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A Chemachie Birthing The two friends rushed back across the sunlit trench, which led to the far

side of Garr and this time Rakash did not fear the bottomless pit, he was much more afraid of what Miana would do to him if he was late. Is this your first clutch? Fogra shouted over his shoulder. Yes, Rakash answered. You must be strong, your mate will need your strength and your presence, Fogra instructed. Wont you be coming in to help me then? Rakash inquired of his new companion. No, a clutching can only be witnessed by the mates, for when your emotions rise and your instincts take over, you might perceive me to be your enemy, which is something neither of us wish. Fogra said sternly. But I dont know what to do, Rakash pleaded. Dont worry Rakash, you will know exactly what to do when the time comes, Fogra said, and then he let go of Rakashs arm. Now go inside and stay strong my friend. Rakash then recognised where he was, he looked gratefully at Fogra and dived through the entrance tunnel into his quarters. There was no sign of Miana in the living area and Rakash began to worry that he was too late. Then he heard a shrill scream coming from the hydration chamber. Miana? he called to her. In here, quickly, Miana growled at him. Rakash entered the room to see Miana hunched over on the floor, holding her belly tightly. Rakash dashed to her side and reached out to hold her hand. Then as soon as she saw him, she leapt to her feet with a speed that seemed impossible and jumped on top of him fiercely. Miana, what are you doing? Rakash said as the two tousled upon the floor. Miana just snarled at him and tried to sink her teeth into his neck. Rakash fought her off, rolled over on top of her and pinned her tightly to the floor. The wild-eyed look upon her face, scared Rakash and he wondered just what he had done wrong to deserve this vicious attack. Then he caught a whiff of her pheromones and noticed that her swollen belly was leaking a thick clear mucus-like substance. The scent was intoxicating, Rakash fell into a sort of trance and he continued to struggle with his wesha until he was holding her from behind. She writhed and squirmed, while Rakash did his best to hold on to his furious wesha.

Then suddenly there was a soft squelching noise and Rakash watched a brown and white spotted egg emerge out from Miana. She screamed as the egg was ejected and her struggles became less frantic, then a few moments later a second egg appeared and Miana collapsed down on top of Rakash. She was breathing heavily; her skin was flushed and glowing, while she rested upon her eshets upper body. Then her hand came up and Rakash flinched thinking that she was going to strike him, but instead the hand softly caressed his face and she curled her neck round to nuzzle her face against his. I love you, Miana said suddenly and Rakash began to feel very confused about what had just happened. I love you too, Rakash said disconcertedly. Then he saw the two tan coloured eggs that were being protectively snuggled by Mianas tail and legs. The worried feeling instantly left Rakashs mind and a massive sense of pride and contentment filled him. Theyre beautiful, Rakash murmured into Miana ear holes and the two lovers settled down into relaxed slumber.