( /e ne+er hesitate( to follo. the straight an( narro. path to the %ross. Luke 2):4$&1. 9ara,le of the /us,an(men. 8y the triumphant entry into Jerusalem an( the 9urifi%ation of the Temple, Jesus ha( announ%e( /is Dessiahship. In this para,le, /e again sho.s that /e is the 5on of Go( sent ,y the :ather, an( that /e is a.are of their plot to mur(er /im. /e en(s the para,le .ith a .arning of >u(gment an( (estru%tion. ?erse 4. Bhile the Je.ish lea(ers .ere still there, after ha+ing -uestione( /im, Jesus speaks this para,le. The +ineyar( sym,oli=es Fas in se+eral pla%es in the Ol( TestamentG the Je.ish nation of the %hosen people. Those in %harge .ere the Je.ish lea(ers .ho .ere entruste( .ith gui(ing an( %aring for the people ,y Go(. ?erses &)$&2. The ser+ants .ho .ere sent to get the fruit represent the +arious prophets an( others sent ,y Go( to tea%h an( .arn the nation of Go('s .ays. They .ere most often ,a(ly treate( an(

&@1 Lesson AAA %ontinue( re>e%te( ,y the Je.ish lea(ers. ?erse &0. /ere Jesus re+eals the real (ifferen%e ,et.een /im an( the other messengers sent ,y Go(. /e plainly portrays /imself as the 5on Bho .as the last one sent to the nation, in(ee( to the .hole .orl(. t /is %oming, the people ha( their last %han%e to a%%ept Go('s lo+e. ?erses &2$&*. During /is pu,li% ministry these lea(ers ha( alrea(y ,een .orking against /im, planning /is (eath. Just as the e+il hus,an(men planne( to kill the o.ner's son, thinking they .oul( then o.n the +ineyar(. #either reali=e( that the o.ner, Go( /imself, .oul( %ome an( .oul( %all them to a%%ount an( ,ring >u(gment upon them. 8elie+ers in Jesus .ill ,e gi+en the %are of the +ineyar( an( ,e the lea(er's of Go('s people from .hate+er nation. ?erse &@. 8eyon( this the ,elo+e( 5on .ho is kille( .ill triumph o+er (eath an( all other for%es, an( ,e eEalte( to ne. Glory $ ,e%oming the %orner$stone of the eternal (i+ine temple of Go(, to ,e %omplete( ,y e+ery true ,elie+er. ?erse &1. s one .ho is spiritually ,lin( .ho %omes upon Jesus as a stum,ling$,lo%k in the .ay of their path, they .ill fall an( ,e in>ure(. This is >ust as one .alking, .ho trips an( falls upon anything in their .ay. lso one .ho persists in un,elief their entire life .ill ultimately fa%e the >u(gment of Christ .hereupon they .ill ,e turne( to (ust, as .oul( happen if a tremen(ous stone %rashe( (o.n upon them. Though terri,le >u(gment %ame on the Je.ish nation .hen the "oman rmy %rushe( the Je.ish re+olt an( (estroye( the %ity $ still the final >u(gment is yet to %ome upon all faithless an( (iso,e(ient ones, .here e+ery knee shall ,o. an( e+ery tongue %onfess that Jesus is Lor( of all. #ote on the #ation. Israel .as the %hosen nation $ to prepare for an( ,ring forth the promise( Dessiah. They also ,e%ame the ones .ho ,rought /im to the %ross. Jesus spoke .ith authority, /is (i+ine unity .ith the :ather $ ll the prophets opene( their messages .ith HThus saith the Lor(.H Jesus spoke the .or(s of the :ather as /is o.n.

&@4 Lesson AAAI Luke 2):&4$2). &4 K n( the %hief priests an( the s%ri,es the same hour sought to lay han(s on himJ an( they feare( the people: for they per%ei+e( that he ha( spoken this para,le against them. 2) n( they .at%he( him, an( sent forth spies, .hi%h shoul( feign themsel+es >ust men, that they might take hol( of his .or(s, that so they might (eli+er him unto the an( authority of the go+ernor. 2& n( they aske( him, saying, Daster, .e kno. that thou sayest an( tea%hest rightly, neither a%%eptest thou the person of any, ,ut tea%hest the .ay of Go( truly: 22 Is it la.ful for us to gi+e tri,ute unto Caesar, or no6 20 8ut he per%ei+e( their %raftiness, an( sai( unto them, Bhy tempt ye me6 22 5ho. me a penny. Bhose image an( supers%ription hath it6 They ans.ere( an( sai(, Caesar's. 23 n( he sai( unto them, "en(er therefore unto Caesar the things .hi%h ,e Caesar's, an( unto Go( the things .hi%h ,e Go('s. 2* n( they %oul( not take hol( of his .or(s ,efore the people: an( they mar+ele( at his, an( hel( their pea%e. 2@ K Then %ame to him %ertain of the 5a((u%ees, .hi%h (eny that there is any resurre%tionJ an( they aske( him, 21 saying, Daster, Doses .rote unto us, If any man's ,rother (ie, ha+ing a .ife, an( he (ie .ithout %hil(ren, that his ,rother shoul( take his .ife, an( raise up see( unto his ,rother. 24 There .ere therefore se+en ,rethren: an( the first took a .ife, an( (ie( .ithout %hil(ren. 0) n( the se%on( took her to .ife, an( he (ie( %hil(less. 0& n( the thir( took herJ an( in like manner the se+en also: an( they left no %hil(ren, an( (ie(. 02 Last of all the .oman (ie( also. 00 Therefore in the resurre%tion .hose .ife of them is she6 for se+en ha( her to .ife. 02 K n( Jesus ans.ering sai( unto them, The %hil(ren of this .orl( marry, an( are gi+en in marriage: 03 ,ut they .hi%h shall ,e a%%ounte( .orthy to o,tain that .orl(, an( the resurre%tion from the (ea(, neither marry, nor are gi+en in marriage: 0* neither %an they (ie any more: for they are e-ual unto the angelsJ an( are the %hil(ren of Go(, ,eing the %hil(ren of the resurre%tion. 0@ #o. that the (ea( are raise(, e+en Doses sho.e( at the ,ush, .hen he %alleth the Lor( the Go( of ,raham, an( the Go( of Isaa%, an( the Go( of Ja%o,. 01 :or he is not a Go( of the (ea(, ,ut of the li+ing: for all li+e unto him.

&1) Lesson AAAI %ontinue( 04 Then %ertain of the s%ri,es ans.ering sai(, Daster, thou hast .ell sai(. 2) n( after that they (urst not ask him any -uestion at all. Luke 2):&4$2*. Gi+ing Tri,ute. Jesus ha( >ust gi+en the s%ri,es an( 9harisees a stern .arning .ithin the para,le of the hus,an(men. They .ishe( to %at%h /im in some fault so they %oul( arrest /im. The multitu(e, ho.e+er, they feare(. ?erses &4,2). Jesus still hel( great s.ay o+er them. The Je.s (e+ise( a plan to (isfa+or /im ,efore the people, an( get /im into trou,le .ith the "oman authorities. They sen( /im a small group of their follo.ers Fnot the offi%ial mem,ers of the 5anhe(rinG to a%t like sin%ere seekers of truth from Jesus. In this non$%onfrontational .ay, they hope to %at%h Jesus off$guar( ,y /is ans.ers to their -uestion. They also represente( /ero( $ the go+ernor $ in %ahoots .ith the 9harisees, normally ,itter enemies, no. unite( to try to eliminate their %ommon foe. ?erse 2&. Their atta%k ,egins .ith flattery $ saying that not ha+ing foun( the, they %ome to /im as a truth$ telling tea%her of Go(. Bhat they sai( of /im .as true e+en though it is unlikely they ,elie+e( it themsel+es. ?erse 22. fter their flo.ery intro(u%tion, they ,ring forth the tri%k -uestion: HIs it la.ful to pay tri,ute to Caesar or not6H They hope that /e .ill so that they may report /im to the "oman authorities, as a re,el an( re>e%tor of "oman authority. They %oul( not %on%ei+e of /im saying that tri,ute shoul( ,e gi+en. If /e .as the Dessiah as /e no. pro%laime(, /e .as the one that the people eEpe%te( to ,reak the unholy yoke of the "omans. To not to gi+e tri,ute %oul( ,e %onstrue( as /im trying to in%ite the people to insurre%tion. t Jesus' trial F20:2G, /e .as falsely a%%use( of this +ery thing, though /e ha( pu,li%ly taught the %omplete opposite. They (eman( a HyesH or HnoH ?erse 22. In reply, Jesus asks that they pro+i(e /im .ith a "oman %oin that ha( Caesar's image on it. This .as o,+iously a %ompletely uneEpe%te( mo+e, ,oth (ramati% an( suspenseful. Bhen the %oin .as ,rought, instea( of gi+ing the re-ueste( HyesH or HnoH, Jesus asks them a -uestion to intro(u%e the /e is going to gi+e. /e asks, HBhose image an( supers%ription are on the %oin6H They a%kno.le(ge that it is Caesar's. ll present fo%us on the fa%t that these %oins are .i(ely in use among the Je.s, though they %ome from

&1& Lesson AAAI %ontinue( "ome ,earing the emperor's image. This sho.s that the Je.s ha( a%%epte( as a pra%ti%al reality the imperial rule. The generally a%%epte( +ie. of the time .as that a ruler's eEten(e( as far as his %oins .ere in use. ?erse 23. Jesus no. masterfully gi+es /is for%eful reply, H"en(er unto Caesar the things that are Caesar'sPH /e %learly states that they must pay tri,ute to Caesar, ,e%ause he is their ruler. t no point in /is ministry ha( Jesus (one or sai( anything against the rule of "ome. Bithin Go('s pro+i(en%e, human go+ernments are to ,e respe%te( an( their la.s o,eye( Fat least so far as these (i( not %onfli%t .ith one's higher loyalty (ue to Go(G. Jesus imme(iately gi+es the se%on( reply $ the most important, Han( unto Go( the things .hi%h are Go('sPH O,e(ien%e to human authority is a %omman( of Go(, an( therefore to (o this in reality is a part of the o,e(ien%e (ue to Go(. ,o+e all (i+ine re+eren%e an( loyal (e(i%ation are (ue to /im .ho is ;ing of all kings an( Lor( of all lor(s, /e .ho %reate( an( rules the uni+erse. ?erse 2*. 5o totally o,+ious an( logi%al .as this, so ,rilliantly spoken, all .ere ama=e( an( (um,foun(e(. Their (esign to trap Jesus in their loa(e( -uestion ha( utterly faile(. The young group of -uestioners (eparte(, ha+ing su%%ee(e( at nothing they .ere sent to (o. The Je.ish lea(ers .ere so set on (estroying Jesus, that later they ha( Jesus a%%use( ,efore 9ilate, of for,i((ing to gi+e tri,ute to Caesar. 20:2. Later, 9aul .rites on the su,>e%t of %i+il authority, further eEplaining .hat Jesus taught a,out our o,ligations. "omans &0:&$@J & Corinthians *:&$2J Timothy 2:&$2J Titus 0:&. 2):2@$2). The 5a((u%ees an( the "esurre%tion. 5ome 5a((u%ees .ere mem,ers of the 5anhe(rin an( some .ere also priests. 5ome .ere among those .ho earlier ha( aske( Jesus, ,y .hose authority /e a%te(. They ha( ,een put to shame $ %on%erning John the 8aptist. /ere they are again posing a -uestion they surely thought .oul( put Jesus in %onfusion an( %ause /im to em,arrass /imself ,efore the multitu(e. This .oul( raise their o.n reputation as the ones .ho ,affle( the Daster. #o su%h lu%kP ?erses 2@$00. Deuteronomy 23:3 states that if ,rothers li+e together, an( one (ies %hil(less, one of his ,rothers shall marry his .i(o., an( the first,orn son of the .i(o. shall ,ear the name of the (ea( ,rother. #o. the 5a((u%ees (i( not ,elie+e in the resurre%tion. :rom many of the .or(s of Jesus, they ha( gotten the impression that /e (i(

&12 Lesson AAAI %ontinue( ,elie+e in it. 5o they ha( put together a ri(i%ulous situation of se+en ,rothers ea%h %hil(less an( marrying the same .oman in turn. Then the -uestion: If there is a resurre%tion, .hose .ife .oul( she ,e6 In su%h a ri(i%ulous situation, they thought there %oul( only ,e a ri(i%ulous They .ere also trying to make ,elief in the resurre%tion to also appear foolish. ?erses 02,03. The reply of Jesus shoots (o.n their .hole s%heme. :irst /e points out that resurre%tion from the (ea( is not to %ontinue normal earthly life, ,ut into a ,lesse( life .ith Go(, an( only those a%%ounte( .orthy .oul( ,e there. The ma>ority of Je.s at that time thought that ,eing among Go('s %hosen people meant all Je.s .oul( inherit that hea+enly life. ?erse 0*. Jesus further eEplains that in hea+en all .ill ,e immortal, transforme( ,eings $ thus there is no longer nee( of marriage, sin%e there .ill ,e no nee( of ha+ing %hil(ren to maintain the ra%e. :or there .oul( ,e no more (eath. There people .ill ha+e glorifie( ,o(ies that .ill share Go('s (i+ine nature as angels, an( therefore .ill not fa%e (eath again. 8y /is eEplanation, Jesus sho.s ho. ignorant an( la%king in un(erstan(ing the 5a((u%ees are. ?erses 0@,01. fter them their %omplete misun(erstan(ing of the resurre%tion, Jesus goes on to sho. that Doses F.ho they thought (i(n't ,elie+e in the resurre%tionG (i( a%kno.le(ge the resurre%tion .hen Go( ha( spoken to him at the ,urning ,ush. It .as many years after the (eath of the first patriar%hs, yet Go( spoke of /imself as the Go( of ,raham, the Go( of Isaa%, an( the Go( of Ja%o,. If /e is their Go( in the present, then they must ,e still in eEisten%e. /e is the Go( of the li+ing, not the (ea(. /is %o+enant .ith them is e+erlasting an( personal. This %oul( only ,e true if they .ere still li+ing. ?erse 04. This .as a ,rilliant an( .ise eEplanation .ith Ol( Testament s%ripture as re+eale( truth. 5ome present Fsome of the s%ri,es, or 9harisees .ho ,elie+e( in the resurre%tionG openly a%kno.le(ge( that /is .as soli( an( %on+in%ing. ?erse 2). The -uestioners .ere put in their pla%e an( sho.n ho. .rong their i(eas .ere, that none of them ha( the ner+e to raise another -uestion. Case %lose(. Be are thankful that the -uestion .as raise( for at least one reason. It ga+e o%%asion for Jesus to eEplain authoritati+ely the main fa%ts a,out the resurre%tion an( (etails a,out the nature of

&10 Lesson AAAI %ontinue( hea+enly life. Only Jesus, Bho ha( ,een there, %oul( kno., an( therefore eEplain them. /e also .oul( soon ,e proof of .hat /e sai( ,y /is o.n (eath, resurre%tion, an( as%ension to hea+en. /is appearan%es after /is resurre%tion re+eale( the nature of a glorifie( ,o(y. This he also emphasi=e(, that all .ho follo. /im .oul( share in this ne. life .ith /im, an( /e also promise( that /e .oul( return in like manner at the 5e%on( Coming. ll true ,elie+ers .ill share in the resurre%tion from the (ea(, .hi%h in(i%ates a (estination. The resurre%tion of all others is %alle( the resurre%tion to >u(gment, an( only the guilty .ill ,e there, their ultimate (estination is like an eternal (eath, (arkness, an( .ith no %onta%t .ith Go( $ no light, no lo+e, no pea%e $ there shall ,e .eeping an( gnashing of teeth. Thank Go( .e are of the first resurre%tion an( e+en no. en>oy a foretaste of hea+en in the present relationship .e en>oy, .ith the :ather, the 5on, an( the /oly 5pirit. Bhat forgi+eness, a%%eptan%e, lo+e, an( %ompassion. Be no. eEperien%e imperfe%tly .hat .ill one (ay ,e full an( %omplete an( eternal. Imagine ,eing fore+er in the presen%e of the Lor( in hea+en among all the saints of all the ages, an( the other hea+enly ,eings, singing praise to the Lam, an( glory to Go( in the highest. '+en so, %ome Lor( Jesus, men.

Lesson AAAII Luke 2):2&$2&:22.


2& K n( he sai( unto them, /o. say they that Christ is Da+i('s son6 22 n( Da+i( himself saith in the ,ook of 9salms, The LO"D sai( unto my Lor(, 5it thou on my right han(, 20 till I make thine enemies thy footstool. 22 Da+i( therefore %alleth him Lor(, ho. is he then his son6 23 K Then in the au(ien%e of all the people he sai( unto his (is%iples, 2* 8e.are of the s%ri,es, .hi%h (esire to .alk in long ro,es, an( lo+e greetings in the markets, an( the highest seats in the synagogues, an( the %hief rooms at feastsJ 2@ .hi%h (e+our .i(o.s' houses, an( for a sho. make long prayers: the same shall re%ei+e greater (amnation. Chapter 2&:&$22. & n( he looke( up, an( sa. the ri%h men %asting their gifts into the treasury. 2 n( he sa. also a %ertain poor .i(o. %asting in thither t.o mites. 0 n( he sai(, Of a truth I say unto you, that this poor .i(o. hath %ast in more than they all: 2 for all these ha+e of their a,un(an%e %ast in unto the offerings of Go(: ,ut she of her penury hath %ast in all the li+ing that she ha(. 3 K n( as some spake of the temple, ho. it .as a(orne( .ith goo(ly stones an( gifts, he sai(, * s for these things .hi%h ye ,ehol(, the (ays .ill %ome, in the .hi%h there shall not ,e left one stone upon another, that shall not ,e thro.n (o.n. @ n( they aske( him, saying, Daster, ,ut .hen shall these things ,e6 an( .hat sign .ill there ,e .hen these things shall %ome to pass6 1 n( he sai(, Take hee( that ye ,e not (e%ei+e(: for many shall %ome in my name, saying, I am ChristJ an( the time (ra.eth near: go ye not therefore after them. 4 8ut .hen ye shall hear of .ars an( %ommotions, ,e not terrifie(: for these things must first %ome to passJ ,ut the en( is not ,y an( ,y. &) K Then sai( he unto them, #ation shall rise against nation, an( king(om against king(om: && an( great earth-uakes shall ,e in (i+ers pla%es, an( famines, an( pestilen%esJ an( fearful sights an( great signs shall there ,e from hea+en.

&13 Lesson AAAII %ontinue( &2 8ut ,efore all these, they shall lay their han(s on you, an( perse%ute you, (eli+ering you up to the synagogues, an( into prisons, ,eing ,rought ,efore kings an( rulers for my name's sake. &0 n( it shall turn to you for a testimony. &2 5ettle it therefore in your hearts, not to me(itate ,efore .hat ye shall &3 for I .ill gi+e you a mouth an( .is(om, .hi%h all your a(+ersaries shall not ,e a,le to gainsay nor resist. &* n( ye shall ,e ,etraye( ,oth ,y parents, an( ,rethren, an( kinsfolk, an( frien(sJ an( some of you shall they %ause to ,e put to (eath. &@ n( ye shall ,e hate( of all men for my name's sake. &1 8ut there shall not a hair of your hea( perish. &4 In your patien%e possess ye your souls. 2) K n( .hen ye shall see Jerusalem %ompasse( .ith armies, then kno. that the (esolation thereof is nigh. 2& Then let them .hi%h are in Ju(ea flee to the mountainsJ an( let them .hi%h are in the mi(st of it (epart outJ an( let not them that are in the %ountries enter thereinto. 22 :or these ,e the (ays of +engean%e, that all things .hi%h are .ritten may ,e fulfille(. 20 8ut .oe unto them that are .ith %hil(, an( to them that gi+e su%k, in those (aysP for there shall ,e great (istress in the lan(, an( .rath upon this people. 22 n( they shall fall ,y the e(ge of the s.or(, an( shall ,e le( a.ay %apti+e into all nations: an( Jerusalem shall ,e tro((en (o.n of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles ,e fulfille(. Luke 2):2&$22. Christ, the 5on of Da+i(. Intil the +ery en(, Jesus trie( to a.aken in the Je.ish lea(ers an un(erstan(ing of the Truth /e %ame to fulfill $ ,y their o.n highly regar(e( 5%riptures. /e trie( to sho. them the things %on%erning the Dessiah that they might refle%t on an( open their hearts to ,elie+e in /im. /e ha( (eep sorro., seeing the persistent (is,elief of these %ol($hearte( people, the %oming >u(gment an( (estru%tion that .ill ,e ,rought to all of Israel. These .ere .arnings an( %alls to repentan%e to ,elie+e in /im, an( thus a+oi( the %onse-uen%e of their ,lin(ness. ?erse 2&. The Je.ish lea(ers ha( not learne( in the Testament prophe%ies that the promise( Dessiah .as to ,e earthly ruler $ ,ut the suffering ser+ant sent to re(eem This -uestion fo%use( on the %ommonly hel( i(ea that the to merely ,e a human (es%en(ant of Da+i(. Ol( more than an the lost. Christ .as

&1* Lesson AAAII %ontinue( ?erses 22$22. /e %alle( them to think a,out Da+i('s 5on, (es%ri,e( in 9salm &&) as %alling the Dessiah /is Lor(. The Ol( Testament se+eral times i(entifie( the %oming Dessiah as ,eing in the family of Da+i( F2 5amuel 1:24J Isaiah 4:3$@J Di%ah 3:2G. Jesus .as %laiming this (es%ent as .ell as ,eing the 5on of Go(, therefore the Lor( of all, in%lu(ing Da+i( himselfP The outstan(ing importan%e of the Ol( Testament is its promises of re(emption through the ages, re%or(e( ,y many prophets, an( the sa%rifi%ial %eremonies of the Temple. They %ontain a re%ogni=a,le re%or( of things that point to an( promise the %oming of Jesus. Of all the prophe%ies of the Ol( Testament, more of them a%tually point to /is se%on( %oming in Glory, as Lor( of Lor(s, an( ;ing of ;ings $ of .hom Go( has sai(, H5it thou at my right han(, until I make thine enemies thy footstool.H F9salm &&):&.G Luke 2):23$2@. Barning gainst the 5%ri,es. Though Jesus ha( great sorro. o+er the %on(ition of the nation's lea(ers, .hi%h .ill lea( to (estru%tion, /e openly (e%lares their %ommon sins. /e also is a.are of the rea%tion they .ill ha+e $ this .ill further fan their rage for plotting for /is (eath. ?erses 23$2@. Jesus .arns /is follo.ers against the s%ri,es, that they in their pri(e greatly appre%iate ,eing re%ogni=e( an( honore( in pu,li% $ for their eE%eptional piety. On the other han(, in pri+ate they are la%king in %ompassion, that they (o not hesitate to (epri+e the lonely an( helpless Fsu%h as .i(o.sG. They .ere also kno.n for their long pu,li% prayers. They ha( many opportunities to lea( others an( to (o goo( ,ut they %hose other.ise. Be also ha+e great responsi,ilities to a+oi( hypo%risy $ a%ting pious an( prou(, .hile our o.n selfish an( gree(y (esires. Luke 2&:&$2. The 9oor Bi(o.'s Dite. The opponents of Jesus ha( ,een silen%e( ,y /is authoritati+e an( illuminating ans.ers. #o one ha( the ner+e to ask any more tri%k -uestions. /e ha( .arne( the people against the false tra(itions an( hypo%riti%al .ays of the Je.ish spiritual lea(ers. #o. .as a moment of %alm. ?erse &. Jesus noti%e( some of the .ealthy Je.s pla%ing gifts into the temple treasury. ?erse 2. Then, a poor .i(o. %omes an( puts in t.o small %oins of +ery little +alue. ?erses 0,2. The %ontri,utions of the ri%h left Jesus unmo+e(. /e kne. that their %ontri,utions .ere no sa%rifi%e, %oming from the

&1@ Lesson AAAII %ontinue( o+er$a,un(an%e of .orl(ly goo(s an( .ealth they possesse(. On the %ontrary, the poor .i(o. ga+e all of the money that she ha( to li+e on $ %osting her a great (eal $ ,ut it sho.e( the (esire of her heart to gi+e to Go( .hat she ha(, trusting in Go( that she .oul( ,e pro+i(e( a .ay to earn again .hat it .oul( take to take %are of her nee(s, an( those in her househol(. The true +alue of the gift lies in the attitu(e an( spirit in .hi%h the gift is gi+en. Those .ho in gi+ing of their surplus think that this is earning merit, pleasing Go(. They are fooling themsel+es. They gi+e ,ut hol( on to more $ their trust in their .ealth rather than in Go(. The .i(o. ga+e from her nee(, trusting in Go(, not .hat she ha( or (i( not ha+e. Luke 2&:3$22. 9rophe%ies a,out the Destru%tion of Jerusalem. 8y this time, it .as -uite %lear that the ma>ority of Je.ish lea(ers an( the general population .ere not going to turn to Go(, or a%%ept Jesus as /is 5on an( Dessiah. They therefore %all upon themsel+es >u(gment an( (estru%tion .hi%h .ill in%lu(e their %ity an( temple. Jesus .arns ho. (rasti% an( final .ill the (estru%tion ,e that it is a foresha( of the :inal Ju(gment .hi%h .ill take pla%e at /is 5e%on( Coming. ?erses 3$22 (eal pra%ti%ally throughout a,out the e+ents lea(ing to the (estru%tion of Jerusalem an( the (estru%tion itself. Only in a se%on(ary sense (o some of these also refer to the Last Things. ?erses 3,*. The temple .as the %enter of the religious life of the %hosen people. Go( ha( announ%e( many years ,efore through Dala%hi 0:& that /is Dessiah .oul( %ome to the temple $ for purging an( >u(gment. Jesus has no. fulfille( all of these prophe%ies. /e ha( (ri+en out the mer%hants, an( ha( sho.n the lea(ers ho. hypo%riti%al they .ere. They .ere not trying to please Go(, ,e%ause they .ere plotting to mur(er /is Dessiah. Bhen some (is%iples mentione( the ,eauty an( elegan%e of the temple, Jesus spoke of the (estru%tion .hi%h ,efore long .oul( take pla%e, an( .oul( lea+e not one stone upon another. ll the %eremonies an( sa%rifi%es %onne%te( to the Ol( Co+enant an( the Temple .ere to en(. The #e. Co+enant .as no. in effe%t. Jeremiah 0&:00 foretol( of this .hen a relationship .ith Go( .oul( ,e, in(i+i(ual, an( spiritual. The re>e%tion of Jesus sho.s the nation of Israel as %hoosing to hang on to the ol( .ays .hi%h ha( ,e%ome tra(ition an( forms of .orship. One greater than the temple has %ome an( the people re>e%te( /im $ thereupon %alling >u(gment on the people an( the temple $ lea(ing to their (estru%tion.

&11 Lesson AAAII %ontinue( ?erses @$4. The (is%iples a%%ept the pre(i%tion an( ask .hen this .ill happen, an( .hat sign .ill ,e seen pre%e(ing the e+ent. They may ha+e assume( that this may ,e part of Jesus taking o+er as Dessiah, esta,lishing /is ;ing(om. Jesus .arns that /is se%on( %oming an( the en( are not so soon. /e a(+ises them to ,e .ary of any .ho profess to ,e Christ or speak as /is prophet that the en( .as near. #either shoul( .ars an( re,ellions ,e seen as the ,eginning of the en(. ?erse &). Then Jesus outlines the things that .ill take pla%e ,efore the (estru%tion of the %ity an( temple. /e sai( there .oul( ,e strife among the nations, more spe%ifi%ally the Je.ish insurre%tion against "ome .hi%h ,roke out in ** .D., .hi%h (i( imme(iately lea( to the prophesie( (estru%tion in @) .D. ?erse &&. lso, there .ill ,e earth-uakes, famines, (iseases. Dany of these things .ere re%or(e( (uring the *)'s .D. ,y ,oth Je.ish FJosephusG an( Ta%itus F"omanG historians. ?erse &2. 8efore these signs, the (is%iples .oul( ,e fa%e( .ith %ruel perse%ution. 9eter an( John .ere %onfronte( ,y the Je.ish Coun%il F %ts 2G. ll the postles .ere imprisone( F %ts 3:&@G, an( ,eaten F %ts 3:2)G. 5hortly 5tephen .as stone( to (eath F %ts *:1G. 5aul of Tarsus (eli+ere( many to the Je.ish lea(ers, to prison an( (eath. James FJohn's ,rotherG .as kille( ,y /ero( F %ts &2:&,2G. 9aul an( many others .ere taken ,efore go+ernors an( >u(ges, an( perse%ute( in synagogues an( ill$treate( in many .ays. This all %ame true -ui%kly after Jesus' as%ension an( ,efore the re+olt of ** .D. ?erse &0. These perse%utions .ill gi+e the faithful the opportunity of ,earing .itness to the an( glory of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, an( this .oul( help sprea( the Gospel throughout the %i+ili=e( .orl( of that time. ?erses &2,&3. Bhen summone( to appear ,efore the Je.ish or pagan authorities, they shoul( not .orry a,out .hat they .oul( say. Jesus through the /oly 5pirit .oul( gi+e them the appropriate .or(s an( .is(om, .hi%h their a(+ersaries %oul( not refute. Dost often the perse%utors' rea%tion .as anger an( hatre(. Though they %oul( not pro+e anything against them, they %on(emne( them to >ail time, to ,eing ,eaten, an( often to ,eing put to (eath. ?erses &*,&@. 5o (rasti% .ill ,e the rea%tion of many that their o.n frien(s an( relati+es .ill report them or (eli+er them to those

&14 Lesson AAAII %ontinue( hostile authorities $ to en( up (ying as martyrs for their ,elief in Jesus. %%or(ing to early tra(itions, all the apostles, eE%ept John, (ie( +iolent (eaths at the han(s of Je.s or "oman perse%utors. n unnum,ere( amount of early ,elie+ers .ere also put to (eath in the first %entury. The Je.s %onsi(ere( them ,lasphemers, ,e%ause they a%%epte( the %ru%ifie( Jesus as the Dessiah. The pagans a%%use( them of all kin(s of strange an( unnatural a%ts ,e%ause they .ere se%reti+e, kept to themsel+es an( .oul( not parti%ipate in the %ommon ,ar,arous forms of entertainment, su%h as those in the Coliseum, nor .oul( they take part in any of the temples of .orship of the multiple "oman or 'gyptian go(s an( go((esses. The early Christians also re>e%te( the eEaltation of the 'mperors of "ome as go($like, perfe%t, an( a,o+e all men. ?erse &1. Through all things that they may suffer $ pain, torture, an( (eath, yet they .ill remain .ithin Go('s han(, that all things .ill .ork together for their goo( an( highest .elfare $ all lea(ing to their eternal sal+ation. ?erse &4. 9erse+eran%e is essential $ to not lose faith, not gi+e up no matter .hat they are fa%e( .ith, that Go( is .ith them through it all. One (ay they .ill ,e ,rought to un(erstan( the purpose, as .ell as the influen%e their li+es ha( on those aroun( them. ?erse 2). /ere Jesus finally tells them of the sign that .ill pre%e(e( the (estru%tion of the %ity, an( temple. This is (istin%tly (ifferent from .hat %omes ,efore /is re+elation in glory as /is 5e%on( (+ent. /ere, .hen "oman armies ,egin to surroun( the %ity, they ha+e %ome to (estroy the insurre%tion of the Je.s, as .ell as the %ity an( the temple. ?erse 2&. This is the signal for the faithful to imme(iately flee out of the .hole area. %%or(ing to %ontemporary historians, the first Christians in an( aroun( Jerusalem fle( a%ross the Jor(an to the to.n of 9ella .here they remaine( until it .as all o+er. ?erse 22. This .as the time of >u(gment against the un,elie+ing nation. They ha( not re%ogni=e( the time of Go('s +isitation among them in the perfe%t life an( ministry of Jesus, nor in /is resurre%tion an( as%ension. They re>e%te( /im an( kille( /im an( stu,,ornly hel( on to (is,elief. Despite all the lessons of their history, an( all the .arnings of Jesus /imself, their guilt .as %omplete. Therefore, their (oom .as seale( an( (estru%tion .as their penalty.

&4) Lesson AAAII %ontinue( ?erse 20. 5o eEtreme .ill ,e the (estru%tion that .omen an( %hil(ren .ere not spare( $ (uring this motherhoo( .oul( no longer ,e a >oy, as mothers .itnesse( the mur(er of their %hil(ren. /istory gi+es many gruesome (etails of the %ruelty an( se+erity of the %on-uering army. 8y the time they .ere finishe( .ith the total (estru%tion, they ha( torn (o.n the temple until not one stone .as atop another. ?erse 22. Those not kille( .ere ensla+e( an( s%attere( among the nations. Jerusalem .ill ,e o+errun an( (ominate( ,y foreigners, Gentiles, until their time is up. Bhen the last Gentile %hooses to ,e sa+e( an( a%%epts Christ, then the time of the Gentiles .ill ,e o+er. fter a siege of a,out 3 months the great "oman army, un(er Titus, son of 'mperor ?espasian, after (estroying the %ity an( temple, killing thousan(s of men, .omen, an( %hil(ren, espe%ially the .eak or ol(, .hoe+er .as left .as %arrie( off. #ot a single Je. .as left ali+e in the %ity. :or many years, no Je. .as allo.e( to enter the entire +i%inity.

Lesson AAAIII Luke 2&:23$22:*.


23 K n( there shall ,e signs in the sun, an( in the moon, an( in the starsJ an( upon the earth (istress of nations, .ith perpleEityJ the sea an( the .a+es roaringJ 2* men's hearts failing them for fear, an( for looking after those things .hi%h are %oming on the earth: for the po.ers of hea+en shall ,e shaken. 2@ n( then shall they see the 5on of man %oming in a %lou( .ith an( great glory. 21 n( .hen these things ,egin to %ome to pass, then look up, an( lift up your hea(sJ for your re(emption (ra.eth nigh. 24 K n( he spake to them a para,leJ 8ehol( the fig tree, an( all the treesJ 0) .hen they no. shoot forth, ye see an( kno. of your o.n sel+es that summer is no. nigh at han(. 0& 5o like.ise ye, .hen ye see these things %ome to pass, kno. ye that the king(om of Go( is nigh at han(. 02 ?erily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass a.ay, till all ,e fulfille(. 00 /ea+en an( earth shall pass a.ayJ ,ut my .or(s shall not pass a.ay. 02 K n( take hee( to yoursel+es, lest at any time your hearts ,e o+er%harge( .ith surfeiting, an( (runkenness, an( %ares of this life, an( so that (ay %ome upon you una.ares. 03 :or as a snare shall it %ome on all them that (.ell on the fa%e of the .hole earth. 0* Bat%h ye therefore, an( pray al.ays, that ye may ,e a%%ounte( .orthy to es%ape all these things that shall %ome to pass, an( to stan( ,efore the 5on of man. 0@ K n( in the (aytime he .as tea%hing in the templeJ an( at night he .ent out, an( a,o(e in the mount that is %alle( the mount of Oli+es. 01 n( all the people %ame early in the morning to him in the temple, for to hear him. Chapter 22:&$*. & #o. the feast of unlea+ene( ,rea( (re. nigh, .hi%h is %alle( the passo+er. 2 n( the %hief priests an( s%ri,es sought ho. they might kill himJ for they feare( the people. 0 K Then entere( 5atan into Ju(as surname( Is%ar'i$ot, ,eing of the num,er of the t.el+e. 2 n( he .ent his .ay, an( %ommune( .ith the %hief priests an( %aptains, ho. he might ,etray him unto them.

&42 Lesson AAAIII %ontinue( 3 n( they .ere gla(, an( %o+enante( to gi+e him money. * n( he promise(, an( sought opportunity to ,etray him unto them in the a,sen%e of the multitu(e. Luke 2&:23$00. The Coming of the 5on of Dan. In the pre+ious +erses Jesus foretol( of the (e+astating fate of Jerusalem, the people, an( the temple. The (estru%tion .as so terri,le that it %learly foresha(o.e( the Last Days an( the :inal Ju(gment Falso re%or(e( in Dark &0G. ?erse 22 mentions the perio( .hen the times of the Gentiles .ill ,e fulfille(, in ?erse 23, .e see a transition to pre(i%tions of the Last Things ,efore an( at Jesus' 5e%on( Coming. ?erses 23,2*. 8efore the fall of Jerusalem, there .ere a fe. mira%ulous signs in (i+ers pla%es. 8efore the en( of the age, all %reation an( the entire human .orl( .ill ,e shaken. The sun, moon, an( stars .ill eEhi,it unusual an( alarming signs. /uman life .ill ,e so (isrupte( as to o+er.helm most people .ith anEiety an( fear. ?erse 2@. In the mi(st of these %ir%umstan%es of utmost (istur,an%e Fthe Great Tri,ulationG, the glorifie( Christ .ill return in an( ma>esty, in a .ay that e+eryone on earth .ill see. ?erse 21. To the impenitent it .ill ,ring terror an( (espair for the %oming >u(gment of Go(. To ,elie+ers it .ill signal the %oming of their final, full re(emption in soul an( ,o(y. Jesus %omman(s /is follo.ers to ,e inspire( .ith faith an( %ourage, e+en though they .ill not kno. the (ay or hour of /is %oming, ,ut that it is %lose, e+en %loser than e+er ,efore. ?erses 24$0&. 5imilar to the ,u((ing of trees that spring is near so also is Christ's %oming .hen the prophesie( e+ents ,egin to o%%ur. lso /is se%on( a(+ent, ,ringing the king(om of Go(, is %lose at /an(. Like a thief in the night .ill ,e the unpre(i%ta,ility of the eEa%t time. In,elie+ing mankin( .ill ,e going a,out their normal materialisti% pursuits, .hile the ,elie+ers .ill ,e o,ser+ing an( eEpe%ting /is Coming, so they .ill not ,e taken %ompletely ,y surprise. ?erse 02. Going ,a%k to the %oming (estru%tion of Jerusalem, Jesus points to the fa%t that the then present generation .ill li+e to see an( eEperien%e these terri,le e+ents. ,out forty years after Jesus uttere( these .or(s e+erything /e pre(i%te( in ?erses &)$22 .as fulfille( $ the Temple .as (estroye( to the last stone, the %ity in ruins, an( hun(re(s of thousan(s of Je.s kille( or %arrie( a.ay as

&40 Lesson AAAIII %ontinue( %apti+es. ?erse 00. Jesus stresses the a,solute %ertainty of /is prophe%ies. /is authority %omes (ire%tly from the :ather an( are true. H/ea+en an( earth shall pass a.ayJ ,ut Dy .or(s shall not pass a.ay.H Bhat /e speaks, /e shall also %arry out. Jesus speaks of (i+ine so+ereignty in ,oth lo+e an( righteousness that shall ,ring to pass the re(emption of the faithful an( the >u(gment of the un,elie+ers. Jesus is mainly emphasi=ing the %hallenge of %oming e+ents to true repentan%e an( to faithful +igilan%e $ a pra%ti%al gui(e to (aily life. ?erse 02. Jesus en(s /is propheti% talk ,y earnestly .arning /is follo.ers Fas representati+es of all the true ,elie+ers to %omeG that they (on't gi+e in to the influen%e an( temptations of the .orl(. Though spe%ifi%ally meant for ,elie+ers .ho .ill ,e li+ing in the Last Days $ yet they apply to all ,elie+ers of all times. ll are %alle( upon to ,e %ontinually prepare(, through times of temptation, tri,ulation, suffering, an( (eath. ?erse 03. The 5e%on( Coming .ill affe%t all of mankin( an( all the .orl(, finally affe%ting the ultimate fate of e+ery in(i+i(ual. ?erse 0*. Therefore, ea%h person must ,e alert an( %onstantly .at%hing $ keeping a.ay from sin an( temptations, in %onstant prayer to Go( to gi+e them the strength an( faithfulness to stan( firm through .hate+er (iffi%ult %ir%umstan%es may %ome. This .as espe%ially for those li+ing ,efore the 'n( of Days. ll this to ,e a,le to stan( ,efore Jesus at /is %oming .ithout shame. This is in no .ay a %all to try to set (ates or (ra. up a timeta,le of e+ents pre+ious to /is (+ent. The emphasis is only the a,solute %ertainty of the 5e%on( Coming an( the responsi,ility of e+ery ,elie+er to maintain faithfulness an( +igilan%e in eEpe%tation of /is Coming. Luke 2&:0@$22:*. " of Trea%hery. Luke (es%ri,es only a fe. in%i(ents that o%%urre( in Jesus' last .eek in general terms. /e (es%ri,es Jesus as (aily tea%hing the %ro.(s that %ame to the temple. Thousan(s apparently %ame e+ery morning to the temple to listen to /im. /e .as hel( in su%h esteem ,y the %ro.(s, regar(e( ,y many as the promise( Dessiah, so that the Je.ish lea(ers (i( not (are to try to stop /im from %oming or tea%hing in the Temple, or to ha+e /im arreste( in pu,li%.

&42 Lesson AAAIII %ontinue( In the e+ening, /e spent the night on the Dount of Oli+es, >ust outsi(e Jerusalem. Luke 22:&,2. ll .ere there for the %ele,ration of the 9asso+er at the en( of the .eek. 'a%h (ay ,rought the festi+al %loser. The Je.ish lea(ers ha( trie( to ,ring Jesus into (isfa+or through su,tle -uestionings an( hope( to fin( a .ay to arrest /im. ll their attempts faile(. fter this, they apparently (e%i(e( to .ait. fter the %ro.(s ha( gone, they .oul( try to get /im kille(. Go('s plan ha( (e%ree( that Jesus Hthe Lam, of Go(H .as to ,e sa%rifi%e( on the (ay of 9asso+er as the perfe%t sa%rifi%e to a%tually re(eem mankin(. ?erse 0. Ju(as Is%ariot .as %hosen to ,e one of the t.el+e. :or +arious reasons /e (e%i(e( to ,etray Jesus $ thus ,e%ame un(er the influen%e of the e+il one, an( then %ommitte( su%h trea%hery. ?erses 2$*. Thus empo.ere(, Ju(as goes to the high priests an( %aptains of the temple guar(s, an( informs them that he %an take them to Jesus, a.ay from the pu,li% .here they %an take /im .ithout resistan%e or (istur,an%e. This .as eEa%tly .hat they ha( ,een looking for $ a .ay to arrest Jesus .ithout risk of a riot $ an( it .as one of /is o.n follo.ers to ,oot. They rea(ily agree( to pay a sum of money for his help. :rom that time, Ju(as .oul( .at%h for the right opportunity to se%retly ,etray Jesus, (eli+ering /im to /is enemies. ll .as prepare( to ,ring the inno%ent an( /oly 5on of Go( on the .ay of suffering, humiliation, an( (eath. The story of Ju(as, though one of the &2 %hosen apostles, .ho ,etraye( Jesus $ ser+es as a permanent an( po.erful .arning that there remains the possi,ility that e+en among mem,ers of the +isi,le Chur%h, there may ,e those .ho are false, an(!or e+en .orking against the Truth of the Gospel. The +isi,le %hur%h in all its +arious forms has ,een %alle( Chur%hianity. The true %hur%h in%lu(es all true ,elie+ers no matter .ho or .hen or .here they are or ha+e ,een. One (ay .e .ill all ,e %alle( to ,e together ,y Jesus in the "apture.

Lesson AAAI? Luke 22:@$0).


@ K Then %ame the (ay of unlea+ene( ,rea(, .hen the passo+er must ,e kille(. 1 n( he sent 9eter an( John, saying, Go an( prepare us the passo+er, that .e may eat. 4 n( they sai( unto him, Bhere .ilt thou that .e prepare6 &) n( he sai( unto them, 8ehol(, .hen ye are entere( into the %ity, there shall a man meet you, ,earing a pit%her of .aterJ follo. him into the house .here he entereth in. && n( ye shall say unto the goo(man of the house, The Daster saith unto thee, Bhere is the guest %ham,er, .here I shall eat the passo+er .ith my (is%iples6 &2 n( he shall sho. you a large upper room furnishe(: there make rea(y. &0 n( they .ent, an( foun( as he ha( sai( unto them: an( they ma(e rea(y the passo+er. &2 K n( .hen the hour .as %ome, he sat (o.n, an( the t.el+e apostles .ith him. &3 n( he sai( unto them, Bith (esire I ha+e (esire( to eat this passo+er .ith you ,efore I suffer: &* for I say unto you, I .ill not any more eat thereof, until it ,e fulfille( in the king(om of Go(. &@ n( he took the %up, an( ga+e thanks, an( sai(, Take this, an( (i+i(e it among yoursel+es: &1 for I say unto you, I .ill not (rink of the fruit of the +ine, until the king(om of Go( shall %ome. &4 n( he took ,rea(, an( ga+e thanks, an( ,rake it, an( ga+e unto them, saying, This is my ,o(y .hi%h is gi+en for you: this (o in remem,ran%e of me. 2) Like.ise also the %up after supper, saying, This %up is the ne. testament in my ,loo(, .hi%h is she( for you. 2& 8ut, ,ehol(, the han( of him that ,etrayeth me is .ith me on the ta,le. 22 n( truly the 5on of man goeth, as it .as (etermine(: ,ut .oe unto that man ,y .hom he is ,etraye(P 20 n( they ,egan to in-uire among themsel+es, .hi%h of them it .as that shoul( (o this thing. 22 K n( there .as also a strife among them, .hi%h of them shoul( ,e a%%ounte( the greatest. 23 n( he sai( unto them, The kings of the Gentiles eEer%ise lor(ship o+er themJ an( they that eEer%ise authority upon them are %alle( ,enefa%tors. 2* 8ut ye shall not ,e so: ,ut he that is greatest among you, let him ,e as the youngerJ an( he that is %hief, as he that (oth ser+e.

&4* Lesson AAAI? %ontinue( 2@ :or .hether is greater, he that sitteth at meat, or he that ser+eth6 is not he that sitteth at meat6 ,ut I am among you as he that ser+eth. 21 K Me are they .hi%h ha+e %ontinue( .ith me in my temptations. 24 n( I appoint unto you a king(om, as my :ather hath appointe( unto meJ 0) that ye may eat an( (rink at my ta,le in my king(om, an( sit on thrones >u(ging the t.el+e tri,es of Israel. Luke 22:@$20. The :inal 9asso+er. Jesus kne. this .as /is final 9asso+er, on the e+ening ,efore /is (eath. /e takes this sa%re( %eremony to gi+e the (is%iples a ritual for them to follo. as part of the or(inan%es of /is %hur%h $ to an%hor it in the sa%rifi%ial (eath /e .as preparing for, sin%e %alle( /oly Communion. ?erses @,1. The Je.ish tra(ition pres%ri,e( the preparation of unlea+ene( ,rea( the night ,efore the 9asso+er. Thus this (ay .as %alle( the (ay of unlea+ene( ,rea(. The sa%rifi%ial lam,s .ere to ,e kille( ,y *:)) p.m. an( prepare( for the 9asso+er meal .hi%h ,egan shortly after sunset $ ,eginning the (ay of festi+al kno.n as 9asso+er. It has ,een %al%ulate( this took pla%e on Thurs(ay, pril 3th, 0) .D. Jesus sent 9eter an( John to prepare for the 9asso+er meal that e+ening. ?erse 4. This ha( to ,e hel( in Jerusalem. Jesus .as aske( .here to (o this. ?erses &),&2. It may ,e assume( that Jesus ha( ma(e pre+ious arrangements for the meal, ,ut ha( not yet informe( the (is%iples. man .ith a pit%her in pu,li% .oul( ,e easy to spot, sin%e .omen almost eE%lusi+ely %arrie( .ater. It has ,een suggeste( that this .as planne( so that Ju(as .oul( not ha+e time to go tell the Je.ish lea(ers the lo%ation ,efore Jesus ha( tol( /is follo.ers all that /e .ante( to, in%lu(ing the %ele,ration of the 9asso+er an( the institution of Communion. ?erse &0. 9eter an( John foun( e+erything as Jesus ha( (es%ri,e(, an( pro%ee(e( to %omplete the preparations. ?erse &2. t the appointe( time, all .ere there an( Jesus sat (o.n to ,egin, .ith no fear of ,eing interrupte(. ?erse &3. Luke's a%%ount is ,rief, in%lu(ing only essential matters. Dark has a more (etaile( a%%ount. Luke (oes mention things

&4@ Lesson AAAI? %ontinue( not mentione( in the other Gospels. /e mentions that Jesus tol( /is (is%iples of ho. intensely /e ha( longe( to %ele,rate this last 9asso+er .ith them. /e no (ou,t .as thinking of the true meaning of the sa%rifi%ial lam,, an( that /is time to ,e%ome the Lam, of Go( ha( %ome. ll the preparation an( prophe%ies of the Ol( Testament .ere a,out to ,e fulfille(. The #e. Testament in /is ,loo( .as to ,e a%%omplishe( the (ay. The Communion .as to %ele,rate the a%%omplishment of /is .ork of re(emptionJ it also signale( the sa%rifi%e /e .as a,out to make. ?erse &*. Jesus here allu(es to the %ele,ration to %ome at the en( of the age at the Dessiani% ,an-uet .here /e in triumph .el%omes /is follo.ers to full ,lesse(ness. The re(emption sym,oli=e( ,y the 9asso+er .ill at that time ha+e ,e%ome perfe%t reality. ?erse &@. Luke (oes not gi+e a +ery (etaile( a%%ount of all of Jesus' .or(s at the passing of the %up, ,ut simply (es%ri,es /im taking a %up, gi+en ,y one of /is (is%iples, gi+ing thanks to Go(, then gi+ing it to the (is%iples to share. ?erse &1. gain Jesus mentions that this is /is final 9asso+er repast on earth, an( that /e .ill not %ele,rate it .ith /is follo.ers until the king(om of Go( is %omplete, an( +i%tory o+er all /is enemies .on. ?erses &4,2). /ere Jesus (istri,utes the ,rea(, ,roken in pie%es, an( taught the (is%iples that the ,rea( sym,oli=e( /is ,o(y F.hi%h for their sake .oul( ,e ,roken in /is (eathG. /e tells them that they must repeat this %eremony in remem,ran%e of /is sa%rifi%e. Then after supper, /e (istri,ute( the %up, tea%hing them that this represente( /is ,loo( .hi%h .oul( ,e the ne. %o+enant. This .as sym,oli=e( in the ol( %o+enant ,y the ,loo( of the lam, applie( to the (oor posts an( lintel Fthe top of the (oorG in 'gypt, so that their li+es .oul( ,e spare( $ that the angel of (eath passe( o+er their homes. ?erse 2&. t some point, Jesus eEpressly re+eale( that one of the &2 at the ta,le .as planning to ,etray /im. ?erse 22. It .as part of the 9lan of 5al+ation that Jesus as the 5on of Dan, ,e (eli+ere( up an( kille( as a perfe%t offering for the sins of mankin(. 8ut the ,etrayer, ,y %hoosing to (o this %rime, %alls upon himself a fearful >u(gment. ?erse 20. Luke (oes not mention the pointing out of Ju(as or the (etaile( rea%tions of the (is%iples, ,ut summari=es their %onfusion

&41 Lesson AAAI? %ontinue( a,out ho. an( .ho %oul( possi,ly ,e su%h a traitor. 8ut it sho.s that they ,elie+e( Jesus ,y their -uestioning e+en of themsel+es. The institution of the Communion of the Last 5upper remin(s us that Jesus %hose the path to the %ross, to ,e the Lam, of Go( that takes a.ay the sins of the Borl( an( that this .as Go('s plan from ,efore the foun(ation of the Borl( as promise( to (am an( '+e after their fall. This .as prophesie( throughout the Ol( Testament, as institute( in all the sa%rifi%es of the Temple, an( the spe%ial %ele,ration of the 9asso+er. Bhat Go( plans /e %arries out at /is appointe( time. 9erio(. #ote of the Or(er of a 9asso+er "epast fter preparations .ere rea(y, the group .oul( sit together aroun( the ta,le. ,lessing .oul( ,e aske( for the feast, the first %up of .ine .oul( ,e passe( aroun(. The lea(er or hea( of the househol( .oul( retell the story of the original 9asso+er of 'Eo(us &2:2* et%. Then the se%on( %up of .ine .as passe( aroun(. Then the sa%rifi%ial lam, .oul( ,e eaten, .ith unlea+ene( ,rea( an( ,itter her,s. Bhen the meal .as finishe(, the thir( %up .as sent aroun( after thanks for the 9asso+er meal. 5e+eral 9salms .ere %hante( as %on%lusion. In the ne. Communion, ,rea( .as to represent the ,o(y of Christ $ no lam, .as any more ne%essary to ,e sa%rifi%e( $ for Jesus ha( fulfille( .hat the lam, ha( represente(, .hen /e ,e%ame the sa%rifi%e /imself. Luke 22:22$0). The Greatest 5hall 8e Last. 8eing normal humans, the (is%iples sho.e( their am,ition an( (esires, thinking of their %oming role in Jesus' Dessiani% king(om. t times they apparently argue( amongst themsel+es. ?erse 22. 5ometime (uring that final e+ening the (is%iples -uarrele( a,out .hi%h one .as the most important $ thinking .ho .oul( ,e neEt un(er Jesus as a ruler or lea(er o+er all the others. This .as in spite of Jesus' %ontinuous tea%hing that /is king(om .as spiritual an( not of this .orl(. lso they ha( not graspe( the reality that the pre(i%tions a,out /is %on(emnation an( (eath .ere a,out to %ome to pass. It has ,een o,ser+e( that this may ha+e imme(iately pre%e(e( the .ashing of the (is%iples' feet ,y Jesus Fas re%or(e( in John &0. This .as a (ramati% eEample of the opposite of their petty self$seeking am,itions.G ?erses 23,2*. The rulers of earthy king(oms lor( it o+er their su,>e%ts, %all themsel+es ,enefa%tors, %laiming fame an( honor a,o+e all others. Jesus says that it must not ,e so among /is follo.ers. follo.ers. They must not seek honor an( (eferen%e ,e%ause of age or

&44 Lesson AAAI? %ontinue( eEperien%e. /e must as lea(er ,e one .ho ser+es $ not one .ho is ser+e(. role of humility ,efore Go( lea(s to responsi,le ser+i%e, not spe%ial pri+ileges. ?erse 2@. #ormally the one seate( at the ta,le is the important person, .ith ser+ants .aiting on him, ,ut Jesus sho.s ,y /is eEample that /is life .as one of %ontinual ser+i%e to others. ?erses 21$0). Jesus then a%kno.le(ges /is appre%iation of their faithfulness in staying .ith /im through e+ery %ir%umstan%e, yet their .ill not ,e measure( in .orl(ly honour or authority as in earthly king(oms. /e makes a promise to them that at the en( of the age they .ill partake in /is king(om, an( eat an( (rink at /is ta,le, an( that they .oul( ,e lea(ers sitting on thrones to >u(ge the &2 tri,es of Israel. If lea(ers in the %hur%h stri+e to a%hie+e fame, an(, an( ri%hes, they ha+e not learne( to ser+e for Christ's sake an( to honor Go(. This is the eEample the life of Jesus %learly portrays.

Lesson AAA? Luke 22:0&$2*.


0& K n( the Lor( sai(, 5imon, 5imon, ,ehol(, 5atan hath (esire( to ha+e you, that he may sift you as .heat: 02 ,ut I ha+e praye( for thee, that thy faith fail not: an( .hen thou art %on+erte(, strengthen thy ,rethren. 00 n( he sai( unto him, Lor(, I am rea(y to go .ith thee, ,oth into prison, an( to (eath. 02 n( he sai(, I tell thee, 9eter, the %o%k shall not %ro. this (ay, ,efore that thou shalt thri%e (eny that thou kno.est me. 03 K n( he sai( unto them, Bhen I sent you .ithout purse, an( s%rip, an( shoes, la%ke( ye any thing6 n( they sai(, #othing. 0* Then sai( he unto them, 8ut no., he that hath a purse, let him take it, an( like.ise his s%rip: an( he that hath no s.or(, let him sell his garment, an( ,uy one. 0@ :or I say unto you, that this that is .ritten must yet ,e a%%omplishe( in me, n( he .as re%kone( among the transgressors: for the things %on%erning me ha+e an en(. 01 n( they sai(, Lor(, ,ehol(, here are t.o s.or(s. n( he sai( unto them, It is enough. 04 K n( he %ame out, an( .ent, as he .as .ont, to the mount of Oli+esJ an( his (is%iples also follo.e( him. 2) n( .hen he .as at the pla%e, he sai( unto them, 9ray that ye enter not into temptation. 2& n( he .as .ith(ra.n from them a,out a stone's %ast, an( kneele( (o.n, an( praye(, 22 saying, :ather, if thou ,e .illing, remo+e this %up from me: ne+ertheless, not my .ill, ,ut thine, ,e (one. 20 n( there appeare( an angel unto him from hea+en, strengthening him. 22 n( ,eing in an agony he praye( more earnestly: an( his .as as it .ere great (rops of ,loo( falling (o.n to the groun(. 23 n( .hen he rose up from prayer, an( .as %ome to his (is%iples, he foun( them sleeping for sorro., 2* an( sai( unto them, Bhy sleep ye6 rise an( pray, lest ye enter into temptation. Luke 22:0&$02. The Barning to 9eter. This apparently took pla%e after the 9asso+er. F s also relate( in Datthe. 2*:00 an( John &0:0&,0*$1.G 8y %alling 9eter H5imon, 5imon,H Jesus is pointing out his humanness Frather than %alling him 9eter the ro%kG. 8y repeating his name, /e emphasi=es the seriousness of .hat /e is a,out to say to him. Jesus re+eals that satan, the a(+ersary, has %laime( the right of su,>e%ting the (is%iples to a se+ere test. /e .ants to %at%h them ,eing (isloyal an( .ithout true faith in Jesus. s .ith Jo,, Go(

2)& Lesson AAA? %ontinue( allo.e( satan this free(om, ,ut al.ays .ithin eEa%t ,oun(aries. pparently satan's intention is to ,reak up Jesus' (is%iples an( to s%atter them like %haff, s%attere( ,y the .in(. 8y this sifting, satan .ishes that not e+en the .heat shall remain $ as .ith Ju(as, all .ill ,e%ome useless in Go('s plan for /is %hur%h. ?erse 02. Jesus, ho.e+er, praye( for /is (is%iples, an( espe%ially for 9eter .ho ha( a lea(ing role to play in the ,uil(ing of the %hur%h. 5atan .orks to %ounter Go('s plan, .hile Jesus inter%e(es on ,ehalf of /is (is%iples, espe%ially the lea(er. Jesus assures 9eter that his faith .ill not ,e %ompletely (estroye(, e+en though /e .oul( (eny /im three times. Bhen ,rought ,a%k to Go('s .ill, he must help the other (is%iples F.ho .ill also eEperien%e (ismay an( %onfusionG to regain strength of faith, an( gro. in Christ. ?erse 00. 9eter is so %ertain of his strength an( loyalty, that he seems to fin( it impossi,le to ,elie+e .hat Jesus has spoken. Impetuously he insists that he is prepare( to follo. Jesus to prison an( e+en to (eath. ?erse 02. Jesus .arns 9eter +ery eEa%tly that that +ery night he .oul( (eny e+en /im $ more than t.i%e. 9eter's %laim of ,eing a,le in his o.n strength to remain faithful an( loyal to Jesus .as foolish. It is only the of Go( through /is spirit that .ill sustain our faith. 22:03$01. The T.o 5.or(s. Jesus is ( a %ontrast ,et.een /is pu,li% ministry an( .hat .as a,out to take pla%e $ .hen /is enemies .oul( .ith (rasti% +iolen%e arrest /im an( see to /is eEe%ution. Bhen Jesus ha( ,een ministering to the people, (oing mira%les, healing, an( tea%hing, /e ha( ,een .ell$re%ei+e(. Bhen /e ha( sent the (is%iples out on their o.n, they .ere .ell$treate( an( la%ke( no ne%essities. They .ere respe%te( an( returne( .ith >oy. ?erse 0*. #o. things are turning to the opposite $ alrea(y the Je.ish lea(ers ha+e re>e%te( /im an( are seeking /is (eath, .hi%h .ill soon take pla%e. The (is%iples are also soon to ,e treate( +iolently, hate(, an( perse%ute(. Bith /im gone, they .ill ,e on their o.n to fin( their .ay in the hostile .orl(. Jesus gi+es a (ramati% eEample of ho. (etermine( they must ,e ,y suggesting they ,e like one .ho fights for his %ause $ e+en gi+ing up his %oat for a s.or(. This .ay he %an at least ha+e means to %ontinue the struggle.

2)2 Lesson AAA? %ontinue( ?erse 0@. This .ill happen ,e%ause Jesus .ill ,e %onsi(ere( a %riminal an( ,e kille( Fas Isaiah 30 pre(i%tsG. :or .hat follo.s for them they must ,e e-uippe( for the spiritual .arfare .ith (etermination an( %ourage. ?erse 01. The (is%iples are still not a,le to per%ei+e the spiritual nature of Christ's present mission. They still see /im as the One to esta,lish the Dessiani% ;ing(om on earth .ith human for%e. They assume Jesus speaks of a%tual physi%al s.or(s, not seeing the spiritual truth /e is allu(ing to. #othing that Jesus has sai( or (one .oul( e+er suggest that /e .oul( e+er fight, or %all on others to fight for /im. /e (oes not get angry, an( re,uke them ,e%ause of their misun(erstan(ing that they %oul( possi,ly think /e .as suggesting arme( +iolen%e. /is reply seems sorro.ful. 'n(ing the %on+ersation, HIt is enough.H Later /e .oul( for,i( the (is%iples to use a s.or( $ an( healing the .oun(e( ser+ant /e sho.e( that to (efen( /is %ause (i( not mean the use of .eapons $ ,ut the use of the Bor( Fsharper than any t.o$ e(ge( s.or(G. Dany throughout the 2) %enturies sin%e the (eath of Jesus ha+e taken up arms to fight for the (efense an( sprea( of HChristianityH. Jesus tea%hes any su%h thing. The history of the &st %entury ,elie+ers is one of perse%ution an( (eath $ the sprea(ing of the Gospel ,y faith an( sa%rifi%e $ not ,y for%e or .ar. The other point $ ,e%ause the (is%iples misun(erstoo( /im, (oes not mean that .e shoul( also. /e .as using a figure of spee%h to emphasi=e the (ramati% %hange a,out to %ome .here great opposition .as their ne. %ir%umstan%e, so that they may ,e prepare( for the struggle. Luke 22:02$2*. Jesus in Gethsemane. /ere .e see the ,eginning of Jesus' final su,mission to the path of suffering an( (eath preor(aine( ,y Go(. ?erse 04. The time ha( %ome for Jesus to surren(er /imself to /is enemies to ,e a%%use(, %on(emne(, ,eaten an( %ru%ifie(. /e (oes not try to hi(e or .hat /e kno.s Ju(as is planning .hen he .ent out from the upper room earlier. Jesus an( the (is%iples go to the Dount of Oli+es, as .as /is %ustom (uring this .eek to spen( the night. The +ery pla%e Ju(as .ill lea( the motley ,an( to arrest /im. Jesus ha( pre+iously a+oi(e( /is enemies on se+eral o%%asions, ,e%ause it .as not the right time. The /oly Communion of the #e. Testament ha( ,een institute(, the sign that the ol( (ispensation, the sa%rifi%e of the 9asso+er, .as o+er. That .as to ,e shortly fulfille( in /is sa%rifi%e as the Lam, of Go(. /e no. kno.s

2)0 Lesson AAA? %ontinue( /is hour has %ome. ?erse 2). Jesus sho.s /is (e+otion to the .elfare of /is follo.ers, that they .ill remain stea(fast, (uring the %oming trials an( temptations. /e urges them to pray to seek strength from Go( %ontinuously. ?erse 2&. Luke's summary of these e+ents (oes not in%lu(e the role of Jesus' 0 %losest (is%iples $ in ,eing near /im or their ina,ility to stay a.ake FDatthe. 2*:0@G .hen /e praye( to the :ather. ?erse 22. In /is humanness Jesus felt the same as .e $ a+ersion an( fear of pain, suffering, an( (eath. /e is also a.are that this is not ,e%ause of any sin or fault .ithin /imself or any .or( or (ee( that /e has (one $ ,ut /is o.n %hoi%e to take upon /imself the >u(gment an( .rath of Go( for the manifol( sins of all mankin(. In%lu(e( .ill ,e the ,reaking of the ,on( .ith the :ather. fter li+ing in the most intimate %ommunion .ith /is :ather from ,efore the %reation, /e .oul( ha+e to en(ure ,eing forsaken ,y /is :ather on the %ross, as /e, senten%e( as a %on(emne( %riminal, ,earing the sin of all men, hung on the %ross until (eath. It is as if /e measure( in /is min( an( soul an( spirit all that /e .as a,out to en(ure. #o matter ho. terri,le an( fearful .oul( ,e those eEperien%es $ /e fin(s the .eight +ery great $ thus praying, H:ather, if thou ,e .illing, remo+e this %up from me.H t the neEt moment /e a%kno.le(ges that there is no other .ayJ only /e %oul( fulfill this uni-ue of all tasks of human history, H#e+ertheless not my .ill, ,ut thine ,e (one.H ll of /is .or(s an( (ee(s ha+e le( to this point. ll of the Ol( Testament prophe%ies pointe( to this task. /e a%%epts the responsi,ility un%on(itionally $ to (rink the %up of suffering an( (eath to the last (rop. ?erse 20. The fa%ing, .restling .ith, an( final %omplete surren(er to Go('s .ill, eEhauste( /im mentally, emotionally, an( spiritually. n angel is sent to strengthen /im, that /e .ill ha+e the energy to %omplete the task. ?erse 22. The intensity of mental eEertion as /e prays, strains the ,o(y so that /e s.eats .ith (rops like (rops of ,loo( (ropping to the groun( Fkey .or( HlikeHG. ?erse 23. Jesus finishes .ith /is prayer an( goes ,a%k to the (is%iples to fin( them sleeping. Their eEperien%es of the pre+ious (ays, the final supper, plus the som,er .arnings, gi+en ,y Jesus, ha( left them %onfuse( an( sa((ene(. It is un(erstan(a,le that ,y this time of night they .oul( ha+e fallen asleep.

2)2 Lesson AAA? %ontinue( ?erse 2*. lso the %ir%umstan%es that .oul( soon happen an( the (esolation they .oul( feel, Jesus .akes them, urging them on%e again to pray for strength that .ith Go('s help they may resist temptations that .ill surroun( them. Con%lusion. Be %an, only .ith for%e( imagination, get some i(ea of .hat one .oul( go through physi%ally, emotionally, an( mentally if .e fa%e our o.n suffering an( (eath $ an( this ,e%ause of our o.n guilt. 8ut to kno. .e ha+e a %hoi%e $ that .e %an %hoose not to suffer an( (ie. On the other han(, .e %an %hoose to suffer an( (ie .ith the ,ur(en of all mankin('s sins on our hea(. It is ,eyon( my un(erstan(ing. Be stan( in a.e at the perfe%t life of Jesus, ,ut e+en more a.e at /is %hoi%e, as a human soul to suffer an( (ie in our pla%e. /e took our pla%e. /e kne. all that the path in%lu(e(, e+ery (etail: the arrest, the trial, the hitting, the mo%king, the name %alling, the spitting, the .hipping, the %ro.n of thorns, the nails into the %ross, the hanging, an( ultimately, the (eath. Our only response %an ,e %ontinual an( faithful thankfulness. thankfulness .orke( out in our (aily li+es ,y ser+ing /im, in a,i(ing in /is lo+e, an( sharing that lo+e .ith all those aroun( us. 9ray for /is gui(an%e an( strength to ,e .orthy of /is %alling an( that our li+es .ill ,ring honor to /im. men. #eEt, the rrest an( Je.ish Trials of Jesus.

Lesson AAA?I Luke 22:2@$@&.


2@ K n( .hile he yet spake, ,ehol( a multitu(e, an( he that .as %alle( Ju(as, one of the t.el+e, .ent ,efore them, an( (re. near unto Jesus to kiss him. 21 8ut Jesus sai( unto him, Ju(as, ,etrayest thou the 5on of man .ith a kiss6 24 Bhen they .hi%h .ere a,out him sa. .hat .oul( follo., they sai( unto him, Lor(, shall .e smite .ith the s.or(6 3) n( one of them smote the ser+ant of the high priest, an( %ut off his right ear. 3& n( Jesus ans.ere( an( sai(, 5uffer ye thus far. n( he tou%he( his ear, an( heale( him. 32 Then Jesus sai( unto the %hief priests, an( %aptains of the temple, an( the el(ers, .hi%h .ere %ome to him, 8e ye %ome out, as against a thief, .ith s.or(s an( sta+es6 30 Bhen I .as (aily .ith you in the temple, ye stret%he( forth no han(s against me: ,ut this is your hour, an( the of (arkness. 32 K Then took they him, an( le( him, an( ,rought him into the high priest's house. n( 9eter follo.e( afar off. 33 n( .hen they ha( kin(le( a fire in the mi(st of the hall, an( .ere set (o.n together, 9eter sat (o.n among them. 3* 8ut a %ertain mai( ,ehel( him as he sat ,y the fire, an( earnestly looke( upon him, an( sai(, This man .as also .ith him. 3@ n( he (enie( him, saying, Boman, I kno. him not. 31 n( after a little .hile another sa. him, an( sai(, Thou art also of them. n( 9eter sai(, Dan, I am not. 34 n( a,out the spa%e of one hour after another %onfi(ently affirme(, saying, Of a truth this fello. also .as .ith himJ for he is a Galilean. *) n( 9eter sai(, Dan, I kno. not .hat thou sayest. n( imme(iately, .hile he yet spake, the %o%k %re.. *& n( the Lor( turne(, an( looke( upon 9eter. n( 9eter remem,ere( the .or( of the Lor(, ho. he ha( sai( unto him, 8efore the %o%k %ro., thou shalt (eny me thri%e. *2 n( 9eter .ent out, an( .ept ,itterly. *0 K n( the men that hel( Jesus mo%ke( him, an( smote him. *2 n( .hen they ha( ,lin(fol(e( him, they stru%k him on the fa%e, an( aske( him, saying, 9rophesy, .ho is it that smote thee6 *3 n( many other things ,lasphemously spake they against him. ** K n( as soon as it .as (ay, the el(ers of the people an( the %hief priests an( the s%ri,es %ame together, an( le( him into their %oun%il, saying, *@ rt thou the Christ6 tell us. n( he sai( unto them, If I tell you, ye .ill not ,elie+e:

2)* Lesson AAA?I %ontinue( *1 an( if I also ask you, ye .ill not me, nor let me go. *4 /ereafter shall the 5on of man sit on the right han( of the of Go(. @) Then sai( they all, rt thou then the 5on of Go(6 n( he sai( unto them, Me say that I am. @& n( they sai(, Bhat nee( .e any further .itness6 for .e oursel+es ha+e hear( of his o.n mouth. Luke 22:2@$30. The rrest. Jesus .as no. perfe%tly %alm, an( rea(y to en(ure the %oming e+ents, .ithout fear. Though some might think Jesus .as their po.erless prey $ it is o,+ious that /e takes %harge of ho. these e+ents play out. ?erses 2@,21. Bhat Jesus ha( so re%ently .arne( /is (is%iples a,out .as %oming to pass $ .hile /e is still talking to them, the %ro.( le( ,y Ju(as .as upon them. To any resistan%e, a large group of temple guar(s an( 5anhe(rin mem,ers ha( %ome to arrest /im. Ju(as ha( arrange( a signal $ that they shoul( arrest the one Ju(as kisse(. 'spe%ially ,e%ause it .as at night, there must ,e no mistake. %%or(ing to Dark &2:23, Jesus allo.e( Ju(as to %ome up to /im an( kiss /im in the normal frien(ly greeting, an( after that Jesus spoke, HJu(as, ,etrayest thou the 5on of man .ith a kiss6H This .oul( for%e Ju(as to -uestion his moti+es $ possi,ly to reali=e the (epth of his ,etrayal. ?erses 24,3). T.o (is%iples -ui%kly ask if they are to fight to pre+ent this arrest .ith their s.or(s. %%or(ing to John &1:&) 9eter ha( alrea(y gra=e( Dal%hus Fser+ant of the high priestG, %utting off his right ear. ?erse 3&. #o. Jesus %oul( ,e a%%use( of lea(ing la.less an( +iolent men. Jesus imme(iately for,i(s them to (o anything further. To fiE the situation, Jesus heals the .oun(e( man. /e %oul( not allo. /is enemies to ha+e any %ause to a%%use /im of a %rime. ?erses 32,30. Jesus then -uestions the %ro.(, asking .hy they ha( %ome .ith su%h a large group of arme( men as if /e .as su%h a (angerous %riminal, as if they .oul( ha+e to take /im ,y o+er.helming for%e. /e says if /e .as so guilty of +iolent %rimes, .hy ha(n't they arreste( /im ,efore, .hile /e (aily taught in the Temple6 /ere they ha+e %ome in the night, to a se%lu(e( pla%e, .here the people .oul( ne+er kno. .hat they are (oing. /e makes the o,ser+ation that un(er the %o+er of natural (arkness also the e+il po.ers of (arkness un(er satan an( his influen%e on men an( (emons alike, are ,eing permitte(

2)@ Lesson AAA?I %ontinue( ,y the forekno.n plan of Go( to take the 5on of Go(. This .as only ,e%ause Jesus ha( +oluntarily taken the path of sa%rifi%ial (eath for the sins of mankin(. #ote that only Luke mentions that it .as the ser+ant's right ear. Luke 22:32$*2. 9eter's Denial. The (is%iples .ere not prepare( for the e+ents happening so -ui%kly or for the se+ere an( (rasti% eEtremes they .oul( %ome to. ?erse 32. Bhen Jesus .as taken into %usto(y, the (is%iples (isperse(, %onfuse( as sheep .hen the shepher( is gone. Be are only tol( a,out John, .ho follo.e( Jesus, an( 9eter .ho also follo.e( ,ut at a (istan%e. ?erses 33$3@. Jesus .as taken into the high priest's house. John, apparently .ell$kno.n to the high priest's househol(, sa. that 9eter .as allo.e( into the %ourtyar( FJohn &*:&3G. 9eter >oine( those sitting aroun( a fire. The gatekeeper alrea(y thought 9eter .as one of Jesus' follo.ers an( looking intently into the firelight at him, she openly (e%lare( him to ,e a pparently she ha( gone along .ith the %ro.( for the arrest. 9eter imme(iately (enies that he kno.s Jesus. fe. hours ,efore he ha( ,ol(ly asserte( that he .oul( ne+er (eny Jesus ,ut .as prepare( e+en (ie along .ith /im. fter this, he .ent to the outer %ourtyar( an( hear( a %o%k %ro. FDark &2:21G. /e then returne( to the inner %ourt an( stoo( near the group $ o,+iously -uite uneasy. FJohn &1:&1.G ?erse 31. The gatekeeper again noti%es him FDark &2:*4G an( says so to the group. nother person in the group re%ogni=es him as a FJohn &1:21G an( says so to 9eter. 9eter (enies the a%%usation a se%on( time. ?erses 34,*). perio( of time later, another one of the group (e%lares that 9eter is (efinitely a ,e%ause his a%%ent .as of Galilea, >ust as Jesus .as kno.n to ,e a Galilean. 9eter most emphati%ally (enies that he e+en kne. Jesus FDark &2:@&G. t that +ery moment, the rooster let loose again Fmost likely ,et.een & C 0 .D.G. ?erses *&,*2. In that +ery moment, Jesus .as stan(ing .ithin the house .here 9eter %oul( see /im, an( Jesus looke( at him. The emotions must ha+e ,een eEtreme on ,oth si(es in that moment. Jesus feeling intense lo+e an( sympathy for 9eter's plight. On the other han( the soun( of the rooster flashe( Jesus' .arning in 9eter's

2)1 Lesson AAA?I %ontinue( memory, for%ing him to reali=e the truth of the .arning an( the (epth of guilt of his three (enials. Bhereupon 9eter .as o+er.helme( ,y remorse an( guilt an( sa(ness o+er his fear an( .eakness $ for%ing him to %ry ,itterly o+er letting Jesus (o.n so %ompletely. These .ere tears of repentan%e an( rene.e( (e(i%ation, an( (etermination to ser+e Jesus, un%on(itionally. In %omplete %ontrast, Ju(as, looking for earthly an( .ealth, ha( ,etraye( Jesus from moti+es of (isappointment, (isillusionment, an( frustration. Bhen he finally reali=e( the e+il of his a%tions, an( that he ha( ,etraye( an inno%ent man, it only le( to his o.n sui%i(e. /e apparently, at no point a%tually un(erstoo( the true nature of Jesus as the 5on of Go(, The 9erfe%t Dan, an( the Lam, of Go(, to sa%rifi%e /imself for the sins of mankin(. /is remorse le( to (espair, (arkness, an( (eath. 9eter's remorse le( in the other (ire%tion, for he truly again .as %ompletely %on+in%e( of the (eity an( (i+ine nature of Jesus as Dessiah an( of /is eternal lo+e an( %ompassion for him personally. Luke 22:*0$@&. Jesus ,efore the 5anhe(rin. 8y taking the information from all 2 gospels, this is of e+ents. F&G :irst, Jesus .as taken to the house of nnas, the high priest, father in la. of the %urrent high priest, an( influential. /e is gi+en a preliminary trial ,efore nnas, presen%e of those .ho ha( arreste( /im. FJohn &1:&4$20.G the or(er former still +ery in the

F2G se%on( preliminary trial ,efore Caiaphas Fthe present high priestG, an( mem,ers of the Je.ish Coun%il $ still at night, sometime ,et.een & an( 0 a.m. FDatthe. 2*:3@$*1.G F0G final trial ,efore the %omplete Coun%il of the 5anhe(rin %ompose( of %hief priests an( s%ri,es. This o%%urre( after (ay,reak $ for only (uring (aylight hours .as it legal to hol( a trial. FLuke 22:**$@&.G F2G The trial ,efore 9ilate. F3G The hearing ,efore /ero(. F*G The final senten%ing for eEe%ution ,efore 9ilate the 2n( time. 'a%h of the Gospels gi+e only a fe. highlights of the entire pro%ee(ings. Luke's a%%ount +ery ,riefly summari=es the trials ,efore the Je.ish authorities. Met the (etails he .rites gi+e a %lear pi%ture of ho. %ruelly an( (isrespe%tfully they treate( our 5a+ior $ these, /is o.n %hosen people, the +ery ones .ho shoul( ha+e

2)4 Lesson AAA?I %ontinue( re%ogni=e( an( a%%epte( /im as their Dessiah. ?erses *0$*3. /a+ing Jesus un(er their %omplete %ontrol, they +ent mu%h pent up anger an( hatre( ,y mo%king /im, ,eating /im .ith their fists an( a%%using /im of +arious %rimes in%lu(ing ,lasphemy. t one point, they ,lin(fol( /im an( some hit /im, asking /im .ho ha( stru%k /im, mo%king /is %laims of ,eing a prophet .ith supernatural kno.le(ge. Jesus silently en(ures all of these things. ?erse **. #one of these pretrials .ere legal. To ha+e a legal trial it ha( to ,e (uring the (ay $ so they %alle( for the formal assem,ly of the el(ers $ ,oth %hief priests an( s%ri,es. ?erses *@,*1. Their ma>or moti+e .as to %ome up .ith a %harge they %an ,ring ,efore the "oman authority Fin Jerusalem it .as the 9ro%urator, 9ilateG. This %harge ha( to ha+e (eath as its penalty, sin%e they (i( not ha+e the authority un(er "oman la. to eEe%ute a (eath senten%e. They .oul( not settle for anything less. They see Jesus as a threat to their o.n positions of an( authority. The foremost i(ea seems to ,e that ,y %laiming to ,e the Je.ish Dessiah, thus the ;ing of the Je.s, therefore /e is a ri+al to the 'mpire of "ome an( a threat to "oman so+ereignty o+er the Je.ish nation $ there,y a traitor an( .orthy of (eath. To get /im to a(mit this %laim is only to further their agen(a an( not a sin%ere -uestion .hi%h they %oul( %hoose to ,elie+e. Jesus kno.s this an( that /is saying this .oul( not ser+e any purpose, sin%e their min(s .ere alrea(y ma(e up. /e also remarks that they .oul( not /is -uestion either $ .hat their true moti+e .as in posing to /im the -uestion in the first pla%e. They ha( refuse( to a,out John the 8aptist. Bhat ha( %hange(6 $ not their thinking. ?erse *4. Jesus (oes make a positi+e statement a,out /is ,eing the Dessiah, that as the resurre%te(, as%en(e(, glorifie( 5on of Dan, /e .ill ,e seate( at the right han( of Go(. ?erse @). Their small an( settle( min(s %oul( not take in the enormity of all that this propheti% utteran%e .oul( mean. ll they hear( .as a %laim of (i+ine nature $ that /e .as saying that /e is the 5on of Go( F,y /is use of the term 5on of Dan as referring to Go('s 5on in Daniel @:&0G. They ask /im to say the eEa%t .or(s $ that ,y (oing so /e .ill %ommit ,lasphemy an( there,y ,ring the punishment of (eath into their han(s. FInless of %ourse /is %laim .as true $ .hi%h they ne+er thought of at all.G Bhen Jesus replies, HMe say that I am,H /e agrees .ith their

2&) Lesson AAA?I %ontinue( -uestion, that, Mes, /e is the 5on of Go(. ll those present ,e%ome .itnesses against /im. In Je.ish La. it only takes t.o. 8ut here, their hope is that .ith this %ro.( of .itnesses, they %an in%ite the masses of the people against /im ,efore 9ilate. They nee(e( him to %arry out the eEe%ution, .hi%h they .ere not allo.e( to (o un(er "oman La.. Jesus kne. that /is a(mitting to ,eing the 5on of Go( .oul( lea( to /is (eath $ ,ut it .as the foun(ation of the Gospel of 5al+ation $ for only /e, the inno%ent one, %oul( pay the pri%e Fnot for /is sins, ,e%ause /e %ommitte( no sinG, for the sins of others.

Lesson AAA?II Luke 20:&$23. Jesus ,efore 9ilate an( /ero(.


& n( the .hole multitu(e of them arose, an( le( him unto 9ilate. 2 n( they ,egan to a%%use him, saying, Be foun( this fello. per+erting the nation, an( for,i((ing to gi+e tri,ute to Caesar, saying that he himself is Christ a king. 0 n( 9ilate aske( him, saying, rt thou the ;ing of the Je.s6 n( he ans.ere( him an( sai(, Thou sayest it. 2 Then sai( 9ilate to the %hief priests an( to the people, I fin( no fault in this man. 3 n( they .ere the more fier%e, saying, /e stirreth up the people, tea%hing throughout all Je.ry, ,eginning from Galilee to this pla%e. * K Bhen 9ilate hear( of Galilee, he aske( .hether the man .ere a Galilean. @ n( as soon as he kne. that he ,elonge( unto /ero('s >uris(i%tion, he sent him to /ero(, .ho himself also .as at Jerusalem at that time. 1 n( .hen /ero( sa. Jesus, he .as eE%ee(ing gla(: for he .as (esirous to see him of a long season, ,e%ause he ha( hear( many things of himJ an( he hope( to ha+e seen some mira%le (one ,y him. 4 Then he -uestione( .ith him in many .or(sJ ,ut he ans.ere( him nothing. &) n( the %hief priests an( s%ri,es stoo( an( +ehemently a%%use( him. && n( /ero( .ith his men of .ar set him at nought, an( mo%ke( him, an( arraye( him in a gorgeous ro,e, an( sent him again to 9ilate. &2 n( the same (ay 9ilate an( /ero( .ere ma(e frien(s togetherJ for ,efore they .ere at enmity ,et.een themsel+es. &0 K n( 9ilate, .hen he ha( %alle( together the %hief priests an( the rulers an( the people, &2 sai( unto them, Me ha+e ,rought this man unto me, as one that per+erteth the peopleJ an(, ,ehol(, I, ha+ing eEamine( him ,efore you, ha+e foun( no fault in this man tou%hing those things .hereof ye a%%use him: &3 no, nor yet /ero(: for I sent you to himJ an(, lo, nothing .orthy of (eath is (one unto him. &* I .ill therefore %hastise him, an( release him. &@ F:or of ne%essity he must release one unto them at the feast.G &1 K n( they %rie( out all at on%e, saying, .ay .ith this man, an( release unto us 8ara,',as: &4 F.ho for a %ertain se(ition ma(e in the %ity, an( for mur(er, .as %ast into prison.G 2) 9ilate therefore, .illing to release Jesus, spake again to them. 2& 8ut they %rie(, saying, Cru%ify him, %ru%ify him. 22 n( he sai( unto them the thir( time, Bhy, .hat e+il hath he

2&2 Lesson AAA?II %ontinue( (one6 I ha+e foun( no %ause of (eath in him: I .ill therefore %hastise him, an( let him go. 20 n( they .ere instant .ith lou( +oi%es, re-uiring that he might ,e %ru%ifie(: an( the +oi%es of them an( of the %hief priests pre+aile(. 22 n( 9ilate ga+e senten%e that it shoul( ,e as they re-uire(. 23 n( he release( unto them him that for se(ition an( mur(er .as %ast into prison, .hom they ha( (esire(J ,ut he (eli+ere( Jesus to their .ill. Luke 20:&$23. Jesus ,efore 9ilate an( /ero(. #o. that Jesus has ,een a%%use( an( foun( guilty of ,lasphemy ,y the 5anhe(rin an( %on(emne( to (eath, /e must ,e taken to the "oman authorities for the (eath penalty to ,e %arrie( out. The Je.ish authorities .ere for,i((en to eEe%ute anyone ,y "oman La.. They .aste no time that morning to ,ring /im ,efore 9ilate $ the 9ro%urator of "ome. ?erse &. The Coun%il agrees as to .hat means must ,e use( to get /im senten%e( to (eath ,y 9ilate. Certainly .or( .as sent ahea( that they .ere %oming. Jesus' arrest an( trials of the night .ere kept se%ret from the general population. 8y the time Jesus .as in "oman han(s an apparently helpless an( unresisting prisoner, .or( ha( sprea( an( the 5anhe(rin's influen%e ha( goo( effe%t in turning the masses against /im. Bhen Jesus .as taken to 9ilate, only the Je.ish authorities .ere there, rea(y to le+el all their a%%usations against /im. The former ri+alries of the 5a((u%ees, 9harisees, an( other groups Fin%lu(ing the s%ri,esG, ha( ,een put asi(e, to all .ork together for the (eath of Jesus. ?erses 2,0. gain, Luke's summary of this trial is ,rief. The many %harges are liste(. Though they ha( foun( /im guilty of ,lasphemy, they kne. this .oul( mean little to 9ilate, it ,eing a purely Je.ish religious %harge $ so they a((e( %harges more politi%al $ a%%using Jesus of for,i((ing the gi+ing of tri,ute to CaesarJ also /is professing to ,e the Dessiah a king $ therefore ri+al an( opponent to Caesar. lso that /e .as stirring up insurre%tion against the "oman go+ernment. If 9ilate %oul( ,e %on+in%e(...%onsi(ering the histori%al an( tra(itional attitu(e an( a%tions "oman authority that the Je.ish lea(ers, espe%ially the 5anhe(rin ha(, 9ilate must ha+e ,een highly suspi%ious of these men taking a stan( on the si(e of "ome. ; that their only %harge against Jesus, .hi%h .as ,lasphemy F,y a%kno.le(ging /e .as the 5on of Go(G, .oul( %arry no .eight in a "oman %ourt, they ha( to %ome up .ith these %ompletely (ifferent

2&0 Lesson AAA?II %ontinue( %harges. 9ilate ha( a pri+ate %on+ersation .ith Jesus, an( .as %on+in%e( /e .as inno%ent of any re,ellion or treason against "ome. Jesus a%kno.le(ge( that /e .as ;ing of the Je.s, ,ut o,+iously %on+in%e( 9ilate that /is king(om .as spiritual FJohn &1:0*G. /e per%ei+e( that the Je.ish authorities ha( ,rought Jesus to ,e %on(emne( ,e%ause of en+y or spite FDatthe. 2@:&1J Dark &3:&)G. ?erse 2. 9ilate pronoun%e( Jesus H#ot GuiltyH to the %ro.(. ?erse 3. This in%ites Jesus' a%%users. They (o not a%%ept this +er(i%t. They are (etermine( to see to /is (eath .ith .hate+er it takes. They more +iolently a%%use Jesus of stirring up the .hole nation, .hi%h starte( in Galilee. ?erses *,@. 9ilate is for%e( to a%%ept the fa%t that these a%%users .ill only get .orse $ that they are %apa,le of a%%using him F9ilateG ,efore Caesar. /e kno.s Jesus is inno%ent an( seems mo+e( ,y Jesus' presen%e. /e (oes not release Jesus. /earing the name Galilee, he takes this opportunity to sen( Jesus to /ero(, his ,eing the ruler of Galilee. 9ilate hopes to relie+e his responsi,ility in this %ase. /ero( .as in Jerusalem at that time. ?erses 1,4. /ero( ha( repeate(ly hear( of Jesus' a%ti+ities in the areas /e .as in %harge of. 8e%ause of the mira%les an( healings, he ha( .ante( to see /im in person. t one point, /ero( ha( feare( /e .as John the 8aptist %ome ,a%k to life F/ero( .as responsi,le for the 8aptist ,eing ,ehea(e(G. #o. he seeme( to ,e merely %urious $ to see ho. Jesus performe( a mira%le. Though at an earlier time, /ero( seeme( intereste( in the message from Go( that John prea%he(. #o. he .as merely %urious an( so set in his sinful .ays that Jesus spoke not a single .or( to him. ?erses &),&&. The %hief priests an( s%ri,es a%%use Jesus .ith great anger. /ero( is a.are that Jesus (i( not (o any of these things in his territory or he .oul( ha+e kno.n a,out it long ,efore no.. /ero( (oes not senten%e Jesus to (eath or pronoun%e /im inno%ent. /e (i( not like the fa%t that Jesus refuse( to e+en (o a single mira%le, or his -uestions $ so he along .ith his sol(iers treat Jesus .ith %ontempt, mo%king /im. 8y putting a royal garment on /im, they mo%k /is %laims to ,e ;ing of the Je.s $ then /e is sent ,a%k to 9ilate. ?erse &2. 8y his a%tion, 9ilate ha( remo+e( the long$stan(ing ill feeling ,et.een him an( /ero(.

2&2 Lesson AAA?II %ontinue( ?erses &0$&*. /oping to e+a(e his responsi,ility in this matter ,y sen(ing Jesus to /ero(, 9ilate has faile(. #o. that Jesus ha( ,een sent ,a%k .ithout resolution, 9ilate ,egins to gi+e in to the %ry of the %ro.(. '+en though ,oth /ero( an( he ha( foun( no punisha,le fault in Jesus, he .as prepare( to ha+e Jesus .hippe( an( then release( as a %ompromise. /e hope( this .oul( satisfy the Je.ish lea(ers, an( ,ring a,out the sympathy of the %ro.(. ?erses &@$&4. 8y this time, the multitu(e ha( ,een in%ite( against Jesus ,y the +iolent out%ry of the Je.ish lea(ers. There seems to ,e no .ay they .ill %ompromise. 9ilate offers them a %hoi%e of releasing 8ara,,as Fa kno.n re,el an( mur(ererG or JesusJ they %hoose 8ara,,as' release $ an( Jesus' eEe%ution. ?erses 2),2&. 9ilate .as %on+in%e( of Jesus' inno%en%e, an( ha( a se%ret fear of /im so that he (i(n't yet gi+e in %ompletely to the %ro.(. /e ha( ,een mo+e( ,y the no,ility an( %almness of Jesus' (emeanor, (uring all that the Je.ish authorities so angrily an( o,stinately a%%use( /im of an( %rie( out for /is (eath. ll that 9ilate (i( to satisfy the %ro.( .as in +ain $ they %ontinue( to %ry out HCru%ify /imPH ?erse 22. :or the 0r( time, 9ilate (e%lares Jesus inno%ent. gain he offers to %hastise an( then release /im, hoping they .ill ,e satisfie( .ith su%h a ,loo(y ,eating. John &4:& in(i%ates that Jesus .as ,eaten, hoping this .ill %alm the Je.s. ?erses 20,22. The %ontinue( out%ry of the %ro.( .as for (eath to JesusJ this for%e( 9ilate in his fear of an insurre%tion, a riot on the part of this mass of ,loo(thirsty Je.s, to finally gi+e in to their (eman(. ?erse 23. 9ilate ga+e in to /is fear of losing his >o, an( .hat this %ro.( .oul( (o to /im an( if he refuse( their (eman(. Bhate+er his true >u(gment of .hat .as right an( >ust .as (ri+en out ,y fear. /e ha( 8ara,,as release(, an( Jesus .as or(ere( to ,e %ru%ifie(. The ma>ority of the Je.ish nation ha( re>e%te( their Dessiah, %hoosing life for the mur(erer, 8ara,,as. fe. thousan( after 9ente%ost a%%epte( Jesus as their 5a+ior, ,ut the nation as a .hole %ontinue( to %hoose lea(ers of +iolen%e an( re,ellion against "oman authority. This (ire%tly le( to their final an( ,rutal (estru%tion at the han(s of the relentless "oman army from **$@) .D. 'a%h in(i+i(ual still must %hoose $ the .ay of sin or of sal+ation. To %hoose selfishly is like %hoosing 8ara,,as $ a life .ithout restraint. Choosing sal+ation is %hoosing the 5a+ior $ the path of

2&3 Lesson AAA?II %ontinue( forgi+eness, an( pea%e .ith Go(, an( a life of unselfish ser+i%e Go( an( men. t the same time, the %hoi%e in%lu(es one's (estination at the en( of this life. Bhat one so.s on earth one reaps hereafter. Jesus %oul( ha+e, at any moment, put a stop to .hat .as happening to /im. Therefore at e+ery moment, /e %hose to stay on the path of suffering an( (eath, ,e%ause /e kne. .hat eternal +alue /is life an( (eath meant $ the ,ringing of re%on%iliation ,et.een Go( an( man. It .as the only .ay to pay the pri%e for other's sins, an( /e kne. /e .as the only one, the sinless Lam, of Go(, that %oul( .ith /is (eath, pay for our li+es. /e %oul( see the infinite an( /is return to glory .ith the :ather. '+en so .e shoul( try to keep stea(fast through .hate+er trials, or perse%ution, .e fa%e an( keep in our heart the +ision of our future an( eternal life .ith Go( an( Jesus an( all the saints an( angels. men.

Lesson AAA?III Luke 20:2*$24. On the Bay to Cal+ary.


2* K n( as they le( him a.ay, they lai( hol( upon one 5imon, a Cyre'nian, %oming out of the %ountry, an( on him they lai( the %ross, that he might ,ear it after Jesus. 2@ n( there follo.e( him a great %ompany of people, an( of .omen, .hi%h also ,e.aile( an( lamente( him. 21 8ut Jesus turning unto them sai(, Daughters of Jerusalem, .eep not for me, ,ut .eep for yoursel+es, an( for your %hil(ren. 24 :or, ,ehol(, the (ays are %oming, in the .hi%h they shall say, 8lesse( are the ,arren, an( the .om,s that ne+er ,are, an( the paps .hi%h ne+er ga+e su%k. 0) Then shall they ,egin to say to the mountains, :all on usJ an( to the hills, Co+er us. 0& :or if they (o these things in a green tree, .hat shall ,e (one in the (ry6 02 K n( there .ere also t.o others, malefa%tors, le( .ith him to ,e put to (eath. 00 n( .hen they .ere %ome to the pla%e, .hi%h is %alle( Cal+ary, there they %ru%ifie( him, an( the malefa%tors, one on the right han(, an( the other on the left. 02 Then sai( Jesus, :ather, forgi+e themJ for they kno. not .hat they (o. n( they parte( his raiment, an( %ast lots. 03 n( the people stoo( ,ehol(ing. n( the rulers also .ith them (eri(e( him, saying, /e sa+e( othersJ let him sa+e himself, if he ,e Christ, the %hosen of Go(. 0* n( the sol(iers also mo%ke( him, %oming to him, an( offering him +inegar, 0@ an( saying, If thou ,e the ;ing of the Je.s, sa+e thyself. 01 n( a supers%ription also .as .ritten o+er him in letters of Greek, an( Latin, an( /e,re., T/I5 I5 T/' ;I#G O: T/' J'B5. 04 K n( one of the malefa%tors .hi%h .ere hange( raile( on him, saying, If thou ,e Christ, sa+e thyself an( us. 2) 8ut the other ans.ering re,uke( him, saying, Dost not thou fear Go(, seeing thou art in the same %on(emnation6 2& n( .e in(ee( >ustlyJ for .e re%ei+e the (ue of our (ee(s: ,ut this man hath (one nothing amiss. 22 n( he sai( unto Jesus, Lor(, remem,er me .hen thou %omest into thy king(om. 20 n( Jesus sai( unto him, ?erily I say unto thee, To(ay shalt thou ,e .ith me in para(ise. 22 K n( it .as a,out the siEth hour, an( there .as a (arkness o+er all the earth until the ninth hour. 23 n( the sun .as (arkene(, an( the +eil of the temple .as rent in the mi(st. 2* n( .hen Jesus ha( %rie( .ith a lou( +oi%e, he sai(, :ather,

2&@ Lesson AAA?III %ontinue( into thy han(s I %ommen( my spirit: an( ha+ing sai( thus, he ga+e up the ghost. 2@ #o. .hen the %enturion sa. .hat .as (one, he glorifie( Go(, saying, Certainly this .as a righteous man. 21 n( all the people that %ame together to that sight, ,ehol(ing the things .hi%h .ere (one, smote their ,reasts, an( returne(. 24 n( all his a%-uaintan%e, an( the .omen that follo.e( him from Galilee, stoo( afar off, ,ehol(ing these things. Luke 20:2*$24. On the Bay to Cal+ary. fter three years of openly ministering ,y .or( an( (ee( to the physi%al an( spiritual nee(s of the Je.ish people, offering them forgi+eness an( sal+ation, an( eternal life, Jesus ha( heale( many physi%al ailments an( (eli+ere( many from the %ontrol of (emons. /is .as a ministry of light in a (ark .orl(. Met the ma>ority of the people lo+e( the (arkness an( .orke( together to put out the light. Thus .as Jesus le( a.ay from the %ity to ,e put to (eath. ?erse 2*. Jesus ha( to %arry /is %ross from 9ilate's pala%e to the pla%e of eEe%ution. /e ha( ha( no sleep. /e ha( en(ure( the agony in the Gar(en, then the arrest, the trials, an( finally the %on(emnation, the .hipping, an( then the %ross $ /e .as .ithout a (ou,t eEhauste(, in>ure(, ,lee(ing, as /e .alke( through the narro. streets of Jerusalem. It .as pro,a,ly the sol(iers' fear that /e .oul( pass out or e+en (ie, that they for%e( a passing Cyrenian name( 5imon to %arry the %ross of Jesus. ?erse 2@. The ne.s of /is arrest an( trial ,efore 9ilate ha( soon rea%he( e+ery part of the %ity, ,ringing a great %ro.( of people to see the situation. +ast multitu(e .as on han( to o,ser+e the path to the pla%e of %ru%ifiEion kno.n as Golgotha, the pla%e of the skull. group of sympatheti% .omen .ere /im as %losely as possi,le an( .eeping for /im. ?erses 21$0). This ,rings the (eepest pity from Jesus for the people of Jerusalem, .ho ,y their re>e%tion of /im, .ere ,ringing >u(gment from Go(. /e stops an( turns them, telling them to %ry, not for /im, ,ut for themsel+es an( their %hil(ren. The pity they ha+e for /im is goo(, ,ut is mispla%e(, ,e%ause Jesus kno.s the plight they .ill ,e in .ill ,e far .orse for them an( their %hil(ren in the %oming (estru%tion. Bere they to see an( un(erstan( this it might lea( to ,elief an( repentan%e for at least some of them. This is (ramati%ally emphasi=e( ,y Jesus saying that the ,arren .omen .ill suffer less, sin%e they .ill not ha+e to eEperien%e the suffering of their %hil(ren.

2&1 Lesson AAA?III %ontinue( Bhat .as tra(itionally %onsi(ere( a %urse .oul( then ,e a ,lessing. These things took pla%e in the .ar .ith "ome .hi%h ,rought an en( to the nation of Israel an( (estru%tion of ,oth temple an( %ity. ?erse 0&. It goes against nature an( %ommon sense to ,urn green .oo( $ yet the Inno%ent One, the 5on of Go( en(ures suffering an( (eath. /o. mu%h .orse .ill ,e the fate of a guilty nation .ho like (rie( out .oo( .ill ,e ,urne( in the %oming >u(gment. In the last path of Jesus, in /is o.n suffering an( agony, /e yet rea%hes out to .arn an( %all for repentan%e for those .ho surroun( /im. /e .arns that their (e%ision a,out /im as Dessiah, .ill (e%i(e their fate. If they persist in re>e%ting /im, only ultimate (estru%tion an( (eath a.ait them. Jesus re+eals no sorro. or %omplaint a,out /is situation on the .ay to eEe%ution. /is %on%ern remains others. ?erse 02. #o. .arne( for the last time, Jesus is le(, along .ith t.o other %on(emne( %riminals also to ,e %ru%ifie(. 5ympathy for Jesus in /is suffering an( (eath is %ompletely out of pla%e, sin%e it .as /is %hosen .ork of re(emption for us an( ,y /is resurre%tion an( as%ension to the right han( of Go( in an( ma>esty. Only repentan%e an( sin%ere faith in /is finishe( .ork is the %orre%t response. nyone .ho re>e%ts /im shoul( more rightly .eep for the >u(gment .hi%h .ill at some point o+ertake them as (i( the >u(gment %ome upon the nation of Israel for the re>e%tion for their Dessiah. Luke 20:00$24. The Cru%ifiEion. :rom the perfe%tion of /is life, to /is sa%rifi%e as the Lam, of Go(, .e see Isaiah's prophe%y %ome to pass, H/e is (espise( an( re>e%te( of men: a man of sorro.s an( a%-uainte( .ith griefJ an( .e hi(, as it .ere, our fa%es from /im: /e .as (espise(, an( .e esteeme( /im not.../e .as .oun(e( for our transgressions, /e .as ,ruise( for our ini-uitiesJ the %hastisement of our pea%e .as upon /im, an( .ith /is stripes .e are /eale(.H FIsaiah 30:0$3.G ?erse 00. Luke (oes not re%or( e+ery (etail of the %ru%ifiEion. Luke re%or(s that /e .as %ru%ifie( ,et.een t.o %riminals $ thus num,ere( .ith the transgressors. Cru%ifiEion .as the most %ruel an( agoni=ing form of eEe%ution e+er imagine( $ it usually took 2$0 (ays. The physi%al pain in+ol+e( %oul( only faintly refle%t the spiritual suffering as /e took upon /imself the sin of all mankin(. ?erse 02. It is ne%essary that the a%%ounts of all four Gospels ,e taken together, to get the full a%%ount of .hat Jesus ,oth

2&4 Lesson AAA?III %ontinue( suffere( an( spoke. Only Luke re%or(s Jesus praying for forgi+eness for /is enemies. In to this prayer, Go( ga+e the people of Jerusalem 2) more years to rea( the signs of 9ente%ost, the ministry of the apostles an( others, to turn to ,elief in Jesus as 5a+ior. Though thousan(s .ere sa+e(, still the ma>ority %hose their o.n .ay, .hi%h le( only to (estru%tion. Luke also mentions that the sol(iers (i+i(e( /is %lothes among themsel+es, ,ut %ast lots for /is %oat $ not .ishing to tear it. '+erything .as taken from /im: '+ery earthly possession as .ell as /is life. ?erse 03. /un(re(s of thousan(s of Je.s ha( %ome into Jerusalem to take part in the great 9asso+er festi+alJ they looke( on from a (istan%e at .hat .as taking pla%e. Le( ,y the Je.ish lea(ers, they mo%ke( /im, saying H/e sa+e( others, let /im sa+e /imselfJ If /e is the Christ, the %hosen of Go(.H That /e (oes not .iel( /is suppose( spiritual to sa+e /imself an( /is enemies must mean that /e is not the Dessiah. The suffering ser+ant is %ompletely foreign to their thinking $ as they misse( the .hole point of their sa%rifi%ial system, an( espe%ially the most important lesson of the sa%rifi%ial lam, of the 9asso+er itself. ?erses 0*,0@. The sol(iers also mo%ke( Jesus, making fun of /is %laims to ,eing ;ing of the Je.sJ .hat kin( of king .as /e if he ha( no or authority to pre+ent /is eEe%ution6 ?erse 01. 9ilate ha( or(ere( a sign ,e ma(e that in(i%ate( Jesus' %rime that %ause( /im to ,e eEe%ute( $ The ;ing of the Je.s $ 9ilate foun( no legitimate %rime. The Je.ish authorities in John &4:2& re>e%te( this a%tion, an( re-ueste( 9ilate to take this sign (o.n $ he refuse(. In getting ,a%k at these fanati%s against Jesus, he re%or(e( the truth, Jesus as king of the Je.s $ not in an earthly sense, ,ut the Dessiah $ king of a spiritual an( e+erlasting king(om. This he re%ogni=e( as the king(om the ma>ority of the nation re>e%te(. ?erses 04$22. One of the other t.o %on(emne( %riminals also repeate( the %ontempt Jesus. One on the other han( .as someho. mo+e( ,y the (emeanor an( (ignity of the 5a+ior, an( re,uke( his fello. %riminal for his harsh language Jesus. /e re%ogni=e( Jesus as inno%ent $ an( his o.n %ase, that he an( the other %riminal are ,eing punishe( >ustly for their %rimes, ,ut that Jesus is suffering un>ustly.

22) Lesson AAA?III %ontinue( ?erses 22,20. This man, in his last moments of life, rea%he( out to Jesus the .or( of faith that Jesus .oul( ha+e mer%y on him, an( forgi+e his sins, e+en to eternal life. /e re-ueste( that Jesus remem,er him .hen /e %ame into /is glory. The faith, ho.e+er small, ,rought Jesus to promise that on that +ery (ay /e .oul( ,e .ith /im in 9ara(ise, as a re(eeme( one. ?erses 22,23. Jesus ha( fa%e( the %oming agony an( %ontinue( on the path to it. /e ha( to en(ure the a,solute forsakenness of Go( to ,ear the sins of all humanity. #ature also refle%te( the +ast (arkness of sin in the hours of /is suffering. It .as (ark approEimately from &2 $ 0:)) 9.D., an( an earth-uake shook the ro%ks %lose ,y $ an( tore the +eil in the temple ,et.een the holy pla%e an( the holy of holies. This .as a sign that the offering of the perfe%t Lam, of Go( ma(e a .ay for e+ery repentant an( ,elie+ing sinner to enter into (ire%t %ommuni%ation .ith Go(. It also in(i%ate( that the Ol( Dispensation, .hi%h ha( prepare( an( pointe( to the .ay of sal+ation, ha( finally ,een fulfille( ,y the %omplete( .ork of Jesus, the +ery 5on of Go(. ?erse 2*. Datthe. an( Dark re%or( that Jesus %alle( out, HDy Go(, my Go(, .hy hast Thou forsaken De6H /e .as eEperien%ing Go( turning /is ,a%k on /im. s the (arkness en(e( /e %rie( out, HIt is finishe(,H FJohn &4:0)G, then (ie(, .ith the .or(s H:ather, into Thy han(s I %ommen( my spirit.H /is (eath %omplete( the .ork /e .as sent to (o. /e ha( offere( /imself up as the perfe%t 5a%rifi%e an( /e (ie(. ?erse 2@. The "oman sol(ier .ho .as in %harge of the %ru%ifiEion .as mo+e( ,y the %alm an( a%%epting prayers an( (emeanor of Jesus $ an( heightene( ,y the unusual (arkness an( earth-uake. /e sai( alou(, HTruly this .as a righteous man.H ?erse 21. Dany .ho .ent to .at%h the spe%ta%le of the %ru%ifiEion %ertainly eEperien%e( fear an( %onfusion .hen (arkness an( the earth-uake took pla%e. This suggeste( a %oming of other signs of %alamity. /opefully many also reali=e( that Jesus .as surely inno%ent, .hile they .ere guilty of ,eing party to %ausing this eEe%ution. Dost likely it .as many of this %ro.( that .ere %on+erte( on the (ay of 9ente%ost. This may also ha+e pre+ente( the Je.ish authorities from imme(iately taking hol( of the apostles an( first Christians. ?erse 24. Dost of Jesus' follo.ers, from %onfusion an( grief, only o,ser+e( from a (istan%e. Jesus' mother an( some other .omen an( John .ere at the %ross (uring the .hole or(eal FJohn &2:23G.

22& Lesson AAA?III %ontinue( 8y (es%ri,ing the fall of man into sin, an( emphasi=ing the 9ure holiness of Go(, it .as essential that the pri%e must ,e pai( ,y a "e(eemer. 8y the %eremonial offerings of the #ation of Israel an( the numerous promises an( prophe%ies of the Ol( Testament, Go( ha( prepare( the .ay for the sa%rifi%e of the /oly One, /is 5on. /is (eath forms the ,ase of the #e. Testament, an( ,e%omes the %entral point of man's only .ay of re%on%iliation .ith Go(, the :ather.

Lesson AAAIA Luke 20:3)$22:&2.


3) K n(, ,ehol(, there .as a man name( Joseph, a %ounselorJ an( he .as a goo( man, an( a >ust: 3& Fthe same ha( not %onsente( to the %ounsel an( (ee( of them:G he .as of rimathe'a, a %ity of the Je.sJ .ho also himself .aite( for the king(om of Go(. 32 This man .ent unto 9ilate, an( ,egge( the ,o(y of Jesus. 30 n( he took it (o.n, an( .rappe( it in linen, an( lai( it in a sepul%hre that .as he.n in stone, .herein ne+er man ,efore .as lai(. 32 n( that (ay .as the preparation, an( the sa,,ath (re. on. 33 n( the .omen also, .hi%h %ame .ith him from Galilee, follo.e( after, an( ,ehel( the sepul%hre, an( ho. his ,o(y .as lai(. 3* n( they returne(, an( prepare( spi%es an( ointmentsJ an( reste( the sa,,ath (ay a%%or(ing to the %omman(ment. Chapter 22:&$&2. & #o. upon the first (ay of the .eek, +ery early in the morning, they %ame unto the sepul%hre, ,ringing the spi%es .hi%h they ha( prepare(, an( %ertain others .ith them. 2 n( they foun( the stone rolle( a.ay from the sepul%hre. 0 n( they entere( in, an( foun( not the ,o(y of the Lor( Jesus. 2 n( it %ame to pass, as they .ere mu%h perpleEe( therea,out, ,ehol(, t.o men stoo( ,y them in shining garments: 3 an( as they .ere afrai(, an( ,o.e( (o.n their fa%es to the earth, they sai( unto them, Bhy seek ye the li+ing among the (ea(6 * /e is not here, ,ut is risen: remem,er ho. he spake unto you .hen he .as yet in Galilee, @ saying, The 5on of man must ,e (eli+ere( into the han(s of sinful men, an( ,e %ru%ifie(, an( the thir( (ay rise again. 1 n( they remem,ere( his .or(s, 4 an( returne( from the sepul%hre, an( tol( all these things unto the ele+en, an( to all the rest. &) It .as Dary Dag'(alene, an( Joanna, an( Dary the mother of James, an( other .omen that .ere .ith them, .hi%h tol( these things unto the apostles. && n( their .or(s seeme( to them as i(le tales, an( they ,elie+e( them not. &2 Then arose 9eter, an( ran unto the sepul%hreJ an( stooping (o.n, he ,ehel( the linen %lothes lai( ,y themsel+es, an( (eparte(, .on(ering in himself at that .hi%h .as %ome to pass. Luke 20:3)$3*. The 8urial. Jesus ha( %ommen(e( /is spirit to the :ather. /e ha( %omplete( the .ork /e .as sent to (o. The path of ser+ing, suffering,

220 Lesson AAAIA %ontinue( humiliation, an( (eath .as (one an( ,efore long /is +i%tory .oul( ,e re+eale( in /is resurre%tion. /is ,o(y .as %are( for ,y faithful follo.ers. s prophe%y foretol(, he .as %on(emne( to (eath along .ith %riminals, yet /is gra+e .as that of a ri%h man in a ne. ro%k he.n tom, ,elonging to Joseph of rimathaea. ?erses 3)$30. Though pu,li%ly not an a%kno.le(ge( yet in se%ret he .as FDatthe. 2@:3@G, Joseph .as a mem,er of the 5anhe(rin, a righteous man .ho looke( for the %oming king(om of Go(. /e (isagree( .ith .hat that group ha( %ause( to happen to Jesus. It must ha+e ,een a great frustration that Jesus .as put to (eath ,y their a%tions. In sorro. an( (eep lo+e an( %on%ern, he aske( 9ilate for permission to take the ,o(y of Jesus an( ,ury it. nother lea(er in the 5anhe(rin, #i%o(emus, also a se%ret, .ent to the pla%e of eEe%ution. They took the ,o(y (o.n from the %ross, prepare( it .ith myrrh an( aloes, .rappe( it in fine linen an( lai( it in the ne. tom, Joseph ha( pai( to ,e %ar+e( out. ?erse 32. Jesus ha( (ie( a,out 0:)) in the afternoon. 8y the time the ,o(y .as lai( to rest, it .as near sunset, the ,eginning of the ne. Je.ish (ay $ in this instan%e, the ,eginning of the 5a,,ath F5atur(ayG. ?erses 33,3*. Though the .omen from Galilee ha( follo.e( Jesus through /is (eath, they (i( not interfere .ith the ,urial, ,ut follo.e( Joseph an( #i%o(emus, noting %arefully .here Jesus' ,o(y .as lai(. They inten(e( to go there after the 5a,,ath, to ten(erly take spi%es an( ointment to further preser+e /is ,o(y. They ha( to -ui%kly make preparation. They (i( not ha+e enough so after the 5a,,ath .as o+er the e+ening, they ,ought the rest of .hat .as nee(e( FDark &*:&G $ they plan to take these to the tom, the morning. ?erses &$0. 8y the morning of the first (ay of the .eek O the .omen ha( ma(e preparations an( gathere( the supplies nee(e( to %omplete the ,urial treatment of the ,o(y of Jesus. t first light, they .ent to the tom, .ith these supplies. They .eren't %ertain a,out rolling the stone that %lose( the tom,. To their surprise, the stone .as alrea(y rolle( asi(e. They .ent in, only to fin( that the ,o(y of Jesus .as no longer there. ?erses 2$1. They stoo(, not un(erstan(ing .hat %oul( ha+e possi,ly taken pla%e. They .ere not left in (ou,t for long. Go( ha( sent t.o angels to tell them the gla( ti(ings, e+en as they ha( announ%e( /is ,irth. They announ%e that /e has risen from the (ea(. The .omen ha( the normal rea%tion to these shining ,eings $ they

222 Lesson AAAIA %ontinue( ,o.e( (o.n in fear. The angels' -uestion, HBhy seek ye the li+ing among the (ea(6H, sho.s that Jesus .as not to ,e foun( .here /is ,o(y .as lai(, ,ut that /e li+es. They remin(e( them that Jesus ha( tol( /is follo.ers, .hile still in Galilee, that /e .as to ,e %ru%ifie(, an( that on the 0r( (ay, /e .oul( arise. O,+iously, the (is%iples an( other follo.ers ha( not ,een a,le to a%%urately per%ei+e the reali=ation of these e+ents. The angels simply announ%e that /e li+es, that /e has arisen $ their reply gently a(monishes the .omen for seeking the li+ing 5a+ior among the (ea(. The eEe%ution of Jesus ha( left them all in %onfusion an( sorro.. The announ%ement of the angels ,rought up their memory of .hat Jesus ha( /imself prophesie( %on%erning /is suffering, (eath, an( resurre%tion the 0r( (ay. ?erses 4,&). Luke (oesn't mention the +isits to the tom, that are mentione( in the other Gospels. /e tells the eEperien%e of the .omen .ho en%ountere( the angels an( their message. They take the ne.s to the (is%iples. Luke only emphasi=es that the tom, .as foun( empty an( that t.o angels pro%laime( that Jesus ha( risen. Jesus ha( many times spoken of rising on the 0r( (ay. #o. at the empty tom,, .ith the announ%ement from the %elestial messengers, their min(s .ere remin(e( of the 5a+ior's .or(s, in the mi(st of their sorro. an( %onfusion. Luke (oesn't (es%ri,e the (etails of other +isits to the empty tom, mentione( in the other Gospel narrati+es. /is main point .as that the first +isitors to the tom, foun( it empty an( .ere tol( the glorious ne.s of the 5a+ior's resurre%tion. ?erses &&,&2. Bhen the .omen returne( to the %ity, they tol( the e+ents they ha( eEperien%e(. Bhat they sai( .as (eeme( impossi,le, an( foolish .omen's talk F.hate+er that isG. They %oul( not a%%ept the truth of their .or(s. #e+ertheless 9eter $ a%%ompanie( ,y John FJohn 2):2G ran to the tom, an( in(ee( foun( the tom, empty. Then they .ent ,a%k home $ .on(ering .hat this meant. The (arkness an( (eath .ere not stronger than the 5on of Go(, .ho arose triumphantly from the gra+e. The Goo( #e.s of the Gospel ha( ,een pro%laime( throughout Jesus' pu,li% ministry as a ,right light in a (ark .orl(. This Gospel has ,rought forgi+eness an( sal+ation to millions sin%e that time, an( .ill ne+er ,e foun( in any other person. Jesus is the Bay, the Truth, an( the Life. This .oul( ne+er ha+e ha( any .ithout /is resurre%tion unto life eternal in a glorifie( ,o(y. In the same .ay, Jesus raise( us from spiritual (eath unto spiritual life, the ,eginning of eternal life, to ,e %omplete( at our (eath, or at the "apture $ .hi%he+er %omes first.

223 Lesson AAAIA %ontinue( 5pe%ial #ote: 9utting the 2 Gospel a%%ounts of the "esurre%tion together. &.G Jesus arose +ery early 5un(ay morningJ an earth-uake follo.e(, the angels %ame an( rolle( a.ay the stone FDatthe. 21:2$2GJ the sol(iers guar(ing the tom, fle( FDatthe. 21:&&G. 2.G little later, Dary Dag(alene an( Dary the mother of James an( 5alome arri+e( at the tom, .hile another group of .omen follo.e( .ith spi%es. Dary Dag(alene gets to the tom, first, an( sees that it is empty an( rushes to tell 9eter an( John FJohn 2):&&G. The other Dary an( 5alome %ame an( en%ounter an angel FDatthe. 21:3G. 0.G fter that, the other .omen .ith Joanna %ome, they see ,oth angels an( are tol( that Jesus has risen FLuke 22:&G. 2.G Dary Dag(alene tells 9eter an( John an( they rush to the tom, FJohn 2)G. Dary follo.s them an( again gets to the tom,, ,ut the others ha+e alrea(y left. 3.G 5he is %rying in grief .hen the t.o angels ask her .hy she is %rying. fter this she sees Jesus, an( at first thinks /e is the gar(ener, then .orships /im FJohn 2):&2G. *.G The other .omen tol( the other (is%iples .hat they ha( seen an( hear( $ ,ut .ere not taken seriously FLuke 22:&&G. @.G Later Jesus meets these .omen FDatthe. 21:4G. 1.G Later, Jesus appeare( to 9eter alone FLuke 22:&2 an( & Corinthians &3:3G. 4.G e+ening on the .ay to 'mmaus, t.o (is%iples see Jesus. &).G Later that e+ening, all the (is%iples FeE%ept ThomasG see Jesus FLuke 22:2*$20J John 2):&4$22G. &&.G .eek later, /e again appeare( to the .hole group, in%lu(ing Thomas, .ho .as %on+in%e( FJohn 2&:&$20G. &2.G During the forty (ays ,efore /is as%ension, Jesus appeare( in Galilee to the se+en (is%iples at the 5ea of Galilee FJohn 2&:&$ 20G. &0.G /e also appeare( to 3)) of /is follo.ers in Galilee Ffrom the %omman( in Dark &*:@G. &2.G Jesus ma(e a spe%ial appearan%e to 9aul F %ts 2:0$*G on his .ay to perse%ute Christians in Damas%us. &3.G Jesus finally appeare( to John .hen he .as eEile( an( ol( on 9atmos F"e+elation &:&)$&4G. In(enia,le :a%ts a,out the "esurre%tion &.G /a( Jesus not risen an( appeare( many times to /is follo.ers, .oul( the %hur%h ha+e forme( an( gro.n, ,y the >oy, an( (e+otion of those follo.ers, .ho at first .ere %onfuse(, (espon(ent, an( afrai(. '+en fa%e( .ith perse%ution an( (eath, they .oul( not (eny their faith an( %ertainty of the risen Christ.

22* Lesson AAAIA %ontinue( 2.G The fa%t that the #e. Testament .as .ritten. Boul( it ha+e ,een .ritten a,out one .ho %laime( to ,e the Dessiah ,ut .ho .as put to (eath as a %riminal6 '+ery .or( of the #e. Testament .as ,ase( on firm %on+i%tion of the risen Christ .ho as%en(e( to hea+en to sit at the right han( of Go( the :ather as /is only ,egotten 5on, .ho ha( sa%rifi%e( /is life for sinful man. 0.G The empty tom,. If /is enemies ha( remo+e( /is ,o(y, it .oul( only ,enefit them if it .as pro(u%e( to pro+e that Jesus ha( not risen. To think that any of Jesus .oul( steal the ,o(y an( then pro%laim /is resurre%tion, an( >oyfully ,e .illing to (ie for /im, that it .as a frau(, an( that /e really ha( (ie( an( staye( (ea( $ unreasona,le, unthinka,le. 2.G The fa%t that the (ay of rest an( .orship in the ,eginning %hur%h .as on 5un(ay, the first (ay of the .eek $ this .as %ontrary to the %enturies ol( 5a,,ath (ay of .orship an( the rest of the Je.s. The resurre%tion .as the only reason, for Jesus arose on the thir( (ay $ 5un(ay. 3.G The testimony in the heart of e+ery ,elie+er ,y the /oly 5pirit that Jesus li+es as Lor( an( 5a+ior, .hether they ,e young or ol(, e(u%ate( or not, ri%h or poor, .hate+er time they li+e(, .hate+er language they spoke, .here+er they li+e(, .e all ha+e the (aily eEperien%e of assuran%e that Jesus is the risen an( as%en(e( 5a+ior $ ,e%ause he li+es .ithin our hearts.

Lesson AL Luke 22:&0$30.


&0 K n(, ,ehol(, t.o of them .ent that same (ay to a +illage %alle( 'mma'us, .hi%h .as from Jerusalem a,out threes%ore furlongs. &2 n( they talke( together of all these things .hi%h ha( happene(. &3 n( it %ame to pass, that, .hile they %ommune( together an( reasone(, Jesus himself (re. near, an( .ent .ith them. &* 8ut their eyes .ere hol(en that they shoul( not kno. him. &@ n( he sai( unto them, Bhat manner of %ommuni%ations are these that ye ha+e one to another, as ye .alk, an( are sa(6 &1 n( the one of them, .hose name .as Cle'opas, ans.ering sai( unto him, rt thou only a stranger in Jerusalem, an( hast not kno.n the things .hi%h are %ome to pass there in these (ays6 &4 n( he sai( unto them, Bhat things6 n( they sai( unto him, Con%erning Jesus of #a=areth, .hi%h .as a prophet mighty in (ee( an( .or( ,efore Go( an( all the people: 2) an( ho. the %hief priests an( our rulers (eli+ere( him to ,e %on(emne( to (eath, an( ha+e %ru%ifie( him. 2& 8ut .e truste( that it ha( ,een he .hi%h shoul( ha+e re(eeme( Israel: an( ,esi(e all this, to(ay is the thir( (ay sin%e these things .ere (one. 22 Mea, an( %ertain .omen also of our %ompany ma(e us astonishe(, .hi%h .ere early at the sepul%hreJ 20 an( .hen they foun( not his ,o(y, they %ame, saying, that they ha( also seen a +ision of angels, .hi%h sai( that he .as ali+e. 22 n( %ertain of them .hi%h .ere .ith us .ent to the sepul%hre, an( foun( it e+en so as the .omen ha( sai(: ,ut him they sa. not. 23 Then he sai( unto them, O fools, an( slo. of heart to ,elie+e all that the prophets ha+e spoken: 2* ought not Christ to ha+e suffere( these things, an( to enter into his glory6 2@ n( ,eginning at Doses an( all the prophets, he eEpoun(e( unto them in all the 5%riptures the things %on%erning himself. 21 K n( they (re. nigh unto the +illage, .hither they .ent: an( he ma(e as though he .oul( ha+e gone further. 24 8ut they %onstraine( him, saying, ,i(e .ith usJ for it is e+ening, an( the (ay is far spent. n( he .ent in to tarry .ith them. 0) n( it %ame to pass, as he sat at meat .ith them, he took ,rea(, an( ,lesse( it, an( ,rake, an( ga+e to them. 0& n( their eyes .ere opene(, an( they kne. himJ an( he +anishe( out of their sight. 02 n( they sai( one to another, Di( not our heart ,urn .ithin us, .hile he talke( .ith us ,y the .ay, an( .hile he opene( to us the 5%riptures6

221 Lesson AL %ontinue( 00 n( they rose up the same hour, an( returne( to Jerusalem, an( foun( the ele+en gathere( together, an( them that .ere .ith them, 02 saying, The Lor( is risen in(ee(, an( hath appeare( to 5imon. 03 n( they tol( .hat things .ere (one in the .ay, an( ho. he .as kno.n of them in ,reaking of ,rea(. 0* K n( as they thus spake, Jesus himself stoo( in the mi(st of them, an( saith unto them, 9ea%e ,e unto you. 0@ 8ut they .ere terrifie( an( affrighte(, an( suppose( that they ha( seen a spirit. 01 n( he sai( unto them, Bhy are ye trou,le(6 an( .hy (o thoughts arise in your hearts6 04 8ehol( my han(s an( my feet, that it is I myself: han(le me, an( seeJ for a spirit hath not flesh an( ,ones, as ye see me ha+e. 2) n( .hen he ha( thus spoken, he sho.e( them his han(s an( his feet. 2& n( .hile they yet ,elie+e( not for >oy, an( .on(ere(, he sai( unto them, /a+e ye here any meat6 22 n( they ga+e him a pie%e of a ,roile( fish, an( of a honey%om,. 20 n( he took it, an( (i( eat ,efore them. 22 K n( he sai( unto them, These are the .or(s .hi%h I spake unto you, .hile I .as yet .ith you, that all things must ,e fulfille(, .hi%h .ere .ritten in the la. of Doses, an( in the prophets, an( in the psalms, %on%erning me. 23 Then opene( he their un(erstan(ing, that they might un(erstan( the 5%riptures, 2* an( sai( unto them, Thus it is .ritten, an( thus it ,ehoo+e( Christ to suffer, an( to rise from the (ea( the thir( (ay: 2@ an( that repentan%e an( remission of sins shoul( ,e prea%he( in his name among all nations, ,eginning at Jerusalem. 21 n( ye are .itnesses of these things. 24 n(, ,ehol(, I sen( the promise of my :ather upon you: ,ut tarry ye in the %ity of Jerusalem, until ye ,e en(ue( .ith from on high. 3) K n( he le( them out as far as to 8ethany, an( he lifte( up his han(s, an( ,lesse( them. 3& n( it %ame to pass, .hile he ,lesse( them, he .as parte( from them, an( %arrie( up into hea+en. 32 n( they .orshippe( him, an( returne( to Jerusalem .ith great >oy: 30 an( .ere %ontinually in the temple, praising an( ,lessing Go(. men. Luke 22:&0$03. The Trip to 'mmaus. Luke (oes not re%or( all the o%%asions that Jesus appeare(. /e fo%uses on one that took pla%e on the roa( to 'mmaus. T.o main points are emphasi=e( $ a %lear (es%ription of the thoughts an( feelings of

224 Lesson AL %ontinue( these t.o follo.ers, an( ho. Jesus ,y .or( an( (ee( sho.e( them the prophe%ies an( the reality of this sa%rifi%e an( /is ne. Life. ?erse &0. T.o follo.ers of the 5a+ior .ere on their .ay home to the +illage of 'mmaus, a,out @ miles from Jerusalem. ?erses &2$&*. They eEpresse( great sorro. o+er the e+ents they ha( .itnesse( o+er the last fe. (ays %on%erning Jesus. They %alle( /im their Daster an( Lea(er, an( %onsi(ere( /im the promise( Dessiah. Their eEpe%tations seeme( to ha+e in%lu(e( /is po.erful mo+e to esta,lish the prophesie( Dessiani% king(om. Instea( they ha( hear( an( seen the %onfusing arrest, trials, an( %ru%ifiEion of Jesus. n( no. the stories of those .ho ha( seen the empty tom, an( hear( the .or(s of angels %on%erning /is resurre%tion. Bhy .as it ne%essary that /e (ieJ .hat .as the meaning of these ne. stories6 s they .alke(, they .ere talking of these things, trying to make some sense of them. t this point the risen Christ >oine( them. They (i( not re%ogni=e /im, this glorifie( ,o(y, so unfamiliar an( uneEpe%te(. ?erses &@$22. Jesus asks .hat they .ere so intently (is%ussing. Cleopas -uestions as to ho. it .as possi,le for the stranger to ha+e ,een in Jerusalem (uring the last fe. (ays .ithout .hat ha( taken pla%e. Jesus persua(e( them of /is genuine interestJ they un,ur(ene( themsel+es a,out their %on%ern of Jesus ,eing put to (eath, a,out /is po.erful ministry from Go( among the people. They %learly kne. that the priests an( rulers ha( %ause( the %on(emnation an( (eath of their Dessiah. ll their hopes ha( (ie( .ith /im. #o. the 0r( (ay $ all possi,ilities of a mira%le seeme( o+er. ?erses 20,22. The report of se+eral .omen on the other han( only %onfuse( things $ fin(ing the tom, empty, the seeing of angels an( hearing them say that /e ha( risen. '+en some of the (is%iples ha( gone to the tom, an( also foun( it empty. 8ut none of them ha( a%tually seen the risen Christ. ?erses 23$2@. fter they ha( eEpresse( their %on%erns, Jesus softly re,ukes them for ,eing so %onfuse( an( slo. of heart to ,elie+e all of the .itnesses of the prophets .ho ha( .ritten %on%erning /is %oming to suffer an( (ie to return to /is glory .ith the :ather, an( thus pay for the sin of mankin(. The 5%riptures point out the role of the "e(eemer $ an( that it .ent ,eyon( (eath to resurre%tion. Jesus pro%ee(s to remin( them of all the +erses in the Ol( Testament that speak of /im an( /is .ork of "e(emption an( "esurre%tion. They (es%ri,e( this eEperien%e as their hearts ,urning

20) Lesson AL %ontinue( .ithin them as /e spoke to them $ truly the .ork of the /oly 5pirit. ?erses 21,24. s they arri+e( at 'mmaus, Jesus %ontinue( on the roa( $ the t.o strongly .ishe( /im to stay .ith them. They earnestly aske( /im to stay, espe%ially sin%e it .as alrea(y late, e+ening. fter instru%ting them on the .ay, %ertainly Jesus .ante( to make /imself kno.n to them. t their in+itation, /e staye(. ?erses 0),0&. Bhen they ha( settle( (o.n an( foo( .as ,rought, Jesus took the ,rea( an( ga+e thanks to Go(, then /e ,roke the ,rea( an( passe( it to the t.o. Though these t.o may not ha+e ,een at the /oly Communion institute( ,y Jesus, they %ertainly .oul( ha+e ,een tol( of it in (etail $ so here as Jesus sai( gra%e an( ,roke the ,rea(, han(ing it to them $ they reali=e( that their guest .as none other than the 5a+ior. /is purpose ha+ing su%%ee(e(, Jesus lea+es their sight. Thus tea%hing the a((itional lesson that /e has risen, ,ut not unto only physi%al life $ ,ut unto eternal life, in glorifie( an( spiritual form $ soon to as%en( to hea+en. ?erses 02$03. moment of %larity %omes upon the t.o men. They un(erstan( .hy they ha( ,een so mo+e( ,y their %ompanion as /e ha( eEplaine( through the Ol( Testament 5%riptures, ho. the 5a+ior must suffer an( (ie, ,ut arise on the 0r( (ay. ll (ou,t an( misgi+ing .ere repla%e( ,y %ertainty that they .ere no. .itnesses of /is resurre%tion, an( eternal life as the promise( Dessiah, an( "e(eemer. They are so thrille( .ith the >oy of their ne.$foun( eEperien%e an( faith, that they %annot %ontain themsel+es. They imme(iately set out to return to Jerusalem to share their >oy. They pro,a,ly arri+e( aroun( 4:)) that e+ening, also hearing the reports of others %on%erning the empty tom,, the message of the angels, an( the appearan%e to 9eter. Certainly, thereafter they relate( their o.n eE%iting eEperien%e .ith the risen Lor(. Bithout a (ou,t, Jesus still a.aits us to in+ite /im into our hearts an( li+es. lso most %ertainly /e .ill %ome in an( gi+e us /is pea%e an( lo+e, an( great >oy. 22:0*$04. Other ppearan%es to the Dis%iples. The testimonies of the .omen an( the angels, of 9eter an( the t.o from 'mmaus, (i( %ause hope to flare up among the other follo.ers. Met it .as not until Jesus /imself appeare( to them that all (ou,t .as (estroye(. This .as (one in su%h a (ramati% an( physi%al .ay that e+en the skepti%al Thomas .as to say HDy Lor(, an( my Go(H FJohn 2):21G. ?erses 0*,0@. On that 5un(ay e+ening, the apostles an( other (is%iples .ere groupe( together in(oors, talking a,out all the

20& Lesson AL %ontinue( happenings reporte( that (ay, Jesus su((enly appeare( $ ha+ing %ontrol o+er /is glorifie( ,o(y to supernaturally appear $ .ay ,eyon( the a,ility of a normal human ,o(y. 5o su((en an( uneEpe%te( .as this appearan%e that they .ere afrai(, not un(erstan(ing yet the form of su%h a glorifie( ,o(y, or .hat it possesse(. t first they thought it must ,e a ghostly ,eing only appearing in the likeness of a human. ?erses 01$2). Jesus raises the -uestion, HBhy are ye trou,le(, .hy (o your hearts -uestion .hat you see6H Jesus %alls upon them to look %arefully at /is .oun(s to see that it is truly /e. H/an(le me $ ha+ing flesh an( ,ones $ unlike a spirit. Met /is .as a ne. an( glorifie( ,o(y $ Fref. & Corinthians &3:03$01, 9aul eEplainsG. ?erses 2&$20. Their imme(iate rea%tion .as sho%ke( astonishment an( >oy $ seeming too impossi,le to ,e true. To reassure them of /is physi%al reality, Jesus seeks to reassure them ,y eating a pie%e of ,oile( fish $ that /e ha( risen from the (ea(. /e again appears to them after a .eek .hen the (ou,ting Thomas .as also there FJohn 2):2*$24G. ?erse 22. pparently Luke .as planning to .rite a more %omplete a%%ount of the time ,et.een the resurre%tion an( as%ension in a ,ook to ,e name( %ts. 5o here he gi+es a +ery short a%%ount. /e (oes not mention the appearan%es to James F& Corinthians &3:@G, to the 3)) in Galilee F& Corinthians &3:*G. /e here (oes not re%or( the pla%e or time ,ut mentions a num,er of announ%ements of Jesus to /is (is%iples (uring the 2) (ays ,efore /is as%ension. /e remin(s them that the e+ents they ha+e .itnesse( %on%erning /is trials, eEe%ution, an( resurre%tion, .ere tol( to them in /is pre+ious tea%hing $ that these .ere also foretol( in the (ifferent .ritings of the Ol( Testament, all ne%essary to ,e fulfille( ,y /is life an( (eath, an( resurre%tion. ?erses 23$2@. Just as /e ha( eEpoun(e( these things to the t.o on the .ay to 'mmaus, /e no. opene( their min(s to un(erstan( the .hole point of 5%ripture $ that a 5a+ior .as to %ome as the suffering ser+ant, the Lam, of Go( .ho .as to ,e the sa%rifi%e for the sins of mankin(, that re(emption .oul( ,e a+aila,le to those .ho .oul( %all upon /is #ame for forgi+eness, an( that this Goo( #e.s shoul( ,e prea%he( in Jerusalem to the Je.s, an( then to all nations. ?erse 21. Jesus %alls upon these .itnesses to prea%h this Gospel to the .orl(. They are to tell .hat they ha+e seen an( hear( as the personal messengers from Go(.

202 Lesson AL %ontinue( ?erse 24. They are %alle( upon to .ait upon the promise from the :ather $ that the /oly 5pirit .ill ,e sent after Jesus' as%ension. Through the of the /oly 5pirit they .ill ha+e the (i+ine strength an( .is(om for their task of sprea(ing the truth of .hat they ha+e seen an( hear( %on%erning the (eath an( resurre%tion of the Christ. This they must .ait for in Jerusalem. Only the li+ing presen%e of the risen Christ %oul( %hange the sorro. an( %onfusion of /is follo.ers into po.erful prea%hers of the Gospel of /is 5a%rifi%e. lso to(ay the same Jesus gi+es us the same 5pirit to ,ring us into the ne. ,irth an( .itness to the truth of the Gospel of forgi+eness an( re(emption $ of a ne. an( e+erlasting relationship .ith Go( as our /ea+enly :ather, an( Jesus /is only$,egotten 5on. That .e may ,e a(opte( as %hil(ren of Go( $ an( sprea( the Goo( #e.s of this a(option an( ne. relationship .ith Go(, in /is gra%e, an( mer%y, an( lo+e for us $ as seen most perfe%tly in the 5a%rifi%e of /is 5on for us. Luke 22:3)$30. The s%ension. In these last four +erses .e see the last glorious affirmation of the truth of the Gospel an( the glory of the 5on of Go( as the 5a+ior, eEalte( .hen /is .ork on earth in the flesh ha( ,een %omplete. ?erses 3),3&. Jesus ha( (uring the 2) (ays /is resurre%tion appeare( to /is follo.ers an( ha( taught them all things %on%erning /is .ork as foretol( in the 5%riptures. ll (ou,t an( fear ha( ,een repla%e( ,y faith an( >oy. They .ere ,a%k from Galilee to a.ait the outpouring of the /oly 5pirit an( then ,egin the prea%hing of the Goo( #e.s. #o., /e is to ,e eEalte( to the right han( of the :ather. Jesus lea(s the (is%iples to a pla%e on the Dount of Oli+es near 8ethany. /e ,lesse( them, lifting up /is /an(s as the /igh 9riest (i( on feast (ays, /e as our eternal /igh 9riest praye( for them, an( .hile the (is%iples .at%h intently .ith grateful hearts, /e is taken up into hea+en, /is glorifie( ,o(y rising, till out of sight among the hea+enly host an( the %lou(s. ?erses 32,30. The (is%iples in great a.e .orshipe( /im as Lor( an( 5a+ior $ that they .ere .itnessing the final an( total sign of perfe%t appro+al from Go(, the :ather, as /e ,rought /is only$,egotten 5on, /is /oly an( un,lemishe( Lam, to the throne of /is Glory. In %ts &, the angel gi+es the >oyful assuran%e that in like manner Jesus .oul( return to ,ring the %on-uering (ominion of Go( an( the esta,lishment of /is king(om on 'arth. They all returne( to Jerusalem .ith >oyful hearts, going to the

200 Lesson AL %ontinue( temple regularly praising an( thanking the /ea+enly :ather for the mighty .ork a%%omplishe( ,y /is pre%ious an( perfe%t 5on, the 5a+ior. /ere Luke en(s his narrati+e at su%h a high point of the (is%iples' >oy an( .orship. Jesus is the same to(ay as /e .as that (ay $ no. in hea+en, making inter%ession for ea%h ,elie+er, an( Bho through the %onstant .orking of /is spirit ,lesses us .ith /is lo+e, .is(om, an( gui(an%e, ,oth no. an( fore+er more, men. '+en so, %ome Lor( Jesus. men an( men. The 'n(.

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A Layman's Commentary On the Gospel of Luke

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