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What is Mettl ?
Mettl ( is a powerful online assessment platform To Measure, Track and Analyze a variety of skills in candidates

Ability and Aptitude

Assessment Options

Behavioral and Psychometric

Technical and Functional

Usability of Mettl Assessments


Institutions (Univ./College)

Campus Hiring Lateral Hiring Training Effectiveness Competency Tracking Appraisals

Student Evaluation Test Preparation Employment Training Certifications Contests

How To Use The Mettl Platform For Your College/University

Add Value to Application Process Add Practical Simulators to Curriculum Add Value to Assessment Process Staff Services
Create YOUR OWN online skills assessment/ psychometric profiling of applicants
Case Study/ Excel/Coding Simulators, Psychometric Testing Create online assignments/exams for both regular & distance learning students
-Staff Hiring Assessment -Training Effectiveness -Competency Tracking -Appraisals

Mettl Platform
Ability & Aptitude/ Generic technical & Functional skills (multiple choice questions)

Our Platform Enables College/University TO

Simulators (Case study, Excel & Coding Simulators)

Behaviour & Psychometric Testing

Why use Mettl ?

Extensive Content

Practical Assessments
A Powerful online assessment platform

Fully Customizable Auto Invigilation Powerful Analytics


Strong Concurrency

Quality content for Tests

Extensive Content
Practical Assessments Fully Customizable

Auto Invigilation
Powerful Analytics Strong Concurrency

Mettl partners with top content providers including McGraw Hill, Wiley, Pearson, McMillan to ensure content of highest quality for assessments Artificial Intelligence based Mapping Engine ensures right set of questions are recommended depending on test purpose

Hands-On Assessments
Pre-canned Profiles
Practical Assessments Fully Customizable
Code Simulator and Code Project: Allowing us to evaluate his on the go coding skills Spreadsheet Simulator and Case Study Simulator: Test on analysis of real life business cases
For a Coder
For a Business Manager

Auto Invigilation
Powerful Analytics Strong Concurrency

For a BPO Employee

English Speaking Simulator: We assess them on English speaking and writing proficiency

A Customized Solution

Pre-canned Profiles
Practical Assessments Fully Customizable

Auto Invigilation
Powerful Analytics Strong Concurrency Business managers can create completely customizable tests

Multilevel Fine tuning: Choose difficulty level, sections, time, report formatting and much more

Fair and Credible Test Environment

Real time warning to candidates caught switching windows while taking assessments

Pre-canned Profiles
Practical Assessments Fully Customizable

Auto Invigilation
Powerful Analytics Strong Concurrency

Random snapshots of the candidate available in the test report

Strong in-built features to ensure fair assessments remotely

Actionable Analytics

Pre-canned Profiles
Practical Assessments Fully Customizable

Auto Invigilation
Powerful Analytics Strong Concurrency

Powerful Analytics generating actionable insights Benchmark candidates against peers

Strong Concurrency
System capability to support 5000 + concurrent test instances Complete data security with real time back-up Power Resume enabler to continue any test from point of disruption

Pre-canned Profiles
Practical Assessments Fully Customizable

Auto Invigilation
Powerful Analytics Strong Concurrency

Key Benefits to Universities

1 Access to top Quality content
2 Hassle Free Test Creation and Administration

3 More hands-on Assessment for better screening

Highly Reliable: No scope for question paper leakage, impersonation or cheating

5 Real time results and analytics for faster turnaround

Key Benefits to Businesses

Pre-canned Profiles
Practical Assessments Fully Customizable

Reduce Hiring Time. Plug and Play !

Ensure better fitment and efficiency in job role Reduce cost per hire by shortening learning curve

Build assessments that suit company requirements Flexibility to fine tune assessments for any role
Better credibility and control over test process Hassle free remote test administration - reduce logistics cost

Auto Invigilation
Powerful Analytics Strong Concurrency

Benchmarking and standardizing employees Identify gaps and training needs

Conduct bulk hiring smoothly!

Hands-On Assessments for Technical and Functional skills

Assess Hands-On
Most Effective Assessment Test a candidates performance on the job he is being hired for Hiring a business manager? Test their business acumen or leadership skills!

Hiring a developer? Test and evaluate their coding skills in real-time

Hands-on Assessment Tools at Mettl

Technical Skills Coding Evaluator Database Query Evaluator VLSI Coding Evaluator* Typing Skill Evaluator* Communication Skills English Speaking Analyzer English Writing Evaluator Business/Consulting Skills Case Study Simulator Guesstimates

Ideal for Entry to Mid level technical roles requiring superior multi-language coding skills

Suitable for Entry level client-interfacing positions across industries including IT, ITeS, BPO, Hospitality etc.

Tailored for mid to senior level executives across functions and across industries
* Upcoming

Excel Simulator
Range of Skills Tested


Knowledge of Formula based operations

Statistical Mathematical Financial

Financial Modeling Skill Data Manipulation and Data Management skills (list handling) Excel Knowledge/Application

Simulation of Excel on the cloud enables testing online for multiple candidates at once Instant and automatic scoring of candidate responses- this is not presently available in the market Flexibility to create your own questions to test the exact work scenario Comprehensive report with the candidate worksheet as it was submitted

Coding Evaluator

Supported Languages - C, C++, Java, VB.NET, PHP, C#, Javascript (can add other languages based on requirements) Features

Online Coding Editor - test taker can write/edit/evaluate his code online Flexible Evaluation - customizable marks for compilation, run-time complexity, algorithmic complexity, type of test cases (corner, basic etc) Integration with IDE (Eclipse, Visual Studio) - test taker can write & submit code in IDE Numerous Input/Output types supported. From native (int, string) to complex (collections, arrays) to custom (user-defined classes). Custom Library - test takers can include pre-defined classes/libraries in their code Evaluation on customizable Coding Standards (for eg, auto-deduct marks if test taker has used more than 10 nested if-else statements) Bulk Create Questions - powerful facility to create several Coding Questions in excel and upload in your account

Database Query Evaluator

Supported DB - MS SQL R2 2008, Oracle 11g, MySql (DB2 coming soon) Features

Online DB Schema Editor, DB Query Editor Flexible Evaluation - customizable marks for memory, run-time performance, type of test cases (multiple datasets) Query Editor - Test taker can check results of his query online before submitting Bulk Create Questions - powerful facility to create several DB Questions in excel and upload in your account.

English Skills Analyzer

English Speaking Skills

The system will take a voice input, either on the web or on phone and will grade a candidate based on English Knowledge (Grammatical accuracy and Vocabulary) and Delivery (Voice modulation, Diction and Accent)

English Writing Skills

A similar system wherein a candidate can be graded based on his English writing skills / Email writing skills by writing a paragraph which shall be graded automatically

Case Study/Guesstimate Evaluator

A revolutionary approach to the case study interview A real life case or problem is posed to the candidate System automatically grades the solution based on the relevant approach and the business decision made

Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Assessments

Mettl employs an experienced in-house psychometric assessment team consisting of experts in the field Currently Mettl features several standardized psychometric assessments with high reliability and validity. A broad range of assessments are also available for various roles and functional profiles

The reports are fully customizable as per the organizations competency framework

Standardized Psychometric Assessments

Mettl Personality Inventory Mettl Test for Cognitive Abilities Mettl Motivation Inventory Mettl test for Sales Knowledge

Mettl Test for Customer Focus

Mettl Career and Personality Profiler Mettl Career Guidance Test

Mettl Stress Audit Survey

Mettl Personal Stressors Survey Mettl Stress Resiliency Scale

Psychometric Assessments for profiling

Leadership Profiling Sales Profiling HR Personnel Profiling IT Consultant

Business Consultant Profiling

Accounts & Financial Expert Profiling Engineer Profiling

Sr. Manager/ VP/ Director Profiling

Entrepreneurship Skills Profiling Career Profiling

Thomas Friedman Quotes:

New York Times ...The most interesting I.T. project I came across was Mettl, which has developed an online assessment platform to help hiring managers to measure and track skills of prehires and employee's to determine if they can really do a particular job.. Read full article

Mettl - TiE50 2013 Winner

Mettl named among the top 50 winners by TiE on May 18, 2013 at Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, USA. The TiE50 program screened 1124 companies from 24 countries and 50 best of the breed companies were announced winners. Read full article