Jan Telensky, Eric Wiltsher (RTI) Michael Robert in Parliament

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RTI Speaks at The Houses of Parliament, London
Raising the plight of Slovak Families and the UK’s social Services
RTI broadcaster Eric Wiltsher spoke at the House Of Parliament in London, highlighting the plight of Slovak families struggling to come to terms with the UK’s Social Services system. In addition Mr Wiltsher, who was accompanied by CEO or RTI and AquaCity Dr Jan Telensky, raised issues of trading between the UK and Slovakia as well as EU Citiizens’ rights in both countries. Dr Jan Telensky said, “It is a real honour for any British Citizen to be invited to speak in Parliament and an ev en higher accolade that Eric was able to highlight issues for both UK and Slovak citizens. “RTI is continually fighting for the rights of citizens in Slovakia as well as sharing the beauty of the Tatras, Poprad and the entire Presov region to its global audience in English. “With RTI Slovakia has a massive mouthpiece to encourage tourism and demonstrate the Republic has an d is a modern European partner”. Eric Wiltsher added, “I was very encouraged that members of the Conservative Party, La bour Party and the Liberal Democrats all spoke to me at great length after the formal meeting. Lord Dykes showed particular interest in the issues raised and especially the cultures of Slovakia that need to be respected by the UK’s Social Services. “Speaking in Parliament is a great honour for any British Citizen. However, to do this whilst raising issues for both my mother and adopted country, Slovakia, made the experience a night too remember for ever. “I am also particularly proud that RTI is seen to be worthy of such attention when some would have preferred the station to have closed years ago. To the loyal listeners, we will remain a force for you in the future ”.

*************************************************************************************ends Notes to editors: RTI started broadcasting in the UK and Slovakia. After almost three years on air, following Supreme Court action and an appeal, the Slovak regulator gained its desired outcome and RTI closed on FM in the Republic for broadcasting in English. RTI was then offered a life line by a number of respected broadcasters and service broadcast suppliers. RTI can now be heard in 27 countries with its biggest audience in America. However, within the European services, directly from www.rti.fm, the overall largest listenership is in Slovakia. All programmes are now broadcast from the UK and regulated by the UKs regulator OFCOM. Hi-Resolution images of Parliament are available on request via studio@rti.fm

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