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Fed Up

AUTHOR: Saber ShadowKitten EMAIL: DISCLAIMER: Joss created them, not me. DISTRIBUTION: Go for it. SPOILERS: Enemies SUMMARY: B/A; sex & bloodplay. Angel is fed up with Buffy's attitude towards him.

"You still my girl?" "Always." -Enemies

Always. That word seemed to echo over and over in his head as he sat in front of the fireplace. Angel was worried that, despite her answer, he'd lost her. Lost her because of something that *she'd* asked him to do, that *she'd* begged him to do because he had been reluctant. Lost her because of events that were not in his control once he agreed to do as *she'd* asked. With each 'lost her,' his anger began to grow. "How dare she?" he finally spat, his eyes glowing with liquid fire. The embers behind him popped and crackled before a flame shot up, echoing the feelings rolling through him. His gaze landed on the cuffs still laid out on the table and a slow smirk crossed his face. "I think it's time Buffy learns there are no more breaks." ***** "Looks who's up," Angel said as Buffy groaned. He watched as she tried moving her arms to rub her head, then as she frowned when she found she couldn't. When she opened her eyes, he asked, "Are you ok?" "My head kinda feels like Spike came back to town again," she answered. "There's an annoying pounding behind my eyes."

and it rang hollowly on the hard floor. he growled softly at her when their eyes met. He did the same to her skirt and panties and let the clothing fall to the floor so she was naked before him. sliced it straight down the center. then dropped to his knees. "Angel? We can't. you can tell me why my arms are chained to the wall.."Do you want an aspirin or something?" he asked. "I'd rather you just see. Buffy. Naked and chained to the wall.." He licked and nipped down the column of her neck. Being close to a foot taller than her had its advantages and this was one of them." "Buffy. Her mouth opened for him and he plunged it inside. He lifted them. lightly caressing them. "Um. Her beautiful breasts were now at eye level and his hands covered them completely. When he got to her ear.. "Break time's up. Now. He moved them to her waist. shut up. pulling her up against him so she could feel his rock hard length under his pants. Angel grasped the collar of her shirt and. he bit the lobe as he whispered. then nuzzled in the valley between them. His hands moved from her shoulders down her arms. a knife appearing in his hand. Buffy. Angel dropped the knife. putting both his hands on her shoulders and looked down into her frightened face..we shouldn't." he replied. His tongue danced with hers. Buffy." His mouth descended upon hers with force. shaking the appendages that were held above her by the shackles in emphasis. He gave her a small smile. Tonight." Angel told her. teasing her. "I'm fed up. it's my time. testing their weight as she looked down at him. They pebbled immediately. His fingers gripped her shoulders tightly as he ran his tongue along her lower lip. pausing over one particular area of her jugular and bringing the vein to the surface. Fed up with your on again.. "Angel?" Buffy said in a scared voice. Breaking the kiss." "What's going on?" she asked. making him chuckle and move away from her mouth to trace her jawline.we. He took a step back and let his eyes travel slowly from her ankles up her body. He slid his hands up her sides to cup both breasts. I'm going to make you never want to leave. He ran his tongue along her palate and she shivered. tasting her. through her bra. He moved to her again. off again wanting to be with me." Buffy said. her voice trembling as she tried to turn away from his eyes. using the knife. a predatory smile on his face. hardening just for him.. Buffy. coaxing her to play with him. You are a work of art. his teeth scraping against her lips. rubbing his thumbs across her nipples. "Buffy. then captured her mouth again. . and then slit the straps.

he descended upon her mouth. he nipped at the soft skin on one breast as he moved his hand out the way. His hardness was ripping the seams. and listened to her moan above him. filling her mouth with blood. making him strain against the material of his pants. he stepped back. dripping cock popped free and he grabbed it. She whimpered again. suckling it. His fingers moved to separate her silken folds. bucking against his face violently with her orgasm. he latched onto her nipple. He licked up her body. drawing blood. His large. he brought her to the edge again and again. kissing her with a savagery born of frustration and need. Blood dripped out of the side of her mouth and down her chin. holding the base tightly so he wouldn't cum. He inhaled deeply. Her eyes were heavy with passion. With one final lick. He continued with his ministrations until she whimpered. His face changed. begging for him to touch. Then. She bounced up on her toes when his lips closed upon her clit. Finally. his blunt teeth scraping as he got closer to the sensitive peak. thrusting her breast into his mouth and he grinned as he moved away. He let go of her with one hand and undid the fastenings of his pants. Arms above her head. but he did not stop. she resembled a sacrificial lamb being sent to the slaughter. the demon that was a part of him telling him to take her. sharp canines cut into her lips and tongue. Suddenly. slicing the skin over her jugular on each side. calling out his name. She screamed. loud and long. Her blood filled his mouth as she came. the tangy sweetness driving him close to the edge himself. which it finally did. pausing to bite into the flesh surrounding each areola. The grin turned into a smirk as he lowered his face to her nest of dark curls. He could see her clit pulsing. and tonight she belonged to him. She moaned and cried and whimpered. her juices shining around her opening. more than he needed to have blood. his jaw aching slightly from the repetitive movements. his canines elongating as he prepared to send her flying. The scent of her arousal filled his senses. his fangs sinking into the delicate tissue around it. His chin was soaked with her juices. and hissed out his name between her teeth. searching for his mouth to settle her ache. licking and sucking on the hard nubbin. Teasing her. He laved the area around her dusky areola with his tongue. her breathy pants making her all the more appealing to him. Angel slowly licked the entire area around her dark pink nub. Buffy was sobbing after her release. Those same. only to repeat his actions on her other breast. She wiggled her hips. his cock held firmly in his hand as he looked at her. he bit down on her clit. The slices from her neck bled . He moved up to her neck. exposing her to him. the strong musky smell making him growl in want. He could feel her eyes on him and knew she had a mixed expression of confusion and pleasure.Turning his head. rolling it with his tongue and her sharp intake of breath echoed in the room. begging for him to bring her release. He wanted this woman.

emphasizing the last word with irony. Buffy?" Angel growled. her lower back scraping against the hard wall with each hit. lines of blood running down under each breast. he looked deep into her hazel eyes as he forced the human mask to descend over his features once more. exposing both of her holes to him. then turned away to pick up his discarded pants. End .anger. hitting the sensitive bite marks and clit. "Enjoy your break. "I'll be back. At the doorway. he pulled out something and stuck it in his mouth before walking back over to Buffy. lust. heading for his bedroom. his mouth descending upon her neck as his fangs sank into her pulsing artery. he disappeared into his room." he said. pushing into her slightly. then took the object out of his mouth and smirked at her. All of them came together as his hard thrusts smashed their pelvises together. He grabbed one leg and lifted it high. her kneecaps hitting the wall on either side of her. suspended for a moment. The dark curls were made darker as the blood dripped from her folds into her hair where it hung. "Do you want to leave me again?" Before she could answer. He brought both up sharply. tearing off his clothes before grabbing her legs right behind her knees. With that. he paused and turned back to her. need. "Do you want to take a break. He licked the puncture wounds for a few minutes as they both calmed. allowing his cock to slide between them until he was positioned at the hot. He was growling softly and deep in his chest as he removed his canines from her neck. His yellow eyes glowed with the fire of his emotions . He slowly pulled out of her and lowered her legs. Then. Ferociously. before dripping onto the floor between her legs. her hot blood intensifying the feeling. Then. wet entry of her core. then pushed the butt plug into her tight hole.freely. Sticking his hand in the pocket. Her nipples and the surrounding areolas were dark red. He let out a primal snarl. Buffy screamed again as another orgasm wracked her body. he let go of her and left her chained to the wall. Her eyes were huge as she met his yellow gaze." he informed her. he began pounding into her. Raising his head. he slammed into her to the hilt. fear. love. want. the top of his shaft hitting her backside. He slammed into her several more times as his own release came. Her muscles clenched around his shaft and he roared. the blood running along her collar bone to join in the hollow of her throat and drip down her chest. he pulled his hips slowly back. painting a macabre starburst.