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com .“C” Arm angle rotation . Thanks to METALTRONICA’s long experience in manufacturing mammography units and to the constant collaboration with clinical specialists. user convenience and highest performance but also on easy and smooth upgrade and servicing of the system by special software solutions and a particular technician friendly configuration. F. a full range of optional accessories is available for the FLAT III.metaltronica.Average Glandular Dose . H.F L AT III The METALTRONICA FLAT III mammography unit is an optimal and costeffective solution for high volume screening but also for diagnostic mammographic exams offering in all applications a superior image quality. a high frequency generator with constant and efficient output.kV Range: 20 . The special calibration software DEATA PLUS.5 kW (5 kW optional) .Power: 3.5 and 2. X-Ray Generator data: .000 rpm) Operators will appreciate the brightness and efficient design of the FLAT III’s LCD graphic display on which are indicated not only all the exposure parameters but also the following data: . a 24x30 Potter Bucky and many others. developed by METALTRONICA as a result of its extensive experience in this field. automatic collimation.C-Arm angle rotation .Breast thickness . a reliable x-ray tube indispensable for a quick patient throughput and a series of standard accessories such as magnification 1.High Frequency: 100 kHz ripple .with bimetallic anode (Mo and W) .mAs range: 1 . GENERATOR X-RAY TUBE Different X-Ray tubes can be chosen: . enhances the dedication to advanced performance as the operator can choose among maximum 768 exposure techniques.with biangular anode (10° and 16°) . Starting from the basic standard configuration every customer can complete and upgrade the system according to his specific needs adding a fully motorized RH filter. METALTRONICA’s research team does not only focus on outstanding patient comfort.HU level of tube assembly An auxiliary display placed frontally on the bottom of the unit is available on request. It shows the following data: .5 kV) . to be selected on the control panel.high speed tube (9.35 kV (steps of 0. This feature not only assures up to 16 different operators their personalized exposure technique but makes the system calibration particularly easy and time saving.Breast thickness DISPLAYS www. The METALTRONICA FLAT III features an intelligent state of the art automatic exposure device. fixed or programmable.640 mAs The FLAT III in standard version is supplied with a X-Ray tube with Molybdenum anode and Molybdenum filter.

com .metaltronica. ISOCENTRIC C-ARM (BYM) The isocentric rotation eliminates the “C” Arm height adjustment when doing Cranio-Caudal and lateral projections. In this version the FLAT III can be expanded to stereotactic procedure with our three dimensional biopsy device BYM 3D. LATERAL VIEW FRONT VIEW FLAT III DIMENSIONAL DRAWINGS DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT FLAT III with BYM “C” Arm: 335 kg BASE PLATE FLAT III: 300 kg www.F L AT III Taking advantage of the upgrade pathway the FLAT III can be completed by an isocentric “C” Arm adding efficiency and user convenience to the system.

18x24 cm format collimator .1 and 0. 100 kHz ripple .fully automatic “ZERO POINT” technique (automatic kV.3 mm • Fixed focus film distance 65 cm • Motor-driven (with friction) and manual compression device with safety release • Adjustable and displayed selected compression force • Interactive digital control panel with graphic display showing exposure parameters.8 magnification plateform with cassette holder (without grid) Pantone 285 • Hinged or free standing fully transparent anti-X screen for operator protection Pantone 424 • Wall bearing for accessories • EASYLABEL.11 levels of radiographic density • 18x24 cm Potter Bucky with carbon fiber grid (for film or CR imaging plates). stereotactic biopsy device • DIGITAL BYM. software for advanced automatic exposure control calibration with a maximum of 16 selectable film-screen combinations and 768 different exposure techniques and fixed programming for each operator • One pair of compression foot/pedal • X-ray control push-button with extensible cable • Serial port for calibration and transfer of last 1300 exposure memory • Phantom for complete daily check of the mammography system • 5 kW generator power • Isocentric “C” Arm • BYM 3D. automatic mAs) .3. for 24x30 cm format • 16x22 cm shifted.Fax +39-06-66160357 METALTRONICA reserves all rights to improve any characteristics at any product without notice STANDARD ACCESSORIES .F L AT III • High frequency X-Ray generator: . automatic mAs) . interchangeable with 24x30 cm Potter Bucky or with other image receptors (optional) • Interchangeable collimation plates: . dual focal spot 0.20 ÷ 35 kV (0. small field (50x50 mm) digital system • Bimetallic Anode X-Ray tube (double anode material) • Biangular Anode X-Ray tube • High speed starter • FILTROMAMM.5 kW power. 431 . manual mAs) .manual “TWO POINTS” technique (manual kV. fitted with triple field solid state detector selectable from control panel. perforated compression paddle with grid for bidimensional biopsy • Lexan screen for protection of the X-Ray field from parts not under examination • Second pair of compression/foot-pedal • x1.ø 14 cm collimator • 16x22 cm shifted compression paddle. daylight printer of alphanumerical data on radiographic films TECHNICAL FEATURES OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES AND DEVICES www.00163 Rome . for 18x24 cm format • Device for geometric magnification 1.5x and 2x • 12x8 cm compression paddle with straight front side • DEATA FLAT III DPT/FLTIII/004/U Via della Pisana.semi-automatic “ONE POINT” technique (manual kV.5 kV step) .metaltronica. molybdenum anode. with the following possibilities: . inclusive of 18x24 cm cassette adaptor • Automatic collimator • Auxiliary frontal display with C-Arm angle rotation and thickness breast indication • 24x30 cm format collimation plate • 10x8 cm shifted compression paddle • 10x22 cm shifted compression paddle • 12x22 cm compression paddle with straight front side • 16x28 cm shifted compression paddle. for messages to the operator in different languages to be selected during installation • Angle rotation indication on display • Thickness breast indication on display • AVG (Average Glandular Dose) measurement • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) device.Italy Phone +39-06-66160206 . automatic filter-device Rh/Mo (motorized movement) • 24x30 cm Potter Bucky with carbon fiber grid • 24x30 cm Potter Bucky with carbon fiber grid.1 ÷ 640 mAs • “C” Arm with vertical and rotating movement • X-Ray tube.