Steve Harvey’s Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man … Even Touched The Spirit of A Bisexual Woman.

Steve Harvey’s book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man…has truly made a difference in my life. Being a woman that has experienced dating from both sides of the fence, I found his book to be most insightful. You see, due to my dating/marriage experiences with men…I decided to take a break. And just like that…I decided to date women. My friends, family member thought that I was going through a phase. My mother was about to travel over 700 miles to have her and her prayer warriors lay hands on me to exorcise the demon that had crossed my path…apparently I had been “possessed.” What I had been was totally disgusted in my choices of men. I had become very good at being the woman that would receive phone calls when they needed support, a nurturing voice or a good “piece of cookie” but I had not yet found the man that would make my heart skip a beat. I had put up with substandard behavior, placed in situations where I was taking care of the man financially and I promised that I was tired of it. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between what I should expect and whether or not a woman with a child had any rights to have any other expectation other than “being tolerated.” So I decided to change the scenery. I spent over 11 years exclusively dating women…of all shapes, colors and sizes and what did my journey lead me to? It led me to getting in touch with my Purrfectly Authentic self. I have dealt with more emotional baggage through my tenure of walking on the other side than most people would voluntarily deal with in a lifetime. While I loved the women I had long term relationships with…there was always something missing. I was searching for something that I just couldn’t find. And to be certain I didn’t give up before finding “the one” I devoted 11+ years on my search for love. I have journeyed to the depth of my soul to ultimately reach a point where I understood that running from something because it wasn’t what I thought it should be was only postponing me really learning all that I could about life, love and the pursuit of living life according to my truth. If other women had it…then there was a possibility for me as well. Steve Harvey wasn’t the first man to give me a sense of what expectations I was entitled to have/should expect to have of my man as a woman. T. D. Jakes – The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord, Christian Carter – How to Catch Him and Keep Him, Harville Hendrichs – Receiving Love, David Deida – The Way of The Superior Man – and other men from my life experience had also paved the way. They pointed out that not only was it possible for me to have what my spirit longed for… but even once presented with it…I wasn’t able/ready to receive love - from men or

women…period. They taught me how to look at a spiritual relationship from the male point of view. They even mimicked my thoughts from my book The 5 Phases of Dating with regards to waiting to be physical…but they didn’t hit it from a “straight up brotha point of view” as Steve Harvey did. Even with ALL of that, it was Steve Harvey’s “straight to the point” discussion of the difference between men and women, the games men play to throw a woman off her guard, his openness to share his life experience and his ability to keep it humorous was exactly what I needed and HOW I needed to hear it. His words leaped off the pages as though it was my father or my brother talking to me; both of which are deceased. It was as though he was talking to me. Since my coaching style is “straight to the point” from an actual position of having “lived” what I specialize in…his way resonated with my truth. Struggling with receiving love, loving a person for how they touched my heart, made me feel safe, treated me like a true woman (something I had not experienced fully) left me with a void. Even after I met a wonderful man who appeared to walk on water…I wasn’t sure what to do; how to handle it. For the first time I was able to be completely myself… bisexual and all and it didn’t matter to him. As we began to approach a year of dating, the insecurities set in. Could I trust him? If I put expectations on him...will I lose him? Should I now just be happy that he was willing to date me even with my time spent dating women and the fact that I had two children and keep my mouth shut? HELL NAW!!! Steve helped me see that it wasn’t about being “put up with” it was about dating a REAL MAN and then telling me exactly what that should look like. I saw him as the “Superior Man” David Deida speaks of in his book “The Way of the Superior Man.” I shared that as well as other things with him and even though I felt that I could trust him, I still didn’t know how to behave, what to expect or how to take two steps back and allow a man to be a man. Steve Harvey put a light on for me. He told me, ME… that it was ok to be a strong woman and still be a woman to my man. He told me how to talk to my man. He told me how to put what I wanted out there without having to be so crass, abrupt and rude. He shared with me how men truly think. Christian Carter did the same thing for me; however, while Christian’s writings were enough to open the door for my new way of thinking…it was Steve’s book that applied it to the realities of my life. While I am still trying to find my way, learn all that I can about the woman that I am still to become. The little girl in me delights in the fact that I CAN. I SHOULD. And I NOW KNOW what to expect from a man based on the truth of who he is. I’ve spent the later part of my life leading people, mostly women to their truth while at the same time hiding behind the disappointment of not being completely in touch with my own. At times I felt like a hypocrite feeling that it was my destiny to lead other people to their

truth and in the process finding bits and pieces of myself along the way. Reading Steve Harvey’s book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man really opened the door for me. Being the rebellious-living outside of the matrix type of woman I am still leaves a bit of edge to my personality…but the insight I gained from reading his words written specifically TO ME…has allowed me to round out the rough edges. Living Purrfectly Authentic is my passion as I’ve been teaching this course for years very successfully. Now its not just about teaching others how to do it but learning how to do it for myself as well. Oh, don’t get it twisted, I am still and will always be a handful but now I know how to turn it on and off and still get the desired effect…that of being the Queen to my King. Thanks Steve. If you too would like to begin your journey of getting in touch with your Purrfectly Authentic Self feel free to join my social network and stay connected with my weekly blogs, audio downloads and upcoming products.

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