Something astounding happened last night. History was made in the Texas State House.

Yesterday hundreds of Texans stood up to Governor Perry’s extreme anti-women agenda. They said “NO” to the Texas Republican Party’s War on Women. They said “NO” to playing politics with the health of Texas women. They said “NO” to closing forty women’s health clinics across Texas, leaving just five to council millions of Texans. Over 700 Texans showed up to create a Citizen’s Filibuster. And they stayed in our State House until nearly 4 A.M., when the Republican Committee Chairman ultimately shut it down. Sign a card to thank all the protesters filibustering Gov. Perry. By the time they were done, the entire world was listening. Word of this action spread across the United States and the world, trending on Twitter above all other topics. That's the first time that's ever happened to a bill in the Texas legislature. This is simply unprecedented! What happened in Austin last night will be remembered as a turning point. As a moment when the true face of Texas stood up and said: Governor Perry and extremist anti-women legislators do not represent us.

If anyone doubted Texas can turn Blue, they have no reason to doubt anymore. In the face of Republican extremism, Texans were courageous and tireless and organized. With little notice, Texans came from throughout the entire state. And, let me tell you, even long after it was past midnight, and Republicans kept attempting to call off the hearing, no one left. Now that’s a fight! Thank those that gathered in Austin to protect the rights of Texas women. This battle is still far from over. There is more work to be done. We will be back in touch soon with next steps for action. In the meantime, celebrate. Y’all just made some history happen! Gilberto Hinojosa Chairman P.S. Staff from the Texas Democratic Party helped organize hundreds of Democrats to attend the hearing, and coordinated social media rapid response prior to and throughout the entire filibuster. Staff was also on the ground, from the very start of the hearing, all the way until 4 A.M. And you can bet our staff will be at the Capitol the minute the citizen filibuster resumes. Give today to help fund this work by the TDP.

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