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All about healing services


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All about healing services

What is a healing service? A healing service is a special meeting centered around ministry to the sick. Some of the ideas in this discussion can apply to other services as well. The Holy Spirit can change the order of a regular service and move this way for a certain time. Healing services are generally conducted by one or more ministers whom the Holy Spirit has specifically anointed to minister this way. While any believer has a right to lay hands on the sick in the name of Jesus and expect them to recover, some ministers have a special grace for this. We see in 1 Corinthians 12:8-11 that there are "gifts of healings," "working of miracles" and "faith" to be in operation in Christian services. (See the question on these gifts for more information about them.) Any believer, including you, could be called upon to operate in these gifts at certain times. These are technically "manifestations" of the Spirit, since you cannot "own" any of them. These manifestations occur "as the Spirit wills" (verse 11).

This notwithstanding, there are definitely individuals whom the Holy Spirit uses consistently in such manifestations. We see this in 1 Cor 12:28-30. This lists ministry offices, not single manifestations in services. The people used in this way often, but not always, stand in the office of "evangelist" (Eph 4:11). We know that Philip, who later on in his ministry was called an evangelist, flowed in these so-called "power gifts." However, there are those in all the ministry offices who flow in these gifts. It is unfair to criticize a minister who flows in the gifts of healings for "not being evangelistic enough." The minister may stand in another ministry office, such as prophet, and may not focus on reaching the lost in his meetings. It is equally unfair to criticize an evangelist for "not doing enough in-depth teaching" when his primary goal is to present the simple gospel to the unsaved. God uses different men in different ways and there is no cookie-cutter stereotype of a Trust Rating "healing minister." It is pointless to try to compare different men's % ministries with each other.


These meetings are frequently advertised in advance with exhortations to "Bring the sick! Bring someone who needs a miracle!" The more genuine needs there are in the service, the more the gifts of the Spirit will be in operation. If an evangelist holds such a meeting and no one brings any sinners or sick people to it, there may be no manifestations of the Spirit at all.

Who are healing services for? Healing services are for anyone who needs healing, but they are particularly for the unsaved, young Christians, and people with very difficult conditions. Mature believers are expected to believe the Word of God and receive their healing for themselves without a special healing service. Thank God for healing services, but



All about healing services

a special healing service. Thank God for healing services, but simple faith in God is a better way to receive your healing. Still, if you need healing, it's not a sin to attend a healing service, even if you've been a Christian since you were a kid!

This service is indirectly for the co-workers, relatives and friends of the people there. Many of these may take a sudden interest in the gospel when someone they know is healed. They may be there the next night, and they may get healed and tell even more people, and so on. That is the gospel pattern. It did not take long for entire cities to find out about Jesus in the Gospels and Acts. Healings were one important way that the gospel was advertised. You will probably see some very unlikely people being healed. That old boozer downtown may suddenly be healed of liver problems, while Sally the Saint who has faithfully taught Sunday school for 25 years walks in with eye trouble and leaves with eye trouble. Critical Chris, who has not had a kind word to say about the pastor in eight years, is suddenly healed of terrible back pain and runs around the room rejoicing, while Deacon Dave still has his arthritis when the service ends.

This can lead to jealousy and criticism from the older Christians, who fancy themselves as being more deserving of healing. Perhaps this is the problem in many cases. The sinner and the backslider know that they need the mercy of God, while the older Christian can forget that healing has always been based on his righteousness in Christ, not his own righteousness. No one "deserves" healing on his own merit. Everyone "deserves" healing based on his right standing with God through Jesus Christ. Rather than being jealous, older Christians should rejoice with those who rejoice (Romans 12:15) when they are healed. The fact that some people are healed miraculously while others are not has lead to some very bad doctrine based on experience instead of the Bible. People assume that it was God's will to heal some and not others. That is not true. It was God's will to heal some in a dramatic way on this particular occasion. But it was, and is, God's will, to heal everyone.

Different methods of ministry Many healing crusades feature lengthy "healing lines" where hands are laid on the sick. In this way, the healing anointing is transmitted to those who need it. However, beware of putting God in a box. Some ministers rarely lay hands on anyone and instead "call out" certain conditions that God is currently healing in the congregation. This is a manifestation of "the word of knowledge." In some cases, people are healed spontaneously while worshipping God, or for no readily apparent reason, and the minister may not even be aware of it! (God does not always tell the minister everything!) A person may teeter all over and fall down "drunk in the Spirit" and get up healed. The minister may simply wave at a section of the congregation, and the power of God may suddenly fall on a large number of people at once. There is no "right" or "wrong" way for God to minister healing to people. The way he is moving in that service is the right way, and any other way is the wrong way -- at 2/13


service is the right way, and any other way is the wrong way -- at least for that service.

All about healing services

The manifestation of the Spirit differs from service to service. I have seen services where a large number of people flopped all over the place laughing in the Spirit. Sometimes, the next evening, God was trying to move primarily through the preaching of the Word, and some people (bless their hearts) started whooping it up in the flesh trying to make the same thing happen that happened the night before. Beware of this. Always purpose in your heart to "hook up" with however God is moving in that particular service. Let God direct you rather than trying to direct him. If you start working yourself up into a tee-hee fit in the wrong service, you will be completely out of order and will disrupt the anointing. (If the ushers are smart, they will usher you out.) On the other hand, you are equally out of order to resist the Holy Spirit if he is moving that way and you just decide that you don't like it and won't participate in it. You will end up being one of the jealous ones, moaning that those people who "made total fools of themselves" walk out with their healings and a whole bunch of joy, while you, you dignified thing, never flinched -- and never got anything from God, either.

Sadly, some Christians viciously criticize genuine moves of God. ("They're just working it up. They're in the flesh. That can't be God. They're acting like fools. This is an embarrassment to the Body of Christ. It's all emotional. Those people are insane.") Sometimes it was the very Christians who said that they wanted a move of God in the first place! As mentioned in the discussion, Strange ways to get healed, the minister could ask you to do something unusual, like run around the room, put your hand on the part of your body that hurts, or try to do something you couldn't do before. You would be wise to do it, even if you don't feel the anointing (tangible power) on you at the time. As you move out in obedience, your healing will manifest. (I am assuming that the minister heard from God, of course.)

I am not saying that everything that happens in every service is genuinely God. Ministers are people, and they can miss God just like you do sometimes. (Shhhhh...we won't tell anyone.) Some people in the congregation can overdo things and get into the flesh. But that doesn't mean that God wasn't moving. Also, you must realize that different ministers have different personalities. Although a minister is to speak for God, the message will always be "colored" by the vessel it flows through. Nothing is wrong with that. In fact, one of the worst things a minister (or any believer, for that matter) can do is to try to act like someone else. Much unwarranted criticism is aimed at ministers because of the way they minister. One minister might be Joe Hollywood and try to make the service a "healing extravaganza," and people will complain, "He's too showy -- that can't be God." Another is so low-key that people complain, "He isn't very exciting to listen to. Joe Hollywood's services are much more exciting." The apostle Paul had a wonderful healing ministry, yet people complained, "His bodily presence is weak, and his speech contemptible" (2 Cor 10:10). You see, silly complaints about ministers are not new. 3/13


All about healing services

If you're not careful, you can start regarding the minister "in the flesh." In other words, you can get so caught up with what he wears, how he acts, or what kind of music he likes before he preaches, that you get your eyes on him instead of on the Lord. This mistake can prevent you from receiving your healing. The gifts of healings are from God, not from the man. You are there to receive from the anointing that is on that man's ministry, not on the man's clothes or jewelry. If you stew over his expensive watch (that someone probably gave him anyway), you may miss your healing completely because you're in a critical mood rather than a mood to receive from God. I am not saying that everything that every minister does is right. I am saying that you need to look past the man's possible imperfections or personality quirks and look to the anointing upon him. I have had the power of God get all over me in more than once service where I was not fond of the minister's methods or delivery.

Don't be like Naaman the Syrian Naaman the Syrian got healed, but first he had to repent of an improper attitude. He wanted Elisha to lay hands on him, and Elisha told him to bathe in the Jordan River seven times. Naaman got very upset because he thought the rivers back in Damascus were better than the Jordan, and the request seemed ridiculous. He was healed when he obeyed Elisha's instructions. You can read about this in 2 Kings 5:1-14. It is possible to be like Naaman the Syrian today. The minister instructs those around you to lay hands on you instead of laying hands on you himself, or tells you to lay hands on yourself and receive from the anointing in the room. Then you get mad because you wanted a regular healing line! Or someone other than the man you like was anointed that night to minister in the healing line, and you're mad because you wanted your favorite preacher to lay hands on you. Well, you can either stay sick or you can go with the flow. Rather than getting upset over methods, cooperate with the way this individual service is going.

Jump in! I don't know that you'd want to make theology out the Pool of Bethesda, but there does seem to be a parallel in practice. When the minister says that the Holy Spirit wants to minister to certain people, and you're one of those people, get down there as fast as you can without walking out of love (or running out of love). Just as only the first person in the pool got healed when the angel troubled the water, often the people who respond right away are ministered to by the anointing, while those who sit there debating whether they really feel like going down there lose out. Allegorically speaking, when the angel troubles the pool, jump in and receive!

This is very important to the "flow" of the service. If the minister



All about healing services

This is very important to the "flow" of the service. If the minister has to wait for people to obey God, it can disrupt the flow of things, and the anointing may wane.

How do you know it's really God? There are indeed fake healing ministers out there, and still others who have a genuine anointing but mix a lot of flesh with it. How will you be able to tell if the minister is for real or not? First, if you are a Christian, your born-again spirit will be comfortable in a service where a man of God is ministering. If the man is a fake, something just won't seem right to you on the inside and you'll be uneasy the whole time. Now it is possible to be in a godly service where your flesh cringes at some things that are going on, but you know in your heart that they're done under the anointing. If the Holy Spirit bears witness with your spirit concerning your salvation (Romans 8:16), you can expect that he will bear witness with your spirit about other matters, also. Part of growing as a Christian is having your senses exercised by reason of use to discern good and evil (Heb 5:14).

Second, the message preached will be Biblical. This does not mean that every word will be a Scripture verse. It means that the point of the message will be found in the Bible. Some ministers are fond of telling long stories to illustrate points. Some evangelists may seem to say nothing about God or his Word until they get to the conclusion of their message and they "throw out the net." Some prophets may spend a good deal of time speaking specific things about specific situations under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. But when all is said and done, you should be able to point to one or more verses in the Bible that summarize the message brought forth by the minister. If you can't, you have reason to suspect that something is wrong. Third, the message will be liberating. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (2 Cor 3:17). If you leave feeling like you were just beaten up, either you misinterpreted the message, or the message was not from God. Note that your flesh may not enjoy a good message on repentance, but that is still a liberating message because repentance does bring liberty. Some preachers wrongly divide the Word of God and use it to try to bring people into bondage, not liberty. They preach the Word, but in the wrong spirit! The Pharisees were prime examples of this. Jesus said to beware of their doctrines!

Fourth, your pastor probably knows more than you do about the particular ministry and may have either recommended that people go if they can or warned people to stay away. Your pastor can't control your life, but God gives pastors for the protection of the sheep. Beware of going to a meeting that your pastor does not support. Many sheep come back embarrassed or hurt after disregarding warnings about a certain ministry. For a time, they think that the pastor is just an old coot who is not into the new thing that God is doing today. They are sure that they know more than the pastor does, and besides, he just might be jealous that God is not using him in this wonderful new way. Then they find out 5/13


God is not using him in this wonderful new way. Then they find out that the man wasn't genuine (or was off his rocker) and that the pastor was right all along. The pastor may have known some bad things about the minister but for love's sake would not share the specifics publicly.

All about healing services

I'm not saying that your pastor couldn't be wrong, because he could be. Some local pastors have gotten quite upset at genuine moves of God. I'm just telling you that a warning light should go on if he does not approve of the meetings. Fifth, if the man does not have the support of local churches for his ministry, you should avoid him. Beware of "Lone Ranger" ministers who don't think they need support from pastors in the area! There is no excuse for this in most places today, because plenty of good churches are around. Another problem with an unsponsored meeting is that the people who get saved at the services will need churches to attend. If there are no churches ready to receive the new converts, they may just go back into the world again. The meeting will bear no lasting fruit. As someone once said, "The harvest isn't the harvest until it's gathered into the barn!"

Sixth, if the minister himself does not have a pastor and a home church, stay away. God will not give authority to those who do not operate under authority themselves. A traveling minister needs a pastor and a home church. Avoid any man who claims, "The Body of Christ is my church" (as I heard one idiot "minister" declare). Seventh, if the meetings are of God, Jesus will be glorified. The gifts of the Spirit will declare Jesus to be Lord (1 Cor 12:3). If man, rather than Jesus, is exalted, the meeting is being done in the wrong spirit. Eighth, the minister will point you to Jesus and to the Word of God, not to his anointing, his ministry, or even the gifts of the Spirit. He will present Jesus and God's promises as the answer to every need. Ministries based on the gifts of the Spirit are topheavy. Ministries based on the Word are on solid ground. You cannot always get a need met through the gifts of the Spirit, but you can always get every need met through God's Word.

Ninth, the man's personal lifestyle (as far as is publicly known) should be consistent with New Testament teaching. If it is common knowledge that the man is involved in any practice that is against Biblical standards, avoid him. (However, you shouldn't hold someone accountable for the things he did before he got saved, or things he did after he got saved but repented of.) Note that I am not saying that you should go around gossiping and trying to dig up dirt like some tabloid. Also, some people with genuine anointings are really messed up! The reason to avoid their ministry is not because they aren't anointed, but because you don't want to pick up their attitudes! Tenth, the man will have a godly approach to the offering. Impostors usually give themselves away when it comes to money, since that why they're there. Some men have tried to prophesy money out of people, which is never right. (In some cases, the man

may have a supernatural knowledge about money or possessions



All about healing services

may have a supernatural knowledge about money or possessions someone has, and try to tell the person that God says to give it away. Watch out! Not all supernatural knowledge comes from God. Demons know some things, too -- see Acts 16:16.) Assume that the man is not of God if he spends a disproportionate amount of time on the offering, or tries to put undue pressure on people to give. And give what you can give cheerfully, not reluctantly or under compulsion (2 Cor 9:7). Don't give just because he had a "word" that there were businessmen in the congregation who were supposed to give $1,000 each. (I don't know what it is about businessmen and $1,000, but I have heard this a disproportionate number of times over the years. Thus far, God has not even indexed that number for inflation. Note my skepticism.) I'm not saying that God would never have someone say such a thing, but make sure that your giving is based on your convictions, not pressure from the minister.

What should my attitude be when I go? You should be prepared to receive from God. This is critical. What you receive in such a service is more up to you than it is up to God or the minister. To some degree, what the congregation as a whole expects determines how much happens, as I am about to prove. Do not go with the attitude that you want to "see what kind of anointing the preacher has." You will miss it. The preacher could be the most anointed preacher who ever lived, but if the people are cynical and not open to receive from him, or just sit judging him, little will happen. I can prove this from the following account in Mark 6, where the most anointed preacher who ever lived (Jesus), attempted to minister in Nazareth, where he was met with hostility and skepticism. Read these passages:

Matthew 13:54-58 Mark 6:1-6 The servant is not above his master. If Jesus could do no mighty work at Nazareth, where people would not receive his ministry but got preoccupied with the human side of him, no minister today can fare any better under similar circumstances. This was the same Jesus who healed multitudes everywhere else. The difference was solely in the congregation! Note that Jesus could do no mighty work. He wasn't unwilling to, he simply couldn't. This may surprise people who assume that as the Son of God, Jesus could do anything. But Jesus limited himself to what was available to man, emptying himself of his divine privileges (Philippians 2:5-8, Hebrews 2:16-17). No minister can force healings and miracles to take place where people are not open to receive them. Jesus told his disciples to heal in the cities that received them, not in the cities that did not receive them. (This is expounded upon in an Objection reply elsewhere.) 7/13


All about healing services

Recall the Scriptures where Jesus told the sick that it was their faith, not his, that healed them. (See the discussion, According to YOUR FAITH be it unto you! for these passages.) It is still the same today. God's power is limited only by what you can believe! See Mark 9:17-29. Do not yawn your way through praise and worship or the preaching of the Word, thinking to yourself, "Come on, get on with it! I want to see the good stuff -- healings and miracles!" If you don't want to praise or worship God, you probably have your eyes in the wrong place to begin with, since he is the one doing the healings. Why not praise him in advance for what he is going to do! Spending time honoring God, conscious of his presence, certainly will not hurt you. People have been known to get healed in this part of the service without even having hands laid on them! Pay attention to the preaching of the Word. While an unwise or inept minister might just spend time fiddle-diddling waiting for the anointing to fall, a minister with any sense will be teaching you what the Bible says about healing, faith, or other topics, to help you receive from God.

Some people get healed without exercising much faith at all! How can this be? Like the man in John 5:2-19, some people who seem to be in unbelief do get healed at healing services. However, God does not guarantee to anyone that he will be healed in a service without exercising any faith. Recall that the other people at the Pool of Bethesda were sick when Jesus got there and sick when Jesus left! But didn't Jesus heal all who were oppressed of the devil? He healed all who came to him. There is no record that anyone else at the Pool of Bethesda asked for healing. And in the man's case, Jesus did not say that his faith had healed him. This man was healed by a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. We have no reason to suspect that the soldier whose ear Peter hacked off had any faith. Yet Jesus healed his ear. The man was coming to take him to be tortured and die and Jesus healed him anyway! Jesus did not tell this man that his faith had made him whole!

So why does God pick certain individuals at certain times and heal them in spite of their lack of faith? We don't know. The manifestations of the Spirit are given as he wills. He surely has a reason behind it, but he is not obligated to share the reason with us. One thing is for sure: The fact that God in his mercy may heal a person who has no faith at all does not mean that he does not want to heal others. God is fair and has made provision for the healing of the whole world through the atonement of Christ. Anyone could be healed at that meeting (or anywhere else for that matter) by believing that he was healed by Jesus' stripes (1 Peter 2:24). Anyone who is properly instructed and right with God can be healed. Beware lest you get the prodigal son's brother's attitude. The backslider comes back, and gets the red carpet treatment. God 8/13


backslider comes back, and gets the red carpet treatment. God heals him and shows him great mercy and favor. Meanwhile, there you sit, mad because you think God didn't do anything for you when you never backslid like that. However, all that God has, including healing, was yours all along. (See Healing and the prodigal son.)

All about healing services

When you're in a healing line If you choose to go up during the part of the service where hands are being laid on the sick, here are some practical suggestions. First, determine that you are going to receive your healing when hands are laid on you. Do not just assume that the anointing will do all the work. Remember the woman with the issue of blood! Her faith made a demand on the anointing that was on Jesus. If you go up with the idea that you doubt anything will happen anyway, you are wasting the minister's time as well as yours, and you should not get in line in the first place. I'm not saying that to be harsh. When a string of people believe they will receive something, a real "flow" gets going. If the minister is forced to deal with groups of people who don't expect anything to happen, it will be harder for the gifts of the Spirit to manifest.

As much as possible, keep your mind on the Lord and his Word. Unless you are specifically told to sing or do something else, I would suggest being quiet and in the mood to receive. There is no point in trying to get "hyper." In fact, the more you do mentally or physically to try to hook up with God's power, the harder it will be for you to do so. That is because you receive healing from God in your spirit, not your mind. Thus, it is generally better to have your mind quiet so that it won't get in the way! Sometimes a minister has to stay with a person for a little while because the person is so wrought up that he is no condition to receive anything from God! It is tempting to get nervous when the minister gets near you, especially if people are falling all over the place. Keep in mind that it is the Lord who is doing the healing. The anointing of the Holy Spirit is being transmitted through the minister's hands. Don't worry what people will think of you. They are probably too busy thinking about themselves to be thinking of you, anyway.

Don't worry about falling and/or getting up. This idea is to get healed, and whether you fall over or not is irrelevant. Jesus said that hands would be laid on the sick and they would recover; he did not promise that they would fall over. See the questions on this topic for some elaboration on this. There is no need to contort yourself (mentally or physically) in an attempt to "suck" the anointing out of the minister. Just stand there and receive it. Let it go into you. If you're sick, the healing anointing is there for your benefit, and God knows that. You don't have to enter some kind of mega-worship, either. Don't get in the healing line unless you need a physical healing or

healing of a mental illness. See the discussion, Beware: Wrong



All about healing services

healing of a mental illness. See the discussion, Beware: Wrong motives for getting in healing lines for some exhortations and warnings about this. Healing lines are serious business; don't play games with the anointing. If the healing line is for a specific condition only, don't get in it unless you have that condition.

What you can do to enhance the service Contrary to popular opinion, the results are up to the congregation as well as the minister. We have discussed expectations earlier. Go expecting God to move supernaturally. It is easier for everyone to receive in at atmosphere of mass faith. Never act in a way that would distract others from the service. Do not pass notes, tell jokes, make late-night snack plans, or do anything else that shows irreverence for God and his workings. Do not make comments to your neighbors about other people going up for healing. If there are specific instructions from the platform (sing, pray, etc.), follow them. If there are no explicit instructions, worship the Lord quietly, pray for the people in line, or do something else that keeps you hooked up with what is going on.

You do not have to get into some deep kind of prayer for the people being prayed for. The time for that was before the service, and the minister and others involved have surely prayed. It is amusing (for at least the first five seconds or so) to watch people who want to "help" the minister by stretching out their hands toward the sick and making a big commotion. If you really sense the need to pray, do so in such a way that calls no attention to yourself. Preachers sometimes make analogies between sporting events and church. "If you can shout like Comanchee Indians at the ball game, why do you stand there like wooden Indians in church?" (Or, for the "politically correct" crowd in the U.S., why do you stand there like wooden Native Americans in church?) However, a Christian service is not a sporting event, and it is not entertainment. The type of wild shouting and cheering that might be in order at the ballpark may not be in order. There is a time and a place for cheering and even clapping, but the end of a prophetic word from the minister (or worse, the middle of it) is not the place for such. Be sensitive to the flow of the service, and let the minister direct it. If no one else is hooting and hollering, it is out of order for you to do so. On the other hand, if the ministry team is running the aisles screaming, go ahead and join them if you want.

Do not get up, leave, and come back in unless there is a dire emergency. If you are absolutely going to wet your pants if you don't get to a bathroom, go out and back in as discreetly as possible. Of course, you should arrive at the service in time to take care of such matters beforehand. Do not be like some folks who make "potty runs" just because they're bored and want a break. Since Jesus is the one doing the healing, you should act as if Jesus were on the platform. Let that be your guide for conduct. Jesus is not a pickle-puss; you can rejoice in his presence. Be free, but don't be disrespectful.



don't be disrespectful.

All about healing services

Aren't the gifts of the Spirit solely up to the will of God? It is an error to assume that if God wants to do something through the gifts of the Spirit, he will just do them anyway. God commands us to desire spiritual gifts (1 Cor 14:1) and covet earnestly these gifts (1 Cor 12:31). If we have nothing to do with it, these commands are meaningless and a waste of space.

We cannot dictate to God that he move in a certain way or do something spectacular for a certain individual. We can ask God to manifest himself through the gifts of the Spirit, leaving the details to him. It is possible to grieve the Holy Spirit so that he stops moving. For example, if the minister is prophesying and people are not paying attention, the Holy Spirit may stop speaking. God is not going to waste his time if people won't listen to him. If people act like they're bored and want to go home, he may stop healing people through the gifts of healings. It is possible for the conduct of the crowd to rob people who still need to receive a blessing. God will overlook the goofiness of a few individuals in the crowd. A few nut cases always come out of the woodwork for this kind of meeting. Don't worry about them. But if the majority of the crowd is "tuning out," you can expect the anointing to leave.

We cannot make God move through the gifts of the Spirit, but we can sure stop him.

What if you don't feel anything, or aren't instantly healed? Remember that it was a healing line, not a feeling line. In most cases, you will feel something like an electric current going into you when hands are laid on you. It is possible that you will feel nothing at all. On the other hand, you may end up on the floor wondering what just happened to you. There's no way to tell in advance. One of the biggest mistakes people make in healing lines is to assume that because they do not get an instant manifestation of healing, they must have missed it, or perhaps the minister just wasn't anointed this time. Like the ten lepers, you may be one of those who is "healed as they went." See Luke 17:12-19. The proper attitude is to believe that the anointing went into you (which you may or may not have felt) and to believe that God's power is continuing to work in your body.

I can picture some people saying, "Oh, come on, that's just a copout to get the healing minister off the hook. That way, when there's nothing there, you can pretend that something is there, as in that story about the Emperor's new clothes." Object if you wish, but I have been healed marvelously in cases where I noticed no change when I was prayed for! In a couple of cases, I got worse 11/13


when I was prayed for! In a couple of cases, I got worse physically before I got an instant manifestation of healing later. But I still got it, and it was still God. If you go around affirming that you didn't get anything, you have dug up the seed that you have planted for your healing. It is always proper to "believe that you received when you prayed" despite adverse circumstances after you pray. God says that we receive the promises through faith and patience (Heb 6:12), and that we have need of patience after we have done the will of God (Heb 10:35-36). If all healings were instantaneous, you would only need faith. There would be no need for patience.

All about healing services

Why should you believe that anything will change when you didn't notice any change when hands were laid on you? Because you should believe your Lord! He said that believers would lay hands on the sick and they would recover. If hands were laid on you, you should expect to recover, because that is what Jesus himself said you can expect! Jesus did not promise that each person would recover immediately. He said they would recover. There will always be people who are unwilling to learn about faith from the Bible. Such people will live sad lives, going from healing service to healing service without getting healed. After they see no change when hands are laid on them, they will say, "See, it didn't work!" They expect the minister to do it all for them, and he can't. (He would if he could!) It is the minister's responsibility to come to the meeting ready to flow in the Spirit, and to preach and teach accurately to help the people. It is his responsibility to be willing to make the anointing available to the sick through the laying on of hands.

It is your responsibility to believe for your healing when hands are laid on you. It is your responsibility to exercise faith and patience and receive God's promise. That is not the minister's responsibility! If only more people could see that!

Healing flows in regular services Sometimes the gifts of healings can start operating in a service at your church that was not designated as a healing service. When this happens, the comments made about healing services in this discussion apply to the part of the service that has become a "healing service." The service will sometimes go into a healing "flow" and then go into something else. It is important to respond right away if you need healing; this will help the service keep flowing. I have yet to figure out why so many people wait for someone else to go up first, knowing full well that they need healing. Be bold, go down there and receive!

The best way to be healed Thank God for healing services, but the best way to be healed is on your own, with no help from anyone else. You don't have to

wait for a healing service to receive your healing any more than a



All about healing services

wait for a healing service to receive your healing any more than a sinner needs to wait for an evangelistic crusade to get saved. Thank God for both kinds of services. But the best thing you can do is to build your faith for healing before you get sick! In case you haven't noticed, it's harder to study and pray when you have a temperature of 103 and you ache all over. It's also harder to get healed when you're already sick as a dog than it is to get healed when you sense the first symptom come on you. Healing is available to you anywhere, at any time, whenever you need it. God's best is for you to stay healthy so that you don't need to go to a healing service.

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