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Darkest Hour


J. W. McKenna

Darkest Hour


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J. W. McKenna

Darkest Hour


The following material contains extreme sexual content meant for mature readers. “DARKEST HOUR” has been rated Hard NC-17, extreme erotica, by three individual reviewers. We strongly suggest storing this electronic book in a place where young readers not meant to view it are unlikely to happen upon it. That said, enjoy…

J. McKenna Darkest Hour 5 Book 1: The Darkness . W.

was a madhouse. She had rarely seen him angry before. Come on! You've been putting this off! "Would you like a drink?" "Sure. I probably should've said something a few months ago—" "A few months ago! You've been thinking about this that long?" "Look. you're a little too laid back for me. waiting. Frank. But you're…I mean…" "What are you trying to say. because I'm not a ball-buster like you. I don't want to hurt your feelings. I just got off myself—E." She tried to hide her nervousness. What was this? "Oookay. "Laid back? You mean." "Oh. It was for his own good. She sucked in a breath.R.J." He stared at her. just the way she liked it." Frank showed a flash of anger. His round face broke into a grin. uh." She watched as he fixed her a martini." "I know you were. She took a swallow. us? Uh. dammit!" . I've enjoyed our time together. "Honey? You're early. so eager to please. I thought we were getting along great. "Frank. I'm laid back?" "That's not what I mean and you know it. W. I was about to change out of my scrubs. Ellie?" "You're—Well.. "Frank—we have to talk. McKenna Darkest Hour 6 Chapter 1 Ellie Martinson knocked on the door to Frank's apartment." His eyes got round. She felt like she was about to kick a puppy. thinking that it had to be done.. "What? You mean." he said.this just isn't working for me. I got away for a little while. I didn't expect you until after eight. He opened the door. She steeled herself. He was such a nice guy. Frank—you're nice guy.

she realized how rude that sounded. I wouldn't have minded it if you were softer around the edges. you and I. McKenna Darkest Hour 7 As quickly as his anger flared. Yet there was something she was missing and Frank wasn't doing it for her. yeah. "Oh. The "nice guy" who attracted her in the first place had begun to grate on her after awhile. "Still. Frank was a taller version of George on "Seinfeld. as he always did when he became nervous. "You may be right. I need the challenge. but she had begun to think of him as a wimp." She tipped her head. not wanting to add "of a strong man." She shrugged.J. And my gut tells me this isn't working for me right now. But I have to go with my gut. I was the calming influence. Unconsciously. "Oh. the healer. You can be prickly. Ellie! If you got together with a man with as strong a personality as you. You were the hard-charging executive." Suddenly. come on. To Ellie. Ellie would never tell him to his face. "I mean. Ellie. 'let's still be friends'." God! That's what my mother always said I should try to be! His words stung and she was the one breaking up with him! "I'm plenty 'soft' when I need to be. It's just that a woman today has to fight for everything. "Sometimes you're a little hard to take." Frank continued." "That's true. I need someone who has a little more fire—" That was just as bad. mirthless laugh. "You know. this hasn't exactly been a picnic for me." He looked pensive." she said. either." he mocked. and he's just like you. he began to rub his balding forehead. "I thought we made a nice balance. you two would clash all the time! Look at how much you complain about your boss. as if conceding the point." "You're never going to find a man who treats you as well as I do. but…I think I need the excitement." . W. Maybe later…" He gave her a short. it faded.

Ellie. McKenna Darkest Hour 8 "No she doesn't. "Hard-charging" was the polite word for Ellie. You like charging into a room full of testosterone and proving that you have balls too. Frank trailed behind her as she grabbed her things." "You say that now. she’d have had his balls in a jar on a shelf—even more so than she did now. Face it—you aren't my soul mate." he said. trying to think of the right thing to say. "I think you're going to have a lot of disappointment ahead of you. You like the fight. "I hope you find what you're looking for. You like to dominate. Something that would give them both closure. you may look back and think you didn't have it so bad here. She didn't want to hurt Frank. He hadn't wanted to rock the boat. but inside." His prediction angered her. and I'm not yours. . he thought ruefully. Right. then risked saying what he was truly believed. but she didn't have time to fool around with a man who was never going to be Mr. You may not. She told him she had to get some of her things and went into the bedroom." "I am not set in my ways." She colored. W. Two years from now." He paused. Certain topics you just didn't bring up with Ellie unless you wanted a verbal war. She gathered up the extra clothes that she had left over during the seven months they had been dating." "Yeah. Outwardly. It was something that he probably should've said a long time ago. It only seems that way to you. It's not that she needed a steady man in her life—she'd done very well without one. Yet she did get lonely—what woman wouldn't? Why hang out with a man like Frank when she could be out there looking for the man who might be a much better fit for her? A strong man. he had to admit he was a little relieved. He knew that if they had gotten married.J. You're pretty set in your ways—and you're not even 33 yet. He could think of another one. "That's not a very nice thing to say. thank you. but it's true. It's better we end it now. he was dismayed at the turn of events. A man who had the power to sweep her off her feet. Ellie.

She couldn't help it—it was just the way she was born. helpful. That's probably why they had stayed together for so long. he liked Ellie—and the sex was great. they were good together. She liked strong men. McKenna Darkest Hour 9 Truth be told.J. yet hated to disappoint the kind man. Early in the relationship. Why she was attracted to him. his brother would tease Frank when he came home from a date with Ellie. When Ellie left Frank's place a few minutes later. opinionated. she didn't know. why'dya wanna go out with the Ice Queen?" Turns out. W. so he was offlimits. Ellie found that kind of raw power an incredible turn-on. He was arrogant. He was also a powerful force. as if she had performed a distasteful task. he had been right all along. His brother had warned him. the man's balls are gonna blow!" He was always telling him: "Come on. By the time she walked the three floors down to the parking lot. though. either. Jason Cummins was married. a shopping bag of her things tucked under one arm. but relieved. she was irritable and out-of- . not long after he had met her. She could be a tough broad. She worked for such a man. People instinctively stepped back to let him pass. She had had these feelings for several weeks. he was the perfect mate—generous. solicitous. As long as he let her have her way. Frank was trying to figure out how he could twist this to tell his brother he broke up with her. He carved the air around him as he walked. Yet there was an element of danger missing in him. In many ways. when Ellie was still refusing to have sex with him. and did not suffer fools gladly. Frank. She craved life on the edge. risky men. she felt vaguely dirty. Dirty. but she found herself entertaining impure thoughts about him. "Look out. and he wasn't a bad lover. The entire experience with Frank put Ellie in a bad mood.

. then walked away from it. He could tell she was angry. Ellie slid in. a stranger in the dark van watched her. from a distance.J. He cocked his head as he listened to the woman close the front door. Throwing the bag onto the passenger seat. the man watched as Ellie stepped out of her car. McKenna Darkest Hour 10 sorts. She trudged up to the door of her townhouse and let herself in.I'll tell you. I can move the schedule up. Now that the boyfriend's out of the way. hidden under the coffee table in her living room. W. "So he thinks I'm going to MISS HIM? That I can't do better than…. What went wrong? He turned on the small radio receiver and put the earphone into his ear canal. SOMEONE who will turn me on as…" The man smiled. I deserve to have more EXCITEMENT. He studied her longlegged stride. The microphone. started the car and drove off. her blonde hair made up into a tight. She and the intern had broken up. Parking outside her apartment. muttering to herself. The man saw the slump of her shoulders. picked up her voice as she talked to herself. Damn him for making me feel like such a bitch! There are men out there who can tame me—if they're strong enough! As she stalked across the parking lot toward her car. business-like bun. rising and falling as she approached. then followed. The stranger watched for a moment.

expecting Frank's call. Did it have to do with Frank? It was just too vague to bother with—she had more important problems to handle. stricken. Something important. but she couldn't remember what it was. Jason was out of town and he’d dumped a few of his projects on her desk before he left. Just wanted to check in—you must be working late tonight! Call me when you get a chance!" Ellie groaned.m. McKenna Darkest Hour 11 Chapter 2 Ellie remained distracted when she walked into the office the following day. What a wimp! Beep! "Hi. Letting a doctor slip through her fingers like that! She could hear her mother's voice now: "Men don't like all those hard edges. Coming home. she was exhausted. she checked the answering machine. Her mind flip-flopped over Frank's warnings that she would never find a man she could truly love. She was busy today. she got down to work. there was a nagging doubt in the back of her mind. there was no call from Frank.J. honey. When she left the office at 6 p. W. She spent the day juggling crises: their software wasn't compatible with one client's platform. She ate a solitary dinner and retired early. it's Mom. Even as she dealt with these issues. to tell her how much he missed her. god! She thinks I'm going to be an old maid! Shaking her head. from a dead sleep. She awoke at 4 a. more feminine. She couldn't face her mother tonight. Surprisingly.m." Oh. the sales figures from the Chicago office didn't gibe with the accounts receivable—and on and on. Ellie—how many times have I told you that! You need to be softer. Oh no! She remembered what had been nagging at her all day. Was she really such a hard case? She dreaded the upcoming conversation with her mother. The Rinaldi contract! .. feeling sorry for herself. to win the heart of a man.

Jason Cummins impressed upon her the importance of winning the deal. She remembered the day he signed the contract. McKenna Darkest Hour 12 Rinaldi Corporation was a relatively new client. . A sexist pig of the first order. "You blow this Ellie. giving Rinaldi a chance to cancel after one year for any reason. Rinaldi's president. except for one small problem. A success here could lead to inroads there. after months of negotiations. A success here could translate into additional sales at other companies. Harp kept holding the threat of going with a competitor's product over her head until she was ready to tell him to shove it. They had signed a deal last year to install knowledge management software developed by Ellie's company. Ellie saw no reason for them to cancel—after the expected glitches installing the software. Up until that date. the company had begun to receive meaningful data during the last six months. Because it was a new. there would be a substantial penalty. ForeKnowledge Software. Jason tended to get crude when he felt strongly about something. Ellie agreed to put an option clause in the contract. W.J. It was well-known in the industry that "cutting edge" software often meant "bleeding edge. Edwin Harp. She dared not do that. and I'll have your tits in a wringer. To protect ForeKnowledge—and assuming the project was going well—a contract extension had to be signed before the year was up. But the software had performed well. She could hardly take offense—she had heard him say the same kind of thing about a salesman's cock. was a complete jerk." cutting into the time and profits of the first users. But Ellie knew it wouldn't be so simple. It should have been easy to have them re-sign. breakthrough software design. Rinaldi was a small subsidiary of a huge conglomerate. That deadline had been yesterday." he had warned.

Ellie! When he’d dropped his hand to her breast. W. pretending he turned her on. But there could be tens of thousands later. I'll let you feel it. slicked-back hair and his oily manner. but inside. She had steeled herself and had not pulled away. Take that. just to keep her on edge. offered me quite an attractive proposal. "But their salesman isn't nearly as cute as you. Hang in there. Instead." he continued. she was thinking that if he weren’t such a big hotshot. Jim Bowens! What if Harp had been gay? Would Bowens have stood for him stroking the salesman's cock in exchange for a deal? Not bloody likely. McKenna Darkest Hour 13 Ellie wasn't above using her charms on Harp. she’d raised a fist triumphantly into the air. Letting this man get his cheap thrills was an easy way to outmaneuver the competition." he had said. she’d wanted to punch him. Harp oozed insincerity. . Ellie had sat and let Harp reach out and stroke her left breast. she'd hit him with an umbrella. She’d flirted with him a little. then nodded quickly. That's it? That's all he wants? She kept her face blank. She hadn’t stopped him when he unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and slipped his hand inside. He had smiled his unctuous smile and told her how pretty she was. She recalled the moment just before he’d put his signature on the contract a year ago. He mentioned a competitor's name again. Meanwhile. all the while telling him of the attributes of their software." Harp had stared. "Their sales rep. Using a man's sexual nature against him was a technique Ellie wasn't ashamed to use to win the sale. How far would she go to win this account? It was a small account—her commission would be less than three thousand. his head bobbing up and down." Harp had leaned in and touched her face. With his black. Everything had a price to him and he had his eye on Ellie. "You're the reason I'd even consider using your untested product. she’d grabbed his hand and held it to her and said: "If you sign. Jim Bowens.J.

She waited until 8:30 to call. W. Think of all the progress you've made in the last six months. Ellie. She preferred Ms. Why. I wanted to send a courier over today to get your signature on the option renewal. that deadline has passed. asking if I was going to renew with ForeKnowledge or go with—how did he put it?—a more 'professional. experienced' firm." "Well." She gritted her teeth. You'd essentially be starting over." Ellie heart sank. A deadline she'd had on her calendar for months! Ellie showered and dressed and was in the office by 5:30. "Mr. "Mr. I'm sure it won't matter if you sign it a day—" "Not so fast. Ellie. now it could all come undone because she missed a silly deadline. according to my copy of the contract here in front of me. the deadline was yesterday. you know I went out on a limb to use your firm. Harp had signed.J. Since the project's going so well for you. he made a good case. All that data would be lost. Martinson. "I don't think my board would object if I told them it just didn't work out. Ellie." "Gee. Harp? Hi. She pulled the Rinaldi contract and read it carefully. Unfortunately. Ellie Martinson here from ForeKnowledge Software. you wouldn't want to do that. Yes. I had Jim Bowens in my office just last week. for she had called him a month ago to remind him. McKenna Darkest Hour 14 When he had felt her up to his satisfaction. now that I have complete freedom to choose. I'll tell you. Harp. She could call him first thing and tell him she'd send someone in to get his signature on the renewal. Maybe he didn't realize the deadline had passed. Ellie. She caught him before his first meeting of the day. It was a thin hope. "Um." . Yes. Harp had the right to cancel it now without penalty. she knew. There was a form he had to sign to continue the agreement as is." She hated his constant reference to her given name. I'm just not sure. The bastard! He was just waiting for a slipup like this.

" ***** At 5:25. She wondered what she'd have to give up to make him sign.. fresh from the airport." Ellie knew what that meant." . Mr. To lose this contract now would send the wrong message to potential clients. She was dressed conservatively in a dark business suit. "Why don't you come to my office." Even as she spoke.J. Ellie saw the lobby area for Rinaldi was deserted. She was determined to show him the signed document when he asked. say. Her hair was up in a bun. Suddenly. a briefcase at her side. Harp. Ellie rode up in the elevator to the 16th floor. He had come in like a force of nature about 11 a. 5:30 tonight and we'll go over the paperwork. She looked every bit the professional. They would not see this as a creep trying to extort a female sales rep. Ellie could visualize the expression on Jason's face when he found out she had lost Rinaldi." he was saying. Here it comes. "I'll be there. "Perhaps we can work something out. "Ellie! So nice to see you! You look marvelous. Before she had a chance to call out. Harp came breezing in from the back hallway. W. She was grateful that Jason hadn't stumbled onto the fact that the renewal hadn't yet been signed. a white blouse and oneinch heels. she didn't feel so proud that she had used her female charms to get what she wanted. horny man.m. McKenna Darkest Hour 15 "But think of the money you've already spent. but as an indictment of their product. Ellie's mind was reeling. Everyone's gone home except for one slimy. She knew it was no coincidence. and scowling at all the problems that remained to be resolved upon his return. she thought. Exiting the elevator.

just so you know that I know." A bolt of anger gripped Ellie's stomach. Mr. Harp. "We can finish this up quickly—" "Oh. pardon my French. I've—" "Can't stay long enough to see the contract signed? That's up to you. I think you've been misinformed. Mr. Inside his spacious corner office. If you do . So. You've said you're satisfied with the software. Cummins doesn't take a personal interest in every small account—" "Ha!" His bark of a laugh cut her off in mid-sentence." she lied smoothly. All of the cubicles on either side were deserted. "You're a real bottom-line kinda gal." He was clearly enjoying this. I suppose. Who told him that? She had a mind to go back and rip some heads off. Immediately." he said. "I can't stay. "Mr. if you could just sign this. "What I meant to say. Ellie had no choice but to follow. This friend tells me your boss Cummins doesn't yet know you missed the option deadline. leading the way. I'll be on my way. Harp closed the door. is that I've got a dinner engagement. "Let's not play games here.J. she brought out the papers. "Why. no! Let's go back into my office where we can be more comfortable. will really hit the fan. Harp. You can see that the terms of the agreement haven't changed. I've got a 'friend' at your company. Cummins and you both know what the contract represents. "So I can't stay too long. "Let me tell you how it is." she lied. wondering what it would take this time to win the contract. Ellie. how about a drink?" She shook her head. aren't you?" Ellie just stared at him. the shit. McKenna Darkest Hour 16 She winced at his bad Billy Crystal impression." Harp looked her up and down. And once he does. W. "Now. She forced a grin and shook his hand. lights dimmed.

She'd make more money. I only got a feel of your beautiful breasts.' huh?" "Can you deduct condoms as a business expense?" No. "Last time. Furious and thrilled. She was a woman who wasn't afraid to use sex as a bargaining chip. She had a bad taste in her mouth that a bottle of scotch wouldn't wash away. Harp. she thought. breasts exposed. I want more. Much more. Ellie was plagued by doubts. She was a mixture of conflicting emotions. Mr. sucking on the man's cock would stay with her forever. New contracts would flow from this. She was humiliated and exhilarated." She stood abruptly. But the memory of her on her knees. And yet. 'payment for services. "What do you want?" He smiled an oily smile. She was disturbed by the way she was living her life. She would be the laughingstock of the office. Her boss would be pleased." Ellie felt she was being outmaneuvered." "Maybe you should stop calling it a commission and call it. She was fully aware that no one could ever know the lengths she had gone to earn Harp's signature. It's not easy being a tough woman. Ellie could hear the comments now: "There goes Ellie. "Now that we know the parameters of our negotiations." Ellie left an hour later. just like a man. Jason would certainly be paying attention to this 'small contract' as you put it. blouse unbuttoned. she was saved. Why do I have to be in control every minute? . W. There were too many compromises. the signed contract in her briefcase. I might even recommend your software to my parent corporation. This time. she'll do anything for a deal. Cheapened and empowered. Still." He grabbed her upper arm as she started for the door.J. McKenna Darkest Hour 17 well here. let's get down to business. she hadn't fucked the slimy bastard. "I'm not going to fuck you for this contract.

refreshed and ready to begin her new life. the dark stranger moved confidently through the townhouse. He took the bottle with him so no trace would be left of the drug. McKenna Darkest Hour 18 Chapter 3 That night. the man took out the round plastic container of birth control pills and slipped it into the bag. Slow and steady. He had taken the precaution of dissolving a sleeping agent into a half-bottle of wine he found in the refrigerator the day before. After all. to the living room. He went first to the kitchen—as he had hoped. It was 3 a. He went to the bedroom and checked on the lovely woman. he had many orders to fill. The dosage had been correct. He was a very careful man. Now. all the better to get to know her. then moved past her to the small bathroom. He had time now. despite the pressure to hurry. He moved. stepping easily around the furniture. He was about to gather her up in the blanket when he remembered one more chore. He always wore gloves so he would leave no fingerprints. Opening the medicine cabinet. with the sounds of Ellie snoring softly in the next room. Returning to the bedroom. His woman now. He had been in her apartment many times. reached under the coffee table and removed the sophisticated bug he had planted there a few weeks before. He took the toothbrush and toothpaste. catlike. He knew exactly what he needed here. Below the sink. He spent a few precious seconds admiring the rise and fall of her breasts through her nightie. That .m.J. He liked to explore in order to be intimate with his women before they even knew he existed. the stranger again entered Ellie's apartment carrying a small black bag. Good. he found the small paper bag containing the refills and put them in too. W. She should wake up in about six hours. the empty wine bottle sat on the counter. he leaned over Ellie and checked her pulse. One of many.

At the front door. With his thumb. he stepped out. He opened it wider. what with winter coming on. he gripped the bag in his teeth and squatted down to pick up the sleeping form. He carefully fastened her seatbelt. The parking lot at this hour was deserted. Good. Nothing. so it was easy for him to place her on the closest seat and lay her back. She was as light as the tune in his heart. He paused then. made him hard. Ah. Ellie's soft breathing was her only response. Now. and strode quickly to his car. "Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself in an accident. mentally checking everything on his list. In the bedroom. She weighed almost nothing in his arms. how he loved modern technology! The man had canted the seat back in preparation for this ride. He straightened up. turning slowly around. Her scent intoxicated him. Only once had he dared to walk by her when she was on her way to lunch. in case an insomniac was pacing near a window. He didn't want her to catch cold. only one final step remained. and checked for lights in nearby apartments. This was the first time he had been so close to her.J. Ellie in his arms. W. he eased it open a crack and peered out. holding her and the blanket. McKenna Darkest Hour 19 went into the bag as well. an old Lovin' Spoonful song he sang whenever he consummated his hunts: What a day for a daydream What a day for a daydreamin' boy Now I'm lost in a daydream. It wasn't the perfume he was really after—he needed her true scent. and in that fleeting moment he could only catch a whiff of her perfume. Confident. musky. he pressed the button on his key ring and the sliding door of the minivan opened. . sweet and full of promise. Dreamin' about my bundle of joy." he murmured.

W. There was no need to lock it. The man got into his car and.J. McKenna Darkest Hour 20 He closed the door carefully. . then shut the front door of her apartment. started the motor and drove smoothly into the night. with one final look at his prize. She wouldn't be coming back anytime soon.

and was unlikely to help her. McKenna Darkest Hour 21 Chapter 4 Ellie woke up in near darkness. her left foot banged against something metal. she tried to struggle to her feet. and heard the distinct sound of a chain rattling. From the slight constriction around her neck. As she did. "Hello!" she shouted into the emptiness. Did I drink too much? she wondered.J. her hands fastened behind her. She noticed she had cuffs on both ankles and. She couldn't remember how she had gotten here. What happened? Where am I? An hour passed by. Ellie could do nothing but think…and terrify herself with a thousand different scenarios of what might become of her down in . but that was the limit of her movement. which was good because she was naked. on both wrists. then moved closer to investigate. leaning in close to her. She started at the sound. a frightening. she took a deep breath. Unable to move very far. the sound of a car. The other end ran down into a hole in the floor—there was no way to escape from it without a key. horrific hour that seemed to drag on for days. It was a simple metal bucket. After that. she could tell in the dim light. She was lying on a soft rug. The chain was fastened to a ring on a leather cuff around her right ankle. she could step with her free foot. she believed she was wearing a collar too. there were just images: a face. The last memory she had was of her apartment. The room was warm. illuminated only by a single candle across the room. She fought panic. dented on two sides to make a pouring spout. Her heart thudded in her chest. but she couldn't stop herself from shouting out another frantic plea. Terrified. She was intelligent enough to realize that whomever had put her down here had done so on purpose. "Hello!" There was no response. What's happening to me? She squatted down to examine the chain and found it was securely locked to her leg. someone holding her. W. Wide-eyed. she could tell. There was very little slack.

Soon she was asleep. mounted low so even in the dim light she could see herself as a captive. maybe more. about 12 by 10. "Can anybody hear me?" Her eye wandered back to the pail and it dawned on her that that was probably her "bathroom. she moved as far away from the bucket as she could and lay down. Finally. however. The dim room was rectangular in shape. . "Hello!" she shouted. near a thick wooden post that rose out of the floor. Giving in. she felt so much better. debased and subjugated. her bladder threatened to burst." She edged closer and took a whiff—sure enough. She ignored it for the moment and took stock of her surroundings. Her mind returned to her urgent need to pee and she wondered if someone would come soon to release her and let her get cleaned up. Next to it stood a small table to hold the single candle. Afterwards.J. Who is holding me here? Why me? What do they want? When can I go? She resisted using the bucket for another hour because the idea was so gross and humiliating. despite the degradation she endured. Another hour passed by and her normal bodily functions began to kick in. yet she realized she had to pee. Questions raced across her consciousness. W. a solid oak door was the only way out. with wall-to-wall carpeting. Ellie was chained in the center. It must be 85 degrees in here. she squatted over the bucket and let loose her stream. There were large mirrors on two sides. No one had responded to her shouts. God! It was hard to do with her hands behind her. She had to look away from the mirrors to avoid seeing herself squatting like an animal. even though it was empty. she thought. Her mouth was cotton-dry. She was sweating now. the faint but pungent odor of urine and feces came back at her. McKenna Darkest Hour 22 this…place. Still. She cried softly to herself. both from nerves and from the heat. Fear and revulsion made her gag. praying whomever it was that had taken her would let her live. On one wall. exhausted.

and placed the pail by her feet. Ellie cried. The door slammed ominously behind her. Her back was straight. The door was opening! Ellie's mouth was still dry. W. Ellie was confused. "Please. but Ellie noticed right away in her other hand she was carrying a pail with a ladle in it—water! "Oh. McKenna Darkest Hour 23 A noise woke her. She put the candle down near one of the mirrors. She was petite and had spiky dark hair. What was she trying to say? "What are you doing?" she asked. she left. carrying another candle in one hand. . She spoke right up as soon as the figure appeared at the far end of the room. wearing the same cuffs and collar as she had on. "Please help me! Untie my hands! I'm dying here. yes. It was hard to see who it was. her shoulders shaking. Without a word. Ellie could see much more clearly now. Why didn't the girl give me some water? What the hell was wrong with her? She slumped to the ground. a good five inches shorter than Ellie. Ellie knew she would have to tread carefully to figure out what was going on here. She looked like a pixie. Ellie could see that the woman had no hair between her legs. What the hell? Ellie thought. Her dry throat ached. keeping them well apart.J. but overwhelming even that powerful emotion was fear. The woman didn't say anything. She opened her mouth slightly and looked down at Ellie's feet. "Who are you? Can I have some water?" The woman just stared at her for a few more seconds. The girl approached Ellie and placed her hands behind her back and slowly dropped to her knees. Then she stopped. balanced on a heavy holder. then sighed and stood." she gasped. Ellie could see it was a young Asian woman. She was angry. please—I need water! Please!" The pixie stopped just out of reach. She stood about 5-foot-2. and ignoring Ellie's entreaties. and had small breasts. The girl lifted the bucket and pantomimed giving Ellie a ladle of water. naked just like herself." The figure approached. She cursed.

"What the hell is this?" The girl took the next pill out of the case and held it out for Ellie. By now. The girl opened the case and showed it to her. "Thanks. Pixie came in with the bucket and stopped just outside Ellie's range of motion. Ellie was rewarded with another drink of water. Should she take the pill and protect herself from pregnancy or refuse on principle? The latter didn't seem like much of a choice. yet that would not get her unchained even if her arms were free. Ellie recognized a small flat object that the girl held in her hand: birth control pills. W. and Ellie suddenly realized she was supposed to mimic the girl's actions. leaned in and placed it to Ellie's lips." Now that they were so close. her raging thirst made her much more alert. The woman rose. her anger momentarily overriding her fear. The girl just shook her head as if to say. "Tell me what's going on!" The woman ignored her and left. Ellie fully expected to be raped while she was being held here—why risk pregnancy? She leaned forward slightly and allowed the girl to place the pill in her mouth. . "Quiet. then the woman reached over and took a ladleful of water out of the bucket. her mouth opened slightly and she looked down. the same as these. then opened her mouth slightly and looked down at Pixie's feet. Ellie's heart began to race—they were her pills! She remembered she was on day six of the prescription. Now—." she said after her first sip. She drank gratefully. She wanted to reach out and rip this pixie's spine out. Again. They stayed like that for several seconds. the scene was repeated.J. "Wait. gathered the pills and the pail and headed toward the door. McKenna Darkest Hour 24 Two hours later. Suddenly. then dropped to her knees. So she dropped to her knees. Ellie didn't know what to do. She looked up at the pixie. her hands clasped behind her." Ellie couldn't help herself. the door thudding solidly behind her. careful to keep them apart.

" although for Ellie. McKenna Darkest Hour 25 This scene was repeated the next "day. W. Ellie whispered: "Please help me!" She paid no attention. she replaced the shortened candles with fresh ones. This time. Ellie wept anew. Before the woman could leave.J. there was no difference between day and night. however. When Pixie entered. . Ellie immediately dropped into position and was rewarded with another drink and another pill. She measured time by the candles and the pangs of thirst and hunger. When the door closed. then approached Ellie with the bucket of water.

Above all. The door opened and Ellie looked up. She looked down for a moment. He walked with a feline grace. Food! She was starving. She scrambled to her knees. watching her meal disappear. why not with this man? He was a large man.J. He was tall. it was impossible for her to cover up. She was instantly terrified. a little over six feet. flaccid member was exposed. Her eyes were drawn to his groin. W. trying to process what was happening. "Please. a man entered. but she saw intelligence there behind the eyes. trapped here. and broad-shouldered. carrying something. Broad leather bands like suspenders went over his shoulders. It had worked with Harp. With her hands tied behind her. She judged the man to be in his mid-30s. Without another word. Ellie tried to concentrate. ." she said to him. and yet she thought she might be able to use her sex as a weapon. The man was bringing her food! She stood there dumbly. "NOO!" she cried. he turned on his heel and left. His hair was dark and thick. although his body was not overly hairy. He stopped in front of her. Her embarrassment at being naked suddenly became acute. The door slammed. As he approached. she knew she needed to eat. where his large." He stared at her. It was a hard face. she noticed two things simultaneously. then brought her eyes up to his face. scowling. a noise woke her. expecting to see Pixie again. McKenna Darkest Hour 26 Chapter 5 Hours later. her nose smelled food. he appeared far more menacing. Instead. dressed in some kind of cloth and leather outfit—Ellie had never seen anything like it. Put him in slacks and a dress shirt and most girls would call him handsome. rather than hidden by the outfit. To Ellie. "I'm really hungry. Before that could fully register. her embarrassment forgotten.

J. W. McKenna

Darkest Hour


She looked at herself in the mirrors and saw a bedraggled and terrified woman looking back. She squared her shoulders and put her head up as if to say, I'll get out of this! She wished she felt so confident. Her stomach growled all night. She had never been this hungry before. Ellie bounced between terror and fury over her confinement. In retrospect, she knew what she had done wrong—she had dared to speak to him. She was supposed to have done what Pixie taught her to do, be silent and grateful. How could she be so stupid? The woman came in next, and Ellie dutifully dropped to her knees, her mouth ajar and eyes downcast. She was rewarded with another drink, which she greedily lapped up. What she really wanted was food. A bath wouldn't be bad either, she thought—she smelled bad, even to herself. Her hair was getting greasy. This time, having learned what would keep her from food and water, she didn't bother to talk to the girl and was startled when Pixie reached out and touched Ellie's left breast, gently. The touch frightened Ellie and she almost said something, but caution stilled her tongue. A few hours later, when the man entered again, Ellie was ready. She got to her knees, legs apart, back erect and looked down, mouth open slightly. He grunted his pleasure and came close to her. She shivered but did not move. Ellie could feel her nipples harden, which surprised her. Maybe it's because I'm looking right at his cock, she thought. Under her gaze, the cock twitched and stiffened a bit. The man seemed to pay no other attention to her nakedness. At the edge of her vision, she could see him unwrapping the plate of food. She smelled turkey meat. With his hands, he ripped off a bite-sized piece and held it to her mouth. She took it carefully and chewed. It tasted delicious after so long without food.

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Darkest Hour


He was gentle as he fed her. Occasionally, he would reach out and touch her breasts, just as the girl had done. Ellie shivered, but did not pull away. She would rather eat, she decided. Afterwards, as he gathered up the plate and stood, Ellie desperately wanted to ask him all the questions that filled her head: Where am I? How long will I be here? What do you want with me? Could I at least get washed up? Brush my teeth? She said nothing. There didn't seem to be any point. No one had said a word to her since she had awakened a few days ago. Now each time they fed or watered her, the man or woman would touch her. First just the breasts, then her ass, later the soft down of her mound and later still, they'd run their fingers up her cleft. She made no effort to stop them for these touches were the only times she felt human. They were the only occasions anyone communicated with her, even if it was done in silence with caresses instead of words. Otherwise, without being touched, she was just an animal. A smelly, greasy, half-crazed animal… Ellie knew she stank badly by now and wondered why they didn't let her wash or brush her teeth. Her dark blonde hair hung limply by her face, matted with grease. She hated to look at her own reflection. The bucket was slowly filling with her wastes—since she had been given solid food, she couldn't help but have to squat over the bucket to expel her bowels. The odor was overpowering. She was used to it by now, but she imagined it wasn't pleasant for her keepers to come in and smell it while feeding her. Above all, Ellie felt an overwhelming despair. She huddled on the rug night after night and worried that no one was missing her, no one was looking for her. Most nights, she cried herself to sleep.

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Darkest Hour


Chapter 6
After a few more days of the same monotonous and stressful treatment, Ellie heard the door open and saw both the man and the woman enter. What was this? She immediately assumed the position and waited. The girl picked up the bucket of waste and left the room. The man just stood there, watching her for a moment. Ellie saw he had a whip in one hand. She didn't think she could be more scared, but this caused her heart to race anew. She waited, half expecting him to beat her, sweat collecting on her skin. She wanted to cry, to crawl away. There was no place to go. The girl returned with an empty bucket. The man handed the young woman a key and she stepped forward to unlock Ellie's ankle chain. The man stood aside as the woman helped Ellie to her feet. They were taking her out! Were they going to let her go? Somehow, she doubted that. With Pixie on one elbow, helping to guide her, and the man behind to watch her, the trio left the room and turned right, down a corridor. There was more light here, from sconces set high up on the walls. Ellie stumbled along, her muscles aching. "Where are we going?" she asked. She tried her best "executive woman" voice. "Dammit! I demand to know what's going on!" There was a sharp crack and she flinched from the pain. Her ass burned. Clearly anger wasn't a productive emotion to have. They turned into a room that had tiles on the floors and walls and Ellie's heart leapt at the thought that they were going to bathe her. She was also wary. By now she knew that every act of kindness came at a price—what was the price of a bath? They brought her over to a chair and sat her down in it. Using short lengths of leather straps, the man fastened both her ankles to the chair legs. As she

The girl nodded and looked over meaningfully toward the steaming shower area. In the brighter lights of the shower room. "You want me to cut my hair off?" she asked. she noticed the chair was bolted to the floor. So much for the idea of bashing him over the head. She was proud of her long blonde hair. . McKenna Darkest Hour 30 watched him. clearly miming what she was supposed to do. The point was clear—her hair for a shower. he unclipped her wrists and for the first time in days. greasy blonde hair. W. Why won't they talk to me? The man stepped away for a moment and Ellie heard the glorious sound of a shower being turned on. Her hair was all tangled up and filthy. and she desperately wanted to be clean. she was able to move her hands to her front. Her shoulder muscles screamed. she thought grimly. Pixie stroked her breasts the entire time and. like you'd see in a barbershop.J. The girl brought over a mirror stand and set it up in front of her. When the man was sure Ellie was well secured. Like a dog being petted. When he returned. She looked like a bag lady. she thought. reached up and pulled Ellie's lank hair away from her head. Or an animal. Pixie stopped her stroking. They allowed her several minutes to shake out the stiffness. even if she did have to fake some of the blonde. although Ellie had never entertained lesbian feelings before—and still didn't—she found her body responding to this small act of kindness. steam billowed out behind him from the adjacent room. She was grateful for any kind of attention. with tangled. she didn't recognize the woman in the mirror—she was pale and bedraggled. yet it seemed like such a terrible tradeoff. aghast. "Ow! Ow!" The word was forced out of her. Thank god! They were going to let her shower! But why was she tied to this chair? The answer came in moments when the man handed a startled Ellie an electric trimmer.

Ellie wondered if she could break free and escape. Now she couldn't run unless the girl ran too and that didn't seem likely. The girl gave her a toothbrush and toothpaste that Ellie recognized as hers—they had taken them from my apartment! At this point it didn't matter—she was happy to brush her teeth. The lead was only about four feet long. the two women returned to the other room. The man stepped forward and unlocked her ankles from the chair and removed her leather cuffs from her ankles and wrists. They dried each other off." She felt raped. In the mirror she looked like "G. shoulders shaking. Clearly. where the man had two towels ready for them. She sobbed harder now—she couldn't help herself. but even those thin hopes were dashed when Pixie took a lead and clipped it from her collar to Ellie's. Jane. then pulled Ellie into the spray with her. After Pixie turned the water off. Pixie helped Ellie to her feet and led her to the shower room. Ellie returned the favor. It felt good after being deprived of human contact for so many days. Ellie's head was reduced to short bristles of dark blonde hair. Great hunks of greasy hair fell away. almost playfully. McKenna Darkest Hour 31 Ellie knew if she refused. She began to cry. She spent several minutes bent over the sink. but she was glad to be clean. She looked in the mirror. relishing this small pleasure. there would be some terrible punishment. For a brief moment. She soaped Ellie up head to toe. sobbing. taking great pains to clean her ass and her cleft. they were going to wash together. the girl adjusted the temperature until it was perfect. She couldn't stand that. They were so cruel! The trimmer was powerful and within minutes. washing and smiling at each other. feeling a woman's soft body with her hands for the first time.J. but never speaking over the noise of the spray. W.I. Her heart sank. Inside the extra-large stall. The towel felt funny on her nearly bald head. which kept the girls within touching distance. washing the girl. . They spent a good half-hour there. and carefully began to run the buzzing trimmer along her scalp.

she didn't get upset over that thought. please. The brooding man refastened her ankle cuffs. causing her legs to widen even more. Her shoulders ached at the thought of having her arms behind her again. I won't try to escape. her eyes downcast and waited. From the moment Pixie had fed her the birth control pills. his bushy eyebrows knitted in thought. the girl unhooked the lead between them just as the man grabbed Ellie's arms and began buckling on the leather bracelets. that he would take her and she was powerless to do anything about it. . Out of the corner of her eye she saw the girl doing the same thing and knew that she was just as cowed as Ellie was. The man led Ellie back to the chair and sat her down. forcing her to the edge of the seat. Besides. Oddly. her mouth slightly open. In seconds. Pixie handed Ellie something and then she understood. Not because she wanted it. McKenna Darkest Hour 32 Afterward. then reached out and pushed her legs apart. She looked at the girl. And she'd had many long. She complied. then at the girl. she had known. He could rape her if he chose. she had known for weeks that rape was inevitable. Ellie dared not say anything further. and wondered why he hadn't already. His face was an unreadable mask. W. horrific days to accept that as her fate. She was holding a can of shaving cream and a safety razor. as if deciding. only she had been well trained. endless. The girl was probably a captive like her. Then he pushed the small of her back." she cried out.J. and she nodded. The man waved a hand and the girl scampered off. she had returned with something. "Oh. not understanding. minimal food and water. but powerless to refuse him. The man looked at her. and she supposed almost nothing—save the prospect of being put to death —could shake her up at this point. then clipped them to the outside of the chair legs. She wondered what the price would be this time? So she just stood there. but because she'd been down here so long with minimal human contact. she thought. please don't tie my hands back there again.

The girl took the razor from her and put it aside. That definitely would be worse. Finally.J. The man had moved up behind her and was aiming his now erect cock at her opening. but then she saw why she had done that. as the man pounded into the young girl. taking the now-flaccid cock into her mouth to clean it. to hold her while the man fucked her. and noticed him as well. she braced her hands on Pixie's shoulders. . The girl was on her knees. one hand absently on his cock. She stood in front of Ellie. Pixie spread her legs apart. Pixie turned her head. Ellie was startled and put her hands on the girl's back. She knew she was being trained like this girl. Once. each time forcing the girl into Ellie's chest. W. holding her tight against him for a minute. he thrust into her. Without a word. Looking down between the Pixie's legs. It was swelling quickly. yet Ellie knew if she didn't she might have her hands bound behind her for several more days. she began at the edges. then leaned over and grabbed onto the chair seat between Ellie's legs. just about even with Ellie's breasts. then pulled out. She finally finished. McKenna Darkest Hour 33 The meaning was clear—in exchange for not having her arms tied behind her. leaving her mound bare and gleaming. Ellie watched. pushing her head into Ellie's breasts. giving him easy access. Ellie squirted some shaving cream into the palm of her hand and rubbed it over her soft dark fur that was still wet from the shower. fascinated. right in front of Ellie's open legs. placing her head low. she had to shave the hair from her mound. With a grunt. Immediately. It would be humiliating to sit here in front of these two and shave her private parts. Taking the razor. carefully shaving away the hair. staring intently at her emerging skin. she saw the man's spunk dribbling out of her vagina to splatter on the tile floor. the young woman turned and dropped to her knees. the man came inside her. Ellie noticed. giving her a flash of her own shaved cunt. while the man stood just behind her. as if to help her up. Ellie watched in voyeuristic horror. then did something unexpected.

W. . Shaving herself had been worth it. The pair let Ellie back to her room and chained her up. the man released Ellie from the chair.J. It made a huge difference in her comfort level. McKenna Darkest Hour 34 After she was finished. then clipped her wrists together in front.

her ass in the air for the brute. Ellie would be chained to an eyebolt on a wall nearby. . The girl stepped back immediately. Watching the two of them aroused Ellie. replaced by overwhelming boredom. The man came near and put his fingers underneath Ellie's chin. Often. her anxiety had faded. with no one to talk to and nothing to do to pass the time. In effect. yet he hadn't tried to rape her—so far. eyes downcast. Shaving her privates was a small tradeoff. One day. she was the catalyst of her own training pace. followed by the woman carrying a small padded stool. Pixie came around behind her. as long as she sat in the chair and shaved her mound in front of them. being treated as a human for the first time in what felt like forever. either like before. They didn't require her to shave her head again. despite herself. While she was looking at him. McKenna Darkest Hour 35 Chapter 7 The hours and days ran together for Ellie. She was allowed to shower every other day. anxious to win new rewards. She found herself anticipating the next event. He clearly wanted Ellie to see this. the girl would get fucked afterwards. she really seemed to enjoy the hard cock of her master. She came regularly—and loudly—every time he fucked her. so she obliged. It wasn't feeding time. and approached her. braced against the chair. the man entered. He gazed into her eyes. or perhaps to just being noticed. W. she was mostly terrified. forcing her head up. afraid of what she was doing.J. Ellie fought her off. She swallowed nervously. Inexplicably. or else with the girl bent over the back of the chair. Now. So this was something new. she found herself drawn to him. she had been given a drink and her pill recently and her shower wouldn't happen until tomorrow. reached around and began pushing something into her mouth. for which she was grateful. Although Pixie was a slave like Ellie. When she had first arrived. Ellie scrambled to her knees.

I promise. causing it to distend despite her fear. She looked down as best she could with her neck pinned and saw that he had clipped a clamp onto her outthrust nipple. he produced something small. Ellie knew they were waiting to see how obedient she was going to be. He took another lead from his pocket and connected her ankles together behind the post." He ignored her. but it was replaced by the cramps in her leg and arm muscles. not saying a word as usual. Then he unclipped the wrist cuffs from in front and fastened them around the post behind her. unable to support herself.J. "I didn't know what she was doing. I won't do it again. her eyes down. She was left there for a few hours—it was hard for her to gauge time. He clipped a lead to the back of her collar. god! Why did I fight the girl. They stood there. Suddenly. The man reclipped her arms behind her while she lay groaning on the rug. one that would soon be painful. When the man removed the nipple clamps. Ellie cried as the blood flowed back into them. When they finally returned. He removed her from the post and she sagged down like a jellyfish. her muscles ached. I beg you. they both turned and left. The pain in her nipples soon diminished to a dull ache. she kept asking herself. I'll be good. I promise. She was ready for whatever they had in mind. her mouth was dry and her nipples throbbed. there came a sharp pain. she struggled to her knees. Oh. McKenna Darkest Hour 36 Ellie knew at once that she had angered the man." she said immediately. From a pocket. His face darkened. "Please. She cried out. W. her knees on the rug. A chain connected the two. then hauled her over to the wooden post and fastened it so her back was pinned against it. After a few minutes. mouth slightly open. It was made of . Ellie was alone in her torment. Another one followed on her right nipple. Ellie opened up wide this time and let her insert the device. watching." Without another word. I'll be good. He leaned in and she felt him rub her left nipple. "I'm sorry. I won't fight her again. It was an awkward position. Again the girl came around behind her and thrust something into her mouth.

she heard a clanking noise and realized she had fastened the chain that had been around her ankle to her collar. she yanked her head to the side so she wouldn't be suffocated. She kneeled there. and pulled free. she felt the satisfying bulge of the man's cock between her rubberized teeth. Ellie watched as the man approached her. making it stand erect and Ellie knew what she was supposed to do. mouth half ajar and saw Pixie reach up under her chin. The man grimaced. At the last second. with wires connecting the two halves at the back. For the first time. but then the device sprung open. Apparently. Before she could adjust her position. forcing her jaws apart. the side of her face was pressed firmly down. When he thrust his cock into her mouth. Ellie noticed he was holding a small remote control in his left hand. his cock hardening. McKenna Darkest Hour 37 rubber where her teeth fit. She growled like the animal she had become. she did what any woman in her position would do—she bit down hard on him. She realized immediately that it was designed to protect him against such action. Ellie moved her jaw and found it reduced the ability to close her mouth. for the first time in weeks. padded stool underneath her hips. giving the device stiffness. which kept her ass up. she allowed the overwhelming hatred to bubble up to the surface. her ass in the air. then ran a strap over her back to fasten to the other side of the stool. As it was. He stroked it a few times.J. exploding. they had pulled more of it from the hole in the floor. the girl had slipped the narrow. In another second. but there was . At first. She had no idea of its purpose. W. This was the beginning of her rape—and she still had a large reservoir of anger toward her captor. She hated this cruel man—hated him! And suddenly. He pushed a button on it and the chain that was attached to her collar ratcheted into the floor. The girl fastened it with a strap that went around the back of Ellie's neck. jerking her head down onto the rug. Ellie tried to move away.

This is it. he stopped. but nothing had changed. she thought.J. Her arms were helpless on her back. and a bolt of tremendous pain seared her tender ass. He gave her a few seconds to appreciate the pain. McKenna Darkest Hour 38 nowhere to go. She passed out again. sobbing on the rug. W. She heard a whistling sound. Apparently. As soon as her eyes opened. he hit her again. forcing another guttural cry from her abused body. which wasn't allowing her to form coherent words. She lost count. When he struck her the third time. She screamed. When she returned to consciousness. it was worse. The man thrust the bucket up between her legs from the backside and Ellie knew now why the bucket was bent in that odd way—it was so lip could fit between her thighs and rest under her cunt. her ass burned like fire. her head still held tight by the chain at her collar. the stool kept her ass propped up. afraid that she would die here under the whip in the next few minutes. She begged and cried through the device. then he struck again. She awoke a few minutes later. he was waiting until she was awake for every blow. This is where he rapes me. her ass thrust in the air. She was semi-conscious. Instead. The girl reached down and removed the device in her mouth and they both left her there. She knew she couldn't take much more of this. . Time after time he struck her. still held wide by the device. she passed out. Finally. She screamed through her open mouth. but she had to guess it was eight or ten. he struck her again.

He likes to hurt us. McKenna Darkest Hour 39 Chapter 8 Ellie didn't know how long she lay like that. she heard the door open and the girl returned. "I don't want to be here. "Don't fight him. alone. it was even erotic—she felt herself grow wet. "It's better if you just do as he says. her manner seemed odd to Ellie.J. but it had to be at least a day or two. "What does he want with me?" she breathed out. shivering as if cold though her body temperature was normal. "But—but. allowing Ellie to roll to her side and breathe. Afterwards. the chain loosened. The girl hushed her. Ellie sucked in her breath." Ellie was shaking." "Wh-who are you? Why am I here? How long have you been here?" The questions poured out of her. Pixie gave her a drink of water. "He may hear." Her voice. My name is Angie. "Isn't that obvious? He's making you into a sex slave." she whispered. Soon." . I've been here quite awhile—I don't know how long. Suddenly. In fact. He has listening devices and cameras everywhere. she began to enjoy the sensation. just like you. as though she was hollow. then dipped a rag into the bucket and began cleaning the wastes from her tender backside. then unhooked the footstool. she rolled Ellie onto her stomach and began to rub something soothing into the welts across her ass. She had to relieve herself more than once into the bucket. urging her to whisper. I've got to get out of here. but didn't say anything." she began to cry. like me. She was shocked when the girl spoke to her—it was the first time she had heard a voice other than her own in weeks. family. her face burning with shame even as her ass burned with pain. I have a job. Finally. She pulled the bucket clear. W. I was kidnapped." she whispered. "Th-th-thank you.

"What do you mean. he'll know it. She would be no help. "Oh. They are undergoing training." The image of Angie spreading herself for the brutal man came into her mind. that varies. The only name I am allowed to call him is Master." Master! Shit. Why me? she wondered again. 'after awhile'? When will he talk to me?" "After you're sufficiently trained. I felt the same way." "Where are they?" "In other rooms. But there's no escape. She would obey if it meant getting out of here. she'd send the police back for her. You'll see—it's not so bad when you just do what he says." Angie's almost rote response chilled Ellie. W. yes. although Ellie promised herself that when she escaped. like this. after awhile. A thought struck her." She paused. We're just here now and we have to make the best of it. I'll call him Butthead. he talks. When you're ready. "It's not so bad here after you learn to obey him. We're underground and he has the only access to the surface. Master has great patience. But you can't see them. McKenna Darkest Hour 40 "I know. There are two more." "How long will it be before they're 'ready'? For that matter. The girl was clearly broken in mind and spirit. "Who is he? Does he ever talk to you?" "Yes. They aren't ready. how long before I'm ready?" Ellie equated "ready" with a chance to escape this awful room. "Are there other girls here?" "Oh. Each girl goes at her own pace." A shiver went through her and she lost control of her voice for a moment. .J. just like you. "How can we get out of here? Have you found a way?" "There is no way. she thought.

" she finally said." Angie said. "I'm afraid Master won't be bringing you any food for awhile. W. "Can't you untie me? My arms hurt. Won't I ever get something to cover myself?" Angie stared at her as if she had spoken Latin. Ellie put her head down on the rug and wept. she turned and left." She shook her head. without another word. as if explaining to a child Then. but that was a long time ago." Ellie was desperate to talk now that the long silence had been broken. "Slaves don't wear clothes. If I were you. "Wait!" Ellie whispered loudly." "Please! I'm so embarrassed. "Master wouldn't like that. "I don't know. I'll bring you some more water later. I wouldn't try to bite him anymore. . McKenna Darkest Hour 41 "I'll leave you to rest. "How old are you anyway?" She looked off into the distance.J. I was 19 when I got here. as if trying to remember something from her past life." Angie got up to leave.

he gave a groan and thrust hard into her. Her stomach growled. it was unnecessary. She was so hungry. it almost made her gag. Ellie accepted it willingly. hands still fastened behind her. W. Suddenly. His cock had a bitter taste. she opened her mouth to take in his semi-erect member. pushing his cock further down her throat. This time. she realized. Panic caused her nostrils to constrict. he was fucking her mouth. she thought to herself. While alone. she was ready to take his cock into her mouth. She tried to swallow. McKenna Darkest Hour 42 Chapter 9 She guessed she had been without food for at least a day when the man and the girl again entered. His strokes increased. He wrapped a meaty hand behind her head and began to pump into her. Her ass still stung from the whip.J. but choked instead. When the man approached. She forced herself not to think about it and began stroking the underside of his cock with her tongue. Now. it seemed like a fair trade. Again. She counted seven—it had felt like twenty. Oral sex for food. in her mind. she smelled food. Anything rather than endure another beating. He pulled out . she had looked over her shoulder at herself and was shocked by the angry red lines across her ass and upper thighs. His balls bounced against her chin. She watched him carry the wrapped plate across the room. Ellie had never taken someone this deep before—she was afraid she'd throw up. Her tongue was pressed up against the underside of his cock to help increase the pressure. Combined with the rubber mouthguard. This guy could easily kill her. As they neared. Ellie felt the splashes of his seed fill her throat. She got to her knees and waited demurely. Angie put the device in her mouth. even though. hoping he'd come more quickly. so she could only breathe on his outstroke. She wasn't going to bite him. She fought her rising gorge and concentrated on pleasing him.

" she gasped out through her rubberized mouth. Angie's juices were sweet. her legs on either side of Ellie's knees. Angie did not insert the safety device. She was too weak. Ellie would've pitched forward without Angie's help. Leaning forward. Butthead had very recently fucked Angie. "I'm thorry. so Ellie was being given a dose of his sperm as well. The next day. I'm thorry. She did not want to find out what those consequences might be. her arms awkwardly tied behind her. weak with hunger. She leaned in. she was given another try to satisfy the man. the man picked up the plate and left. Angie put her hands on Ellie's head and guided her into her damp pussy. knowing she'd insulted him. The meaning was clear—Ellie could bite the man if she chose and suffer the consequences. Ellie risked a look at the man as if to ask. Her stomach was empty. Ellie collapsed. with one notable exception. She sat up on her knees. waddling to the bucket just in time. "I'm sorry! I couldn't help it! I'll do better. I promise! Please!" The door slammed ominously. Ellie was confused for a second as Angie came up to her and stood close. she thought. Didn't that count for something? Without a word. and opened her mouth for him like a baby bird. but Ellie tasted a bitterness there that she recognized. Ellie sagged down next to the bucket. too hungry to care. Angie came over and removed the device. Besides. W. McKenna Darkest Hour 43 and she retched. I conna 'elp it. No way. followed by the girl. "NOOO!" Ellie screamed. Ellie licked and teased the girl's slit. The asshole wants a warm-up act. her naked cunt thrust close to her face. "Is this what you want me to do?" The man just stared at her and absently rubbed his soft cock. Is this his way of prepping her to accept his load without hurling? She had to assume that it was— . she could smell the food he brought and she was determined to earn it. which at least hadn't sprung apart— that proved she hadn't tried to bite him.J. He grunted his approval and waved his hand at Angie. so she just heaved up the remains of his sperm along with her own bile. Ah.

W. He was a little more gentle now. depending on whether he allowed her to clean him up. but not quite erect. Perhaps it was because he had recently come. waiting. but this experience with the man did not cause her to panic. Ellie could tell Angie was well trained to be a sexual being and come quickly. Instead of immediately pushing himself to the back of her throat. he thrust hard. she could taste the girl's juices along with the bitter flavor of his cock. Angie pulled back and moved aside. or it might be that Ellie was more conditioned to pleasing him. gushing her juices and the man's sperm into Ellie's mouth. She swallowed and swallowed. A few minutes tickling Angie's clit and she came hard. . She could see it was shiny. causing Angie to thrust her hips up to meet her. His hands guided her head back and forth on his cock harder now as his climax approached. The man's cock was harder now. She tickled the girl's clit. His hands behind her head weren't gripping so hard. A small amount of sperm escaped out of the corner of the mouth and ran down her chin onto one of her naked breasts. giving her time to adjust. he thrust in and out with short strokes. squirting load after load into her.J. Ellie swallowed it dutifully. but she stayed with him. and trying to open up her throat for him. When the tip of his cock entered her mouth. Ellie opened her mouth wide for it. tonguing him rapidly. anxious to show she could be good. shoving his cock down her throat and came. then dropped to her knees. With a groan. that she could take what he gave her. She could breathe through her nose now and her empty stomach did not rebel over the onslaught. He pumped at her longer this time. Nevertheless. she accepted him into her mouth. McKenna Darkest Hour 44 or else the man just got off on watching another woman clean up his spunk. probably from either Angie's cunt or tongue.

She just wanted to get away. While she ate. which felt abandoned. W. Was there something wrong with her? The bizarre thought shocked her—being raped was not something she wanted. "Th-thank you. then returned to stroke her breasts lovingly. It felt soothing to be touched while being fed. scorned. she'd say she was aroused. thank you. Angie crawled over to her and wiped up the cum off her breast and licked her fingers. McKenna Darkest Hour 45 He stopped and pulled away. She'd been here a few weeks and not once had he tried to rape her. Had she done okay? Was he pleased? In answer. sir." she gasped out while her shoulder muscles ached with relief. But the voice of Old Ellie had to cut through the wonderful sensations of being hand-fed while having one's breasts stroked—sensations that for the Conditioned Ellie made her feel almost human again. the Old Ellie told herself. When they rose. She was pleased with herself—she had done well enough to earn shower privileges again. The pair escorted Ellie to the shower for a much-appreciated soapy session with Angie. If she didn't know better.J. This was in stark contrast to Ellie's cunt. She dropped her face down and waited. She was smart enough to recognize that being pleased with herself in this way meant she was participating in her own conditioning. She ate hungrily. hoping. Angie leaned down and kissed her on the lips. he unwrapped the plate and began feeding her. Ellie returned the kiss without thinking. Ellie was thrilled to see the man unlock her hands from behind her and fasten them in front. .

ow! Please!" The man immediately removed both clamps. She let them fall. it would do no good. Ellie could see that the girl held the remote that controlled the chain. But her victory was short-lived—he got up. This time. Only Angie came in with her water and a pill. he fastened a nipple clamp to it. she was quick on . it wasn't unpleasant to satisfy this girl. cursing herself. food. He repeated the process to her other nipple. for which Ellie was grateful. Ellie couldn't help herself. Any false moves or attempts to escape and her head would be jerked down to the floor. it was the only time she felt like a human being. Besides. When it was fully erect. took the plate and left. which was still attached to her neck. She went without food or a shower for another day. She was shocked when he waved her off as she reached for his cock with her bound hands. Ellie shuddered at the very thought. Another lesson to learn. Yes. Ellie sucked in her breath but did not scream. She came so easily and seemed so happy with Ellie's efforts that it made her feel worthwhile. Ellie discovered. water and shower privileges had to be earned in other ways. it broke up the monotony. W. Ellie resisted calling after him. Even without words. When the man arrived with her food. she thought. Ellie fully expected to give him his blowjob and found she was almost looking forward to it. He reached out and rubbed her nipple. More importantly. "Ow. McKenna Darkest Hour 46 Chapter 10 From that point on. making it stand up.J. Now she had to tongue the girl's clit until she came before she would earn her drink. No longer was Angie satisfied to see Ellie simply assume the position when she came in with the water bucket. puzzled. Ellie closed her eyes in defeat and wept. Ellie could feel the juices in her cunt begin to flow. with punishment surely to follow. It also broke up the monotonous days.

she endured the clamps stoically. The sensations were lovely. clamps burning her breasts. The man pushed her down on it. The saddle also supported her legs so she was no longer hanging by her arms. He grabbed Ellie by the chain and unlocked it. flicked a switch. reaching to the front. then yanked her over to the post. In fact. realizing what she had done and was terrified by his drastic retributions. Pulling her arms up over her head. No sooner was he out of the door then she reached up with her bound hands and unclipped them. then undulate. Okay. expecting to be filled by someone sooner or later. the door burst open! He had been waiting out there. he tied them off until her ass was about eighteen inches off the ground.J. It didn't happen. . She returned and. The man then fastened a strap from the post around her waist. She was confused—this was punishment? Angie ran an electric cord from the device over to a wall socket and plugged it in. This time. She could come very quickly. she thought. It wasn't unpleasant—it was too thin to fill her completely. Angie slid what appeared to be a small saddle under her and Ellie saw that had a narrow black dildo sticking up out of the center. her cunt had been aching for days. her legs bent outward to keep her balance. He wanted her to accept the clamps without complaint in order to get fed. she said to herself. He came back the next day and Ellie steeled herself. Ellie was forced to lift up and straddle the object. McKenna Darkest Hour 47 her training by now. for Ellie could feel the cock vibrate slightly. He fed her and she expected him to remove the clamps when she was finished. After all. she had to eat. She froze. just so he could come back in quickly to catch her disobeying him. Her nipples ached painfully for a few minutes. Suddenly. She told herself she would put them back on before he returned. the girl trailing behind carrying something in both arms. The man came at her like a thundercloud. He gathered up the remains of the dinner and left her there. There must have been some kind of motor on it. I can do that. keeping her from standing up off the fake cock. W.

She couldn't come without hurting her nipples or her nether lips. he reached down between her legs and fastened a clamp on each of her labial lips. her clit was pulled away from the vibrator. McKenna Darkest Hour 48 The man stepped in close and thumbed her nipples again. He did. Just as she did. less than an inch away from the narrow shaft of the pulsating cock. She went back and forth like that for hours. the vibrations and undulations started again. The chains pulled her lips up enough to allow her clit to fully extend. She also had to urinate badly. She knew if she peed on the man's carpet. the punishment would probably be worse than this.J. keeping her on the edge. trying to come. it relieved most of the pressure from her nipples and lips. She rotated her hips up to relieve the pressure. But when she did that. ending at two more clamps. When she thrust her hips down so she could climax. pulling them upward even as the other end pulled her nipples downward. the cock stopped undulating again. and she knew he was going to put the clamps back on. W. She had nearly come a half-dozen times and her nipples and lips ached. then gasping as the chains tugged painfully on her nipples again. She couldn't . Ellie had no idea how long she would have to endure this punishment. Ellie was exhausted. When she looked down she could see it. With the other ends. but these clamps were different— they had a chain dangling from each one. "Damn!" she said aloud. only to be frustrated by the quietening dildo or the pain from the clamps. she rotated her hips down. Checking to make sure his exquisite torture was working well. She groaned. No sooner were they out the door then the vibrator stopped. Sucking in her breath. Ten minutes later. sticking out wantonly. letting her clit feel the vibrations. She found that if she rolled her hips forward and up. caught up between the pain of the clamps and the pleasure of the vibrating cock. her nipples and labia ached from the added strain. The vibrating cock was more of an annoyance by now than a source of pleasure. the man and the girl departed.

Without a word. When she was finished. The urine aggravated her sore cunt. She resisted saying something stupid. They also ran down the insides of both her legs. she almost hoped he would fuck her. but she couldn't get close enough. he returned. Finally. then unlocked her hands from in front of her and placed them behind her back. not caring that the man was watching her intently. he put the saddle out of her reach and left. He flicked off the switch and set the saddle aside. The man finally untied her from the post and she practically ran to the bucket and let loose her stream. Sighing to herself. The man relocked the chain to her collar. and she bit her lip to keep from crying out. Damn! Now she couldn't bring herself off! The man brought the saddle over to her. like "Thank God!" or "It's about time!" and just waited there. He put his hand on her neck and gave her a little push. Still. It was wet with her juices. waiting. her hips rotated up as much as possible to relieve the pressure on her nipples. She reached out a leg. Her legs were so weak he had to help her up off the vibrator. . trying to snare it. She had to come! She resisted letting her fingers touch herself. Without the clamps. W.J. Ellie went down on the rubber cock and licked it clean. McKenna Darkest Hour 49 wait until she was freed—she could make herself come in a few seconds with her fingers. She was so horny. she dutifully came back to the man and kneeled down. she could come in a heartbeat on that device. just grimaced. He unstrapped her from the post. He unfastened the clamps and Ellie nearly passed out from the pain. She eyed the black dildo hungrily. she said nothing. Ellie's stomach growled.

J. but she knew she was being conditioned. then allowed Ellie to repeat the attention. The man finally returned with the food. "But I am. She thought she might be able to come quickly. Her cunt twitched with her need. Finally. Then she went down on the black member. hungry cunt. W. the girl pulled herself up and shut it off. "Master wouldn't like that. Angie shook her head. The girl came within a couple of minutes. Her mind wasn't as far gone as Angie's. nearly crying out from the envy she felt. she whispered to Angie. Instead. Angie placed the water bucket down then stood close to the captive." She paused. Ellie watched her have orgasm after orgasm for the next 15 minutes. letting it fill her up. "Can you help me to come?" Angie just shook her head. She gasped. "Master says you're not ready to come yet. just as Ellie had done a few hours earlier. you clean it up afterwards with your mouth. Conditioned. she thought—whoever or whatever you fuck. can you at least pull that closer?" Again. Ellie glanced at the saddle. McKenna Darkest Hour 50 Chapter 11 Angie came in a few hours later with water. wondering what she would have to do to earn it—more nipple clamps? Her nipples still ached from her long session. "Well. so quick to come for her. lapping up her piquant juices. cleaning it with her tongue. Ellie was eagerly anticipating pleasing her now. Ellie dove into her bald cunt. She was such a sweet girl. then tried to be silent as he stroked inside her. Ellie kneeled down. More training. She reached down and turned it on. he reached down with his right hand and worked two fingers into her wet. The man seemed to know this and didn't touch her breasts." Angie went over and sat down on the dildo. When she had drunk her fill and swallowed her pill." she whispered back. .

she almost called out to him. Sitting on the rug. She could smell her scent on his fingers as she took the bite.J. It was a mantra for her. The constant fucking and sucking—and Angie’s loud orgasms—were having their effect on Ellie. Cunt. then rest them against the man's broad chest when he plunged into her. scorned and horny. she couldn't tell the taste of her food from her cunt. despite her hatred of this man and his dark. legs apart. teasing her as she came repeatedly. mouth—lick. making sure she licked them before he pulled away. confident Ellie was eroding. She was on edge. Both were delicious—more training. She couldn't deny her need now. Still. more like the man's cock. he fucked her mouth. then held it to her mouth. Angie clearly enjoyed it—she came many times while Ellie watched. When he left. a part of her stopped her. swallowing it. He repeated the process. food. He kept his fingers near her lips. Often. He came and she almost came as well. She was clinging desperately to who she had been before arriving here. She wanted to feel it in her womb. Angie used it regularly. she would drop down on the rug right in front of Ellie and let him fuck her. Afterwards. Her cunt throbbed as she kneeled there. begging him to allow her to come. McKenna Darkest Hour 51 He pulled his fingers out too soon. she thought. W. she tried to press her heel against her clit and climax. The saddle remained to torment Ellie. feeling his spunk fill her mouth. lift her legs up to her breasts. so it didn't have that musty smell like someone's old jockstrap. reached over to the plate and took a piece of meat. This new Ellie was much more humble. The tall. ass up and they'd go at it doggie-style. letting him thrust into her throat. with her legs wide apart and her right leg bent. They varied the positions: Sometimes she would place her head low. but was frustrated yet again. She replaced the thin dildo with a larger one. Ellie noticed. forbidding dungeon. Cunt. Angie would lie on her back. when the man entered with the girl. more dependent. Other times. she noticed. strong. . His cock was cleaner this time. mouth—lick. food. By the time she finished.

J. But why. then. he would unclasp her hands from behind her and clasp them in front. The first time. he would punish her. didn't he rape her and get it over with? . She knew that if she masturbated. Only his cock could end her torment. He was conditioning her to want his cock. So she had to watch them. She wasn't stupid—she knew what was going on. while her relief was just inches away. her cunt aching with need. she automatically tried to touch herself and the man yanked her hand away. McKenna Darkest Hour 52 The man apparently knew this too—whenever they came in to put on a show for her. W. his face scowling.

J. W. McKenna

Darkest Hour


Chapter 12
Ellie simply couldn't stand it anymore. She had endured too many sex acts in front of her with no relief. One day, when the man fastened her hands in front of her just before he was about to fuck Angie again, Ellie turned sideways, dropped her head down to the rug and thrust her ass up into the air. Her meaning was very clear—fuck me, you bastard, fuck me! Angie, who was in a similar position, froze, staring at her. The man, for the first time since Ellie arrived, smiled. He came over to her and she was sure he was going to satisfy her overwhelming need. Instead, he reached down and began stroking her ass. Ellie melted. When his hands drew closer to her core, she knew that her orgasm was coming. Please don't stop! she begged inwardly. The new Ellie was pushing the old Ellie aside in her thirst for release. His fingers brushed her clit and she exploded in the most powerful orgasm of her life. She bellowed, she cried, she shook from the depth of it. The man stepped back and watched her climax slowly ebb. Ellie calmed finally and waited for him to thrust into her, to bring her back up to the heights of ecstasy. Instead, he moved away. Ellie's cunt ached. The man returned to Angie and hovered over her soft round ass, his cock rock hard, as if tormenting Ellie. Then he pounded her cute little cunt. The girl had her face toward her and Ellie thought she saw Angie smiling as if to say, "Ha, ha—he's fucking me, not you." Despite her horniness, she was amazed at how well conditioned Angie had become—to the point of being jealous over a new captive. Oh, god—I don't ever want to be like that! With her hands tied behind her again when she was alone, Ellie knew that the only way she could come was at the "master's" hands. Sometimes, he allowed

J. W. McKenna

Darkest Hour


her to have her hands in front at night, but he always fastened them to the collar. He didn't want her to slip. He would fastened her hands in front before every session with the girl, and Ellie took that as her signal to turn toward him with her head down and her ass up. Since that first day, he had avoided letting her climax. By now, her mind was consumed by sex. Her clitoris buzzed constantly. The man did not change his indoctrination. Ellie was still subjected to watching the almost daily sex with Angie. Every time the man entered the room, Ellie assumed the position, thinking that this might be the day. Her cunt dripped in anticipation. Yet the man continued to ignore her need. The lips of her cunt were swollen and reddened. She thought she might be going mad. One day, Angie came in alone. She was naked, as usual, but this time, she had a pouch slung over one shoulder. She waited while Ellie assumed the position, then whispered to her. "Are you ready?" Ellie knew immediately what she was talking about. "Yes! Oh, yes. I'm ready." Angie unfastened the chain from Ellie's leg and the arms from behind her back. Ellie rubbed her upper arms for a few seconds to relieve the soreness. Almost without thinking, she let her right hand slip down toward her clit. Angie grabbed her wrist. "Your cunt is only for Master now. You are not to pleasure yourself. Do you understand?" Ellie nodded, trying to think of a way out of that edict. "If you violate this rule, you will be punished. You are only allowed to come in Master's presence, at his command." They both heard the door open. Master was coming! Angie, who had her back to the door, immediately fell down on her arms, her ass in the air. Not to be outdone, Ellie turned around next to her and mimicked her actions.

J. W. McKenna

Darkest Hour


Ellie was surprised at how eager she was, but she couldn't help it. She had been waiting for this moment for days, even weeks. It doesn't mean I don't want to escape, she told herself, her ass wiggling invitingly at her captor. I can use him for my pleasure, can't I? The man came closer, observing the two women. He was pleased. Training for the new girl was going well. She was ready for intermediate training. He stepped up between Ellie's ankles and dropped to his knees on the rug. He rubbed the head of his cock against her wet slit. She shuddered. His cock felt like an iron bar. "My name is Master," he rumbled, speaking to the captive for the first time. "Let me hear you say it." To emphasize her obedience, he let just the tip of his cock enter her. "Master!" Ellie gasped. "Please, Master, fuck me!" She was beside herself—he spoke to her! And he was going to let her come! Thank god! In that moment, the old Ellie was gone, replaced by this needy, grasping, submissive woman who needed this man's cock—and right now. He plunged into her in one stroke. She was so wet; her passage easily enveloped him, welcoming him into her. "From now on, slut, you must ask permission to come." Startled, Ellie was ready right now. "Please, sir, may I come?" she blurted out immediately. "Yes, slave," he said and pumped once. Ellie came hard, her eyes closed tightly. Sweat popped out of her body. She cried out, rocked by the orgasm. The man wasn't finished. He continued to pump into her and Ellie felt another orgasm building. Her body was sucking at him now, making wet noises as he slid in and out of her. She wanted to touch herself, but with her wrists clipped together, she couldn't and maintain her balance on her forearms. She sensed Angie drawing closer and was surprised when she scooted down between her legs. For a

Her eyes were tearing up and her nose began to run. I'm a fucked-up mess. "Ohgodohgodohgod" she sobbed. she just looked up at the man's large cock thrusting in and out of Ellie's pussy. Ellie exploded again. Ellie literally saw stars and felt dizzy from the impact of the release. then raised up to lick her elongated clit. her words running together. W.J. she thought. just as the man grabbed her hips and came hard into her. Or a fucked mess. McKenna Darkest Hour 56 moment. .

" she said meekly.J. you will have to begin again. W. Uh oh. You'll be moved into another room that's shared by slaves-intraining. McKenna Darkest Hour 57 Chapter 13 When he pulled out." she said and scrambled over to him. She looked around. masculine voice of his. It took a few seconds for her to be aware of the silence in the room. Master. "You've done well. She expected that Master would be pleased with her eagerness to fuck him. This represents the next step in your development. she thought. you will only be tethered as part of your punishments. "If you violate my trust in you. thrilled that she was to be allowed out of this featureless room. she sagged down. "Don't forget again. She wasn't sure what it would have been." he continued. "From now on. Instead. If you do well there. once she was finished. you will continue to wear Master's collar and cuffs. However. unable to move for a moment. ." he said in that deep. The idea of going back to her treatment when she first arrived was too horrible to contemplate. but she had no desire to find out. along with a pen." Ellie nodded. She placed her mouth over his soft cock and cleaned it. "Good girl." Ellie felt she had dodged a punishment. Angie by his side. He patted the back of her head and rubbed the bristly hair. Do you understand?" Ellie shuddered involuntarily. you can earn more freedoms. he was just staring at her. "Good." He leaned down and unclasped her arms. Master turned and snapped his fingers at Angie. then it struck her. "What—" she began. "I promise to be good. "Sorry. You've earned some new freedoms. The naked girl produced some papers from the pouch at her side and handed them to Ellie.

" They stepped inside as the man continued to speak." Ellie was taking in the surroundings like a kid in a toy store. You have more training to undergo. You should be more comfortable here. Ellie was directed to shave between her legs again. There's a small kitchen and fridge. he noticed her looking at the lock. When did you first have sex? What talents do you have? Ellie answered these and other questions as honestly as she could. afraid that somehow. If I have to fill out paperwork to get out of this room." Master rumbled. She was getting good at it by now and finished quickly. showing an apartment to prospective buyers. except for the kitchen and bathroom areas. There was real furniture in it—chairs and a couch. He collected the papers. "This room is larger and has bathroom facilities. Opening it with a key. then turned and led both girls out of the room. She looked up and was about to ask some questions when she saw Master's stern expression. then I'll fill out paperwork. "Yes. The room was huge compared to her cell. Master then took them out into the corridor again and headed away from Ellie's hated former cell. I have to keep you locked in. perhaps 20 feet by 30 feet. where it was tiled. They appeared to be a questionnaire and two bank signature cards. It had a thick rug. like for when you open an account. Ellie took the material. W. He stopped outside another imposing wooden door. describing the room as if he were a real estate agent. What the hell did this matter? It's all under duress. She mentally shrugged and began reading the form. McKenna Darkest Hour 58 "We need some information and your signature here before we can move you. he might see into her soul if she lied.J. There were no beds. puzzled. Then she signed the two cards. . filled with pillows and blankets. but there was a large padded sleeping area in one corner. Ellie was surprised to find she liked the sound of his voice after so many weeks of his silence. He took them to the shower and let them clean up.

J. As she took it in. Christine. however. each with controls. "It would please me if you would clean her. "Slave Ellie has recently received my seed. next to two sinks. Ellie didn't believe what he was saying. Looking around. Idly. "Slave Ellie. but you'll find it adequate. without a second thought. she noticed three cameras that covered the entire room. McKenna Darkest Hour 59 A naked woman had been sitting in one chair. Some meals you'll cook yourself and sometimes you may be eating outside of this room. Ellie's eyes cast downward to the woman's sex and saw she also was shaved. small stove with four burners and a sink. the man continued speaking. One seemed to be focused on just the bathroom. There were no walls or door—it was just open. Adjacent to the sinks was a large shower stall with no doors or curtain and two nozzles. like a locker bathroom." The kneeling girl didn't look up. I've brought you a roommate. came over to her. "It's all right. "The kitchen is small. Two toilets sat side by side. W. dropped down on her knees and placed her . the woman jumped from the chair and assumed the submissive position. Her breasts were smaller. Ellie saw the kitchen. she wondered if the water would spray all over. Her eyes riveted on the bathroom along the opposite wall. She promised herself that she would do nothing to violate the trust that had been placed in her. but had large areolas. Ellie saw the brunette was nearly as tall as she and heavier." Christine unfolded gracefully. He must like to watch. A refrigerator." Eating outside the room! The words pleased her to no end. eyes downcast. The man approached her and gently lifted her chin with two fingers. You may stand." For a moment. She wasn't fat as much as she was muscular. Her nipples stood at attention. Closer to her. As soon as they entered. Ellie paid her no more attention as she continued to marvel over her new quarters." Master was saying. meet Slave Christine. Christine.

"Um. though Angie had been kidnapped and held captive. Ellie's feet barely touched the ground. W. She knew immediately she had crossed a line. weeping bitterly until the end. "Please. She tried to look over her shoulder." He led her to a thick. square post in the middle of the room that Ellie hadn't paid attention to before. Ellie resisted and spoke up. . His face wasn't angry. but she did. She viewed the new captives as competition. waiting for her punishment. When he clipped her arms together. Perversely. she was ready to do anything he asked. Angie was small. followed by the crack of the crop across her ass. "Angie. sir —" He cut her off with a wave of his hand. Pulling her arms up over her head. she knew that Angie was jealous and this was her way of getting even. She heard the man speak. Again the whip struck her. she thought she might pee here right on the floor. "There is always an alternative to pleasure. Master…. Ellie was allowed to hang there for a few minutes. I'm a little sore. Her breasts rubbed painfully against the rough surface. her legs shaking." So he was making the girl whip her. The man was holding a riding crop. The man slipped a blindfold over her head. Ellie realized.J. She shivered now. He released her and she sagged to the floor. She screamed. her stomach flipflopped. five strokes. Pain lanced her. he hooked them high. So great was her fear. How could that little girl hit so hard? In an instant. She didn't think she could bear three more." he said. The woman began to spread Ellie's legs. When the man stepped close and pulled off the blindfold. perhaps it wouldn't hurt as much as if the man did it himself." The man turned his gaze from Christine's ministrations back to Ellie's face. sweat pouring off of her. McKenna Darkest Hour 60 mouth on Ellie's tender slit. he just looked determined "Very well. She heard the whistling sound. casting her into darkness. again Ellie cried out. she had come to see her tormenter as her man.

Ellie. until I say otherwise. sir. woman. She was so close. God. I won't force you. being sucked in by her new roommate. you don't deserve to." Christine's tongue probed deeper. I wouldn't do this to you! her mind screamed. "And because Christine was such a good sport. she needed to come. don't work so hard! Ellie felt herself trapped between her Master's edict and the increasing pleasure that was building. "Now. where were we?" Christine immediately came over. You were rude to Christine. girl. and soon Ellie felt the stirrings of another orgasm well up. She bit her lip. dropped down and began to tongue Ellie's cunt. Now that wasn't what Ellie wanted either.J. The woman was good. I beg you. Maybe he won't let her come. Now we'll see how you like it! ." The words were torn from her lips despite her fear. move your hands! She could feel the man's sperm leaking out. Ellie hated her for doing this. But she made no complaint. forcing her to come despite herself." Ellie dropped down on her knees as Christine rose and spread her legs apart. McKenna Darkest Hour 61 Chapter 14 "Get up. her ass aching. She remembered her lessons. W. may I come?" "No." Inwardly. Christine grabbed the globes of her ass to better reach inside her. I order you not to come. Christine was stroking her clit now. She saw Master put his hand on Christine's shoulder. either. "Please. trying to think of something else. Ellie groaned. Dammit. The woman stopped immediately. Being on edge only prolonged her torment. I think you should return the favor. her earlier soreness forgotten. In fact. causing Ellie to suck air from the pain of her fresh wounds. Scooting closer. "Please sir." he said. "Since you didn't want to come again. Ellie began to tongue the woman's privates. Ellie widened her stance and let her. She scrambled to her feet.

"You may come. Master went to a shelf by the sink and returned with an object." "Please fuck me in the ass. McKenna Darkest Hour 62 The woman rolled her cunt against Ellie's mouth. Master! Please!" She was holding onto control by her fingertips now. and both women laid Christine down on the couch. "Pl-please. Ellie was drenched in the woman's copious fluids." Christine erupted with a near-seizure and screamed her release." the man said. increasing her pleasure.J. Christine's hips began to shudder. Ellie stroked her. teasing her. This woman really gets wet! Savagely. She had read about them. Juices ran down both her thighs. Her legs buckled and Ellie had to grab her ass to keep her from falling. slave. Ellie smiled to herself and kept licking. but had never seen one up close before. "And what will you do for me if I allow it?" "Anything! Anything. Angie came over to help. still shaking. may I come?" Her voice crackled with tension. Ellie suddenly realized that the subject hadn't come up for her yet. While she rested. Soon. Apparently. you bitch! "How about if I fuck you up the ass?" The woman froze at the question. She stroked Christine's clit with less anger this time and she started to shudder again. daring her not to come. either. "Okay! Yes. Ellie realized. Master. Ellie thought. this was virgin territory for her. Master!" The urgency in her voice went up a notch. It was a tapered piece of black plastic about six inches long and a couple of inches around at the base. Master. She was close now. yes! Please!" "I want to hear you say it. Perhaps Master had not quite broken down her resistance to anal invasion. A butt plug. W. . "Hmmm. Take that.

she would have been shocked at the suggestion." She nodded. McKenna Darkest Hour 63 In his other hand. When you are finished.J. but I want you to wear this for awhile to get you prepared. He took another squirt and worked it into her asshole with his fingers. speaking softly. The man leaned close. Involuntarily. If someone had told her three weeks ago that she would be turned on watching a woman take in a butt plug. "Relax. and Ellie could see the panic in her eyes. you may remove it and wash it. her face tight. fascinated. Let your muscles relax and it won't hurt. slave." He placed the cold tip against her. Do you understand?" She nodded again. the man held a tube of lubricant. "Each day or two. Use plenty of lubricant. slave. He stood right in front of the supine woman and squirted a generous amount onto the plug. Christine's eyes watched it as a kid would watch a needle just before his shot. she jerked." She did as ordered. When you have to go to the bathroom. her loins wetting again. "You're going to wear this for awhile. She couldn't help but feel sorry for her. Ellie here is going to make sure you don't try to remove it unnecessarily or try to come while it's in you. I want you to replace it. She knew that her aroused state had been heightened by Master's refusal to let her come. putting her ass up into the air. Sweat still coated her body. He held her ass with the other hand and pressed the plug into her. Master's next words chilled her. "I'm not ready to fuck your ass right now. I will come and replace this plug with a larger one until you are stretched out enough for my use. Roll over on your stomach and put your legs under you. W. "Now. Because that . Ellie watched. She wondered if he would ask her to take something up her ass—and would it cause her to come? Would he allow that? Christine groaned as the plug disappeared into her until the flange at the end was caught in her anal ring.

shakily. Ellie felt herself being filled like she had never been before. she was a virgin there. her eyes dilated. slave. to make sure she didn't come. McKenna Darkest Hour 64 may give Ellie a slight advantage over you. "Tomorrow. Ellie knew Christine would be delighted to rat her out. Like Christine. It felt strange." The man continued to press it in until Ellie was sure she would rip. Angie following behind him. Angie ran and got another butt plug at Master's direction and lubed it up. she did so. Ellie felt her stomach turn over. A sudden swat on her naked rear end cut short her reverie and caused her to gasp." She did so. W. "No coming. she thought she might come." The door slammed." Ellie's heart sank. The man helped Christine from the couch and indicated Ellie should lie down." the man said as he walked toward the door. "You may get up.J. Her breathing increased. As it went in slowly. "Good girl. Now she would share Christine's torment. She remembered a boyfriend asking her to do that once and she had snapped at him. . For a moment. There were nerve endings there that complimented the ones in her cunt." He seemed genuinely pleased. Nervously. "Don't disappoint me. She knew that Christine would be watching her closely too. You know the rules. Then the flange caught and her ring tightened around it. placing her legs under her. "Why don't you just go fuck a boy up the ass?" That cooled him off. girls. Damn her! Somehow this was her fault. being touched in such a private spot. She was not the kind of woman who would agree to a mutualpleasure act of defiance. Her pulse quickened at the thought of being invaded. we start our exercises. I'm going to insert a plug into her ass as well.

Being intimate with someone before you knew them made for awkward pauses." Outside! That would be good. about two-three weeks. She reddened when she saw Ellie watching and turned until she wasn't thrusting her privates at Ellie. He told me he doesn't want me to get fat. W. he's been making me do jumping jacks." she mused aloud. as if trying to take her mind off her situation. "I-I just meant—" "I know what you meant. Now stop it or you'll be punished for having such thoughts. "Maybe we could find out where we are." a chastised Ellie said quietly. This is supposed to be our world now. I know. he promised to take me outside to work out. grimacing until she could find a comfortable position.J. She could tell Christine felt the same way. especially since she had just brought her to an orgasm. the best position forced her to scoot down in the seat and spread her legs. She'd seen evidence of that when they met. turned and walked to a chair and sat down." To Ellie. eyes wide. "Shhh!" Christine hissed. Unfortunately. Exercises? Ellie was suddenly embarrassed to be naked in front of this stranger." . The woman avoided her gaze. that meant that Christine had taken a little longer to "break. McKenna Darkest Hour 65 Chapter 15 Ellie and Christine looked at each other. "He hears us in here!" "Sorry. she mused. Later. It's hard to tell down here. "How long have you been here?" Christine asked. though. before realizing she'd said anything." "Yeah. Don't think of the past. Near as I can figure." She must have a stronger personality. "Uh. Basically. I've been here about a month myself. I just started on them. push-ups and running in place. "Do you know what he meant by 'exercises'?" "Yeah.

most men can't handle an independent woman.J." she said." "But why us?" She gave a short bark of a laugh. wouldn't we all. slave. silly. You know." Tears came to Ellie's eyes. "We're being trained to be sold. W. "Who would buy us?" "Whoever can afford it. "There're probably a lot of rich men who'd love to have a sex slave around. she thought she might faint. For a moment." Ellie's stomach roiled anew." . and winced as the butt plug was forced into her. McKenna Darkest Hour 66 Ellie wasn't ready to give up on her former life as Christine seemed willing to do. "S-sold?" she managed after a moment. "Because we got caught. with feminism running rampant. She tried to change the subject. "I just want to go home!" Christine looked at her as if she had made a wry joke. "Have any idea what's to happen to us?" "Didn't Angie tell you?" Christine seemed pleased to have a bit of extra information unknown to Ellie. She sat down a bit too hard on the couch. "Wouldn't we all.

J. W. waiting for the man to arrive with his demands. She had explored the room thoroughly. Neither wanted to return to their former rooms and endure the silence torment or the beatings again. Like puppets. He'd make Ellie clean out Christine. Ellie thought. He'd sit on a chair and monitor how well they cleaned each other. and the heavy oak door was impenetrable. He was adamant about not letting the frustrated woman come. Ellie. If Master saw her on one . but they were constantly on edge. as roommates might do. It was hard to concentrate on whose turn it was to make lunch when their ears were tuned to the scrape of his key in the lock. During the first visit. Afterwards." It was alternately boring and unnerving. Their conditioning was near total—they felt compelled to obey. Their Master came in twice a day. Jumping jacks and running in place were clearly his favorites—his rugged face would break into a sly grin as he watched the women's breasts bounce with each jarring movement. It felt odd jumping around with a butt plug up one's ass. McKenna Darkest Hour 67 Chapter 16 Life in the larger room settled into a predictable pattern: Sleep. which meant tunneling was out of the question. he had them perform calisthenics. he'd send them to the shower together. tasting his sperm." he'd come in to check on their butt plugs or to fuck Christine in front of Ellie. they immediately found themselves dropping everything to turn in his direction. They were underground. They knew their comfort—what little they had—was dependent on keeping him happy. had not done so. When they heard him at the door. eyes down. Later in their "day. trying to find an escape route without luck. Ellie felt helpless. Ellie and Christine tried to set up housekeeping. they both sank to their knees. exercise. eat and wait for their "Master. despite telling herself that she would sneak an orgasm in the middle of the night. She was afraid of the man.

and giving extra attention to Christine. yet all of her existence seemed to be concentrated on this mysterious Master. just a few feet from her face. she had tried to call him "Butthead. She looked contented as he brought her to orgasm and sometimes winked at her afterward. All he had to do was touch her pussy and she'd climax. his gentle side and. hoping he'd touch her slit while he worked. She was really beginning to hate this bitch. How long must this go on? she wondered. but she missed his touch. yes. she'd watch him as he slid his large cock into Christine's slit or her ass. And that was the odd part. so as to give her minimal pleasure. she felt contented and protected somehow. He was careful not to—in fact. remembering the story about captives who came to protect their captors. When he was angry with her. Must be the Stockholm Syndrome. When he was happy with her. not only to avoid punishment. Ellie was jealous. she was starting to think of him by that name as well. including the real possibility of retraining. Instead. he handled her roughly.J. Ellie was surprised at how powerful her sex drive had become in this hothouse environment. . she felt spurned and scorned. she thought. For three days. like right now. She noticed that her labia lips became swollen when he was in the room. Was there something in the water? Could it be that the man's conditioning was truly taking root in her psyche? Ellie considered herself a strong woman. Master would check on their butt plugs. Because everyone called him Master. putting in larger ones as needed. even his cock. Ellie hated to admit it. her clit aching. she would thrust her ass up at him invitingly." but it wasn't working. the man had ignored Ellie's growing need. W. In her mind. When he came over to Ellie. McKenna Darkest Hour 68 of the cameras or if Christine informed on her. but also because she had come to depend on him. Ellie would face further punishments. She found herself trying hard to please him.

With their eyes downcast. The women barely spoke to one another. "…have two such candidates. preferably at the expense of the other." Ellie's heart leapt at being chosen. causing Ellie to scream. as she seemed to enjoy being rough." Master continued. the girls heard the lock and nearly knocked each other over getting into the prime spot near the door. McKenna Darkest Hour 69 Chapter 17 After five days. the women couldn't see who it was. They were both surprised to hear two male voices as the door opened. "Now here. one of them would put it in." "Anytime. I'd like to get a jump on the other bidders. instead they both jockeyed for Master's attention. How could he be so cruel? She was starting to shake with desire when he was nearby. . hanging behind. the new man and the ubiquitous Angie." Master was saying to someone as he entered. Both women's ears perked up. Master never punished Christine and simply ignored Ellie's agony. and Master seemed to know it—he had Christine or Angie check her butt plug and if a larger size was warranted. W. I think we're going to have someone very special soon. Ellie hated it when Christine was given the orders. Putting just enough gel on to get it started. On the sixth day. as if the job was distasteful to her. They aren't fully trained yet. "Slave Ellie. He knew what was going on and he allowed it. The treatment she'd been given didn't fit the crime. All she had done was complain that she was sore and Master beat her and refused to let her come.J." Master replied. They could only see the legs of Master. she'd twist the object into her quickly. "I appreciate this. Ellie was beside herself. Now a mere touch would set her off. of course. stand.

" Master said. . He put his hand on her forehead and carefully pushed her away. eyes still downcast. She was afraid she might come. She dropped to her knees again and unzipped the man's pants. He was dark-haired and handsome. She sucked and licked him until he was fully hard. she noted. Ellie eased his semi-erect cock out into the light. Ellie was no longer embarrassed at being naked. yes. Prepare him. you'd have to be. She guessed him to be in his late 40s or early 50s. "They're exercised regularly. Dressed in a Brooks Brothers suit. Ellie leaned in and took him into her mouth. Of course. Ellie felt the heat of his hand." "And training is progressing nicely?" "Oh. Something in his voice caused her to look up at his face. Would you like a demonstration?" "Of course. This will be an easy job. It wasn't as large as Master's. Master had given permission and she desperately needed to come. Even as she moved to obey. "I'm going to let Master Paul here fuck you. but the man had other ideas. she realized. focusing on the man's crotch as she had been taught. yet something in this man's voice caused a vibration in her core. McKenna Darkest Hour 70 She glided to her feet. she could tell he was wealthy as well. No one but Master had touched her since she had arrived here." Ellie looked over at the new man and immediately felt her juices flow. W. On the other hand. She was willing to keep going. He swelled into her. The stranger whistled and walked around her." "Ellie.J. She hasn't come in days. she felt a little conflicted." He reached out and touched the bottom of one breast. and now she was being passed off to someone else. just standing there. "She's in good shape—well primed. to shop in Master's dungeon.

the man stepped up behind Ellie. "My friend. thanks. She could tell that her skin above her breasts was mottled pink. The stranger plunged into her in one stroke. She felt the tip of his cock touch her opening." Master Paul had joined in on the fun." His voice was melodious. hoping Master wouldn't notice that she hadn't asked permission. my slave. "I think you're right! And you said her training was coming along. Without a word. a sure sign she had come. She sucked in a breath. Her .J. then fastened to a chain brought down from the ceiling. It had been purchased because the back came up to most girls' waists. "Would you like to beat her first?" Master asked. Impaled on the man's cock. except I don't want to pull out yet. picking up Master's tone. She flopped over the back. I think she came without permission!" Master’s shocked voice rang hollow. breathlessly. I have an idea. She bit her lip hard. She watched as Angie and Christine were brought into position on each side of the chair. not as a prelude to sex. soft. eager to have her punishment period end with the exclamation of an orgasm. In this position. She waited. "No. W. "I think punishment is in order. Ellie was unable to move at all. letting her forearms rest on the cushions. McKenna Darkest Hour 71 "Go over and bend over the back of the chair." Ellie felt herself being pulled up off the cushion by Master's strong hands. Ellie came immediately as his cock slid past her engorged clit." "Never fear. while her arms caused her back to hang parallel to the ground. Her head hung in between her elbows." With that. Her wrist cuffs were clipped together. She's a tight one. her hips were held up by the chair. Her breath came in gasps. Ellie's heart fell. Her ass tingled. giving the men a perfect target when they were bent over it. She waved her hand frantically. He fully expected this reaction from a girl who hadn't come in nearly a week. I reserve beatings to further training. Ellie rose and walked to the upholstered chair.

she thought. McKenna Darkest Hour 72 stomach fell as she saw they had short riding crops in their hands. He pulled out. the man pumped his cock into her." Master said to the man. cunt. thinking about how low she had been brought. "Right!" Christine let fly a little harder. She shuddered in her bonds. leaving her bereft. he'd call out two lefts or two rights in a row. As she did. you call out the cadence. She realized how much she had missed having a man's cock in her. W. yet satisfied. Christine seemed to enjoy spanking the nipple. combined with the cessation of the breasts slaps. causing Ellie to jerk. "Left!" Angie snapped the crop against her breast. Ellie found herself nearing another orgasm quickly." the man was saying. brought her to a powerful orgasm instantly. She could feel his sperm shooting deep into her and imagined an electric connection to her sore breasts. he would be the one. the kind with a fold of leather at the ends. just to see her spasm in pain from the double sharp cracks against her tender breasts. She sagged with relief at being allowed to come. She hung there. Despite the pain. replaced by this cowering. despite the cost.J. Ellie's breasts ached and she could feel his sperm dribbling out of her body. "You may come. If she had to pick a master. She waved her hand as best she could in her position and was relieved to hear the man say. "Now. I'm sure. Sometimes. The strongwilled woman who dumped her nice-guy boyfriend was gone." The action of his cock. She felt empty. The man had just fucked her and yet seemed only casually interested in buying her. It went on like this for several minutes as he continued to thrust into her." Ellie felt vaguely disappointed. "She'll be a prize catch. She knew what they were for. Ellie jerked again as the man pumped. slutty woman who hoped a man might buy her and keep her as a . "I may even bid on her myself.

McKenna Darkest Hour 73 slave! She wondered if she would ever have an opportunity to escape. she wondered if she wanted to escape.J. W. . Moreover.

This must've been the third woman Angie had spoken of so long ago. "Do they all think I just ran away?" Tears left tracks down her cheeks. She was consumed with her thoughts of her family and job. Who would shake hands when you're naked. I'm Anna. This girl's not going to make it. He said not a word to the other women. When she was brought in. tears coming to her eyes. She could guess now why it had taken Anna so long to complete her initial training. She had a heartshaped face that would be called cute under other circumstances. Ellie thought. The woman was shorter than either Christine or Ellie. and held out her hand to shake. Anna told Ellie her story. "Hi." she said. W. . being held captive in a dungeon? Ellie grasped her hand as Christine turned away. Oh. The woman stumbled in behind him. She wasn't able to forget her former life and concentrate on Master. No wonder Master looked angry! He's afraid he kidnapped the wrong kind of woman. Now she just looked drawn and tired. a bank vice president. "I'm sure they don't think that. That's Christine. doughy breasts. what they might think of her. She was frantic with worry about her family." Ellie reassured her. what her boss must be thinking. Ellie thought. boy. She was 34. "I'm Ellie. She watched as Anna's face began to crumple. he just spun on his heels and left. Ellie gauged her to be about 30. Angie with him. Divorced. the women were given a new roommate. Are you okay?" She nodded. McKenna Darkest Hour 74 Chapter 18 Two days after the visit from the mysterious stranger. with small. having been given a not-too-gentle push by Angie. Ellie could see her brain wasn't quite tracking. She smiled a glassy smile.J. Master seemed terse and out of sorts. She was a bit heavy.

"I don't know. That girl's going to be a problem. with soft suede strips. "It was awful. forcing them in one direction. if you're here. yes. which was introduced that day when Anna failed to obey an instruction in a timely way. forcing me to do things. For the cattle. but the merchandise was not to be damaged." She walked off. "Yes. These whippings were not designed to maim. shaking her head. They kept at me. like cattle in a stock yard. Now. You must've done what they wanted. They wouldn't even talk to me.J. removal of pleasures. "How long were you in the other room?" Ellie asked her. There was no other way. there was just no other way to survive. ***** The next day. and a paddle. If they refused to cooperate or resist training. Ellie felt as if they were being mentally herded toward a final destination. each chute narrower than the last. It was a long time. W. nasty things. the cat-o-nine tails. In fact. alternately starving me. The girls found themselves willing to do almost anything to avoid punishments. That much was clear. beating me…" She shuddered visibly. Ellie surmised that they had waited until Anna was ready to join them so they could all be trained at the same time. the slightest transgressions were dealt with whippings. Master limited punishments to the riding crop." "Well. would Master give up on them? Turn them loose? Ellie was afraid there would be a more deadly alternative that was better left unexplored. Ellie wondered if that was a way out. both large and small." She nodded. Anna shook her head. the women noticed a new phase of their training had begun. that endpoint was the . The punishments hurt. Ellie thought. McKenna Darkest Hour 75 Just as quickly. single file. that must mean you've made it to the next level. or both.

J. . it would be total obedience—without question. For the girls. McKenna Darkest Hour 76 slaughterhouse. without complaint. W.

" Master was saying. So we'll be bringing you out regularly—provided you behave. He closed the gate behind him and warned them: "I'm going to unfasten you. riding crop in hand. They came out into a wonderland of greenery. Neither woman could stop grinning. When Ellie was chosen to go outside with Christine for the first time. shrubs—it was glorious. brilliant sunshine flooded in. to make escape impossible. McKenna Darkest Hour 77 Chapter 19 Master began taking the women outside for exercise. Master gave them time. "You slaves are pasty-white. Trees. When he opened the heavy oak door. letting them take in the sights and smells of the outdoors. you have to develop a tan. He also wore a pistol for the first time. "Before you can be sold. Neither Ellie nor Christine seemed inclined to test his resolve. she couldn't suppress her giddy feeling. while Master followed behind. which chilled the women to their cores." He led the hobbled women around the grounds. flowers. Outside! To see the sun after so many long weeks! Angie gripped the girls by their upper arms. . patiently waiting there in the doorway until they could see well enough to walk up the short flight of stairs to the surface. I will be forced to shoot you down. If you try to jump the fence. Eventually. He'd select one or two for the honor and fasten their wrists behind them and attach a length of chain between their ankles. a joyous occasion that offset the cabin fever that gripped all of them. W. How long you stay out here depends entirely on your obedience. Makes you appear healthier to potential buyers. Ellie and Christine had to avert their eyes until they could adjust." He patted the gun. he led them to an oval track inside a six-foot fence.J.

. They returned to Master. Dust. who allowed Angie to give them each a drink. He gathered them closer. You're not going to beat me! their eyes said. we're going to have a little contest. "A little race. "Oh. The winner gets to give the loser five strokes with a paddle. holding onto her own breasts. then tied Ellie's hands to the railing. "Don't wear yourself out!" They jogged at a leisurely pace. The railing was only about four feet high. both girls began to tire. determined not to let Christine spank her. They ran once around like that. clogged their noses and mouths. Christine. Christine had a little easier time of it than did Ellie. enjoying the sunshine." he said as he freed them." Master added. Ellie felt awkward. seeing how close the race had become. In seconds she pulled ahead of Ellie. so Ellie was forced to bend over at the waist. so she had the advantage. "Bravo!" Master cried as the exhausted girls hung onto the railing. the soft dirt under their bare feet. What a sight that would be! He lined them up. "Go!" They took off. She also appeared to be in better shape. Ellie. put on a burst of speed on the last turn and caught her opponent. McKenna Darkest Hour 78 "Now. with Christine refusing to yield the lead." The two women just stared at each other." Christine and Ellie glanced at each other. for her breasts were not as large and didn't flop when she ran. kicked into another gear and beat Ellie across the finish line. you are to run while holding them in your hands. and one more thing. breathing hard. kicked up by their bare feet. "To protect your breasts. let's warm up. He gave them time to settle down.J. Christine had the inside track. "Here's the deal. He made her move her feet back. On the second lap. You are to race twice around the ring. W." He instructed them to jog once around the track. But first.

Christine!" Whack! "Two! Thank you!" Dammit. untied Ellie and escorted the women back to the dungeon.J. cunt—your time will come. "Ten strokes. Whack! Ellie cried out. When Christine was finished. ass and upper thighs only. "One! Thank you. she was breathing hard. W. . Master took the paddle from her." Master said. McKenna Darkest Hour 79 Master pulled a paddle from the cabinet and handed it to Christine. slave." She nodded and stepped up behind the helpless girl. that girl was hitting hard! Just you wait. "Count them and thank her.

sluts. seemed to be taking her training well in the company of the other two women. The girls raised their heads and gazed upon him. There was no hesitation when they were ordered to make love to each other." "Let me see your faces. but Master got angry and bent Christine over the railing next to Anna and paddled both of them himself. or to any of the men—or women—he brought in to try out the merchandise. Master had brought in a large. or to him. it was clear that the exercise was paying off for the captive women. but there was a kindness to his eyes. his voice smooth. For a while there. When he had a certain look in his eye. McKenna Darkest Hour 80 Chapter 20 As the days passed. with a trace of a French accent. . focused on Master and his desires. well-dressed black man. It was as if she had shed her thoughts of home. each trying to outdo the other to receive his cock. Even Anna was losing weight and toning up. Ellie remembered one visitor in particular. Anna wasn't able to sit down without discomfort. He wasn't particularly handsome. It was so much easier to exist with tunnel vision. There was a stir of excitement in the room. The girls were eager to please. They were able to anticipate him now. W. The girls dropped into their positions. Even Christine felt sorry for her and tried to ease up on the spankings. the whippings at the post dropped in frequency. The poor girl often lost her races with Christine or Ellie and had to endure many paddlings. instead concentrating on how best to avoid Master's wrath. eyes down. Although the spankings with the paddle continued during the outdoor exercise. they'd vie for his attention. meet Master Demont. Even Anna. "Slaves." the man said.J. That cured Christine of any lingering independent thought about the beatings she was asked to administer. whom Ellie had worried so much about.

Anna bent down to take him into her mouth before he got too big. "This one. was first. Let's see…" He walked around the women. "Let's see how well their pussies can take it. waiting nervously for the man's huge cock to split them. but also was unable to deep throat him. I think. at one end. Anna had to make a strategic retreat—she couldn't quite get her mouth entirely around the thick cock." Ellie felt a surge of pride at being chosen as well. She took him in a little more easily than Ellie. Demont pressed it in a little at a time. Four eager hands unzipped him and brought his cock out. Christine scrambled over. McKenna Darkest Hour 81 "Which one would you like to try out?" Master asked. Ellie was pleased . She opened her mouth wide and let it invade her. "Perhaps slave Christine should have a go at it. He was a very well-endowed man. They lay there. indicating Anna. They shuffled forward on their knees to Demont's zipper. She groaned and rotated her hips up slightly to allow for more direction penetration. Christine hung her head.J. it was so large. Master Demont pulled it away and pointed it at Ellie." he said. He stepped up behind her and wiggled the head of his member into her wet slit. Demont's cock swelled in their hands. "Or maybe two?" Demont smiled. As he expanded to his full length. hmmm?" Master directed all three girls to bend over the couch. After watching her struggle for a few minutes. Master Demont seemed to grow bored. she hoped she was pleasing him. "Two is always better than one. Sucking on the top third of his cock. Ellie held onto his growing girth. Both Master and Demont laughed. Ellie. The women were instructed to "greet" their guest. Ellie kept forcing more of it down her throat. happy to show up the other two. looking at them from all angles. asses in the air." Master suggested. Ellie tried not to gasp. She could accept it in only partway. W. but stalled out about halfway. feeling the bulging veins against her fingers. "And this one.

biting her lip. You both may come whenever you're ready." he said. Though she may have been the best at oral sex. The masters kept up their steady rhythms. "She's a nice one. Christine was next. Ellie felt an orgasm approaching quickly and raised her hand. He seemed pleased with Anna. Anna came a second later. she simply was too tight and too dry for him. Ellie gasped aloud and let her orgasm sweep through her. . she clearly was also having some discomfort in taking in the monster. From the way Demont was pushing. shaking on the end of Demont's cock. McKenna Darkest Hour 82 that her wide hips could accommodate him. She was very wet. "Yes. you may come." he said. W. She adjusted her feet wider and raised her ass higher. welcomed the large cock into her more easily. Anna. leaving her empty and disappointed. Unconsciously. chatting about the women's attributes as if they were talking baseball stats. Her head sagged in defeat. Master James. Only half of his cock had disappeared into her. abandoned. Both Ellie and Christine could hear the squishy noises made as his cock pistoned in and out. I'll let you know when.J. It was the first time anyone had heard Master referred to by name. which also helped. He stroked a few times. She grimaced as he pressed into her. the masters began competing with each other to see who could make his girl come first. Christine just lay where she was. who had wide hips like Ellie. slave. I hope they'll all be ready soon. "Good. Christine was hearing the noises in stereo now." Both men allowed the girls to clean them up with their tongues and zip them up. he pulled out. After a few minutes. They left. then pulled out. It helped only a little. for he came up behind Ellie and plunged into her. The scene apparently made Master horny.

"No. you will be paraded past the buyers. "On the day of the auction. checking out the available slaves.J. The auction will be held in two weeks. They're the men or women who have come in now and again to see how well you've taken to training. the buyers will pick you. examine you and determine if you could fit into their households. You must make room for new trainees. Your training here is complete." "How does it work?" Ellie asked." she said. At the auction. Their world was so small now that they visualized additional privileges or bigger portions—thoughts of freedom never entered their heads. Wait. an auction?" "What's going to happen?" "Who are the buyers?" "What will they do to us?" Angie held up her hand." They couldn't imagine. "The Masters and Mistresses have been visiting lately. "You've all done very well." Angie said. their eyes never leaving the pixie. all with dozens of questions. It is very important to make a favorable impression. "Master has done all he can for you. She clearly didn't get it. the small woman was surrounded by the others. but he signaled Angie to stay. Master entered and told them he had "good news. I'll try to answer your questions. The more highly trained you are." She led them to the conversation pit and they settled in on couches and chairs. so it's smart to be on your best behavior. Now comes the time for you to be offered to new masters. You've met some of the buyers. You will go home with the winning bidder. Bids will be accepted. W. Immediately. At the auction. they will ask questions of you. . you will be offered to men—and women—to serve them as you have served Master. McKenna Darkest Hour 83 ***** A few days later. "Wait. "What does he mean. the better the buyer you can attract. "What if we don't like him?" Anna said." He left. "Can we pick our buyer?" Anna asked.

Angie's eyes were especially wide. She remembered her life before. Angie shook her head as if to clear it. W. You would have to be retrained.J. "Your new Masters or Mistresses will take you to their homes. "You have no choice. Some of their rules might be different. To refuse is to admit your training has failed. You wouldn't want to do that. and I'll be back later." The girls were silent for a moment." With that. "I had a good job. Her training had failed." "Will they be like Master or will they be…more difficult?" Ellie asked. McKenna Darkest Hour 84 Angie looked at her as if she had spat on the floor. "Okay." It was clear now that Anna was not on the same page as the other girls. It's all a matter of training." She waved her hand around the room. Everyone turned to stare at her. "What will happen after we're bought?" Christine asked. The idea was too awful to contemplate. It was a distant memory. Why don't you girls rest up. "What?" Anna said to them. Some are easier to obey than others. she made a hasty exit. She looked at Christine and could tell she was thinking as well. "What did I say?" . to have to undergo a new round of training after embarrassing Master in front of his peers." She trailed off. "This. The other two slaves continued to stare at Anna. I liked what I was doing. at great embarrassment to Master. you can adapt there." Anna explained. As you've learned to adapt here. But you needn't concern yourself with that. "The new Masters have personality differences. "This was quite the experience. As she spoke. Ellie felt similar feelings. but it had not faded entirely. Her eyes had a faraway quality to them. have some dinner. but your training here should help you adapt. That's enough questions for now. thinking about what that might be like. "I had a life." "Why can't we just go home?" Anna asked suddenly. yes. But I need to get back to my life now.

they began to wonder how this might affect them. Both women believed he would be harder on her this time. She must've made an impression. arms pinned behind her back. they would suck him more expertly. They made sure they treated him like their own Master. Would it embarrass him to offer just two? Had the invitations already gone out? Ellie remembered some of the men who had "sampled" Anna's charms in the last few weeks. the girls would make love to each other or to her more . It was an indictment on his training. instructing her on the basic position all over again? She probably would. When a man came in to try them out. and took Anna away. McKenna Darkest Hour 85 Chapter 21 Master came in. but he had to be concerned that Anna's setback had rubbed off on the other two women. Both women felt sorry for her. Master was clearly not pleased. W. they both redoubled their efforts to show Master—and Angie—that they were not like Anna. Would Angie come in silently. She would have to be retrained. To have to start over after so many months of training! The girls just shook their heads. not being allowed to speak. come more forcefully. neither wanted to suffer because of what Anna had done. She seemed bewildered and cowed. Anna's failure was his failure as well. They had adapted to their training well. Soon.J. Neither Christine nor Ellie was surprised. She had seemed cooperative enough. Would they have to undergo some retraining as well? Both Ellie and Christine were disturbed by the events. Not only that. scowling. chained to the floor. Master had counted on having three women up for auction. Had they counted on bidding on her? They actually felt a little sorry for Master. They imagined themselves in the stark room. Though they had their differences. being forced to use the bucket as a toilet. Without speaking directly about it. If a Mistress came in.

then Master left. seemed pleased with their efforts. Please. The girls looked up. Ellie looked over and saw Christine was staring as well. my pet. There were a few more murmured words. There seemed to be a catch in his voice. Master brought in a man who took one look at the two women and said. But the loss of Anna weighed heavily on his mind. When Master looked over. What was going on? "Stay here tonight. Ellie felt she had never looked better in her life. . "Um. The women were given only salads and clear juices to drink. Just before they went to bed. they quickly dropped their eyes to the rug. The girls dropped to their positions without thinking about it. McKenna Darkest Hour 86 energetically. pick me! Pick me! Master. who had been watching them warily. They looked trim and healthy. despite her generous hips. he just stood near the door. Angie was standing there by the door. The girls spent the evening being bathed and shaved. There was a charged energy in the room. followed by Angie. Ellie risked a look up and saw Master rubbing his hand gently along the pixie's jawline. there was no exercise. They had spent the last week exercising and tanning. The day before. They jumped up and rushed to her. the door opened and Master walked in. W. and Angie dabbed her eyes. Christine went to get some tissues. crying. "I thought there were three. The women just waited for her to calm down." he gritted out. Master didn't say anything." Master's face grew red.J." That was a surprise! Did Master expect that Anna would be retrained in a week? Or did he have another girl in the wings they didn't know about? Their question was answered the day before the auction. Ellie and Christine were like orphans vying for a foster family." he said quietly. Neither Ellie nor Christine had ever seen him this way. One had to undergo some retraining. "What's wrong?" She couldn't speak at first. One day. "I fully expect there will be three girls to bid on. She returned.

they had a chance to get to know her better. When Anna had her setback…" She couldn't go on. "Master has two new girls. Ellie thought her real name was much more interesting than Angie. All they knew of Angie was that she had been brought here when she was still a teenager. She had wanted to fit in. The girls talked well into the night. She was homesick. Her new master might be kind or he might be cruel. She also felt sorry for Master. Not only because he had to endure a certain amount of embarrassment among his peers.J. but they aren't nearly ready." she blurted out. They knew it was a shock to the poor girl. Being away from home had been very hard for the young girl. The shame of it all! To be Master's pet for so long and now to have to start over with someone new. as her father had done. She was going from a world she was comfortable with to an unknown. When she learned she was going to get an F in her algebra class. She shook her head. Her math teacher told her . but also because he was going to lose a girl he was clearly attached to. she was desperate to keep that information from her parents. W. but she didn't say anything. Ellie couldn't imagine him being crueler than Master. Would Anna fill that role later? Or one of the other girls? Because Angie would be spending the night with the other two. She had graduated with honors from her high school and had been going to college to become an engineer. "Aren't there any other girls he could've picked?" Ellie asked. Now they learned that her real name was Akina." They tried to console her. and it had affected her studies. "Master promised there would be three girls up for auction. McKenna Darkest Hour 87 "I'm-I'm to be sold tomorrow. She had changed it when she arrived in the country at age eight. The women hugged her. "What?!? Why?" The girls spoke up in unison.

He invited her to his office." Angie had replied. Angie figured she was already ruined. so why not? Through the secret grapevine among the most corrupt professors. She also got all As. then told her he was turning in his grades that afternoon. determined to save herself for marriage. putting his hand on her shoulder. her father would never forgive her." the man said. I do assignments…" "No." She knew that would be unacceptable in her father's eyes. The incident changed Angie. her pussy still running with his seed. Angie didn't know if the word got to Master somehow or if she was chosen at random." It dawned on Angie just what he was referring to. She would cause him to lose face. The professor let her think about it for a moment. he said if she was "nice" to him. . Of course. "You can take this class again next year. If she failed algebra. while the old goat fucked her." he said smoothly. W. she could never expect to marry a good man. she spent a lot of time in professors' beds or stretched out over their desks. you may have to give up your dream of being an engineer. Her parents were very proud of her. "I'm nice. skirt bunched up around her waist. he could give her a better grade. but now she had an edge she could use to improve her grades. She still struggled in class. She burst into tears. She was still a virgin. If she let this man soil her. She was faced with a real dilemma. Naïve Angie thought it meant doing extra credit. She learned how to give quick blowjobs. Her sophomore year. "It's okay. Once they were alone. "I mean nice in a different way. "I study hard. She never stopped crying. it became known that Angie was available. McKenna Darkest Hour 88 he might raise it to a C under certain conditions. She remembered being grabbed one evening on her way home from her physics professor's apartment. She ended up spread over the man's desk.J.

She knew how to please Master early on. "How long do you think?" Christine asked. She'd been here ever since. "I don't know how to do anything else. I don't know what's going to happen to me. When it was time to be auctioned.J. McKenna Darkest Hour 89 She awoke here like the others and went through training. W." . he held her back for himself. "I'd guess it's been almost two years now. Her experiences at college had already trained her to a degree." she responded.

Angie seemed familiar with it. which accentuated their breasts. the women were all bathed and perfumed. The girls could hear the murmur of voices beyond. He fluttered about like a director of a beauty pageant." Master fastened their arms behind them. Master was dressed in a tuxedo tonight—a tuxedo!—as he was to be the emcee of the auction. Angie tried to put on a brave face. which had grown out to a spiky length. The girls were all very nervous. "Let's get you ready. Losing his girl was hard on him as well. He dropped the lead and turned to Angie. the women could see. was moussed to make it more attractive.J. Reaching down. "The guests have gathered upstairs. she was panting. It was the first time Ellie or Christine had been here. You are to smile and look sexy. They didn't know what their fate was to be. he began rubbing her clit with one hand and her nipples with the other. I'm going to lead you in by your collars. He clipped a leash to hers and led them out. She spread her legs for him and closed her eyes. Soon. trying to handle a lot of last-minute details that Angie probably would have. ready to come. He attached a lead from Christine's collar to the back of Ellie's. He led them through a corridor. What kind of price would they bring? Would they be happier here or at their new homes? Master brought them up the back stairs to the main house. Their hair. "Okay. ." he said. but she teared up whenever Master drew near." he told them when they were at last ready. W. then from the front of hers to Angie's. then stopped them near a set of double doors. McKenna Darkest Hour 90 Chapter 22 The day of the auction.

she was near orgasm when he clipped her nipples. One girl was bent over the back of a couch. With her nipples fully extended." he warned. leads linking them together. raising his drink. Ellie could see the wetness between the woman's legs. They stood on the platform like cattle. Inside. most turned in their direction to see what Master James had brought them tonight. she was similarly adorned. McKenna Darkest Hour 91 He stopped and removed two gold nipple clamps from his pocket. All were elegantly dressed. but did not crush them. ignored the parade. . her cunt leaking. such as the man occupied with the girl. A few. Some had slaves with them—naked girls sitting or standing by their sides. being impaled in an impersonal manner by a man who was talking to a companion. The clamps. standing here. In a few minutes. there were about a dozen potential bidders. breasts outthrust. "A toast to a new crop of slaves. being examined by these dominating personalities. arms fastened behind. Ellie tried not to let herself get aroused due to the artificiality of the situation. Master left them there while he stepped away for a drink." Glasses were raised. The women were brought up to a platform at one end of the room. He moved down to Ellie and repeated the procedure. "No talking inside. Ellie felt ill at ease. Soon." he said and the group drank in unison. it was easy for him to attach them. Ellie noticed a few of them pointed at Angie and whispered to their neighbors. were not painful. Master picked up the leash. but she was so well conditioned she couldn't help it.J. Christine was next. When they entered. "Ladies and gentlemen. she noticed. They gripped her nipples." Master began. opened the door and led them in. W. "May your fantasies be fulfilled. A fine gold chain hung between them.

" she'd say as if talking to her dog. Ellie recalled. She had heard that they tend to be harsher bosses than the men. found this highly amusing. She recognized a few of the visitors who had "sampled" the girls during the weeks leading up to this auction. a drink in one hand. standing near the dark fireplace. She easily spotted Master Demont. I'll bet he's disappointed that Anna isn't here. lick it for Mama. McKenna Darkest Hour 92 "Now. She had taken a particular interest in Christine. Ellie hoped she wouldn't be sold to her. talking to a dark-haired foreigner. but none of them were allowed to come. Ellie spotted Master Paul in a corner. . He dwarfed the men standing next to him. Ellie was embarrassed to feel the fluid oozing from her slit. Ellie tried to contain her excitement. Roving her eyes over the crowd. and kept rubbing her finger along the edge then holding it up for Ellie to lick. except that he was handsome and urbane. in particular. take your time examining the merchandise. "That's a good girl. after all. She didn't know much about this Master Paul. One dark-haired woman. she saw the tall woman who had visited about two weeks ago. He could be a real bastard for all she knew. They were highly aroused now. The helplessness of their situation only added to their sexual frustration. the two men stopped talking and headed her way.J. they couldn't help it. making her bring the Mistress to two orgasms while Master watched. At that moment. she thought. Being touched while their hands were tied behind them only made them more susceptible to an orgasm. "The bidding session will begin in 45 minutes. but no sex!" he laughed at that last word and the members laughed along with him. W." The three women stood there while bidders poked and stroked them. Christine had said later she wasn't sure if she wanted to be owned by a Mistress. dressed in a suit and tie.

"Okay. "Now this one was a nice fuck." Ellie's heart sank— why was he being so mean? "That's too bad. They spoke in low tones to each other as if the girls couldn't hear them. "Have you had a chance to try her out yet?" "No. I'll have to make my decision based on their performance tonight. Face it." he was saying. She felt like a puppy in a storefront window. he's just not interested in you! If it was any consolation." he continued. Please listen up." "Considering the competition here. She was so on edge she was afraid she might come in front of all these people." . stroking the pixie's small breasts with one hand. He still may have trouble with her. it's a shame about that other slave—she's starting over. She's seems bellissima. eager to please." Carlo murmured." Performance? Ellie wondered what he meant by that. though nothing special. "Yeah. Which means it's time for the moment you've all been waiting for. Paul had moved over to stand in front of Ellie now. They moved back to the wall as Master stepped forward. Paul spent a few more minutes stroking Ellie's ass while Carlo fondled her breasts. everyone. The men moved on to Christine. nonetheless. "I just got in yesterday. I'm afraid. she'll probably bring a high price. She trembled slightly. letting his fingers play with the chain between her nipples. "Not very obedient. girl. No time for sampling. no." Carlo replied. Ellie breathed a silent sigh of relief. they spent even less time with Christine. W. followed by acute disappointment at the cursory inspection Master Paul had given her. McKenna Darkest Hour 93 Paul and Master Carlo stepped up to the podium and examined each of the three girls. Make a nice addition to villa. either." said Paul. the performance part of the evening. "I hear it broke James' heart to put Angie up.J. It's just about time for the bidding to start.

She'd be a versatile addition to any household. "Now." Christine was called over to stand next to Glenna. "Now. "We'll start with Christine at the far end. She tried to hide her smile." He turned to the women. "Okay. who remained seated on the couch. Ellie is a tall one— 5-foot-7. but who'd want her to?" The crowd laughed. Her nerves were as taught as guitar strings. Hard to believe. She pulled up her skirt. does anyone want to see what she's learned?" A hand went up. so I ask that you folks restrain yourselves until others have been given a try. just a she had done with Ellie. let's get slave Ellie out here for a trial. then tasted it herself. you know the rules. "She's 5-foot-6. Ellie saw it was the cute-talking woman she knew only as Mama. W. McKenna Darkest Hour 94 The small crowd murmured its appreciation. show me how well trained you can be. sensing he needed to move things along. "Let's see. huh? "Who wants to go first?" ." he said." There was some cheering from the ladies in the room at that last remark. Everyone was focused on the scene. She also can cook. Mistress Glenna got a faraway look in her eye and let her head loll back. reading from a piece of paper. as you can see. while Christine is busy. "Now. she first had sex when she was 16 and has had just four lovers since then. Don't break them. "Sluts. she's all yours. including one woman." Ellie didn't know what was going to happen. knows two languages—French and English— and says she can cook—or remodel your kitchen. The mistress stroked her cleft. some of you have been able to come by for visits in the weeks leading up to night. She first had sex at age 14 and has had seven sexual partners since then. "Um. She has a head for figures and I'm not talking about her body." she said. She's a real worker. 140 pounds. 128 pounds—and a real blonde. called out. Nice." Christine dutifully dropped to her knees and thrust her head underneath the folds of cloth. Master James.J. "Mistress Glenna.

you're amazing!" He apparently had been saving up—some of his cream leaked out the side of her mouth and ran down her chin. the man who had been talking with Master Paul. In just a few minutes. Ellie risked a glance over there and saw Christine's face. she was in her quiet little room again. god. and she can really keep your house organized. "Angie. It was a badge of honor. indicated what she must do. surrounded by a dozen strangers. and awaited orders. a man grabbed her by the upper arm and steered her toward a corner. Ellie sank down to her knees and unzipped him. she stood. To her left. After cleaning him up and tucking his softened cock back into his pants. Ellie approached him nervously. She unzipped him. Instead. Ellie knew better than to wipe it away. pop up from underneath the skirt. She looked over at Angie and saw tears trickling down her beautiful oval face. sucking Master for the privilege of eating or taking a shower. eyes down." There was a catch in his voice and Ellie realized at that moment that Master truly loved this woman. "Oh. Her tongue expertly stroked Master Carlo to full erection and her mouth pulled him deep into her throat. she heard Mistress Glenna come noisily. girl. he gasped and spilled his seed into her. McKenna Darkest Hour 95 Master Carlo. 106 pounds. "Angie has been my personal slave for nearly two years. W.J. raised his hand. she took him into her mouth. Ellie was rudely ordered to bend . She's 5-foot-2. He unhooked her arms and with a sweep of his hand. Taking his hardening cock from his pants. She was no longer in this room. A few men around applauded. smeared with juices. Before she could see how the tableau played out. A man grabbed her and spun her around. Ellie could tell from his voice he was having trouble letting go of his favorite slave. Her weeks of conditioning took over." Master was saying from the stage.

Once she caught the sight of Angie. bent over the back of the couch as Master Demont energetically pounded away at her. "Do I hear an opening bid of fifty thousand?" "Fifty. Her face was a mask. until the strain was evident on the bidders' faces." said the woman. Glenna shook her head. "Going once. going twice…sold to Mistress Elena!" Master said. "I hope you've all had a sample and have made your decisions. We'll start the bidding with Christine." He brought the woman to the front of the small stage." countered the woman. The three girls were brought back to the podium. She heard laughter. . W. "Sixty-five. Christine's face was red as she was led away by the woman.J. Ellie was given to a woman and made to lick her to orgasm. and everyone finished up what they were doing and settled down. her face tight. "One-oh-five. McKenna Darkest Hour 96 over an upholstered chair. sounds of men and women coming. "Seventy-five. Ellie worried that maybe she'd bid on her now." countered a man from the back. Back and forth it went. The man had apparently dropped out. "Seventy. The scene shifted." said Glenna. She couldn't imagine being talked to in that cutesy voice all the time." said Glenna." said another woman. "Sixty. Ellie recognized her as the one who had visited them and made Christine pleasure her. How could she take him? "Time!" Master James suddenly called. She had reached her limit. She didn't even get a good look at his face as she raised her ass up for him to fuck. "One hundred." said Mistress Glenna.

Yet Master Paul had a certain charm she liked. All she had to do was learn her new master's wants and needs and fill them. Ellie felt her wetness spread. she stepped to the front of the stage. Now. Both men seemed determined to win her. gently sometimes and more forcefully other times. her stomach in knots. It was Master Paul! Why would he bid on her if— Suddenly. but she knew her clit was peeking though her sheath. until this seemed to be the only life she had ever known. Nervously. "Sixty. to throw him off so he could win her with a lower bid. it became clear. the one who had stood up to her ex-fiancée. Living in Italy sounded exotic and exciting. She could picture herself waiting on him. Ellie stood there. The gold chain between her breasts caught in the light. Ellie hadn't being forced into slavery as much as she had been led into it. instead of thinking how wrong this auction was or how many laws were being violated. She didn't have to make the hard decisions that came with the life outside. She had been well-conditioned. She would be protected. "Do I have an opening bid of fifty thousand?" Master James called out. she was wondering: Will my new owner be a Master or a Mistress? Will he or she be gentle with me? Can I learn to please him like I learned to please Master? The Old Ellie. naked. then one-ten. Her knees were weak. The bidding passed ninety thousand.J." Her head jerked. she mused. replaced by a truly submissive woman. W. proud." Master Carlo said. He wanted her all along! He was trying to sandbag the Italian. She was torn. was gone. her head up as the bidding continued between the two men. Ellie imagined herself living in his villa in Italy. "Seventy." Doesn't look like it worked. sucking him off. opening herself for him to plunge into her. Ellie watched as Master Paul scribbled something down . It was comforting in many ways. "Fifty. McKenna Darkest Hour 97 Chapter 23 Ellie was next. She dared not look down.

a question in his eyes. McKenna Darkest Hour 98 on paper and passed it over to Master Carlo. "Going once. frowning. Paul nodded. W. Carlo caught Master James's eyes and shook his head. Carlo read it just before he was to raise again. . going twice…sold to Master Paul for one-hundred and twenty thousand dollars!" Ellie had a new home.J. He glanced up at Master Paul. He paused.

W. McKenna Darkest Hour 99 Book 2: The Dawn .J.

The windows were tinted so no one could look in. You are a beautiful slave. She did care that he was teasing her mercilessly. his back to the driver. He spoke in soothing tones that more than made up for his rude comments earlier. The driver had the partition up. She needn't have worried. She really was quite comfortable. despite having her ass up in the air. Master Paul had kindly provided her a pillow on which to rest her head and had given her pillows for her knees. W. His voice eased her fear. There was plenty of room in the limo. We have a long journey ahead and it's best if you don't know where we are going. She wanted him to unzip himself and thrust hard into her. "My strategy didn't work. Pet? I knew from the first moment I had you in Master's chamber that I had to have you as my own." At this moment. Her legs were spread apart. did it. Ellie could feel the wetness leaking out along her slit and dribbling down the insides of her thighs. He was stroking her as they drove. Ellie couldn't see much of the outside. just listening to him. but it's necessary. She remained naked. his hands caressing her round ass and thighs and occasionally reaching her breasts. as she expected to be kept from public view during the transition. which surprised her a little. as her collar was chained to an eyebolt in the floor. What's keeping you from claiming me right now! . Ellie didn't care. "I know this is a little uncomfortable. pointed directly at her new master as he sat on the bench seat." He rubbed his fingertips over her back. She was in heat. Master James's estate was well hidden from its neighbors and the limo had darkly tinted windows.J. McKenna Darkest Hour 100 Chapter 1 Ellie crouched in the limousine with her new Master as they rolled through the countryside.

"Let me know when you have to use the bathroom. she would explode. She could feel Lindo staring at her." He thumbed a button and let the partition roll down a little ways. then decided that if this is what Master wants. waiting for Master to tell her what to do. still held to the floor. She imagined that if they had a flat. Nothing but the promise of greater pleasures later. She almost said something. of course. She didn't like his eyes on her." "I will have to go in a bit." Come to think of it. We'll let you out for a moment. "Lindo. Master Paul?" "Yes. Lindo must've pulled off onto a side road and driven a short distance. nothing. I'll have Lindo look for a good spot. we're going to need a rest stop soon. the limo rolled to a stop. Master led her to a clearing away from the limo. "Um. .J. Lindo. He came closer and she felt him unlock the chain from her collar." Ellie heard the driver's murmured reply. She just didn't want to wait for it. my Pet. Master clipped a leash to her collar. Ellie didn't know why she was so worried—they were in a deserted area off the main highway. leaving the door open. W. she was glad to see. The movement of the car lulled her almost to sleep." "That's okay. He helped her to her knees. he could pick up a corner of the car by himself. this is what he gets. She stood outside the car. was embarrassed to on display for any passersby to see. then guided her to step out of the car. McKenna Darkest Hour 101 Why. It would be good to stretch out. Master Paul unhinged his legs and stepped out. black as night and powerful through the shoulders. stayed with the car. They had been in the car two hours now and her back was getting stiff. Ellie knew that when he at last touched her engorged clit. In about 15 minutes. Ellie. He was a big man. she did have to pee.

Master just watched. appreciatively. slave? Ellie had peed many times in front of Master and Angie. then arranged the pillows together on the floor. He had a full view of her breasts and bare pussy. she kept her mouth shut. Did he mean—? "Master? You want me to go here?" He stared at her. . Her back ached already. Inside. however." His tone told her everything she needed to know. He directed her to lay on her back.J. but her need to pee overrode those social barriers and soon she was spraying a golden stream in front of her. she was led back to the car. "Don't worry. She felt her face color. He folded the eyebolt down into a slot in the floorboards. Now Ellie was spread open like a Thanksgiving turkey. She danced a quick jig to shake off the excess. but there was nothing. I'm not going to let you use a regular toilet! What are you thinking. Master." He stood. Master seemed to understand her discomfort. Squatting a little. Ellie was confused. It took a few seconds for her to overcome her embarrassment. "Would you like to change position?" he asked solicitously." he said when she finished. Ellie thought he might allow her to sit up on the seat. but somehow this seemed different. we'll get you cleaned up when we stop later. She wanted to wipe herself up with something. "Of course. If it pleases you. "Very well. she splayed her legs apart and tried to relax her bladder. All too soon. her feet brought up to her thighs. McKenna Darkest Hour 102 "I think this is far enough. Ellie dreaded being chained up again. Wisely. W." For a moment. but that apparently was out of the question." Master allowed her to walk around at the end of the leash to stretch her legs. yes." Her training kicked in. holding the leash loosely. like he might his dog that successfully peed outside for the first time. "Good girl. "Um. Master Paul clipped her right ankle to her right wrist and repeated the action on the left.

slave. Rather than get angry like her old Master might've done." he said simply. McKenna Darkest Hour 103 "Is that better?" She could only nod. "I like to look at you. are you?" She tried to shake her head. Ellie thought maybe she could like this man—a lot. . but it was so ludicrous that she had to laugh.J. "You're not embarrassed. he smiled. W.

No one objected to the higher bid. as did Master Carlo. A master in the back. Ellie let her mind drift back to the auction. Angie openly began to cry then. and Demont soon followed. at one hundred fifty-five thousand. Finally. She was glad her new Master had won. but never touching her clit. had jumped in. "Sold to…Master Andre. His face was tight as he opened the bidding at seventy-five thousand. He must've decided to wait for the next crop. he rubbed his thumb over her mound. Carlo and the mustache man bid past one-twenty. disgusted. but Ellie could see the pain underneath. After she had been bought. The woman dropped out at ninety-five. She wondered what Master Paul had written on the paper that caused Master Carlo to drop out of the bidding.J. W. Ellie thought that it might be good for her to get out of Master's dungeon and into a new master's house. She thought his firehose cock would rip her in two. feeling the slight stubble and frowned. Something seemed to be going on that she wasn't aware of. Once. then one-forty. She couldn't help it. Ellie recalled. begging for attention. it was time for Master to put up Angie. McKenna Darkest Hour 104 Chapter 2 They drove the rest of the day. The woman who lost Christine also bid. Ellie had been surprised to see the massive Demont bid for the petite girl. Master leaning down occasionally to stroke her. The bidding quickly escalated to more than a hundred thousand dollars. . which might include Anna." Master James said. With nothing to do. Carlo dropped out. Ellie decided. He had appeared to be gritting his teeth. with dark hair and a mustache. Master James' face was a mask of stoicism. It stood up clearly from the folds. Ellie knew he wanted her to shave.

J. He produced a riding crop. but it was too much. Still. they stopped at a hotel for the night. She didn't have to be the hardened executive—would actually be happy to let go of that confusing life if the right opportunity came . Master James stepped in and grabbed his upraised arm. bent her over a chair and proceeded to whip the poor girl. she was happy for probably the first time in her life. if she walked too fast. Master helped Angie to her feet. W. she pulled Master's ear down and whispered into it. she could hear his low-pitched. Ellie worried he might kill her right here in front of everyone. so it was a contest he realized he could not win. And she did think about it occasionally. From where Ellie was standing. She was trembling. She tried to take her punishment as she had been taught. She wailed and thrashed under Andre's blows." he growled. Master Paul clipped her hands behind her. Master just held onto his forearm and stared him in the eye. First. Ellie realized Master was just being careful. Andre flared up. Master Andre was a good four inches shorter than Master James. exposing her. When Master let go. it would come open. McKenna Darkest Hour 105 Master Andre was angry and embarrassed at Angie's reaction. carrying the bags. She was careful to walk very slowly through the lobby. When she saw her new master had left for the moment. and stomped out to get some air. "I'll deal with you later. Andre dropped his arm. He closed his eyes and shook his head once. Ellie was given a cloak to cover herself as they checked in. Suddenly. afraid she might try to run away." he said to the girl. "How dare you interfere between a Master and a slave?" He said indignantly. ***** Late afternoon. following Master as Lindo walked behind. sorrowful response: "I can't change the results of a fair auction. "That's enough. Because the cloak hung straight down in front." She could still picture Angie's horrified look.

She was a healthy woman in the prime of her life. But being with Master Paul had been nothing but pleasing so far. How would one explain to the police a naked woman running screaming down the street? There would be nothing but trouble. she'd never get through the front door. All things were. With tied hands and hobbled feet. Her training had been difficult. a steaming bath was being drawn. she needed a good fucking! Of course. Master led her down the corridor. He'd heard tales of so-called trained slaves who suddenly bolted. When the elevator reached their floor. her training also made her patient. Even if she wanted to. Paul had good reason to be cautious with this new slave. a couple stood ready to enter. and by god. Inside. hobbling her. leaving many painful memories of punishments. she thought her time was coming—time for Master to consummate his purchase. Lindo took the room next door. He left her in the living room while he disappeared into the bedroom. For a moment. oozing fluids. She wanted Master to fuck her. they stared. Instead. W. cloaked and submissive. Ignoring them. When they saw the barefoot Ellie. She just waited there. demure. He removed the cloak and clipped a lead between her legs. in the room. until he attended to her. The scent of her sex was strong in the car and now. she couldn't escape. Her training made her horny all the time. He left her arms behind her.J. pliant and devoted. Ellie was disappointed. Once safely inside the room. Paul took extra precautions. he led her past the beautiful bed to the bathroom beyond. She was ready— couldn't he tell that? She had been leaking ever since she had been sold. Master came back and helped her into the bedroom. . She would just wait here. It was up to Master. McKenna Darkest Hour 106 along.

Bending down. Master Paul opened it and let the bellhop wheel in a tray. When at last Master Paul declared her finished. She shivered. Master turned off the bath and helped her in. he removed her leads. There was plenty of time. . taking extra care to dry her breasts and cunt. He had a little acne on his face. A few bubbles clung to her breasts. W. But not tonight. she fully embraced this life. Master Paul wanted her—and soon. And what small price to pay? To be available whenever Master called. Tonight was for other things. then remembered that food had been ordered. He leaned in and kissed her mound. he stopped. He seated her in a chair facing the door and had her cross one leg over another. McKenna Darkest Hour 107 He closed the door and sat her down on the closed toilet seat lid. there came a knock at the door. Master got on the phone and ordered room service. He wrapped her in a towel. She almost climbed in. without question or complaint. He had told himself he would wait until they got home. Her stomach growled.J. Occasionally. but not so hot as to burn. She grew wet again. cuffs and collar. Hot enough to soothe her muscles. When he saw Ellie. How could anyone not enjoy pampering like this? To stay in a fine hotel on the way to an exotic new lifestyle. she emerged from the tub like Leda. still naked and pink. She giggled as they tickled her nose. The new hairs prickled his upper lip. The bed had been turned down. Ellie soaked and washed and splashed until the water grew tepid. but he made no move to remove his clothes. Now it seemed a quaint and silly notion. Those will have to go. waiting. The rest of the time. rising from the swans. maybe in his early 20s. to give of herself freely. He was a young man. he simply watched her. Master opened the door and escorted Ellie out. he decided. It was heavenly. For the first time since she'd been captured. She followed him to the living room. Soon. Ellie sank down into it. he stroked his hard cock in his pants.

Ellie was let off incredibly easy. hunger or not. Master shook his head. he made love to her. She still felt a bit too heavy in the hips. The bellboy left. He served up portions. then looked up quickly to see if Master noticed. Master Paul ignored her and set up the dinner. closing the door quietly behind him. Ellie was really ready now. then handed Ellie a spoon. Ellie felt her temperature rise in her cheeks. Master returned to his meal. She nodded. When he finally took her to bed. She didn't appear to think that was out of the ordinary. She dropped some food on the rug. . The bellboy shrugged his head as if to say. Master Paul waited until after dinner before he consummated his purchase. She froze." She turned around and dropped her head down on her arms next to the plate. Master!" Whack! Another blow landed on the other cheek. Paul stepped in and handed the youth some folded bills. Then she remembered.J. He placed a plate on the table and another one on the rug near his feet. He frowned. exercise and tanning had toned her body well. Master got up and stood close. "You'll have to be punished. She ate carefully. The moment in time stretched. She felt self-conscious. Ellie trembled. Weeks of training. Finally. but incredibly turned on at the same time. After he emptied his seed into her. as if she was at high tea. "One! Thank you. McKenna Darkest Hour 108 confused. gently and with feeling. She was allowed to finish hers. She dug in. her ass up high. he didn't rape her like a master would a servant. but there was nothing she could do about that. He watched her as he ate. but Master gave no indication that anything was amiss. "Two! Thank you. If it's okay with you… He openly stared at Ellie's body." he said. sir?" The bellboy stammered. "Assume the position. She had a different kind of hunger in mind. Whack! His hand on her ass shocked her. It was awkward with the plate down by her knees. W. waiting. "W-will there be anything else. He thought maybe he wasn't supposed to see her and turned his head. Master!" And that was it.

allowing Ellie to sleep right next to him in the king-sized bed—an unheard-of luxury. For the first time since she had been sold. she felt she was going to have it easy with Master Paul. giving her plenty of slack. McKenna Darkest Hour 109 he chained one of her wrists to the headboard.J. . then rolled over and went to sleep. W.

Like the grounds. but when she saw that it opened her mind up to her longhidden desires. Deep down. it was stately and expensive. Ellie was not concerned that she was far away from her old life. The limo continued around the sweeping driveway to the house. Large. . like a nature preserve. Once inside the gates. Being kidnapped and tormented was a nightmare at first. birds—it was spectacular. "For now. Lindo dropped off the bags and told Master Paul that he'd be in the garage if he were needed. you'll have the run of this place—if you behave." Ellie thought the place looked huge and lush. She was excited to be part of Master Paul's life—and she was thrilled to be out of Master James' dungeon. she was able to accept it more easily. flowerbeds. "Eventually. McKenna Darkest Hour 110 Chapter 3 They arrived at Master Paul's estate around one o'clock the next day. not believing that this was to be her new home. it featured gray-rock façade and a widow's walk. Ellie soaked it all in. She thought about how far she'd come. W. she knew that being submissive was already in her personality. full trees." he said. Ellie was allowed to sit up and see the grounds of her new home. The large foyer was all dark wood and marble tiles. That was a distant dream. Three stories high.J. you will have to earn that privilege. Master opened the door and ushered her inside. It was the most extravagant house Ellie had ever seen. She wanted to jump out and run naked through the greenery. Lindo stopped in front of the massive front door and Master led Ellie out on the leash. Some women go through their entire lives not ever knowing what this is like.

she's a looker. I like that wide ass. . she thought. See? I'm such a slut." her new Master was saying. a sex slave—wasn't at all bad. She couldn't help but admire her Master's son as well. She widened her stance and looked down as she had been taught. lifting her head up. He was also broader in the shoulders. causing her slit to swell up and part. Ellie was surprised and warmed by the attention. As the young man approached. Steve?" There was a slight edge to his father's voice. not at her body. embarrassed at being naked for the first time in months. Look what it's brought me. She didn't want to leave this beautiful new home. just 20-odd years younger and taller." Master Paul said proudly. "Ohh. let's admit it. and Ellie could tell a look traveled between them. Steve was putting his hand on the curve of her hip. The moment was broken. W. "Oh. He must work out. She wondered what that exchange had been all about. revealing the wetness within. "What do you think. stomach and bare cunt. Instinctively. He had kind eyes underneath Robert Redford hair. McKenna Darkest Hour 111 "There will be restrictions on your movement for now. for he was the spitting image of his father. not a sexual object. Why would I run away? She heard a door and turned to see a young man enter from a back room." Ellie colored but said nothing. He was looking into her eyes. Ellie felt like a sex object again. she thought. look what I brought home." He stopped in back. "Yes. Steve approached.J. He walked around her silently. holding her in place. It was the first time in months that a man looked at her as a person. Steve. Steve glanced at his father. To be a sexual creature—okay. still taking in the furnishings. she stepped back. Good for spanking. Dad. she felt his fingers under her chin. she could tell he was clearly Master Paul's son. Suddenly. Come. I was born for this. "But that should all be resolved soon. Steve let his eyes fall to Ellie's breasts. Master Paul put a firm hand on her shoulder." Ellie just nodded absently.

" his son responded. "Yes. She wondered what Steve's cock would look like. I'll show you around. "That was my mother. I'll get some of use out of her until then. his hand absently stroking Ellie's ass. McKenna Darkest Hour 112 Master Paul came close and stroked her breasts. Yet somehow she didn't mind. "You go with Master Steve here and obey him just as you would me. "No. she thought. she was its tuning fork. Ellie couldn't help but stare at Steve's pants. Just like Dad's? Would they fuck her together? That seemed to be carrying the father-son relationship a bit too far. naked and dripping with lust. In fact. around the house. Steve. They talked about her as if she was a car or a new power tool. If sex was a pitch." He volunteered no other information and Ellie didn't want to pry." "Don't worry. A large portrait of a beautiful. Ellie felt truly at home. They toured the living room. I think. I think I'm going to take a nap." "Yes. "Come on." Steve led her. She could see the outline of his cock against his leg. being touched by her new masters. she thought. "Mind if I try her out?" Steve was saying when she refocused on the conversation. W. She hardly noticed when Master Paul left. she's going to be a good one. I don't mind. He turned to Ellie. It was a home that needed a few servants to staff it.J. swaying slightly on her feet." Master Paul said. In the library. . Too bad you have to go back next week." Steve said. "She died when I was ten. Was she supposed to be the house servant? Somehow. she just vibrated to the voices of these two new men in her life. Steve paused in front of the fireplace. Yet she saw no one. dining room and kitchen." As if he had to say that. dark-haired woman held a prominent position." "I'm sorry. I'm kind of tired. she thought a sex slave would be a step up from that. Ellie no longer heard their words. That must've been hard for you. Standing here. it was.

They've been so long without a woman around. luxurious bathroom off the main hall. Were they being treated as well as she was? Somehow. It had a tub big enough to fit three girls in it. Opening the door. He was a senior. Ellie was definitely disappointed to hear that. "I'm so glad that you could be here now. he would touch her arm or shoulder. Ellie could feel a chemistry between them. she wondered how Christine and Angie were faring. this seemed easier. She tried to draw him out. He took her to his bedroom down the hall. she doubted it. Occasionally. "I want to fuck you now. giving it a medieval look. she mused. she mused—was closed off while Master Paul rested. asking questions about the house and his college studies. Ellie was sure he must smell the scent of her excitement. Yet Steve was resisting it. Briefly. Not surprising. as they walked and talked. Ellie expected to spend a lot of nights there. Steve would finish up in June. linked together with crossbars near the ceiling." . He explained that he was back from college for spring break. Steve took her upstairs. McKenna Darkest Hour 113 Maybe that explains why they need a woman like her. W. perhaps. That explained his buff body. so Steve said she'd have to see that later. she thought. because he had served five years in the Marine Corps. Pedestals rose from each corner. Though they had just met. Yards of cloth draped over the top. Ellie couldn't help but be curious about him.J. The master bedroom—aptly named. she thought. They stopped outside the ornate. she saw a king-sized bed with ornate headboard and footboard. and that he'd have to be heading out on Sunday. than trying to replace a woman they probably felt very deeply about. I'm just here for sex. She wanted this man around." he was saying. she mused. Steve answered politely. though 28 now. A desk and a computer sat against one wall. but had not yet decided if he would return home for the summer.

Ellie thought she might come before he used his cock on her. he stopped his assault and stepped up between her legs. Lesson? Horny she could understand. He pushed in and she opened up to accept him. "Yeah. Master?" "You were a little informal. She imagined she would have many pleasant sessions with both men in the months to come. they're always horny. It felt odd. "And I'm really horny.J. His cock was as large as his father's. Steve kicked her feet apart wide. "D-Did I do something wrong. McKenna Darkest Hour 114 Ellie turned. Slap! She felt her ass begin to redden. She was completely helpless. slave. yet ready for his cock. I like to see my handprints on your ass. She felt exposed. she could tell. Before that could happen. Steve began rubbing her tingling ass and thighs. Ellie was grateful to see. She waited to feel his cock." He tossed a heavy blanket over the end of the footboard and brought Ellie over to face it. He had spanked her! She looked back." Slap! "Besides. Ellie was in heaven. This is just to remind you of your place. She could use her stomach muscles to rise up. Her pussy was dripping wet. She felt his cock touching her wet opening. but the footboard caused her ass to be held up in perfect position for him to use either hole. Slap! She jerked. he was a young man. The pad protected her hips. but lesson? Did I do something wrong? She allowed herself to be pushed over onto the bed. W. She was compliant. startled—and pleased." he said. but the angle of her hips made that difficult." His slaps didn't hurt as much as they intensified her sexual tension. being claimed by father and son. you need a lesson. After a few more. then bent down and attached leads from her ankle cuffs to each side of the bedpost. he grabbed her arms and clipped them behind her. He was using only his hand. but confused over the turn of events. . Next.

J. W. McKenna

Darkest Hour


Chapter 4
Master Steve had left Ellie tied to the bed when he was finished, her cunt leaking his sperm. She didn't even care that he didn't untie her. She was lost in the moment. She dozed. Some time passed before the door opened again. She turned her head and saw Master Paul enter. "Oh, Master!" She was pleased to see him. He looked refreshed from his rest. He started to untie her, then stopped. "Oh, this view is very nice." She felt him step between her legs. Sighing, she lay still while he slid his cock into her where his son had been a short while before. Afterwards, he untied her, unlocked her cuffs and collar, and let her take a bath. As she soaked in the large tub, she realized she hadn't been shown her room yet. Would she be staying with Master? She hoped so. Or maybe Steve. She relaxed for an hour, as Master had said he and Steve would be busy downstairs for a while. As the water ran out, Ellie shaved, taking extra care with her mound. She got out and dried off, carefully hanging up the towel. She looked in the mirror. Staring back was a woman she didn't quite recognize. The reflection showed a short-haired woman with a feral, hungry expression—not at all like the woman she once had been. And there was something missing. She found her collar and put it on, hearing the small catch snap into place. Looking in the mirror, Ellie felt a little better now. She put on her ankle and wrist cuffs, each little click making her feel more a part of this house, of Master Paul. When Ellie opened the door, she heard voices downstairs. She thought she recognized Master Paul's voice, but there were a few others, including a woman's. They were raised in laughter and pleasant conversation, but to Ellie

J. W. McKenna

Darkest Hour


they sounded a little ominous. Her stomach fluttered. She had a feeling they were here for her. Ellie didn't know what to do. Should she just walk down there in the nude and introduce herself? Not hardly. She went to the master bedroom and let herself in. She was taken aback by the room. It was huge, with another four-poster bed in the center. What really caught her eye was the elaborate computer setup in the corner. There were two large, flat-screen monitors and a couple of beefy-looking computer stations underneath the desk. A small library held rows of manuals and discs. This must be where he controls his empire, she mused. Ellie felt ill-at-ease being in here alone. Gingerly, she sat on the edge of the bed. She waited there for perhaps 15 minutes when suddenly the door opened and Master Paul looked in. He frowned when he saw Ellie. "What are you doing in here?" "I-I didn't know what to do after my bath," she squeaked. He pursed his lips and frowned. "Well, you're the guest of honor downstairs. Perhaps I should have made that clear. Come at once." His tone had changed from earlier today. There was more of an edge to it. Shaking, Ellie rose and let Master Paul guide her through the door and down the hall to the stairs. If she felt self-conscious to be naked in front of his son, how would she feel to be naked in front of Master Paul's friends? She tried to tell herself that it wouldn't be any different than the auction, but somehow it was. She had been an unwilling captive there, but here she felt more at home, even after just one afternoon. Master led her to the library. Ellie thought she might faint as she stood outside. Her training could not completely overcome her social upbringing. Nice girls—and she still thought of herself as a nice girl—did not casually walk nude into groups of strangers.

J. W. McKenna

Darkest Hour


Secretly, Ellie had begun to think of herself as the new lady of the manor, not a sex slave. She could imagine that one day, Master Paul might have her portrait hung above the fireplace. "Ready?" Master Paul said over her shoulder. Ellie couldn't speak. Her words caught in her throat. She nodded. He threw open the door.

the portrait of Master Paul's late wife appeared to glare at the naked woman. letting their eyes rape her. They were clearly upper crust. Two were women. She found herself shying back. where she was from—nothing. No one asked her how she was doing. She almost stumbled. They just stared. She nodded. my dear?" Master Paul was being very solicitous. They all stopped and turned to stare at Ellie. He could sense her discomfort. A middleaged woman in a blue dress handed her another glass. you look like you could use this. No one spoke to her. The three men were leering openly at her—and so were the women! Were they lesbians? "Would you like a glass of wine. then her legs began to work. Over their heads. "Here.J. let me introduce our newest player!" he was saying. Why would he do this? Why invite these people to see what I thought was going to be a private moment? Master gave her a little push into the room. They were clearly appraising her. Master returned with the wine. like they would at a new zoo exhibit. sotto voce. for they were all dressed impeccably. She was disappointed not to see Steve among them. It was cocktail hour and most were sipping drinks. W. "Folks. She drank it down in short order. Ellie barely heard him. . As he went to fetch—him! Waiting on her!—Ellie stood self-consciously in the middle of the group. She wanted to run. Master Paul's hand on her shoulder for reassurance—or perhaps to prevent her from bolting. McKenna Darkest Hour 118 Chapter 5 There were five people in the library." she said. Ellie was blushing a bright pink as she stood there for several long seconds. dear.

"Tell me." the woman said. Before Ellie could answer. but it shows you need to learn your true place here. Ellie looked up at Master's face. "Without question?" she asked impertinently. raising the hem of her dress. . The woman she was supposed to pleasure didn't shave. It took an energetic ten minutes to bring the woman off. stricken. "how long were you with Master James?" Ellie tried to remember. I'm afraid you've shown that your training under Master James leaves something to be desired. her mind trying to understand why Master Paul would want to share her like this. knee-length dress cut in. resisting the urge to gulp. Ellie's tongue was sore. She could see the woman wasn't wearing panties. She looked to Master Paul. slut. W. She seemed totally unconcerned that she was exposing herself to the others. A few months." one man said. Ellie walked to her and dropped to her knees. "Um. His expression told her everything. He just looked back at her questioners and tipped his head as if to say. I don't really know. Ellie closed her eyes and concentrated on her duties. slut. Her pussy had an odd odor. stray hairs tainted her mouth. McKenna Darkest Hour 119 Ellie was startled. For a few seconds. She sipped the glass. This is not unusual. In a trance. The woman widened her stance and draped her dress over the slave's head.J. Ellie leaned in and let her tongue touch her wet slit. unzipped his pants and ordered her to suck him. She turned back to her task." "Come. No sooner was she finished then another man stepped up. It would be an understatement to say Ellie wasn't thrilled by the turn of events. She didn't know how to answer these questions. a woman in a yellow." "Did you learn to submit?" another one asked. Before she could take him into her mouth. "That's enough. she resisted. yet grateful. Master Paul came over suddenly and grabbed her shoulder. slave. No one else was trying to make her feel more comfortable. "See for yourself." Ellie froze.

Master! I'll be good!" . unclipped her arms and tied them to straps hanging down from one of the slats. Master Paul led her down the corridor and out the back door. fastening her arms behind her. She was just as scared now as she had been the first few days in Master James' dungeon. Master Paul turned to his guests. He stopped outside an empty stall. "I'm sorry. Because it was April. "Pl-please. Please make yourselves comfortable while I take care of this little problem. He directed her to the barn. If he had been more like Master James—not that she wanted that—she would not have been allowing her past life to resurface so readily. She knew the way Master Paul had treated her caused her to think of herself as more than a slave." He pulled her to her feet. W. I have a lot more work to do. Master held up a riding crop for her to see. He opened the small door set inside the huge double doors and pulled her inside. Ellie looked around for a tack room. slave. the weather was pleasant. You must be completely obedient—only then will you find true peace." With that. Such a disappointment! Hanging her head. "Remember. She shivered as they padded softly across the lawn. She could feel a welt forming. The odor of several horses assailed her nostrils. As you can see. McKenna Darkest Hour 120 Still holding her in place. She expected a beating. The guests looked at her sadly. Her mind was conflicted. Mas—" "Hush. "Thank you all so much for coming out to help me test my new slave. The angle forced Ellie to bend over.J. he swung the crop at her tender ass. Ellie wondered what would happen to her." Ellie's heart sank. slave. She knew what was coming next. you did this to yourself. eye-level with the stranger's semi-erect cock. but saw nothing but stalls and equipment. drawing a scream from Ellie. but a little cool in the late afternoon.

reclipped her arms together behind her and pushed her inside the stall." God! Ellie couldn't imagine taking ten strokes. It's up to you. . tears flowing from her eyes. He paid no attention to her cries and struck her four more times. she thought. At least it didn't smell of horse piss. any transgressions will receive a minimum of ten strokes. Just hay. Ellie realized all she had to eat today was breakfast. McKenna Darkest Hour 121 Another blow struck her. She collapsed in a corner. With her hands tied. Paul closed the gate and left. It would kill me! Master untied her. With that. He paused at the entrance. He came up close to the sobbing girl. She jerked on her bonds." He grabbed a blanket off a nearby rack and tossed it to her.J. slut. W. She looked around and didn't see a cot or anything of comfort. "I went easy on you because it's your first day—only six strokes. Her stomach growled. He took a length of chain down from the wall and locked one end to her ankle cuff. making sure her sore ass didn't touch anything. She lay down next to the wall and cried. "It doesn't have to be this way. she couldn't wrap the blanket around her unless she used her teeth. After tonight. He locked the other end to a heavy eyebolt on the wall.

but saw no one and heard nothing except the nickering of the horses. feeling utterly degraded. Ellie awoke with a powerful need to pee. Once he got home. his personality changed. She dropped to her knees and looked down. How do you think I slept! "Okay. trying to hold in her water. Finally. She cried as she urinated. "Good morning! How did you sleep?" His false sense of cheeriness grated on her. She went from being treated like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" to a pimp's common whore. She never bargained for this. She guessed it must have been mid-morning when she heard the barn door open. There wasn't even a bucket in the stall." "Yes. just as the gate opened and Master Paul's face appeared. Her ass throbbed. Ellie was thirsty and hungry. you know. She could tell the location of each welt without looking." . Ellie danced around. she would have run away. But you've got to earn your privileges. she could not contain herself any longer. She felt blindsided. She scooted into a far corner of the stall and let her stream fly. Time passed." "I know you're confused right now. McKenna Darkest Hour 122 Chapter 6 After a near-sleepless and chilly night. Master. however. At least her old Master gave her a bucket. If she hadn't been chained.J. W. She wished he didn't have to go away so soon. Master Paul had been so nice! He made love to her in the hotel room and was solicitous on the road. She looked out through the slats of the gate to see if anyone was coming. She hoped it would be Steve. She paced up and down the length of her chain and waited for someone to come. Master.

Master." "See. then you can earn new privileges. But you must learn to become a complete sex slave. You decided to go into my bedroom after your bath. sir. You have one job here. Master. not me or Master Steve. I— " "Tut." Ellie paled. You can't be thinking about food. just like you. tut. W. Even now. "It's really a matter of attitude. "You'd probably like to sleep with your arms unfastened. that's just what I'm talking about. so they usually come out with some resistance to total obedience. For example." Ellie nodded." he went on. so that I can avoid punishments and …um…sleep inside. When you prove you can be trusted. Or get cleaned up…" Or not sleep in a damned horse barn! "… or get regular meals. it's perfectly natural. that you're obedient. you should be thinking: 'Does Master want me to suckle his cock? Would Master like to use one of my other holes? How can I please him at this moment?'" ." "Yes. I'll bet you're thinking about how much you dislike me.J. You have to prove worthy of them." He chuckled at his own joke. McKenna Darkest Hour 123 "All the girls start out at the bottom. for example. Master James only has a limited amount of time to condition his girls. "Yes. or escape." "You must display unswerving obedience. my dear. I hope to prove worthy of you. "Instead. Take yourself. you resisted servicing my friends. ready and willing to do anything for anybody at any time. These things aren't just given to you. or your past life. "N-no." Ellie hung her head. Your mind must be focused on that job at all times. Master. It reminds me of that old joke: Why can't a woman be Santa Claus? Because she'd be telling the kids: 'Yes. and you know your place. Since you've arrived you've been thinking on your own. You're concerned about you. but what about my needs'. as if trying to understand." "Yes.

Q. Ellie had expected Master Paul to treat her better. She knew that what Master Paul was saying made perfect sense to him.J. She supposed she was on her way. McKenna Darkest Hour 124 After Master James. . points. Ellie's mind would have to lose about 60 I. She didn't know if it was possible to lose oneself so completely in sex. W. she realized. He wanted total subjugation. To do that.

From the angle of the sun through the slats of the barn. she knew she had never seen him before. Birth control pills! She had forgotten all about it today. . asking to be let out. Looking at the bowl. about 30 years old. He pulled a case from his back pocket and opened it. He began opening the stalls and letting the horses out. she knew she'd have to eat like a dog. don't bother talking to them. He laughed and stood up. He approached and Ellie tried not to shy away. He spoke a few words in Spanish that Ellie didn't understand. W. When he squatted down and began rubbing her slit. Master gave her a bowl of food and left her to eat and think about the goals he had set for her. she came.J. The food seemed to be scraps from their breakfast table—bits of egg and half-chewed bacon slices. Ellie ate it all. Then the man did something unexpected. she was startled. He just stared at her. anxious to get out into the sun. though she would have been more than willing if it meant she could return to the house. He was Mexican. The horses whinnied. It was disgusting. When she glimpsed the man. McKenna Darkest Hour 125 Chapter 7 After the lecture. In minutes. The sun made the barn warm. ends of toast and a little cold coffee poured into the bottom. Ellie guessed it was around noon when a man entered the barn. She almost called out to him. He rubbed her breasts. The gate opened suddenly. If someone doesn't talk to you. shuddering. She scrambled to get into position. she guessed. It felt good. He didn't offer to unfasten her arms and he didn't try to use her. startling Ellie. but then quickly became aroused. Her training at the dungeon kicked in. despite her predicament. He made clucking noises at them as they ran past. then decided against it. Ellie couldn't see him clearly through the gate. smiling.

The Mexican left. but that seemed like ages ago. closing the gate behind him. W.J. . McKenna Darkest Hour 126 Master Paul had given her one when they left the hotel. She opened her mouth and let him place one on her tongue. Ellie was left alone with her thoughts.

The plate was heaped with warm chicken. Her throat was dry and cracked. defeated. With her hands behind her. she was starting her training all over again. W. His cock was good-sized. Master Steve showed up. he had a bucket of water. willing him to come. the driver. she couldn't control his thrusts. Ellie felt sleepy. It was Lindo. she was glad to see. then another. Steve handed her the plate and a spoon. After pounding her for a few minutes. He unzipped his pants. Just before dark. She watched Lindo go. Late afternoon.J. Just like Angie! she thought. Ellie hoped he brought some food. She sagged. When he returned. He was carrying a plate! She tried to keep her eyes focused on his pants. McKenna Darkest Hour 127 Chapter 8 The little bit of coffee Ellie had was not enough to satisfy her thirst. He gave her a drink. "Are you okay?" "Yes." he said rudely. She waited on her knees. then curled up on the blanket and went to sleep. she realized. but not as big as Master Demont's. He opened the gate and Ellie risked a peek up. Her thirst slaked. He helped her up. You have to give up something to get something. "Suck. Ellie knew better than to ask for water before he made his demand. sir. Ellie treated him like she would Master Paul. Now she was consumed with the need for water. Her stomach was growling so much she could hardly hear herself think. Ellie slurped along the shaft. In a lot of ways. She presented herself to him and waited. He zipped up and left the stall for a moment. she had another visitor. "Eat up." . he pulled away and let gobs of sperm splash onto her face and hair. potatoes and corn." He unhooked her arms and let her rub circulation back into them. She opened her mouth and let him press into her. used.

the type of business his father was in ("Investments. Attracted." She didn't like the sound of this. But she was pleased to note that he had not refastened her arms behind her back. can't you tell me what's going to happen to me?" He shook his head. "Really. W. they talked about safe topics. . "They're all alive and…well. if that's what you mean. Ellie felt that physical attraction to the man. as a man would be to a woman he likes and can talk to." He grimaced. McKenna Darkest Hour 128 Ellie dove in as if she hadn't eaten for days. His edict yesterday that she not be "informal" with him seemed to fly out the window. Steve leaned against the wall and watched her. He was much preferable to the others she had been forced to pleasure. Yet he was repelled as well for she was his father's sex slave—and that tainted her. Ellie knew that the young man was both attracted and repelled by her. such as the weather. "Please." she whispered to herself. they began to talk. At first. just fine. "Were they —" Steve looked at her sharply. It was nearly true. She wouldn't even mind if he spanked her again—as long as he made love to her afterwards. now I'm officially scared. He seemed unsure about how much to say. Well. Just like yesterday. Master? There were others?" He nodded. After she finished. closing the gate abruptly behind him. The sex was probably as good for him as it had been for her. Ellie had to ask." was all he said) and his plans after school.J. "No! They were not killed. But they both realized they were zeroing in on each other. "Okay. Master. "May I ask what happened to them?" He looked away. you may not." He was agitated. they're fine. "No. then suddenly scooped up the empty plate and left. she shouldn't be surprised. Ellie also learned she was not the first.

"I didn't know how you liked it. "Sorry. W. Ellie's life had been harried." he said. Master." Ellie wasn't sure why he asked." she said." he paused. And it wasn't something she cared to recall. do you take something in it?" It was as if he had read her mind. She hadn't dared admit it before. as was the forced sex with men and women she didn't know or like. fidgeting a bit. I guess I was just … curious about you. She took it gratefully and sipped. "I did learn something while I was with Master James. "Here. as if embarrassed to be waiting on a mere slave. "It was hard." Ellie didn't want him to go. "So." "It's fine. What's more. even safe. "Um. so I figured black was safe." He shook his head. Ellie preferred a little cream. To be taken away from the life you've known and forced…" She trailed off." "No. maybe a little cream. McKenna Darkest Hour 129 Chapter 9 Master Steve came in early the next morning." Her admission startled her. she could tell he didn't want to leave either. The coffee was excellent.J." Actually. He looked off. awkwardly. complicated . in giving up one's power. Master. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. even to herself. Still. realizing that the direction this was going wasn't helpful. He surprised her by bringing a cup of coffee. it's all right. But this is good just the way it is." she blurted suddenly. "Tell me what it was like at Master James. "Th-thank you. but she wasn't about to say anything. "I should go. Yet there was something comforting." Steve nodded. It's quite good. she had to obey her masters. The punishments were horrible. "For future reference. narrowing responsibilities. Master. "I learned that there was a part of me that liked to be submissive.

"People like my father conquered business. "You're not telling me something. Their conversations would flow . you don't need to know anything. "You're a slave. "You do?" Steve said. "It's my father's business. He looked away. I try not to interfere. McKenna Darkest Hour 130 and sometimes overwhelming." "Then why aren't you treating me like one?" Steve realized she was right." He didn't sound convincing. sure. "There are certain aspects that appeal to me. taken aback. "We say we’re modern and give women equal rights.J. yet deep down there's still part of our psyche that craves the idea that the strongest among us can drag a woman into our cave and make her bear our children. she had one job. Ellie looked down. "Of course you are. But kidnapping women and making them. they might even have dated. All her needs were being taken care of. Steve shrugged. He just wasn't strong enough for her." His brow furrowed. She liked being around men who knew what they wanted and weren't afraid to go after it." Ellie nodded. I mean. Ellie now knew why it could never work between her and Frank. survival of the fittest. He was drawn to this woman. But part of me craves this. and feel they've earned the right to conquer love the same way. "Yes. perform?" He shook his head. um." "Yes. inviting her to coffee. Now. If he had met her somewhere else." She wasn't sure she could explain it to herself. no one wants to be kidnapped. "Perhaps it's the caveman in us. W. He imagined running into her at the library or the market." Steve said." "Am I safe here?" Ellie asked suddenly. I'm not sure I can explain it." "You don't approve?" Ellie knew she was overstepping her bounds.

She was taken aback to find Master Steve waiting for her in the upstairs hallway. Now." she said automatically. well educated. McKenna Darkest Hour 131 naturally about the things they had in common. Ellie watched him. chained up—it was all ruined. A few hours later. as he gathered up the empty coffee cups and fled. seeing her standing before him. This time. straw and dried cum." he said suddenly. she vowed to honor his wishes without hesitation. my slut?" "I've learned to make myself available to anyone who asks for me and do anything they want me to do.J. she strode from the bathroom. "I'm to offer my body for men to fuck in my ass or my cunt or to suck cocks with my mouth until they come in me. "I have to go. how many times she's debased herself. There was no chance of exploring a normal relationship. dismayed. Master Paul appeared. "Good. pretty—the kind of girl he could introduce to his mother if she were still alive. She fully expected to be told to pleasure him or his friends. I'm sure you'd like to get cleaned up. She was about to drop to her knees when he put his finger to his lips. . He unlocked her and took her back to the house. She was dirty from the dust. She hadn't seen him since her first morning in the barn. Then it dawned on her. You are coming along very well. As she dropped into position." Ellie thought for a moment. W." "Good. She was smart. God knows how many men she's fucked in the last few months. Now. Very good. When she was finished. naked. not sure what he wanted." She nodded. But I want to hear exactly what you mean when you say that. Ellie was given a hot bath and told to shave. thrilled. dirty. "What have we learned. intending to head downstairs to find him. she flashed him her best vapid "fuck-me" grin and waited. my slave. She was determined to keep Master's trust now and made sure she followed his instructions exactly.

Tears came to her eyes. Ellie had been so beaten down over the last few months that having Steve pay attention to her needs instead of just taking his pleasure doubled her emotional involvement. All this. Steve kissed her gently. but couldn't imagine that he would be interested in a slut for anything other than fucking—or spanking. Ellie was confused. Her eyes filled with tears at the kindness he showed. He peered out the door before closing it. her cuffs and collar. You're not supposed to be any of my business. “It’s okay. her chains. as if making up for the rough treatment she had been given since she had arrived on his father’s estate. Steve was acting strange. despite the crazy situation she was in. holding her tightly. "This isn't right. She slipped past him into his room. He came close. Ellie felt his hard cock against her thigh. her face questioning. At this moment. feeling his strength as he hugged her. of course. "I wish we'd met under different circumstances. She welcomed him into her arms. She had felt it too." He waved his hand at her nudity." Steve pulled back the covers and she glided into bed. There was to be no spankings." he continued. She was wet. She felt safe here somehow. W. Ellie wasn't sure what to expect. to just go back to school. they were lovers. pitching his voice low. "I tried to stay away from you. "M-master. Ellie melted. "Hush. Another session draped over the bed seemed the most likely occurrence. they were not master and slave. ready for him. But there's something about you…" He trailed off. Ellie waited silently. “It’s okay. no rude blowjobs that left her mouth sore and her body unsatisfied. He put a finger to her lips.” ." she began. Steve tipped his head. indicating she should come into his room. no punishments. you know. now. McKenna Darkest Hour 132 silencing her and causing her to freeze.J.” he said.

"I was a woman with a career before I was kidnapped. She rode it like a wave. feeling her breasts press hard against this chest. She didn’t want this moment to end." What he said was true. his skin against body. Dad will be looking for you." "I’m not a slave. Only the threat of beatings would keep them in line. she came—hard—throwing her head back. W. "Unless you kidnapped someone as a child. "I know. She opened her legs for him. Steve kissed her again and she relished the closeness of him—hips on hers. she felt his seed erupt. letting it build within her. Nor could she imagine anyone else in her position forgetting who they really were. letting the tears run into her hair. your training will regress. she realized. "I really don't understand this. "We'd better go. even now. squeezing him so tightly she saw flashes of light behind her eyelids. Steve moved up between them. He began to stroke in earnest. Even if she had become more of a slave to sex. that troubled look on his face again. When he thrust into her.J. driving her on to another orgasm. but the mind never fully accepts it. Ellie wanted him right now—she needed him. You're supposed to be isolated. Otherwise. Ellie gasped—an orgasm was building. He pushed hard against her." He nodded. "I've never found myself drawn to one of Dad's slaves before. Ellie was so wet it made sounds. his cock in her pussy. Finally. she felt the tip of his cock touch her." he said. McKenna Darkest Hour 133 She hugged him to her. they'd always have memories. "Dad'll kill me if he finds out we're talking like this. You can beat or torment a body into compliance. she never would have completely forgotten her past life." He nodded." Ellie breathed." she said. holding on until she could feel Steve’s cock twitch deep within her." . Steve pulled back and studied her face. "I would imagine all the girls would try to escape eventually. Ellie came again. letting the memories come back." He shook his head.

his voice disapproving. But she said nothing. watching. You should be pleased. And she was falling for him. W." he said. "I'm going to let you go first. "If you tell him I wanted you. She left quickly. tell him I wanted to make use of you." He grabbed her by the upper arm and half-spun her around. He nodded as if that made perfect sense. "Oh. . "I was beginning to worry about you. her ass tingling. she found Master Paul in the library." How little you know! If Ellie was reading her men correctly." He pointed to the red marks on her pale ass. She believed Steve had more to tell her. McKenna Darkest Hour 134 Ellie felt dismissed. he wouldn't—or couldn't—talk about it. Rising. then turned back. he dressed quickly. "Dad knows about my little fetish. He had her turn around. feeling his sperm leak out of her. he'll expect to see this. Whack! Whack! He left red handprints on her ass. After all. If Dad asks what took you so long." he explained. I almost forgot." He turned. She explained about his son. Once downstairs. slut. she'd say his son was starting to fall in love with his father's sex slave. "Ah. Ellie stood there. Ellie was too startled to speak.J. just as she had thought in the barn. she was simply here as a slave. I'm glad he enjoys you. good. For some reason.

His feelings about his father's proclivities had changed since he had left home at age 19. his hard cock splitting her. like school kids hiding from the teacher. He told her his father's sex slave fascination had been going on since Steve was 14. not days. he simply called her by her name. Ellie was glad to see him—except once when he walked into the library to see her bent over a chair in front of the fireplace. W. he bent her over the bed and entered her slowly. When he spilled his seed into her. There was a sexual tension between them. for he made it a point to come by occasionally to see how she was doing during the day. Once. but not before Ellie blushed crimson at being caught. Steve excused himself immediately. Ellie found it difficult to concentrate on her duties—her mind was on Steve. chained up in the wine cellar. The young man no longer abused her in any way. He was taking no chances with his new toy. but often they'd just talk. They talked in whispers. caressing her neck and shoulders as he pumped. baby. not his father's. Master let her sleep on a small cot down there. He no longer called her "slave" or "slut" unless they were in the presence of his father. “Make me come. McKenna Darkest Hour 135 Chapter 10 That night. make me come. She felt in tune with his body as if she had known him for years. she came with him. In the morning. Ellie was allowed to stay in the house. Master Paul plunging into her. He apparently felt the same way. in Steve's room. although he was not .J.” she whispered. Ellie found out a lot more about Steve—and the somewhat strained relationship he had with his father. Privately. Growing up. it was a part of his life. He did not disappoint her. as if she were Steve's property. in his room or while walking the grounds when the weather was nice. wrapped in a blanket. Steve kissed her on her cheek. Ellie loved the feel of his body against hers.

" He gave a short laugh. Before he left home. He considered her a real bitch. As an adult. "But he's my father." Now Ellie sat up. If they saw what was going on here. he was vaguely distressed. he hated her." She realized he was right. Steve had been stationed on a ship that had stopped in Thailand and had gone to one of those infamous sex shows. "Really? You wouldn't think that from seeing her portrait so prominently displayed in the library. I mean house servants. he became used to seeing a naked woman around the house. McKenna Darkest Hour 136 allowed to participate at first.J. "Ever notice that he always takes his pleasure with you in front of that picture? That's his way of saying 'fuck you' to her. He makes sure you're out of sight when they arrive. "Why? What was she like?" ." he said. The only way Dad keeps the house clean is to have some maids come in once a week. they'd call the police. the horse groom you met in the barn. Catherine was a difficult woman. The repressed Americans loved to go to these shows where women displayed their carnal talents. "I love him. he became less enamored by it." Steve sat up. I think Mom's dying really affected him." "Must be hard to have to admit to yourself that your father is doing something wrong. "He says that's to remind him of how lucky he is now. W. Rather than being titillated. rubbing her back. During his stint in the Marines." Ellie nodded. He's given me so much. Steve found the show hit too close to home. He began to realize just how strange his father's fetish had become. however. "Why do you think we have no servants? And I don't mean our chauffeur and Jorge." He paused. "Loved her? Oh no." Ellie replied. "I guess he loved her very much.

" Ellie's head was spinning. I'm sure he still wanted sex. prickly—those were the kind of things Frank said about me. at the same time. To Dad." Domineering. That's when he decided he didn't want to get married again for fear that he'd end up with another overbearing woman. she was a good mother. Opinionated. He had come from a broken home and he was determined not to inflict those emotions on me.J. I know he spent a lot of time at work. Strange." . Of course. "Why didn't he just get a divorce?" "He never said. "So he began to purchase sex slaves as a way of sticking it to the memory of Catherine?" "Yeah. McKenna Darkest Hour 137 "To me. your father was…relieved. I think Dad became so successful just to shut her up. pretty much. but I think it was because of me." "Yes. W. so I guess that makes you the anti-wife. A little domineering. She spanked me whenever I misbehaved. so long ago. Never satisfied. isn't it? He hated his wife." "So when she died. perhaps. she was just…prickly.

Knowing Steve's feelings for his father. She talked about Frank and her feeling that he wasn't "strong" enough for her. The more she learned about Paul. She had no choice now but to try to escape. she might have been protecting him. Who knows how far he would go. Would he help her or turn her in? She decided it would be safer not to involve Steve. how difficult it was and some of the challenges she faced. but the more she saw of him. the more she felt her training slipping away. They had to be together. Paul appeared to be a decent master. Whenever Steve "borrowed" Ellie from his father. she didn't know if she could trust him to tell him of her plans. "Well. doesn't he?" . Ellie told him about her job. the more she came to realize he had a depraved side to him that scared her. I guess Dad fills that need. Ellie learned to obey Paul completely. They could sort it out later. She felt the connection between them growing. It was as if she was leading a double life. or go for a walk.J. In spite of Steve's concerns that talking about her past would defeat her training. however. She wanted nothing more than to be with Steve—whether as a slave or as an equal. Steve actually laughed out loud. She did not tell him about how she had secured her last contract. He wanted to know what kind of woman she was before she had been taken. it really didn't matter at this point. he began asking her more questions. despite her awakening at the hands of Steve. McKenna Darkest Hour 138 Chapter 11 The next two days were a blur of training and sexual degradation by Master Paul and secret rendezvous with his son. Unconsciously. they would slip away to his room. W.

She couldn't make out the words. that's for sure. It seemed to go on for a long time. "You'll be…fine." He seemed to realize he was revealing more than he dared. "Me too. Normally. She went into the library. ***** Sunday came all too soon for Ellie. But he doesn't see me as a person. "Not that your sex organs aren't first rate. She turned her head to hear. "Steve." he said quietly. . raised in anger. McKenna Darkest Hour 139 She blushed. Then she heard faint voices." Steve grew thoughtful. "He's a strong-willed man. She knew he was still protecting his father. There's a lot more to you. I'm just a little afraid to be left here alone with your father. Eventually. W. he seemed nervous. Master Paul was waiting. he would take the opportunity to fondle her to an orgasm or make her suck him. "I wish you didn't have to go. Somehow." "I know. surprised that Lindo hadn't come for her already. He unlocked the chain and pointed up the stairs." he managed. Shortly thereafter. you hear me?" He grabbed her and pushed her over the arm of the couch. Today." He nodded but didn't say anything more. I'm going to miss you." he joked lamely. "I have to finish school. The entrance to the wine cellar was not far from the library. he held the riding crop. and she imagined Steve and his father were having some sort of heated discussion." Ellie had dropped the "Master" in the last few days. In one hand. "Your training is not going well. He was angry. the voices ceased. She awoke late. right? I won't end up like the other girls?" His eyes swiveled and locked on her. You're a fucking slave.J. just as a collection of sex organs." He nodded and looked away. that wasn’t what Ellie wanted to hear. Lindo came down and released her. "Yeah. "I'll be safe here.

She collapsed back onto the couch. He knew he stood no chance against his much stronger son.J. He dropped the whip. McKenna Darkest Hour 140 Ellie couldn't imagine what she had done. I'll put something on those." Paul stopped as if paralyzed. He had pushed his father! "You leave her alone. Her ass and back ached. catching her unawares. Her ass was on fire. Then she realized it must be Steve. Ellie bellowed into the gag. although she did not feel all right. She tried to get up. She heard a door slam open. Steve stood his ground. "Come on. Four. Dad. He helped Ellie up and unbuckled her gag. "Are you all right?" "Yes. "You let me live my life like I let you live yours. then stepped close to his son's ear. She looked around to see blue-red welts standing out in relief. "Did you two argue over me?" . W. She counted out the blows. Paul strode to the desk and pulled out a ball gag. silencing her. The fight went out of him like air out of a balloon. she caught a movement behind her. He yanked the straps tight against the back of her head." Paul left the room. Steve was clearly shaken. "Go for it. Ellie turned back to see Steve standing there. He loved his son. Six. His son was not his slave. She screamed. "This is none of your business. raising the whip. just below the shoulder blades. dammit! Don't take your anger out on her! This is between you and me!" His father strode toward him. He struck her again. You'll find I'm not one of your slaves. only to have him strike her across the back. Three." he whispered." He helped her up and took her to his room. She looked around in time to see Master Paul stumble away. crying. Five. What did Steve say? The first blow struck her. They must have been arguing over her. What's more." she managed. furious. he didn't want to hit him. The salve he spread on her was soothing. Ellie lay there. See what happens. Before Master Paul could land another blow.

I could do that. Once they were in the trees behind the house. She let it hang open. Ellie thought he might be in his room." As she did. "Pretend that we met under different circumstances. but soon her muscles eased up and she was able to move more freely. Let's say it's a rainy day in my college town. It was far too large. Walking was painful at first. "Why do you want me covered?" He tipped his head. We run into each other. She hadn't worn clothes in months. Steve let her set the pace. McKenna Darkest Hour 141 "Yes. embarrassed. She slipped it on over her naked body. "So I can pretend." She was touched that he would consider buying out her contract and didn't know how to respond. He went to the closet and pulled out a trench coat. "Tie the belt." He started walking. are coming out of the bookstore. He said I should mind my own business. ." Ellie was puzzled. Ellie caught up to him. okay?" She walked ahead of him and they went out the back door. W." "Pretend?" She wasn't going to let him off easy. even if I am his heir." Ellie half turned so she could see his face. She almost parroted what Angie had told her so long ago: Slaves don't wear clothes. Master Paul was nowhere to be seen. the question burst from her. "Are you well enough to go for a walk?" he asked suddenly. he unrolled the coat. He knows I don't have that kind of money. I guess. Something in Steve's face told her not to argue. It was a damp. dressed in your trench coat. Just no jogging. "Who won?" He turned away. cool April day. I told him to let you go. You. put this on. "Sure. then rolled it up tightly into a ball that he stuffed under his arm. pouting.J. "He did. He offered to let me buy you. I invite you to coffee. "Here.

" he said. "We can start over. tell me about yourself…" . So. walking beside her. What's your name?' " She smiled. Ellie. 'Hi. Smith.J. uh. McKenna Darkest Hour 142 "Now." "Nice to meet you. I'm Steve. "Ellie Martinson. W.

They preferred the illusion of normalcy. When Ellie felt his cock touch her wet slit for the first time that afternoon. she knew she loved this man. He had some hard edges to him. and rolled it up under his arm. She straddled him. After lunch. but she would never consider Steve a wimp. Ellie found it did make a difference that she was wearing the coat. but he still had to answer to his father. Their lovemaking session lasted a long time. It helped when she leaned forward. He was . He may be a big. "It's okay. As long as I'm not on my back. Steve didn't mind at all. She handed it to Steve wordlessly. They ate lunch together in the kitchen. More of her previous self returned. then slid onto the bed. she touched his hand and caught his eye." She knew he meant the beating she had received." He nodded. when she was with him. She wished he had met Steve before all this. protected. She knew that protection would disappear when Steve went back to school. They didn't see Paul. They went upstairs. In Steve's room. She felt safe. strong man. Or perhaps he was hiding Ellie from him. She couldn't help but fall hard for this kind and sensitive man. forcing herself not to wince when her sore thighs touched her calves.J. W. He nodded. He was a little like Frank in that way. Ellie stopped near the trees and removed the coat. he removed his clothes. They avoided any discussion of her life here. taking control for the first time since she'd been taken. McKenna Darkest Hour 143 Chapter 12 They talked for hours. Ellie kissed him softly. It was well after noon when they returned to the house. "Aren't you going to make love to me before you go?" "I wouldn't want to hurt you. Steve seemed to be avoiding his father.

"Y-yes. She . He no longer saw her as a sex slave. He grimaced. What? She couldn't remember—maybe a silly little questionnaire…Wait! The bank cards. You still belong to Dad. "You're going to be a rich woman. strong." Unsaid was: and protect me. Ellie. Steve became agitated. then touched her face with his fingers. Ellie still didn't know where Master Paul's house was located." I know that. She dared not cross him. I have to go. refusing to let him go. what's going to happen to me? You must tell me. That's not like it was across the country! He kissed her and she asked he would return. It was time for him to go. McKenna Darkest Hour 144 kind. and Steve never told her the name of his college for the same reason. Ellie knew that she would be called into the library soon to serve her master." He looked at her. "I know. A sense of dread came over her. He was clearly trying to avoid the subject. She could tell Steve was torn. "I've got to go. W. "I don't know. He loved her for who she was. The question remained: Could he save her from her father? The day was fading when they finally parted. his responsibilities.J. "Steve. yet he had his life. I can't." He pulled away." He turned toward the door. She grabbed him. out the door and down the stairs." He heard his father call from downstairs. But he did let it slip that it was 300 miles from here—just about a four-hour drive. Before Ellie could ask him what he meant by that comment. but what does that have to do with when you might return? "I wish you could stay. didn't you?" Ellie was stunned. handsome. "You signed some documents while you were with Master James. Some sort of signature cards— Why?" Steve shook his head. he was gone. Steve knew that as well.

Ellie knew she lost her only island of sanity—and perhaps her only chance to escape. she dared not refuse. The weather was nice enough to be outside every day. come. If Paul wasn't nearby. Now she would be simply a sexual being to be used at her owner's whim. Something Steve. Because he was Paul's employee. doing whatever Paul wanted. her leg would be chained to the railing. "Slave. but he still didn't trust her to stay put. forgetting all about her. As it roared away. Over the next few weeks. . You're going to be a rich woman. And she couldn't help shake the sense of dread she had.J. McKenna Darkest Hour 145 heard his hurried goodbyes to his father. but she wished the Mexican would bathe more often. Jorge would come over and demand a blowjob. she walked down the steps as if to her doom. Obediently. out of his love for his father. She tried to give him no sign that she wasn't completely compliant. She missed Steve. Only a hint. her hope went with it. What the hell did that mean? ***** April melted into May. See? I don't even think of him as Master any more. Occasionally. life became almost intolerable for Ellie. then the engine of his sports car." Her Master's voice. she thought. She imagined he was back with his friends. pretending that her training was still in effect. W. She was here. as she stood there. She cried over the loss of her love and the fear that came with knowing she was again at Paul's mercy. watching Jorge run the horses through their paces. Ellie liked to be at the corral. couldn't share with her.

. W. in part.J. McKenna Darkest Hour 146 She knew that Lindo and Jorge stayed. because the sex slaves were made available to them. Perhaps they were the only ones from the house staff who stayed after Paul began his strange odyssey.

my dear. After Dad's big party—well.J. All he had to do was pass his final exams. She's tainted goods. Now that she knew how Paul really felt about his long-dead wife. Paul made the girl bend over the chair again by the fireplace. it made her feel. "You look good this morning. ***** "Ah. That the way he lives his life might be considered sick by the outside world. creepy. W. She's had so many men—and women— that her mind is all messed up. Yet his mind kept wandering back to his father's house—and Ellie. She could never accept him—he would remind her of her torment. Lindo had gotten her up and unchained her from the wine cellar. She'd want to take revenge on his father. McKenna Darkest Hour 147 Chapter 13 Steve tried to throw himself back into college. Steve didn't want to think about it. it doesn't matter what feelings he might have for her. it would be all over anyway. it should be time to coast into his degree. Her world had cracked. all the training she had been given. She had been allowed to eat before being escorted to see Paul. Ellie looked up at Catherine's portrait and felt pinned by her frozen gaze. In a few weeks. She's not worth this. Just let what happens. His grades were good. It was as if all she had been doing. well. Besides." Master Paul took both of Ellie's hands into his. . Steve had awakened her former self. When you're a son who loves his father. happen and move on. He had a month left. despite his shortcomings. something Steve could never allow. he told himself." They were in the library. Yet what other conclusion could you draw? It's best to stay away. was a lie. Lindo left them alone. it's hard to admit that he might be wrong.

Paul excused himself. She understood men's basic needs better. In late May. Where would she go? She had wondered about that. she gave him some brand names of her favorite cosmetics. Ellie could feel his sperm leaking from her. Master. Let me think for a moment." Paul continued." Ellie had trouble recalling the types of makeup she used just a few months ago. When the weather warms up. there was too much she didn't know about this operation. She had to find out more. "A big one. You're going to be the guest of honor. Ellie had come to accept it as part of her awakening. she might be able to get away. Besides." "Um. The phone rang. "There's going to be a party. She pretended to be totally obedient. perhaps. "So give me a list. "Hello? Oh. "Since we have no women here. Steve had only hinted at it. If she went to the police. She was already claimed by him and everyone here—there was no need to give herself away by revealing her true feelings. W." she parroted.J." Paul was saying as he thrust into her." "Yes. Steve! Would he ask about me? Is he coming home for a visit? . If she could. and I'll have Lindo round them up for you. Master. Steve as well. How could she have allowed James or Paul to make her think she was simply a sex object? Ellie did admit to herself that she had changed over the many long months. McKenna Darkest Hour 148 She was going through the motions. She also knew that her submissive side wasn't something to be ashamed of. son!" Ellie's ears pricked up. I'm going to have to rely on you to tell me what you need to get all made up for the event. Damn Steve! Paul finished and pulled away. And loss. what proof did she have? Her word against that of everyone here— including. She felt shame. It wouldn't be easy—she could only rely on herself. Haltingly. hi. She wanted to put him to sleep.

listening by the door." Ellie heard the phone being put down on the desk. The hallway was clear. then tiptoed down to Steve's room.J. She was taking a big risk. I don't care… Look. Ellie paused outside the library. Ellie peeked out the bathroom door. "Come on!" she whispered as it slowly booted up. "Steve." "Yes. She stood. But how? She could only think of one clue. She turned the faucets down until the water was flowing in at a much slower rate. this won't matter… Hang on a sec. Crystal Palace she typed in. Crystal Palace is paying for your education… The 25th. Be sure and shave. go upstairs and take a bath. W." She turned and left immediately. "Slut. she ran to the computer and turned it on. She padded up the stairs out of sight before Paul could come to the door. Connecting to the Internet. She closed the door of the bathroom silently and began running water into the tub. For one thing. No. wondering what Steve was telling his father. you're in this as much as I am. she called up a search engine. The house was silent. She beat a hasty retreat." He pinned Ellie with his gaze. You're welcome to come… We've been over this. McKenna Darkest Hour 149 "What? No. What the hell was he talking about with Steve? What is Steve so upset about? What did Paul mean. Master. By summer. and looked for Lindo. She was satisfied that the noise level was about the same in case Paul listened from downstairs. 'By summer this won't matter'? Was he referring to me? Ellie had to find out what was going on—before it was too late. She sneaked out. . Listen—" He looked up sharply. Slipping inside. Steve. listen— No. "Steve? Hang on a sec.

. he thought. He had Linda wear clothes around the house and told Steve she was his new "girlfriend". cursing under his breath. Linda lived at the house for months. Steve was just 14. His father even tried to hide what he was doing. she never slept with Dad—she had a small room off the kitchen. he snuck up to the closed door and put his ear against the panel. Steve was actually ignorant for quite awhile.J. Master. Steve could remember the first girl. she was quite young. "Do you like my big dick in you. For one. too. When you have a woman who is totally deferential. now they last just a few weeks before Dad ships them off. and who has a serene. He didn't understand what was going on. He couldn't come right out and tell his father how he felt. maybe 25. Linda. Steve thought she was an odd woman for a girlfriend. They used to stay for months. Steve pulled back. it's getting worse. yes. Eventually." she responded. That told Steve she was more servant than equal. Master? What the hell is that all about? He didn't want to hear any more. She's not like the others that have paraded through his father's life. There was something about this one. She was a prostitute! He ran upstairs and crawled into bed. you're bound to be suspicious. Damn him! Couldn't he change his plans one time? There were other girls he could use. Curious. "Oh. but that kind of thing can't be hidden for long. God. almost bland expression on her face most of the time. his father began to get careless about her true purpose for being there. shocked. But what really caught his attention was her attitude. even if you are a kid. slut?" Steve heard his father saying. W. McKenna Darkest Hour 150 Chapter 14 Steve paced his apartment. fuck me. For another. who instantly does what she's told to do. but it began to unravel one night when he came downstairs and heard them talking in the library.

He had seen Linda when he had arrived. he asked older boys and he even researched more sanitized sexual subjects at the local library." Randy told him. neither was prostitute. If she was going to end up as his stepmother. he watched Linda much more closely. but he knew what they did. Randy. One of his parents' housemaids had seduced him one rainy afternoon while the folks were away. for one thing. The concept of submissive and dominant was not in the boy's experience. Usually the women in rich neighborhoods like theirs tended to put on airs. then what is she to him?" . Her name was Lupe and she was just 23 herself. she thought she might be able to gain an advantage if she had an ally in Randy. "No way. He had his own suspicions about her just from the way she deferred to Steve's father. She had awakened in Randy a great curiosity about all thinks sexual. And she taught him a lot. McKenna Darkest Hour 151 From that point on. He'd already had sex. He found out about his father's new lifestyle by asking his friend. He was not hard to seduce. He tried to cover his tracks by telling Randy he "heard of a friend who" but Randy wasn't stupid. W." "Well. He snuck some books out of his father's secret stash. he wanted to prepare himself for that. For that matter. She had been hired just four months previously and desperately missed her family back in Mexico. man. Randy was 15 and much more experienced in sexual matters. One day when Randy was over for a visit. Steve's need to know was greater than his desire to keep his secrets. so he admitted that he was puzzled by his father's relationship with the young woman.J. Steve tried to get some answers to the many questions he had about Linda. It took him several more days to learn that "prostitute" wasn’t the right term for what Linda really was. Linda seemed to be more like Lupe than the girlfriend of a rich businessman. or act in charge of the household. While it was true that Lupe was naturally oversexed. "I don't think it's like that.

Steve and Randy exchanged silent glances. "There's one way to find out. It was a bit risky. then lowered her eyes. W. "'Course." Steve had never heard of such a thing. If you want to be sure. He finally agreed. he was determined to play the role. Linda looked at him for a few long seconds. Steve knew his father would be attending a dinner the following Thursday night. Steve spoke up in a stern voice: "I'm the son of the master of the house. maybe I could help you. Though his heart was pounding. Before she could recover. Randy patiently explained it in graphic terms. but it excited Steve no end. Then Paul could give Randy a ride home. He listened to Randy's plan. like a sex slave. Randy had told him." Linda stared at him. You know." When he told him. The knock on her door must've startled her. She pulled her robe tighter around her." "And what if you're wrong?" "I'm not wrong. Steve was shocked. He got his father's permission for Randy to come over and keep him company until he returned. it would depend entirely on how he conducted himself. That night. Randy and Steve went downstairs to Linda's room. if you're too scared. "No way! My father would never do that!" Randy shrugged. They were the last people she expected to see that night. "No way! No way in hell!" "I'm tellin' ya." He paused. but the sight of the two young boys really threw her for a loop. that's how to do it." Steve continued with the statement Randy had made him . "I know my father gave strict instructions about me." Steve was intrigued.J. McKenna Darkest Hour 152 "I think she's submissive. If it was going to work. Steve held his breath. after his Dad had gone. No doubt she had expected to spend a quiet evening reading or watching the small TV Paul had allowed her to have. shock and confusion on her face.

" She briefly raised her eyes to Randy's face. Linda hesitated." Randy said. then looked over at Steve. You are no longer in front of him. Linda stepped aside and gave them room to pass. Her mouth opened and closed. . Looking around the room. "Master Steve will sit on the bed. "Now. he spotted a way out of their dilemma. He got into position." Steve understood." Steve and Randy exchanged another glance. "Very well. her head down. In that way. I order you to do whatever my friend here desires. slave? Speak!" "M-master said I must never appear naked in front of young Master Steve. "What is it. "But with my father gone. McKenna Darkest Hour 153 memorize. then returned her gaze to the floor. his back is to you. slave. Steve shut the door. Drop the robe. There was a mirror over the low dresser. However. "Lose the robe. I won't ask you to violate my father's instructions." Randy continued. as the son of the master. facing away from you. I am in charge." Meekly. "Let us in. then seemed to melt like candle wax to her knees. you are not violating your master's instructions.J. He could see everything behind him. stricken." he said. Master Steve! Randy thought quickly. slave. W. Steve learned everything he needed to know about his father's "girlfriend" that night." Randy said sternly. She looked up. she did so. "On your knees.

She did her part. she did it without question. McKenna Darkest Hour 154 Chapter 15 Preparations for the big party continued.J. If he would just give her an opening. Some would be traveling from other states to attend Master Paul's party. Her biggest test came just one week before the party. Paul cranked one end to raise her torso up. The caterers would be hired later. What was this for? "Slave. where a woman in a nurse's uniform waited with him. Behind them. In fact. W. a portable examination table had been set up. Paul continued Ellie's training and was apparently pleased with her progress. . She didn't like the way this was going. Ellie was very nervous. then pulled her ankles wide apart and fastened them into position. So far. he had been very cautious. Master Paul hired a landscaping company to freshen the flowers and a decorating firm to set up a tent in the backyard. he told them he only wanted them to cook and deliver the food—he already had servers. No matter what he ordered her to do. He expected about 30 guests—a small. That meant he had to leave her unchained when she was out of sight of Paul. For Ellie. it was easy to be of two minds—her life depended on it. tight-knit group of like-minded individuals that he had entertained for years. Once in position. the guests would be serving themselves. She hoped Paul would believe her to be so thoroughly conditioned that he might trust her more by the time the party date arrived. get on the table. Ellie prayed that would change." His voice was firm. As in previous years. Lindo or Jorge. Ellie tried to hide her shock. which had a certain reputation in Dom/sub circles. she might be able to slip away unnoticed. She lowered her head and obeyed. Paul tied her wrists to the sides of the table. Master Paul had called her into his library.

" Eva suggested to Paul. I want you to look pretty for our guests. then drove a needle through the base with her right hand. "Hush. Eva left the needle in and before Ellie could react. Eva moved down to between Ellie's legs. The double pain ached dully in her breasts. Oh my god! They are going to pierce me! She struggled until Paul put his hand on her forehead. "P-Please. she held a small gold ring. slut. Eva returned to Ellie's nipples. "No. Ellie was surprised to find that it didn't hurt as much as her breasts did. I want her to see. slut!" Master Paul commanded. It will enforce my domination over her.J. "It's all right. she felt them grow numb. In her left hand. The woman swabbed Ellie's nipples with a solution. With horror." First one. slave." Easy for you to say! The nurse brought out a tray of instruments. She began to shake and would have bolted if she wasn't already tied down." Ellie gasped. Ellie was glad she couldn't feel it much. then the other lip was pierced. She rotated the needles to loosen and widen the holes on her right breast. Mistress Eva has done this many times." "Maybe she'd like a blindfold." the woman said. W. Ellie gasped aloud as nerve endings inside the nipple erupted in pain. Leaving the needles in place for the moment. "Wh-wh-" she couldn't get the words out. Just lie back. Master. quickly repeated the process on her left nipple. Eva daubed it with alcohol. McKenna Darkest Hour 155 "Relax. she watched her do the same thing to her labia. then the pleasure. Within minutes. She looked down to see small droplets of blood ooze out. First the pain." So Ellie watched as Eva thumbed her right nipple until it was hard. Eva stretched it out. Ellie had to . Holding the nipple firmly between her left thumb and forefinger. It was really quite beautiful. Ellie could see needles and other implements of torture. "Hush. "This won't hurt very much.

” she said. It didn't hurt much any more. How could piercings be so erotic? Eva noticed her condition. Eva smoothly inserted the prong of the gold ring with the other and clipped it into place. my slave. Eva daubed both again with the alcohol. “P-please. As she pulled the needle free with one hand. she returned to stroke her slit with her middle finger. Eva finished and daubed anti-bacterial cream around the rings. fascinated. you truly look ready for our guests. Paul looked pleased. I think you’ve earned it. "This is a depilatory designed for 'sensitive' areas. McKenna Darkest Hour 156 admit. Ellie was surprised to find herself dripping wet. Ellie was grateful that they didn't pierce her clit. Master and Mistress watched the slut come down from her high. The small ring hung down about a half-inch below her nipple. One in each labia. She was going to come. but slightly smaller and thicker gold rings. She couldn’t seem to help herself—she came as easily as Angie now." Ellie blanched and looked up. “Aaaahh. The blood had stopped. as Eva leaned down between her legs and inserted two similar. After she put the cream away. W. Ellie watched. my god. "Just one more small thing. "Now. Eva removed her hand." Ellie breathed. Master was handing her a small jar.” Ellie breathed. She opened her legs slightly for the woman. I want you to use this every other day for the rest of the week until all the stubble is gone. about one-third of the way down. Now she had two matching rings. Ellie was busy staring at it while Eva completed the job on her left breast. may I come?” “Yes. She threw her head back and let the ripple of pleasure wash through her.J.” No sooner were the words out of his mouth than Ellie climaxed against Eva’s finger." . just below where her clit would poke out. Master." Paul was saying. she could feel it. Then you won't have to shave any more. "They're beautiful. “My god.

"No. Ellie nodded and admired her new jewelry as he untied her and helped her off the table. It was her imagination. She expected another painful piercing. put some more alcohol on them. W." "Thank you. "Afterwards. They're beautiful. but was surprised to hear him tell her to go upstairs and take a bath. Mistress. I mean thank her properly. McKenna Darkest Hour 157 She was actually relieved that was all Master wanted." Ellie said dutifully. "Thank Mistress Eva." he explained. her white dress hiked up over her hips. Ellie expected Master would want to christen her while wearing the new jewelry." Ellie looked over to see Eva leaning against the table. slut. She wasn't wearing panties and she was shaved bare. but she thought she could hear herself jingle as she walked.J. ." She nodded and left. "It will clean and protect the wounds. Ellie dropped down and "thanked" the Mistress properly until the woman came noisily.

anticipating the event. Since then. he gave her strict orders not to. and Ellie was ready for release. the grounds looked immaculate.J. to ensure that she didn't cheat and pleasure herself. he had paid more attention to her. Paul or Lindo would watch her to make sure she didn't pleasure herself while in the tub. As a sex slave. taking his large cock out of his pants for Ellie to see while she bathed. She was at high pitch. he was especially cruel. At night. the food was soon to arrive. Ellie had grown to expect regular sex. Yes. The tent was up. Master would keep her within reach to fondle her nipples and rings. her arms were fastened behind her. It fulfilled a gnawing need in her. including Steve's. She knew that she would be the guest of honor and imagined that would include sex. In fact. that meant his son would not be returning for the party. and Paul had put them in unused rooms of the house. When she bathed. he did fuck her in the library the day after her piercings had been inserted. Every other day. To her dismay. Ellie awoke on her cot in the wine cellar. or to stroke her cleft—all without letting her come. Already some guests had come in the night before. Now it was Saturday. however. McKenna Darkest Hour 158 Chapter 16 The day of the party dawned bright and clear. he merely teased her. W. she had used the depilatory. The temperature was supposed to hit 85 degrees—Master could not have asked for better weather. she had been chained every night. She had had no chance to run away in the last few days. If anything. To Ellie. When Lindo watched her. For the last five days. But not to use her for his pleasure. Even Ellie was pleased with the result—her mound was as smooth as a baby's bottom. Master kept close tabs on her. .

She peeked over the railing to see Lindo coming up the stairs. to make sure she didn’t try to come. The home page described the typical video and photographic offerings that could be found on any such site. Damn! She had been so close! Sitting in the tub under Lindo’s gaze. Master. a sign-in box cropped up. she slipped back into the bathroom. Ellie had been trying to figure out her next move when she heard voices carrying up from downstairs.com. did Paul own it? Why would a successful man who invested for a living bother with small potatoes like that? She didn't know a porn site could be such a big moneymaker. She clicked on it. "Just getting a new towel.J. She grabbed a towel just as Master Paul appeared around the corner. When she had typed in "Crystal Palace" in Steve's computer two days ago. There was a linen closet there. she couldn't forget about Steve—or her growing suspicions about what awaited her today and in the future. probably to watch her bathe. it had returned several pages of sites. Is this it? Ellie had trouble believing an erudite man like Paul could be behind this smut. Am I missing something? ." He nodded. Her heart was pounding in her chest. W. When she tried to explore it further. looking briefly at the closed door to Steve's room. "Slave?" he questioned. Quickly. away from the bathroom. then stopped when she found something called crystalpalace2002. Ellie breathed a sigh of relief. Ellie had tried to piece it together. She had scanned past the ones about churches and caves. It was a porn site. McKenna Darkest Hour 159 Despite her body's needs. If Crystal Palace was a common porn site. she shut off the computer and opened Steve's door a crack. Shit! I need a password. Someone was coming upstairs! Thinking rapidly. Meekly. Ellie had slipped out he door and turned left. then he turned and walked down to his bedroom. but it didn't make sense at first.

W. She would not be allowed her chance. Ellie was given an enema. Just how it would play out. naked and patient.J. She could only imagine. Ellie squirmed with desire. but she complied with their wishes. guests began arriving. They're all sick. Daphne was a cute little butterball of a woman about 40. Afterwards. McKenna Darkest Hour 160 Chapter 17 Saturday morning. then helped her style her hair. She would gently brush her nipples or tug at the gold loops. she might be able to flag someone down. One would work on her hair or her face while the other one kept her sexually aroused. A screaming naked woman always draws attention. . then bathed and perfumed by two of the Mistresses who had arrived last night. She had hoped she could steal a car and drive through the gate. Worry gnawed at her. She knew they wanted her fully engaged when the festivities begun. Ellie sat. Nancy was a little older. though wide in the hips. she had no idea. or run a manicured finger up along her wet slit. Ellie had been given toast and coffee. They put makeup on Ellie's face. and tall and thin. Someone was with Ellie every minute now. which had grown out a few inches since she had been forced to clip it off so long ago. They had given their names as Mistress Daphne and Mistress Nancy. It tasted a little funny. About eleven. If she could get to the road. Daphne and Nancy gave her a tall glass of juice and told her to drink it all. There was quite an old-home-week feeling in the air as Ellie heard the guests greet each other like long-lost friends. Side by side. Master Paul greeted each one warmly and sent them outside to join the ones who had arrived the previous night. For breakfast. she thought. while the two fussed over her. they looked like a bowling ball and pin.

They were going to film her in her debasement. . These cruel men and women were good at this game.J. Ellie felt flushed. Any thoughts she had of escaping vanished as she stood there. W. they could say she was a full participant and point to her bank balance as proof. some of the profits would be siphoned into her bank account—the one they had opened for her after she signed the cards. Her body tingled. To keep Ellie from eventually escaping and going to the police. fucking and sucking dozens of people. Videos would be made and edited. so people could look in. There would be no escaping whatever cruel games they had planned. It had open sides. The drug and her enforced celibacy made Ellie wild with desire. then sold on the web site. The guests admired her frankly. She stood there for more than an hour while people drifted in and out. shivering despite the heat. Someone began setting up a video camera. with tables and chairs around it in a circle. McKenna Darkest Hour 161 Within 15 minutes. Her suspicions about Crystal Palace began to fall into place. They must've slipped me some kind of aphrodisiac. she found herself vibrating like a guitar string that was wound too tight. Ellie's heart sank. A heavy metal stake had been pounded into the center. She was placed near the stake and her ankle was fastened to it with a six-foot chain. Others had cameras with them. she noticed. This had been going on for several years. Many came over and touched her breasts or cupped their hands over her mound. And there was nothing Ellie could do about it. waiting for the party to begin. Now when one of the Mistresses stroked her. they would have her under their hold forever. Ellie was led outside to the tent. If she ever tried to have them arrested. being careful not to set her off. Once they had her alleged complicity.

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Chapter 18
Just before 2 o'clock, Mistresses Daphne and Nancy approached Ellie and forced a penis gag into her mouth. It was short, but wide, forcing her jaws apart. The rubber penis was anatomically correct and Ellie could feel the rounded edge of the head with her tongue. Why? Don't they expect me to suck them off? The Mistresses didn't explain. Next, they clipped a Y-shaped, fine chain to her nipple rings. A similar chain was attached to her labia rings. The chains were long—maybe six or seven feet. The women handed the ends to two men who sat nearby. Ellie was confused. The party began in earnest. The guests gathered around Ellie and began putting masks on. So they can't be recognized in the videos, she realized. Only her face would be seen. Lights went on, illuminating Ellie. "Ladies and gentlemen! May I have your attention!" Paul was wearing a Lone Ranger mask adorned with blue rhinestones. "Welcome to our webcast!" Webcast! This was going out live?! "Today, we have the pleasure of welcoming Ellie Martinson, a former career woman at ForeKnowledge Software who always had a secret desire to be a sex slave." Ellie burned at hearing her full name and former job being used and the lies being told about her. She wanted to shout in her defense. Of course, the gag prevented it. "Now, I know to many of you watching today, that may seem strange. But there are a lot of women who go through life hiding their secret desires. They may play out their fantasies with their husbands or boyfriends, but few have the courage to truly experience them like Ellie here. "Several months ago, Ellie found our little club on the Internet and approached us about how she might become a sex slave. We were only too happy to help her. We have helped many such women find their true selves.

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"Not only is Ellie finally experiencing her secret desire, she's also going to become a wealthy woman because of it. If there are any women out there who have such desires, contact us. Everything we do is voluntary and according to the laws of the United States." Ellie shook her head and made sounds in her throat. The camera panned away from her to the assembled guests as a stern-looking man came up and whispered, "Don't be a hero. The last one who tried it ended up dead." His words froze her to the spot. They wouldn't kill me, would they? Are they that depraved? "We're going to start with some oral sex, then we'll move to the main event," Paul was saying. Good! They'll have to remove the gag. She would shout, she would scream, she would— A woman in a silver mask stepped up close and raised her miniskirt. She was nude underneath. Holding Ellie's head firmly with one hand, she flipped the catch on the gag, pulled it free, then pulled Ellie's mouth to her cunt. "I'm—" Ellie began, then her face was thrust into the woman's crotch. She resisted giving this woman pleasure. Suddenly, she felt the rings on her labia lips being pulled—hard. The rings on her nipples were yanked in the opposite direction. Tears came to her eyes. She licked the woman's slit once and the pain stopped. She hesitated and the pain returned. The message was clear: As long as she did what she was told, she would not be punished. She licked—how could she not? She would try to protest her kidnapping, torture and forced sex later, she told herself. Falling back onto her training, Ellie stroked the woman's clit until she had a satisfying orgasm. She was immediately replaced by a gentleman who already had his cock freed from his pants. "I'm being—"

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Again, the chain yanked on her nipples and again she was pulled to his cock. She almost bit him, but a painful pull on the chains warned her not to try. So she pleasured this man as well. She was beginning to realize that these people knew all the slaves' tricks. After awhile, any protests would seem to be pointless. Eventually, all of the women would succumb, giving pleasure and getting raped in return. Then she would belong to them forever. "STOP!" The man holding her to his cock stopped. Ellie managed to pull away and turn her head. Steve was standing at the entrance to the tent. Thank god! He came! Paul suddenly realized that his son wasn't wearing a mask. He made a slashing signal across this throat to the cameraman and the lights died. "What the hell are you doing! You're ruining the broadcast!" "I came to get Ellie. This party is over," Steve said. There was an audible gasp from the members. Paul strode to his son. "The hell you say! This is my party and my guests and my slave and you don't have a damn thing to say about it." "Yes, I do. Because I know what's really going on here. And yes, I've even participated before. I'm just as guilty as all of you. But I swear; if you don't release Ellie, I'm going to the police. We'll all go to jail." There was murmuring in the crowd. Several of the men were clearly angry. "Why, Steve? Why do you care so much about a cheap whore?" He shook his head. "She's not a cheap whore." His dad recoiled. Steve plunged ahead. "Look, this is all wrong, you all must know that. You're rich, so you think you can get away with it. When I was younger, I went along because it seemed like such a big part of Dad's life.

To hear Steve admit this in front of everyone filled her with a joy she hadn't felt in months. they're going to know something is wrong. considering the young man was just three years out of the Marines. He ripped off his mask. the first note of uncertainty creeping into his voice. No woman deserves this. after meeting Ellie. "If you give everyone their money back. wondering what the hell happened. "I don't know." said a tall angry man. maybe it will be a non-issue.J. but that turned out to be an ill-advised move. "No way. too late. I know I can't be a party to this any longer." "That's the chance you're going to have to take. W. Steve. McKenna Darkest Hour 165 "But now. He looked at Ellie." the big man said." Steve retorted. She stared back at him. you would've become sex slaves just like her." Paul breathed." "You can't do this—the broadcast has already begun. his face scowling. The police could get involved. her heart beating fast. "You get out of here. "Nooo." Paul shook his head. "You can't—not my son. "I-I think I might be falling in love with her." She didn't sound very convincing. It's too late. If any of you had been treated like Ellie. we've already used her real name and mentioned her former job." Everyone's mouth fell open in unison. Ellie looked up at him. NOW! Or we'll throw you out. You can do a lot better than some well-fucked slut. If we don't resume the broadcast. Steve . If we let her go now. I just want to go home." "She's only that way because she was kidnapped. ripped from her former life." he said." "Maybe she won't press charges. "There are people online right now. approaching Steve." "Wait—" Paul stepped forward. The big man reached for Steve. we'll all go to jail—you included. "No. She doesn't deserve this." His voice broke.

"I have a solution. most of them would never stoop to murder. hushing the crowd at once. They waited. "I'll marry her. McKenna Darkest Hour 166 sidestepped. they had to come up with an explanation that would avert suspicion. But they knew that Paul would never agree. caught the man's arm. Though the website was well shielded by dummy corporations. If so." he continued. W. a court order might possibly reveal the true owners. Clearly. We start up the broadcast long enough to tell them she decided—of her own free will—not to continue. They could see it on his face—to have a slut for a daughter-in-law? Horrors! "No. especially considering that Ellie had been missing for months. No one could think of a way out." The crowd gasped again." The crowd murmured anew. all eyes on him. finish the broadcast. including Roger. "You must be joking. "Wait! Wait!" Paul ran between the men. The broadcast had to be resumed—and soon.J. We can work this out…Let me think. Besides. they felt trapped." his father said. thought the best thing to do would be to kill Steve. To have her testimony supported by Steve would put them all in jail. "don't you dare attack my son." he pointed a shaking finger at the fallen man. If it didn't. "That's enough! Roger. those people who had been looking for her all these months would try to track her down. their house of cards would come tumbling down when faced with an angry kidnapping victim. They were “lovers”. That being a sex slave wasn't really what she wanted to do after all. A few men in the crowd. hear me out. swept his feet out from under him and tossed him into a table. "It's the only way. She looked across the tent at the handsome man and saw the same thought in his eyes. Once her name had been announced. The solution occurred to Ellie and Steve at the same time." Steve said. then kill the girl. You refund . not fighters. He went down noisily.

But if she's my wife. The members talked low to each other. She makes me feel complete. I have the feeling she won't want to. but most of the money went to my father. Dad.J. tears falling from her eyes. Steve." Steve said. Steve spoke up for him. "Yes. The police may investigate because she's been missing. You won't make as much money… . Paul came over to her." "No. of course. "What about the other girls?" Ellie spoke up suddenly. you've only known her a month!" "I know this is a shock to you." "But-but what if this ideal love you have isn't real? If it fell apart. and she won't testify against you because I'd go to jail as well. "Because I'd have to give her half my inheritance. "What happened to them?" Paul looked nervous. It was a shock to me. "You could go back to them." Steve shrugged. After they left here. That should protect you. they were rented out to various websites to perform more sex acts. "But. that could be a problem." He stopped and looked at Ellie. Part of their earnings went to their own bank accounts. W. too. Besides. if she'll agree to marry me. she can't be made to testify against me. "That is. She was willing to give up her anger in exchange for this amazing man. trying to find a flaw in the logic. that I could be in love with one of your sex slaves." Ellie just nodded." "So he doesn't have any other 'investments'? He's making a living as a pimp?" Paul lowered his head. we'd be right back where we are now. "I-I had other investments before Catherine died. McKenna Darkest Hour 167 the money for the broadcast." Paul made a strangling sound in his throat and turned away. But Ellie is special.

"That's not our problem. Ellie. "We have to do something about his little operation. no." "No." Paul shook his head." Ellie went on. Besides. "How can I make him stop?" "I think I know a way. W." she said." They turned to stare at this impudent woman." she repeated. but it's all I can think of. "There's one more issue. I'm not sure they'll agree.J. McKenna Darkest Hour 168 "As for the other women." The crowd was silent." Ellie stared at Paul. they'll have to be well compensated. however. "It's non-negotiable. if we bring him down. ready to pleasure them in any way they desired! "Master James. He's a separate issue. wasn't satisfied. It did make a certain sense. he'll bring us down. she had been a demure slave. thinking. pinning him with her gaze. To think that just a few minutes ago. . And it's non-negotiable.

after Steve had graduated. It had taken awhile to explain their way out of the mess that had been left behind when Ellie had been kidnapped. there could be no kidnapping. telling the police she had this secret desire and had to try it out. Personally. if they kept quiet about their ordeals. she forced herself to focus on what she had gained in return. he seemed to bite his tongue. “Master” James hadn't been the problem Paul had expected. Paul was there. She was naked. But she had fallen in love with Steve along the way and decided against that lifestyle. what had happened to her was terrible—just terrible. dressed up in her off-white gown. She was free to take it out whenever she chose. She denied it. Ellie discovered she didn’t want to be in control all the time. Every time he looked at Ellie. of course—she liked being naked. Just family and friends. So instead of dwelling on it. of course. after he sold off Angie to that cruel man. yet his sensitivity allowed her the freedom she needed. accepting her as if she simply had had some previous lovers. It had taken place in July. As Ellie had suspected. Getting the other women out of their predicament took more doing—and a lot more money. She was also deeply in love. not that she was a sex toy at the hands of James or his father. She had found the man of her dreams—strong. Yes.J. Their marriage ceremony had been a small affair. of course. James realized just how . McKenna Darkest Hour 169 Epilogue Ellie relaxed on the king-sized bed in the small estate she shared with Steve. Without a victim. W. Steve’s strength protected her. Steve had been marvelous. And she still wore her jewelry. but she had agreed it was the only realistic solution. Ellie wanted to see the entire club of dominants rounded up and thrown in jail. She admired him for that. kind and handsome. It turned Steve on so. The ex-slaves were given new identities and enough money to start their lives over somewhere else.

Anna and the two new ones. When Paul approached him with his proposal. dressed in his swim trunks. it had worked out about the best as could be expected. .” All in all. Slipping off the bed. how may I please you?" she smiled and tugged at the waistband of his trunks. Ellie heard Steve coming back in from the pool. Yes. He looked down at her and grinned. The police were still searching for the man responsible. Toweling off his dark hair. but had no leads. Ellie had seen how James really felt about the pixie—and how she felt about him. They didn’t agree to keep quiet. but over time had grown to love the rugged man. The club bought her back from Andre and had given James and Angie enough money to last them for a lifetime. The remaining girls in the dungeon.J. It was difficult for them to track someone that the women only knew as “Master. Ellie thought. "Master. had been released quietly and given a cash settlement to help them overcome their ordeal. Ellie thought contentedly. had turned out to be a lot more erotic than actually being one. however. W. Pretending to be a sex slave. The last Ellie heard they had moved to Europe. She wound up with a terrific man who loved her and she didn't have to be the tough-as-nails businesswoman she had grown to despise. Her smile widened when he answered her. she had started out a kidnap victim. she got down on her knees in front of him as he approached. he walked in. McKenna Darkest Hour 170 much he had missed her. he took it immediately.

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