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>> BAR Members vehicles on
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June 2013 // Issue 467 // £4
On the cover
The winner of the Domestic Mover of the Year 2013 award is
Maidman’s Removals. The winner of the Commercial Mover of
the Year 2013 award is JT & Sons Relocations.
See pages 22 and 28.

>> Google dispels Internet myths
for BAR Conference delegates
>> Marine insurance conflicts
and claims
Removals & Storage June 2013
June 2013 Removals & Storage 3
PPS Crate Hire joins
the BAR community
PPS Crate Hire has become a BAR Affiliate. The
company has a simple online ordering system,
and crate hire is available for commercial,
office and domestic/residential home moves.
There is no minimum order quantity. R&S talks
to Joanne Moss of PPS Crate Hire about the
company’s offering to BAR Members.
News from Watford
On the cover: Jenny Thornton of JT & Sons
Relocations (Commercial Mover of the Year 2013)
and Brian Maidman of Maidman’s Removals
(Domestic Mover of the Year 2013-14).
Industry News
Just a snippet…
º Scum u|e|l cn lH||d pu|ly cHu|ges
º Cume|cn ccmm|ls lc Hc|d cll cn lue|
duty hikes
º lnc|euse ug|eed lc| d||ve| cve|n|gHl
º Emp|cye|s u|e l|cm Hu|s.
BAR News
Exlens|ve ccve|uge cl lH|s yeu|s H|gH|y
successful BAR Annual Conference in
Commercial Moving
Group News

Interview with JT & Sons Relocations, the
Commercial Mover of the Year 2013.
º 0dIher|ne Nck|nne||, NF, 0n geII|ng Ihe
ec0n0my m0v|ng
º 8kk Nembers' d|sµ|dy veh|c|es dI Ihe
8edm|sh N0se0m
º Fdm||y d|b0m re0µened w|Ih F0x's k|b|0n
º ¡0µ I|µs Ir0m k|ghIm0ve
º ß|sc0ss|ng c0ns0mer deIr|menI w|Ih Ihe ¡8I
º ß00g|e rec0mmends smdrIµh0ne µresence
º 00nIerence w0rksh0µs
º 8kk 00nIerence Exh|b|I0rs
º ßd|d ß|nner & kwdrds h|ghI
Features 42
BAR Services
Why using BAR’s own packaging company
makes good business sense.
BAR Conference
Brian Maidman of Maidman’s Removals on
what it took to regain the Domestic Mover of
the Year title in 2013, plus a round up of all
the key announcements and discussions at
this year’s Conference.
BIFM in merger of
The British Institute of Facilities
Management, Asset Skills, the Facilities
Management Association and the Cleaning
and Support Services Association have
agreed to the concept of forming a single
body to represent facilities management
and support services.
A new vision for BAR Training Services.
Overseas Group News

BARoverseas.com is live, interviews with new
OG Councillors and OG Conference coverage.
European News
Diary Dates 66
Membership 68
People News 64
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
Industry News
June 2013 Removals & Storage
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
from Watford
Congratulations to Domestic Mover of the
Year 2013 winner Maidman’s Removals,
who have yet again shown just what a
family-owned removals company can
achieve when they aspire to the highest
standards of professionalism.
Special congratulations also go to this
year’s Commercial Mover of the Year
2013 winner, JT & Sons Relocations, an
impressive achievement for a company
which only began operating in 2008.

This year’s Annual Conference in
Newcastle was a great success. We have
received some very positive feedback
from BAR Members, Affiliates, International
Associates and overseas guests. It was
good to see a high level of appreciation
for the quality of the food and first-class
service from the staff at the Marriott Hotel,
which provided the very best traditions of
Geordie hospitality.
Many delegates said they enjoyed
and benefitted from the wide range of
thought-provoking business sessions
and practical workshops addressing the
challenges and trends that everyone in
the industry is facing.
There were ample opportunities for
making new contacts and renewing old
friendships throughout the 3-day event,
and we thank our sponsors for evening
events such as the Overseas Group
Welcome Drinks and Hog Roast, the PHS
Teacrate sponsored Casino Night where
much appreciated funds were raised for
the Removers Benevolent Association,
and the PPS Crate Hire sponsored Gala
Despite the wind and the rain, the Vehicle
Display and Procession at the Beamish
Museum made all of us very proud to be
part of this unique and historic industry.
Many thanks to all of you who contributed
their vehicles, ancient and modern, and
who turned out to support the event.
Next year’s Annual Conference will be
15-17 May in Glasgow, Scotland. Many of
BAR’s and longest standing members are
based north of the border, and Glasgow
will be an ideal location for networking
with the close-knit Scottish moving
community. There should be plenty to
debate at Glasgow, with the Scottish
independence referendum all set for next
Over the last few years, BAR has worked
hard to improve networking and
communications with Members as well as
to raise standards in the business and
enhance our profile with the general
public. These efforts have been
recognised in particular by the Trade
Association Forum which has shortlisted
BAR for 3 awards at the prestigious TAF
Best Practice Awards 2013, as well as the
overall award for Trade Association of the
Year. Being shortlisted for these awards
represents a fantastic achievement for
the Association to date, and couldn’t
have been possible without the support
of our Members.
Finally, a quick reminder that the BAR
Council meetings are now coming up.
If any Members wish to raise an issue
for further discussion, please get in touch
with your appropriate representatives.
Follow BAR on:
Contact Details:
Contributions on all aspects of the removals and
storage industry are welcome, together with
photographs if appropriate.
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Industry News
June 2013 Removals & Storage
HMRC agrees
to overnight
HMRC is to increase the Drivers’ Overnight
Subsistence Allowance for drivers of Heavy
Goods Vehicles (HGVs) and will review the
current agreement for overnight allowances.
The new rates are as follows:
Without sleeper cab: £34.90 (an increase of
£1.05 from £33.85).
With sleeper cab: £26.20 (an increase of 80p).
According to HMRC, the mere fact that a
lorry has a sleeper cab does not prevent the
employer paying an amount tax free up to the
limits for lorries without sleeper cabs, provided
that the employer is satisfied that the driver
did incur expenses on overnight
accommodation (for example, by staying in a
hotel) and meals.
The Road Haulage Association (RHA)
negotiates directly with HMRC in relation to
HGV drivers’ Overnight Subsistence Allowance
and is also in discussions with HMRC on a
new agreement to structure overnight
allowances that could take effect from April
2014. Its Employment Services Manager,
Peter Butler, explained that the increase is
based on the RPI figure as of 1 October 2012:
3.2%. “This means that the actual increase is
just below by 1 or 2 pence that which we asked
for,” he said. “However, for accounting
purposes, it is easier to request the rounded
figures. The next round of increase
negotiations will begin in November 2013
once we have the RPI figures.”
The RHA reminds operators that although
this is the maximum tax free allowance for
drivers, receipts must still be produced.
Jonathan Hood, Group Managing Director of
Cadogan Tate, has contacted R&S as the company
has recently been subjected to two devious fraud
attempts, one of them successful. He would like to
alert all BAR Members to the threat.
In the scam, a customer telephones and gets a
quote for shipping a 40’ container to the US or
Australia, for example, with the quote to include
settlement of substantial third party charges such as
an outstanding account with a self-storage company
or shipper. The removal company sends the quote and
they immediately accept, paying in advance by credit
card. The third party telephones the same day to get
the removal company to settle their charges by
company credit card, which it does, having been paid
already. Two weeks later the removal company is
informed by its bank that the credit card used by the
customer was in fact stolen. The third party charges
that the removal company paid are not retrievable.
“The real problem is that the charges you settle
with a credit card are fraudulent but will not be
refunded, while the charges you receive are from a
stolen credit card and can be charged back to you but
there is usually a time lag of two or three weeks,”
Jonathan explains. He warns that the third party
identity is a close imitation of a genuine one; so far
the fraudsters have used “Britanna Storage” and
“Kelly’s Inc.” as third parties.
“I would suggest that companies agree to settle
third party charges only on acceptance of payment by
irrevocable means such as bank transfer or cleared
cheque,” Jonathan advises. “Definitely don’t settle
them against a credit card payment. And, he
recommends all BAR Members remain vigilant:
“There is no end to the creativity of the con artist.”
Scam alert – third party
R&S readers beware, there are some sophisticated scammers out
lHe|e wHc u|e ub|e lc sleu| mcney l|cm even lHe mcsl expe||enced
Cameron commits to hold off on
fuel duty hikes
The Prime Minister has made a very welcome
commitment to block any further rises in duty
on petrol.
Mr Cameron said “the previous government
had set out a whole lot of plans for fuel duty
increases. It was like a whole lot of unexploded
bombs which we have had to try and defuse.”
He confirmed that this government has
cancelled and delayed almost all of these fuel
duty increases. “We even cut fuel duty on one
occasion. We will keep going to try and keep
those fuel duty increases off, recognising that it is
the really big bills that people really care about
and want help with.”
The news has been met with great applause by
businesses that use the roads.
BAR is a member of the FairFuelUK campaign,
which described the Prime Minister’s recent
promise to keep fuel duty down as “an enormous
relief” to keeping the cost of transport in this
country as low as possible.
The Road Haulage Association also welcomed
the news although called for urgent attention to
be given to the fact that UK hauliers are still
paying the highest levels of fuel duty in Europe.
Do you have any
news to share with
R&S readers?
Send lc: rdnds-ed|I0r|d|@dnd|yI|cdmed|d.c0m
Industry News
8 Removals & Storage June 2013
controls on EU
residency rights
The Swiss government has decided to extend a
safeguard clause limiting residence rights for
people from the European Union.
According to Swiss statistics, there has been
a recent surge in the number of southern
Europeans, especially from Portugal and
Spain, settling in the country as the Eurozone
debt crisis bites in their home countries.
The clause is part of a bilateral agreement
on migration with the EU and allows
temporary quotas on residency permits for EU
residents wishing to work in Switzerland.
In its decision, Switzerland is applying to the
EU as a whole the system of limits and quotas,
which was already in effect for newer EU
entrants Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia,
Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech
As from 1 May, residence permits for the 17
older EU states have been capped at 53,700 for
12 months. The EU’s foreign affairs chief,
Catherine Ashton, said “the EU attaches great
importance to the free movement of persons
in the overall context of its relations with
Switzerland. These measures disregard the
great benefits that the free movement of
persons brings to the citizens of both
Switzerland and the EU. I regret the decision
of the Swiss Government.”
Merger for Harrow Green
and Sargent
Mergers and acquisitions activity remains at a relatively high level in
the removals industry. In mid-March, Harrow Green, which itself
became part of Restore plc in March 2012, completed its merger with
Sargents Trading. The combined businesses will trade as Harrow
0|een Lld.
Sargents has operated in London and the South East
for over 20 years, providing tailored office removal,
relocation, clearance, recycling and storage services,
as well as furniture and crate hire, to corporate and
SME organisations.
Nigel Dews, Managing Director at Harrow Green,
said “this merger is important because it brings
together more than 50 years of industry expertise and
market knowledge. We will be able to provide
increased capability, capacity, a greater depth in
resource and wider geographical reach. By adopting
the best practices from both companies we will
enhance our service offerings and, most importantly,
our customer support.
Our reputation in the marketplace for excellent
service and in-depth expertise provides an
environment that our customers, suppliers and
employees want to be part of.”
Minimum wage rates go up for all
The Government has rejected recommendations
by the independent Low Pay Commission (LPC)
to freeze apprentice rates and has increased these
by 3 pence.
Business Secretary Vince Cable accepted most of
the LPC’s other recommendations for this year’s
adult and youth National Minimum Wage rates.
However, he said that there was worrying evidence
that a significant number of employers are not
paying apprentices the relevant minimum wage
rate. “Apprenticeships are at the heart of our goal
to support a stronger economy, and so it is
important to continue to make them attractive to
young people.” He therefore decided to raise the
apprenticeship rate in line with the youth rates.
Addressing the LPC’s concerns about non-
compliance by employers who exploit apprentices,
he said “We are working on a series of tough new
measures to ensure we tackle non-compliance
issues across the board.”
The following rates will come
|nlc ellecl cn 1 0clcbe| 2013:
º The adult rate will increase
by 12p to £6.31 an hour
º The rate for 18-20 year
olds will increase by 5p
to £5.03 an hour
º The rate for 16-17 year
olds will increase by 4p
to £3.72 an hour
º The apprentice rate will
increase by 3p to £2.68
an hour.
Industry News
June 2013 Removals & Storage
According to a study from the Chartered Institute of
Personnel and Development (CIPD), there is a clear
mismatch between employers’ expectations of young
people during the recruitment process and young
people’s understanding of what is expected of them.
This is hindering young people’s access to the labour
market, contributing to the high rates of youth
unemployment and fuelling a ticking time bomb of
skills shortages for UK businesses, who may be
unwittingly limiting their access to this important
and diverse pool of talent.

.Y00ng µe0µ|e dre Ir0m ¥en0s
The report, Employers are from Mars, young people
are from Venus, addresses the young people/jobs
mismatch, and identifies a number of flashpoints that
are hindering young people from finding work. Here
are some of the findings:
s Many employers state that they require experience,
even for relatively junior roles, which then creates a
vicious cycle for those young people who do not
have access to work opportunities. This also prevents
businesses from taking advantage of a diverse talent
pool and can result in paying above the odds for
skills they could have sourced internally.
after applying for jobs is de-motivating and
crushes the confidence of many young people. On
the flipside, some employers are overwhelmed by
a large volume of ‘scattergun’ applications from
young people who have done nothing to research
and tailor their applications to the specific role.
lengthy and not very transparent, meaning that
young people have no idea about the stages
involved or what they should do to prepare.
This, and failure to tailor interviews for people
who have no prior experience of work, often
means that employers are left disappointed by a
process that does not get the most out of young
coupled with a lack of support available to young
people during the transition from education to
work, means that many young people have little
understanding of the world of work and do not
know where to turn to or how to improve their
chances of finding a job.
Employers are from Mars…
Anyone working in management in removal companies across the
country will not be surprised to learn that new research reveals a gulf
|n expeclul|cns belween ycung pecp|e und emp|cye|s lHul |s
contributing to high levels of youth unemployment.
Online help
from NEST
Automatic enrolment is in full swing and
NEST is working with over 300 large
employers from all sectors for automatic
enrolment, with over 100,000 participating
NEST has now launched new online help
for employers to navigate their way through
automatic enrolment. Based on the
experiences of the first wave of companies
who have been enrolling their employees,
NEST Chief Executive Tim Jones says
“We’ve learnt a lot about the needs of
employers both large and small. We’ve
learnt that getting ready to adjust to the
new duties takes a lot of time – at least six
months and up to 18 months for the largest
employers. Some of our employers have
reported project times of two years.”
The law requires companies to provide
their workers with access to a workplace
pension scheme that meets certain
minimum standards. Some employees will
need to be automatically enrolled, while
others can ask to join. The new duties are
being introduced gradually and employers
have a staging date based on how many
workers are on their payroll. By 2018 all
employers must have a scheme in place.
From October 2012, employers with 250 or
more staff have been involved in automatic
enrolment for their employees.
NEST has adapted its online guides to
ensure the transition can help businesses of
all sizes and their advisers.
New late payment measures proposed
During a parliamentary session looking at late
payment, the Forum of Private Business told a
cross-party group of MPs that the issue remains a
significant concern for UK SMEs.
The not-for-profit employer support organisation
said over a million SMEs had experienced problems
with late and slow payment, and urged MPs to look
at new ways to tackle the problem.
The Forum’s proposals include requirements for
all prime contractors bidding on government
contracts to sign the ICM’s Prompt Payment Code
(PPC); for the Government to provide legal clarity
on how representative organisations can use new
powers under the EU Directive on prompt payment
to represent their members on the issue; and for
wider adoption of e-invoicing in the public sector.
According to the Forum’s latest research, 35%
of small businesses have seen a reduction in
profit and 16% have seen a noticeable reduction
in turnover as a result of late payment or bad
debts. Late payments from large companies are
having a knock-on effect, leaving many SMEs
in a vicious circle of in turn paying their suppliers
Industry News
10 Removals & Storage June 2013
booming in
emerging markets
The 2013 Global Mobility Survey, an annual
analysis of international mobility programmes,
has found more growth in mobility programmes
managed from emerging markets compared to
programmes managed from non-emerging markets.
The study, commissioned by Santa Fe,
surveyed 1,273 companies across a
range of industries in 70 countries
and reports that more businesses are
decentralising global mobility
operations and adopting more
regional approaches to how they
manage their mobility programmes.
The study found that three quarters
of companies say that emerging
markets are important to their
mobility programme; one third go so
far as to describe them as “very
Experts interviewed in conjunction
with the report cite reasons for this
trend including a changing
marketplace, improved skillsets in
emerging markets, economic
challenges in the West, accelerated
growth in Brazil, India and
particularly China, and sheer volume
of assignments in and out of regional
“The world is changing and its
centre of gravity is moving east.
Today’s economic powerhouses of
India and China are increasingly
becoming headquarter locations
rather than the far-flung outposts of
yesteryear,” said Brian Friedman,
Founder and CEO of the Forum for
Expatriate Management, one of the
experts offering analysis for the report.
VOSA launches consultation
on fee changes
The Vehicle and Operator Services
Agency (VOSA) has published
proposals to increase fees by
around 1% for a range of services it
carries out, including fees for HGV
testing and operator licensing.
VOSA Chief Executive Alastair
Peoples said “after four years with
no general fee increases, VOSA will
continue to absorb most costs and
keep general rises to a minimal
1%. This is good news for our
customers as the increase is far
below inflation.”
According to the proposals which
were put out for consultation, fees
for applications for HGV operator
licences will increase by £5 (2%);
those for grant or continuation will
increase by £8 (2%). VOSA plans to
reduce fees for tests at non-VOSA
facilities and further increase those
for tests at VOSA sites, to create a
fee structure which reflects better
VOSA’s real costs of delivery.
The majority of VOSA’s income
(approximately 83%) comes from
statutory fees. VOSA’s annual
accounts for 2011/12 showed an
accumulated deficit at the end of
the year of £17m (reduced from
£35m at the end of 2009/10). Its
business plan for 2012/13 is to
generate a surplus of £7m in the
year (on an income estimated at
£183m) to reduce that deficit
Industry News
June 2013 Removals & Storage
Funded entirely by business donations from local
companies, including Clarks of Amersham, grant
allocations and members of the public, the £1m
outdoor sports facility includes street snooker, table
tennis, a 16-station outdoor gym, and an outdoor
court for basketball, football and cricket.
As a home-grown local business, Clarks of
Amersham continually supports and sponsors
schools, charity groups, sports clubs and events in the
local community. Its owner, Michael Clark, who set
up the family-run domestic, commercial and
overseas removals and storage business over 20 years
ago, said: “It’s excellent to see some investment
being made in the local facilities for the young
people, and if we in some small way have helped to
make this happen, then I’m incredibly proud to be
part of it.”
For more information about Clarks of Amersham, see
Clarks of Amersham help deliver
Olympic legacy multisport zone
wc|k|ng u|cngs|de lHe 0|ymp|un 8cbby wH|le, cuplu|n cl Ieum 08s Lcndcn 2012 mens Hundbu||, |ccu|
mayor Mimi Harker and Amersham MP Cheryl Gillan, BAR Member Clarks of Amersham has been involved in
the launch of Amersham’s new multisport zone.

Industry News
12 Removals & Storage June 2013
Bank of England extends Funding
for Lending

The Bank of England and HM Treasury have
extended the Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS)
until January 2015, to increase the incentive for
banks to lend to small and medium-sized
enterprises (SMEs) both this year and next.
Since its introduction in August last year, the
FLS has contributed to a sharp reduction in
funding costs for banks and building societies.
But the improvement in credit conditions since
Summer 2012 has been less marked for SMEs
than for larger businesses and households. As part
of the extension, the incentives to boost net
lending will be heavily skewed towards SMEs.
The FLS will also be expanded to include
lending by banking groups involving financial
leasing corporations and factoring corporations,
which can be important sources of finance to
some SMEs, and certain mortgage and housing
credit corporations. Matthew Fell of the
Confederation of British Industry confirmed that
there are signs that FLS is starting to lower the
cost of finance for business. “The additional
incentives for banks should accelerate activity in
the small business financing market,” he said.
“We need to be realistic. Funding for Lending is
only one piece of the jigsaw. Boosting firms’
confidence by raising awareness of the various
funding schemes available is critical.”
BIFM in merger
of associations
The British Institute of Facilities Management
(BIFM), Asset Skills, the Facilities
Management Association (FMA) and the
Cleaning and Support Services Association
have agreed to the concept of forming one
single and united body to represent facilities
management and support services.
Gareth Tancred, Chief Executive Officer of
BIFM, said “this is an excellent opportunity
for BIFM and its members. In the last year we
have seen a marked rise in global demand for
our services. We recognise that merger and
acquisition activity is a way to achieve our
strategic development objectives to ensure we
meet the needs of our individual and
corporate members.
The intention of these discussions is to form
an organisation that is more influential and
with increased delivery capability, to reflect the
growing scope of facilities management and
support services.”
This proposed merger recognises the
growing demand for a stronger, unified and
collective voice in the sector. A steering group
has been established to progress the proposed
merger which brings together the 4
associations, examining how a single body
can work to meet the needs of the industry
and the professionals that work within it.
The proposed merger is being presented to
each constituent party’s membership for
agreement and ratification.
Asset Skills is the skills body representing
facilities management, property, housing,
cleaning and parking, and already works
closely with the Cleaning and Support Services
Association (CSSA). Its Chief Executive Officer,
Sarah Bentley, believes the move will “provide
a strong base for our skills development work
with the housing, property and parking
Chris Hoar, Chief Executive Officer of the
FMA, said “The UK FM industry is the most
mature in the world, and the FMA acts on
behalf of members’ interests to develop the
policies and plans that will shape the future of
FM. Given this market maturity, it’s an
obvious next step to consider consolidation.
The FMA is therefore looking forward to
working collaboratively with the BIFM, Asset
Skills and the CSSA to arrive at a common
goal that will benefit the industry and the
individual and corporate members of each
representative body.”
However, the DfT says there is some evidence of
transport companies using fewer, larger HGVs (and
more large vans), so this reduction in numbers does
not necessarily indicate a fall in road freight carrying
capacity. The biggest year-on-year drop for HGVs
came in 2009, the first full year after the onset of the
2008-09 recession. Since then, the annual growth in
all licensed vehicles has slowed but not stopped,
increasing by an average of 0.5% per year since 2008,
compared with an average of 2.4% a year between
1996 and 2007. Between 2011 and 2012 the total
vehicle stock increased by 0.9%. At the end of 2012,
there were 34.5 million vehicles licensed for use on
the roads in Great Britain, of which 28.7 million
(83%) were cars. The number of light vans registered
for the first time dipped again during 2012. The total
for the year (242,000) was 8% lower than in 2011, but
still 28% more than in 2009. Van registrations started
to drop sooner in 2008, but started to recover sooner,
in early 2010 rather than autumn 2010.New
registrations of HGVs showed little change in 2012 as
a whole, after a large increase in 2011, and there
appears to be a trend for HGVs to lag up to 9 months
behind what is happening for vans. New van
registrations started to drop again at the beginning of
2012, while HGV registrations started to decrease in
late 2012.
Fewer HGVs on the roads
According to the Department for Transport, HGV stock on the roads in
Great Britain in 2012 was nearly 10% lower than in 2007, and at its
lowest since 1999.
L|censed veh|c|es by b0dy Iyµe: ßredI 8r|Id|n, 1994 I0 2012
Industry News
June 2013 Removals & Storage
VOSA’s Annual Effectiveness Report shows that the
average initial pass rate for trucks tested in the 12
months to 31 March 2012 rose to 75.3%. This is one
percentage point above the previous year’s figure and
the fifth successive increase.
This improvement in performance echoes the
increase in the number of tests conducted at non-
VOSA test sites, such as Authorised Testing Facilities.
A total of 32.6% of truck tests and 45% of trailer tests
took place at non-VOSA sites in 2011/12, up from
24.6% and 35.2% respectively a year earlier.
The report also notes that VOSA’s efforts at targeting
the most non-compliant operators are improving,
with increased targeted prohibition rates for both GB
and non-GB operators. For GB operators the average
prohibition rate for mechanical defects has increased
from 35.5% in 2010/11 to 36% in 2011/12, for drivers’
hours from 16% to 19.2%, and for overloading from
69.5% to 71%. Rates for non-GB operators were 36.9%
for mechanical defects, 17.1% for drivers’ hours
offences, and 63.6% for overloading – up from 34.9%,
15.9% and 59% respectively in 2010/11.
However, VOSA says that it is still concerned by the
light goods category. The first test pass rate for the
608,000 light goods vehicles stubbornly refuses to
improve much past 50%. For the third year in a row
almost half failed at their first attempt and even when
minor/easy defects were repaired on-site more than
two fifths still failed. “We estimate that approximately
two thirds of licensed truck operators also run light
goods vehicles. It would be reasonable to assume that
the principles and procedures adopted for regulated
vehicles would be applied to those less regulated,”
VOSA says. “Or would it?”
Logistics firms
focus on
training and

The Freight Transport Association (FTA)
anticipates greater investment in training and
technology by logistics companies in the future.
Presenting its Logistics Report 2013, prepared
together with management consultants PwC,
which reviewed the state of the logistics sector
over the past 12 months, the FTA’s Chief
Executive, Theo de Pencier, said: “In these
austere times, it has been reassuring to learn
that companies have nevertheless increased their
level of innovation. Those engaged in logistics
have put in place ground breaking practices and
pioneering technologies to make their businesses
more efficient and competitive, whilst
continuously striving to achieve greater
sustainability in their operations.”
The report concludes that investment,
innovation and talent will continue to be critical
areas of importance for the logistics sector, and
predicts more firms will invest in training and
development, as well as recruitment and new
technologies to improve efficiency and

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders
(SMMT) reports that commercial vehicle (CV)
output in the UK fell 18.8% in the first quarter to
23,854 units.
The decline followed an 18.7% drop in March,
the ninth monthly fall in the past year. Output
for the home market rose 5% in Q1, but could
not offset the impact of weak export volumes.
“The commercial realities of weak export
markets, notably within Europe, have resulted
in a further slowdown in commercial vehicle
output in March and Q1 2013,” Mike Baunton,
SMMT Interim Chief Executive, commented.
Despite on-going difficult market conditions,
UK automotive manufacturing is expected to
grow overall in 2013 and beyond, fuelled by
significant investment from global automotive
companies. According to its latest forecasts,
SMMT expects 253,000 new light commercial
vehicle (LCV, to 3.5 tonnes) registrations in
2013, up 5.7% on the 2012 total, and new car
registrations of 2.106 million units, up 3.0%. For
2014, it is forecasting a 2.1% rise in LCV
registrations and a 0.8% rise for cars.
Town hall move for P. Fahey & Sons
P. Fahey & Sons has recently reinstalled
employees and equipment back in the newly
refurbished Trafford Town Hall in Manchester, an
historic Grade II listed building.
Working with Shepherds Developments and
Trafford Borough Council, in 2011 the company
carried out the relocation of 520 staff members to
a temporary office facility and also moved £1m
worth of fine art and antiques to its storage
facility in Old Trafford.
Since then, Shepherds Development has now
completed the £22.5m project to demolish the
building’s two storey extension from the 1980s
and refurbish the 1930’s Town Hall, delivering a
much-improved, modernised facility that will
nonetheless retain the building’s architectural
P. Fahey & Sons have now successfully returned
all 520 staff and an additional 500 staff from
around the borough, plus the £1m worth of fine
art and antiques, to the new facility and Grade II
listed Town Hall Building – on time and on
Director Simon Fahey said “my guys did
extremely well, packing and handling unique
items such as 8ft bronze statues, 6ft gilt-framed
pictures, valuable silverware and the Mayor’s
precious personal antique furniture, among 200
other individual items of antique furniture. In
total, there was 14,000 cubic feet of relocation.”
“The end user client, Trafford Borough
Council, praised all our crew for all their hard
work and professionalism throughout the
relocation, in particular Project Manager Mark
Callicher who looked after the job from the outset
to completion.” For more information, contact
at new high
The roadworthiness of UK trucks – as measured by the results of their
annual test – has hit a record high, with three-quarters of all trucks
passing first time.
Industry News
14 Removals & Storage June 2013
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shift at Harrow
Harrow Green has carried out an unusual
move of two gravestones, approximately 500
years old, which had been on loan from
Amgueddfa Cymru, the National Museum
Wales, to Llantarnam Abbey for over 40 years.
The move, engineered by Harrow Green
Project Manager, Dave Ryan, required
sensitive and expert handling to lift the two
gravestones from the nuns’ graveyard at
Llantarnam Abbey and transport them back
to the Museum’s Collection Centre.
Because the stones were set in a concrete
base the operation involved excavating under
the stones and constructing a timber cradle
around them. The gravestones were then
hoisted onto a pallet truck, loaded on the
vehicle, safely secured and taken to the
Museum store in Nantgarw.
To contact Harrow Green,
see www.harrowgreen.com
The Cavalcade of 40 Oxford-built vehicles travelled
from the MINI plant in Oxford to form a static display
for the day, with Bishop’s Move’s Bullnose Morris
turning heads as the only commercial Morris in
The Oxford factory has produced a great variety of
Morris models over the years, and many other great
brands including Austin-Healey, MG, Wolseley, Riley,
Mini, Vanden Plas, Princess, Triumph, Rover, Honda,
and Sterling have also been produced at the factory.
Bishop’s Move Chairman, Roger Bishop, drove the
vintage commercial travellers van, which was built in
1924 and was originally used by the company’s sales
representatives – an early version of a company car
– and was also was used as a mechanics van. In fact,
Bishop’s Move was originally based in Botley Road
and the Bullnose Morris vehicle is now the only one of
its kind left in the world.
The involvement of Bishop’s Move Oxford in the
event coincides with the branch’s 75th year in the
area. The Oxford branch currently employs 15
members of staff and has previously handled high-
profile relocations including moving the Bishop of
Oxford and the Bishop of Westminster. The company
has also been responsible for handling various moves
for Oxford University, most recently relocating its
School of Economics.
Roger Bishop sees parallels with the cavalcade
event and that of his own family company’s fortunes.
“As a family run company that was founded in 1854
and is now in its sixth generation of Bishop’s, our
foundation is built upon history and heritage,” he
said. “Our Bullnose Morris is an important part of
this and serves as a reminder of our roots and what
we have achieved throughout our history. It was an
honour to be part of such a significant event which
heralds a wonderful moment in the history of
To contact Bishop’s Move, see www.bishopsmove.com
Bishop’s Move
brings out the Morris
8|sHcps Hcve 0xlc|d lcck lc lHe |cud |n |ls 8u||ncse Hc|||s us pu|l cl
lHe Cenlenu|y Cuvu|cude und 0|sp|uy |n 0xlc|d lc He|p ce|eb|ule 100
years of motor manufacture at Cowley.
Industry News
June 2013 Removals & Storage
As pu|l cl |ls expuns|cn p|cg|umme, wccds Remcvu|s Hus |e|cculed lc new p|em|ses |n 0c|cHesle|.
New premises for Woods Removals
The premises on the Grove Trading Estate include a
purpose-built office, ample storage capacity for over
100 storage containers and sufficient space for the
company’s modern fleet of vehicles.
In December 2008, Woods Removals was acquired
by family-owned Camp Hopson Removals Ltd, based
in Newbury, Berkshire. Both Woods Removals and
Camp Hopson Removals have the same focus on
quality service at affordable prices and are Members of
the BAR.
Brian Allen, Managing Director of Camp Hopson
Removals, explains “our removal business had grown
from strength to strength and we needed to expand
our business. Woods Removals was an ideal company
to acquire given their excellent reputation and
customer-focused service.” He says that the
acquisition now enables the company to establish a
link from Dorset and the West Country through
Berkshire into London which is an area Camp Hopson
serves frequently. “We are thinking beyond the current
depressed state of the housing market and have
bought a removals and storage business which will
enable us to progress in the future.”
Camp Hopson Removals Ltd has retained the Woods
name as an alternative trading name. For more
information, see www.camphopsonremovals.co.uk
More interest in moves to long haul destinations
According to latest data by Rightmove Overseas,
there has been a significant increase in searches
for overseas properties in countries such as
Australia, India and Thailand.
Australia currently ranks as the fourth most
popular destination, after Spain, France and the
USA. Rightmove’s April figures record a fall in
interest in Cyprus which continues to face
economic problems and is now replaced by
Ireland as the seventh most popular destination.
Rightmove Overseas advertises thousands of
properties from agents and owners in over 80
countries around the world and averages over
3,600,000 searches a month for overseas
Industry News
16 Removals & Storage June 2013
Hope for increase in house sales
These are testing times for the removals and storage industry when it comes to residential moves. While
house prices continued to tick higher in March and April, there are still no firm indications that this is
leading to an increase in house sales, with the most recent data suggesting that the number of
completions remains low.
However, market watchers expect the launch of the
Government’s Help to Buy scheme will provide further
support to both house prices and transaction numbers.
According to Rightmove, in April there was a 2.1%
(+£4,996) rise in new seller asking prices, the fourth
successive monthly increase this year. April’s average
asking price was just £1,529 shy of the June 2012
record, at £244,706. Miles Shipside, Director and
Housing Market Analyst at Rightmove, said: “May
looks like an odds-on bet to deliver a new asking price
record. This should not be confused with an overall
market recovery, as while Spring may be here, the
on-going chill of the recession is still in the air.
However, it is true to say that more estate agents are
reporting more activity in more segments of the
market.” Rightmove said that the weekly run-rate of
properties coming to market was down 4% in April
2013 in comparison with April 2012.
There was more cautious optimism, this time from
the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA),
whose latest market statistics indicate that competition
in the housing sales market is increasing. In March,
the number of homes for sale rose while the number of
house hunters fell overall. The NAEA’s market report
for March 2013 found that the average number of
house hunters registered per branch decreased from
289 in February to 286 in March and that the average
number of properties available for sale per branch
increased from 58 to 60 in the same month. Mark
Hayward, President of the NAEA comments: “The
housing market remains volatile, despite the raft of
measures announced by the Government in the most
recent Budget.” The most up-to-date figures available
from the Land Registry show that during January
2013, the number of completed house sales in England
and Wales decreased by 5% to 41,763 compared with
43,752 in January 2012. At the same time, the number
of properties sold in England and Wales for over £1m
in January 2013 increased by 28% to 610 from 476 in
January 2012. Figures from the Land Registry show an
annual price increase of 0.9% which takes the average
property value in England and Wales to £161,793.
LSL Acadametrics estimated that housing
transactions increased by 18% in April 2013 compared
to last year, reflecting the improved conditions for
buyers. Analysts putting together this house price index
anticipate transactions should rise modestly in 2013,
although they warn that based on current data, it is
mostly London and the South East regions that look
set to benefit from the Government’s stimulus
According to the Office for National Statistics,
in the 12 months to February 2013, UK house prices
increased by 1.9%, down from a 2.2% increase in the
12 months to January 2013. The year-on-year increase
reflected growth of 2.1% in England and 4.1% in
Wales, which were offset by declines of 1.2% in
Scotland and 7.7% in Northern Ireland.
Although the Halifax House Price Index noted that
prices in the three months to April were 1.3% higher
than in the previous three months – marking the fifth
consecutive increase in house prices – transaction
activity is still subdued. Martin Ellis, Housing
Economist, commented: “House prices continue to
pick up gradually. Market activity, however, remains
subdued by historical standards with the number of
mortgage approvals for house purchases – a leading
indicator of completed house sales – easing slightly in
the first quarter of 2013, according to the latest
industry-wide figures. Weak income growth and
continuing below-trend economic growth are likely to
remain significant constraints on housing demand
during the remainder of 2013.”
However, Nationwide’s Chief Economist Robert
Gardner is optimistic that activity levels will continue
to strengthen in the months ahead. Mortgage
approvals for house purchases averaged just over
53,000 per month in Q1 2013, up from an average of
51,000 per month in 2012. House purchase lending
was also up 4% year-on-year in the first two months of
the year, boosted by higher levels of lending to first-
time buyers.
Hamiltons offers foreign exchange deal
International removals company
Hamiltons Removals has teamed up with
Currencies Direct, one of Europe’s leading
providers of foreign exchange and
international transfers, to offer substantial
savings for families and companies
moving abroad.
“Currencies Direct’s savings on the
exchange rates offered by high street
banks are so substantial,” says Michael
Sawyer, (pictured) Managing Director of
Hamiltons Removals, “that our customers
could be moving abroad for free!” He
estimates that in some cases Currencies
Direct’s preferential rate can save so much
money on for example house price
transactions that it would be enough to
cover the cost of the removal.
Do you have any
news to share with
R&S readers?
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Industry News
June 2013 Removals & Storage
Come along to an evening at historic
Brooklands Museum, Weybridge
6.30pm Wednesday 19 June 2013
Arrive at 6.30pm for a drinks reception, take an escorted ride in a racing car on
the original track, walk through Concorde, wander around amazing museums,
enjoy the buffet and cash bar on the veranda of the original club house.
A superb night which will leave you wanting to go back and do it all again.

£42 per head. Numbers are limited, so book your place soon

Feel free to vist: www.brooklandsmuseum.com
Email your booking to Julie@luxfords.co.uk and make your cheques payable
to BAR New Met Area. Please send payment to Julie Thompson, Luxfords of
Weybridge, Avro Way, Brooklands Business Park, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0XQ.
Alternatively payment can be made by BACS (details available on request).
A Very Special Evening
Impress your clients, treat your staff…
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
Joint meeting
of Yorkshire,
Northern and
North West
Other BAR Areas are also linking up for social
events this month. On 20 June, the Yorkshire,
Northern and North West Areas have decided to
meet up to take a guided tour of the world
famous Black Sheep brewery in Masham,
followed by a two course bistro dinner. Please
contact Yorkshire Area Secretary, Graham
Puddephatt of Reason Global, as soon as
possible to confirm your attendance and menu
selection: graham@reason-global.com.
BAR has been shortlisted for the Commercial Initiative
of the Year in respect of its new alliances, Conference
of the Year award (for Windsor 2012), and Electronic
Communications of the Year. BAR is also being
considered for TAF’s very special Trade Association of
the Year award.
The awards announcements will be made on 11 July
at TAF’s gala event in London.
BAR shortlisted for TAF
BAR shortlisted for TAF
The Trade Association Forum (TAF) has shortlisted BAR for a number of its
prestigious annual Best Practice awards this year.
Southern and Sussex Areas meet
this month
The BAR Southern Area has invited members of
the BAR Sussex Area to join them at their social
event on 26 June.
Southern Area Secretary, Peter Doman of
Basil Fry & Co, says the evening will kick off at
4pm with a BAR meeting at the Holiday Inn
Express (M27, Jct 7 – Southampton), followed
by a T20 cricket match at the adjacent Ageas
Bowl (Hampshire Cricket Ground) starting at
7pm. Peter explains: “For those of you who have
not been to a T20 cricket match, the action is
lively and will definitely give you a different
view of cricket! Local BAR Members who have
not attended a local meeting for a few years will
be very welcome, and they may get to meet a
representative of new local celebrity company,
Maidman’s Removals, the Domestic Mover of
the Year 2013.
The costs are £6 per head to cover the costs of
the meeting room and refreshments, rising to
£22.00 to include a cricket ticket, although if 40
people attend the cricket a further discount can
be secured. (Dinner arrangements will be down
to the individual member attending.)
As tickets need to be purchased in advance to
ensure a group discount, please confirm
your attendance by 19 June by emailing
June 2013 Removals & Storage 19
BAR News
DED with his eyes wide open
Chris Smallwood, Managing Director of Britannia Anchor Removals, recently joined the BAR Board as a new
0||ecl|y E|ecled 0||eclc| (0E0).

Directly Elected Directors play an important role at
BAR; they are specifically responsible for voicing the
concerns of the ordinary membership and for being
the connection between the Board and Members. As
such, they play a key part in forming BAR policy and
in setting the direction for the Association for the
Chris is taking on this responsibility with his eyes
wide open. “As DEDs, we are the conduit between the
Members and the Association,” he told R&S. “My first
priority will be to try to help people understand the
benefits of being a Member of the BAR, while at the
same time I also want the BAR to understand what its
Members need and want.”
Chris has served on the BAR Board before – he was a
Board Member from 2006 to 2009. However, he feels
this time round he is taking on the DED position with
a much better perspective on the removals industry in
general and the needs of BAR Members in particular.
“When I was on the BAR Board, I hadn’t run my own
company at that stage, so I didn’t have that
experience. I feel like I have unfinished business at
the Board and now I want to contribute more to the
At the same time, Chris notes that in the past few
years BAR has continued to develop in positive
directions. He says he would also like to encourage
and where possible accelerate further positive
developments in his new role as DED. He identifies for
particular focus the need to help Members adapt to
today’s rapid technological changes. “Technological
advances such as price comparison websites, online
quoting and online promotions remain a critical
challenge that we as an industry are facing,” he says.
“I want to help Members and the Association
understand these challenges. A lot of well-established
removal companies, especially the smaller ones, are
still intimidated by technology. We as an association
have to rise up to the challenge and help those
Members understand the impact that technology will
have on them over the next five years.”
Chris believes that by using these technologies in the
right way, BAR Members can gain competitive
advantage in today’s difficult marketplace. And, the
role that the BAR has to play is to support and make
available to Members all the opportunities presented
by the Internet.
¡he c|edr b|0e d|v|de
“We also have to drive home to the market the benefits
of quality service. We need to ensure there is clear blue
water between us and those who are not professional,”
Chris adds. “On behalf of our Members and on behalf
of the industry we have to communicate this message
and explain the benefits of quality service and putting
the customer first.”
As well as being a new DED, for the past year Chris
has also been a Director of the Board of BAR Services,
a wholly owned subsidiary of BAR. He considers BAR
Services as an integral part of the BAR Membership
package. “Sometimes Members don’t realise that they
are owners of BAR Services,” Chris explains. “When
they buy from BAR Services they are also to a degree
buying from their own company. It’s inextricably
linked to the overall member services that BAR
He stresses the strategic importance for BAR and its
Members having their own packaging company. “If
Members provide their support, they can help prevent
the market being monopolised and we can all keep
control of costs. It’s just one of the advantages of
belonging to a professional association.”
Through his recent involvement with BAR Services,
and now as a BAR DED, Chris has become a familiar
face at Watford. But it looks like his visits will become
even more regular over the next year. As an avid
Manchester City supporter, Chris says he is also
looking forward to combining his visits to Watford
with his team’s now regular trips to Wembley!
We need to ensure there is
clear blue water between
us and those who are not
‘ ‘
0hr|s 8md||w00d
F0s|I|0n: H0, AncHc| Remcvu|s Lld
8kk µ0s|I|0ns: 8AR 0||ecl|y E|ecled 0||eclc|, 8AR Se|v|ces 0||eclc|
8kk µrev|00s µ0s|I|0ns: National Council Chairman, BAR Board Director (2006-2009)
L0cdI|0n: LuncusH||e
Fers0nd|: Married to Rosalind with sons Nathan (10) and Kieran (6)
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
BAR Conference 2013
BAR: Taking
care of business
This year’s BAR Annual Conference was held at the Marriott Gosforth
Park, Newcastle, from 16-18 May 2013.
In recognition of BAR’s growing status as a key player
and industry voice, there was an impressive line-up of
dynamic speakers ranging from the Shadow Treasury
Minister, Catherine McKinnell MP to social and
digital media experts and industry professionals in
areas such as insurance, packaging and transport.
Delegates ranged from BAR Members, International
Associates, BAR Affiliates and companies that provide
products and services to the professional removals
and storage industry around the world. The top class
service and dining supplied by the Marriott Hotel and
its staff ensured that all delegates spent a very
comfortable few days in Newcastle.
Building on the successful Windsor Conference
format, the BAR team involved in the organisation of
the Newcastle event were congratulated by many
delegates for putting together yet another impressive
annual conference.
BAR thanks the following companies for their
sponsorship of the Annual Conference and for their
continued support of the industry: Backhouse Jones
solicitors, BAR Overseas Group, BAR Services, Basil
Fry & Co, PHS Teacrate, Pluscrates, PPS Crate Hire,
Reason Global, The Eurogroup and Wellers
“The general buzz of the convention
was very positive.”
Tony Tickner, The Eurogroup

“A very professional event. We were
also able to gain many new contacts
and obtain a greater understanding of
the challenges and trends within the
Joanne Moss, PPS Crate Hire

“A very good conference, one of the
best I’ve been to.”
Paul Bullock, PHS Teacrate

“All the business sessions that I
attended were appropriate and of a
high standard, and the trip to the
Beamish Museum and the Vehicle
ExH|b|l|cn we|e umuz|ng.´
Brian Maidman, Maidman’s

“The business content was again
very good with some interesting and
engaging speakers, the social
activities were fantastic, and certainly
all of the delegates that I spoke to had
thoroughly enjoyed themselves as
indeed did I.”
Ian Studd, Harrow Green
For more feedback on
the Newcastle event,
see BAR’s website for
v|decs und |nle|v|ews:
Bob Tree of Basil Fry & Co played a key role in Newcastle, making
announcements and keeping delegates informed about the
activities that had been organised.
June 2013 Removals & Storage 21
BAR News CMG News
Building a more visible BAR brand
One of the centrepieces of this year’s Conference was the BAR Strategy Review presented by BAR
President Ian Studd.
Ian provided a broad-ranging overview of BAR’s
strategic priorities for the coming years, as it
continues to raise the profile of the BAR brand with
the general public. Based on its mission to provide
professional excellence and service for the mutual
benefit of removers and their customers, BAR’s key
vision is to promote a recognisable brand to potential
Over the past year, major progress has been made
in brand recognition, with over 100,000 unique hits
each year for the BAR website. By the end of 2012,
65% of the public had heard of BAR, according to a
survey conducted by Rightmove. In fact, in a recent
survey carried out last month by Rightmove amongst
its audience of people who had requested quotes from
removal companies, which is the biggest property
related audience in the country, there was 71% name
recognition for BAR – substantially higher
recognition than for any other removal body.
Over the next 3 to 4 years, Ian confirmed, BAR
aims to increase membership numbers by around
15% and to double its strategic and corporate
partnerships. The three new alliances with TwentyCi,
Rightmove and the Money Advice Service announced
since the 2012 Conference, together with the
development of the TSI Code of Practice, along with
its own new brand, have played a considerable part in
enhancing brand recognition. The formal public
launch of the new TSI Code of Practice will take place
this month, on 18 June. Over the coming years, the
industry’s Trusted Mover website will also enhance
and increase the visibility of the BAR brand.
BAR is also stepping up its public relations efforts.
In recent months, keen-eyed readers may have seen
BAR appear in the pages of national newspapers, as
well as in the regional and trade media.
Nember engdgemenI
This hard work is already being reflected in feedback
from Members. In BAR’s first biennial membership
survey, 88% of respondents agreed that being a BAR
member was a definite benefit to their trading. There
was also strong endorsement by 91% of respondents
who view BAR’s standard Terms and Conditions as a
key member benefit, and 97% who gave their thumbs
up to the free Broadcast system and Notice Board.
An area of particular concern to the BAR Board was
the low take up by Members of BAR Training Services
(BARTS) courses. Even though 82% of respondents to
the membership survey describe BARTS products and
services as a benefit, a number of Members explained
their concerns about the range
and quality of training provided by BARTS. In recent
months BARTS has begun to redesign its training
services, based on feedback from Members, and under
new management. For more information on BARTS’
new directions see page 46.
Ian concluded with the hot off the press news that
BAR had been shortlisted by the Trade Association
Forum for three Best Practice awards, as well as TAF’s
overall Trade Association of the Year award. “It’s
testament to the progress made against our business
plan in that when measured against the best practice
of other trade associations, we are right up there,” Ian
told delegates. “There is much more that we still have
to do in some key areas for Members, and I look
forward to telling you all about these throughout the
course of the year.”
Following Ian’s presentation, there was a question
and answer session with the BAR Board which covered
a range of topics including synergies with the
facilities management sector, the impacts of
European legislation on the removals and storage
industry, and the role of BAR Area meetings.
BAR Conference 2013
Being shortlisted by the
Trade Association Forum for
three Best Practices awards,
as well as TAF’s overall
Trade Association of the
Year award is testament to
the progress made against
our business plan in that
when measured against the
best practice of other trade
associations, we are right
up there.
Ian Studd,
BAR President
‘ ‘
Do you have any news to share with R&S readers?
Send lc: rdnds-ed|I0r|d|@dnd|yI|cdmed|d.c0m
Ian Studd, BAR President
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
BAR Conference 2013
Maidman’s Removals, Domestic
Mover of the Year 2013-14
The Domestic Mover of the Year 2013-14 award has gone to a familiar name in the British removals
|ndusl|y und ul 8AR. wH||e S|| A|ex Fe|guscn muy Huve bcwed cul ul HuncHesle| un|led, 8||un Hu|dmun
and the team at Maidman’s Removals continue to collect the trophies!
“The DMotY accolade helps solidify our reputation for
delivering a first class removals and storage service,”
Brian told R&S in a post-Conference interview from
Bournemouth. “Our whole ethos is based on providing
a service to our customers that is honest, trustworthy
and, above all else, credible.”
Brian believes the main reasons for Maidman’s
continued success lie with the company’s high quality
service levels. “We provide a service which our
customers know and like. And, they trust us.”
With its company motto, ‘Exceeding customer
expectations through teamwork’, Brian says that it has
always been important to operate in an open and
transparent way.
“Inviting customer feedback (via referenceline.com)
helps us fine tune our service levels,” he says. “A real
key attribute at Maidman’s is the ability to listen and
deliver what people are looking for. I can’t emphasise
enough how important that is in the removals
On a personal level, Brian confesses that winning
DMotY for the second time in 3 years “allows me to
reflect that my 34 years within the removals and
storage business have been worth the hard work. I
think it shows what you can achieve when you have
the belief to grow a business and are focused and
dedicated to the audiences to whom you provide a
For Brian, the award shows that every team member
has played their part. “They are all integral to the
performance and recognition of the business,” he says.
Maidman’s will prepare a special celebration for its
hard working staff. Teamwork, drive, communication,
collaboration and community have all been key
factors in this latest triumph. Maidman’s Removals
last won the DMotY award in 2011. Although he is now
an old hand at awards ceremonies, Brian admits that
there were some nerves in the countdown to the
As in previous years, Maidman’s will be drawing the
attention of the public to their award in all their
promotional material, on the company’s web site and
on its vehicles.
His recommendation to any BAR Member
considering entering next year’s Domestic Mover of the
Year competition is to “have a go at the award. The
entry process is painless. Give it some thought and
then just put your best foot forward; you have nothing
to lose!”
DMotY 2013-14
Spcnsc|ed by:
Winning the coveted DMotY award
As well as winning the ultimate accolade of being
crowned the industry’s Domestic Mover of the Year,
Maidman’s Removals will benefit from the
considerable prizes offered by the DMotY sponsors.
First and foremost, Brian Maidman will be able
to display the BAR Domestic Mover of the Year
trophy for the next twelve months. He will retain a
striking etched glass trophy recording his win and
a framed award certificate. Maidman’s have now
been issued with 2013 Award Winner decals for
their vehicles and can use the coveted Award
Winner logo for their corporate communications.
BAR Services will give Maidman’s £500 worth of
packaging materials, and BAR Training Services
will provide one day of operative training on site at
Maidman’s. BAR has already started promoting
Maidman’s and its impressive win to the media,
and R&S will also run a number of articles and
adverts about Maidman’s over the next year.
A real key attribute at
Maidman’s is the ability
to listen and deliver what
people are looking for.
I can’t emphasise enough
how important that is in
the removals industry.
‘ ‘
June 2013 Removals & Storage 23
BAR News BAR Conference 2013
Domestic Mover of the Year 2013-14
While Maidman’s Removals & Storage were the winners of this year’s Domestic Mover of the Year
award, it was noted that there was a high quality of entrants again this year, notably with the other two
lnu||sls |n lHe ccmpel|l|cn, und evenluu| |unne|s up: Hull Pu|d|e 8 Scns Lld und wH|le 8 Cc. p|c,
Telford. Conference Keynote Speaker Catherine McKinnell, MP for Newcastle on Tyne North awarded
those companies present their finalist awards and certificates of merit.
we|| dcne u|sc lc lHe lc||cw|ng ccmpun|es wHc Huve been uwu|ded u Ce|l|lcule cl He||l: H J CH||slcpHe|s
8 Scn, l||mu|ncck Remcvu|s Lld und R|cHu|d leu|ey Remcvu|s Lld.
0HclY F|nu||sl: wH|le 8 Cc. 0HclY F|nu||sl: Hull Pu|d|e und Scns
DMotY Finalists
DMotY Certificates of Merit
We would like to hear from you
Our companies’ sole purpose since its inception in 1977 is to serve the
membership – to supply good quality, innovative packaging products at
low prices. This is achieved by buying jointly on your behalf and
passing on the discount achieved from this bulk purchasing power!
As a member, we should be your preferred supplier but are we?
For many of you the answer will be yes but for those of you that say no
then we would like to know why and what we can do to change that?
Your feedback is important so please ring us on 01342 870087 or you
can simply email sales@barservices.co.uk
We look forward to hearing from you.
As the No.1 provider of packaging to the moving
professionals, we would like to be your preferred
supplier - If we are not, please tell us why.
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
BAR Annual General Meeting
The AGM for the British Association of Removers took place on Friday 17 May 2013 at the BAR Annual
Conference in Newcastle and was chaired by BAR President Ian Studd.
The Annual Report and Accounts for 2012 set out the
Association’s key activities and achievements over the
past year and these were considered and approved by
BAR Director General Stephen Vickers presented his
report to Members. The Members’ meeting appointed
Wellers Accountants as auditors of the company until
the next AGM and noted Chris Smallwood’s election
as Directly Elected Director for the next three years.
In response to a question from the floor raised by
Rob Bartup (GB Liners), it was agreed to include the
accounts of QSS Ltd and BAR Services Ltd in the next
Annual Report & Accounts.
David Trenchard (Britannia Leatherbarrows) asked
for non-confidential Board Minutes to be made
available on the BAR website. It was agreed to take
this back to the Board for further discussion.
In response to a question raised by Paul Fox (Fox
Moving & Storage), the Director General gave a
verbal explanation of the Annual Accounts.
No further questions were raised; the Chairman
thanked everyone for attending and declared the
meeting closed.
The Annual Report and Accounts 2012 for the
Removers Benevolent Association were also
considered by BAR Members on Friday 17 May.
Wellers Accountants were confirmed as auditors
for the coming year.
Stephen Vickers, BAR Director General
Rcb 8u|lup (08 L|ne|s) 0uv|d I|encHu|d (8||lunn|u LeulHe|bu||cws) Puu| Fcx (Fcx Hcv|ng 8 Slc|uge)
BAR Conference 2013
Get ready for Glasgow 2014
After the success of the Newcastle Annual Conference, BAR is heading further north to Glasgow, Scotland for its 2014 meeting. Famous for its stunning Riverside
Museum of Transport and Travel, its unique Art Nouveau architecture, historic pubs, trendy markets (and for being Curry Capital of Britain), Glasgow is an apt
venue for the next BAR Annual Meeting. The Marriott Hotel will again host the event which will take place in Glasgow on 15-17 May 2014. More information about
bookings and the conference programme will be set out in future issues of R&S and will be available in the Members’ Area of the BAR website.
June 2013 Removals & Storage 25
BAR News CMG News
Puu| Fcx (Fcx Hcv|ng 8 Slc|uge)
BAR Conference 2013
BAR Golf Tournament: Newcastle, 16 May 2013
By Peter Doman, Basil Fry & Co.
Numbers were down on previous years for this year’s Conference Golf event but those who decided to
test their skills on the fairways and greens of the Northumberland Golf Club course were treated to some
fine weather and some very challenging holes.
Eleven players in three groups rose to the challenge
and it soon became very obvious that even those
sporting long thin moustaches and sombreros
(22 handicappers and above!) would find the
course difficult.
Not only was the course 6,500 yards from the yellow
tees, but a strong north easterly breeze, undulating
fairways and lightning quick greens ensured even a
low score would secure victory and one ball wouldn’t
be sufficient to last the day!
After heading out towards Newcastle racecourse,
criss-crossing the racecourse on numerous occasions
(many times in error), and negotiating the hills,
everyone returned to an opulent clubhouse in one
piece after a very enjoyable day.
The winner of the longest drive was Dave
Ewart from PHS Teacrate and Nearest the
Pin was Peter Doman from Basil Fry & Co.
The runner up was Matt Hawkins of
TwentyCi with 31 points and first place was
secured with 32 points by Kevin “bandito”
Mack from Company Moves.
Kevin was heard to say that he probably
could have scored more but his mask and
sword kept getting in the way.
I’ve been going to BAR conferences on and off for
15 years or so, but this was the first time I’d been
brave enough to take part in the golf, though it
certainly won’t be the last. Armed with borrowed
clubs (thanks Mr Flaxman) and the highest
possible handicap – I’ve no official handicap
and normally only use irons off the tees due to
a tendency to slice more than Sweeny Todd –
I was worried about making a giant fool of myself
and prepared for a fraught day. I needn’t have
worried. The others in my foursome made
me completely welcome and were quick to
congratulate my occasional good fortune. From
the welcome bacon butty through to the even
more welcome pint at the 19th, it was a fantastic
few hours spent on a challenging but forgiving
course in the sunshine, in excellent company.
I didn’t win, but didn’t disgrace myself either.
And there’s always next year!
Steve Pearce, Rubicon Marketing Ltd
Peter Doman awarded Kevin Mack his prize
at the Gala Dinner
0uve Ewu|l, Lcngesl 0||ve
Abcve (|ell) lev|n Huck (w|nne|) und (||gHl) L-R:
0|eg w||dmun, l|ck F|uxmun und SlepHen v|cke|s
Abcve L-R: Sleve Peu|ce, 0uve Ewu|l, lev|n Huck
and Graeme Hardie
Abcve L-R: 0nku| SHu|mu, Pele| 0cmun, Hull
Hawkins (runner up) and Matthew Schofield
Above (left) Greg Wildman (putting) and
(far right) Peter Doman
Steve Pearce Graeme Hardie
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
BAR Conference 2013
In a setting that felt very much like a James Bond
movie, delegates freely gambled away their play
money at Roulette, Blackjack and Wheel of Fortune
tables strategically placed around the room and run
by experienced croupiers. Miranda Martin and Peter
Walters of BAR Training Services pooled their chips
and played with golden hands, winning the most
chips of the evening.
Although they would have loved to have shared the
prize of a model truck kindly donated by Unique Van
Bodies, they were more concerned about the worthy
cause for the evening and, without hesitation,
promptly put the truck up for auction so that the
Removers Benevolent Association (RBA) could
benefit from the proceeds. Annie Neave of Britannia
Neaves bid the highest amount for the truck, and
Kyle Tiltman of Five Oceans Moving bid for Marriott
Hotel vouchers that were donated by the Casino
runner up, Ria Compton of Basil Fry & Co.
The evening proved to be a successful networking
opportunity for many delegates, who sampled tasty
buffet dishes, and visited the candy floss stall and
chocolate fountain. The BATAK reaction test machine
was popular, and there was no doubt that Bart Brown
of Chess Moving Australia had the best hand-eye
coordination using this equipment. Delegates also
took to the virtual race track, playing on F1 driving
simulators with a ‘Top Gear’ score board. Alison
McDougall of Unique Van Bodies showed her racing
prowess as the fastest female driver, and Robin
Wilson of Rightmove took the Stig Trophy for fastest
male driver of the evening.
Paul Bullock of PHS Teacrate, BAR Affiliate, said he
was delighted that over £1,700 was raised for the RBA
as a result of this very popular social event.
Casino Royale!
BAR Conference delegates were treated to a stylish charity Casino Night, sponsored by PHS Teacrate.
June 2013 Removals & Storage 27
BAR News BAR Conference 2013
It’s said that if you can remember the 1960s you
weren’t really there. Maybe the same holds true for
the Young Movers’ Treasure Hunt – four teams
participated in hunting for answers across four
selected Newcastle hostelries, but memories of what
actually happened that Thursday night seem
confused and conflicting!
What everyone agrees on is that early in the evening
three teams of Young Movers, and one group of Oldie
gate crashers, were given three pages of photo clues
and then embarked on their tour of traditional
Newcastle pubs to fill in as many answers as they
The teams had to search for various picture clues,
ranging from dates on pictures, facts and figures from
licensing acts and even the name of a certain brand
of condom in a pub vending machine...
Several hours later, mission accomplished, all four
teams met up for debriefing at the ominously named
Vodka Revolutions, where Peter Doman of Basil Fry &
Co took over the entertainment for the rest of the
evening, teaching locals how to dance the ‘running
man’. Age won out over beauty this time, however, as
it was the Oldies who scooped the prize as triumphant
winners of the Toon Tour. Still, quizmaster Matthew
Schofield from R&D Schofield says that great fun was
had by all and the event was a resounding success.
With all parties feeling in need of some fine cuisine
at the end of a challenging evening, taxis took the
teams back to the hotel via McDonald’s to round off
the night in traditional Newcastle style.
Finding treasures in Newcastle
Anyone in their 20s or 30s working for a BAR Member was invited to join the
group of Young Movers for a treasure hunt city tour around Newcastle’s famous pubs.

IHe 0|d|es: 0|eg w||dmun, I|m 0||ve| und Pele| 0cmun wcn lHe Ycung Hcve|s qu|z
BAR’s central role in the global
removals industry
Exce||enl leedbuck Hus been ccm|ng |n lc 8AR ubcul lHe smcclH c|gun|sul|cn, g|eul ccnlenl und
productive social activities at this year’s Conference.
Some delegates had travelled from many parts of the world including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Ireland, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, South Korea
and the United Arab Emirates. R&S caught up with International Guest, Bright Yoon from South Korea, and Philip and Kerrin Gordon of International Associate Member
Conroy Removals, Australia, for their feedback on BAR’s Newcastle Conference.
Mr Yoon told R&S: “Before this conference I knew many members of the BAR Overseas
Group. It was good to meet with these people again and in Newcastle I also had the
opportunity to learn more about the BAR Commercial Moving Group and to meet its
This conference was useful to me because the delegates and speakers shared a lot of
industry information. I recommend BAR Training Services sets up courses and
training programmes for BAR International Associates in Asia and other areas such as
Australia, Canada and South Africa.”Congratulations to High Relocation Worldwide
Inc who have now been accepted as a new BAR International Associate.
To contact Bright, email bright@highrelo.com
“We have been impressed by this annual conference organised by BAR. We
appreciated the content and practical nature of the business sessions and
workshops which were just as relevant to companies like ours operating in
Australia. We like the structure of the BAR Conference where the AGM and formal
business of the Association starts off the Conference and the business sessions
follow. This is the first time we have attended BAR’s Annual Conference and we
have been made to feel very welcome by BAR Members. It was simple to book the
Conference package, the hotel facilities and dining have been excellent, and the
various social activities that BAR organised, especially the Casino Night, made it
very easy to network with other companies.”
To contact Philip, email philipg@conroyremovals.com.au
Bright Yoon
(centre) with
Julien Wilkinson,
Malaysia and
Suzy Barrak,
BAR Services.
Philip Gordon,
Fc| mc|e leedbuck cn lHe lewcusl|e evenl, see 8ARs webs|le lc| v|decs und |nle|v|ews: www.bu|.cc.uk/ccnle|ence2013.uspx
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013 28
CMG News
The Commercial Moving Group (CMG) is a dedicated group of companies
within the British Association of Removers that specialise in all aspects
of commercial relocations.
Commercial Mover of the Year 2013:
JT & Sons Relocations
JT & Sons Relocations is the winner of the Commercial Mover of the Year 2013, a magnificent
achievement for a company which only started its business in 2008, in the midst of the worst recession
for some seventy years.
“After all we have been through, winning CMotY means
that much more,” Director Jenny Thorncroft says. “It’s
like Christmas and a wedding day at the same time!”
The Sussex-based company has developed a solid
client base in the last four years, including central
government departments, hospitals, universities and
both private and public sector organisations and has
emerged as a strong player in the London market.
Although they have built their business from scratch,
Jenny and Timon are very conscious that they could not
have had the success they are now enjoying without the
support not only of their hard working and dedicated
staff but also of a large number of people across the
removals industry. Managing Director and husband
Timon says “we feel very proud and privileged. It is the
team from the top to the bottom who has won the
award, from the newest to the oldest member of staff.”
As well as acknowledging the support by industry
colleagues, Jenny and Timon would like to mention
their bank manager, Dave Green at HSBC Business
Banking - although no financial input has been
required, he has always been on hand to offer advice
and support through all the ups and downs of building
the business in the recession. Timon also pays special
tribute to the company’s insurance brokers, Reason
Global. “It wasn’t easy to get an insurance policy when
we started, and I want to thank Graham Puddephatt for
all his support, not only with insurance but with the
business as a whole and for believing in us all along,”
he said.
Shortly after winning the award, the company was
inundated with congratulatory telephone calls from
clients and suppliers around the country. “Our clients
have been so pleased for us. It’s very gratifying for us
after all the hard work we have put in to start the
business and do our best for our customers.”
Although the company was only launched in 2008,
this is the third year they have entered the CMotY
competition. “We were very pleased in the last two years
with the certificates of merit we achieved,” says Jenny,
“but this year it is obviously amazing to go one step
further. I would recommend any BAR member to go for
the award.” As she reflects on the incredible
achievements of their company in such a short space of
time Jenny pays tribute to Bill Spearman who mentored
her when she started at Robinsons. He gave her a great
grounding in the removals business which all these
years later has helped underpin the success of JT &
Sons Relocations.

Hu|n spcnsc|:
CMotY 2013
Pluscrates was the headline
sponsor for this year’s CMotY
competition which was also
gene|cus|y spcnsc|ed by Leud ln
research, Reachlocal, Basil Fry &
Co.and Reason Global.
JT & Sons Relocations won the
º S1,000 cusH p||ze l|cm
º 3 mcnlHs cl l|ee |e|ccul|cn
sales leads worth £1,000 from
Leud ln |eseu|cH
º S1,000 c|ed|l wHen luk|ng cul
a full free Reachlocal 6-month
trial campaign
º S1,000 c|ed|l lcwu|ds
insurance cover placed via
Basil Fry & Co
º S1,000 ccnl||bul|cn lc u PR
campaign from Reason Global
CMotY prize
It is the team from the top
to the bottom who has won
the award, from the newest
to the oldest member of
Timon Thorncroft
‘ ‘
L-R: Lee Ausl|n (0llce Hunuge|), Jenny IHc|nc|cll (0||eclc|), I|mcn IHc|nc|cll (Hunug|ng 0||eclc|), L|um IHc|nc|cll
(Operations Manager).
June 2013 Removals & Storage 29
BAR News CMG News

Hu|n spcnsc|:
Do you have any news to
share with R&S readers?
Send lc: rdnds-ed|I0r|d|@dnd|yI|cdmed|d.c0m
After all we have been through,
winning CMotY means that much
more. It’s like Christmas and a
wedding day at the same time!
Jenny Thorncroft
‘ ‘
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
CMG News
Commercial Mover of the Year 2013
Conference Keynote Speaker Catherine McKinnell, MP for Newcastle on Tyne North, and Shadow Treasury Minister,
and John Mitchell of Pluscates awarded those companies present their Finalist awards and Certificates of Merit.
For a full list of CMotY 2013 Finalists and recipients of Certificates of Merit, please see page 32.
JT & Sons Relocations
Delivery Services
Pickfords Business Solutions
Specialised Moves
P FuHey 8 Scns Lld.
Company Moves
lu||cw 0|een Lld.
un|ve|su| Ccmme|c|u| Re|ccul|cn Lld.
HuCu|lHys cl Leeds
Maidman’s Removals & Storage
CMotY Finalists
CMotY Certificates of Merit

Hu|n spcnsc|:
CMotY 2013
June 2013 Removals & Storage 31
BAR News
un|ve|su| Ccmme|c|u| Re|ccul|cn Lld.
HuCu|lHys cl Leeds
Maidman’s Removals & Storage

Hu|n spcnsc|:
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013 32
CMG News
The Commercial Moving Group (CMG) is a dedicated group of companies
within the British Association of Removers that specialise in all aspects
of commercial relocations.
David Bunting, former BAR President and CMG
Chairman and one of the three judges for the CMotY
2013 competition explained to delegates at the BAR
Annual Conference how the process worked this year.
Following the introduction of new competition rules
in 2012, there were only a few tweaks to the rules for
this year’s entrants – all of which were designed to
improve the new format.
Firstly, the number of moves for evaluation was
reduced from 7 to 5, to help and encourage more
Members to enter. This change paid off with 22 entries
(a massive increase of 32% over the 15 from 2012).
David revealed at this point the considerable input of
John Mitchell from Pluscrates who had telephoned all
the CMG members, and persuaded any waverers to
This year, the rules stated that there were to be 5
Finalists, based on their marks, and that all Finalists
(rather than Entrants) were required to attend the
Conference Gala Dinner event.
An additional 25 marks were available to the judges
to be awarded against the accuracy of the information
provided by the mover, and the clients’ understanding
of the competition, and their preparedness to be
involved. This innovation was accepted, to focus
Entrants’ attention on giving the judges accurate
information, and ensuring that the customers fully
understood what the competition was all about.
All three judges from last year were retained for the
2013 Competition. David, to assess from a Remover’s
standpoint. Beth Goodyear, from a Facilities
Management point of view, and Graham Briscoe,
from the end user’s perspective. And each judge
retained the authority to decide on their own
questions and allocate their own marks from the
responses given by three of the entrants’ customers.
David reported that Beth asked 5 questions, Graham
asked 6, and he asked 8.
The 22 entries came from an interesting mix of
companies, large and small. There were 3 newcomers
to the competition: Clockwork, Leatherbarrows, and
Sandersteads. David also noted that almost every
company who had entered the Competition in 2012,
re-entered this year. “An indication of support for the
format, I believe,” he said.
Each judge contacted 3 of the 5 client moves
submitted as entries, with 100 marks per entry
available, making a total of 300 marks available per
judge per entrant, plus the additional 25 marks
referred to above. Multiplied by 3 for the 3 Judges, the
total mark available per entrant was therefore 975.
David told Conference delegates: “The scoring at the
top was very close indeed, with the winner scoring
912 marks out of the 975 available, only 13 marks
ahead of the second placed entry.”
As every entrant achieved a score within 80% of the
winner’s total, the following 17 companies received a
Certificate of Merit: BCL, Bishops Move London,
Britannia Sandersteads, Clockwork Removals,
Company Moves, Doree Bonner International Group,
Delivery Services, Greens Removals and Storage,
Harrow Green, Johnsons Moving Services,
Leatherbarrows Removals and Storage, McCarthy’s
Removals, Maidmans, P Fahey and Sons, Pickfords
Business Solutions, Premier Moves and Russell
The 5 finalists for this year’s CMotY were: Edes, JT
and Sons Relocations, Specialised Movers, Universal
Commercial Relocation and Xpress Relocation.
David told all entrants to the competition: “There’s
no doubt to me, having been involved as an Entrant
in the Competition for 16 years, and a Judge for 5
years, that the standard is rising year on year. You are
not only delivering service excellence, but also going
beyond the call of duty, as it were, and exceeding
David has promised to write an article for a future
issue of R&S revealing what helped and what
hindered entries in this year’s CMotY.
This was David Bunting’s 5th year as CMotY judge
CMotY 2013
This year’s Commercial Mover of the Year competition received the highest number of entrants in its 21
year history. Twenty two companies entered the competition, representing 45% of the Commercial
Moving Group membership. The headline sponsor was Pluscrates whose commitment and support has
ensu|ed lHul lH|s ccmpel|l|cn w||| ccnl|nue lc gu|n u H|gH p|cl|e due lc lHe exl|eme|y H|gH p|cless|cnu|
standards of the entrants in this market.
The scoring at the top was
very close indeed, with the
winner scoring 912 marks
out of the 975 available,
only 13 marks ahead of the
second placed entry.
‘ ‘
June 2013 Removals & Storage 33
BAR News CMG News
Incoming and outgoing CMG Chairs
Onward and upward for the CMG
At the AGM of the Commercial Moving Group (CMG), held on the Saturday morning in Newcastle, its Chairman
Mark Herrington summarised the impressive work done by the CMG Council over the past twelve months.
This included the launch of the user-friendly CMG
website, the increasing exposure of the CMG brand
to end customers, and the importance of
promoting the BS 8522 Commercial Moving
standard, all of which were noted with approval.
Mark reported that Robert Poyner (Fox Moving &
Storage), Rod Seeland (BCL) and Phil Oram
(Premier Moves) had been elected onto the CMG
Council, and that Nigel Shaw (Specialised Movers)
and Brian Maidman (Maidman’s Removals &
Storage) have both agreed to serve for a further
two-year term.
Finally, Mark thanked the Council for their
support during the last two years and handed the
chain of office to his successor, Kevin Mack.
He said that he had ‘loved working on the
Council’ and wished Kevin every success during his
forthcoming tenure.
In its bid to continue to be in the driving seat for taking the commercial moving sector to the next level, CMG members took the opportunity to discuss ideas for future
directions for the group. They discussed a variety of topics including marketing and training. Miranda Martin of BAR Training Services discussed the CMG
Apprenticeship scheme with Members, and delegates were also reminded to book their places for the CMG Seminar and Golf event which will take place on 30 September
– 1 October at Wychwood Park, Cheshire. R&S will run an interview with new CMG Chair Kevin Mack on the group’s next plans in a future issue.
With the shrinkage of the private residential market,
removals and storage companies have come to rely
ever more on public sector procurement procedures.
At this year’s Conference, Mark Hayter from the
North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium
(NEUPC) provided a detailed and valuable insight
into 3 related trends in public sector procurement:
the increasing adoption of supplier framework
agreements; the increasing instances of
collaboration; and the generic model of category
Mark gave the delegates an overview of what a
supplier framework is, why they exist, and how the
EU Procurement Directives are applicable; it is of
course illegal to award a contract above a certain
threshold without a call for competition, but
framework agreements are allowed in the Directives.
The presentation explained how frameworks tend
to be implemented where collaboration between
buyers exists, such as with the NEUPC and the UK
Universities Purchasing Consortia in general.
Mark provided a brief review of some of the
different professional buying organisations that
have been formed to serve the requirements of
central government, local councils, and the Higher
Education and Further Education sectors.
Framework agreements result in both cash
savings and non-cash savings for buyers, he said as
well as increasing flexibility, mitigating risk, and
enabling better supplier relationships. Mark also
discussed the current agreement between NEUPC
and BAR to show how important the Association is
to both buyer and supplier.
Finally, he recommended that delegates register
their organisations with public sector buying
organisations, and review tendering portals. While
mandated framework usage is still some way off,
Mark told the workshop that buyers are now looking
to use frameworks to deliver increasing value.
For more information, contact Mark Hayter by
email: M.R.Hayter@leeds.ac.uk
CMG Forum
Public sector procurement
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
BAR Services
Your packaging company
Miranda Hyder has been working for BAR Services for 25 years now and still retains her passion and
enthusiasm for the industry and the role that BAR Services plays for BAR Members. She talked to R&S
about the key benefits that BAR Members have from using the industry’s own packaging company.
R&S: How did this year’s BAR Conference go for
BAR Services?
Miranda Hyder (pictured): Very well. We had a
stand in the Exhibition Hall and it was good to meet
and talk with BAR Members, support their conference
and showcase our new products.
R&S: What type of products did companies show
the most interest in at Conference?
M.H: We had a lot of interest in our new quilted
picture/mirror covers. These are available in 5 colours
and form part of BAR Services’ latest range of quilted
covers, which also includes armchair outer covers.
We are always looking for new products to introduce
to the Members and we like to hear feedback on what
we are supplying. As a result of the marine insurance
workshop session run by Basil Fry and Reason Global
at the Conference this year, Members have told us they
will need specific packaging to protect plasma
televisions from high pressure for overseas shipping.
This kind of feedback is excellent and we will work to
source the right product for this. I hope to inform
Members via R&S of our new product offering within
the next couple of months.
R&S: What are BAR Services’ best sellers in
M.H: Our cardboard boxes! We only use high quality
corrugated in our cartons, and the feedback we have
from our customers is great. With the BARS flute we
have sold over 1.5 million, and by offering this new
grade we have been able to reduce prices by an
average of 13% on a monthly bulk purchasing offer.
R&S: Why does BAR Services sponsor the
Domestic Mover of the Year award?
M.H: We have sponsored the DMotY competition every
year since it has been going. The main reason is to
continue to promote and be associated with the
highest industry standards that BAR Members display.
We give a £500 credit note against packaging
materials to the winner.
R&S: Why should BAR Members buy from BAR
M.H: BAR Services was established 36 years ago for the
BAR membership. We have evolved into a commercial
operation, achieving a best ever year in 2007 of £6m
turnover, ensuring our position as one of the largest
purchasers of corrugated cardboard in the UK.
Because of the size of our purchasing power, we obtain
extremely competitive bulk purchasing prices for our
products, and we can pass on substantial discounts to
BAR Members. And our products are high quality. You
could say we are the John Lewis of the packaging
industry. We always try to provide good quality
products at the most competitive prices and, if BAR
Members are finding better deals elsewhere, they
should contact us to see if we can match a better price
for the same products.
In a recent survey carried out by the BAR, 73% of
respondents in the research said they use BAR Services
products when purchasing their packaging materials.
We continue to contact BAR Members to find out what
they are not buying from us and why.
Another very important benefit for BAR Members is
that they have a unique and exclusive relationship
with BAR Services. We aim to give BAR Members who
buy from us rebates in the form of credit notes at the
end of each year. We operate as a separate company to
BAR and at arms’ length to the Association. The rebate
is decided by our Board Directors (who are all from
removals and storage companies) at the end of each
financial year. Last year, we were able to give the
buying Members of BAR a rebate to the value of 1% of
their turnover. In addition, we also plough what profits
we can back into the business in order to lower prices
so that Members can benefit straight away. I hope
Members will agree that using BAR Services makes
good business sense for them and for the industry as a
Please contact the BAR Services sales team
on (01342} 870087 or email
BAR Services
Last year, we were able to
give the buying Members
of BAR a rebate to the
value of 1% of their
‘ ‘
Do you have any news to share with R&S readers?
Send lc: rdnds-ed|I0r|d|@dnd|yI|cdmed|d.c0m
June 2013 Removals & Storage 35
BAR News
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013 36
CMG News
The Commercial Moving Group (CMG) is a dedicated group of companies
within the British Association of Removers that specialise in all aspects
of commercial relocations.
BAR Training News
Overseas Group News Overseas Group News
¡he 0verseds ßr00µ (0ß} |s d ded|cdIed gr00µ 0I c0mµdn|es w|Ih|n
Ihe 8r|I|sh kss0c|dI|0n 0I kem0vers IhdI sµec|d||se |n d|| dsµecIs 0I
0verseds re|0cdI|0ns.
The Group successfully asserted its presence at the
Conference right from the first evening when it
hosted the Welcome Evening Drinks and Hog Roast.
Conference delegates (including many
International Associates and International Guests)
were able to network with the removals and storage
community in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
The workshops organised by the Overseas Group
were well received by a broad range of delegates,
extending far beyond the OG members.
0ß F0r0m
The Overseas Group (OG) Council organised a
productive forum at Conference, which was run by
OG Chairman Ian Palmer and Deputy Chairman
Tony Tickner.
As well as celebrating the launch of the brand new
OG website (www.baroverseas.co.uk), OG members
also discussed the imminent enhancing of the
Group’s membership criteria. From July of this year,
all OG members must possess the BS 8564 Standard,
FIDI FAIM, or a higher approved externally audited
standard, as well as having a financial bonding
scheme approved Advanced Payment Guarantee in
place to protect all pre-payments made by the
Delegates at the event agreed that the OG needs to
try and attract Britannia members back to the group
as BAR has approved a slightly adjusted wording of
the Britbond for Britannia members as acceptable
evidence of an APG.
There was also agreement that the OG should
form closer relationships with International
Associates and attract more of these to join the OG,
which thanks to the new website and tougher
membership criteria delivers a truly compelling
range of benefits to international movers.
Finally, and not for the first time, members
discussed the development of a specific industry
competition for OG members. Watch this space for
news about an OMotY award!
All topics raised at the Forum will be discussed at
the next meeting of the OG Council later this
OG sets ambitious plans for the future
The Overseas Group played a prominent role at this year’s BAR Conference in Newcastle.

Check out BARoverseas!

The Overseas Group (OG) Council received many
compliments recently at the BAR Conference
in Newcastle for its newly launched website,
Over the past year, the OG Councillors,
particularly Stephen Denning from Fox Moving &
Storage and Andy Wade from F+N Worldwide,
have been heavily involved in the development of
the satellite website which went live in May. The
website is aimed at members of the public wishing
to find a BAR OG Member and who want to know
more about the group and about the benefits of
using an OG Member during an international
move. The development of the website is a core
part of the OG Council’s drive to raise the profile of
the OG in the marketplace. “The website is
designed to increase the visibility of Overseas
Group Members and promote their specialism in
the industry,” OG Chairman Ian Palmer says. As
such, the website represents an additional benefit
for Members of the OG, especially as being listed
on this website is automatic and absolutely free of
charge. All OG Members will be able to edit their
company profiles and have access to other useful
information on the site.
The website also redirects people to the BAR
main site when they click on the Get A Quote tab
and then click on either of the two boxes (Quick
Enquiry or Advanced Enquiry) – hence increasing
exposure and potential sales leads.
Search engine optimisation is being developed in
order to give the new website greater visibility on
Do you have any news to share with R&S readers?
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A wu|m we|ccme ul lHe 00 we|ccme Even|ng
OG sets ambitious plans for the future
June 2013 Removals & Storage 37
BAR News CMG News BAR Training News Overseas Group News
Insurance conflicts and claims
One of the best attended workshops at Conference was delivered by the combined might of insurance brokers
Reason Global and Basil Fry & Co.
Philip Wildman, Managing Director, Basil Fry & Co.
and Nicholas Marshall, Account Executive at Reason
Global, joined forces to explain to BAR Members the
complex world of marine insurance, focusing on
conflicts, claims and conflicts about claims.
Their presentation covered war, terrorism, sanctions
and even piracy – all very real threats to maritime
traffic in today’s uncertain world.
Philip kicked off the workshop by explaining what is
meant by ‘conflict’, how insurers cope with it and what
creates conflict in claims. Specifically in regard to the
topical issue of cover for terrorism, it is important to
note that cover is not provided for storage and ceases
when the goods arrive for storage, or 60 days after
discharge (by sea) and 30 days (by air). The good
news is that some governments do provide
compensation for terrorism-related losses.
Moving to the more everyday issue of the conflicts
that often arise during claims, Nicholas explained that
these tend to be triggered by inadequate
documentation, poor handling, derisive offers of
settlement, or unreasonable expectations from the
customer. A claim should not be seen as a source of
conflict, and a correctly handled claim is not in itself a
Worldwide, Australia and New Zealand report the
highest number of claims, with the US only third
despite its high volume of shipping. Claims today are
heavily influenced by changes in technology. As well as
modern technology creating new areas of claim, such
as flat screen televisions, e mail and the web are
changing the way in which claims are submitted and
pursued. While the volume of computer claims is
falling, a current source of concern relates to smaller
technology devices and to flat screen televisions, which
need the right kind of packaging to avoid any pressure
problems. For these and other reasons, both speakers
recommended that removal companies try to exercise
as much control at the packing and handling stages.
Unfortunately, although unpacking regularly results
in claims being filed, it is hard to recover losses from
agents, and amounts recovered tend to be low.
Commercial pressure may be the best way to proceed
to recoup any insurance losses in these cases.
For more information, contact Philip Wildman
(philipw@basilfry.co.uk) and Nicholas Marshall
Ron Edwards, Sea Freight Export Manager at global
logistics provider Kuehne + Nagel and colleague
Robert Barrett, gave an interesting presentation
about the role in international removals of a “Non
Vessel Owning Common Carrier” – the NVOCC.
That sounds like a mouthful, but as Ron
explained the concept is simple. An NVOCC is a
silent partner to the removal industry for LCL
shipments and offers a seamless extension to the
services that a removal company offers to its
An NVOCC provides logistical services for a
removal company’s liftvans and cased LCL from the
UK to global destinations.
It ensures all LCL shipments move on the first
available vessel (e.g. a weekly service).
In the case of ‘Overspill’ from an FCL move, the
LCL should arrive at the destination at the same
time as the ‘Mother’ Container. Ron said that an
NVOCC is an alternative to loose trade groupage for
time sensitive moves and when customers require
faster transit and a higher level of packing.
An NVOCC has usually one loading point but
may have several “drop in depots” within the UK.
They can organise national collection services from
a removal company’s own facilities and warehouses
on a weekly basis.
Some NVOCC’s are global providers, for example,
the Kuehne + Nagel Group has more than 1,000
offices in over 100 countries, with over 63,000
employees. Some NVOCC’s specialise in certain
countries and even certain types of Cargoes.
Kuehne + Nagel itself has provided logistical
services between removal companies in regions as
remote as the Marshall Islands, Mongolia, the
Falkland Islands and Yuzhno Sakhalinsk at the far
end of Russia.
“An NVOCC on LCL sea freight is a great
extension of your services,” Ron concluded.
“They take care of the wet bit in the middle!”
For more information, contact
Kuehne + Nagel: Box Clever with LCLs
Nicholas Marshall, Reason Global Philip Wildman, Basil Fry & Co.
Rcn Edwu|ds, Seu F|e|gHl Expc|l Hunuge| ul lueHne ÷ luge|
Removals & Storage June 2013
June 2013 Removals & Storage 39
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
Overseas Group News
ßdv|d 0zdrd, ßenerd| Ndndger 0I
J0hn Nds0n InIerndI|0nd|
This is the first time that David has joined a
governance body at BAR, and as part of the OG
Council he is keenly looking forward to being
involved in developing policy and supporting OG
“A director of John Mason International, Steve
Sheldon, is a past president of the BAR and he has
always encouraged staff to become more involved at
local and national levels,” David says. “I am a school
Governor and on the committee of a local football
club so I am enthusiastic in my involvement with the
projects I take on!”
The OG Council elections were hotly contested,
ending in a ballot of the nine contestants. David says
he was really appreciated the support he received from
the membership who voted for him in the election.
“There were a lot of good people who stood in the
election. I truly hope that I can work well for the
Overseas Group and in turn add benefit for the
David is a third generation remover who has been
in the industry for almost 35 years, so he will clearly
have a lot of experience and know-how to contribute.
“As an OG Councillor, I want to use my knowledge to
offer support and advice to the moving industry as
well enjoying an opportunity to learn from my peers
in the industry,” he says.
InIerneI 0µµ0rI0n|I|es
He believes that the main challenge facing overseas
movers is the rise in competition due to the Internet.
However he also believes that this trend represents a
major opportunity for OG specialists who can lend
support to fellow BAR Members. “The advent of the
Internet has increased the opportunities for non-
Overseas Group Members to have a go at exports,” he
explains. “The benefit of this happening, for a
company such as John Mason International, is that
we are assisting more and more BAR Members in
shipping their clients’ goods.”
The BAR badge and OG membership have given a
high level of credibility to John Mason International,
not only with the public but also with International
and corporate partners. “The fact that we are bonded
gives us a great selling tool in the open market giving
confidence to buyers that we are financially backed,”
David explains. “Membership of the OG also gives us
access to the MTC and all the benefits that are
provided by that part of our organisation.”
Now is the right time, David says, for him to start
giving back to the rest of the sector by serving as an
OG Councillor, representing the interests of all
members of the group and helping them prosper in
an increasingly competitive market.
“I want to help ensure that the membership receives
the best service it can from the Overseas Group, along
with any support in resources and rates where
possible,” he says. “I’m excited to have the
opportunity to contribute to a valuable part of our
k0b L0cds, 0k Ndndg|ng ß|recI0r
0I InIerdedn ke|0cdI|0n 8erv|ces

Relocation Services has recently assumed his new role
as OG Councillor.
Rob comes from one of the largest relocation
companies in the UK and hopes to bring to the OG
Council his 24 years’ experience of today’s
international relocation market.
Interdean itself has been a member of the OG since
2006.“As a Member, our customers are assured that
we work under an approved code of conduct,” Rob
says, “it gives the consumer peace of mind that they
have chosen a reputable company to move with.”
Rob decided to go forward with his nomination to
the OG Council for two main reasons: he would like
his presence on the Council to benefit both Interdean
as well as the wider membership. “Firstly, I hope that
by being an OG Councillor I will gain a greater
understanding about how the OG operates and the
benefits for its membership,” he says. “Secondly I’ve
always tried to support various aspects of the BAR and
its associated organisations wherever possible, and I
would hope that my involvement helps the Overseas
Group and it members.”
Fre|ghI rdIe v0|dI|||Iy
Perhaps reflecting his day-to-day concerns in charge
of Interdean in the UK, Rob is especially focused on
the issue of freight rates, which have been volatile in
recent years. The OG could do more to increase
visibility over freight rates for its members, he
“I believe that one of the key priorities of the OG
over the next 12 months should be to get an
indication of potential ocean freight fluctuations as
early as we possibly can,” Rob explains. “As ocean
freight costs are an important element within the
total door-to-door price, any early indication of an
increase could benefit the members who have
contracts that have locked in Ocean freight rates.”
The industry is facing a series of other
macroeconomic challenges, he notes, ranging from
the impact on emigration numbers from the UK
because of the fall in the value of the pound, to the
slashing of corporate moving budgets during the
recent downturn.
In all of these areas, Rob believes, the OG can
perform a valuable role for its members by sharing
know-how and best practices and by developing ways
in which professional suppliers of international
relocation and removal services can respond together
to today’s fast changing market.
New additions to the OG Council
As reported in the last issue of R&S, members of the Overseas Group have elected Wesley Bourne,
SlepHen 0enn|ng, Rcb Lucus, CH||s Huck|ey und 0uv|d 0zu|d us Ccunc|||c|s. ln lH|s |ssue cl R8S, we
p|cl|e lHe lwc newccme|s lc lHe Ccunc||, Rcb Lucus und 0uv|d 0zu|d, wHc bclH jc|n lHe 00 Ccunc||
u|med w|lH |nvu|uub|e |ndusl|y expe||ence und pe|specl|ves.
David Ozard of John Mason International is
one of the latest additions to the OG Council
Rcb Lucus cl lnle|deun Re|ccul|cn Se|v|ces Hus
recently assumed his new role as OG Councillor
June 2013 Removals & Storage 41
BAR News CMG News BAR Training News OG Profile
Removals & Storage June 2013
PPS Crate Hire: clean and ready to use crates
The company’s decision to sponsor the gala shows
just how seriously PPS Crate Hire takes their
commitment to the removals industry, says
Commercial Director Joanne Moss. Being a BAR
Affiliate will provide the firm with a new way of
reaching the country’s leading removal firms – and
will also give BAR Members a new source of high
quality services in what is a very competitive market.
PPS Crate Hire provides rental of plastic removal
crates throughout the UK, and has a large range of
crates specifically designed for the removals industry.
To complement this service the company also offers
handling equipment and packaging materials to its
“As PPS Equipment, we have been providing crate
hire to the removals sector on a small ad hoc basis
for over 5 years,” Joanne says. “We are a specialist
provider of equipment rental (such as boxes, crates
and pallets) to a wide range of customers
particularly within the food, retail and automotive
During 2012 we made a conscious decision to offer
our rental expertise to the removals and storage
sector by setting up PPS Crate Hire. We believe that
our total commitment to providing a high quality
service at a competitive price will be welcomed by the
market. We are proud to offer a reliable and
professional service.
Our crates will arrive on time as scheduled, clean
and ready to use, preventing any delays!”
ß|sc00nIs I0r 8kk Nembers
BAR Members can receive a discounted crate hire
tariff if they quote ‘BAR Member’. The company has
a simple Crate Hire online ordering system, and crate
hire is available for commercial, office and domestic
/ residential home moves. There is no minimum
order quantity.
Joanne says that BAR Affiliate status will enable
PPS Crate Hire to access reputable removal
companies across the country and raises its profile
within the industry. The many benefits of plastic
crates include being reusable, making them more
environmentally friendly. They are also much more
durable and stronger than cardboard boxes and are
weatherproof, providing greater protection. Plastic
crates are stackable when full making them easy to
transport and are nestable when empty, saving on
valuable storage space.
PPS Crate Hire provides moving equipment to be
used alongside the plastic crates such as sack
barrows to encourage safe handling and easy
As well as the crates and other equipment rental,
the company also offers crate washing services to
removal companies. The company has two dedicated
wash sites in the UK where it washes and removes
labels from its equipment. “We would be delighted to
offer this wash service to BAR Members with their
own removal crates,” Joanne says.
PPS Crate Hire presented themselves as BAR’s newest Affiliate in high style at Conference – by
spcnsc||ng lHe 0u|u Evenl ul lewcusl|e.
00nIdcI InI0rmdI|0n:
web: www.µµseq0|µmenI.c0.0k
Emu||: j0dnne.m0ss@µµseq0|µmenI.c0.0k
Ie| (H): 07792 955 642
Our crates will arrive on time
as scheduled, clean and
ready to use, preventing
any delays!
‘ ‘
Joanne Moss, Commercial Director, PPS Crate Hire
June 2013 Removals & Storage 43
Removals & Storage June 2013
ks Ihe n|ghI 0nI0|ded...
Simply the Best
0|umc|cus und ve|y exc|l|ng wus Hcw muny de|egules wcu|d desc||be lHe 0u|u 0|nne| 8 Awu|ds n|gHl
sponsored by new BAR Affiliate PPS Crate Hire.
Amid an atmosphere of genuine warmth and
camaraderie, delegates enjoyed a buzzing cocktail
reception. After the traditional Presidential Procession
and Grace, delegates sat down to a lavish meal with
accomplished singer, Kerry, providing a musical
backdrop. And then the fun began.
Kerry serenaded the audience, with particular focus
on the three finalists in the Domestic Mover of the
Year 2013-14 competition, with the song Simply the
Best originally sung by Bonnie Tyler and made
famous by Tina Turner. On finishing the song she
raised the arm of Brian Maidman, representing this
year’s champion removal company: Maidman’s
Removals. The run up to the presentation of the
Commercial Mover of the Year 2013 award was
somewhat different. The talented Bruce Airhead
squeezed himself into a large green ball, out of which
he stuck first his toe and then his head. After getting
the ball to dance to music while still inside it, he
somehow managed to jump out of the ball, this time
fully clothed in an Elvis costume, with hair to match.
This rather surprising spectacle set the scene for the
announcement of this year’s CMotY winner,
JT & Sons Relocations.
Fc| mc|e pHclcs l|cm lHe 8AR 8|uck I|e 0u|u 0|nne| 8 Awu|ds l|gHl, gc lc:
June 2013 Removals & Storage 45
Members dig deep for the RBA
While all BAR Members at the Newcastle conference
did their very best to enjoy themselves together, they
did not forget those who are working or have
worked in the industry who are in less fortunate
situations. A number of events organised by BAR
ensured that BAR Members could contribute to the
industry charity, the Removers Benevolent
Association (RBA) throughout the weekend.
The money raised during the Newcastle
Conference amounted to a fantastic £2,912 (at time
of going to press). BAR President Ian Studd stressed
the importance of the RBA – “It is our charity, and
it does wonderful things for people who have
worked in the industry and who need support.”
This year money was raised for the RBA via
different channels from past years. The charity
Casino Night raised a substantial amount for the
RBA, helped by Casino winners Miranda Martin and
Peter Walters of BAR Training Services, and Kyle
Tiltman of Five Oceans Moving, who all
spontaneously auctioned their prizes that had been
kindly donated by Unique Van Bodies and the
Marriott Hotel.
Another major source for the RBA this year came
through sponsorship of the Scaletrix trucks with
company names which raced around a track in the
Exhibition Hall, the brainchild of Timon
Thorncroft of JT & Sons Relocations, who organised
this for the benefit of the RBA.
Bill Tiernan of Ede’s generously donated cash
directly to the RBA at the Gala Evening. Thanking
everyone involved, Ian Studd said this was “a
fantastic result for the RBA.”
For more photos from the BAR Black
Tie Gala Dinner & Awards Night, see
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
Training News
8kk ¡rd|n|ng 8erv|ces cdrry 00I d rdnge 0I Ird|n|ng c00rses I0r
rem0vd|s c0mµdn|es. F0r m0re |nI0rmdI|0n 0n d|| c00rses, µ|edse g0 I0
Picture 3
New vision for BARTS
IHe l|unslc|mul|cn cl 8AR I|u|n|ng Se|v|ces |s gulHe||ng puce. I|u|n|ng Hunuge| H||undu Hu|l|n exp|u|ns
how BARTS aims to evolve to include new courses, options for training centres throughout the UK, and
increased value Members.
Miranda joined BARTS earlier this year and has
wasted no time in rethinking the organisation’s
mission to respond to the changing market and
specific requirements of BAR Members. She has now
published a Business Plan for 2013, setting out
BARTS’ new vision which includes regaining market
leadership for training and developing with a major
focus on training the next generation.
“There’s a growing gap in the removals industry
right now, with an aging population and few young
people coming in,” Miranda explains. “Although
we’re making headway with the Commercial Moving
Apprenticeship Scheme, we still need to convince
individuals and the market as a whole that the
removals industry is exciting and a great career
prospect.” Miranda believes BARTS can “do its bit to
attract and retain young talent by providing support
to develop the core competencies needed for specific
job roles and build this into a framework of training
and qualifications that the industry can support and
be proud of.”
She recommends that BAR Members provide a
pathway for people who have completed training and
apprenticeships at their firms. “BARTS can develop
the modules, training programmes and qualification
pathways in line with industry standards and
requirements, however we need the support of the
Members in understanding where these new
apprentices and employees will fit into existing
structures,” she told R&S, “and this will involve some
investment of time to understand what development
current employees require to ensure successful
succession planning is in place and maintain
Working together with BAR Members, BARTS can
establish a framework that can be built upon as both
the industry and its individuals develop over the years
to come.
BARTS’ mission is now defined as “to provide
quality innovative specialist training to the removals
industry, BAR Members and external organisations
that encourages development and economic success.”
Miranda has held meetings with a number of BAR
Member companies across the country to determine
just how BARTS can best fulfil this mission. Based on
this feedback, BARTS has identified that many
companies, particularly small and medium-sized
companies, could be well supported through a whole
range of new training requirements, ranging from
human resources to costing models, finance and
ked0c|ng c0sIs b0I n0I q0d||Iy
BARTS will also introduce technology in order to
reduce costs for Members, by using online modules
and courses to cut the cost of travel and reduce the
amount of work time that is lost. Miranda says that
although cost is always a consideration, it should
never undermine the intrinsic value of the training.
“Distance learning has its place but does not always
stand up to the professional standards we expect,” she
explains. “We want to embrace technology to make
courses more exciting and increase value, but never at
the cost of quality. We are also committed to making
sure we are on top of all legislation and regulations.
We are reviewing all our materials to make sure all
material is current. It is imperative material is
continuously reviewed to maintain our standards and
Cost is always a consideration and BARTS is
exploring the use of UK-wide training centres to
minimise these. However, Miranda says BARTS wants
to maintain standards of the training, and aims to use
training centres that are able to provide equipment on
site as required for the courses. “It’s important to get
the quality of training right, so that we can ensure
Members receive a good return on their investment.”
With quality at the forefront, BARTS plans to
establish a pool of specialised trainers, retraining and
evaluating existing trainers. Trainers authorised by
BARTS will be continually monitored and audited on
a yearly basis.
At the beginning of the next training year, BARTS
will re-launch and remarket its existing suite of
specialist training courses. Based on her conversations
with BAR Members and with current training
providers, Miranda reports that a long list of
candidates is taking shape for new customised
courses. She reveals that one new area will be to
develop BARTS’ management training offering.
“Training is a great networking opportunity enabling
Members to share and learn from another. We’re here
to support Members, keep them up to date and make
sure they get the support they need. One of the best
parts of BAR training is that Members, right up to the
highest levels, can also support each other.”
We want to embrace
technology to make
courses more exciting and
increase value, but never
at the cost of quality.
‘ ‘
00nIdcI InI0rmdI|0n:
Emu||: Ird|n|ng@bdr.c0.0k
c| le|epHcne: 01923 699484
June 2013 Removals & Storage 47
BAR News Training News
To book Call: 01923 699484 or email: training@bar.co.uk
Removals Essentials
Brand new course, this course will be delivered
on site as practical skills training. Delegates will
take part in all practical exercises and will have no
classroom element.
º Manual handling
º Heallh and salely
º Vehicle loading
º Packing (lragile and non lragile)
º Wrapping
º Tail lills
º Pisk assessmenl
BTEC in Removals
The course can now be compleled in 5 days meaning
less lime away lrom your place ol work!
Upon complelion ol lhe laler exam, successlul
sludenls will be presenled wilh a nalionally
recognised BTEC qualification.
Course Dates 2013
£1,675 + VAT p/p (BAR Member)
£985 + VAT (BAR Member)
Library Packing & Removals
£985 + VAT (BAR Member)
Course Dates 2013
Brand new course designed, based on member
leedback aimed al lraining operalive loremen,
packers and estimators in the methodologies
lor packing and removing libraries and
exlensive lling syslems
BAR Training Services
Training from the Removals Experts
BARTS 2013 Training Dates All courses laking place al 8AP Wallord
Did you know that BARTS can
deliver all training onsite at
your premises?
Please visil www.removalstraining.com
and see all ol lhe dillerenl lraining sessions,
workshops and courses we provide, as well
as lhe Pemovals Apprenliceship Scheme and
Online E-learning.
We can also lailor lraining programmes lo ll
your individual business needs.
Call BARTS on 01923 699484.
BTEC Award in Practical
This 2 day course is praclically based and is designed
lo leach sludenls lhe arl ol eslimaling as well as lace
lo lace sales lechniques, covering lopics such as.
º Quanlily assessmenl made easy º lnslruclor wilh 27
years experience in eslimaling º 8esl praclice - survey
lo reporl lo quole º Conldence in sales & eslimaling
º Underslanding lhe imporlance ol communicalion
£545 + VAT p/p (BAR Member)
Course Dates 2013
Course lo be held al 8AP, Wallord
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
Training News
Olympics Monitor
BAR Training Services
Training from the Removals Experts
BTEC Award in Practical
This 2 day course is praclically based and is designed
lo leach sludenls lhe arl ol eslimaling as well as lace
lo lace sales lechniques, covering lopics such as.
º Quanlily assessmenl made easy º lnslruclor wilh 27
years experience in eslimaling º 8esl praclice - survey
to report to quote º Conldence in sales & eslimaling
º Underslanding lhe imporlance ol communicalion
£545 + VAT p/p (BAR Member)
Course Dates 2013
Course to be held at
8AP, Wallord
To book Call: 01923 699484 or email: training@bar.co.uk
for 2013!
June 2013 Removals & Storage 49
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
Getting the
R&S: How concerned are you by the current state of
the economy?
Catherine McKinnell: I believe we have reached the stage
where we need to face the fact that the current economic
strategy is failing to deliver growth.
When the Coalition came to power, it inherited an
economy that was slowly, but steadily, growing – with 0.4%
growth in the final quarter of 2009 rising to 0.7% in the
second quarter of 2010 (around the time Labour left
office). Yet since Autumn 2010 and the current
Government’s first Spending Review, we’ve seen just 0.8%
growth – compared to the 5.3% the Coalition were
forecasting at the time.
This economic stagnation has led the independent Office
for Budget Responsibility to halve its predictions for 2013
– anticipating growth of just 0.6% this year – compared to
the 1.2% forecast only in December.
The Chancellor, George Osborne, has said quite clearly
that he’s ‘not for turning’ despite the fact that the Coalition
is now set to borrow £245bn more than they forecast in
Autumn 2010; their promise to balance the books by 2015
will not be met; and the national debt will not now be
falling until 2017/18 at the earliest.
As a consequence, living standards are being squeezed,
with average earnings now rising at their lowest rate since
the end of 2009; government borrowing is up; and growth
forecasts are being downgraded yet again...and ordinary
people and businesses are paying the price. I believe it’s
time for Plan B.
This year’s keynote speaker at the
BAR Conference was the MP for
Newcastle upon Tyne North and
Shadow Treasury Minister, Catherine
McKinnell, who discussed her ideas
with delegates about how to boost
the economy, create jobs and
support small and medium-sized
enterprises. R&S followed up with
Ms McKinnell after the Conference
to address a number of points
raised during her presentation.
June 2013 Removals & Storage 51
R&S: What can be done to restore confidence in
our economy?
CM: Ifirmly believe that we simply must ensure people
are not being put, and left, on the unemployment
scrapheap – which is a situation that simply builds up
long-term costs for the taxpayer, as well as society.
With a staggering 958,000 young people currently
unemployed, I would like to see a bank payroll tax
within the bank levy to fund a Youth Jobs Guarantee.
In a nutshell, this would mean guaranteeing a real,
paid job for every young person out of work for a year
or more – which they would be obliged to take, or face
losing their benefits.
We would also reverse the Government’s decision to
stop tax relief on pension contributions for people
earning over £150,000 being limited to 20% – to fund
a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee for long-term
unemployed adults. This money could be used to
ensure there is a paid job for every adult out of work
for 24 months or more – which again they would be
obliged to take or risk losing their benefits. And this is
critical, given recent jobless figures confirmed there
are 175,300 adults who have been out of work for 2
years or more.
We desperately need to get a grip of the human cost
of the current economic situation, if we are to boost the
consumer and commercial confidence necessary to
secure economic growth.
This lack of confidence – combined with the on-
going cost of living crisis – is sucking demand out of
local economies and taking away people’s willingness
and ability to spend, which in turn is hindering our
ability to get back to sustained growth.
R&S: What are Labour’s plans for VAT rates and
CM: We are calling for the Coalition to temporarily
reverse the Government’s VAT rise to 20% in 2011, to
support hard-pressed people across the country and to
kick-start a flat-lining economy.
I also believe HMRC needs to come down hard on
tax evaders. HMRC’s own most recent estimate of the
tax gap – the difference between the tax collected and
the tax that would be collected if everyone complied
with the letter and spirit of the law – stands at £32bn
a year, with VAT fraud thought to account for 30% of
this gap.
Ensuring HMRC has the resources it needs to do the
job properly, will help to ensure fairness across the
board, which could perhaps address BAR Members’
concerns about discrepancies in VAT rates.
R&S: What would Labour do to reduce the price
of fuel?
CM: The number one issue for many businesses –
and no doubt critical for the removals industry – has
been the cost of fuel. Whilst we welcomed the
Chancellor’s decision to cancel the planned 3p rise in
fuel duty due to take place in September – indeed we
have been consistently calling for him to do so – we
think a temporary cut in VAT would also make a big
difference to fuel prices.
R&S: Many removals companies are struggling to
get credit for their businesses. What will you do to
improve access to finance?
CM: We need to ensure the banking system recognises
it has a fundamental responsibility to serve the real
economy by supporting local businesses and helping
address national and regional infrastructure needs. In
recent meetings with a number of banks, I’ve been told
that they’re desperate to lend to local business, but
firms just aren’t willing to borrow at the moment. At
the same time, I hear from businesses that access to
finance remains one of the key challenges facing many
firms wanting to grow.
That’s why we’re looking at creating a British
Investment Bank, fully backed by the Treasury, to
ensure that firms, particularly SMEs and start-ups,
have access to finance they need.
R&S: What would you advise to removals and
storage companies who have to grapple with the
dual burdens of compliance from not only the
Working Time Directives but also the Drivers’
Hours rules?
CM: I have a background as an employment lawyer but
was not aware of the predicament that removals and
storage companies are suffering on this front. I agree
that this is an issue which should be looked at.
R&S: Finally, you are one of Parliament’s leading
advocates for apprenticeships. What measures
would Labour take to support apprenticeships?
CM: Apprenticeships is an area of work that I’ve been
closely involved in since first being elected to
Parliament in 2010 – and I know the British
Association of Removers, and its Members, are equally

Shortly after being elected as an MP, I introduced a Bill
into Parliament that would require all firms winning
large public procurement contracts – worth more than
£1m – to be required to provide apprenticeship places.
Although this idea is opposed by the Government, it
now forms part of official Labour Party policy.
As well as increasing the number of apprenticeships
available across the country, I think it’s absolutely
critical we ensure these places are of high quality and
deliver the skills that firms actually need. That’s why
businesses should be in the driving seat on setting the
standards required to boost apprenticeship places. We
are now examining how employers can best be given
more responsibility and control over skills provision
and budgets to ensure apprenticeships serve the needs
of business.
We need to ensure the
banking system recognises
it has a fundamental
responsibility to serve the
real economy by
supporting local businesses
and helping address
national and regional
infrastructure needs.
‘ ‘
Industry News
52 Removals & Storage June 2013
European News
launches Road
Safety strategy
The Republic of Ireland’s Minister for
Transport, Leo Varadkar has launched the
Government’s fourth Road Safety Strategy that
includes a major crackdown on the
commercial transport sector.
The Strategy, Closing the Gap, will run until
2020 and aims to make Ireland one of the
safest countries in terms of road deaths in the
EU. It will also focus on new measures to
reduce the number and severity of serious
injuries arising from road collisions.
The new Strategy sets a specific target for
2020 to reduce the number of road deaths to
124 a year (from 162 in 2012) and serious
injuries to 330 per year (from 485 in 2012).
This would close the gap between Ireland and
other best performing countries such as the
UK, Netherlands, Sweden and Australia.
The Strategy includes 144 specific actions to
reduce road fatalities, such as developing an
effective roadside enforcement strategy for
commercial vehicles and drivers, targeting
especially roadworthiness, drivers’ hours and
tachographs. It will also enforce new
maintenance obligations for commercial
vehicle operators.
The Irish Department of Transport will
review its policy on the licensing of road
transport operators to assess if own account
operators should be included. At present only
those vehicles operated by the hire or reward
sector are required to hold a commercial
vehicle operator’s licence, yet around 80% of
all commercial vehicles on Ireland’s roads are
operated by own account companies.
The proposal will encourage the design of cabins
with a rounded shape and it will also permit the use
of aerodynamic flaps at the back the trailer. The new
rules are designed to improve the aerodynamics of
vehicles, with estimated savings of
approximately¤25,000 per year in fuel costs for a
typical long-distance lorry covering 100,000 km. This
would also represent a 7–10% cut in greenhouse gas
emissions (or 7.8 tonnes of CO2 for the same long-
distance lorry covering 100,000 km).
At the same time, the new designs are intended to
improve the field of vision of drivers, helping to save
the lives of vulnerable road users such as pedestrians
or cyclists.
Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas, who is
responsible for transport at the EU level, said “a brick
is the least aerodynamic shape you can imagine,
that’s why we need to improve the shape of lorries on
our roads. These changes make road transport
cleaner and safer. They will reduce hauliers’ fuel bills
and give European manufacturers a head-start in
designing the truck of the future, a greener truck for
the global market.”
The rules setting the specifications for heavy goods
vehicles date back to 1996. The EC says these now
need to be updated to take account of technological
developments. The current brick-shape front of the
cabin can increase the severity of injury to road users
in a collision. It also reduces drivers’ sideways field of
vision which is particularly dangerous for cyclists
and pedestrians at junctions. A more rounded shape
increases the field of vision and, in the event of a low-
speed collision (typically in an urban environment),
reduces the risk of serious injury.
New rules to encourage
aerodynamic lorries
IHe Eu|cpeun Ccmm|ss|cn Hus p|cpcsed new |u|es lc u||cw
manufacturers to develop more aerodynamic lorries which will
reduce fuel consumption by 7-10%, and also increase road safety.
The EC is also proposing the use of on-board
weighing systems linked to the digital tachograph
and weigh-in-motion stations on the main roads.
It says these sensors will allow for more consistent
controls from country to country. Overweighting
of lorries currently is estimated to cost 950m per
year to the taxpayer.
The IRU advises said that electronic weight
sensors should not be used for remote
enforcement purposes and malfunctioning of
weight sensor equipment should not constitute an
offence in itself. Michael Nielsen of the IRU said
“before new weight sensor technology is used, it
must undergo rigorous testing to demonstrate its
accuracy. It is essential that additional controls do
not increase the already heavy administrative
burden on operators and that any new technology
is used as a detection tool, rather than an
automatic enforcement method.”
The current proposal must be adopted by the
European Parliament and Member States before
becoming law. The new trucks could be expected
to be seen on the roads by 2018-2020.
Industry News
June 2013 Removals & Storage
European News
Do you have any
news to share with
R&S readers?
Send lc: rdnds-ed|I0r|d|@dnd|yI|cdmed|d.c0m
‘Smart’ information
services for motorists
The European Commission has finalised 2 new
measures to promote the roll-out of ‘intelligent’
information services which provide real-time warnings
about dangerous road conditions ahead and
information on safe and secure parking places for
truck drivers.
The Commission wants these information services to
be interoperable and compatible across Europe, and
available to as many drivers as possible along the
trans-European road network. The new regulations do
not make the roll-out of information services
mandatory. However, if and when Member States,
operators and service providers want to develop and
deploy such services, they will have to comply with the
regulations’ requirements.
The first regulation will require that all drivers
receive timely information at no extra cost. They will
be warned on hazards ahead, such as an unprotected
accident site or dangerous road conditions.
The second regulation will improve information for
commercial vehicle drivers about safe and secure
parking places. It is intended to prevent dangerous
parking of trucks on the hard shoulder and to help
drivers comply with driving time regulation. The
information will be provided through smartphones or
variable road signs and will contain the description of
the parking areas, the level of security and safety as
well as comfort facilities. Member States will select
‘truck parking priority zones’ where there is a shortage
of places in one parking area and information will be
provided on other unused parking capacities in the
same zone. The regulation defines the share of
responsibilities between public and private operators
involved in order to set harmonised and standardised
rules for the collection, sharing and dissemination of
The European Parliament and the Council are
currently reviewing the proposed regulations which the
Commission hopes to publish by the end of this
month. Drivers can expect to see these services
implemented any time following the publication of the
new regulations.
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
BAR Conference 2013
BAR Members’ display vehicles at the
Beamish Museum
IHe c|d lcwn cenl|e cl lHe 8eum|sH Huseum wus lHe pe|lecl sell|ng lc| lHe 8AR veH|c|e ExH|b|l|cn und
Procession 2013.
The cobbled streets and olde worlde shop fronts
provided the ideal backdrop for some of the display’s
oldest vehicles, which included horse drawn removal
vehicles dating all the way back to 1889, with their
drivers all in appropriate period costumes!
Although daybreak proved to be a foul and wet affair,
by the time of the procession itself the rain had largely
dispersed, although there was still a chill in the air and
not an ice-cream or t-shirt in sight. If anything, the
dank weather only added to the atmosphere and
authenticity as the shire horses trudged through the
bleak cobbled streets and ancient engines sputtered
into life in the cold.
BAR Members who contributed their restored classic
vehicles to the procession included P Fahey & Sons,
Michael Gerson, John Mason International, Specialised
Movers, Fox Moving & Storage, A.G. Cannon Removals
& Storage, and White & Co. Hoults Group’s Victorian
horse drawn pantechnicon was also part of the
procession. Fred Hoult donated it to the Beamish
Museum in 1979 where it is on permanent display.
The gloomy conditions were also no threat to some
of the newer vehicles on display, including state-of-the-
art aerodynamic vehicles from 2013 from Deane’s
Removals, Matt Purdie & Sons, Fox Moving & Storage,
GB Liners and White & Company, as well as the first 14
tonne fully electric vehicle from Cadogan Tate.
As they made their way down the streets of the open
air museum, it was clear that these vehicles were a real
source of pride to the owners who had invested so
much in restoring them, and also to the removals
industry as a whole. And, the procession was much
appreciated by members of the general public at the
Museum and the Museum itself, which broadcast the
procession on its website.
Many BAR Members took the opportunity to tour the
Beamish Museum, which covers 350 acres, giving
them the chance to experience life as it was in
Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian times in the
region. Graham Puddephatt of Reason Global was one
of the principal organisers for this event, and was
extremely happy that his painstaking work to double
check logistics and health and safety was appreciated
by all. Representatives from the Beamish Museum said
they were delighted with this event, which for a few
windswept hours really helped bring the past to life for
visitors, and which reminded the general public of the
glorious heritage of the British removals industry over
the years, a heritage that BAR Members continue to
look after to this day.
Congratulations to your
team for organising such
a memorable event.
Well done.
Fred Hoult
‘ ‘
1889 Horse Drawn Tunnel Van, White & Co plc.
June 2013 Removals & Storage 55
BAR News BAR Conference 2013
Victorian Horse Drawn Pantechnicon, Hoults Group 1934 8edlc|d wL0, A.0 Cunncn Remcvu|s 8 Slc|uge A Beamish Street scene
1890 v|clc||un lc|se 0|uwn PunlecHn|ccn, Fcx 0|cup Hcv|ng 8 Slc|uge
19J1 C|uss|c Ausl|n H|nc| vun, P FuHey 8 Scns Lld.
2012 14 Icnne E|ecl||c veH|c|e, Cudcgun Iule
2013 0AF 45, Hull Pu|d|e 8 Scns Lld. 2013 0AF 55, 08 L|ne|s
1960s Ley|und Ccmel, JcHn Huscn lnle|nul|cnu| Lld.
1938 0uy v|xen, Spec|u||sed Hcve|s
2013 18 Tonne DAF 65 250, Deane’s Removals
Removals & Storage June 2013
Family album reopened with Fox’s Albion

Andrew Allerton saw Paul Fox’s article featuring
the Albion in the magazine of the Albion Owners
Club. He made contact and was able to provide
much information as he had tracked the vehicle
throughout its working life. As Paul had arranged
for the Albion to be part of the BAR vehicle
procession at the Beamish Museum to coincide
with BAR’s Annual Meeting, he invited Andrew to
meet with him at the Beamish Museum and to
once again sit in the cab he had first sat in 60
years before as a 4 year old.
The Albion lorry, Model FT 3 L, was originally
built in 1946 at Glasgow. It was supplied by
Cawthorn of Newcastle and first registered to S&A
Removals of North Shields – (Sommers &
“As a little boy, I loved to be taken by my father
to my grandfather’s garage. I remember the big
green lorries. It was fascinating seeing the Albion
again after so long,” Andrew said. “I can clearly
remember as a four-year old jumping in and out
of the truck in my grandfather’s yard on a
Saturday morning when it was in for
Andrew was able to provide much more detail
about the subsequent history of the vehicle when it
left the North East, including a few old
photographs. It turns out the Albion ended its
working life with Burman Removals of London E1
in 1970.
“It was a real pleasure to be able to reacquaint
Andrew with the Albion after some 60 years and go
for a short spin, especially back in its original
home in the North East,” Paul told R&S. “It’s real
living history and both Andrew and I felt it is very
appropriate that the Albion has found a new home
at a removals company, which was its original
purpose in life.”
Fox themselves were responsible for saving the
chassis cab from the breakers yard in Warrington.
The BK lift van (previously operated by Army &
Navy stores’ removal department) was restored and
a flat-bed platform body built to 1940s design.
Finally it was repainted and hand sign written.
Work was carried was out by Unique Van Bodies
of Warrington. All mechanical restoration and
repair was carried out at Fox Moving & Storage’s
own commercial garage. Albion built heavy
vehicles in Glasgow from 1899 and the Albion club
were able to assist with sourcing many parts.
It is tribute to the hard work and loving care of
Fox Moving & Storage and UVB that this vehicle is
in pristine condition and in full working order. It
is also the last example of road to rail container
transport that was commonly used in the removals
industry up until the 1960s.
0ne membe| cl lHe gene|u| pub||c wHc b|uved lHe lc|lH Eusl cc|d und wel lc |nspecl lHe c|uss|c 8AR
veH|c|es lH|s yeu| wus u ce|lu|n And|ew A||e|lcn - wHc us u cH||d Hud p|uyed |n Fcx Hcv|ng 8 Slc|uges
1946 Albion lorry when it belonged to his grandfather, James Allerton.
8cllcm Lell: Puu| Fcx w|lH And|ew A||e|lcn
June 2013 Removals & Storage 57
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
Over the last year, Rightmove, the UK’s number one
property website, has become an important partner
for BAR Members and a significant provider of leads.
The BAR Affiliate had a major presence at this year’s
Conference, making valuable presentations in the
business session as well as the workshops.
The main message from the keynote presentation
by Robin Wilson, Head of Consumer Services at
Rightmove is that the world has changed and
removal companies need to change with it.
“The property market halved in 2008 and is only
now slowly recovering. Meanwhile the internet
changed all the rules. For all practical purposes most
of your prospects are online. Their expectations are
high and their tolerance is low, all of which results in
a fiercely competitive market.”
Rightmove added to the chorus of voices in the
industry that are warning against succumbing to the
temptation of competing on price. Price competition
results in low revenue, low margins and makes it
hard to invest in providing a better service.
“Don’t get caught in the race to the bottom where you
only validate the cheap prices of low cost, low quality
offerings,” Robin said. “Make your service awesome
and valued in the eyes of the customer.”
This advice is based on Rightmove’s careful
research among consumers regarding how they select
and evaluate removers and which indicates the price
barely features in the factors they consider important
and when it does, other aspects they value can
outweigh it.
Interestingly, staff professionalism, good reviews
from previous customers, insurance and speedy
responses to enquiries were the most important
factors when choosing a remover.
“Understand your value by understanding your
customers. Sell solutions to the problems that matter
to them,” Robin said. “There will always be people
that want to pay peanuts – they’re probably the ones
that enjoy complaining. Choose not to take the
business of people that don’t value what you do!”
8Idnd|ng 00I |n d c0mµeI|I|ve mdrkeI
Rightmove ran a useful workshop on usability and
digital best practice where, Robin and his colleague
Tom Goy, Rightmove Removals Manager, discussed
ways in which removal companies can improve their
websites and online presence. It was noted that
consumers have low patience for poor online
experiences and will go elsewhere if a site is slow or
clunky to use.
Key tips from the workshop included “Make the
website faster so you don’t burn precious seconds on
pages loading when you could be selling your
services. Design for what consumers want or need to
get from a site, not what you want to show.”
Robin and Tom stressed the need for speed in
today’s internet world. At another workshop they ran
to discuss with Members how to get the best from their
sales leads, Tom told delegates: “Be the first to
respond – consumer expectations are hours, not days.
If you’re the firm that responds in minutes you can
often shut out other firms in the mind of the
consumer because you provide a benchmark on
response that can be hard to beat.”
Confidence in your business also helps. Robin
recommended that BAR Members always leave a
voicemail, and “use the opportunity to talk about
your strengths and value. Don’t just leave a name and
number – leave an impression!”
The Rightmove representatives advised Members to
be upfront with potential customers about budgets,
and to employ targeting filters to generate the right
kinds of leads for their businesses. For copies of
Rightmove’s research about what consumers value,
contact tom.goy@rightmove.co.uk.
Conference Business Speakers and
The Business Speakers and Workshop sessions at this year’s BAR Conference in Newcastle were
designed to provide practical advice, help and support to BAR Members as they build and develop their
businesses in an ever-changing market.
Top tips from Rightmove
BAR Conference 2013
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just over one year and we know some of you,
but not all of you! Please let us know if you are
not receiving and want to receive our monthly
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Please also send us your feedback on the
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It’s your magazine!
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economy, and the industry in general, please send in your
information, letters or articles.
June 2013 Removals & Storage 59
BAR News
Google recommends smartphone
With so much of the business of removals companies relying on Google, there was a high turnout at
the presentation from the Internet giant itself.
BAR Conference 2013
Discussing Consumer Detriment with the TSI
With the arrival of new Code of Practice, the
Trading Standards Institute (TSI) is now playing a
major role in of the business lives of British
removal companies, and there was a good turnout
for a talk by Suzanne Kuyser from the TSI about
consumer detriment.
Suzanne explained that consumer detriment is
defined as encompassing harm (loss of welfare)
caused to individuals as a result of a problem with
a commercial practice or the behaviour of a
business or trader. This covers the obvious loss of
money, loss of goods and loss of time, as well as
more intangible factors such as stress and ill
In the UK, some £3bn and 59 million hours are
spent resolving disputes concerning consumer
detriment, Suzanne said. As BAR Members know
only too well, fraudsters, rogue traders and non-
compliant businesses can all have a major impact
on the revenue and growth of compliant legal
businesses, as well as causing much of this
consumer detriment. These operators can damage
the reputation of an industry overall, as well as
cutting into profit margins and competing
unfairly. However, the TSI and industry
associations such as BAR are fighting back,
Suzanne said, using as their main weapon the
Consumer Codes Approval Scheme to squeeze out
the rogues, meet consumer rights, easily identify
compliant businesses and set higher standards
across the industry.
In addition, as from next year, the UK is due to
implement the EU Consumer Rights Directive
which will simplify and harmonise rules in some
key areas, including pre-contract information
rights and clarification of cancellation rights for
distance and off-premises. Suzanne recommended
that BAR and its Members engage in the process of
improving consumer codes and introduce business
compliance education for staff. A successful
scheme will lead to a fall in complaints, a rise in
customer confidence, improved profit margins,
and above all it will help to marginalise the rogue
David Grunwald, Head of Channel Partnerships, and
Ed Ackerman, Strategic Partner Manager, shared
some interesting facts and figures that will
undoubtedly shape removals companies’ plans for
how they further develop their internet presence.
Over three quarters of UK households are connected
to the internet and according to David, the UK boasts
a world-leading e-commerce sector. “As consumers
spend more time and money on the internet, the
opportunity for UK business to benefit is massive,” he
told delegates. “Small and medium-sized enterprises
with high web usage are growing three times faster
and exporting twice as much as those with lower
An important statistic for removals companies of
any size to note is that 85% of smartphone owners
search for local information. The growth figures in
mobile search usage for Relocation and Household
Moving queries grew 87% year-on-year in 2012 in the
David and Ed introduced a range of Google tools
and services that can specifically help removal
companies access these Internet users, extending well
beyond the standard search engine. These include
Google+ Local Pages and AdWords Express for local
advertising, or using a Premier SME Partner to reach
new customers.
“Businesses can take advantage of the web without
paying over the odds,” Ed told the audience. “Google
can help BAR Members benefit from the increasing
number of consumers searching for removal services
online, whether on desktops or mobiles.”
For more information on how to turn online
searches into sales, contact BAR Affiliate ReachLocal
who are online marketing specialists and a
Google Premier SMB Partner. Email
smahmood@reachlocal.co.uk or visit:
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
As many R&S readers will know, TwentyCi are
specialists in providing removals companies with real
time leads from partners including moveme.com and
Zoopla, as well as in helping companies maximise
the value of sales leads.
Katy Moore of TwentyCi looked at how timely and
effective business leads can help BAR Members to
attract new customers and increase Return On
Investment on their marketing campaigns. She
stressed that the company always aims to supply
details of committed moving customers who want
Members to call them, as well as collecting full
address and property details, preferred contact details
and the best time to call.
“Moving home is a busy and often uncertain time,
and you may need to contact potential customers
multiple times before you can get them to buy,” Katy
suggested. “Tailor your response and services to a
customer’s specific requirements.”
All enquirers receive detailed information on why
to choose a BAR Member removal company. Under
Offer and Sold Alerts enable intelligent targeting of
key local prospects, with exclusive discounts for BAR
Ledds de||vered
Another highlight of the presentation was the official
launch of the company’s new fulfilment service.
Developed following many requests from removals
customers, this not only provides Members with the
details of all active movers in any given local area,
but also designs and delivers marketing materials.
The service includes a range of flyer templates to
choose from, linked to weekly Under Offer & Sold
Alerts to deliver timely regular campaigns, and
benefiting from negotiated postage discounts.
For more information, contact Katy.Moore@
twentyci.co.uk or call 01908 829300
Focused sales leads with TwentyCi
TwentyCi gave a well-attended workshop on how BAR Members can make the most of their sales leads.
The social media debate continues
Mark Cable, Sales Manager at Webjam, led a lively
discussion about the potential of social media for
much more than just marketing.
According to Mark, in 2013, spending on social
software to support sales, marketing and customer
service will exceed $1bn worldwide. By 2014,
social networking services will replace email as
the primary vehicle for interpersonal
communications for 20% of business users.
And by 2015, the 20% of enterprises that employ
social media beyond marketing will lead their
industries in revenue growth. “Social media will
eclipse the e-commerce revolution of 10 years
ago,” Mark predicted.
Mark asserted that companies can harness the
power of social media to transform the culture of
an organisation, shifting management models
away from command and control to cultures
where leaders engage with employees more and
businesses can become more connected and more
“Integrate social media into your workflows so
it becomes a vital tool for how you get work
done,” he suggested to delegates. “Starting a
social intranet or a private social network can
improve everyone’s knowledge and create a sense
of belonging, worth and a unified team.”
There was some resistance to Mark’s
challenging ideas in the lively debate that followed
his presentation. Concerns around privacy of data
and fear of employees wasting time using mobile
phones for non-essential communications were
highlighted. Mark considers measures such as
banning mobile phones “demonstrate that there’s
a lack of trust; this must surely be overcome.”
He believes that removals and storage
companies may benefit from private social
networks and social intranets which nowadays are
widely used across all business sectors, often in
organisations where security of information is of
equal or greater concern. The inherent security
they provide, however, means that this is rarely a
barrier for most companies considering their use.

“A simple social intranet can be used to unite
teams and give everybody a chance to contribute
and feel valued. It offers a chance for barriers to
be broken down and for all staff to be utilised,”
he explained to R&S. “These benefits can only
be realised if the trust is there, however, the
irony is that a social intranet shows you exactly
what people are up to!” To contact Mark, email
BAR Conference 2013
June 2013 Removals & Storage 61
BAR News
Ian (pictured) talked delegates through the
leadership skills needed to work within multi-
disciplines and explained when to use which
management style and in which situations. Delegates
learnt how to understand the different team roles
and how to ensure there is a balance in a team.
According to Ian, a high performing team (such
as Barcelona FC or Manchester United!) depends on
a series of components, including balance, a clear
vision, achievable goals, openness and transparency,
communications, mutual respect, honesty and
For example, a removals company could have the
goal to be the company with the best customer
service in the area and the objective of achieving
95%+ in customer satisfaction survey results.
“Each individual has a role to play within a
team,” Ian explained, including coordinator, plant
and team-worker roles. Just as in a football side there
are goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and attackers,
everyone has to work together for one aim.
There are four main leadership styles, Ian said;
Directing, Coaching, Supporting, and Delegating.
Ian explained the advantages of each of these
approaches when it comes to motivating team
members, but emphasized that whatever the
management style, team communications are
essential. “Use team briefings to encourage openness
and honesty and create culture and values,” he said.
Ian explained that Maguire Training are working
closely with BAR and have created BAR’s E-learning
Platform with nearly 100 video modules on it
already, many of them addressing these issues of
leadership, teamwork and motivation.
As a final bonus, Ian rounded off his presentation
by telling delegates attending the session that
they would be given a free credit on the platform,
so that they could view a module of their choice
in their own time. For more information,
see www.barts.maguiretraining.co.uk
Maguire on Training
There was a captive and engaged audience for Ian Smith of Maguire Training, who presented an
interesting workshop on Creating and Motivating High Performing Teams.
DKV reminder on new French Ecotax system
BAR Affiliate DKV Euro Service briefed BAR
Members on the latest state of play regarding the
French Ecotax.
This Environmental Truck Tax will now come
into force as of 1 October 2013, instead of 1 June
2013. The Ecotax applies to vehicles over 3.5 tons,
which represents between 200,000 and 250,000
non-French vehicles, and will be charged on
approximately 15,000km of motorways and
national roads.
Gertjan Breij of DKV told R&S that the 1
October date should allow time for those BAR
Members who regularly transport through and
within France to prepare and pre-register for a
new DKV On Board Unit. The Ecotax levy will be
approximately be 0.12 per kilometre, although
final costs will be determined on the basis of the
category of vehicle (laden weight and number of
axles), emission class and distance of kilometres
travelled on the Ecotax network. Gertjan advises
that all concerned vehicles will need to be
equipped with a certified satellite based On
Board Unit. DKV Euro Services can provide its
customers with a new DKV Box in order to ensure
compliance with this new system. This DKV Box
will handle post-payments for both toll systems
in France (TIS PL and Ecotax) in addition to
other European tolls and tunnel fees. BAR
Members benefit from up to 10% discount on the
Ecotax charges, and there will be no Service
Fee levied by DKV to BAR members in respect
of the DKV Box.
For more information and to register, see
BAR Conference 2013
DKV’s Valerie Bamping and Gertjan Breij
Do you have any news to share with R&S readers?
Send lc: rdnds-ed|I0r|d|@dnd|yI|cdmed|d.c0m
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
BAR Conference 2013
BAR Conference Exhibition:
the place to meet
IHe ExH|b|l|cn lu|| wus lHe lccu| meel|ng pc|nl lc| Ccnle|ence de|egules. Ccnle|ence pu|l|c|punls g|uv|luled lcwu|ds lHe
ExH|b|l|cn lu|| sc lHey ccu|d lu|k lc expe|l supp||e|s, nelwc|k w|lH clHe| de|egules und |uce lHe|| spcnsc|ed Scu|el||x
trucks around a large central track in the Hall.
General Manager, Miranda Hyder, and her colleagues Tim Oliver, Accounts Manager and Suzy Barrack from the Sales team
showcased the latest products that have been specifically designed for the moving industry by BAR Services, including quilted covers
and RB flute cartons. BAR Services Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of BAR, with a sole intention to work on behalf of and with the
help of its Members to ensure lower prices on quality products. ¡: 01342 870087 www.bdrserv|ces.c0.0k
BARTS sets the standard in removals industry specific training. It is the provider of the only nationally recognised
BTEC qualifications specifically developed for the removals industry. Miranda Martin and Peter Walters of BARTS
talked to delegates about the broad range of courses that BARTS provides worldwide as well as Apprenticeships,
Removals Managements, Estimating Skills training and much more. Demo access to Maguire Training modules
was also available on the BARTS stand. ¡: 01923 699 484 www.rem0vd|sIrd|n|ng.c0.0k
N0ves 0n||ne
8kk 8erv|ces LId
8kk ¡rd|n|ng 8erv|ces

The Commercial Moving Group (CMG) is a dedicated group of companies within the British Association of
Removers that specialise in all aspects of commercial relocation. CMG representatives explained to
delegates interested in joining the group that they must have the BS 8522 Commercial Moving Standard in
order to apply to become CMG members. This is the only specialist group in the UK to set this criterion as a
compulsory requirement for membership. ¡: 01923 699 483 www.bdrcmg.c0.0k
00mmerc|d| N0v|ng ßr00µ

BAR Affiliate, DKV, has over 75 years’ experience in the transport sector and are leading service providers on the roads of Europe.
DKV’s Valerie Bamping and Neil White talked to delegates about the upcoming changes in France from the Environmental Truck
Tax. Many Conference delegates were also interested in information about the benefits of DKV’s fuel services in the UK, as well as
the DKV Card and other additional services geared towards day-to-day transport operations and designed to optimise the fleet
management process. ¡:+31 252 345665 www.dkv-e0r0serv|ce.c0m
Cindy Clarke from BAR International Associate Starline Moving & Storage in Canada demonstrated the company’s successful web inventory generator, Moves
Online. The simple-to-use online inventory generator has been taken on as a white label product by other removals and storage companies around the world,
reducing sales costs, avoiding customer disputes and generating quality leads. E: c|ndy@m0ves0n||ne.c0m www.m0ves0n||ne.c0m
June 2013 Removals & Storage 63
BAR News BAR Conference 2013
There was keen interest in newcomers to the Conference, Nationwide Transport Breakdown Services, which offers a complete one
stop shop service to removals companies’ breakdown needs. Their attractive offering of no joining or annual subscription fees was
welcomed by many BAR Members and Conference delegates who spoke to owners Stuart and Sue Brown to find out more about
their ‘pay on use’ service which covers the whole of the UK and 32 European countries. ¡: 0161 336 8752
www.nIbs.c0.0k e-md||: sI0drI@nIbs.c0.0k
TwentyCi are the UK’s leading data agency for the home moving market and provide marketing services geared to the home
moving sector. As owners of moveme.com, the company is a specialist supplier of new business leads to the removals and storage
industry and is a BAR Affiliate. Katy Moore and Matt Hawkins talked to delegates about the real time leads, and under offer and
sold alerts that TwentyCi delivers to the removals and storage sector. ¡: 01908 829300 www.IwenIyc|.c0.0k
Unique Van Bodies played a prominent front of house and behind the scenes role at this year’s BAR Conference. Terry Sinnott and
his expert team at UVB were responsible for the repairs, refurbishment, and chassis extensions of many of the vintage and modern
vehicles proudly displayed by BAR Members – Deane’s Removals (2013 18 Tonne DAS 65 250), Fox Moving & Storage (1890
Victorian Horse Drawn Pantechnicon and 1946 Albion Van), GB Liners (2013 DAF 55), Matt Purdie & Sons (2013 DAF 45) and White
& Co (2013 MAN TGS 18.4 Roadtrain) – and at the Beamish Museum during the Conference weekend. The company specialises in
Unique self-produced GRP panels and cabtop sleepers/fairings, stainless and galvanised steel frame work, internal pillar to panel
bonding, spray booth facility, upholstery and trim shop, decal and hand sign writing repairs/refurbishment, chassis extensions and
reconstruction insurance valuations on accident damage vehicles. ¡: 01925 846464 www.0n|q0evdnb0d|es.c0m
hdI|0nw|de ¡rdnsµ0rI 8redkd0wn 8erv|ces LId

0n|q0e ¥dn 80d|es
Quality Service Standards Ltd (QSS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of BAR. QSS helps Members achieve and
maintain certification for the specialist industry standards BS EN 12522 (Domestic), BS EN 14873
(Storage), BS EN 15696 (Self Storage), BS 8522 (Commercial) and BS 8564 (Overseas) as well as ISO 9001
(Quality Management Systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental) and the standards for shredding and
document storage. ¡: 01923 699 480 emd||: chr|s.wdym00Ih@bdr.c0.0k
û0d||Iy 8erv|ce 8Idnddrds

The Exhibition Hall hosted a number of competitions during the Conference.
Commercial Moving Group.
Conference draw, entitling them to a 50% discount off the normal cost of
their next quality audit.
Hall paid off for DC Groves & Sons who were treated to a case of wine.
R&S July will report on the winner of TwentyCi’s prize draw which gives BAR Members the chance to win 1,500 free leads.
Free leads
Industry News
64 Removals & Storage June 2013
European News
People News
New head of PHS Teacrate
Gordon Philip will take the helm at PHS Teacrate as
General Manager.
Having been associated with the business for over
20 years, with the last two years as Commercial
Director, Gordon has overseen many significant
phases of PHS Teacrate’s growth including the
development of several innovations such as Cratelink
(Teacrate’s online crate management system), the
diversification into the supply of packaging materials,
the development of e-commerce offerings to both its
customer base and the general public and more
recently the placing of customer service at the core of
Teacrate’s strategy. “I want to see Teacrate’s
contribution making a real difference to our
customers’ operations – making them stronger and
more successful,” he said.
The company, which is a BAR Affiliate, thanks
David Wicks whose 11 years of service with the PHS
Group was described as “immense”. For the past 8
years he has led PHS Teacrate, and from 2008 he also
oversaw the rapid growth of PHS Records
Management. David is credited with the development
and growth of PHS Teacrate and his successes include
building up a substantial presence in the food
industry, enhanced recently with the acquisition of
manufacturing tooling from Rehrig Pacific UK Ltd.
David is leaving the PHS Group to pursue other
professional and personal interests.
R&S wishes both Gordon and David much success
for the future.
Gordon Philip has taken over the leadership of crate rental specialist, PHS Teacrate, following the departure
of Managing Director, David Wicks.
Obituary: Mrs Rene Steele
R&S is sad to report the death of Mrs Rene Steele, widow of Gordon
Steele, who was a past President of BAR and director of Martell’s. The
family-run company has been involved with BAR for many years, and
Rene and Gordon Steele’s son Keith (who unfortunately died in 2005)
was also a Vice President of BAR.
Margaret Martell, Director at Martell’s, says that Mrs Steele also
worked for the company in the past. For more information, see
Do you have any news to share with R&S readers?
Send lc: rdnds-ed|I0r|d|@dnd|yI|cdmed|d.c0m
P|clu|e R|gHl: Rene Slee|e w|lH He| scn le|lH Slee|e, lc|me| v|ce
President of BAR.
Industry News
June 2013 Removals & Storage
BAR Training Services
Training from the Removals Experts
To book Call: 01923 699484 or email: training@bar.co.uk
Commercial Estimating
A specially designed course lor lhe commercial eslimalor,
expanding lhe knowledge ol Lslimaling in general. The course
locuses on calculaling volume, melhods lor Lslimaling in lhe
Commercial environmenl, whal lo look oul lor and queslions lo
ask lhe cuslomer. This course will make eslimaling large ollce
moves less daunling lor lhe less experienced eslimalor and
includes a practical exercise, where delegates will experience
estimating in a ‘real time’ situation.
º Why is volume imporlanl º How do we calculale volume º
Things lo be aware ol when eslimaling lurnilure º Lslimaling
lhe amounl ol packing crales, queslions lo be asked, melhod
ol a sile viewing º Whal should be included in a commercial
quotation, practical exercise.
Just £199 + VAT per person
for 2013!
Course Dates 2013
Course to be held at
8AP Headquarlers,
Wallord belween
10:00am and 16:00pm
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
People News
Diary Dates
National Council
June 11 2013
Overseas Group Council
June 12 2013
CMG Council
June 13 2013
Board of Directors
June 26 2013
East Anglia Area
Contact: Andrew Pearson
01362 853777
East Met Area
Contact: Paul Freeman
0800 413335
East Midlands Area
Contact: Andy Wade
01476 579210
Kent Area
Contact: Tom Bourne
01797 228000
Met Area
Contact: Julie Thompson
01932 410100
June 19 2013 – Brooklands
Museum event, Weybridge
Northern Area
Contact: Alan Hoggin
0191 5491194
June 20 2013 – Black Sheep
Brewery, Masham
Do you have any Diary Dates?
Email them to: rdnds-ed|I0r|d|@dnd|yI|cdmed|d.c0m
Diary Dates
¡0 v|ew d|dry ddIes/evenIs, please log into ‘MyBAR’ and click on the 0d|enddr/EvenIs
dnd 8kk 0d|enddr tabs where you can view full details including time, date, location and
agendas (when available).
¡0 v|ew dred m|n0Ies, please log into ‘MyBAR’ and click on the 8kk kreds tab and then
one of the 15 areas listed. Minutes from past area meetings can be viewed and downloaded
(where available).

North West Area
Contact: Annette Harris
0161 6534455
June 20 2013 – Black Sheep
Brewery, Masham
Northern Ireland Area
Contact: Dominic Murray
02890 748588
Scotland Area
Contact: Georgina Berry
01505 502220
Southern Area
Contact: Peter Doman
01372 385985
June 26 2013 – Holiday Inn
Express, Southampton
South Western Area
Contact: Sue Christophers
01637 872529
June 18 2013 – The Ley Arms, Kenn
Sussex Area
Contact: Miranda Hyder
01342 870087
Western Area
Contact: Ria Russell
01278 447099
September 10 2013 – Brent Knoll
East Brent
West Midlands Area
Contact: Judith Bennett
01684 892236
June 5 2013 – The Gainsborough
Hotel, Kidderminster
Yorkshire Area
Contact: Graham Puddephatt
0845 6021775
June 20 2013 – Black Sheep
Brewery, Masham
June 2013 Removals & Storage 67
BAR News
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013
The following Members have registered:
National & European Group
The Wright Removal Company
Memb No: W088
Cornish Way South
Galmington Trading Estate
Tel: 01823 284245
Web: www.thewrightremovalcompany.co.uk
Overseas Group
Simpsons Removals & Storage Ltd
Memb No: S092
Self Storage Special Interest Group
Brown’s Removals & Storage Ltd
Memb No: B124
Ede’s (UK) Ltd
Memb No: E006
McGimpsey Brothers (Removals) Ltd
Memb No: M070
National Affiliate
PPS Crate Hire
Memb No: P067
Unit E
Westminster Industrial Estate
Tamworth Road
DE12 7DS
Tel: 01530 515333
Web: www.ppsequipment.co.uk
International Associate
High Relocation Worldwide Inc
Memb No: H318
4th Floor, Doowon Building
51-1, Hangangro 2-ga
Seoul 140-872
South Korea
Tel: 00 822 795 2604
Web: www.highrelo.com

BAR has received the following
applications for:
National & European Group
Army Ants Removals & Storage
Unit 1B
Fishwick Park
Mercer Street
Web: www.armyantsremovals.com

John Lomas Removals Ltd
Unit 13 – Ridings Park
Eastern Way
Hawks Green
WS11 7FJ
Web: www.johnlomasremovals.co.uk
Additional Trading Name
Britannia Heirs of Portsmouth an ATN of
Britannia Reeves of Petersfield
Memb No: R010
BAR Memberships June 2013
Any Member wishing to make any comment regarding an application should do so in writing to BAR Head Office within
21 days of receipt of this notification. Details of membership applications in process may also be found on the BAR
webs|le: www.bar.co.uk
June 2013 Removals & Storage 69
Trade Services
Ireland Channel Islands
Scotland/Europe Isle of Man
Scotland and Islands
Removals & Storage
Units 5&6, Lower Blackhill Ind. Estate, Lerwick, ZE1 ODG
Regular nationwide service
!el. 015º5 óºó2ó8 º Fox. 015º5 óº3515
Email: mail@ianreidremovals.com
This space is available
from just £33 a month
When booked as a mono unit
for a series of 12 issues.
Trade Services
Removals & Storage June 2013
Cyprus and Malta
This space is available
from just £33 a month
When booked as a mono unit
for a series of 12 issues.
June 2013 Removals & Storage 71
Trade Services
by Road
º 7 day transit time
º Twice-monthIy departures
º British Crews & ProfessionaI Service
º HighIy recommended in Greece
00 44 1733 311 561 | enquiries§nomad.eu.com
Europe Spain
UK Office: 01843 585055, sales@webbsremovals.com
Mallorca Office: 0034 971 693566, webbs@spain.cc
Trade website: www.william-worldwide-webb.com
Weekly Scheduled Service, Containerised Storage Depots
Holder of Spanish Transport Licence
for our Tranship vehicles
Unrivaled Infrastructure in Mallorca, Menorca & Ibiza
Excellent Rates, Payment in Euros or GBP accepted
Purely The Balearics, No Bull!
Memb No: W001
T£L: 01202 576514
FAX: 01202 574011
France - 8pain - FertugaI - ItaIy
weekl] 8ervice for the Trade. Call now for oest rates
Depots in Preston, Chester, Alicante, Nalaga
F8£8¡0ß 01772 651570
Email. info@moversint.co.uk weo. www.moversint.co.uk
Trade Services
Removals & Storage June 2013
Dubai & Qatar
United Arab Emirates Israel
For Sale
This space is available
from just £33 a month
When booked as a mono unit
for a series of 12 issues.
June 2013 Removals & Storage 73
Trade Services
Africa Worldwide
Piano Specialists
Vehicle Tracking Specialist Services
Trailer Hire
www.sp-in.co.uk info@sp-in.co.uk
Tel: 020 8561 4321
Tel: 020 8561 4321
Piano Logistics part of the AstonSpinks group
When it comes to piano transport,
use the pianist’s choice
· Grand piano export packs
· Crane 8 specialist stair crews
· UK - Germany Weekly
· London - Scotland Weekly
· Piano tuning 8 casework repairs
Lifting solutions, from the unusual to the
down right awkward, we have the
equipment and expertise to deliver.
· Heavy duty long reach HIAB crane's
· London furniture hoist 8 gantry hire
· Mini spider cranes 8 Stair climbers
We regularly transport and install:
Heavy stone work, Sculpture’s, Safe’s,
Complex artwork, large furniture etc
For Sale
This space is available
from just £33 a month
When booked as a mono unit
for a series of 12 issues.
Do you have any
news to share with
R&S readers?
Send lc: rdnds-ed|I0r|d|@dnd|yI|cdmed|d.c0m
Removals & Storage June 2013 Removals & Storage June 2013
Trade Services Classifieds
Call BARI5 on 01923 699484
or email training©bar.co.uk
Are You Looking
To Sell?
We are looking lo buy good qualily
household moving and storage
companies in London and the
home counties.
Please call 07933 123 123 in lull
conldence lor a quick decision.
Business for Sale
Due to retirement
lnlernalional Pemoval Company
based in lhe Canary lsles
Established in 1985.
lanlaslic opporlunily lor a
change ol lileslyle in a very
successlul company.
Enquiries to:
Apartado de Correos 52
38390 Santa Ursula,
Tenerife, Canary Isles. Spain
E: philip562@ymail.com
Opportunities For Sale
For information
about Classified
call Sandra on:
0117 957 5400
e: sandra@rubiconmarketing.net
Advertising Deadlines Classified Rates
Sell it, Fill it, R&S it!
Please see the deadlines for the
|emu|nde| cl lHe yeu|:
Call Sandra on
0117 957 5400 for details
Iss0e 800k|ng krIw0rk
ßedd||ne ßedd||ne
Jul 19th Jun 24th Jun
Aug 15th Jul 19th Jul

Sep 16th Aug 22nd Aug
Oct 18th Sep 24th Sep
Nov 17th Oct 23rd Oct
Dec 15th Nov 21st Nov
Sell it, Fill it, R&S it!
Your R&S is the perfect ‘vehicle’
lc udve|l|se ycu|:
- Business
- Vehicles
- Vacancies
- And much more besides!
Classified Rates
Situations Vacant £2.15 per word (min 15 words)
Sales and Wants £2.15 per word (min 10 words)
Boxed Advert £30 (per single column centimetre)
(Picture £20 extra)
Box number £30
Loose inserts £280 (per 1,000 inserts supplied)
Half page mono £510
Half page colour £615
Quarter page mono £425
Quarter page colour £500
Vehicle sales box Price related to content and size
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Abrahams (since 1865)
1 Crown Close, Bow, London E3 2JH
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June 2013 Removals & Storage 75
BAR News
BAR News
Removals & Storage June 2013