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Volume 41, Issue 25

A Beacon and A Bridge

June 24, 2013

WCC Golf Tournament

Saturday, June 22nd

(see more about the tournament on page 6)

Sunday, June 23rd

Mission Statement
Growing Disciples of Christ by Seeking God, Sharing Love and Serving Others

Core Values:
Welcoming Outstanding Worship Outreach Different Traditions Mission & Ministry On the Move Nurturing Transforming 2013 Areas of Focus
Prayer - Presence - Peace

Welcome to Our New Members! Clare & Andy Hobbs with daughter, Charlotte (pictured with Dr. C. Roy Stauffer) Join us this Sunday for Installation Sunday during the 11:00 a.m. Worship Service
Ordination of Elders and Installation of Officers, Boardmembers and Deacons
A reception will be held at 10:30 a.m. in the Gathering Hall to honor those Leaders who have just finished their terms.

Dear Woodmont by Farrell Mason, Minister of Family Life & Pastoral Care
What I mean is that her eyes and especially her heart is ever-seeking the wonder, the mystery, the joy, the very living presence of God in every person, place, and experience of her life. She sees God's footprint everywhere and let me tell you she bears a soul that is bursting with light from every beautiful seam! She literally glows! The air is certainly sweeter when you are in her presence. We must pay better attention to where the Divine is brushing against our lives, and then honor those sacred moments with reverence and gratitude. I have always loved the line in a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins, "GLORY be to God for dappled things"-The dappled things-I know them as the twinkling gold aspen leaves every autumn in Jackson Hole, the exquisitely perfect curve of a smile on my daughter Rose's face, the chameleon sunsets that spray pink, lavender and crimson across the Nashville sky on hot summer nights, and that's just a start! What a beautiful way to live-as a treasure-hunterthe treasures being all the places where we get a glimpse of God's presence, where living grace touches our lives here on earth. The world is waiting for us to notice the holiness in it! We just need to open our eyes and our hearts, and acknowledge the holy ground before us, around us, and tucked deep inside of us. The sweet secret of life is found in the art of looking for the 'soul of God' in creation. Life can be cruel, dark, and unpredictable but it can also be so full of light, joy, and beauty. What glasses are you looking through to see the world? Have you ever considered that an encounter with another human being, an owl at Radnor Lake, enjoying a juicy sweet peach from South Carolina, holding hands with a child, or walking at the edge of the ocean might just be the closest we will ever get to brushing up against God on this side of heaven? Maybe we should start bowing our heads in these sacred moments, naming them for what they are...the Divine breaking through in our midst. Symbolically or literally... let's take off our shoes, bow our heads in gratitude, and acknowledge the holy ground before us!

Every summer of my childhood my family would load up in the Suburban (six kids, two adults, often a dog, fish, or cat (Oreo had six kittens under my sisters bed one summer!), trunks full of clothes, and a bag full of jelly bellies and head to the South Carolina coast. Without iPads and car TV's, we kiddos entertained ourselves with guessing the flavor of jelly beans until the bag was empty! As soon as we crossed the bridge onto the island of Kiawah, my dad would roll down the windows and we would take our first big gulp of the salty sweet air. But most memorable was running down the sun-bleached boardwalk to see the ocean for the first time! Even then, hair twisted in braids, beaming with innocence, and probably holding fast to one of my younger sisters' sticky hands, I practiced reverence for the glory of that beautiful stretch of sandy beach and cobalt blue sea. Like a spiritual practice, I would unbuckle each one of my sandals and lay them to the side of the boardwalk before stepping down into the sand. Curling my feet in the hot sand, I knew deeply that I was walking on holy ground. In Exodus 3:5, God said to Moses, "Remove the sandals from your feet, because the place where you are standing is holy ground." What God was really asking Moses to do was notice the holiness before him, all around him, and especially inside of him. I fear we rarely take off our sandals for anything in this day and age. Either we are too busy, self-absorbed, callus, or jaded to see the "sacred" in the world. What happened to stopping to smell the roses? I believe it was Einstein who said, "There are two ways to live your life: One as though nothing is a miracle; the other as though everything is." In every breath, we are given the choice of how we honor and experience the tender heart, the creative mind, and the beautiful soul of God in the world.

I gift you with a prayer from Henri Nouwen: "From now on, wherever you go and wherever you are, all In his famous collection of letters (the book is, "the of the ground between us will be holy." Practice of the presence of God"), the monk, brother Lawrence, said to be faithful one must "practice the presence Live in Hope, of God" in all things. I have a dear friend who I swear could Farrell drink the nectar from a honeysuckle and think she tasted gold.
The Spire is published weekly by: Woodmont Christian Church 3601 Hillsboro Road Nashville, TN 37215 Visit our Webpage: (615) 297-8563 fax: (615) 297-9319 email: Kim Adair, Editor Copyright 2013

Living with the Tough Questions by Rev. Trey Flowers, Minister of Children & "The Bridge"
The Bridge community has spent the last several weeks asking "tough questions" about faith. During the sermons each week, Justin asked how Christians should interpret the Old Testament, Nathan Brown asked if prayer really works, Thom asked how we can learn to forgive ourselves, and Andra asked what it really means to be made in God's image. If you missed any of these compelling messages, I encourage you to go on the church website to listen to them. from you why do you think bad things happen to good people? What does God's faithfulness to us really look like? What do we do if we don't get the expected answer during the hardest moments of life? It is much easier to shy away from these questions or to give knee-jerk reactions where we don't think through the theological consequences. Focusing on the Bible stories that warm our hearts and ease our souls gives us a wonderful foundation for our faith. However, if we only focus on those stories and never learn to ask the tough questions, then our foundation can become shaky in the stormy weather that is sure to come (much like the house built upon the sand). Just as Socrates said "the unexamined life is not worth living," perhaps we could say "the unexamined faith is not worth living out." When we confront our deepest doubts and learn to live in the troubling questions, there is nothing that can shake the foundation of our faith.

This Sunday as I return from sabbatical I join with The Bridge community in asking "why do bad things happen to good people?" It's an age-old question known as "theodicy," which has been debated for thousands of years and is discussed somewhat regularly among the ministerial staff at Woodmont. There really isn't an easy answer, but I suppose that's what makes it a tough question (and a tough sermon to return to from sabbatical!). As Clay put it recently, "We can and should speculate about the motives and methods of God, but we must always acknowledge that What is the "tough question" about our human attempts at this are futile at best." I'm curious to hear faith lingering on your mind?

The Story of BRIM by Andra Moran, Creative Director for "The Bridge"
"Can we come over?" This isn't a question that you typically get from strangers, but since the release of BRIM, the book I wrote with Rev. Dr. Suzanne Castle, I've been getting requests from folks around the country inquiring if they could come to Woodmont to take worship-crafting "lessons." Last week's requests alone came from Illinois, Wisconsin and Texas! The Texans wanted to bring a team, driving all the way from Houston, and even wondered if they could maybe stay in members' homes and ask them questions. (They kindly offered to bring bagels.) lovingly, without criticism. The institutional Church has done many wonderful things, but it has caused pain to some people, too. We have met and interacted with people coming to The Bridge who are either completely unfamiliar with Church, or who are healing from a Church-inflicted wound. Most visitors can quickly see that the worship gatherings at The Bridge feel differentnot because of the electric guitar or the slew of candles around the room. They feel different because they are built collaboratively. There is transparency in the process, and all are invited to take part.

The reason Suzanne and I wrote BRIM is because we wanted to tell the story of what had happened in our own churches, This is not to say that traditional worship settings and seminary (Woodmont for me and University Christian Church in Ft. Worth training are invalidFar from it!! The support and study by Trey and for Suz), when we as staff started building our worship services Clay and Justin, as well as our other preaching voices, have brought together with lay people. a vital piece to the mix, too. I was brought up in traditional worship, and my heart sings when I get to be in the presence of the pipe organ Here at Woodmont, The Bridge services are imagined, and the hymns. I love to see the ministers and choir in robes, the crafted and built by a rotating "Creative Team" of folks from acolytes, the whole beauty of high churchbut I also know many the congregation. Stephen, Trey and I are also team members, people in our own Nashville community who would never dream of representing the staff. Together, we have a "brainstorming dinner" walking through those tall double doors at the front of our beautiful and discuss the theme of the series the team is serving, and work out sanctuary. logistics, art pieces, and interactive ways to pray, engaging the body, heart and mind. I know it's even a stretch for many people who slip in through the side door to The Bridge on Sunday nights, hungry for God, but This team approach to worship is quite appropriate, since the anxious about Church. word "liturgy" actually means, "the work of the people." We have seen the power of peeling back the proverbial curtain' on worship at I am so proud of Woodmont for taking on the ministry of The The Bridge, particularly for those who come from stringent church Bridgereaching out to a group of people who don't quite fit the backgrounds, or who are de-churched. Many of the people who have mold of the morning services! I am so grateful to be part of a church joined Woodmont through The Bridge community in the last three family that is diverse and loving, digging in to our differences with years are a bit suspicious of the institutional Church. I say this delight instead of fear!
(continued on page 4)

("The Story of BRIM" continued from page 3)

It was a gift to be able to tell the story of Woodmont's journey with The Bridge in my new bookthough I must say, even I questioned the publisher when he approached us to write the book: "Are you sure people will read this?" I had no idea that what we were doing was so unusual, so radical, so... "marketable." It still seems odd to me that someone needs a book to share practical advice on how to be welcoming, how to share, how to get creative with cardboard and scissors in worship, how to pick songs that uplift the spirit and get the community singing together But it turns out that what Woodmont does naturally is something very special.

I hope you'll join me and Spire Books this Sunday between the morning services, and immediately following 11:00 worship. Spire Books has graciously offered a book signing, and I'm so excited! I hope you'll drop by to flip through the pages of BRIM and see a printed version of what Woodmont's been up to in Drowota Hall for the last three years! PS: If you want to help me host a group of Texans in September, let me know. Remember, they're bringing bagels! ~Andra

Puppets by Stephen Daniel King, Creative Director for "The Bridge"

Since I can remember, I have been fascinated with puppets. I think there was even a time when I considered becoming a professional puppeteer. But when you're a boy, it's not always cool to admit to your friends who are playing with their G.I. Joes that you have to run in because Sesame Street is about to start. And my parents discouraged my siblings and me from watching The Muppet Show as some of the content was "too adult" for us. And then once, I heard that puppeteers don't make much money, so I decided to go after something with a stable future... Andra and I visited The International Puppet Festival Saturday morning at the downtown library. We had a great time seeing some live shows, hearing fun music, and eating from the food trucks. But there was one thing I noticed that simultaneously warmed my heart and made me a bit sad. There were kids everywhere. Little kids, mostly 6 years old and under. They were darting around with snow cone drippings on their shirts, waiting eagerly in line for a balloon animal from the man with the big shoes and funny bow tie. During one of the shows, there was only enough standing room on the side of the stage, so I had a perfect view of the man behind the curtain with the moose puppet. Meanwhile, hundreds of kids are transfixed and howling when the moose accidentally hits himself on the head with a frying pan. And I couldn't help but wonder what a shame it was. What a shame it was that at some point, at some age, several of those kids would no longer see a clumsy moose, but just a man behind the curtain with moose-shaped fabric on his hand, trying to pay the bills. I hear puppet references often in the church. Most of the time, they're used in conjunction with debates about Calvinism and the concept of Free Will or Predestination. Big church words. Basically, do we have a Free Will, or is God a huge puppeteer and we're all just being controlled? To be honest, I don't know and don't really care. But what I do know is that a "puppeteer" can take a bunch of fabric, sometimes a pile of rags, and form it and fashion it into a character called a "puppet" and make it come alive! And that's the part I'm interested in. Taking nothing and making it something. So I'm not so sure God is unlike a puppeteer. Maybe we just need to pay more attention to the moose and the frying pan. [Act 1 Scene 1 *curtains open*] ~Stephen

Wednesday Night June 26th 5:30 p.m.

Gospel Sing-a-Long with David Regen and his pickers/ players (Gathering Hall) 6:15 p.m. Pot-Luck Supper (Rm 200) 7:00 p.m. After Supper Devotional led by Tallu Quinn (Rm 200) Please plan to join us. It's the last Wednesday night activity of the Summer!
9:30 a.m.
Disciples Class (105) Led by Roy Stauffer Challenge Class (200) Led by Bob Herrick "Acts of the Apostles" Young Adult Class (Boardroom) "The Good News Is Better Than That" Led by Rob Quinn Spiritual Journeys Class for Women (The Bay) Led by Anne Alexander Stauffer "Renewing Your Spirit - Setting Your Boundaries in Our Digital Society"

Sunday School - June 30th

11:00 a.m.
Second Hour of the Spiritual Journeys Class (The Bay) (Open to Men Also) Led by Anne Alexander Stauffer Reflections Class (200) Led by Roy Stauffer Points of View (105) Led by Ralph Parsons and Doug King Book Discussion: "I Knew Jesus Before He Was a Christian" College & University-Aged Young Adults (107) - Led by Allen McDonald


2013Summer ReadingList

2013Summer ReadingList

AndraMoran *Brim:CreativeOverflowinWorshipDesign byAndraMoran&SuzanneCastle TheLittlePrincebyAntoinedeSaintExupry WishfulThinkingbyFrederickBuechner MessengerbyLoisLowry HomelessBirdbyGloriaWhelan CarlaSchooler *IAmNotButIKnowIAmbyLouieGiglio Grace(Eventually):ThoughtsonFaithbyAnneLamontt TheBarbarianWaybyEdwinMcManus TheLifeYou'veAlwaysWantedbyJohnOrtberg ClayStauffer *+EnoughbyAdamHamilton AmericatheBeautifulbyDr.BenCarson ThomasJefferson:TheArtofPowerbyJonMeacham OnGod'sSidebyJimWallis TheNewDigitalAgebyEricSchmidtandJaredCohen HowWillYouMeasureYourLife?byClaytonChristensen +IntroducingtheBiblebyWilliamBarclay SoRich,SoPoorbyPeterEdelman FarrellMason *SanctuarybyBeccaStevens APrayerforOwenMeanybyJohnIrving GospelMedicinebyBarbaraBrownTaylor TheEnergyofPrayerbyThichNhatHanh ThePoweroftheMythbyJosephCampbell JustinGung *LoveDoesbyBobGoff TraumaandRecoverybyDr.JudithHerman TheWillofGodasaWayofLifebyDr.GeraldSittser +ASevereMercybySheldonVanauken GenerousJusticebyTimKeller MaryClareCarpenter *TearSoup:ARecipeforHealingafterLoss byPatSchwiebertandChuckDeKlyen +TheScrewtapeLettersbyC.S.Lewis +Man'sSearchforMeaningbyViktorE.Frankl TheTruthAboutMoneyLiesbyRussCrosson MichaelGraham *EveninginthePalaceofReason:BachMeetsFrederick theGreatintheAgeofEnlightenmentbyJamesR.Gaines Temperament:HowMusicBecameaBattlegroundfor theGreatMindsofWesternCivilizationbyStuartIsacoff LifeofPibyYannMartel

RoyStauffer +LifeTogetherbyDietrichBonhoeffer +Man'sSearchforMeaningbyViktorFrankl +*NearingHomebyBillyGraham AmericatheBeautifulbyBenCarson +ChristianityAfterReligionbyDianaButlerBass TalluQuinn Roots,Shoots,BucketsandBoots:GardeningTogether withChildrenbySharonLovejoy SmallisBeautiful:EconomicsasifPeopleMattered byE.F.Schumacher DoingLife:ReflectionsofMenandWomenServing SentencesbyHowardZehr *Given:PoemsbyWendellBerry ProdigalSummerbyBarbaraKingsolver WhatArePeopleFor?:EssaysbyWendellBerry ThomSchuyler TheMansionontheHillbyFredGoodman AWalkintheWoodsbyBillBryson +TheRoadLessTraveledbyM.ScottPeck TrumanbyDavidMcCullough *TheKnowledgeoftheHolybyA.W.Tozer TreyFlowers *"ThouDearGod":PrayersThatOpenHeartsandSpirits byMartinLutherKing,Jr. PurposeDrivenYouthMinistrybyDougFields *BrimbyAndraMoran&SuzanneCastle *TheHeartofChristianitybyMarcusBorg *+TheWoundedHealerbyHenriNouwen

*StockedinSpireBooks +InWCCLibrary(Room208)forCheckout

Andra Moran Book Signing at SpireBooks this Sunday

This Sunday, June 30, SpireBooks will host a book signing in the Gathering Hall for Woodmont's own Bridge Leader, Andra Moran. Her Book BRIM: Creative Overflow in Worship Design, chronicles the process of setting up our Bridge Service at Woodmont and is used in seminars, Seminaries and Divinity Schools around the country. The reason this book is unique is that it explains how to draw upon the creative experience of lay people in the congregation and the community to produce such a service. It is a return to the model of the early church where the ways of worshipping as individuals are pooled together into a richer community experience of worship. Out since the beginning of May, this book is quickly becoming popular and has received glowing reviews from trade publications across the nation. Please join us to talk with Andra and, if you wish, have her sign a book for you!

Youth Survey
Greetings Woodmont Chi Rho and CYF Families, Woodmont minister, Trey Flowers, will now be overseeing the entire youth program and would like to hear from you. We are gathering information for him to help guide the changes to the youth rooms and programs. We created a Google survey that was emailed out on June 14 th. You can also click on or enter this link in your web browser and answer the questions then hit Submit. For questions, contact Laura Dovan at Thank you, Laura Dovan and Brad Wills

Youth Volunteer Pool Party

Looking for a way to give back to your church? We have the perfect opportunity for you! We are searching for people who can serve as potential youth sponsors. If you think you might be interested in serving as a mentor in our youth group, please join us for a casual Happy Hour and Pool Party at the Carpenter's house! Coming to the party doesn't commit you to anything but just lets us know that you might possibly be interested in volunteering with the youth at some point. If you'd like to recommend someone who could serve as a potential youth sponsor, please pass along this invitation to them! Who: When: Where: Why: Anyone interested in volunteering with the youth group Friday, July 12th at 6:00 p.m. Home of Bill and Trudy Carpenter (4005 Newman Place, 37204) Join us for a casual pool party to talk about different ways to volunteer as a youth sponsor in the coming year

Please RSVP at

You are not alone If you need a confidential and caring Stephen Minister to talk with when you go through life's transitions or difficult times, call Kathy Patten (838-4957).

WCC Golf Tournament

Saturday, June 22nd
Tournament renamed honoring Hale Hooper, who resurrected the WCC golf tournament 4 years ago, after he suffered a stroke in January. This was the 1st Annual Hooper Golf Classic, promoting Stroke awareness. The tournament theme was "Strokes for Strokes." 1st place at 20 under par Robert Howell, Phil North, Hugh Goodman, Richard Howell. (God witnessed this score) 2nd place at 15 under par Nathan Phillips, John Hill, Bill Granger, John Bumpass Best Sportsmanship: Peggy Burrahm, Allen Murphey, David Reynolds, Brenda Starnes Par 3 Closest to Hole: #3: Daniel Patten, #5: Mark Smith, #12: John Bumpass, #14: Buddy Stack Recognition of Volunteers: Mary Clare and Jeremiah Pyron Don and Anne Mitchell Peggy Burrahm Rich Sanderson Bill & Robin Heyne Prizes: Doug Schoerke/Callaway Golf donated all the gifts (5 dz golf balls, 4 Callaway Golf Caps, Golf Bag, Ball Markers) Team Sponsors: Jim Easter/ 3 teams, Nathan Phillips / 1 team, Don Mitchell/ 1 team, John Hartong/ 1 team, Forrest Crossing Golf Course Highlights: 2nd hole Tournament Namesake Hale Hooper sinks a 30' birdie putt on #7. The crowd went wild and security had to be called in. Best turnout with 46 golfers participating Weather cooperated Fun was had by all Over $1000 was donated to the National Stroke Association promoting Stroke Awareness on behalf of Hale Hooper.

6 Dallas Flowers Elijah Collins 7 Walter G. Elliott MaryLynn Skinner Ladonna Cooper Frank F. Drowota, III Shaun Larson Montgomery Stauffer 8 Robert F. Howell Lady Bird Bob Johnson 9 Eliza Musick Kathy Patten 10 Carol Parsons Beth Easter Diane French 11 Michael Dunn Chris Smith Ava Rumsey Nix Joyner Seth Joyner Brax Templin Ava Rumsey

12 Beth Meador Kent McKeever Lindsay Jenkins Anna Lora Whitley 13 Alexander Smith Talbott Ottinger Andrew Donahoe, III 14 Elisa Clark Neil Dyer Bobby MacAllister 15 Michael Holscher Roy Smith 16 None 17 Wesley White Katie Sheridan Kate Allen Amelie Webb Tigist Webb Julia Hermann 18 John Hermann Sallie Walker Denice Johnson Corri Musterman

19 Sharon Lloyd John Reeder Alex Rollins Bette Jefcoat Chris Drahman Bart Pride Josie Quin 20 Thom McHugh Joann Daugherty Katie Voorhis Jessica Collins 21 Andrew Dever Natalie Copeland 22 Wendell Brown Jerry Hughes Alex Woodard Stacia Vetter Riley Best James Cropp 23 Andrew Brown Hal Tevebaugh Scott Pierce Mike McConnell Anne Arney Sam Hawksley 24 L.A. Galyon

25 Brody Wallace 26 Becky Coffey Lowell Stokes 27 Steve McHugh Emily Carpenter Lila Faricy 28 Abbey Coderre Mary Beth McLaurine Clay Stauffer 29 Jonathan Farmer Lynne Bowers David Stewart 30 Donnie Creighton Jan Goans Ann Luther 31 Steve Gibson Frank Russell Drowota, Jr. Donovan McAbee Thatcher Paisley Lucy Hermann

JULY 2013
Steve C. Smith Phillip Coderre 2 Allison Cannon Abigail Norton 3 Farrell Mason Shirley Taylor 4 Gloria Welch Chuck Welch 5 Mary A. Ramsey Jeanie Taylor Merillat Flowers Brad French Lindsey Thomas

Coming this Fall!

Special Pre-Titans Game Worship Service 9:00-9:30 a.m. Garden of Prayer
Open to all who would like to worship before heading to watch the Titans play. Come ready to go to the game in your Titans gear! This worship service will only meet on the following Home Game Sundays: September 22 & 29 October 6 & 20 November 10


Wednesday, June 26th 5:30 a.m. - Gospel Sing-a-Long 6:15 p.m. - Pot-Luck Supper 7:00 p.m. - After Supper Devotional Sunday, June 30th 9:30 a.m. - Children's Moment 9:45 a.m. - Sunday School 11:00 a.m. - Children's Church 5:45 p.m. - The Bridge Service

6/28 - Canon Paisley 6/28 - Andy Waller 6/28 - Cooper Waller 7/4 - Andrew Hagelgans 7/5 - Gabe Duvall

Decorating supplies for VBS:

Large Appliance

Come One! Come All!

Looking for a way to help with this year's VBS? Join us for walk-in decorating. The church will be open during the following dates/times to transform our Kids Commons into an "Everywhere Fun Fair!" Walk-in Decorating Times From 1:00-5:00 pm: Monday, July 1st; Tuesday, July 2nd; Wednesday, July 3rd Sunday, July 7th From 9:00-5:00: Monday, July 8th

Streamers Balloons Carnival/Fair

themed decorations

We will be "visiting" Australia, the UK, Zimbabwe, Mexico, and Japan. If you have any cultural items we could use for display please contact Catie Pratt at Please no valuables.

Bulletin Board
Opportunities at Woodmont
Wednesday, June 26 6:15 a.m. Men's Small Group (107) 7:00 a.m. Men's Bible Study (105) Younger Men's Bible Study (BR) 5:30 p.m. Gospel Sing-a-Long (GH) 6:15 p.m. Pot-Luck Supper (200) 7:00 p.m. After Supper Devotional (200) Thursday, June 27 Library Workday 10:00 a.m. Sit & Stitch Group (GH) 7:00 p.m. Restore Classes (200, Youth Rooms) Sunday, June 30 9:30 & 11:00 a.m. Sunday School 9:30 & 11:00 a.m. Worship (Sanctuary) 11:00 a.m. During Worship Service Ordination of Elders Installation of Officers, Board Members & Deacons 4:00 p.m. Deacon Training (Sanctuary) 4:45 p.m. WCC Knitters (GH) 5:45 p.m. The Bridge Service (DH) Monday, July 1 4:00 p.m. "The Geezers" Men's Group (BR) 6:00 p.m. CREW Meeting (BR) Tuesday, July 2 9:00 a.m. Women's Prayer Group (CS) 6:30 p.m. Young Adults (Off-Campus)

Elders Prayer Corner

The Elders Request that the congregation join them in prayer for: We pray that we are growing closer to God, and closer to accepting and loving ourselves as we take responsibility for our part of this journey of life Our volunteers for VBS this year who will give our children a fun week of love Wednesday night Gospel Sing-A-Long and Pot-Luck Supper held during the summer The Ordination of new Elders, Installation of Officers, Board Members, and Deacons The Bridge Service as we continue to celebrate opportunities to question Our shut-in members who are unable to attend worship All our new members who bring their gifts to Woodmont Prayer, Presence and Peace


IN THE HOSPITAL: Sheila Mathias, Baptist Emily Duncan, Vanderbilt William Daniel, father of Lisa Rollins, Wisconsin NEW CONCERNS: Robert Mathews John Henderson, West Meade Place Room 2041 Catherine Pease, mother of Mary Welsh Owen, Skilled Unit at Guerin Woods, Georgetown, IN CONTINUING CONCERNS: Rick Clark George Spry Steve Smith Gary Thompson Hale Hooper Yot Williams Beverly Small Peggy Johnson Jeannette Miller, Claiborne-Hughes Health Center Ty Coppinger, father of Shawn Haile Arthur Foley, friend of Nashville Tools for Schools Angela Sharp, friend of Jeremy Pratt Stacy Fletcher, daughter of Marcella Derryberry Colin Fletcher, son of Marcella Derryberry Mary Jane Ward, mother of Trudy Carpenter, Woodcrest SYMPATHY TO: Steele & Nicole Clayton and family on the death of his grandmother, Beaulah Lager, on Friday, June 14 in Greenville, SC. Services were held in Greenville on Tuesday, June 18. CONGRATULATIONS TO: Talbott and Jennifer Ottinger on the birth of their son, Tucker Reid Ottinger, born Friday, June 20. Proud big sister is Tennyson Grace Ottinger. Nicholas and Jessica Collins on the birth of their daughter, Alexandra Blaine Collins, born Wednesday, June 19. Proud family is John and Dena Collins, grandparents; Hal and Faye Tevebaugh, great-grandparents. MILITARY PRAYER LIST: Wade Gossett, brother of Becca Gossett Dave Albritton, nephew of Dave & Pat Malone Clay Perry, son of Tim & Diane Perry Dan King & wife, Ashley King, brother and sister-in-law of Stephen Daniel King THOSE SERVING ABROAD: Jesse Garrison, Peace Corp in Armenia Courtney Valk, Peace Corp in Republic of Georgia


Let Us Know: Have information about someone in the hospital or with another ministry need? Please notify the church office during the week (297-8563) and Let Us Know.

Woodmont Christian Church

3601 Hillsboro Road Nashville, TN 37215 615.297.8563
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Non-Profit Organization U S Postage PA ID Nashville, Tennessee Permit No. 1204


Date June 2 June 9 June 16 June 23 Sunday School 281 255 245 239 Total Atd. 772 647 710 712 Operating $ 58,577 $ 18,284 $ 40,973 $ 14,011

June 30, 2013
Communion Prep: Service Coordinator: Video Camera: Milly Moore 9:30 - Jay Hollomon 11:00 - Nick Small 9:30 - Paul Hardin 11:00 - Nicole Clayton 11:00 a.m. Dennis Beck Cynthia Beck Steve LaForge Deb LaForge Bob Garrard Monte Good Katherine Hartle Denise Sesler
5:45 p.m.


June 30, 2013

WORSHIP SERVICES: June 30, 2013 9:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m Rev. Clay Stauffer, preaching "Paul's Letter to the Romans" Sermon Series: "Leadership, Sacrifice, and the Common Good" Scripture: Romans 15:1-6

9:30 a.m. Leigh Ann Agee Jack Derryberry Marcella Derryberry 5:45 p.m. - The Bridge Rev. Trey Flowers, preaching Faye Tevebaugh "Tough Questions" Sermon Series Pam Hardin L.A. Galyon Terri McConnell Weekly Prayer Partner Paul Forcht First Christian Church, Sparta, TN

9:30 a.m. Susan Batson and Hal Tevebaugh 11:00 a.m. Betty White and Bill Heyne 5:45 p.m. Bryan Sargent

Glenn Kiger Mary Kiger Jeremiah Weeden-Wright Stephanie Weeden-Wright


Rev. Clay Stauffer, Senior Minister Farrell Mason, Minister of Family Life & Pastoral Care Dr. C. Roy Stauffer, Minister of Church Life Rev. Justin Gung, Minister of Families & Young Adults Rev. Trey Flowers, Minister of Children & "The Bridge" Thom Schuyler, Youth Director Carla "CJ" Schooler, Minister of Jr. High Youth Tallu Quinn, TNFP Director & Outreach Min. Michael Graham, Director of Music Ministry Sarah Huffman, Accompanist Rebecca Vaughan, Receptionist Andra Moran & Stephen Daniel King, Creative Directors for "The Bridge" Mary Clare Pyron, Parish Nurse Linda Whitson, Staff Administrator Beverly Honeycutt, Housekeeping Shirley Taylor, Housekeeping Ginny Tharp, Director of Preschool Kim Adair, Administrative Assistant Steven Austin, Housekeeping Sam Marsh, Property Manager - Housekeeping Supv.