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The Danger Of My Soul

AUTHOR: Amy EMAIL: SPOILERS: Graduation Day RATING: A mild NC17 for remembrance of "that night." SUMMARY: Angel's POV in the season finale DISCLAIMER: Joss. Duh. FEEDBACK: It's always appreciated. (Amy wins the understatement of the century award.) As always, thanks to the Goddess with the pen. :)

To describe the power flowing through Buffy is impossible. Her heart sings as it pumps her blood, for her blood is the richest and most beautiful liquid on earth. And I know. I've tasted it. I don't think I could describe how close I came to losing my soul as my fangs slid into her skin. The blood that bubbled into my mouth instantly blanked most of my senses, and I was blind with hunger for her, wanting and need. She is my passion, my weakness, my love and my strength. Triumph over having had the honor of loving her fills me every time I see her large eyes, and I'm overcome with a feeling so pure and clean and true that one who has never felt it would never understand. So, even as she forced my mouth to her neck, and I feebly resisted, I knew that it was going to come to this. And then my lips were on her skin, tasting her as I have a hundred times before, and I could feel the blood throbbing hotly through her veins. I didn't want to resist, I confess. I bit her. Mind numbing pleasure is what accompanied her life flow ebbing into me. She grasped my arms weakly, but I paid no attention; I couldn't have focused on that, even if I had wanted to. Her leg then snaked up mine, and I was reminded of that night in my bed, so long ago, when we had touched as intimately as two humans can. If not for the small, weak knowledge that I was hurting her, my soul would have been lost. Possibly forever. I was making little groans and grunts of pleasure, even before we fell to the ground, because the taste of her blood was so hot, so majestic in my mouth. It was better than sliding into her, burying myself in her warmth. I was reminded of her slick, hot, tense channel, what she had given so freely to me, the taste of her breasts on my lips. We had touched each other all over that night. Ecstasy tripled, my tongue slipping into the folds that led to the center of her body, her mouth crying out my name over and over. That was perfection. And still this was better. A miraculous thing happened then. I tasted her love. I hadn't known before that love was something that one can taste, but it's true. The taste of young lovers in your mouth is always sweeter and far more luxurious, but I had never wondered why. Buffy's blood screamed with her love for me... Almost as if I was the one she was living for, almost as if without me, her heart would refuse to beat. A whimper knifed into my drugged consciousness, and I realized what I was doing. I yanked back, and her arms slid to the ground uselessly, helplessly, even as I called her name for reassurance. Her eyes were closed.

as I had told her I would. As it was. And I couldn't risk that. *She* was too important. Where we were so attuned to each other's soul that we would easily give up our own life for the other. I could never risk her life. that whole. Just to look at her. And then there she was. Not for me. had given me a strength beyond any I had ever known. even after I had sworn that it would never see the light of day again. and that was closure enough for me. It was then that I knew I had to leave. Which was another reason I had to go. as I could hear her calling to me. I stopped standing in the middle of two or three firetrucks and an ambulance. I couldn't risk being that satisfied. It was her. On the curb of the school. even that turned out to be too much. But I could see that she was trying not to cry too. and I knew that I would never be able to be around her again without feeling the sweetness of being linked to her. I could feel the tears behind my eyelids. The smoke fumes drifted in front of my eyes. as if to catch the words she didn't want to hear. Buffy had a blank look on her face. The blood pumped by a heart that beat solely for me.enough to save my life by sacrificing her own-. *She* would do that for *me. a chilling wave of sorrows. . And I shivered. quiet. Even as I closed my mouth.* who had caused her so much grief. dusting himself off.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Later. Or so I thought. closed-off. and my feet pounded against the pavement as I rushed to see her. and cold. almost brightly before he left the room. Not for the world. Buffy's blood. I laid a gentle kiss on her lips before leaving the hospital room. The blood that I could still taste on my lips and tongue was more than power. walking quickly away. she stopped me. my feet slowly turned back of their own accord. holding up her palm and then slowly clenching it into a fist. I began walking. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I told her that I would leave without saying goodbye. but I waited. they were banished with the comprehension that stabbed at me then. "Well! It looks like somebody's been eating his spinach. her inside me. a simple shove made him fly across the room and be slammed into the far window. Remorse washed over me.. I looked on in amazement as he chuckled and stood.made me weep unabashedly. For Buffy. quickly. and they cleared. We would do that for each other. Without understanding how it was possible. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After the battle was over and we had all survived. I headed off the campus without saying goodbye. My walk burst into a run. in the hospital. furiously. that saved. who took my heart and kept it with her. touch her once more. I could hear the sadness in her blood as it whipped through her body. No matter what situation I got into.. more than passion and lust and heat and strength. And knowing that she loved me that much-. I couldn't hurt her. It had come to a stalemate. Barely three words into the speech that I had halfheartedly prepared. Buffy was safe. I couldn't see her anymore. If I had entertained thoughts of even possibly staying with her before. I said to myself. it was too important." he said. I had a confrontation with the Mayor.

I love you. and her heart was almost broken. "Buffy. but wouldn't let herself. I tried to tell her everything without uttering a word. I slowly took my eyes off of her and walked into the smoke and the fog. They belong to Joss. and I could hear hers shouting back. my arms wanted to scoop her up. And I think she understood. Buffy's blood. tightly like I used to. her passion. It was hers as well. I was her greatest weakness and biggest triumph." I was saying to her. Feedback. As we stared at each other. too. "I love you. will anyone really believe me? I thought not.. all either of us did. .. But I wouldn't let them.. but finally understanding fully why I could not. DISCLAIMER: If I claim them as mine. The End The Danger Of My Heart AUTHOR: Amy EMAIL: Slvrbttn@aol. I tried to tell her without saying anything. I felt her gaze on my back. Buffy's heart.. and I could do the same. and I could feel the exhaustion seeping through her limbs and mind. and would always wait for me. I realized that the danger of losing my soul slipped out of my grasp as I walked away." A thousand times my heart shouted that to her. I love you. sense my presence in a way she hadn't been able to before. FEEDBACK: Mmmm. wanted to run to me. mind weary. trying to decide whether it was safe to speak out loud. in a place of love rarely known. She looked like she.My legs wanted to run to Buffy. I was her strength. She could feel me. pleading for me to stay. I felt such a poignant warmth flow over me. I simply stood and waited and watched her. Our eyes caught. that she lived for me and would die for RATING: PG-13 SPOILERS: Through Graduation Day 2 SUMMARY: The second in my three part series. whether it was allowed or not. our bond was so complete in that moment. Buffy's pov during the season finale. (Said in the exact same voice as the Cookie Monster uses when he's talking about cookies. that she loved me too. crying out for her to hear me. Everything we felt for each other topped the other one's feelings until they could no longer be topped and matched perfect. That was all I had needed. She was weary. her love. I wished her heart to mine. my heart calling out over the distance for her to see me. See how much I like it?) Much thanks to Laura. Because it was no longer just my soul. thinking that I was gone. She was talking to Giles. evenly. too. The danger of losing my soul was back. She looked up.

"Angel!" I tried to cry to him. I could see the flicker of it in his eyes as he stood up and stumbled away from me. I was trying to tell him that it was okay if I died. As long as I've been the Slayer. those arms that were so perfect. Determined. The only way to keep him alive." And then I closed my eyes. I love you! Please. lovingly. such a cool warmth that spread throughout my limbs. giving him everything I had. knowing that there wasn't. He asked me. I hit him. and he managed to get the presence of mind to block the blow I would have felt by letting us land on his elbow. yes. I had strange dreams. the sunshine lighting up his eyes and hair. His lips fell on my skin and I cradled his head there for a moment. I looked into his eyes calmly and pulled aside my tank top. and the pain was so intense I could have choked on my own tears. And I saw him in the hospital as if he was a regular man. how it would all work out-. stroking the hair softly. "I love you. . yanking his head towards my neck. and her giving me the answer. So even as I told him what I planned. it didn't hurt anymore. he was always there. because if he left me living after he turned to dust. hearing it crash against the fireplace. until finally his game face was in place. but against his heart. barely falling short of wrapping around his hips and my hands clutched at his arms. And learned so much and got to love so it all *had* to work out-. And then the fear was back. "Please. Mostly I just dreamed of Angel. loving him for taking it. telling him that I loved him. The fear was still there. Maybe I saw him that way because that's the way I've always seen him. I wanted it for me. I would just hurt more than I did at that moment. And I dreamed of Faith. his eye as it closed and rolled back with pleasure. But the pleasure was so intense by then that it was painful and after a moment. That I could give him something so special to me. sitting there. I was the only way. And again. willing to do anything for my heart. away from my demanding voice and face. I would give my life to do it. I can read his eyes so well. I could see the side of his face. And then. And if I was the only way to make sure Angel didn't die and take my heart with him.. someone human. It terrified him.I was trying to tell him that it was okay. even before I met him. calling to me. Angel! Please Angel. My leg inched up his. for the second time in my life. Mostly of that night. Trying to tell myself that there was another way. I aged a thousand years that night. And my heart was bursting with pride and fear and happiness all at once. amazing. I would rather die anyway." Knowing that if he spoke to me anymore. He wanted to do this. he wanted it. Someone who loved me. so known by me. My hand stretched out and I steadied myself by holding onto an iron pitcher. on my birthday. that everything would work out. I shot my leg out and knocked over a table with my foot. worried for me. But it was accompanied by such a strange feeling of pleasure. out of nowhere. And then his fangs were in me.I had walked to the mansion after my fight with Faith in a daze. We fell to the floor. so long ago. I felt my body shudder in response to what he was doing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ While I was in the hospital.. Floating on the edge of my vision. Hit him again. I felt the pitcher crunch in my hand. I felt my own blood seep down my shoulder and neck as his tongue lapped eagerly at my wound. and my mind blanked out. Someone real. letting me know what true love was before I fell into it. And I wanted it for him. felt wonderful. someone to touch.

probably stronger than me. That he had left without saying goodbye. he could be everything I could not. though. he took them all down. basic conciliatory words. I somehow couldn't. I felt him lean down and kiss me softly before his presence was gone from the room. That when I gave him my blood. and I would do the same for him. my eyes searching. As much as I wished that I could hate him. And then I felt him. I would listen to anything but what he was saying then. to tell him that I loved him and would miss him and still needed him. I turned for a few seconds to watch him fight. He would make up for my lacking. but I did. but to watch him like that for even a second was worth it all. looking at the wall or my hands or my shoes. and know. It was one of the most glorious sights I'd ever seen. Stronger than any vampire I had ever faced. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He tried to tell me that he wouldn't say goodbye. I was so proud of him. I wanted to curl up in my bed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ During the battle. in my house and cry over Angel. Only grief. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After it was all over. I was no longer allowed to. I wanted to sob and think of him. But nothing seemed to work. It was like I was crippled with love for him. knowing that I would see him there. I didn't know how I knew. there was something different from before. instead of the warrior. I turned.By giving him my blood. I wanted to run to him. I couldn't listen. throw myself into his arms and let him hold me. I can't even express how it felt to look at him. deep down inside. that a part of it was due to me. but it didn't help. but I didn't know what yet. But I knew that my heart couldn't take that. even after everything that had happened. I knew that he was gone. Xander and Giles each gave me small comforts. I understood that he had done as he said he would. Only loss. I focused on looking past him. One after the other. That was all right. I couldn't say that. He slowly left and I curbed the impulse to call out to him. So much more now. even if it was for one last time. He was stronger. even resent him. demon after demon. Except for the broken heart. I held up my hand to stop him and he quieted. like the girl I was. not stopping until they were dust floating in the mix of the war. And still I felt no anger. I also gave him my heart and my strength. take that leaving after I was able to touch him again. Trying to swallow back the tears that were almost spilling out of my eyes. I wondered just what it was that we had shared in that room. that the man I loved had found a way to break my heart once again. And then the smoke and fog cleared and I saw him staring at me across an impossible distance. I was a little weaker than before. . Vampire after vampire. So when he broke the silence with telling me that he was just going to leave. He was more a part of my sight than before. I was sure. looking for him. As long as he was alive. to watch him do that.

Decades since they'd seen each other. he could feel that she needed him. Finally. and she could feel that he was coming. Even if forever turned out to be a long time. My blood formed this connection. Rating: PG13 Distribution: Rebecca. He just stood and. That I had given to him so freely something so precious of mine had made it possible for me to touch him. loving him and letting him know it. their Summary: The third and final part in my Danger series. And still. To say goodbye. He took my heart with him. Spoilers: GD2. Otherwise. and suddenly I understood perfectly. Complete. I watched him go. Mel. And back I shouted agreements. every cell in me telling me to scream for him to stay. I could hear him calling me. She needed him. Such was their love. as he should have done years ago. it would never be too long. but I wouldn't let myself because I finally knew why he had to leave. even when he wasn't near me. because she harassed me on the other two so much. that he wished he could say it out loud. and would wait for him forever. that I lived for him. This one's for Mel. Disclaimer: Joss made them. And I just looked at him. <g> Years had passed. I heard his heart tell mine that he loved me. :) Feedback: It's *always* nice. He was mine. But he didn't leave alone. I'll say yes. something better when we were together.. one heart and soul. that he would never forget me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . watched me. after a forever in glances and touches and kisses. We were one person. my heart would break as I watched him leave. Buffy and Angel finally say goodbye. The End The Danger Of Love Author: Amy Slvrbttn@aol.. speaking to me. Because now I knew what I hadn't before. just ask. And so did he.So I remained still. I just like to mess with their lives. he turned and slowly walked out of my life and into the night. Calliope's Garden. Set in the future. sworn and blooded. and I knew that even if I touched him then. and that's how long I would wait. and loved him. and so he would go to her. to sense him when he wasn't there.

He had to hold back tears when he told her no. and he knew he had to go and see her. I helped that. she actually *did* ask him to come back. But it was too long ago for bitterness. the night that changed everything that she had ever known. she would think of him too. walks that took him miles away from his apartment just to find himself walking back. In her dreams.Angel had been having the dreams for weeks. when he told her that he loved her. Fate. so long ago. Now she could remember all of the special feelings she had once felt without any tears or pain. She pulled back from him and smiled. How could it be? But now the dreams were there. He would realize that he had given up his soul so long ago to a girl who's face still haunted him. she knew. He could remember it. The last time they spoke. The years had been kind . He kept regular contact with the others. she said. and they would look and touch and she would see the smile that was all too rare from him. just a little and think. but he couldn't go to her. a smile of recognition lit his face and he pulled the greeter into a warm embrace. wondering how he recognized her. even though it had been years too many. Sweetly aching. He would look around the quiet. Again. of course. When it finally opened. her voice saying one thing. and he knew how she felt. line by line. kiss each other goodbye. Long walks. her heart silently calling him back to her. And then his eyes would fade and he would realize that mankind wasn't all that was important. And. but he never could. just once so that they could see each other again. even though he hadn't seen her since that night. Day after day his hand would fall on a cold and empty pillow and the tears would come. beckoning him. But only about having missed so much. he never was. fantasies. And she waited. He would take walks every night. safe streets of the city and muse about it. In her dreams. wish more than anything to be the kind of man she deserved to love her. She could always feel him. Angel finally met her eyes and took a long look at his old friend. successful life. They had talked on the phone twice. touchingly sad. They were wonderful together. "Willow!" he exclaimed. Only about having not been there with him. He didn't want to accept it. They would kiss. There were still tears and pain. That was the last time he heard her voice. but it wasn't the same. Just once. on the edge of her tired consciousness. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He knocked lightly on the door and stood impatiently for someone to answer. She would remember that night they shared so. Perfection. having not insisted on his staying with her throughout her long. He would smile. He would wish to go. she was the same age she had been when Angel had left her. yes. But he would try to deny it to himself. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Buffy dreamed of him. When she went to sleep. what the dreams wanted. every feature and curve of her cheeks. She told him that she could still touch him in her sleep. Maybe I did redeem myself a little bit after all. He just couldn't. the sparkle in her eyes. waking up each time panicked and looking for her. And each time ended in heartbreak. she would feel him awaken and she would know that he was out looking at the stars and thinking of her. Finally. the word muffled in her hair. He knew what they were telling him. And she knew he was coming for her. I helped mankind.

As she turned away. She cleared her throat." Angel interrupted her. but content. not as happy as she could have been. "I'm going to go and see my husband and give him a kiss and leave you two alone. She's never really been without you. And. it really is. and Angel was left alone in the large house... Tell her you love her. She would often say that she could feel you somewhere. It was small and weak. you know. She took his hand and rubbed it gently. Her hair still had the tinge of flaming red. Angel. The blue of the orbs caressed his face as he walked closer and he trembled. before. Willow dipped her eyes in shame. She looked up." Lifting her head in agreement. "I'm glad you came. "She told me you would come. though the temples were streaked with silver. Her face wasn't as smooth or as tan as it had been when he had last seen her." Leaning down. Not truly alone. She was older. she's been content for the most part. "I know. I know. Never forget that there were those of us who did. passionately. Thank you her. For everything that I missed." Angel nodded and smiled gently." She looked searchingly at his face. Not happy. and she had grown up to be a beautiful woman. kneeling at his feet. "I won't. she insisted on it so. she graced him with her smile. I suppose that you know that. my friend. sitting down next to her on her mattress. all right? Be with her once more. everything. "I love you. the woman she had become. I knew the moment it started. Angel. And Buffy was there. But her eyes still shined. "I wasn't sure I believed her. for he could hear her calling to him. His eyes widened with love as she rested in the bed that was sure to hold her last moments." he promised softly. So has Buffy." Again. which was once gentle and calloused at the same time and was now simply soft. I did. but these last few days. wouldn't it?" And then she was gone. I accept it. "Go to her. sometimes when you were thinking about her. not wanting to hear her last words. just like he had always known she would be. you know.. she kissed his forehead sweetly. leading him into what appeared to be a study.. "I wanted to come back before this. for so long. Angel. Especially her. She smiled again. So very glad. . he stood and embraced her again. "I couldn't. Never forget her.. And that was just the reason I couldn't. that I wondered. through the darkened hallway and to the door at the end of it. for your wedding. "It's *okay*.. gentle and serene and he tried to focus on how she had changed. Just be with her." Willow stepped over to him. But mostly for Buffy. tears already starting in her eyes. she gave a sad laugh.. but her voice was there. though. yes. Willow. so you know. searching for him. For Giles's funeral a few years ago. much more frail. tightening his arms around the girl who he had known. "Yes. His hand shook as he took the knob and he breathed in a deep.. claiming him as hers. He took her hand." she started. calmly and took his arm. with all of you. her eyes closed against the pain of this goodbye. "I love you. she needs to hear it a last time. Her body looked smaller." Standing up. That beautiful glitter that he had stayed awake so many days thinking about." She stepped back and took his hand lingeringly. too. He followed it up the stairs." His eyes looked up into hers and pleaded with her to understand. "It *would* be rather impossible. Willow waved at him to sit down and he took the chair gratefully. except that." She made a soft sobbing sound and hugged him back. the friend who had never judged him. unnecessary breath before pushing it open.. she blinked back a few stray tears. Everyone believed in everything that you had.. and her shining blond hair was touched with gray. She really hadn't.

" She shushed him. It was too dangerous. That's what we were together.. "I'm so sorry. Angel heard it clearly. And. "Don't be. He was just the same." he said. "That's all I gave you. "Beautiful ones. Pure glory. I hated it all my life. "Yes. She tasted the salt of them and deepened the kiss until his mouth was all she could taste. he nodded and stretched out comfortably beside her."Angel." he swore. always. "I wish it were. . his face unblemished. the tears coming faster." he murmured." she broke in. without hesitation. but I guess that's not in the cards. "For that. He let a few tears fall and he lowered his head to her chest. all of my nights with you were unforgettable. I wish that we didn't have to be alone for so long." "Forever is the whole point. "Though." "I love you too. You were always my angel. Buffy's heart spoke to his. Don't you know that the night I gave you my blood is one of my greatest memories?" "Memories." he answered back. dark and hurting." She paused. Lover?" she chastised." "Will you *ever* listen to me. anyway. He nodded into the kiss their hearts. Angel. letting their tears mingle as they always had before. And." he muttered regretfully." He couldn't laugh with her. "Stay with me? Stay the night?" "Yes. not wanting to deny her anything now that he was back in her arms at last. "I'm so sorry. Angel. clasping his face in her hands. or you mortality again. I had hoped that. "You were always right. But she could feel how much he loved her. souls and bodies one again. "Yes. her eyes twinkling. He leaned down swiftly and caught her soft lips in a kiss. like it had been yesterday that the connection was formed. "Thank you. You know. "I wish that there was a way for us. Beautiful memories. His hands covered her hair and she sobbed into the kiss. if you want to narrow it down. always the same. well actually you did. but you were right." her heart sang. I'm sure we could think of one more. listening to her heartbeat. wanting all that they had never gotten together. I missed it." she breathed. missing him. Perfect memories. You came just when it was needed. "I said unforgettable. like it always should have been. loving him. her eyes lighting on his face. but not bad. her eyes misting.. stroking her hair softly with his palm. isn't it?" she asked quietly. His eyes were sad. Buffy gave a short laugh. and she loved him still for it. our love. still smiling. everything we were. Angel. because her blood had stayed in his veins. for everything." "Still are. that the Hellmouth was going to grant me immortality eventually." Buffy allowed herself to cry then. for the last time. my love. Not at all. I wish that we had gotten more than one unforgettable night. "That's the point of unforgettable. not just by me but by both of us. Well. Finally they broke the kiss and he leaned his forehead onto hers to stare into her eyes. I love you. Understanding and not understanding at the same time. that I wouldn't be willing to trade for my entire life." "But. It was too glorious to be safe. Angel. Buffy." His chest constricted." he confirmed. I always will." he whispered brokenly.

The End Meeting The Demon Author: Amy Slvrbttn@aol.. no matter how much I wish they were.. Like Willow lives off the computer.. She was apparently not quick Summary: Buffy gets up close and personal with Angelus Spoilers: Before Becoming. after S/I Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine. landing neatly on her feet.. <sigh> They belong to Joss Whedon and the WB I have to live with borrowing them for my stories. where it belonged. The piece of wood hit the back of her head with a thud. he only felt regret that they couldn't have claimed what belonged to them sooner. He was with her as her heart tensed. He was with her as she proclaimed her love for him the last time. Fading into the night with the shadows. keeping her eyes trained around her just in case. Distribution: Sure! I just like to know where it's going. swearing. Like Angel lives off blood. she figured none were likely to. It was getting sore from sitting. to both of them. <I'm quick. And the danger of their love was gone. She walked quickly past the grave markings. he hurt no more. She sighed and hopped off. ***** . It was 2:04. but as he watched the sun come up and shine through the window.. She was with him when it stopped. I live off the stuff like Buffy lives off Angel.. Content: m/f consensual/non-consensual sex. Feedback: Please. She dropped bonelessly to the wet grass. sometimes murmuring things of love that made no sense to anything but them. I can handle anything that comes along> She set her jaw stubbornly and prepared to walk out of the Sunnydale Cemetery. peacefully. His soul let go. I'll shut up now. sometimes chatting about what had been happening in their lives since the separation. Buffy adjusted her butt on the wall of the cemetery. And Angel wept. and he could feel her heart doing the same. Immortality was now denied. No vampires had passed by her watchful Slayer eyes yet that night. and as he finally got to see Buffy bathed in sunlight.They talked on through the night.

when she usually woke up." She smiled sweetly up at him. Suddenly his lips were on hers with a gentleness that belied his rough hands. looked him in the eye." Buffy sucked in her breath at the implications. But guess what? I know that you are. I have no idea what you think you're doing." He growled. She stared at the amused face looking down at her and hardened her heart so it wouldn't go leaping aboutin her chest. smiling when he heard one of her ribs crack." he stated with only a little uncertainty. You were kissing me. I like it that you pretend you're not attracted to me. She curbed the impulse to cry out.. I'm gonna kick your asses. moist dirt she was laying on. God." He threw her on the ground. "Now." She gave a saucy giggle. Though the little shack she was in only had a weak bulb hanging from the ceiling." "A. it took her eyes a moment to adjust. and spit in his face." He looked at her.' But first. "Well well well.*> He yanked back. Her eyes widened in indignation at his amusement." His eyes narrowed dangerously and he gave a tight smile. knowing immediately that something was wrong. I'm *always* kissing him. Buffy. and know it can actually feel good. <No need to let them know that I still have a weak spot> Her thoughts stopped as another presence infiltrate the room. Before the night is over. "It was me. She moaned in pain. Angel. you fool.Angel. His eyes darkened. *I* get to have some fun... "Fine. she wasn't blindfolded or tied. <Oh.. "I mean... ." He nodded slowly. "Not for long. Never thought I could before..She woke up drowsily. that is. I'm the only one you want. right? Just a warning. Something was wrong. She took a deep breath. as opposed to the rough. You know how I feel about lying. I like it that you pretend you're not scared of me. it wasn't him. his eyes lighting with laughter. She wasn't in her room.that means exactly what you think it means. "What. "Yeah." He gave a self satisfied chuckle. He slapped her roughly and laughed. He licked them and she closed her eyes in humiliation.. coming out wet. She winked at him. low in his throat. The speaker took three long strides over to Buffy and whipped off her blindfold. "That's what I like. but now it almost seems easy. ripping of her skirt and shirt in two quick motions. This night will leave you stuttering. I'll just wipe that smile off your face. "What the hell is going on here? You do realize that whenI get out of this. if you're still alive. She struggled against her restraints. "Yes. you'll be screaming 'Angelus. Did you ever kiss him like that?" She shot back at him. he lifted her into a standing position. I fully agree. He straddled her. Her bed was soft and dry. Wait until Angelus gets done with you.. Angel. her wrists cutting into the cheap handcuffs. "Don't be thinking of him. Also. Yeah." He smiled cruelly. now that I've had a lot more experience with it." he demanded. She responded to the kiss instinctively <*Angel." His fingers found her center and dipped inside it. I had thought it would be longer. I bet you'll be pissed then. I mean. "Leave. "Just wait. "Liar. but know that I'm going to kill you. she surmised. but she was really trying to control her heart. I'm the only one you've *ever* been with. "I *was* kissing him. She smirked at Angel." Buffy closed her eyes with an air of nonchalance. I had thought I would find a way to get him back> She quickly stopped the shuddering of her shoulders before it was noticed. With another growl. "Say it. now.." The one word was spoken softly and the other vampires scampered away from the obvious power in the voice. you thought I would be screaming and crying in protest of you using my body? I just hope that I get more pleasure out of it now than I did last time. letting his eyes wander down her body." she said to the person or people she could hear loitering in the room with her. An unidentifiable voice answered her.. Her room smelled light and airy not musty and stale. his finger's digging into her arms. "It did before.." He laughed out loud at her wide eyed expression.

like he expected. I can't stop you. yeah. It only warmed her further. She broke the handcuffs against the pressure and Angel looked at her. baby. "AngelAngelAngel. so majestic and powerful. His fingers dug into her hips as he felt himself starting to let go. grunting loudly as he spurted. shuddery sigh. Her inner muscles clenched his throbbing dick and her groaned again." He laughed again. "Angel was just a familiarization of the name Angelus. Her hot channel scalded his cold flesh and he grunted. "C'mon. trying to hide the lust behind them. that. Angel licked the two small puncture wounds leaking blood around her nipple. Angel's move. Instead I'll make you like it." The hand that was gripping her waist tightly softened. huh?" He echoed his words from months past and she opened her eyes to look at him with unconcealed hatred. it's going to be Angel tonight. He thrust himself inside of her a few more times." He nuzzled the tears that began on her cheeks and pumped in and out of her. "Not quite. I could kill you. Instead of throwing him off her.. Fair. pushing her hips up in the age old fashion. She repaired as much as she could of the damage he had done to her clothes and looked down at him. "You're a cruel bastard. She bucked her hips wildly against him and his lust went into overdrive as he caught the scent of his blood spilling from his back." she gasped. filling her womb with cold liquid. You like. "You fucking moron. But I won't. keeping his mouth occupied with her juggling breasts. but you said 'Angelus. startled. You know you want it. Finding her (more than) ready. Stupid whore. causing her to shudder in embarrassed pleasure. scraping his skin with her nails." He immediately stilled. and screamed loudly. "Angelus. He laughed." He slapped her again. He sucked on it. "Oh." He propped his head up on his hand and grinned meanly at her. She held herself back from arching against Angel's hands.. she wound her arms around his back. to do so would be like trying to deny what you had done." It was her turn to smile. Spent. do you?" She grinned. pumping in and out slowly.' Don't forget it. "No. pushing himself deeply inside of her. letting her see his intent. "You don't get it. He slowly undid his zipper and released himself from the confines of his pants. ." Buffy's voice came out a sob and she whispered. It didn't work."No matter what you say. "Yeah. don't you?" She nodded. He wasn't trying to hide his other side. the sound doing nothing to chill her blood. they lied there for a moment before Buffy got quietly to her feet. "Say it.. "That was. he yanked the finger out and thrust himself where it had been. She gasped and automatically responded. She gasped and worked her hips harshly against his as she ground out her orgasm. her eyes softened." He positioned himself between her legs and tore off her underwear easily. Buffy. She looked at him with hooded eyes. It's not me who's going to be fucked tonight. even in his nudity. She felt him twitch and jerk inside of her.. He opened her center with his fingers and slowly inserted one. You always did have a bad mouth when you were upset. Her eyes rolled in back of her head as she felt the climax coming. and let you go home knowing that you did. concentrating on the feel of his dick filling her. You're just the pathetic sonofabitch who's jealous of him. "Fuck you. but it's going to be Angel. Buffy gave a long. Angel started. and started stroking her breasts lightly. not letting either of them fall over the brink.. her voice not working. Her spit dripped off his cheek onto hers and she winced. Two of his half formed incisors pricked the sensitive skin on her breast and she finally cried out against him." He dipped his head to engulf a hard nipple in his mouth. taking her nipple in his finger and playing with it..

walking leisurely out of the gates. He looked out the door at her. <Damn it. he was never one to pass the blame to someone else. echoing through the night and gave something that could have been considered a sigh." Angel got to his feet and started for her. Angelus was his name.And you know Angel. He heard her laugh. That's what I called him. why would he want to be? The End . growling. A woman like that. Will I ever be free of her?> He shook his head and allowed himself a smile. but she was already out the door.

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