Bloomingdale Surface Water Management Project
Community Update No. 3– June 17, 2013

Scope  of  Project   • Installations   of   storm   drains   on   the   unit   block  of  T  St.  NW    –  COMPLETED!       • Installation   of   18-­‐inch   sewer   line   on   the   south  side  of  Rhode  Island  Ave.  NW  at  2nd   St.  NW  with  storm  drains  -­‐  COMPLETED!   • Installation   of   60-­‐inch   storm   sewer   in   the   median   of   the   100   block   of   Rhode   Island   Ave.  NW   • Installation   of   catch   basins   (storm   drains)   on   the   North   side   of   the   100   block   of   Rhode  Island  Ave.  NW     • Installation   of   Bioretention   Cell   (Rain   Garden)   with   underground   storage   in   the   100  block  of  Rhode  Island  Ave.    NW/  and  T   St.  NW   • Installation   of   permeable   pavement   with   underground  storage  in  1st  St.  Alley     Progress  to  Date:   • Completed   installation   of   storm   drains   on   the  unit  block  of  T  St.  NW   • Completed   installation   of   18-­‐inch   sewer   line  on  the  south  side  of  Rhode  Island  Ave.   NW  at  2nd  St.  NW  with  storm  drains     • Installed   over   ~   94ft   of   60-­‐inch   storm   sewer  in  the  100  block  of  RI  Ave.  NW     • Installed   several   manholes   in   the   project   corridor   to   allow   ease   of   access   for   maintenance  entrance       Work  in  Progress:  

  Two  Week  Look  Ahead:   • The   priority   is   to   continue   installation   of   the   60-­‐inch   storm   sewer   and   essential   manholes  in  the  100  block  of  Rhode  Island   Ave.  NW  before  moving  to  other  phases  of   the  project.       Community  Concerns:     • Updates   to   schedule   –   DDOT   remains   on   track   to   complete   substantial   construction   prior   to   September   as   announced   at   the   Mayoral   press   conference   (weather   and   construction  conditions  permitting).   • Maintenance   of   Triangle   Garden-­‐   Residents  concerned  about  maintenance  of   Triangle   garden   until   installation   of   bioretention   cell.   DPW   responded   and   mowed  the  garden.     • Construction   Traffic   –   Resident   voiced   concern   about   the   traffic   plan   for   the   project.   While   there   are   multiple   projects   happening   in   the   area,   DDOT   did   remind   contractors   for   the   RI   Ave.   NW   project   that   they   should   only   be   using   the   main   street   to   access   and   leave   the   site   not   interior   neighborhood  streets.                                  Public  Outreach  Coordinator:                                Chancee`  Lundy                                202.630.9353  

Continuing   installation   of   60   inch   (5   feet)   storm  sewer  in  the  median  of  the  100  block   of  Rhode  Island  Ave.  NW  

District  Department  of  Transportation  

55  M  Street,  SE,  Suite  400    

Washington,  DC  20003