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AspiringJournalist 6/19/13 11:14 PM

am currently attending high school in Seoul, South Korea. When I grow older, I aspire to become a journalist, more specifically a sports journalists, mostly focusing on tennis or volleyball. The following is my general plan for my future career. I hope to follow this plan, and eventually become a widely known journalist in the future. University Goals: In the near future, I would like to attend a US university, which has a renowned journalism programs, with various internships available at nearby locations, such as large cities. This program would be especially critical to my career, because a good writer is made by good constructive criticism. As a minor, I would like to pursue education, because if for some reason I am unable to continue journalism, there are many schools that offer programs in journalism, and I may be able to teach there. 17 21 22 24 31 35 40 High School Degree College Degree in Journalism Entry Level Journalist Small Sports magazine editor Renowned magazine editor Lead Editor International magazine Manager of editing department

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section. However, if I would like to pursue further knowledge, such as a masters degree, I will most likely work at a local high school with journalism classes while taking night/online classes. After all, it is best to have a taste of all the aspects of life. Final Accomplishments: As a journalist, I would like to leave a legacy behind. Not only just that of a journalist, but a legacy of a great researcher who had the passion to pursue her job. A person to become the inspiration of others. Though retirement is inevitable, I would like to continue my career as long as possible, maybe retiring in my 60s. However, it would be crucial to have a savings account for what may happen after my retirement.

Completing Internship: As an intern, I wish to be able to experience what a real journalist would experience in the real world. Though for journalism, it is not mandatory to have great internships, I think it would be a nice way to subtly become adapted to my career. With my education minor, it would be helpful to help out at journalism classes in a local school, for I would be able to experience both parts of my classes. My Development: After the internship, I will probably apply for various sports magazines, (ex. Tennis Today) or a newspaper company, to provide in the sports

Qualities to Thrive: Passionate Hard-working Motivated