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Facebook and Academic Performance

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INFORMED CONSENT THE UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA Project Title: The Effects of Social Media on Academic Performance Principal Investigator: Gracieli Scremin, Ph.D.Co-Investigator(s): Alyssa Nichols, Kate Erlanger, Trinity Morgan, Raquelle Garcete Purpose of Project: The use of social networking and the effects it will have on academic performance is an increasing concern. This research is intended to examine the correlation---positive or negative---between the two. Procedures: We will be surveying students on campus, at various locations, and online. We will recruit students face-to-face as well as use Facebook and email. We will emphasize that participation is completely voluntary. Surveys take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Risks/Benefits: There are very minimal risks involved in our research. To minimize those risks, all information will be kept confidential. Students will have the option of whether they want to fill out the survey or not (participation is completely voluntary) and can take as much time as they need to complete it. There will be no physical or psychological risks for interviewees. Our research will help us determine if social media is having a positive or negative effect on students and their schoolwork and GPA. Many are debating whether using social media as an educational tool is being beneficial or becoming a distraction and we are seeking to answer these questions. Using our surveys and interviews we will have hard information about the students here at The University of Tampa that we can analyze to help us come to a conclusion. Confidentiality: All information gathered from the surveys will be kept confidential. Only the principal and co-investigators will have access to the data and it will be safely discarded after analysis is completed. CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATIONParticipating in this project is voluntary, and refusal to participate or withdrawing from participation at any time during the project will involve no penalty or loss of benefits to which the subject is otherwise entitled. The principal investigator may terminate participation of a subject or the project entirely without regard to the subjects consent. In the event of questions or difficulties of any kind during or following participation, the subject may contact the Principal Investigator as indicated above. CONSENTI have read the above information and my questions and concerns, if any, have been responded to satisfactorily by project staff. I believe I understand the purpose, benefits, and risks, if any, of the study, and give my informed and free consent to be a participant. _____________________________________ ________________________SIGNATURE DATE THIS RESEARCH PROJECT HAS BEEN APPROVED BY THE INSTITUTIONAL REVIEW BOARD FOR THE PROTECTION OF HUMAN SUBJECTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TAMPA (Phone: 813-253-3333) BY CLICKING "NEXT" YOU AGREE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SURVEY .

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