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By: Alex Queirolo
STORY NOTES: Takes place within the UCSL W/S, B/A(us) universe created by Laure Alexander. This story comes after her piece called Comparisons and before Heart Hush. If you would like to read those, please go to: DISCLAIMER: All characters belong to the god known as Joss. No sue-age for I am not a god and merely a poor college kid. Deal with the poorness. DEDICATION: To Laure. Thanks for the letting me do this and proofing. The original plan hadn't been to get wasted. At least that was what she told herself as she brought the bottle to her lips and allowed the gold fluid to pass over her tongue. No, all she wanted to do was take a small drink to help her sleep and perhaps another to make all the bad feelings disappear. That had been plan she had been operating under when she had snuck the bottle of Scotch out of Giles' alcohol cabinet in his apartment. A couple of shots to make it all go away. Somewhere along the way, things had changed dramatically. But of course they had. Tilting her head back, she fell to her butt next to the wetbar and leaned back against her. She dropped the bottle between her legs and stared out the large window that was facing her. It was dark outside already. Then again it was probably well past nine at night. "Time flies," Buffy Summers murmured. Then she laughed; sounding very much like a child that had just inhaled too much helium. And it was funny. God, yes it was. All of it. Every bit. Spike and Willow waltzing around like passionate lovers and she and Angel..strike that, Angelus hitting the sheets at every opportunity even though they both despised if not hated each other. Then again, who really knew what existed between she and the monster that wore her former lovers' face? All she knew was that if it was love, it was one-sided. Buffy brushed a stray tear away from her cheek and lifted the bottle. She took a long drink, wondering again if all of the pain and heartache would disappear if she could just stake Angelus. Probably. Not. She laughed bitterly, knowing full well that it was a waste of time to even think about it. She was in love with him. Angel. Angelus. Whoever and whatever the fuck he was. But far worse than the pangs of love that were slowly tearing her heart apart and making it numb was the bitter and agonizing realization that she needed him. In body as much as soul.

And he was hers as much as she was his. He'd never admit it, not completely but it was true. When all of the ugly layers of hatred, passion, lust, hurt and love were peeled away, what it all came down to was both obsession and need. They were each other’s drug. She took a long drink from the bottle, feeling the hot liquid burn a path down her throat. It warmed her shaky stomach but refused to do the same to her heart. God, how melodramatic. How disgustingly sick. All of it. Even the romance warming like a campfire between Spike and Willow. Oh they had it all. Yeah they did. Trust, respect, passion, lust, sex that wasn't meant to possess or hurt. And a growing love for each other. All of the things that she used to have with Angel. Shaking with a barely contained rage and jealousy that even in her intoxicated state she knew was wrong, Buffy took another hard swig from the bottle. Then she pulled it away, stared at it for a long moment and then threw it against the far wall. Her eyes widened in horror at her own actions as it shattered loudly, gold liquid dribbling down the cream coloured wallpaper. "That wall must have pissed you off something special," a soft voice said from above her. She could feel someone bend down next to her, placing a hand lightly on her flannel clad shoulder. "Willow," Buffy said coldly. She winced at her own tone but discovered quickly that she had no intention of altering it. "What are you doing here? I thought you had a date with Peroxide Boy tonight." "I do," Willow replied softly, glancing over to the wall where the Scotch was beginning to leave gold drip stains. Buffy's mom was likely to go postal if she were to see them. It would have to be dealt with before Joyce Summers returned from her art buying expedition to San Diego. "Then shouldn't you be fucking Spike right now instead of looking at me like I'm pathetic?" Buffy growled. "At the moment, you are." Willow answered, looking out the window towards the front yard. She could see Spike standing in the middle of the lawn, a cigarette dangling from his lips as he paced small easy circles. He was trying to look casual, like he wasn't standing in front of the house of his mortal enemy. Like he wasn't banging a seventeen year old highschool girl. "Gee thanks, Will. I'm glad we had this pep-talk." Buffy muttered, her voice calling Willow's attention back to the kitchen. She watched wearily as Buffy attempted to push herself to her feet, using the wetbar as support. "Buffy, maybe you..maybe you shouldn't." Willow said, reaching out for her best friends' arm as the little Slayer attempted to regain her equilibrium. "I'm..fine." Buffy gritted out, stumbling and almost falling on her face after only a few feet of movement. "You're drunk is what you are. But I guess you already knew that," Willow reproached dryly, not looking the least bit amused. Worried was more like it. She hated seeing Buffy

" "Don't!" Buffy snapped." Buffy muttered." "That's bullshit. An odd pained noise full of anger and anguish. She knew that she should attempt to be more tolerant. I could." Willow told her. the girl had shoved her up against the wall and was shaking her. Buffy was far beyond plastered and way into the realm of insensibility. And more probably meant unconscious.." "I didn't say it was intentional. shoving the red-heads' hands away and then stumbling towards the table. I'm fucking plastered. Buffy looked up at her friend in horror. Willow followed her over. "Don't you dare compare whatever the hell you and Spike have to what I had with Angel. Now she wished that she hadn't broken the half-full bottle in her moment of fury. I won't stop. sadness creeping into her tone." "Oh Buffy. feeling oddly detached as she spoke. "I don't want your sympathy. "Yes. I want to know what goes through your head when you see he and I making love.." She reached out and grabbed Buffy's jaw.. her temper seriously short.. Willow. "I know you're scared to admit it out of control.I would never begrudge you that. "That's not true! You know that. she could still be more." Buffy hissed. So go on. It always spelled can't even see straight." "It's sex. "No.... feeling the tension in the muscles." Buffy spat back. She glanced out the window and saw Spike lighting a new cigarette. Will. "God. placing her palms flat against the table and attempting to stare Buffy down.. "But just the same. Buffy laughed. "Is it? What do you see when you see he and I together? Holding each other. Before she knew it. her blue eyes igniting with a dangerous fire. part of the reason you've never been too happy about Spike and I is that it reminds you of everything you had with Angel.ever." "You don't know anything!" Buffy growled. As drunk as she was. startling her out of her thoughts.." "Fuck you." Willow replied calmly. "It's more than sex and you know it. you're so busy fucking him." "Stop of us should be getting it the right way.go get laid. "Angel. the fire back in her eyes as the anger heated her words to a near explosive level. And promised pain." "And you can" Willow shot back. trying to pull away from the once shy hacker. dropping her head into her hands." "But you don't want me happy either. . turning her head away so that she was staring at the Scotch stained wall opposite her.. Willow grabbed her roughly by the lapels of her flannel shirt.." Buffy growled." She shook her head in disgust.. I really am. Willow found that she couldn't stop the anger that bubbled to the surface when someone demeaned what she and Spike had. It's what you and Angel used to have. Whatever the hell that was. Not Angelus.. Just the same. kissing. I am. But her coordination was off and Willow held the advantage. And not having this conversation.... She slumped down into one of the chairs and put a hand against her forehead. She lifted it up and forced the Slayer to look at her.

. Buffy shook her head... "But he always does. You're trashed. However I can have him.. celebrate.. "Is that how you see me?" Almost immediately." "You love him."Come on." A tear trickled down her cheek. "Don't. you were right. you know?" "You don't know what you're talking about. it's not. Not really. I can't let him go. taking Buffy's hand and then sliding it over so that she could lift the Slayer up. "But I don't know what else to do. I know you're hurting and that hurts me too. Please don't understand." She looked down at the table. Willow took a step forward." Willow smiled slightly. That's the last thing I ever wanted to do.. But it doesn't matter. And I don't want you to have it because all I'll ever have is a mean as hell demon who wants to bang me as much as I want to bang him. For now.. sadly. "Well you're right..hell I can't even contemplate living without him. in the chair next to least I'm fucking someone whose mission statement isn't 'how much can I hurt you'. Willow reached across and gently brushed it "Oh God.. However I can have him.." "Don't I? Who's been the one you've come to after he's beaten and fucked you like you were some cheap whore?" Buffy looked up at her. It was a reminder of all that had been taken from her. "I'm sorry." Buffy agreed almost thoughtfully..that's not what I meant. the colour drained out of Willow's face." Willow said. suddenly seeming years younger as her blue eyes grew wide in horror." Buffy looked up. sitting down at the table. tears in her eyes. I fuck Angel because I'm so goddamn pathetic that I can't imagine. Buffy. And I can't live without him. And I keep letting him." She took a deep sobbing breath. unable to meet Willow's eyes." Buffy laughed bitterly. I'm jealous of you." "Isn't it? C'mon Will.. I am. "You need sleep. "Buffy. And that he won't hurt me." Willow began. I just." "Buffy. She placed a hand over the Slayers and the coaxed the blonde into meeting her eyes.I miss him so much.I don't know how. it's like my body and sometimes my mind will do everything it can to convince me that it's my Angel. "It's okay.. heading towards her chin.Angelus touches me. "I really am. "I don't. hand outstretched. grimly. uncertain of where to take the conversation." "I know." Willow said simply." . I don't think I could take it. She'd known those truths were there." "And everytime Ang.I'm shit-faced jealous of you because you have what I had.. "I am.." Buffy said softly." "No. seen them lurking in the sad blue depths of her best friends' eyes everytime the Slayer came in contact with she and Spike.

it is her fault he's gone." She wrapped an arm around the Slayers' waist and led her towards the stairs. "Uh huh. "Hm. We're all entitled. Really." Spike asked. It's just that we have this whole casual I hate you and you hate me thing happening." Buffy drawled. "Not Angelus.." Willow muttered. her eyelids suddenly feeling like heavy weights. love. a flannel and socks. taking her into his arms. placing a hand on his neck to urge him to continue kissing her. closing her eyes and tilting her head back against his chest." Spike stood up and put the cigarette out. pet?" Spike asked. Willow frowned. What did the Big Bad Bastard do this time?" Spike queried. "That's okay. her head lolling to rest on Willow's shoulder. "I guess. I would say you'll feel better in the morning but you're going to have one hell of a hangover." Willow replied with a small chuckle." Willow replied. pulling off Buffy's socks. "You know I'm going to remember all of this in the morning and I'm gonna feel like a real ass. "Goodnight my friend. looking upset. "Do I even want to know what's got the Almighty Slayer all bugged?" "I wish you two would try to get along." "I know. Probably not but just the same. . Perhaps Buffy's clothed state would deter Angel if he happened to chance by looking for sex. nibbling her ear." Willow murmured. She led Buffy into her room and then laid her onto her bed. The little Slayer had been sitting in her kitchen wearing cut-off shorts." "So all better now. dropping his kisses down to her collarbone. But we're still on each others' Christmas card lists. Very odd for her and yet very indicative of her mental state. She struggled to keep them open but quickly gave up. "Ah well. A half-smoked cigarette dangled from his lips.Angel. a tee-shirt.. "It's not that we don't get along. moving his hands beneath her blouse. Leaning down." Willow threw him a look. "Angel. Willow briefly considered removing the flannel but quickly decided against it." Spike murmured.. She'll need it when she wakes up.. "I miss him.oh ya. She's asleep. Willow brushed a kiss across Buffy's forehead and then turned towards the door. I left some Tylenol by her bed."You need to sleep it off. even the possibility of Buffy enjoying a peaceful night of sleep was enough." Willow murmured. "There's a bloody surprise. even disturbed. She misses him. Then he crossed over to her and reached around ." "So what's her problem. glancing up at Willow from the porch where he was sitting." Buffy murmured. He tended to chain-smoke when he got bored.

Remember." "True enough. "I wish I could help her. "She's already suffered enough because of this. "I didn't say she did it on purpose. She was safe with him here." "If it's out there. Tonight. "I love you." She sighed deeply. his fingers gently unbuttoning her shirt." Willow narrowed her eyes dangerously. This was a dream. it was her actions that changed him." Her eyes brimming with tears. gently nibbling on her lower lip. "It's okay.. "There's nothing you can do." "Okay. sitting down next to her. She felt herself settle against a softness. They got sweaty and he became the prick we all love to hate.. the indignation giving way to anger. Even she's not that bloody dumb. "Shh. smiling shyly as she gazed back at him." "Well you can't. their mouths making love even as his hands discarded the shirt and went to work on her unclasping her bra. Come morning you can hit all the books you bloody well like and you can hope and pray to find a cure but until then.. "How can you say that?" "It's the truth. A moment later." Spike said. a mattress. her eyes fiery with indignation for her best friend. Angelus?" "She didn't know. kissing her mouth." he whispered. Now she has to live with that. love." Willow vowed.I have plans for you. But enjoy tonight. Not tonight anyway. her voice shaking as she took in his scent. "Look I'm not saying it's completely her fault." he said softly. right?" she asked. "I don't doubt it."What?" Willow gasped." she murmured. And you see what it's doing to her." Spike conceded." She was lying on the grass of her backyard. he joined her. baby. A moment later she felt him lift her into his arms. pulling her against his hard chest. arm slung across her face to block the sunlight when she heard him approach. She felt his arms wrap around her. For a moment she felt fear but the warmth of the sun beating down on her chased it away. pushing him away and staring up at him. She opened her mouth to ask him where he was taking her but he silenced her with a finger over her mouth." he replied. "She already is. "But not tonight. She sat up slowly." Willow protested. He returned the passionate embrace hungrily. she reached up and captured his mouth in a feverish kiss. pet. "I'm where you need me to be. I will find it." He grinned evilly. settling against him. I mean there was mutual banging involved but the fact remains.. She heard the soft click as .. "Is it. "Buffy. "Angel?" "Ya." he cupped her chin gently. Half of it desperation and half of it joy. "With me." Willow glanced up towards Buffys' window." Angel promised tenderly as he dropped her from his arms. moving closer to're really here.

" she whispered. She was sure of that." "Good. She stared up at him. passionately. "That's right. So passionate and loving. The very definition of fucking." Angelus murmured as he stood up and began to dress. . He forced her to look at him and then he kissed her hard. forcing her to cry out in humiliation. He grinned at her. So mysterious. "Do you?" "Yes. The gentle passionate thrusts of her dream gave way to the reality of hard. kissing her mouth fiercely. He quickly released the button of the cutoffs and then pulled them down her legs." she whispered. devoid of passion and filled with angry lust." she whispered. This was her Angel. "Better than killing. She felt him press against her and her body almost exploded right then and there. my love. Her head shot up. The pain there was ten times more intense than that which was beginning to feel her mind as her head feverishly reminded her that she was hung-over. eyes full of shock. Not her Angel at all. His mouth went wild over her breast as he continued to suckle it like a baby nursing. She couldn't deny him. her heart breaking. her face red with tears and the exhaustion of sex. They were brutal... savage. "Oh God. her body and mind too far gone to give a damn about what he was saying to her. his eyes full of love. "I'm yours. Gently. She moaned loudly as his fingers dipped into her. And when he tipped her over the edge within her." A tear trickled down and across her face as she stared up and into the hateful eyes of her demonic lover. "I'm sure you do." he growled back at her." Angelus laughed. She was barely aware of one of his hands moving down and across her body until it snaked under the waistband of her shorts. She looked back into his eyes. Jesus Christ. deeply amused by the immediate response he got from her. His eyes danced mischievously as her cries grew louder in pitch. body-wracking blows that made her small frame shake. fire and ice. Not making love. "But you also love" He kissed her again. she wove her fingers through his black hair and pulled his head further into her chest. reaching down to grab her face. "You belong to me." "I hate you. lifting his head from her breasts even as his fingers brushed her panties away and went to work on readying her for him. Thanks for the goodnight fuck. Moaning loudly. his mocking eyes never leaving her devastated face. you are. "I love you so much. her fingers tangling in his hair once again. She felt him fill her time and again. He didn't disappoint. "See you tonight. lover." she moaned as he begun to thrust into her. So dark. bitch." he replied. Angelus. "Do you love me. he was laughing at gave way but didn't register it's absence until his mouth left hers to take her nipple into know that right?" She nodded fiercely as he entered her. anguish and pleasure as she followed him. "Always yours. my beautiful Bitch Queen. Buffy?" Angel asked.

Mornings were definitely of the uber-suck. Descending the stairs slowly. Willow reached across and grabbed Buffy's hand. Thank God. She glanced over towards the opposite side of the oversized bed and saw that her peroxide blonde vampiric lover was still soundly asleep. huh?" Buffy joked uneasily." And with that said. "Don't worry. his head resting beneath a large pillow. filling the coffee pot with water from the tap. Buffy removed her sunglasses and squinted at the harshness of the lights." She paused. leaving her to cry once more as the sun prepared to rise over the Sunnydale hills." Willow glanced back at her. Willow rose groggily from her bed at the sound of the doorbell trilling loudly throughout her empty house. Pulling it open. remembering now why she had become a caffeine addict." she muttered dryly." "Are you okay? You're shaking." "What?" Buffy said. "I get the point already. her eyes lit up when she saw her visitor. Pulling it closed around her and tying it. "A very loud one." Willow replied. "Yeah.. he turned away from her and crossed over to the window. holding it . I deserve it. "Your lip is cut. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a sloppy ponytail and her face was devoid of makeup. Good." Willow said sincerely. "Don't be. Hi.. "How's your head?" Willow asked. her hands nervously tugging at the drawstring of her sweatpants." Willow threw him an unamused glare and then rolled off the bed and reached for the green terrycloth bathrobe that was hanging on the door. she rolled her eyes dramatically when the doorbell sounded anew. shaking her head in's not too bad. Buffy looked down and away. "Your lip is cut. "You really are pathetic." she muttered. I take it you had a visit from Angel this morning. "It's light out. I'll get it." "I guess he does that to me. "Buffy." "I'm sorry. "And I can't say that I'm much in the mood to go sun-bathing today." the little Slayer replied uneasily. that oughta wake him up. taking Buffy's hand and pulling her into the house. Willow smiled apologetically and turned then down. a faded tee-shirt and running sweats. The folks were doing a religious retreat somewhere up in the hills. "It. He glanced over his shoulder at her once and then fled out into the night. I was a complete moron last night. pet." "Heya. Summers. Forgot my lotion you know." Spike muttered from beneath the pillow." Buffy lied. Groaning softly. She was dressed simply. She wore dark shades of eyes that Willow was willing to bet were bloodshot. still unable to meet Willow's eyes. What a guy. shutting the door loudly behind her.scraping a fang across her lip until it split.. she slipped her feet into her slippers and then left the room. Crossing the kitchen quickly. "It's kinda like a parade. leading Buffy into the kitchen and then ushering her towards the table. "No!" Buffy said quickly..

I thought we got past that. "Now we're gonna sit down and I'm gonna help you work off this hangover. You were drunk and you needed to get it out. I haven't had my caffeine yet. She poured the water into the filter and hit the on button and then turned to watch Buffy. No buts. Willow crossed over to the couch and settled next to Buffy. please. "It will be alright. giving her hand another squeeze. It's over." Willow smiled somewhat brightly.. She gave her friend a small smile and then reached out and wrapped an arm around her. "But." She turned and stared dead-on at the little Slayer." -FIN Heart Hush AUTHOR: Laure Alexander EMAIL: lwilson@idir." "Will. "Oh ow. Everything will be alright before you know it." Willow said.. "Resolve face. The one that wondered if death might not be better. Whose look said it all. "Buffy." Tears sparkled in her blue eyes. Very strong for days when I have to take a test." she vowed. I am sorry about last night. The one that said that she'd given up believing that things could ever be alright again.. It's a rule. pulling her closer and into a half-embrace. "Good. "Buffy. baffled by both the odd segue and Willow's calm dismissive attitude. Not after last night. "Just relax. her face red as she softly and very sadly murmured. End of discussion. You did." She poured several heaping spoonfuls of grinds into the filter.." Buffy gave her a small smile in response.tightly within her own." "Nope." Buffy looked up. a small smile lifting her lip." The hacker turned. It's forgotten.." She turned her back one her friend that was stumbling over to the couch." "I like it strong myself. It was the expression that was a cross between shattered and RATING: NC17 . "It will. I think I'll go right to the sitting down part. "Okay. It's not productive and it makes me think. "Want some coffee?" "Will. "We did. That one that revealed that she was breaking just a little bit more everytime she allowed herself to seek comfort in the arms of Angelus. No thinking. then. I'm sorry." Then she groaned. don't.. don't you get it? That was yesterday. Folgers or Tasters' Choice?" Buffy blinked in confusion. I had no rig.

who is now my high priestess as well. Leaning forward slightly. they're owned by Joss Whedon and the WB Network." "I don't want her dead. Her fucking you brought you back. "And?" "She didn't look very good. "Uh huh. Watched her take three times as long to stake a fledgling as it should have." "She'll survive.SUMMARY: Three weeks after "Comparisons" and Alex Queirolo's wonderful "So Long So Wrong" Buffy's a wreck and Angel has to decide what to do about it. CONTENT: Language. He had spent the entire first night. if she's turned.. And. "I figure if you wanted her dead.. I'd give her a medal. "Hey roller boy. The minions just seemed to be getting more and more stupid. with a human heart. Spike's reply was spoken lightly. Happy Belated Birthday! I just couldn't write X/W. wondering for the hundredth time why Angel had moved them out of their nice." That got Angel's attention. For making soul boy love her. Suicide." "Why not? What does she have to live for? To be awakened most nights by a demon who looks like the man she loves but fucks like he hates her? To be aroused by a familiar touch only to know it's done out of hatred and a desire to punish. he stopped at the sound of footsteps coming from deeper in the garden. Personally.well. Spike shook his head. she won't. graphic Buffy/Angelus sex. He had made them redo the job three times." "And this is my concern. you've had ample opportunity. Angelus. Does he want her to die? Spike helps him find an answer. Angel strolled down a walkway. "I saw the slayer last night. And. why?" Angel asked coldly. Her heart just wasn't in it. "I think she's near the point of no return." Angel growled softly. You've been fucking her for what? A few months? Ever since you returned?" "Yeah.. No copyright infringement intended so please don't sue. Rolling forward. "No. Ditto with turning her. though I was thinking nude. Finally decided to get up. this could not have been written without encouragement from my muse. Well. so what?" Angel blustered. "She'd never. "What fun would that be? And. It really sets up Buffy's condition and mood for this story.<BG> Spike maneuvered his wheelchair into the walled garden. if you want. don't own it either. Obviously not eating right.. but he was deadly serious." Angel perched on the edge of a table and negligently scratched his chest." the older male scoffed. cozy." Sighing. you can wear a white dress like Dru's. he had overseen the job done by two minions--idiots made by Angel." . Spike's demeanor turned serious. The sound of a feminine giggle came from behind Angel and Spike scowled. Spike could see fading claw marks. yes luv." "What is this all about.. painting the windows in his bedroom black. Spike?" Angel demanded. dark factory and into this monstrosity of a house with way too many windows for comfort. of course. Niccy. The angst is so much better than mine. his leather pants only half fastened and his shirt hanging open." he corrected hastily. AUTHOR'S NOTE:I highly recommend that you read Alex's story. DEDICATION:For Teri. a part of you at least. Overseeing the job had turned out to be vitally important. Borrowed the title from Reba. His eyes narrowed and the smile left his face. mate.. mate. so I asked her what she wanted and this was it." Angel shook his head in denial. "Looks to me like you're banging her into an early grave. hideous fashion sense. not keeping up on the grooming. I don't get to see her suffer. She's only human. "And just why do you want to see her suffer?" "For making me love her. DISCLAIMER: I don't own Buffy and friends or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

"I like her spirit. is an ounce of humanity. compliment her. "I made a deal with the devil. You never used to bruise. Does he hurt you that deeply? Or are you becoming more fragile?" Buffy stared at her friend."I won't let her kill herself. "You were her. He had him. please. It's what most girls want. Really. ***** After a semi uneventful patrol--two vamps found. let her come first. Spikey?" "Somewhere buried deep inside you. I just. you haven't brought it up for a while. I wouldn't want you for a lover. No cause for alarm. what draws you to her? Do you want her to become like Dru? A human Dru?" Angel glared and rose to pace. Angel would come to her soon. he's destroying you. Buffy tried to smile and quip. but it's obviously not working. "Why all this sudden concern for the slayer? For months you've been telling me to kill her.." "Buffy put the cross back. be half-way decent." "A promise to a demon shouldn't count for anything! Please. but I'm fine. "And how are you going to stop her?" "I'll bring her here and chain her to my bed. Will.. the pinched look around her lips." He stopped and stared down at Spike who regarded him calmly.." "Maybe she likes waking up every morning with your cum leaking out between her bruised thighs and your hateful laughter ringing in her ears?" Angel gave Spike a suspicious look. watching the slayer brush out her braids. regardless of what that idiot the judge said. "No. paler. "And you'll break her spirit. Use it and show the poor girl some tenderness. I'll be fine. I promised. Tell me. "Treat her nicely. her little attempts at rebellion. He had been with her each night for the past week. You come to school looking like you haven't slept a wink.. actually since nearly three weeks before when she had taken down the cross from her window and given Angel access to her body. Will. . When was the last time you took a shower? Every day I find a new bruise on you. "I can't. Kiss her. You know. If I was her. Looking at Buffy's reflection in her mirror. Spike.." "It would still be the most merciful. Don't forget that." "This is so stupid.don't sleep very well. "You made the deal hoping that he would fall in love with you again." Willow yelled. not knowing how to respond to the pain and fear in Willow's voice. Although. Buffy had seemed listless for several days." "Maybe she likes me hurting her." "You really think she might try to off herself?" As he nodded. Spike pulled away from his sire. what's your suggestion." Spike laughed harshly. There was a nasty bruise on the nape of her neck. "Are you okay. Angelus. but held her tongue. Angel leaned down and lowered his voice. I. She seemed thinner. Slowly she walked over to the window and looked out into the night.I just have to remember he's not Angel. two vamps dusted--Willow sat on Buffy's bed. "I'm fine. A little tired. "So." Slapping Spike on the shoulder." "Was he here last night?" Buffy flinched at the concern in Willow's voice and tried to lie. Buffy?" Turning on her vanity bench.." Forcing down his instinctive growl." A look of calm covered the slayer's face and she rose to her feet. neither demonic or gentle. Willow winced at the dark circles under her eyes. "Yes. Willow saw the tremor run through her. I never see you eat anything." he finally barked out." Willow's voice died away and she swallowed hard. Buffy gave her friend a tired smile. They make life interesting. her witty little comments. Willow watched her friend carefully. Her sweat had eroded the makeup. Spike grinned to himself." Angel replied with complete conviction.

one look and I'm his." Willow said gently." Buffy took another deep breath and blinked away unbidden tears.And I love it.. but I'm not sorry that he loves me. You're mom's out of town. "I can't kill him. "I let him do this to me on the vain hope that it would change him. Willow grabbed Buffy's hand." "Oh. Giles might as well start looking for the next slayer." She snorted bitterly. Buffy... I'll take it in the ass." "What?" Willow was clearly stunned. Her ribs still hurt from the previous night when he had pressed her knees to her chest until she could barely breathe. That he would become tender and gentle. Buffy took a deep breath and turned to face Willow. fucking me like an animal.but he won't let me pretend. Giles.." "You're not Drusilla." Suddenly Buffy sat down next to Willow and grabbed the other girl's shoulders. You're not insane. "He could be here any minute. "He's a monster.. He wants you dead." Shaking her head." She broke off abruptly. "It's the only way you'll be free.I can't help it.. I know I don't have that in me. inside me. I hoped that. no. Buffy... What I had with Angel was pure.. My body can't help it. He'll understand. While my mind screams in horror. I can't be. wincing as the slayer's fingers dug in. Only when I dream is it Angel and then I wake up and find the demon on top of me. He could have turned me into a vampire any time." "He could have killed me any time.. the real Angel loves you and you can get past this.. All I've done is given him complete power over me.such a polite euphemism for fucking her into near unconsciousness. Buffy. I'll let him beat me and tie me up and fuck me for hours. I could hold him and pretend. You really don't want to be here." The clock downstairs began to chime ten o'clock and Buffy jumped from the bed.. not for anyone." Buffy released her and stared down at her "Don't say that. He plays me like a violin." .. Could Willow be right? The lingering injuries should have healed much quicker." Willow said with complete conviction. my body climaxes over and over. "I don't want Angel back. There was a wild look in her eyes and Willow tried to pull free. Buffy ran a trembling hand over her face.but almost. One touch. "How could I ever face him? He'd remember everything I let the demon do to me. "No. sadly.. We'll have to find the way to restore his soul. Willow.. Buffy sighed. I'm so afraid that even if he killed my mom.. I don't want him back. I fall asleep in his arms almost every night. I'm sorry that my relationship hurts you.then we'll have to find the cure. I could fuck him and let him give me physical pleasure and that would be enough. "Neither do you." Buffy gave Willow a sad." "Oh. "And every morning I'm surprised that I wake up.. little smile. "Maybe not quite. Angelus taught me how to deep throat him. I always know it's Angelus... Buffy. if he couldn't love me.. "I thought.I thought that it would be okay." Willow was horrified by the futility in Buffy's voice.never accept the real me..and I come.I still wouldn't be able to kill him. but because he wanted me to feel pleasure. I couldn't bear it if he came back. "You are angry that Spike loves me." Buffy continued as if Willow hadn't spoken.." "No one should have to live like that." "You have to kill him. Angelus taught me to love his cock pounding in my ass.. when had been the last time she had eaten a complete meal? Nibbling on her chapped bottom lip." "No. ever perverted little thing I did to him and he did to me.Been with.. Angel would never accept that. That when he kissed me it wouldn't be to prove that I belong to him... her voice hollow. at least he might be nice to me. a guilty look joining the mad one. "I'm Drusilla. "He's not Angel. He loves you." Rising to her feet." She shook her head wildly. Angelus taught me to come while he beat me. And.. It was beautiful. every scream of pain and pleasure. as usual. Don't ever say that. Every detail. "He's made me so pathetic." Tears were streaming down Willow's cheeks. Come spend the night with me.." The slayer shook her head sadly." "I don't want him to have to understand. If you can't kill him. "Why can't he love me like Spike loves you? Why can't the demon Angel feel love? Why do you. I'll suck his cock.

. Buffy wasn't hungry. Her nerves were already strung out as she waited for her nightly visitor." Running his eyes over her slender body. He didn't want her dead." Finally. so easy to drive her to the point she would kill herself. Naked she stood before her full length mirror and looked at herself. A trembling hand raised to her rib cage.. Quickly she grabbed a long t-shirt from a chair and pulled it over her head. She needed to talk to him about Buffy and Angel and she needed him to hold her and tell her everything would be all right. she saw that it was thin. even liked her for many more. pissing him off and turning him on. the ribs bumpy beneath the surface. "On my stomach? On my back? Just tell me. If she got her ass whipped for seeking him out. The skin was pulled tight. Sadly kissing Buffy goodbye. Still. He wanted her fighting him.. the thought of food made her nauseous. When the anger faded.too thin. "Do you want me to undress you?" Her voice was so dull it nearly sent a shiver through him. He knew he could snap her out of this dismal mood by making her angry. ***** Angel slipped through the window and found Buffy waiting for him. When had she last eaten more than a few nibbles at a meal? No wonder she didn't have any energy. it had been ten days since he had graced her with his presence. Clasping her hands together. Willow left the house." Buffy replied dully. she could go find someone who might be able to help. He was staring at her. deep down tired.too thin.. But.. His critical eyes ran over her.the Buffy he needed. Putting food in her stomach would shove her over the edge.. Moving her hand towards the mirror. Why was he staring at her? Worry rushed through Buffy and she opened her mouth. All that came out was a tired sound and a feeble question.. feel good about herself and about their relationship. The whiteness of the bones were almost visible through the translucent skin. Spike was right. Buffy turned off the hall light and slowly made her way back up to her bedroom.. "No. And. her bruises. In fact. . Angel caught himself nearly wincing. The resignation that bowed her shoulders was not what he wanted.would she even fight him? That wasn't what he wanted. wearing only a t-shirt. snapping at him. No. trying to think of something to say. But.. and he needed her like he needed blood to survive. she'd return to this state. hiding her pale skin. her too thin body. It took her a few minutes to see what Willow had seen. She was tired. he'd have to make her feel good. "He can't get in my house. got into her dad's sensible Ford and headed for the vampires' new home. her mind wondering what he would make her do tonight. Angel's eyes narrowed and he realized it would be so easy to kill her. If she couldn't convince Buffy. there was nothing more she could do at the present time." "And tomorrow night? And the next? I gave him access to my body. she entered her room and began to remove her clothing. ***** Locking the door behind Willow. she waited. Hiding at your place won't solve anything. Willow gave in. had no appetite.and she needed him to fuck her within an inch of her life. but that wouldn't be a lasting solution. tough. had no desire to eat. This pale shadow wavering before him wasn't the Buffy he wanted. her hair was lank and somewhat greasy. It will only make him angry. He wondered if he wrapped his fingers around her throat. Dark bags lay under her dull eyes. her eyes nervously on the window."I can't. Her body was listless and her heart ached from the empty feeling that had been growing for months.. and she was thin. but he admired and. Buffy reached down and pulled the t-shirt over her head. recognizing that a problem existed didn't automatically lead to a solution. She really didn't want to be there when Angel arrived and she couldn't physically remove Buffy from the house. carefully folding each article of clothes and placing it in the hamper." he answered finally. Because. She felt no hunger. yes. He hated her for many reasons. Her hand moved higher over the deceptive fullness of her breast to her prominent collar bone. noting that she was pale and trembling. no matter that it was sick and perverted. this was a relationship and it would last until the day she died.

making the water roll and he smiled. Buffy gasped and shuddered." "Our deal was for you to give me access to your body and let me do whatever I want with it. smiling as one nipple poked through the bubbles. then cupped the cheeks. Why was he being nice to her? "Why? Why give me pleasure? Is this some part of a sick scheme to put me off guard?" Angel accepted her suspicion." She quickly bit off anything further she might have said. he set her on the vanity bench and turned on the water for the bath. breathing hard from her orgasm. "Does that feel good?" "Yes. Angel took her hand and tugged her to her feet. Buffy whimpered as he washed the sore spot on the nape of her neck. Angel returned his attention to her breasts. Her nostrils flared and . As she moaned again. Still wary. She lay limp. "Lean forward. He continued to be gentle. she arched against his hand and felt his fingers dance across her swollen clit. moaning and whimpering as her juices flowed over his mouth and chin. then slid the sponge under each arm and down her sides. Angel sank to his knees and placed a gentle kiss on her stomach. Not wanting to torture her. "No. Suddenly." "You don't have to be nice to me. Buffy sank into the bubble filled hot water and sighed in pleasure." Placing a kiss at the peak of her nether curls. Buffy opened her eyes and watched as he carefully bathed each limb." Turning off the water. please. then trailed the sponge down her back. sucking on the slowly swelling flesh. Buffy leaned back and spread her legs wider." She was clearly stunned by his announcement. Sliding the sponge down lower. warm flesh. Angel pulled his shirt over his head. For your pleasure. Angel scooped Buffy into his arms before she could collapse. gently rubbing. "That wasn't part of our deal. then back up the inner. pouring a dollop of apple bubble bath into the water. Buffy moaned and her hands found his shoulders. Her fingers tightened on his shoulders and she swayed against his hands. tenderly. Delicately pinching her clit. lapping at the oozing moisture. "No. tasting the soft." A shiver of fear ran through her. Dipping it in the bubbles. touching her lightly with his tongue and lips. Finally.. You will in time. her pelvis grinding against his mouth. "No. Obeying him. At the sound of running water." she begged softly. then picked up a soft sponge. I want to bathe it. Buffy squirmed. "Do you want me to bathe you?" she asked hesitantly. clutching him tightly. Rising to his feet. Buffy opened her eyes and saw Angel kneeling next to the tub. Her breath caught in her throat as he massaged her tender nipples. she stilled then exploded in pleasure. he asked lightly. knowing he'd done nothing to make her think otherwise. Angel began to run his tongue along the outer labia. growing closer and closer to the cleft between her legs. he rolled his tongue up and circled her clit. Carrying her into the bathroom. she leaned back against the inflatable pillow her mother had suctioned to the far end. he caressed her gently. I'm going to bathe you.don't you want me to do you first?" she choked out. Whimpering. She didn't know why he was doing this or what he might be up to. Nudging her legs apart. he began to run butterfly kisses over her stomach and thighs. "Oh." Angel murmured as he continued to tease them with the sponge. still not trusting him. It felt so good. he licked her clit with fast strokes as her moans grew louder. As the pleasure built in her again. but his touches felt so good.. "I've always loved your breasts. then ran the sponge over her stomach and up to her breasts. he picked up one of her hands and gently ran the sponge over her skin. Sliding his hands around to her bottom. he slipped it between her parted legs." he said in a husky voice. Angel recapped the bottle and set it aside." Buffy said in a small voice. "Why?" "Tonight's for you. Closing her eyes. Buffy. Watching her relax. Guiding her back against the pillow. Looking up at her. Hearing her sigh of pleasure. Angel watched the emotions play across her flushed face. "Don't you. guiding her to the tub.Walking over to stand in front of her. always tenderly. but I understand why you don't believe me. Right now. The sponge was gone. Angel sucked.

Carrying her back into her bedroom." Nodding in growing understanding. soft voice. but she lay limp and quiet. then scooped his wet lover into his arms. we made a commitment to each other. You freed me. "We made a deal. Propping himself on one hand. "You're so beautiful. I've been a bastard to you. Buffy whimpered in pleasure.and you just realized it. thrusting hard against his hand. I admit it. "No.yes. then looked up to find her watching him.. Slowing his fingers. "I don't believe you. splashing water over the side of the tub. gently caressing her with his free hand. setting them neatly aside. Buffy gave him a wary look. He flashed her a wicked smile. Why should you?" "But. Angel bent and pulled his boots off. "Don't you want me to touch you?" "Very much. I knew you hated the way I made your body react and I continued to play with you. but. "All you've wanted to do is hurt me. Buffy tried to find a hidden meaning in his words.." "I do. tracing circles on her flushed skin. her mind awhirl in confusion. my pleasure can wait. Maybe you deserve a reward for that. glistening body. revealing her damp." Angel placed a kiss on her palm. her whole body trembling.but I want you to enjoy it. slave. At the moment of orgasm. I want you to whine and bitch and fuck me like there's no tomorrow. that doesn't mean I have to be a monster. I feel the same pleasure whether you feel agony or delight. Buffy. I'm tired of watching you waste away. If I break you. I don't need another. wrapping her in a huge towel.. Angel stroked her wrist patiently. breathing hard. letting him caress her. I'm not soul boy. aren't I? I'm nearly broken. Digging into her desk he found the clothespins they had used during their bondage games and clipped the edges of the curtains together. Angel nodded slowly. massaging the nipple with his calloused thumb... Buffy slumped. It has to be. She was unable to look away from him. YOU made a deal with a demon. then sidled over to the bed. slowing building her desire. you know." she replied dully.. As the water began to cool... you'll never do that again. so beautiful he never wanted to stop touching her." he chanted as he rubbed harder.her mouth fell open as she panted. Sitting next to her. I want the vibrant Buffy back." he murmured before dipping his head and running his tongue over one of her nipples. Now. "But. punish me. "And I'm nearly there." Yelling his name.. Angel took it and carried it to his lips. Angel never spoke the full truth.. I never will be again. Angel lay next to her trembling body. after all. it's time to stop playing games. "Come for me." Giving him a puzzled look. but I have one Drusilla. Sitting on her desk chair. In the end. "Angel. "I thought you wanted me broken." "So.. baby." "Maybe a part of me does.." He shrugged his shoulders. Angel hit the drain switch. and you've used sex to do it. letting him do whatever he wanted. "You'll see. Buffy watched him move comfortably around her room." Buffy look turned to one of disbelief. I know you don't believe me. Opening her eyes. Buffy stumbled over her tongue as she spoke what she had come to believe. then closed the door and pulled the curtains shut. Opening her eyes. Buffy nibbled on her lower lip and looked up at him as he caressed one of her hips. she whispered in confusion. As he sucked one finger after the other into his mouth. As he cupped one of her breasts. In making our deal. Why the change of pace?" "Maybe I'm tired of punishing you. Vaguely she was aware of Angel pouring warm water over her head as he washed her hair. so you can enjoy it. then relaxed under his touch.. Angel smiled as she began to relax. He was so beautiful." Frowning.. he lay her on the bed. I can suffer more. If you want to love Angel for the . Her hips rose against his fingers and she wrapped one hand tightly around the edge of the tub. feeling her soft flesh twitch against his sensitive fingers. Hesitantly she reached out and placed her hand on his hip. he slowly pulled the towel open. she came again.please. There's no ulterior motive here." she moaned.. But. why? I thought you wanted me to be your." he replied in a deep. This is all a sick game. " do anything you wanted.. she was the angel.

Sobbing breathlessly. Angel smiled. "It's time we both accept that we want. If. Withdrawing his hands. "I. Buffy's hips bounced on the bed and she dug her fingers into the quilt beneath her. "I love watching you come. Screaming in ecstasy." he said with a snort. Buffy reddened and stared blankly past him." Buffy thrashed her head and twisted. "You liked that. I don't want to fight anymore. But.." she whimpered in a strangled voice. you can do it." Buffy whimpered. "But.but you won't for long. then leaned forward and began to rub her shoulder blades. "That's of your life. Pouring some on his hands. "Hell if I know. He didn't.. As Angel circled his fingers over her clit. Buffy. The scent of cinnamon filled the room. "Angel. that we need the other. that need is mostly sexual." Her voice died away and he heard her lay back down. "Can you do it now so I can go to sleep?" He was thrilled by the hint of exasperation in her voice and smiled into the darkness. For the first time he acknowledged the erection he had since climbing in her window. "Come baby. caressing and kneading. "Yes you do." he murmured." he directed gently as he pulled several tissues from the box on the nightstand. a tear leaking out of one of her eyes. As his hand encircled his straining cock.. fighting the passion I feel for you. he straddled Buffy's thighs. "Go to sleep." As he spoke. she didn't hear any falseness in his words or his voice. there's nothing I can do about it. Pressing his thumb hard against her clit. shuddering and bucking against Angel's hands. pulling hard. But. but.. I'm not Angel.." "What are you saying?" she whispered. dazed." "I don't believe you. because you're the slayer.I don't understand.. "You're all tense. still straddling her thighs. When she was limp as a noodle. there was nothing she could do about that. He didn't want her dead. because you made this body love you." "Yes you can. Angel reached into her nightstand and drew out a bottle of cinnamon scented massage oil. Smiling at the look of sleepy pleasure on her face. "I don't have a choice. Even though she desperately didn't want to believe him. "I think I'm trying to say that we're bound together.I don't know if I can. but he didn't care about her. he felt Buffy touch his back. he turned off the bedside lamp." will." His fingers rubbed faster and he delighted at the sight of her breasts rising and falling as she began to pant. down to her bottom. Roll onto your stomach and I'll give you a massage. A throb of lustful pain went through him and he sighed." Angel's voice rang with total conviction. Angel changed tacks. no. "I know. As he sat on the edge of the bed. his words running through her mind. baby. Angel slid his other hand beneath her bouncing hips and wormed one finger into her anus. her eyes falling shut as his hands moved from her shoulders. he slid his oily fingers between her legs and found her engorged clit. Buffy obeyed. her lust out of control. because you're my eternal enemy. He was an expert at massage. Angel leaned forward and brushed her lips with his. I can deal with it. at least not fight for those reasons.." Rising to his feet. she collapsed on the bed. "I told you tonight was for you. then peeled off his leather pants.. a shallow cry broke from her lips and she found her hips rising with his movements. pillowing her head on her arms." she replied in a stunned near whisper." Groaning in . She still was convinced that she would awaken in the morning with him pounding her into the mattress. but passion is a strong force. he thrust another finger in with the first. then silently maligned himself for caring about the tone of her voice.. knowing just where the kinks were and how to work them out. Buffy came. Angel turned her onto her back. I've been fighting that... Buffy began to relax and sighed softly." "I don't mind. I can take care of this. right now.. that doesn't mean I'm devoid of all human emotion or the capability of expressing them. It's not love that binds us. do I?" Her voice was empty and Angel nearly winced. mingling with the apple from the bubble bath. Can you?" Buffy thought about it for a moment.

she moved closer. growling. Dashing inside. Buffy wrapped her arms around her waist. The cynical side of Buffy believed he was playing new games with her. "Wakey wakey. The resigned side believed he did want another Drusilla. Shocked and a little frightened by this seeming new turn in their bizarre relationship. dusting her. She could see him sitting with his back to a gravestone. DISCLAIMER: I don't own Buffy and friends or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. the knowledge that he was bringing himself off. Tossing the damp towel aside and climbing under the blankets. facing Buffy.pleasure. Drawing a stake from the waistband of her jeans. graphic Buffy/Angelus semi. Angel was now whistling tunelessly and staring up at the RATING: NC17 SUMMARY: An Interlude in TEAOW&S -. CONTENT: Language. her eyes wide open and staring into the darkness.But.. sure move. she stepped to the side of the door and grabbed her secret weapon. counting on him following her. they're owned by Joss Whedon and the WB Network. looking very bored.. raising it over her head. A deep growl came from Angel. she crept closer. The sounds coming from him. he began to pump his cock. No copyright infringement intended so please don't sue. Buffy listened to every groan and grunt. Buffy threw the stake catching the new vampire in the heart. She didn't know why she did it. hugging herself. The angry growls behind her didn't disappoint and she headed for a windowless tool shed. you silly twit.Buffy gets Angel back for his actions in "Cat out of the bag. passion was a good place to start. She hit him three more times to insure unconsciousness. As an evil grin crossed her face." This flows from a conversation in "Midnight at the Drive-in". twining her fingers with his. Buffy saw a hand claw through the dirt. then tossed the crowbar aside and looked around the ." Angel's voice drifted to Buffy as she silently crept through the cemetery. Was he that oblivious to his fledgling or did he just not care to help? Suddenly a young woman in a dirt smeared white dress burst from the grave. "Slayer." she countered. Angel rushed inside and Buffy brought the crowbar down on top of his head.nonconsensual sex. demon showing. amazed her. He was furious... Angel lunged forward and Buffy took off running.. It wasn't love that bound them together. knocking him to his knees. With a swift. End for now Payback AUTHOR: Laure Alexander EMAIL: lwilson@idir. "BITCH!" Angel was on his feet. he slid under the blankets next to her. then a few moments later.but she needed to touch him. Buffy closed her eyes and reached for his hand. realizing what he was doing. carefully keeping downwind. For the first time in several months a spark of hope was lit in the deepest well of her soul. keeping to the shadows. But a tiny bit of her persisted in believing that something special was happening. violence. Approaching the fresh grave from the opposite direction that Angel was facing.

No biting. her hands on his shoulders." Angel growled. his demonic eyes glaring hatred at her. then slid up his body. you didn't need to hit me over the head with a crowbar." Raising her hips." "BITCH. running his tongue along her puffy lips and across her swollen clit. she knelt over his head and said a quick prayer that he wouldn't bite.." Buffy snorted. naked body. Letting her eyes fall shut. smiling at the longing flooding her..." "Be grateful I haven't staked your sorry ass. Buffy interrupted him. you're not in a position to demand anything. I'm not going to lie down and spread my legs at your command. She accepted it." Angel's eyes narrowed and he hissed. she removed his belt. you'll get to live to see another sunset. a low growl emanating at a constant rate from his throat. At the head of the makeshift bed. "Payback. Moving up his legs. testing the suppleness of the leather with a gleam in her eye. We both survive to fight and fuck another night. lover. twisting and pulling. Pleasure washed over her as Angel began to lap her pussy. Crawling over him. Angel rattled the chains again.but. Angel was silent for a minute. Ignoring him. "Put down the stake. then. shoving the shirt farther out of the way." she began seriously. If you would give me a little pleasure now and then without me having to beg for it." "Oh. Buffy leaned over to her bag and pulled out a stake. she had wondered what uses the mild-mannered watcher made of them." His face shifted back to human." Carefully Buffy lifted her hand. she quickly unbuttoned his shirt. Deal with it. I'll kill you for this. She was tugging his leather pants over his feet when she heard a low she had prepared earlier. I might not imagine what it would be like with another guy. straddling his chest.. As she rubbed her moist body against him. you do have SOME uses. Several candles lit the gloom. "Release me. Buffy rose to her feet and began to undress. "All I ask is that you be a little submissive. We both have some fun. Just the thought of him made her hot. if you're a good little demon. then lowered herself. mutual lust? I'm all for that." She dropped it. "That's a matter of perspective.. His yellow eyes were glaring at her. "If you wanted a good fuck. Finally his ." "Um. pulling it aside and baring his chest. At the touch of his tongue on her clit. directing his tongue. "I lust after you. A space had been cleared on the floor and a blanket spread over the bare wood. through which she had strung a pair of steel handcuffs." She ignored his bellowed obscenities and knelt. She didn't think they were for chaining demons. Tonight is my turn. "Get ready for a long night. "But." Clapping a hand over his mouth. his cock rose in response. "I love Angel. darling. Knowing that he could awaken at any moment." He struggled against the chains. You should know me well enough to know that I'm never going to be submissive to you. "This is getting us nowhere. Buffy began to move. But.... he snapped his teeth at her. She wanted this demon. I'll stake you if I have to. Buffy grabbed Angel's limp body and dragged him onto the blanket. it's my fault?" he blustered. "You brought that on yourself. then knelt at his feet to pull his boots off. Angel. Buffy breathed a sigh of relief and braced herself on her hands and knees. rip out your heart and eat it. not the royal bitch you usually are. You had your fun last weekend. When she had found them in Giles' weapon locker. And she knew it was the same for him.. You beat me. then nodded warily. "Now. she quickly locked his wrists in the handcuffs. but. Grinning. fucked me in the ass and didn't let me come. "You'll pay for this.payback. but they'd work just fine on one pissed off vampire. she had bolted a metal ring into the floor. fuck your corpse. You're going to make me come and come again. Slayer." Her eyes fell on his flaccid cock where it lay between his legs and she grinned as it stirred under her hot gaze. dangling it in front of his face. "What the fuck are you doing?" Buffy flashed Angel a wicked look.. but his eyes remained narrowed. as she revealed her pale." Buffy sighed and tossed the pants over her shoulder." "I did if I wanted to be the one in charge.

"Yes. fuck me. Leaning forward. That was the last thing she wanted to happen. "Do it yourself. she moaned as her taut nipples brushed his chest and her clit mashed into his rough pubic hair. urging him on. Best of all.." Lifting her hips. slapping his pelvis against her. yes. Supporting herself on shaking limbs." Buffy moaned. "I may be a blonde. she manipulated her throbbing clit. she watched Angel lick his lips clean of her slimy juices. I do you. "I said you needed a good ass fucking. Buffy quickly moved off of him. I'm not THAT stupid. Whimpering and shaking from her third quick orgasm." he howled. then give her a calculated look.. she stilled. drenching him with fresh secretions. circling her anus. Her hands circled his straining cock and she caressed him gently. The tight pleasure built again and she rocked on his mouth. Giving him a loving smile. With his tongue in her ass and his nose rubbing her clit." she babbled over and over as he began to thrust his tongue in her tight. she'd be a pile of smoldering ash. then the black dildo. lover. "WHORE! MAKE ME COME!" Panting in reaction to the intensity of her release. she slowed her movements on him. but it's from a bottle. Buffy continued to move on his mouth. "Nope." "I'm going to fucking KILL YOU. Buffy shook her head and slid forward. He strained against the chains and kicked his feet. Sliding her fingers into the wet curls between her legs. As she began to relax. His nose rubbed her clit and she groaned and pressed harder. Payback is a bitch. Angel. she slid down." He growled in response and she straddled his thighs. Tonight.. are you going to respond in kind?" Nearly laughing at the eagerness in his voice. I do love your cock. Buffy stiffened and exploded in pleasure. forcing his cock deeper. Buffy began to put on the harness. my pet." Angel growled angrily. Buffy reached for the bag she had left in the shed earlier and pulled out the harness. She caressed it lovingly. her legs spread wide so that he could see the signs of her climax on her flushed skin and twitching pussy." "BITCH!" She grinned at the sight of his face twisted with lust and red with borrowed blood.. If looks could incinerate.mouth closed over her clit and she moaned as lust rocketed through her. Buffy relaxed and slumped back against a pile of unmarked gravestones. "Buffy. wet channel. that's me. "Fucking cock tease. Feeling his tongue probing her vaginal passage." she replied happily as she began to bounce. feeling his hard cock stretching her. moaning loudly and shuddering as her juices flowed over Angel's face. Next time. then glanced up to see Angel staring at it. "Does Angel want to come?" she asked in a syrupy voice. if you unchain me. Angel slid his tongue lower. then wriggling inside." "Yep. she impaled herself on his throbbing cock. you're good. lover. his cock was nearly purple with strangled lust." he hissed in a strangled voice." Buffy giggled. "Oooh. Angel groaned and thrust against her hands. she ground down on his mouth and spasmed into orgasm. you're my fucktoy. bouncing on him. twisting and stroking until she came. "You wouldn't dare. and Buffy knew he was close to climax. rubbing her pussy over his cock. Opening her heavy eyelids. "Fuck me. but his hips thrust up. . "We'll both enjoy this more. Her hips rose and fell faster as she ground against him. jerking on his mouth and crying out for a second time in only a few minutes. Angel clenched his teeth and snarled. my sweet. tongue my ass. "Nope. lover. "Ooh." Buffy gave him her best shit-eating grin. Rising back to an upright position. we can be all mutual. It felt really good to be a bitch. Digging her hands into the blanket. making him grunt with lust. Moving slightly. spasming around his cock and making him roar in lust. Angel thrust hard into her.and so am I. a strange look on his face. panting for breath. her body slippery with perspiration moving easily over his cold flesh. the pleasure building again in hot waves. reaching for her hot core. Ignoring his threats. baby.

Buffy smacked him hard on the ass.. "Good luck keeping it out." As she taunted him. Wetting her fingers with her juices.. What would your flunkies say now?" Angel did not take kindly to her teasing and struggled." "Nope. OVER. but this. cutting his wrists deeper. Her pleasure depended on his whim. she pulled the dildo back until only the tip remained. burying the dildo to the hilt. Sliding her hands to his's so childish. Buffy rolled her eyes and straddled his squirming hips. "You know. Grinning. I'm truly sorry for hurting you last weekend. "You'll pay for this." Grabbing his hips. not buying his contrite act for a second. Buffy grunted and twisted him." "Name calling. Buffy jiggled the fake cock. Finally he stopped bucking like a bronco and threatened her again. In this position." she replied cheerfully. That was good. whore. baby. She snapped back. make you come nice. Not tonight. bitch. her feet planted firmly on either side of him. Angel had been in charge. Bet he had you sucking cock while he was doing it to you. "Up on your knees. If I can take yours. "Oooh.. puckered anus." "Fuck you. lover?" "Get it over with. yadda.It'll do you a world of good. stretching her languid body." he swore. "Yadda. Buffy used her other hand to wedge him open enough to slip the tapered head in. rubbing against the blanket and the hard floor beneath. Not wanting him to come. bitch. it's not even as big as yours.this was fantastic. Buffy grabbed his hips and lifted him off the floor. For two months. slowly stretching him. Hooking the dildo in." She smacked his ass and thrust hard. "Look. huh?" "Your death will be extremely ugly. his ass was raised in the air at the perfect height. forcing him to roll onto his stomach. His muscles clamped down hard and she winced. "The Master looked like a vamp who fucked his minions like dogs. Tonight he . Buffy held on. then slipped one inside." he muttered "Yeah. I was frustrated and took it out on you. Now. slamming the dildo inside his tight ass." "Good luck getting it in. He howled and she grinned wider. bad vampire is afraid of a little cock in his ass. then kicked his legs underneath him before dropping him down. rubbing her tingling clit on the nubby base of the dildo." he blustered." "I'm not afraid of anything. his wrists crossing and cutting against the steel cuffs." Buffy faked a yawn." Taking hold of the dildo. roll over like a good boy. "Buffy. the only friction on his cock was the occasional touch of his stomach and the brush of his shirt tail.. "No one fucks me in the ass. Angel grunted and growled and she pushed harder. Angel. yeah. trying to knock her off of his back. pressing harder against him causing him to groan. she gripped him tightly and threw all her weight behind the dildo." "I'm going to fuck your ass for so long I'll tear you a new hole and watch you bleed to death as I come." He ignored her." "Bitch. yeah. not this time. then he began to squirm. but what really aroused her was the sense of power." Buffy replied sweetly as she rose to her feet." he taunted. you can take this. "Don't tell me that the big." "Oh.. and." Angel tried to placate her in a soothing voice. then leaned over and whispered in the direction of his ear. "Ready. She watched him wince as his cock was smashed underneath him. she snapped. forcing it slowly in. she ran them around his dark." "Eat shit and die. better. Let me eat you out again. retaliating by digging in a fingernail until he groaned and released her aching finger. yadda. Making a face at her bloody fingernail. That's what you always tell me. Buffy thrust hard." he growled. It'll hurt less. I bet that hasn't always been true. Fucking Willow and Cordy had been great. "Relax. dear heart. Angel growled and pulled on the chains. she couldn't resist teasing him.. my fake cock here isn't going to mind how hard you clench your ass. forcing the dildo past his clenched muscles.

Buffy sat.but if anyone deserved it. she pulled the fake cock from Angel's ass and scrambled off of him. . swollen pussy only a few feet in front of his face." she ordered in a strong.. shoving his head down." Cursing under his breath. She hit him again and her pussy throbbed in response. "More!" His mouth fastened over the nubbin of flesh and he sucked hard. Buffy cupped her breasts and massaged her hard nipples. Buffy arched her back slightly and gently patted his cheek. she leaned over and shoved it in his ass. Good." Angel glowered. Only right that I return the favor... It was also stimulating her own lust to the extreme.bitch. panting in desire. I don't think so. Exploding in ecstasy. nasty relationship with Angel. which rested. His entire body was clenched in pain and fury. reveling in his howls of anger and pain. Buffy. Desire hummed through her as she rocked her sore clit against the base of the dildo. drenching him and bucking hard against his mouth. "You've had your fun. Angel licked across her chest to the other breast and flicked his tongue around the nipple before sliding it between his lips. Quickly she unhooked the harness and removed the dildo. but bent his head to her breasts. Taking the dildo. Buffy dropped the belt and stumbled over to stand in front of Angel's head. Buffy noticed that he was beginning to slide his legs backwards. Even with Willow--who only felt pleasure in Spike's bed--Buffy couldn't discuss all the ugly aspects of her lusty. much to Buffy's surprise. I have this weird feeling that he'd enjoy spreading the news to your underlings that you've got your ass in the air just waiting to be fucked by one and all. nibbling on her twitching pussy lips as she shuddered in completion. Sliding down the wall. As he kissed and tongued her sensitive bud.was her fucktoy. wondering at how good it felt to cause him pain. Finally he was on his hands and knees between her open legs. There was about a foot of space between the wall and the ring that held the handcuffs. then brought the belt down across his quivering ass. Stay on your knees. Smiling. bitch?" Angel grunted." she ordered hoarsely." Digging his manacled hands into the blanket. Buffy came. quick pattern of thrusts that she could tell he hated. Buffy ignored him and cracked the belt again. "Now my clit. Angel looked up and narrowed his eyes when he saw her inflamed. Turning she picked up his belt and ran her fingers over the leather. Finally. So beating his ass cheeks to a lovely red-hot color was very useful." Angel said in a hoarse voice.. spreading her legs wide. Angel sucked and lapped her juices. Buffy could tell that the tension was about to snap again. Experimenting. "Crawl. too hot and horny to hit him again. driving the dildo in farther. forcing a cry of surprised pain from him. forehead down on the blanket. The sexual tension in her body was nearly unbearable. causing a lovely red mark to appear on his beautiful ass. Angel's tongue flicked her clit and Buffy yelled. Buffy quivered in pleasure and thrust again. Buffy whimpered and arched closer to him. sucking one erect nipple into his mouth. "Are you done. "Fuck you. Angel finally relaxed his muscles and she was able to begin a hard. she began to rain blows down on him.. but she didn't want to come like this. shivering at the sound. her eyes slightly glazed. Angel began to inch forward.. Angel yelled in pain and began to curse her continuously." she replied cheerfully.and no teeth. Leaning back and tilting her hips. her legs trembling. hissing as the dildo shifted in his ass with each movement. Angel obeyed. she cracked the belt. With a quick jerk.. She had never contemplated beating anyone." "Crawl or I leave you here and tell Spike where to find you. Impotently he pulled on the chains and snarled. You beat me like a dog. Gently Buffy patted his quivering butt. "Oh. Buffy began to squirm and ran her fingers through his hair as hot pleasure flooded her. lowering himself "Nope. This was wonderfully therapeutic for a girl who had no one to talk to about brutal sex with a vampire. "Suck my tits. eagerly awaiting the touch of his mouth on her throbbing clit.. but hungry voice.

" Laughing softly at the look of shock on Angel's face. "You make me come so good. "You fucking bitch! Don't you dare leave me like this. Buffy climbed in her window. swaying dizzily.. "BUFFY!" End Shot in the Heart AUTHOR: Laure Alexander EMAIL: lwilson@idir. fully expecting to find Angel. Angel's eyes were dark with frustration and his lips tightened. groaning as his sore ass hit the hard floor. Four orgasms--and they were great. but she kept her voice light.she came to my house and gave me the best come I'd had in weeks. Her mind awhirl. "And then." she crooned.she went to her lover and he gave her the best come of the night. she opened her eyes and watched him lift his head. Buffy watched his cock bobbing with his movements.. She giggled softly. all of them-are enough for me.. <G> DEDICATION:To all those who commented on Buffy's kicking Angel in the family jewels in part 3. just like Willow.. lover. Buffy forced her body to move and rose to her feet. "Buffy. fucktoy. His eyes went wild when he saw that she was dressed.. Good.. "BUFFY!" Fully dressed. still on his hands and knees. giving him an impassive look.. (TEAOW&S) CONTENT: Language. "Angel. Her heart . "My turn. she dropped the key next to his hand and bolted out of the shed. turning white around the edges. Buffy and Angel get a few things sorted out.. "Didya know that after you did that to her. she looked at him on his hands and knees." Her lips twisted in a slight smirk.. rolling back over." he growled. "Please." "That bitch!" he snarled. Her room was RATING: NC17 SUMMARY:Set right after Shot in the Dark 3. It was rock hard and looked very a longshot. Four. beware the rollercoaster ride ahead <G> And a special dedication to Morgan for sending me a tape of GD2. I hope you like this. honey. tears of pleasure leaking from her eyes. Picking up her bag and slinging it over her shoulder." As Buffy's body relaxed in satisfaction."Soooo good. Buffy grinned and leaned over to murmur softly. I'll make it worth your while." he wheedled. graphic sex DISCLAIMER:I don't own Buffy and friends or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. they're owned by Joss Whedon and the WB Network. Slipping the handcuff keys out of the pocket of her jeans she walked over to him. No copyright infringement intended so please don't sue. Angel twisted. she reached down and yanked the dildo from it. the black dildo buried in his bruised ass--although the bruises were already healing." His eyes narrowed and hers hardened. even though I hate them right now.. Walking around him she found her clothes and began to pull them on." He began to struggle harder to get free. then stuck it and the harness in her bag.

Angel undulated his leather. As she climbed back down the roof. As his hands slid over her flushed skin. "Should I chain you to the posts of the bed and whip the skin from your back? Or maybe turn you over my knee and spank you like a spoiled brat? Or maybe take a switch to your tits and your cunt? Hm?" Buffy swallowed hard and shook her head slightly. he found her trying not to fidget. Buffy slid from the bed and walked over to him. "There you lay like a fucking martyr. Her nipples hardened. Settling between her open legs. Buffy lay down on her back. hating herself. she glanced over her shoulder and saw Angel still facing away from her. trying not to think about the consequences of her earlier actions. Buffy responded helplessly. Mechanically she undressed. trying not to think about what her punishment might be. "So. Buffy?" Angel crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against one of the bedposts at the foot of the bed. setting each item of clothing neatly on a wooden chair. she wondered if she'd ever see this place again." Angel's arms slid around her back. Naked. "I want to make love with you." "That doesn't answer my question. ". Taking a deep breath. I'll take that whip over there. All thought..don't want that. "I. over his heart." he said harshly. what DO you want. "Keep hating me. she spied a note on her pillow." Slowly she pulled herself into a sitting position. then fuck you in the ass until we're both covered in your blood. Swallowing hard.. Silently she climbed the stairs and walked down the hall to Angel's suite. Setting the brush down. With a shaking hand. all guilt. opening her body wider for him. hating him." Tears filled her eyes and she leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his chest. "Then don't act like you want it.. "I don't want you to hurt me. When he entered the bedroom. trying to relax. Angel gave her a hard look.. sipping from a goblet. her fingernails scraped down his back.. her breathing ragged.pounded in fear and she ran down the hall to her mother's room. "I adore your hate. "I. She remained mute. how should I punish you?" he asked casually." she replied in a strangled voice. 'My place. then jerked his head towards the other room. her eyes huge in her pale face. she found him sitting on a settee. muscular chest." he answered. Angel quickly unfastened his pants and eased them over his erection. then turned back to the window. his voice husky with need." Buffy's eyes followed the direction his finger was pointing and she gasped at the sight of a thick whip laying curled on the dresser. "So. love. Carefully opening the door.' Dropping the note.. all pain fled and she reveled in the lust he aroused in her so easily. perspiration dotting her forehead.clad erection against her wet cleft. Buffy walked past him into the bedroom. rubbing against his smooth. but I doubt you will." he snapped. Angel glared at her.and lash your back open. and her knees bent." Lifting her off her feet. making him groan into her mouth. she spritzed some vanilla cologne on her wrists and neck. drinking. Do you really want me beating the shit out of you?" "No. needing him so desperately. waiting for me to punish you for kicking me in the balls. eliciting whimpers of pleasure from her. Walking to the bed. ***** Angel left her there for nearly thirty minutes. Buffy turned to face the mirror. It makes you hot and hungry. his mouth caught hers in a deep kiss. It was about ten o'clock at night and Buffy assumed all the vampires were out hunting or doing whatever else vampires did. then picked up her hairbrush and pulled it through her hair. she picked it up and read it. I will do it if you give me no other choice. Tugging his shirt from his shoulders. she sighed in relief at hearing a soft snore. his hands caressing her gently. ***** The mansion seemed deserted. he lay on her on the bed. As their tongues dueled and their lips twisted together... Opening the door and stepping inside. Pulling back from her. Returning to her room. Buffy gasped at . following her down. And I'll get off on it. growling softly.hate you. his fingers working the buttons on his shirt.

"Just fuck me. filling her in hard thrusts. my calling. slamming his cock into her until it grew limp. It's wrong that fucking you. she lapped at his cold flesh with her hot tongue. "No. "What the fuck is your problem?" Buffy's eyes remained closed. Closing her eyes as lust tightened in her womb. Buffy moved to her hands and knees. her heaving breasts.not how it's supposed to be. she placed a gentle kiss on the ugliest bruise. Buffy encircled his half-hard cock with her hand and pumped it gently. bitch." Her eyes slid away from him. his hands slamming her down on him." Buffy rolled onto her side. watching her eyes close. I don't love you.. let her bargain with her life. squeezing her soft flesh. slamming his pelvis against her ass. but little breathy sobs were issuing from between her lips. driving his cock into her tight passage. I let you live to kill then . Buffy." He groaned as he became erect again. the orgasms you give me. making him hiss through clenched teeth. angling so that her clit rubbed against the hairy base of his cock. engulfing him in her wet inferno. peppering his face with hot kisses. You don't love me. "Or since you can't seem to look at me. suddenly feeling incredibly guilty again. her lips press together. Feeling his body tense beneath her. Buffy began to ride him. I don't like you like this. Buffy squeezed her vaginal muscles tight. "Can I go home now?" she asked finally. worrying it until she moaned and bounced harder. she tried to breathe normally. tugging her up his body. then sank down slowly. Pressing her fists against her closed eyes. "What?" he asked sarcastically. her voice emotionless. huh?" Pulling his cock out of her. Buffy moved off of him. Angel turned on his side and looked down at her red face. "I've betrayed everything. We fuck like animals. Carefully. "This is about Willow?" His voice was somewhat less harsh." she whispered. to want it. Grunting. Angel reached for her.. she slid it over the weeping tip. It's wrong of me to enjoy it. Her hands tugged the pants farther down. "Answer my fucking question. facing away from him. Angel lifted his head and captured one pert nipple between his teeth. curling next to his cool body. I let a monster fuck me. "It'll hurt worse if I don't fuck you in the next thirty seconds. Opening her mouth. "Is this what you want. sucking gently yet firmly. he turned her onto her stomach. I wake up most mornings with cold cum leaking out of me. teasing him and causing him to arch his back. her hair dragging the pillows. Angel's hands forced her legs wider apart. Angel came. my watcher. "Get your ass up." Obediently. With a loud cry of angry satisfaction.the deep bruising that had yet to heal. Buffy? Is this what you think you deserve?" He pounded into her several more times.. Pumping his hips. my race. I don't fucking want you like this. I come to you and let you fuck me without love or even caring. glowering down at her and asking harshly. "Don't want to come in your mouth. Buffy rose to her knees. "Stop it. As she leaned forward. "You didn't come. Infuriated by the sudden change in her attitude. thrusting brutally into her. NOW." she finally said. raising him slightly so she could kneed his taut buttocks as her head began to bob. splaying her hands on his chest for support. Buffy felt her heart constrict as her failure reared its ugly head inside her. then his cock filled her again. her inner muscles fluttering around his cock. He pounded hard. Angel flung her onto her back and climbed between her sprawled legs. "You don't think you deserve to come?" Reaching down his body. Angel growled and came. I go to school covered in bruises from hard fucking a vampire." Angel growled. He knew he had to be hurting her. "I AM a whore." Straddling his body. he rolled her onto her back." "Then maybe Willow will be more to your liking. As he began to deflate inside her. Angel's hands cupped her ass. She watched as he used one hand to guide his cock to her hot entrance. she turned on her knees and urged him onto his back.." Tears began to leak from her sore eyes and she sniffed before continuing. her voice soft and thready. her head down. Lowering her head. It's wrong. Sitting up. driving his cock to the edge of her womb. fill the empty space inside me. my friends. "I let you steal my best friend out from under me. then slid under his ass. her voice sad and low. to look forward to it.and I enjoy it. helping her rise and fall on him. he impaled her on his cock. Lifting her ass. maybe I'll just fuck you like an animal. Angel stared at her back." "Does it hurt?" she whispered against his mouth. Pulling out of her. gently. but she didn't make a sound. It's.

human or demon. Panicking." she finished in a whisper. Drusilla perched on the edge of the settee. angrily.. He could see from the slump of her shoulders." Drusilla wailed. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me." Tears filled her huge eyes and she collapsed into Angel's arms. her back to him." Growling in frustration. her heart is dead and empty." "Dru. "I don't know. It wasn't in his nature. He didn't like her like that. He couldn't let that happen.. No one loves me. Angel rose from the bed. listen to me." he hissed." "That's not true. all empty and sad." Angel replied. "How long have you known." Drusilla said softly. brushing a few loose strands back from her pale face. Angel turned slowly back to the bedroom. a great fuck. with the stamina nearly to match his. You knew about Willow. Angelus had never loved anyone. but nothing more. Spike. unnecessary breath. I want to kill her. her lips pressed tightly together." "I don't deserve to be a Slayer." Swallowing hard. Cursing under his breath. "Do you know where the Chase girl lives? Cordelia?" Drusilla nodded. "Can I go home. Angel tried to tamp down all the unwanted emotions that were suddenly assailing him. It's wrong. could hear in the empty tone of her voice. a convenience. As she jumped to her feet. but he was fighting a losing battle. mad like me. very. please?" she asked again. but it's still love.. he looked down into her sad eyes. "They took him to the guesthouse.. "Your Slayer needs you to love her." "She's all hurting inside. a toy." Gently he stroked her hair. as his world spun out of control." "Where is he?" she asked forcefully. his voice strangled by emotion. Dru.. as his hands caressed her trembling back. he left the bedroom..." Those eyes closed again and her hand lay limp in the cuff. that she was heading back down to the depression from which she finally had seemed to have recovered. "You do. Empty. slowly quieting.. yanking his pants back up and refastening them. sweetheart. I must go to him. He." Carefully Angel knelt in front of her and met her wild gaze. Angel pulled back from Drusilla. "Fuck.. never truly cared for anyone. Running one shaky hand through his hair. Angel reached for the bottle of blood he had been drinking from before her arrival and drained it. I can see it. but.badly.. Reaching into the night stand drawer. "She will go mad soon. He didn't love her. But. "Spike's been. very wrong. Dru?" She shrugged. trying to calm her down with gentle strokes of his hands. She wasn't even trying to free herself. not someone a demon like him could have feelings for. that wouldn't make you love me again. He wanted her feisty and mouthy. "No one wants me. but you do.. "I don't want to care for her. great to fight with. at a loss for words.. You won't admit it. I never planned to care for her. "No." he realized.and hot and horny for him." Angel finally admitted. Nice to look at. Angel stared down at her trembling body. Shaking his head angrily." she said simply.come to me and kiss me. he dragged out a pair of handcuffs and quickly straddled her. "But. Why does she get it? Why?" she demanded.hurt. he walked back into the bedroom and around the bed to . "I don't want you to love the nasty Slayer. "Dru. "You love the Slayer. chaining one wrist to the heavy cast-iron headboard. Drusilla nodded. Not like the old you did. his thoughts returning to the girl chained to his bed. "Okay. your mouth tasting of human blood. her whole demeanor changing. tears evident in her voice. Fuck. I gave him some of my blood. "He loves us both. Taking a deep. Suddenly Angel was terrified of what she might do if he let her go. I've lost you both. "And Spike loves the little redhead. She was a thing. Shaking his head at her sudden strength and will." She sniffled a few times and blinked her tears away." "I don't love her. It's what she needs.couldn't love her. not looking at him." She was out the door before he could stop her.

"When you look at me. "Sometimes when you're sleeping. "I'm the only Slayer that has a hope in Hell of surviving Angelus. "Will you let me make love to find pleasure here." "Join the fucking club. Do you want to know why?" He nodded and Buffy moved to straddle his lap. totally confused. stunned." Buffy answered honestly." "Stupid?" She gave him a puzzled look. Buffy ground her pelvis against him. Angel unchained her wrist. Crouching down next to her. "You think you can control me?" he growled. I didn't like it. I want you. swinging her legs over the side of the bed. before we fell asleep. I guess we're made for each other. past the physical appearance?" "What? You.know that I don't want what just happened in this bed to ever happen again. "I just. Like." Watching the emotions flicker through his dark eyes.. I wake up and look at you and think that you're him. It's the only thing TO do.. "I'm going to kill you or you're going to kill me. I've seen it. aren't we?" she asked.. his fingers tightening possessively. her anger and self hatred begin to fade. but smiled slightly. it's so obvious." Angel snorted. Buffy?" he murmured against her lips.. if I was like him?" "I don't know. "Oh. When he touches her.and I remember how he used to give me that smile when he was happy.face Buffy. reaching for a loose blanket to wrap around her trembling body. ". "Then. "I don't want to be Angel." she hissed. Your face is relaxed. Angel tried to glare. "But. hoping that he wouldn't take her statement the wrong way. Buffy felt some of her depression lift. His fingers brushed her hair back. that's not for me." Angel scowled at his own words. Her fingers fumbled over the .thought I saw more than just lust in your eyes. then gently rubbed the soft skin.." "He always was closer to humanity than most of us." he growled.. "Do you still love Angel?" She nodded.last week when I saw you in the Bronze. Buffy stared up at him. can be tender." Hesitantly she looked at him. I've seen Spike with Willow." "I know a vampire can be gentle." Angel took her free hand between his.. gently rubbing her cold fingers. his hands roaming over her naked body as she covered his mouth with hers. rubbing her wet cleft against his suddenly rock hard cock.Sometimes. "What the Hell are we going to do. Why would you ask me this?" "Do you?" he persisted.. "Fuck if I know. "No matter what you do to me. yeah.. "You're wrong. "I don't understand you at all. then traced the path of her tears... Like the night that you gave me the bath and the massage.. "I. do you see anything of him. "We are both really fucked up. but his mind considered the possibility. Angel sat down next to her.. but she was too pathetic looking for him to muster any anger towards. with a hint of a smile." "You could be like him....hate would be a start. Suddenly feeling her spirits lift. "Yes. I. "Could you love me." As Buffy sat up. Buffy?" His softly asked question seemed to echo through the room.. "I would never do that." Her free hand fiddled with the blanket in her lap. I didn't think you wanted me to love you. big boy. watching me dance." Their eyes met and held." she replied dully. wrapping her legs around his waist. All that brooding and lurking and suffering. "Like killing yourself.don't want you doing something stupid. to be happy. Her eyes flickered open and glowed luminescently in the dimly lit room." Leaning across her. Buffy. can be loving. Neither of those are an option. Like two nights ago when you told me that story of Diedre of the Sorrows. Do you?" she asked hesitantly.. He loves her. no matter what I let myself do. a hint of a smile crossing her face." He toppled them backwards. I won't do that." he sighed.

Angel grunted and thrust into her hand. "Damn. wincing as she hissed in pain. Buffy raised her hand to her mouth and licked herself clean. Angel slid the other between their bodies. Angel's arm slid around her shoulders. I'm sorry. "Goodnight." he hissed between his teeth. pinching and twisting it. Her face flushed deeply and her back arched. tomorrow she would find the strength necessary to do so. her body shaking beneath him. Her fingers danced down the side of this throbbing cock. "Come baby. There were too many questions. "Yes... "Harder. End . making her cry his name. he found her clit and flicked it between two fingers. "Baby. but finally managed to free his erection. Propping himself on one hand. Angel slipped it inside and saw a wince of pain cross her face. tightening her legs to draw him deeper. His mouth ran down her neck.. love. As he thrust shallowly.." he whispered. then captured one nipple." "This has been one insane night." he whispered in her ear before kissing her tenderly. baby. impaling herself on his cock. "I was hurting you. her breathing quickening to harsh're so fucking beautiful when you come. she pumped at a rapid pace. Buffy moaned and undulated beneath him.. lying. Her heart skipped a beat and her smile grew. As he relaxed." "And. "Shit. and his face twisted with lust." he growled as his cock jerked in her hand. spilling his cold semen over her fingers. she pulled him with her. causing him to thrust hard into the air and hiss her name.didn't mean to hurt you. He felt her climax approaching as her inner muscles clamped around his cock.button and zipper. "Did you just apologize?" Angel scowled and flopped onto his back. Rolling onto her back." Slowly Buffy's eyes fluttered open and she frowned slightly. "I'm coming. love. I'm sorry. come for me." he whispered as he thrust deeper into her quaking channel. Gritting her teeth. she rocked against him. Buffy felt him pull the blanket over them both and sank into his cool embrace. With a loud cry of pleasure. then curled up beside him. Angel pulled out of her. not wanting to think anymore. Don't think you deserve an orgasm?" she teased lightly. I. He arched didn't come. sucking hungrily. as her desire spiraled out of control. Her passage was sore. Buffy came. Angel's lips moved over her forehead and she smiled sleepily. Hopefully. rubbing her swollen clit against his pubic bone in desperation. but her need was overwhelming. baby. as he pressed the nubbin." he murmured in awe. He scowled even more and finally admitted.. his fingers digging into the bedding. too many problems. Her fingers dug into his shoulders as her legs wrapped around his hips. that's right." Buffy mused as she rose to her knees. and she just couldn't face them. as silence fell. "Please." Her hand squeezed tighter and her other hand slid between his legs to fondle his heavy balls.." Rubbing his cock along her pussy. pulling her closer and she pillowed her head on his chest. "No. "'s okay. Wrapping her fingers around the hard flesh. Angel kicked off his pants and slid between her legs.. making the bed bounce. watching the swollen tip disappear each time her hand rose up the length. Eyes closing as exhaustion swept over her. As she collapsed beneath him." she mumbled.