Zep Tepi

Questions and Answers with Ra Nun Amun

Ista'baad thir hadus fi shekul shil Paa Ra-Khepri. “Adorations to the divine in the form of the Rising Sun Ra-Khepri”

Dedicated to Wu Nuwaupians Worldwide.

Questions and Answers with Ra Nun Amun 0. Q. Who is Ra Nun Amun? A. Ra Nun Amun is a cosmic force originating from the Great Primordial Abyss, The Cosmic Nun. See Pert Em Heru edited and translated By: Dr. Muata Ashby & Karen Dja Ashby. Ra Nun Amun is one of the first ones or first in time Manifesting from point zero or the Great Circle, The Black Dot called in Arabic of the Quran, the Nuqat in The Text of Wu Nuwaupians called The Holy Tablets, Called the Nuqta. 1. Q. Ra Nun Amun, Are you a Wu Nuwaupian? A. No, however I lived as one of them studying there doctrine as one of them From Ansaaruallah on through the many schools of thought taught By: Amun Nubi Raakhptah Atum Re, Pa Nabab Yaanuwn. Studying the Three Degrees of Wu Nuwaupu. Learning The language, customs, rituals, helping build on Tama’re, etc i was there as a Devout student to Listen with a listening heart, Being Faithful keeping the sacred teachings within the sash of the sacred breast, and Keeping my tongue silent until the appointed time of The Incarnation of My Higher Self As Asar treading the Path As An Asarian Elder to show the spiritual amongst you the way back to Amenta is written by the scribes of old the prescribed formula called Smai, Shetaut Neter, Sema Tawi. 2. Q. Ra Nun Amun what is your Nationality? A. Aboriginal indigenous Moor, freeholder, land creditor, land owner this land is your land. The Moors were given dominion over this planet as rulers and caretakers called Khalifah in Arabic. Also Refer to the Moorish Holy Koran for Moorish Americans Divine Prepared By: Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali. 3. Q. What is your mission Ra Nun Amun? A. To teach Historical Egyptian teachings, show the commonality between all religious on earth based on truth, facts, not my opinions. Helping you thus raise the higher self Asarian, Aset, Heru Nature within concurring the lower self the ego, Iness, my-ness, Setian Nature.

4. Q. Ra Nun Amun. What is your Spiritual Science? A. Shetaut Neter Sema Tawi, Egyptian, Kemetian, Tamerian Yoga philosophy and tradition. 5. Q. Ra Nun Amun, where you a student of The Ancient Egiptian Order? A. Yes at one time I was a student of this Great Order however as times changed, interest change and as results of continue spiritual growth, I'm no longer a student of the material organization. 6. Q. Ra Nun Amun, what other teachings or religions have you studied? A. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddahism, Sufi Islam, Moorish Science, Noone Science, The Egiptian Craft Masonry, Rosicrucian, Order of The Golden Dawn, Necronamecan, Satanic Bible, Ifa, Etc. 7. Q. Ra Nun Amun, Do you believe Wu Nuwaupu Predates time? A. The original teaching of Nuwaupu is based on facts as well 3 test 1. Experience 2. evidence 3. Reasoning. So knowing these truths Wu Nuwaupu is a word manifesting in time on this side of the galaxies and yet while it sounds good that It has yet to be proven with facts. Holy tabets Chp 1 tablet 1 verse one tells us that primary creation was performed by Nine Ether beings who's science is Nuwaupu. Nine ether represents birth, conception as in 9 and birth or the total sum of Numbers. Now the Holy tablets tells Wu Nuwaupians about a state of Triple darkness 3 sets of 3, In The Papyri of Asar Ani Pert Em Heru this state is referred to as the Nun or a State of Nothingness and from this point Atum Ra manifest from the chaos cosmic soup of the Nun. Holy Tablets Chp 1 tablet 1 verse 15 in part 3 sets of 3, or triple darkness. First set before light, before energy, before matter. Second set: before time, before space, before place. Third set: before body, before soul, before spirit. The point here is that you cannot have spiritual beings called etherians manifesting with a science existing before the cosmic Nun, Called Wu Nuwaupu being that this word came down first to prophet muhammad in the alphabet of Al Quran revealed to him by The Angelic being Jibrial or Gabriel. The Word Wu is a long vowel Arabic sound from Waw with numerical value of 6, Nun letter N is a Arabic sound with the numerical value of 50, Ba letter b in Arabic with a numerical value of 2 with ba sound switch to Pu thus giving you the word Wu Nuwaupu from Wu Nuwaubu, Wu Nuwaubu when you add the Arabic numerical value from which then word steems 6+50+6+2= 64. The actual word from Arabic language that equals 999 as reveal to Wu Nuwaupians By: Neb Nyansapo NoopooH is Ta'Za'Sad. Arabic letter Ta has a Numerical value of 9, the Arabic letters Za has a Numerical value of 900, The letter Sad has a numerical value of 90, from this you would get 999 or 9 to the 9th power of 9. So in light of this fact Wu Nuwaupu should reveal the True Science is called Ta'Za'Sad. 8. Q. Ra Nun Amun, Are you one of the 24 elders? A. No. I'm an elder by time and space as stated before we are called the first ones Zep Tepi there no recorded information in any Papri left behind by the scribes that the 24 elders ever incarnated in Ancient Tameri, our other name is Neteru or Paa Neteru - The Cosmic forces that pervade the universe for Neteru can take on many forms from Human, to Lighting, Rain, Snow, Hail, Storms, Wind, Cake, Food, etc.

In closing eye like to say Wu Nuwaupu is to open your eyes to higher more ancient historical Knowledge of Egypt, however the focus has become lost and is solely on the teacher and not the message. Hetep Dua, Ra Nun Amun

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