Short a Word List

1. man 2. rat 3. wag 4. cab 5. ham 6. tax 7. yam 8. sap 9. Zack 10. had

can fan sack cat ax jam has lad fat gap

bat bag an pan lap back pad mass tab Max

Jack van sat nap quack at Dan fad sad rack

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Short a Sentences
1. Jack has a fat cat. 2. The bad lad sat in a van. 3. Dan has an ax on his lap. 4. He sat on the sack. 5. The ham is in the pan on the rack. 6. That man has a bad lad. 7. Zack has sap in a pan. 8. The man had a nap on a pad. 9. Max has sap and an ax. 10. Put the jam back in the bag, Dan.

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