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Algebra II

Angry Birds Project Unit 4


Name: ___________________________________ Period: _________

You have been given the task of designing your own Angry Bird level(s). You have the option of working alone or in a group of two or three. The level should be illustrated colorfully and clearly to show the birds, pigs, blocks, and obstacles. Flight paths will be drawn from the sling shot to the structure and then you will explain how the structure will fall. Each of the paths will model a PARABOLA. The equation for each path will be written in both VERTEX and STANDARD form. Also, a reasonable domain and range will be stated. The project will be graded based upon the following criteria: GROUPS: -One Person 2 flight paths -Two People 3 flight paths -Three People 2 levels; 2 flight paths per level TURNING IN: 1) Drawing of the level with three points per path clearly identified 2) Neatly written work to show how you found the equations final equation and domain and range clearly identified 3) Explanation of how the structure will fall apart when the bird hits Point Valu e 1 Completeness Neatness Accuracy Accuracy Explanation -Equations Domain/Range (fall of structure) Turned in with Sloppy Little work Domain and/or Barely any incorrect work, no and many range are explanation number of color, mistakes missing paths incompl ete design Turned in >1 Colorful Work is Domain and/or Little day late with design shown but range are explanation correct but work answers stated but number of is not are incorrect for paths neat correct or more than one work with path shown with a few mistakes Turned in one Neat Work is Domain and SemiOverall Effect Project needs some work! OK!


day late with correct number of paths

and clear design with color

Turned in on time with correct number of paths

Neat, clear, colorful, and unique design

shown with accurate points and equations and minimal mistakes Work is shown with accurate points and equations

range are written for all paths with minimal mistakes

detailed explanation

Both domain and range are correct for all paths

Detailed Aweso explanation me!

Total: _______ / 24 PROJECT DUE TUESDAY 4/23/13