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Project On: Management information System OF gc university fsd examination system Submit by: Ali ur rehman Sufyan attaullah

Farrukh mehmood Ammara afzal Aswad akram Section:MBA-2nd (B) Department: Ibms Contents

1. Introduction Organization Introduction Existing System Problems .. Proposed System . Advantages of Proposed System . 2. Preliminary Investigation

3. System Analysis.. Use Case .. 4. ER Diagram .. Designing Phase.. Forms and Tables ...

1. Introduction:

Organization Introduction:

GC University, Faisalabad has emerged as a leading center of learning and research in a short span of time. The University with its dynamic faculty and innovative syllabi has become a catalyst of intellectual, social and industrial change. It caters to the diverse needs of society by imparting education in almost all the major fields of learning. The GC Universitys journey started as a primary school in 1897 in the present building of Govt. College for Women, Karkhana Bazar, Faisalabad. It was promoted to High School and Intermediate College in 1905 and 1924 respectively. It was elevated to the degree level in 1933 and postgraduate disciplines were introduced in 1963. The long journey that started with the humble beginning reached its climax when it was granted the status of University in October 2002. The GC University, Faisalabad has a long history of excellence and distinction as an institution. Renowned scholars and eminent personalities have served this institution in various capacities at various stages of its history. It has produced outstanding personnel who have earned great fame not only for themselves but also for the nation. The luminaries like Mr. Abdul Hameed, Mr. W.H.F. Armstrong, Mr. Lala Chattan Annand, Mr. Hashmat Khan, Mr. Taj Khyal, Mr. Namdar Khan, Mr. Karamat Hussain Jafari, Mr. Mukhtar Mahmood Qureshi, Dr. Asif Iqbal Khan and Dr. Arif Zaidi have served this institution. The university is situated at the Jhang Road not far from the historical Clock Tower. The main campus is spread on 37 acres and the construction of new campus has been started on an area of 200 acres some 3-4 kilometers away from the main campus at Jhang Road. The University is offering educational degrees in different disciplines. The University is a hub of educational, social and cultural activities with a close liaison with industry.

Existing System:
The existing system of examination of GCUF is manual base. The teacher conduct paper manually, check manually and submit result manually.

All the data was on registers and its not so easy to manage the record, and to make the things feasible and easy for the user to perform all the tasks regarding record management.

There are many problems in manual examination system. These are: Late Result Result Error Cheating Expensive Time Consuming Proposed System:
All the modules of Examination system had developed already but the Conduct System is still working manually. We want to computerize it. The conduct system performs two types of duties. Internal Exam conduction External Exam conduction There are two types of external university exams. For Private candidates. For Affiliated colleges. We have to propose an online examination system. It may enhance the accuracy of examination system.

Advantages Of Proposed System: In Time Result

End Of Favoritism Time Saving No Chance Of Cheating Inexpensive No Error

2. Preliminary Investigation: We have investigate the existing system of GCUF and we found many problems in this system. We proposed a new system that is Electronic Conducting Of Examination. This system have many advantages such as it save time and provide accuracy. This system also help the student teacher and administration.

3. System Analysis:

Use Case:

4. ER Diagram:

Forms And Tables: