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Volume 1 No. 1
Spring 2009

upon request
astor Michael C. McQueen and Associate
Pastor Annmarie McQueen have been minis-
tering together since November 1993, when
they took over leadership of Faith Ministries
International, Bamberg Germany.

They have been married for 28 years and

have three lovely children together, Michelle, 27, Michael, Jr., 24, and
Miguel, 10 years old. The family had been on the mission field in Ger-
many for 16 years, with Pastor Michael serving as the senior pastor
and Annmarie as the associate pastor; until the family relocated to the
US in July 2006. They have continued to minister in Germany and

Pastor Michael is an ordained Elder in the Pentecostal Assem-

blies of the World Inc. and a strong advocate of the Apostles doctrine
which he preaches and teaches under the anointed power of Jesus. He
has received a Associates degree in Biblical Studies from ICI Univer-
sity. He is a veteran of the First Persian Gulf War, where he served as a

Pastor Annmarie is an anointed teacher and preacher of the

Gospel of Jesus Christ and holds a theological degree in Christian Edu-
cation as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in ISM, and a Master of
Education degree. Pastor Annmarie has been ministering the Word of
God as the Spirit gives utterance for over 25 years, is the author of
three books, and travels throughout Europe and the United States as
well as in Africa, preaching the Word of God and teaching His truth,
crossing cultural, educational, economical, and denominational lines,
and always doing those things that please the Father.

Together, they are committed to healing the broken-hearted, to

preach deliverance to the captives, recovering of sight to the blind, and
to set at liberty them that are bruised, and to leading God’s people into
victory living in spite of the obstacles.
Calendar of Events:

Fanning the Flame

Women Conference Insights from Pastor Annmarie 6
Shekinah Glory Worship
Center Leader’s Voice 10
May 1-2, 2009
Columbus, GA
A Miracle for Markeeta 11
Chariot of Fire Outreach Through God’s Love We Will
May 10, 2009 Shine in 2009 15
Atlanta, GA
What God’s Love Means to Me 18
Family & Friends Day
Mount Olive Restoration Parenting Moments 19
Family Church
May 24, 2009
Dallas, TX A Few Words on Prayer 20

Africa Mission Trip Poem - Be Encouraged by His Grace 21

Early June
Sierra Leone, West Africa

Editorial Team
Publisher/Editor-in-Chief: Pastor Annmarie McQueen
Editors: Donnett Ekwerike, Anke Stoye
Art Director: Diana Roberts
Graphics: Diana Roberts, Debra Stonewall
Michelle McQueen is
anointed by God to usher in
God’s Glory through litur-
gical dance. The call to
dance came after a serious
knee injury which threat-
ened her ability to ever walk
again. She has been danc-
ing for eight years since
that call. Her life exempli-
fies that of Christ. Her
dancing is truly anointed.
Or call: 817-307-3108
The picture on the cover was taken during Pastor Annmarie’s mission trip to
Nigeria, West Africa in July 2008. The location is Chosen Vessels Assem-
bly in Lagos State. Pastor Annmarie and members of the MUM team were
warmly received by Pastor Patrick Edet and his wife, Honorable
Omowunmi Olatunji-Edet (in pink), representative of the Lagos State House
of Assembly. We had a wonderful time in the Lord! Pastor Annmarie was
honored with the coat of arms of the nation of Nigeria at the Lagos State
House of Assembly Building.

Other scenes from the visit:

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

Hosea 4:6

We want the land to be healed.

It is praying time!
Insights from ctáàÉÜ TÇÇÅtÜ|x
for the year 2009
Interview by Michelle McQueen
(in October 2008)
Michelle: What is the Lord saying about the year 2009?

Pastor Annmarie: I believe we will see things in 2009 we

have not seen before. I sense God will continue to open
doors for HIS people. 2009 is a year that we really, really
need to take advantage of opportunities. Do not let opportu-
nities go by. It would be a terrible, terrible waste and tragedy
if the Body of Christ were to let 2009 go and not step into
opportunities. I know, according to how the economy looks
and what people are saying, you would think that right now,
that is 2009, it would not be a good time to start anything.
Many people are trying to hold on to what they have and are
trying to maintain. But I really think that’s a trick of the en-
emy. That’s exactly what he wants people to do. I think
people should do all they can to get out of debt. I also think
people should do all they can to detach themselves from the
systems of this world. I believe the Body of Christ is to work
more diligently at establishing businesses. They should look
for better resources that are available to themselves and
their families, I believe there will be some great opportuni-
ties that will bless the Body of Christ. And we need to take
advantage of every one. We should join God’s economy, an
economy of giving and increasing through His Kingdom.

Michelle: What will the spiritual climate in 2009 be like?

Pastor Annmarie: I think it will be exciting! People will

put more of their focus on God because so many peo-
ple are afraid and despondent. In the beginning they
will run, but later they will seek. It will make them pray
and seek for the true Church. I think a lot more people
will go to church for the next two years because they
will be looking for something. It is a good year for the
Body of Christ.
Michelle: What are your thoughts about Barack Obama being in office?

Pastor Annmarie: I think the African-American community will have

opportunities opened to them as well, just by virtue of having an Afri-
can-American President. This will naturally put African-Americans on
the map. Just as President Bush did for Texans and President Clinton
did for Little Rock, Arkansas, so African-Americans will step up to the
next level in the eyes of many people. To see an African-American in
such a tremendous and exalted office will do something to the minds
of the general population, and definitely for African-American men
who will feel prouder than they have ever felt. African-Americans will
feel more honored than they have ever felt in this country.

Michelle: What do you think the upcoming generation should be doing right now?

Pastor Annmarie: I think young people, especially university age

(such as ages 21 or 22), should be more serious about forming their
future and should no longer waste time. This age group is accustomed
to wasting time even though they called themselves adults. They may
waste the first two to four years in college or doing just anything. I think
young people should stop wasting time. They should begin to form
their future early. They should be more focused than ever before, es-
pecially if they are in college. They should be looking at what kind of
difference they can make in the world instead of just joining the world
the way it is. People should be thinking about making a difference.
Michelle: What kind of shift needs to be made by the Body of Christ in 2009?

Pastor Annmarie: I think the Body of Christ needs to shift more

into spiritual enlightenment. The Bible says, ‘The entrance of
God’s Word brings light.’ (Psalms 119:130) There has been far
too much darkness in the Church. Darkness meaning a lack of
knowledge. A lack of spiritual insight. A lack of being led of the
Spirit. We need to get back to the Bible and let the Word of God
bring light to us.

We should not have so many saints sick. We should not have so

many saints in poverty. We should not have so many saints strad-
dling the fence. We need to have more excellence in the Body of
Christ, more than ever before. That change is only going to come
with the entrance of God’s Word, which brings light. So we are
talking about more WORD-OBEDIENCE; not just more knowl-
edge, but more Word-obedience, where you receive the Word and
do the Word!

One other change that needs to take place is prayer. Not the
usual prayer. It’s not a prayer about what we want. It’s a corporate
prayer. People need to pray more in groups. Take prayer more
seriously. Realize that you are talking to the Creator who can
make changes. Prayer can change a nation. It’s serious.

Michelle: What kind of change can we make in society?

Pastor Annmarie: We need to start more businesses. We

need to have our own Credit Unions, like Dr. Fred Price. We
need to have more churches running the banks. We need to
have churches running the schools. There are a lot of church
schools that stop at 3rd grade, or have just been built for the
money. But there should be a school up to 12th grade, so we
can teach our children. We need to have more entrepreneurs
in the Body of Christ. We need to start taking over neighbor-
hoods. Kick out the gangs and drugs. So, get started now!!!
Take over the neighborhood. We need to have
more saints in politics and stop running from the
public. If the saints run from the public, who is
going to reach the public? We need to have
more sanctified police officers. Saints need to
get out in the work force and stop locking them-
selves up in the Church.

Michelle: How can we affect the global atmosphere?

Pastor Annmarie: More Americans will need to travel in

2009 and 2010, to see what’s happening in the world and to
get a global perspective. With this perspective, they will come
home appreciating America more. They’ll come home with
more ideas of what to do and they’ll be more willing to do
more because they will see how great a need there is for the
world to come together… So, people need to travel more, to
see more and to participate more.

Written by Michelle McQueen

Proph- ecy by

We take the time and space here to address leaders everywhere. Some
things will be easily understood but some might take a little while to di-
gest. The idea, however, is to encourage and strengthen leaders from all
walks of life through words.

A leader is one who leads. The leader should be clearly seen. Leaders
must be willing to do what others are not yet convinced they can do. For
the above-stated reasons, to be chosen by God to be a leader, is an excep-
tional calling. It is not to be taken lightly.

As you look at this corner, receive the words of love and apply them daily.
Leaders who would like to contribute words of life to this corner… please
write to:

McQueen Universal Ministries

P.O. Box 34082
Fort Worth, TX 76162-4082

In the Service of the King,

Pastor Annmarie
Markeeta is a beautiful young lady who in spite
of challenges, faces life daily with a joyful heart
and a warm spirit. She is surrounded with the
love of God and the love of her family. On a win-
ter day last November, as she was leaving band
practice and entering a rear door of the high
school, when without warning, Markeeta’s leg
gave way. She tells me, “I grabbed the bend in
my thigh (where it had snapped in two) in an
attempt to control my dangling leg as I fell to the
ground. My leg was broken, again. I could hear
my classmates who witnessed this terrible scene
screaming, crying, and freaking out. I thought to
myself, “This is all my fault. I should have given
my body more time to heal”. Markeeta went on
to explain, “I had been on those crutches for so
long, I wanted to be like everyone else. I really
felt I could do without them. So I did, only I
ended up re-injuring myself.”

As I interviewed this fourteen year old, I felt privi-

leged. Markeeta is a teenager, who is a whiz at
math and loves to play her flute. She is the old-
est child of Pastor Rowland and Prophetess Don-
nett Ekwerike, affiliates of McQueen Universal
Ministries. She has two younger brothers, and
an adorable younger sister. Markeeta impressed
me, as being happy and at ease. Her girlish gig-
gles and bright, articulate soft answers gave no
clues to her daily fight of living with osteopetrosis
or “stone bone.” This extremely rare inherited
disorder is also known as marble bone disease
and Albers-Schonberg disease. With osteopetro-
sis, the bones harden and becoming denser, in
contrast to the more prevalent osteomalacia, in
which the bones soften. In either case the bones
become very susceptible to breaking. Simply put,
Markeeta has suffered a lot of broken bones.
During the telephone interview, I asked, “How
many times have you broken a bone?”
She replied, “I’ve had eight breaks since I shifted the conversation and asked,
I was three years old and I have had “Markeeta, what has been your great-
more than eight surgeries including two est accomplishment?” Her voice was
major surgeries since November of full of delight as she responded, “When
2008.” She then went on to say, “I dis- I was a student ambassador on a trip
cover something new every time I break which took me to England, Ireland,
a bone”. I don’t really know what I can Scotland and Wales. A moment I shall
or cannot do.” I was fascinated by how never forget was experiencing a bird’s
she spoke with such courage. eye view of the city of London and see-
ing all the night lights from the famous
“How is life at school?”, I asked Mar- London Eye, which is like a giant Ferris
keeta. wheel where you are enclosed in a
“With or without the wheelchair?” In a glass capsule.
soft low tone of frustration, she went on
to explain, “In the wheel- On this same leg of the
chair it is difficult. People journey I lived with a family
say things to me like, on a farm for three days. I
“When are you getting out had the opportunity to
of that wheelchair?” They learn how shepherds take
simply don’t understand the care of their sheep. I was
nature of this disease. fascinated to see how the
Whereas the average kid dogs were trained to herd
would be over a broken sheep. The younger dogs
bone in six weeks or so, it has taken began their training by learning to herd
twice as long.” Suddenly, with excite- ducks. They were all so cute. Our
ment in her voice, she said to me, “Now group visited so many castles I don’t
life with the crutches, I feel more normal. remember how many. Another hair rais-
I can do most of what other people can ing, exciting moment, was when I rap-
do when I have my crutches.” When pelled (climbed) down the side of a cas-
asked, “If you could do anything you tle in a harness”.
wanted, what would that be?” Her
response was, “I want to run and jump
around, like a normal kid.”

Later Markeeta shared that she knew

that the Lord had a plan for her life and
thought her experience is a part of that
plan. Her courage will not let her joy die.
In spite of this, she continues to get
stronger and stronger.

As I heard this answer from a fourteen

year old, I began to think about the min-
ute things that I complain about.
her love for God, I asked; “What is your
favorite scripture? With sincerity she
quoted, “Yeah, though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death, I will fear
no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and
thy staff they comfort me”. I then asked,
“What do you want from God?” It was
as if I could hear the tears in her voice
as she said, “God’s healing”.

Personally, hearing and experiencing the

As I listened to Markeeta talk about her mature and graceful answers from this
adventure, I thought of how brave she young lady was a lesson of life for me.
was for making such a journey and how Markeeta’s words, “I refuse to let the joy
wise her loving parents were for letting die in my life”, resonate in my spirit. The
her go. I knew they trusted God to take later clause of John 16:24 reads: but
good care of her. I could understand now ask and keep on asking and you
and appreciate how her new experi- will receive, so that your joy (gladness,
ences during journey had given her inner delight) may be full and complete (amp).
strength and courage. I asked Markeeta’s positive outlook
Markeeta, “Who is your favor- on life, humble attitude and
ite person”? Giving it a mo- happy spirit are truly gifts
mentary thought, she answered, of God. We continue to
“Well, people are very impor- celebrate the greatness
tant to me. I love my family and glory that the Lord
and friends, but I would have to emanates through this
say my favorite person is my young woman. I can only
Mom. She has taught me what imagine what God has in
sacrifice is all about, how never to be a store for the next phase of her life’s jour-
slacker, and about doing the right thing. ney.
She is teaching me about worshiping
God and that I must put my trust in Him.
My love for God has really been en-
hanced because of all I’ve been
through. I know He is real because of all
the little things in life itself. For instance,
how the ocean doesn’t overflow it shores
and I find it amazing how the human Markeeta on the London Eye.
body repairs itself.”

With curiosity, I asked, “What has been

your greatest challenge?” She re- Written by Diana Roberts
sponded, “This disease. I hope to use
my situation to help someone.” Sensing
Prophecy by XäzA `vdâxxÇ f or year

Pastor Annmarie: We need to start more businesses. We

need to have our own Credit Unions, like Dr. Fred Price. We
need to have more churches running the banks. We need to
have churches running the schools. There are a lot of church
schools that stop at 3rd grade, or have just been built for the
money. But there should be a school up to 12th grade so we
can teach our children. We need to have more entrepreneurs
in the Body of Christ. We need to start taking over neighbor-
hoods. Kick out the gangs and drugs. So, get started now!!!
(Excerpts and quotes about God’s Love)

Are we imitating the Lord as dear children, showing His love to

whoever comes our way?

The Word says, ‘Let your gentleness (and meekness full of God’s
loving kindness) be known to all’. Why? Love’s near—that’s an-
other way of saying, ‘The Lord’s at hand’, Phil 4:5 (KJV).

Why do you do what you do, say what you say, and think what
you think? Why do you do certain things? ‘Motive is everything’ –
At least that’s what 1 Cor. 13 seems to indicate.

‘Only from a motivation of Love are there profitable returns.’

God’s LOVE for you protects you. Do you protect others? Love
covers (it does not condone, though – there’s a difference between
the two).
Remember, there’s a time for everything and open rebuke is better
than secret love. But there is proper protocol.

Question yourself: Is it going to profit the Kingdom to expose

this? Will it help the person? Love is very careful how it exposes
something. This takes a level of maturity and discipline. Love is
very patient and disciplined. A wise man knows what will be re-
ceived… Pray first. You might need to fast, too. And then don’t say
anything if the Holy Spirit stops you. Let Him do the talking.

Love is not easily angered. Stay cool, calm and collected (2 Tim
4:5). We might recognize, ‘This was wrong. This should not have
happened. But I’m not mad at you.’ Instead of being angry, love
will understand and love will wait.
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There is always, ‘A more excellent way’ (1 Cor 12:30b): That is the
way of Love! ‘No matter all the gifts we have, LOVE is the great-
est. You’ve been pronounced just—just like your Father and just like
the Savior. Therefore, live like Him. Live by faith (Heb. 11:6)—in
love. Hope for the best (Heb. 11:1). Put those three together and see
that Love is the greatest. Let the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Love, navi-
gate you on the highway through life, triumphantly, in LOVE.

In Love, we live and move and have our being (Act 17:28). In the
Beginning, there was Love. In the Middle, there is love (Zeph. 3:17).
In the End, there is Love. Love (God) is everything and in everything

Love does not fail.

Love does not fade away.
Love is important.

So we are holding on the

Love of God—like never be-

[Substitute Love for God and

God for Love any time you
want… and expect great reve-
lations for 1 John 4:8 says
God IS love.]

Pastor Annmarie McQueen
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I, Miguel, a 10 year old, have learned from my family and

church that love does not mean to have a boyfriend or a
girlfriend but love means to be friendly, kind, gentle and
patient. Love is not only about loving people you like but
also people you don't like. For example, if a bully keeps
stealing your lunch money or school supplies, instead of
saying, 'I hate you!', you should continue to love him and
be kind to him. And obviously, this is not your love, but
this is the love of God. With God's love, the bully will
then be motivated to change because of the double
amount of love you show to him even though he is not
showing it in return.

Matthew 5:43-48, ’You have knowledge that it was said,

Have love for your neighbor, and hate for him who is
against you: But I say to you, Have love for those who
are against you, and make prayer for those who are cruel
to you; So that you may be the sons of your Father in
heaven; for his sun gives light to the evil and to the good,
and he sends rain on the upright man and on the sinner.

For if you have love for those who have love for you, what
credit is it to you? do not the tax-farmers the same? And
if you say, Good day, to your brothers only, what do you do
more than others? do not even the Gentiles the same? Be then
complete in righteousness, even as your Father in heaven is
(Bible in Basic English)
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One day I was extremely frustrated with my oldest son be-
cause I had to keep telling him the same thing over and over
and over and over again. After about two seconds of being
calm, I exploded with anger. I was complaining about my
son to my husband when a still small voice said, ‘How do
you think I feel when I have to say the same thing to you
over and over again?’ Needless to say, I immediately ap-
plied patience, love and mercy.

Take the time to connect with your child each day.

God always takes the time to connect with YOU!!

Written by Debra Stonewall

Another example of love is when a kid is very selfish and keeps

things to himself or breaks the class toys, you ought to share
with him anyway. Show him God's love. Believe that he will change.
Your love will then work faith, and your faith will be geared to-
ward hoping the kid will change and become your best friend.
Love is more important than anything else. I love giving out love
because I love to get loved in return.

FACTS: Did you know that love is a fruit of the spirit?

Matthew 22:37-39, ’And he said to him, Have love for the

Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your
mind. This is the first and greatest rule. And a second like it is this, Have
love for your neighbor as for yourself.’

Written by: Miguel McQueen

And the smoke of the
incense, which came
with the prayers of the
saints, ascended up
before God out of
the angel’s hand.
Revelation 8:4

I would not pray if I was not totally convinced that the
Lord God would hear me. God always hears me when I
It is written in 1 Pet. 3:12, ‘For the eyes of the Lord are
upon the righteous (those who are upright and in right
standing with God), and His ears are attentive to their
prayer. But the face of the Lord is against those who
practice evil [to oppose them, to frustrate, and defeat
them].’ (AMP)

If you believe His Word, then you will be convinced and

this will also be your testimony.
Therefore, I continue to pray without ceasing. Through
prayer, people change. Not the other person but you,
the pray-er. While you are busy praying for others, the
Lord will begin to show you yourself.
Prayer changes things. Let the changes begin.


Pastor TÇÇÅtÜ|x `vdâxxÇ

Wherever you are in your walk,
Know that God is there with you,
He never fails, He never changes,
He holds the plan for your life.

He will give you Beauty for Ashes,

Passionate praise for the spirit of heaviness.
Tranquility where chaos seems rational,
Abundant life that never ends.

Trust in Him whom your soul loveth,

Get to know Him like never before,
He is waiting, just a prayer away,
Run to your God who cares for you.

My Grace is Sufficient, for You… 2 Cor. 12:8

Written by Donnett Ekwerike

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