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The capacity of a leader in renewables, at your service
ACCIONA Energy is a world leader in the development of renewable energy sources, with a major presence in a wide range of clean technologies. It has applied this experience to its own projects and those carried out for its customers. The company has installed around 9,000 MW in renewables – 86% of this figure in wind power – and has hydropower, CSP, photovoltaic, biomass, biodiesel and bioethanol plants. It also manufactures wind turbines using proprietary technology. It belongs to ACCIONA, one of the biggest Spanish corporations which operates in infrastructures, energy, water and services in more than 30 countries. Its corporate motto “Pioneers in development and sustainability” reflects its commitment to contribute to economic growth, social well-being and the protection of the environment in all its activities. ACCIONA leads its sector on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, has a workforce of around 35,000 people worldwide and earned revenues of 12,665 million euros in 2008. It is quoted on the IBEX-35 selective index of the Spanish stock market (ANA.MC). IN MORE TECHNOLOGIES

Wind power 7,702 MW

CSP 115 MW

Photovoltaic 115 MW

Hydropower 911 MW

Biomass 33 MW

Biofuels 296,000 t/yr

Includes facilities built for third parties.

WITH LONGER EXPERIENCE • ACCIONA is the most experienced company in the renewables sector, with over 20 years of track-record. • Our workforce: 2,000 skilled professionals. WITH A WIDE RANGE OF SERVICES • Development, construction and O&M of renewable energy projects for the company and for its customers. • Wind turbine design, manufacturing and supply. • Electricity production and trading/management of CO2.

Other bodies and organizations that are looking for partners or suppliers to carry out their projects. Governments who need to draw up renewable energy development plans. Utilities and ipps seeking to increase the share of clean energy in their generating mix. Industries looking to produce their own energy or acquire it from third parties. .With a global presence We are present in the main strategic markets. Canada USA Mexico Costa Rica United Kingdom France Spain Portugal Morocco Germany Poland Hungary South Korea India Greece Croatia Slovenia Australia Chile Italy Own capacity installed Capacity under development Capacity installed for customers For a wide range of customers We put our knowledge and capacity at the service of customers interested in developing renewables projects: Financial investors wishing to materialize renewable energy projects.

its first CSP plant in Spain (50 MW) in the region of Extremadura. • 2009-2011. • June 2007. ACCIONA puts into service Alvarado I. ACCIONA. with a level of efficiency that takes output 9% above initial forecasts. • 2012. NSO produces 136 GWh of electricity in its first full year of operation. a 64 MW plant using parabolic trough collector technology – the biggest plant of its type built in the world in the last 18 years– . based on parabolic trough technology. we have a portfolio of a further 450 MW in Spain and the USA.4 TECHNOLOGY AND EXPERIENCE IN CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER DRIVING THE RESURGENCE OF CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER MILESTONES ACCIONA has taken a leading position in the resurgence of concentrating solar power (CSP) in the world. ACCIONA grid connects Nevada Solar One (NSO). • beyond 2012. The biggest plant in 18 years. The 50 MW CSP plant at Orellana (Badajoz) will come into operation. Our fifth plant in Spain. ACCIONA is simultaneously constructing three CSP plants in southern Spain. Second plant in operation. • DECEMBER 2008. opens the 1 MW plant in Saguaro. . through its subsidiary Solargenix. New projects. Exceeding expectations. It is ACCIONA’s third facility in Extremadura. We will continue to develop solar thermal power projects in the future. First instalation for customers. The facilities are: Palma del Rio I and II (in Cordoba) and Majadas (in Caceres). Arizona (USA) as a turnkey project for the Arizona utility APS. In the short term. Construction work on these facilities will be completed in 2010 and 2011. • September 2009. Three plants under construction. A number of milestones reflect our position as a key player in this process: • April 2006. each of them with a capacity of 50 MW and parabolic trough technology.

CSP IMPLEMENTATION BY ACCIONA ENERGY USA Nevada Solar One Saguaro Spain Majadas Alvarado I Orellana Palma del Río I y II Own operational assets Built for third parties Under construction Under development .

• Enough power to supply around 170. • More than one million mirrors installed in solar fields.000 metric tonnes of CO2 to the atmosphere. • 278 miles of parabolic trough collectors.4 billion euros.600 parabolic concentrators with 100. • Over 650 GWh of clean energy produced annually. • 2.160 direct jobs in construction and 180 in operation.000 homes. or are in the final stage of development represent: • A total capacity of 314 MW.4 BILLION TOTAL INVESTMENT The six ACCIONA-owned CSP plants that have already been installed. • More than 4. . • An approximate investment of 1. • Avoiding the emission of more than 660. are under construction.6 TECHNOLOGY AND EXPERIENCE IN CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER SIX PLANTS IN FIVE YEARS WITH € 1.000 solar receivers. • Solar fields totalling a surface of around 800 hectares.


could help contribute to a lower carbon-emitting electricity grid in just a few decades. The energy generated in the plant is purchased by the electric utilities Nevada Power and Serra Pacific under a 20-year contract. It is the first large CSP plant installed in the world after the nine built in California between 1985 and 1991. ACCIONA Solar Power recognized the potential for CSP generation in the Southwestern U.8 TECHNOLOGY AND EXPERIENCE IN CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER NEVADA SOLAR ONE STARTING A NEW ERA In June 2007 ACCIONA grid connected Nevada Solar One. The building of CSP plants in the U.S. NEVADA SOLAR ONE CSP PLANT Location Rated power Average annual production Approximate investment Technology Entered service Linear length of solar collectors Surface area solar field Equivalent production in homes Emissions of CO2 avoided (*) Direct jobs Boulder City.000 metric tonnes / year 400 (average) in construction 30 in operation (*) In coal-fired power stations. and built Nevada Solar One to demonstrate that this technology could perform on a commercial scale. Nevada (USA). . with production levels higher than expected.S. Nevada (USA) 64 MW 134 GWh 250 million dollars Parabolic trough June 2007 48 miles 130 hectares 15. Two years of operation have demonstrated the reliability of ACCIONA’s own technology.000 (USA) 129. located at Boulder City.


Badajoz (Spain) 50 MW 102 GWh 230 million euros Parabolic trough September 2009 46 miles 130 hectares 28.000 homes and helping to achieve compliance of Spain’s objectives in renewables (20% of primary energy by 2020).10 TECHNOLOGY AND EXPERIENCE IN CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER alvarado i the first in spain Alvarado I is the first of the four plants that ACCIONA plans to build in Spain by 2011.000 metric tonnes / year 350 (average) in construction 31 in operation (*) In coal-fired power stations. the equivalent of 170 soccer pitches. Alvarado will produce around 102 million kilowatt-hours per year. The solar field spreads out over more than 130 hectares. ALVARADO I CSP PLANT Location Rated power Average annual production Approximate investment Technology Entered service Linear length of solar collectors Surface area solar field Equivalent production in homes Emissions of CO2 avoided (*) Direct jobs Alvarado. It has 184. each of them with a capacity of 50 MW and parabolic trough technology. . sufficient to cover the demand from around 28.000 (Spain) 98. The experience obtained with Nevada Solar One has been a key factor in the successful completion of the construction of the plant (opened in July 2009) and also for optimizing its operation and maintenance.320 mirrors aligned in rows and 768 solar collectors with a total length of around 74 kilometers.


> Improvement of processes to reduce capital and operational costs. We have developed our own parabolic trough technology on the basis of the experience of the companies that undertook the initial development of this type of facility in California in the late 1980s and early 1990s. e. > Optimization of the rated power due to the scale effect. • R&D projects aimed at improving efficiency and reducing costs in the short. > Low cost heat buffering for peak hours. > Standardization and hybridization of the power unit. medium and long term.12 TECHNOLOGY AND EXPERIENCE IN CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER IN-HOUSE TECHNOLOGY OF PROVEN RELIABILITY ACCIONA has proven capacity in the field of solar thermal energy that puts us in an excellent position in relation to our competitors. such as: • New HTF loop and new header frame and components that optimize efficiency and reduce the required capex. as well as operation and maintenance costs.g.: > Heat storage systems. . > Simplification of technology in design and construction. > Dry cooling for reduced use of water. > Better solar concentration ratios. Our ongoing commitment to technological innovation is shown in a number of aspects. > Cycles higher temperatures.


with several plants in operation and under construction. with a working life of more than 35 years. • Our own simulation tools for plant design and modeling of different operating strategies (SimulCET) and for the design and modeling of solar fields (DinaCET). often exceeding forecasts. with the guarantee of a company that has converted projects into reality that are commercially viable. We put this know-how at the service of our customers. • Own design of space frames for the solar concentrators. Some differential assets vis-à-vis our competitors include: • The most mature parabolic trough technology. • The longest-standing construction experience in the sector. developed in-house.14 TECHNOLOGY AND EXPERIENCE IN CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION OVERCOMING CHALLENGES ACCIONA’s engineering and construction team is one of the most experienced in the world when it comes to dealing with the technical challenges posed by the installation of large CSP plants. • The guarantee of delivering projects in line with the project finance requirements of financial institutions. These can be built locally by approved suppliers to reduce the installation costs. .


• Extensive experience in field control and supervision systems.000 man-hours worked. . • Extensive knowledge in other fields such as turbine technology. This has enabled us to develop exclusive technologies and processes that make the best use of the production capacity of our facilities and minimize costs.16 TECHNOLOGY AND EXPERIENCE IN CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER operation and maintenance: improving efficiency and reducing costs ACCIONA has real and direct knowledge of all the aspects involved in the operation and maintenance of a CSP plant. fire prevention) and relations with suppliers. ancillary functions (mirror maintenance. with over 140. • Real knowledge of the management of O&M in operational plants. with major cost reductions. To achieve this. we have: • More experience in the operation and maintenance of CSP plants than our competitors. • Our own O&M training centres in the United States and Spain. among others. with software developed in-house. thus improving the efficiency of the plants. • Corrective maintenance rates below forecasts due to the optimal design of the solar field.


In the substation the voltage of the electricity produced is increased for its dispatch to the grid. the fluid (synthetic oil) that circulates in the pipes is heated to a temperature of around 400º Celsius. connected to a generador. The solar collectors. is cooled in a condenser and returns to a liquid state to restart the process.18 TECHNOLOGY AND EXPERIENCE IN CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER Converting the sun’s A concentrating solar power (CSP) plant is a facility that makes use of the heat from the sun’s rays to produce electricity in a clean and sustainable manner. The steam under pressure is used to drive a turbine that. It then returns to the collectors to be heated again to restart the process. The shape of the mirrors concentrates the irradiation onto absorber tubes located in the focal line. The water. in the form of steam. 6. lined in rows of parabolic trough mirrors. To do this it uses an inexhaustible resource that is available in many parts of the world. 1. turn on their axis to follow the sun across the sky and optimize the capture of energy. . Through the effect of the concentrated solar radiation. 2. thus contributing to energy security by making use of natural resources that do not involve the emission of greenhouse gases. converting it into steam. The production process of a CSP plant can be summarised as follows: 3. 4. The fluid transfers its heat energy to the water that flows inside a heat exchanger. 7. 5. produces electricity.

rays into electricity Solar collectors Flow of heat transfer fluid 290ºC Solar heated heat 390ºC transfer fluid Superheated steam 380ºC Solar superheater Electric generator and transformer Turbine Supplementary natural gas heater Water flow 40ºC Steam & water Steam generator 38ºC Condenser Cooling tower Cooling water 28ºC .

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