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CH. 1 Darkness fell over Sunnydale long before Buffy laid her head against her pillow.

Patrol had taken longer than anticipated and she had missed her date with Riley. She called and explained, he took it well although he was still upset that she hadn't let him patrol with her. Truth was, she wasn't in the mood. She wanted to be alone. She fell asleep soon after she laid down. ***** Buffy woke up, rubbing her eyes and looked around. She blinked a few times and shook her head. "Still asleep," she muttered. "Miss?" a voice called above her, "Miss?" Buffy opened her eyes again and found a girl about her age standing over her. "Um, don't mean to be rude, but who are you and what are you doing in my room?" Buffy asked groggily as she slowly came to. "Celia, Miss and begging your pardon, Miss, this is my master's house. I was sent up by Mrs. Angelus to make sure you were okay," the girl, Celia replied. Buffy was suddenly very much awake even though she still felt like she was in a dream. "Mrs. Angelus?" she sputtered, looking around the room that was not her own. "Aye, Miss. Milady, she found you last night. Stranded in the middle of the road," the girl answered, giving her a strange look. "In the middle of the road?" Buffy sputtered again. "Aye, mumblin' somethin' about finding your angels, Miss," Celia supplied. Buffy still felt unbelievably lost when Celia spoke again, "The doctor was here last night after the Misses brought you in. He thinks you probably hit your head. You've been asleep for over a day." Buffy looked out a window to see that it was early morning. "Okay, so I know where I am sorta, but I'm afraid to ask . .. when am I?" she whispered to herself. "Miss?" "Uh, I'm okay, but I guess I did hit my head. What year is it?" Buffy replied. The girl looked at her strangely. "The year of our Lord, 1753," the girl answered. Buffy took the information in with a deep breath. She knew exactly where she was. Galway, Ireland, 1753. Angel's home. Her forehead creased as she sat perplexed at the thought of being there. She was roused out of her daze as a loud crash came from downstairs. "That'll be Master Liam," the girl said nervously, "I must go . . . tend to him." She scurried off out of the room. Buffy stood feeling a little woozy. She grabbed onto the bed post to keep her balance. "This is too freaky," she muttered as she noticed what she was wearing. A long white nightgown with ruffles and lace. There was a soft knock at the door. "Uh, come in." The door opened and an older woman moved gracefully through the frame. She had rich brown hair, pulled up into a bun at the nape of her neck. Her gown was a soft blue that swished when she moved. She had eyes like Angel's. Rather Angel had her eyes. Buffy knew immediately that this was his mother.

"Are you feeling any better, dear?" the woman asked gently as she moved towards Buffy. "Yes," Buffy answered though she felt anything but fine. "You gave us quite a fright. A young girl like you should not be wandering around by herself," she gently scolded. "I know," she said quietly, not knowing any other way to respond. "What is your name, dear girl?" "Buffy. Buffy Summers," she answered. "Well, Buffy, I am Mire Angelus. You are our guest. Is there anything you need?" Mire asked. "Clothes?" Buffy asked meekly. The woman laughed softly and Buffy couldn't help the shiver that went up her spine. Not only did Angel have his mother's eyes, but her laugh as well. She wished that she had heard it more. "Yes, dear, there are a few gowns in the armoire. I should think that they would fit well enough to last until we can get you some new ones made," she said, smiling, her eyes twinkling. "I don't want to be a bother," Buffy said. "Oh, dear girl, you are no bother. You are welcome to stay here as long as you wish," the woman replied gently. "Truthfully, I don't know where else to go. I don't think I have anywhere else to go," Buffy confessed softly. "You will stay here then," Mire replied without asking any further questions. "Um, this will sound incredibly bizarre, but how old is your son?" Buffy asked. The older woman looked at her, eyebrows cocked. "Ah, yes, you've probably been hearing the commotion downstairs. My son, aye, help us," her eyes moved to the ceiling, "is twenty-six." She looked at Buffy, her eyes full of love. "And, uh, Celia said his name was Liam?" Buffy asked again. "Aye, Liam. Full of fire, that boy. Don't know what I'll do with him," she smiled. Buffy couldn't help but like this woman. She could see where Angel would have gotten the desire to see and do everything. She smiled back at her. "I think I'll get dressed now," Buffy managed. "Yes, I'll send Celia back up to help you dress," she answered, getting up and moving to the door. Buffy nodded, trying to play the part of an eighteenth century girl, instead of a twenty- first century girl. She moved to the armoire and opened it up, finding a few dresses made of the same swishy material as Angel's mother. "Liam," she muttered, "he's Liam in this time." "Uh, Miss?" Celia's voice came from behind. "Hi. I need help," Buffy replied, smiling at the girl. She turned her attention back to the dresses and pulled one out, a pale green one. Celia moved to help her put it on and a few

minutes later she was literally being sewn into the dress. Celia had the strings to the back of the dress and was pulling them as hard as she could. After she was done lacing her up, Buffy let out a strangled laugh. "How do you breathe in this thing?" she muttered as Celia looked at her again strangely. Buffy looked at herself in the mirror above the vanity and grimaced at the sight of her hair. Looking down she saw some brushes and hair pins. "This will do, I guess." She picked up the brush and ran it through her hair and then picked up a few of the pins and tried to pull up the front. Celia came to help her and pulled the front back and secured it. The rest of her hair was falling down her back in the loose waves that she'd worn the day before. In 2000. She shook her head again; this was wigging her out. "The family is waiting for you, Miss, breakfast," Celia said as she put the brush down. "Oh, right, breakfast. Lead the way," Buffy replied. The girl looked at her again. She moved quickly through the door and led Buffy down the stairs. Soon she was faced with entering the doorway to where the family was waiting for her. A tingle went up her spine and as she walked through the doorframe, he was sitting there at the table. Angel. Author's Note 2: This part introduces Liam/Angel. I tried to stay as true to him as possible and watching The Prodigal again last night I remembered that his family did have some money so I tried to be true to their situation. I tried to get the fact that he was bitter towards his father, but also full of life and love towards others. The scene where he wipes his sister's tears is evidence of that. He is a gentle person where needed. Not the complete drunk. Though that is in there. And we know he was a flirt, like the barmaid said in the ep last night. Just remember that is Buffy were really to invade his life when she did, things would change. And that's what I was working on. CH. 2 Liam sat at the table. His head was pounding from his night at the pub the night before. He felt like beating his head against the wall. Maybe then the pain would subside. He groaned slightly. He could feel eyes upon him and knew that his sister was watching him intently. He heard footsteps coming down the stairs as a slight tingle went up his spine. He looked up as the footsteps reached the doorway and his eyes met a pair of sparkling green eyes that a part of him, somewhere, knew. "Morning," she greeted unsteadily. She was watching him. "Do I have something on my face, Miss, ah . . . ?" he asked, a slight smile creeping on his face. He didn't mind having such a beautiful girl watching him. "Buffy, and no. You, ah, look like someone I know," she answered, a smile appearing on her face. "Lucky man to know such a beautiful girl," he replied. Buffy stood aghast. She'd never known Angel to flirt like that. Considering this was Liam, it helped a little. "Ah . . . thank you," she blushed. She didn't know why. She always knew that Angel thought she was beautiful even if he seldom said the words. "Liam!" his mother scolded, "Let the poor girl sit down! She's been asleep for near a day and you just sit there?" "Aye," he looked slightly ashamed, but the twinkle that Buffy saw in his eye said

otherwise. She raised her eyebrows at him. He moved around the table and pulled out her chair. "Thank you," she replied, sitting down. And they ate in silence. ***** "Buffy, dear, this material would bring out your eyes so," Mire said, pulling out a rich green silk. They were out having dresses made for her. She didn't know how long she'd be there, but she thought she might as well be prepared. "I really don't want to be a bother," Buffy said for the millionth time since she got there. "Dear, you are no such thing! You will stay with us for as long as you need to and you will need clothing. Now, I think we should have a dress made in this green and in the soft blue and the navy," she replied. "If that's what you think I'll need," Buffy answered. The older woman looked at Buffy, raising an eyebrow at her. "Where I used to live, we didn't wear dresses like this." The woman nodded as Buffy couldn't help but think that she didn't know how to be an eighteenth century girl. She sighed and shook her head as she followed to the carriage. ***** Buffy felt extremely elegant and extremely awkward at the same time as she exited the carriage. She wore less clothing during the day in 2000 than they did at night. She didn't know how they managed everything, probably because they had never known any different. She stood outside of the Angelus' carriage just looking at the front door of the house. "Buffy?" his voice asked. Coming out of her daze, she turned to see An . . . Liam watching her. "Hmm?" she replied. "You seemed very far away," he stated, watching her intently. "It's just that everything is very different here. Where I'm from everything is different. It's a little unsettling," she answered. "Aye. How different?" Liam asked, taking her arm and escorting her into the house. Buffy was thrown by the contact, by the electricity dancing through their touch. "Um, well, we didn't have houses like this and I never wore dresses like this," she tried to explain without sounding just what she was, from another time. "Sounds very interesting. I'd like to go there sometime," he replied, smiling at her. She couldn't get over how much he had smiled while she was there. It was the same halfsmile that he had always given her, but the eyes were what struck her each time. The spark that was in them as he smiled was there instead of the constant agony. No matter if Angel was smiling or not, the pain was always behind the chocolate pools she loved so much. "That would be nice," she returned. Silently knowing that he would. CH. 3 He found her wandering around the stream that ran behind his home. She was walking

and appeared to be deep in thought. As he approached her, the sun caught and glinted on her blond hair. His breath caught as he looked at what had to be the most beautiful creature in the world. "Hello," he said softly as he got closer. She looked up, a little startled. "Hey," she replied. "Was there something you were looking for?" he asked. "No. Just enjoying the scenery. It's not like this at home, either. It's very beautiful," she answered. "I thought it always a little boring," he sighed, looking around at the familiarity of it all. For a moment he wished that he was seeing it through her eyes, knowing that it wasn't the world that he knew, but something new and exciting, something different. "Really? Why?" she asked, curiosity filling her eyes. Angel had always gotten a far away look at the mention of Ireland, like he wished he could go home, but the blood on his hands forbade it. "It's not very exciting," he shrugged. "That's why it's so nice," Buffy replied, "It's calm and quiet. There's nothing here to call me away, to take it away from me. I like the quiet." "Is it very loud where you are from?" he asked, walking along side her. "Sometimes. Sometimes it's like everything is screaming in my head and it's all I can do to ignore it," she answered truthfully. "Now that sounds exciting," he grinned. "Hardly. People are constantly telling me what I should and shouldn't do. Giving me advice in all directions that I don't necessarily want. It's like everyone is pushing me to the Buffy they want me to be. None of them ever think about the Buffy I want to be," she sighed. "And who is that Buffy?" He felt open with her, like she knew his soul and yet he'd only known her for two days. "Sometimes I'm not sure. But that doesn't mean that they should all be telling me who it is because I don't know. I want to find out myself," she answered, telling him things that the him she knew already knew these things. He seemed to always know them. "I understand," he answered, looking at her. She noticed the anger that filled his eyes as he spoke. "My father wants me to be him. Another Caoln Angelus. It doesn't matter what I do, he'll always be disappointed in me." "You don't have to be. You don't have to be him," she said softly, watching him. "Things really are different where you come from," he said bitterly. His bitterness was not directed at her, but at his life. Buffy watched him as he steeled himself again from his father, the anger in his eyes not leaving, but hidden in the depths. They continued walking, but in silence. ***** Buffy woke the next morning to find a purple wild flower on her armoire, a note attached to it in his handwriting, "Walk with you again today? Liam." She grinned.

***** The two met each day for their walk. Sometimes they walked in silence, others they chatted casually. Buffy describing a little of her life without giving away too much, Liam telling her about his childhood. They never discussed his father or how torn she felt sometimes after that first day. "Your friend is named after a tree?" Liam teased after she told him about Willow. "No! Well, actually I don't know, but don't be rude," she replied, playfully whacking him on the arm. "You should ask her," he answered. Buffy laughed. As they got closer to the pond that was at the end of the stream and the usual end of their walk, Buffy got a mischievous grin on her face. "Race ya," she said. He looked at her, raising his eyebrows. She was out of the ordinary, that he had learned in the three weeks that she had been there. He had never met a girl like her. "It wouldn't be fair to you," he replied, smirking. "I'm going to win," she stated as she took off towards the small lake, heavy dress and all. Grinning, he followed her and began running. And she did win. "I let you win. I'm a gentleman," he said, out of breath as she taunted him. "Ha! You let me win, yeah right! I won, fair and square," she retorted. He nodded innocently, but the look in his eyes said differently. She whacked his arm again. She looked away at the lake, eyeing the glassiness of the water. Suddenly she sat down and began removing her shoes and then she hitched up the long dress and started wading in the cool water. "What are you doing?" Liam asked, eyeing her. "It was hot," she said simply. "You gonna join me?" He quirked an eyebrow and then relented. "You are the most interesting girl I have ever known," he told her as he removed his shoes and socks. She laughed. "I know," she answered, remembering what he, Angel, had told her that Halloween when she had been turned into a noble woman. He grinned at her as he approached her. "Now, I wonder what kind of world it is that you live in where ladies talk to strange men without being properly introduced and run races in their dresses and wade in the water," he said as he got closer. Buffy smiled at him. "One very different than this one," she informed him. She could smell him, he was so close. She could feel his touch on her face even though he wasn't touching her. The electricity that was dancing between them was almost unbearable for both. "Aye," he whispered, brushing a loose piece of hair from her face. She closed her eyes and leaned her face into his palm. He cupped her chin, lifting her lips to meet his own. The kiss was somewhere in between the gentle kisses Angel had always given her, always treating her like she was a piece of precious crystal, afraid to break her and the harsh kiss

that Angelus had given her after she first found out about his lost soul, it was fierce and hungry yet delicate and soft. And she was as hungry for him. His lips felt the same, they tasted the same and Buffy felt as though her soul was finally free. It had found it's other half, the part it had been screaming for the last year. They broke apart, Buffy smiling shyly and Liam grinning. "That was nice," she whispered. "Just nice?" he asked back. She blushed slightly. "No, much, much better," she answered, pulling his neck down and kissing him again. CH. 4 Stolen kisses and secret rendezvous filled the next week. They'd meet in the meadow by the stream and hold hands, enjoying each other's company. Buffy had never been happier and each day she would swear that the anger in his eyes would fade a little more. And each time she kissed him, his eyes would twinkle and then she'd want to kiss him again so that he'd smile again. She loved his smile. "You know, it's a good thing that you don't know how to get home," he told her one day as they walked along the edge of the lake. "And why is that?" she asked. "Because I don't think I could let you go," he answered. Buffy smiled in answer, squeezing his hand. She was smiling, but inside, her heart was breaking. She'd have to go back sometime and she didn't know when and she didn't know how. She'd end up breaking his heart because she'd probably go back the same way she came, in her sleep and suddenly in a different world. She'd be gone and he wouldn't ever see her again as Liam. As he held her hand an incredible sense of foreboding came over her. Something was going to happen. With him, with her, with the world. It was almost reminiscent of her seventeenth birthday. ***** She fell asleep with her head laying on his stomach. Her blond hair was fanned out around her as it shined in the sunlight. They had met earlier in the day and had their usual walk. He had laid down in the grass and she had laid her head on his stomach. He laughed and then she laughed as her head bounced. Then they laughed again. Buffy couldn't get enough of his laugh. It was rich and hearty, full of life. Just like him. He took her hand off his chest and kissed it, caressing it with his own. Her hands were deceiving, they were small and soft, the skin tender, but also worn and hard. They were strong, like she'd been working all her life. They were just like her. He'd told her he'd never met anyone like her, it was true. She was all the things her hands were. Soft and smooth, filled with beauty, but strong and hard, her being was incredible. "Whatcha doing?" her voice came, breaking his thoughts. "Looking at your hands," he answered. She looked at him strangely. "Because they're so interesting," she retorted. "They are. They're just like you," he replied, eyeing her, still laying on his stomach.

"Really. Tell me about them," she said. "Well, they're soft and beautiful, like you," she rolled off of him and laid on her stomach parallel to him, he still hand her hand, "and there's this scar on your finger. Like the scars in your eyes. Something happened to you, they became scarred." He was talking absently now, looking at her hand and Buffy watched in awe at how well he knew her in this time, in any time. If anything, this was a testimony of their being one, their souls being one. He turned to her to see tears brimming in her eyes. He looked at her with worry as if something he said had frightened her. "No, no, I'm fine. That was just, wow," she said, wiping the tears. He smiled gently at her and lifted her chin so he could meet her lips. She kissed him hungrily back. As she broke away, she looked up at him a little shyly. "I think we should probably head back. Everyone will wonder," she said quietly. He looked around noticing the setting sun and nodded. He stood, giving her his hand and helping her up. "Okay," he kissed her one last time and took her hand back in his, walking back to the house. ***** She watched the stars from her bedroom, feeling lonely. She looked in awe as a shooting star raced across the sky. The feeling of foreboding was still there, that something was going to happen, but as she stood there she made a decision. If something was going to happen, it was going to happen while she was happy. She closed the window and moved to the door. 'Carpe Diem' Willow had told her when she had seized the moment with Angel, she needed to be in his arms one last time even if it was only the same soul. She moved quietly through the hall, grateful for her slayer abilities to be stealthy. She stood in front of his door, waiting breathlessly. Moving forward, she opened it slowly and found him sitting, watching the fire intently. He looked up as she entered. "What are you doing here?" he asked, surprised and glad to see her. "I got lonely," she whispered as she moved to him. He stood to meet her and she kissed him. Pulling him down closer to him, she breathed him in. Memorizing every detail of the way his lips tasted and felt. "Buffy . . . ," he broke the kiss as she looked at him, "I love you." And he did, he had never felt this way about anyone. And he doubted he would ever feel that way again. She grinned and kissed him again. "I love you, too," she whispered. She deepened their kiss and he tangled his fingers in her hair. She pulled away and took his hand, pulling him to the bed. He spoke and the words were so familiar, Buffy almost felt her heart break. "Buffy . . . Maybe we shouldn't." She looked at him, knowing what would happen in the future with them, knowing that this was the only chance she had. "Don't. Just kiss me," she answered, echoing her future. And he did. CH 5 Buffy woke up in Angel's arms, rather Liam's. They were the same soul, that she knew,

but almost two different men. Two different men that she loved. One full of life and love, living each day fuller than one could possibly imagine and the other, the brooding vampire with a soul that she fell in love with first. She knew what today was even if things had changed in his life since she got there. He still went to the pub occasionally, but not as much Tonight he was supposed to go to the tavern, get drunk, and meet a beautiful woman in an alley who would change his world. He was supposed to be sired tonight and she finally knew why she was here. To stop it. To stop the deaths of hundreds of innocent people at his hand. She didn't know if she could do it though. "Hey," he smiled groggily as he woke up. She smiled back and snuggled deeper into his arms. "Hey," she whispered before kissing him softly. The smile went from her face as she remembered what she had been thinking about before he woke up. "What's wrong, love?" he asked gently. "I have to tell you something," she said. "Anything," he answered. "You may not believe me," she said hesitantly. "I'd believe anything you tell me," he replied, reassuringly. "I love you," she whispered, "My name is Buffy Summers, but I'm not from anywhere in Ireland. Or Europe for that matter. I'm from America. California to be exact and even though I never paid attention in history, I'm pretty sure there isn't a California yet. And I was born in 1981." "Love, how can you have been born in 1981 when it's 1753?" he asked. "I'm from the future, Liam. There are vampires and demons and one girl in all the world who stops them, the vampire slayer. I'm the vampire slayer in the future. You're in the future that I'm from, but you're Angel and you're a vampire," she whispered as tears threatened to spill over. "A vampire?" he asked. "Yes. You have a soul, the only vampire to ever have a soul, and you're good. Right now, or then I guess, you live in L.A. You fight demons and save souls. You left me a year ago," the tears were flowing freely now. "Honey, did you hit your head again?" he teased. "Liam, I'm serious," she cried and as he looked into his eyes, he knew she was. "Why do you suppose you're here, now?" he asked gently. "To stop you from becoming a vampire," she replied as he wiped her tears, "So you will be free." "Free from what, love?" "Guilt. The horror and bloodshed. You're the only vampire to ever have a soul, Angel, er Liam, and you've only had it for a hundred years. You're 245 years old in my time. You told me once, 'You have no idea what it's like to have done the things I've done and to

care.' I'm here to stop it," she answered. "And if you stop it?" "You'll live as a man. You'll die as a man. You won't do anything that Angelus, your demon, does. And you won't meet me," the last part was barely audible. "And when do you have to stop it by?" "Tonight," she choked, "tonight." He tightened his arms around her and held her as she cried and tears spilled down his own cheeks. She'd be leaving after she stopped it from happening. "What if I don't want it to be stopped?" he asked hurriedly. "Liam, I have to. I have to. And you have to promise me that you won't try to stop me from stopping it. And that you won't go to the pub tonight. Stay home, promise me. You have to promise me," she begged. "I promise," he whispered, kissing her hair gently. ***** She was waiting in the alley. Darla was supposed to be there any minute, but that wasn't what she was thinking about. As soon as it was over she'd being home to a new home that didn't include anything of Angel. "Hey! Powers That Be or whoever! You listening?" she cried softly figuring they were the ones responsible for her being there even if she wasn't exactly sure of how, "You're taking him away from me! This is how much I love him! How much I'll always love him! And I want one thing from you. After everything you've done to me, I think it's fair. I want my memories. Of everything that happened with Angel in my past and everything that happened with Liam here. I want at least those if I can't have him." She was crying again. "Done," a voice whispered from all around her. "Dear me, this alley was supposed to be deserted," a seductive voice said from behind her. Buffy turned and faced Darla. "Darla," Buffy's voice was cold, "Mr. Pointy." She lifted the stake in her hand. "My, my, a slayer? But the slayer is in Paris. Who might you be?" Darla laughed. "Let's just say that I'm someone you'll never get to meet," Buffy sneered. She leapt at Darla. She knew she had an advantage without the heavy gown. Liam had given her a pair of his pants. They were long enough to be pants on her and she'd had to use a makeshift belt, but it was better than the heavy gown. Still Darla moved nimbly in the gown. She had shifted into her vamp face. "Well, won't it be fun when I kill you?" she growled. "Could you vamps please get some new threats? I really am getting tired of that one," Buffy quipped as she dodged a punch from Darla. She grabbed the arm that came after her and flipped her to the ground. Buffy straddled her and looked into her eyes. "This is for Angel." She rammed the staked into her heart and she was gone. "Buffy?" a voice asked from behind her. His voice. She turned, tears running down her

cheeks. "I have to go. I love you. In this time, my time, always, I love you," she whispered. She blew him a kiss and turned and walked down the alley away from him into the darkness. "I love you," he whispered back as tears cascaded down his cheeks. CH. 6 Buffy woke up in her own bed in her dorm room. Exactly as she had the night she left. "Last night," she whispered, but it was just over a month earlier when she had slept in her mind. She remembered everything. Everything that had happened with Angel, with Liam, and without Angel. All of it was clouded in her memory and she suspected that she would be the only one to ever hold all of the memories. "Morning, Buffy," Willow said cheerfully as she came back into the room. "Morning, Will. I had the strangest dream," she began, testing her theory. "I dreamt that Angel was here." "Angel? Who's Angel? Cute guy?" the redhead giggled, "why haven't I met this cute guy?" Buffy laughed. "I don't know," she laughed as she slowly died inside, 'because no one has.' ***** Buffy walked outside in the sunshine. Sunshine that just yesterday it seemed had been her's and Liam's. Or Angel's. She missed them both. But Angel didn't exist and Liam had died a long time ago. She looked down at her hands, where her claddagh ring should have been, but never was. "You didn't think I'd let you go, did you?" a voice from behind her said. His voice. She turned and there he was. In jeans and a red sweater, his hair spiked like she knew so well. She looked at him unbelieving for a moment and then launched herself into his arms. "You're here! But . . . but," she cried. "I heard you talking in the alley to the 'Powers That Be' and after you walked away I cried out to them, begging to let me go with you. They agreed. I told my family that I had to go find the girl I loved and if they never saw me again to know that I loved them and I left," he explained as he held her. "Liam . . . ," she whispered. "Angel," he replied, "they gave me the memories, too, Buffy. What happened between us and what happened with Angelus. It's me." She looked at him, tears swimming in her eyes as she looked into his own. He was right. In his eyes she found both the men she loved. Liam and Angel. Liam with the same life and Angel with the same old soul, they were both in the chocolate depths she loved so much, but without Liam's anger and without Angel's guilt. "I love you," she whispered as tears coursed down her cheeks. "I love you, too," he whispered back, wiping her tears. "No more tears, love, no more tears." He kissed her gently and she wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss.

"How am I going to explain this one?" Buffy laughed after they broke apart, "No one knows you in this time." "Very carefully," he laughed, "Or not at all. You met me and we're dating. Then we fall in love and live happily ever after." "Sounds like a plan," she giggled. She took his hand in hers, "Come on. I've got friends who need to meet you." They walked away hand in hand, loving each other no matter what past they had come from or what future lay ahead of them. The End Well, there you have it. Maybe I can get a fluffy sequel out of this, but that's only if you want it . . . Let me know what you thought of this!

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