I. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given in brackets. Do not change the word given. Use between two and five words including the word given.(10points) 1. If we don’t buy a sofa-bed, there won’t be anywhere for Jane to sleep. (unless) => There won’t be anywhere for Jane to sleep …………………. a sofa-bed. 2. I live in London because it’s one of the most exciting cities in the world. (was) => I wouldn’t live in London ………………….. one of the most exciting cities in the world. 3. I was thrilled that they chose me to play the part. (to) => I was thrilled ……………………play the part. 4. They made me feel extremely welcome. (made) => I………………………… extremely welcome. 5. ‘I won’t be here next week’, she explained. (there) => She explained that she …………………… the following week. 6. ‘Who did you see at the party?’ he asked. (know) => He wanted to ………………………… at the party. 7. I don’t know who the winner of the competition is. (has) => I don’t know who …………………….. the competition. 8. The band is just going to start playing. (about)=> The band………………………… playing. 9. It was Miranda’s first visit to Scotland. (never) => Miranda …………………… to Scotland before. 10. When I was a child, I walked to school. (used) => When I was a child, …………… … school. II. Complete the gaps in the text below with one word that best fits each space. (10 points) Imagine the scene. You have _________(1) sitting indoors for weeks revising for exams, while everyone else has been having __________(2) great time. At this moment, you are dreaming _________(3) a different life. You imagine yourself on a beach ___________(4) some remote part of the world. Does this seem ________(5) a dream? Well, that dream could come true! Remember that travel can _______(6) educational. You learn a __________ (7) deal about life – and yourself – when you spend time abroad. Nowadays, many young people have __________(8) year off before they start university. During this year they learn new skills _________ (9) exploring their interests. But it is important to spend the time wisely. Remember that you will have __________(10) come back and start studying again. III. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. (9 points) Giving the ideal speech is a matter of __________(1) in yourself 1. CONFIDENT And in what you are going to say. This may be __________(2) said 2. EASY than done, but part of your answer lies in your careful ___________(3). 3. PREPARE Note down your key points, _________(4) on postcards or other small slips. 4. PREFER If you write your speech word for word, you may gain a sense of __________(5) 5. SECURE from doing this but it will sound _______________(6). 6. NATURE Keep it brief. To grab their ____________(7), begin your 7. ATTEND speech with a few arresting thoughts. As a _____________(8), you’ll show 8. BEGIN your _____________(9) in your face as you wonder whether your speech will succeed. 9. NERVE IV. Read the text and decide which word (A, B, C or D) best fits each space. (8 points) This article is the work of someone born and __________(1) up in Norfolk. It is not impartial. On the _________(2), I’m near to being a fanatic about the county and all it has to _________(3). If you want to consider other holiday destinations, you are best advised to go __________(4) for your information. So why am I so incredibly keen on my native county? First, it’s clean. This stems from the fact that the population is very ___________(5) – less than half the average for an English county. __________(6) there are fewer people, there are fewer chimneys, fewer towns and fewer cars. And whereas other rural counties have motorways __________(7) through them, Norfolk – largely bounded by sea – has very ____________(8) traffic whatsoever, and not an inch of motorway. 1. A. brought B. raised C. reared D. grown 2. A. opposite B. whole C. evidence D. contrary 1

F. He’s made the offer and now h e feels responsible for it. after accepting the offer of a lift to work the following morning. Choose the most suitable heading from the list A – H for each part (1 – 7) of the article. He then began to write books himself. scarce V. praise B. a cat stuck up the apple tree…. 7. or Mrs. Although D. thin C. If the line is correct put a tick (√). Putting friends to the test.little C. D. G. give 4. offer D. A. off D. provide C. Unpunctual soon starts causing inconvenience to other people. elsewhere B. For example. While 7. few B. On the other hand. 4. little 6. The trouble is that Mr. waiting!. E. slight B. 4What’s the result of this easy-going attitude? Well. in which case the latecomer struggles to complete his day’s schedule later than ever. _____ His family they were not well-off. maybe the person who offers the lift gives up the seemingly endless wait and disappears. An unfair complaint. _____ VI. A. Because C. and later a teacher. 15 or 30 minutes after the time which had been agreed. A. I think he had quite an interesting life. he broke his leg and while 6. In this version of the story. driving B. 2It’s surprising how far the unpunctual person will go to inconvenience others.. low D. _____ At a large house. You are going to read an article about being punctual. _____ So long before they ever existed. _____ When he was left school. A. slight D. he or she will fail to turn up at the pick-up spot at the agreed time. there 5. Lateness can be a charming eccentricity – for a little while. away C. dividing 8. 9. A very vague word. Whereas B. If the line has a word which should not be there. (9 points) H. Waiting.3. a child with whooping cough. he blames the lift for ‘letting him down’. 5There’s another equally likely result. During when Wells was a child. There is one extra heading which you do not need to use. _____ he was recovering back he was allowed to read books in the library. I find it 2. write the word at the end of the line. he became a shop assistant. leading D. Always some excuse. Wells was born in the middle of the 19th century but he predicted modern society 1. the giver of the lift waits in loyal frustration at the side 2 . but 8. and his mother worked as a housekeeper 5. B. 3The giver of the lift makes sure he’s not late. H. running C. too. C. come what may he must keep his word. G. the person who’s receiving the favour feels free to turn up 10. Some of the lines in this text are correct and some contain a word which should not be there.. That’s when the cheerful acceptance gives way to scorn and resentment and is often the cause of conflicts among people even if they are best friends. Wherever he goes. Turn up on time 1There is nothing worse than someone who is always late. There’s sure to be a convincing reason: lost door keys. A. A. It’s up to you!. _____ he did always loved reading. Getting a lift. Traffic fumes!.. _____ So accurately that he has been called by ‘the man who invented tomorrow’. (14 points) A. _____ fascinating that he described super-highways and both television news broadcasts 3.

When the Spaniards were ready.of the road for as long as his thoughtless passenger takes to reach the spot. ‘By ten o’clock’ should mean ‘sorry. we make vague arrangements to meet at about a certain time. they picked the best ‘specimens’ to load onto the ships. Will ‘about ten o’clock’ stretch to quarter past ten – or will it stretch to half past ten? There are no fixed rules. You are the one to decide if and how long you are going to wait. SE ACORDA 10 PUNCTE DIN OFICIU. Read the following article. C. (5 points) A. and no one has a clear idea as to just how far that time will stretch. Choose from the sentences the one which fits each gap 1 – 5. 3 . This is why he thought they would make good servants and slaves. B. When Columbus and his sailors came ashore. At the moment we t hink of it as a very elastic commodity. SCRIETI RASPUNSURILE PE FOAIA DE RASPUNS (ANSWER SHEET).PROBA SCRISA I. thought Columbus. and reach the Indies that way? D. TIMP DE LUCRU: 60 DE MINUTE. the Arawaks ran to greet them bringing them food and gifts. BARATI TOATE SPATIILE NECOMPLETATE. 7Why not arrange to meet by a certain time and stick to it? Not giving even a minute’s grace seems a little harsh. There are two extra sentences you do not need to use. but look at it this way: a train won’t wait for a late passenger. Five sentences have been removed. Not only are both of them late for work. but the passenger tells his colleagues about the driver’s impatience in traffic queues! 6So what’s the answer? Perhaps there should be a subtle change in how we view time. Why not sail west. INSPECTORATUL SCOLAR AL MUNICIPIULUI BUCURESTI EXAMEN DE VERIFICARE A CUNOSTINTELOR DE LIMBA ENGLEZA PENTRU ADMITEREA IN CLASA A IXA . but that’s when I set off without you’.

6. he is responsible for the introduction of slavery and the destruction of Native American culture. I find driving on the left in England very strange. (3 – ) No European before had deliberately sailed ships away from land. Complete the gaps in the text below with one word that best fits each space. Columbus thought the Indians were gentler and more intelligent than he had expected. They thought the best way to do this was by sailing south round Africa and eastwards. (would)He _____________________ the way they had met.” he said. it was the Spanish King and Queen who gave Columbus ships and men and in return he promised to bring “as much gold as they need…. 2. ( not) Geography _____________ history for Tony. G.E. but the journey was much further than they thought. There is one example. You have to wear safety helmets at all times. The slave trade started when Columbus’ men captured 500 Arawak men. By the end of the century. F. Columbus: Hero or Villain? Most people are taught at school that Columbus is one of the greatest heroes of Western civilization. (4 – ) Of those. (being)Lisa _______________________ her grandfather. 8. He won’t go swimming – he’s afraid of water. ( been)They _______________ two months. including the word given. (10points) 1. they were sailing further and further into the Atlantic. he would go swimming. ( used to)I _______________________ on the left in England. We arrived at the cinema too late for the start of the film. We didn’t find a place to park outside the shop (to) We ________________ park outside the shop. The snake will bite if you threaten it. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. “I’ll never forget the way we met. We know very little about Columbus’ childhood and education. 5. III. 9. Lisa's grandfather is teaching her Chinese. II. the Portuguese were one of the most powerful nations on earth. Yet Columbus was always warning his officers to treat the Indians well and he often seemed genuinely moved by the beauty of the natives’ culture.and as many slaves as they ask”. he made the natives into slaves. In the 15th century. (already) The film_____________ the time we arrived at the cinema. (were) If he________________. 7. with no certainty of getting back home safely. Tony finds history easier than geography. guarded by Spaniards and dogs. 4. (worn) Safety helmets _______________at all times. Do not change the word given. In the end. (2 – ) It seemed the most sensible thing to do. When the gold Columbus had found was not enough. For others. (5 – ) During his later voyages to the Caribbean he imposed terrible punishments on the Indians. For a lot of people. in search of a new route to India. using the word given in brackets. (1 – ) Which view is more reliable? We should consider the facts. Columbus came up with an original solution to the problem: he decided to turn Portugal’s strategy for an eastern sea route on its head. Use between two and five words. he not only discovered America but introduced the arts. (10 points) THE JOY OF ICE0SKATING A lot of people have a go 0 at iceGskating in their teenage years and many will remember slipping over – to the great amusement 4 . (unless) The snake ___________________ threaten it. only 300 survived the trip. When they arrived in Spain they were sold. 10. women and children and kept them imprisoned. They started learning computing two months ago. law and religion to the primitive tribes of the New World. 3.

top B. safe 15 A. suburbs D. new D. new pedestrianised 6__ and a new tram 7___ for southern Paris. His most popular measure 8___ becoming mayor last May has been to 9___ traffic from several streets on Sundays. Occasion B. Situations 13 A. answer D. stated D. iceGskating is remembered as a bit of a laugh. and built 6__ a bit of confidence. standards 1 A. 12___ then improve for the summer. outskirts B. rails B. discharge B.of friends and family. He has also 5___ a €6 million plan for 56 km of bicycle tracks. threat D. plenty 12 A. air pollution in Paris reached dangerous 0 A on six separate occasions. secure C. For questions 1 – 15. action C. pursuit C. formed 5 . degrees D. effort 4 A. lane C. damage 3 A. restrict D. limits C. areas C. thought C. but deteriorate again when most residents return at the end of August. crossings D. while 9 A. If it is 15___ seriously. from C. full D. line B. free 2 A. and very 2___ ever go back and attempt to take 3___ the sport seriously. taken B. held D. Every summer. zones C. C or D best fits each space. in a(n) 3___ to encourage people to leave their cars at home. majority C. Opportunities C. measure B. locals can look forward to a cleaner Paris in the future. There is an example at the beginning (0). move 14 A. The Mayor of Paris said that he had several other ideas to reduce the pollution problem. most D. The free transport 13___ is part of the response to a new environmental regulation which says that local authorities must guarantee 14___ air. still days when exhaust fumes tend to accumulate. saved B. tracks 7 A. the government have recently decided that public transport in French cities will be 1____on days when pollution becomes a 2 ___to people’s health. announced C. Most major cities in the UK now have iceGskating rinks. trial D. people discover 7___ iceGskating is great exercise as 8___ as being enjoyable and fun. read the text below and decide which word A. positions C. As a result. Conditions D. since D. Most rinks have an introductory package for new iceGskaters which includes either group 10___ individual lessons. put in 6 A. air quality is at its 10___ in Paris during holiday weekends. This is 4___ shame. For 1___ majority of people. B. lots B. series D. and so a 9___ more people could rediscover the sport. (15 points) Last summer. therefore. levels B. or possibly as a skill they couldn’t master. open B. exclaimed B. provinces 5 A. especially one weekend in July when the 11___ of the population leave by car for their summer holidays. worst 11 A. IV. try B. such as free parking on the 4___ of the city on hot. 0 A. because once they 5___ overcome their nerves. off D. as B. loose C. terror C. expel C. risk B. path 8 A. ban 10 A.

I was surprised 6 to see so very much armour – the metal worn by fighting men. The Romans tried without 2____ to conquer the region. write the word beside it. which is 7___ intact. If the line is correct put a tick (√). and its spectacular 9___ scenery on the Atlantic. (10 points) 0 – BEAUTY. 2 We joined with the queue and waited. and it managed to keep its 3____ way of life and its own language. 6 . If the line contains a word which should not be there. Read the text below and look carefully at each line. we paid our money.V. One of the area’s main tourist 4____ is the now ruined castle of Tintagel. Read the text and use the words given in capitals to form words that fit in the numbered gaps. 1 – TOURIST. 0 to The first thing we saw was the large queue already stretching 00 √ a good way along the path. SE ACORDA 10 PUNCTE DIN OFICIU. There is an example at the beginning. 5 – LEGEND. 6___ can still see the remains of the hall. 10 0 COMBINE The 0 beautiful Cornish peninsula. BARATI TOATE SPATIILE NECOMPLETATE. 00) (10 points) We reached to the Tower at ten o’clock in the morning. as I have learned from living here. 2 – SUCCEED. 9 – COAST. to the southGeast. on Britain’s southGwestern tip. The 10___ of a rich history and outstanding natural beauty make this area well worth visiting. TIMP DE LUCRU: 60 DE MINUTE. 8 – FAME. Cornwall was a centre of Celtic culture. and went in and 5 began finding out our way around the Tower. Some lines are correct and some contain a word which should not be there. 4 Finally the doors opened. SCRIETI RASPUNSURILE PE FOAIA DE RASPUNS (ANSWER SHEET). But the Tower it looked so big 1 that we were sure there must to be room for us all inside. 3 – TRADITION. where the 5___ King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are said to have lived. There are two examples (0. 6 – VISIT. British people are better at 3 this queuing business than us. 10 VI. The words are given in the order in which you need to use them. is one of the country’s most popular areas as far as 1___ is concerned. 7 And I was very frightened when I saw that where so many 8 people had had their heads cut off by the man with 9 the axe. 7 – LARGE. 4 – ATTRACT. Thousands of years ago. Cornwall is also 8___ for its beaches on the English Channel. Altogether I did found the Tower rather frightening.

as usual . Ndobe left his house one morning and there. Ndobe always checks Zulu is not near the car when he drives to work. Do you think that the car is the ideal means of transport? (give arguments to support your opinion) Modelul 2 Dr. only a few biscuits and some chocolate. Modelul 3 Mr. Although we had little food with us. Heavy traffic in the morning meant that Mr. I asked John. She chased the cat away and went back to bed. There we felt sure that we would find a bed for the night. Then. Why did Dr. 1. chased the cat away and then got in his car and drove to work. Chen heard a noise at her bedroom window. 1. Ndobe. Chen. my companion. to drive more slowly. Do you think cats make perfect pets? (give arguments to support your opinion) 7 . decided one morning to give her cat away. A month later she was shocked to hear that Wei Wei was no longer there! Then one night Dr. We were beginning to get worried.” The policeman got out of his car and told the owner that he saw the cat and thought it was a toy being carried on the roof as a joke. there was still no sign of the town which was marked on the map. without warning. Why did John ask his companion to drive more slowly? 4. Ndobe slowed down to pull over. Chen thought that it was much better for the animal to live in the country. As we climbed higher. So she put Wei Wei in the car and drove 100 kilometres out of the city to her brother’s house and left the cat with him. After we had traveled for about twenty miles. Why was Dr. What is the text about? 2. What is the text about? 2. Chen says she will never give Wei Wei away again. What is the text about? 2. Dr. “It gave me a real fright and then I realized it was the cat and the cat was Wei Wei!” Now Dr. Do you think that keeping pets is the ideal hobby? (give arguments to support your opinion). Chen take the cat to the countryside? 3. sitting on his car. was his cat Zulu.Model Pentru ORAL Read the text below and answer the questions that follow: Modelul 1 It was already late when we set out for the next town. but luckily we met no one as we drove swiftly along the narrow winding road that led to the hills. Why did the policeman stop him? 4. Mr. he was surprised to see something large and grey slide down the windscreen. something landed on her bed. Ndobe stopped the car? 3. it became colder and the rain began to fall. Now Mr. 1. which according to the map was about fifteen miles away on the other side of the hills. Ndobe was unable to drive very fast so he was surprised to see a police car behind him flashing its lights. a South African businessman. What did the travelers expect to find in the next town? 3. the car stopped. just as she was about to fall asleep. Then. Chen unable to recognize the cat in the first place? 4. making it difficult at times to see the road. Unable to sleep she got out of bed and was surprised to see a thin cat looking in. As Mr. “It gave me a real fright and then I realized it was Zulu and was terrified. we decided to spend the night in the car. A quick examination showed that we had run out of petrol. a doctor living in Beijing. Darkness fell soon after we left the village. What happened when Mr.