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Dear Fellow Lifeguards, It is with great pleasure that I am finally able to announce the settlement of our long outstanding contract. We have reached a settlement with the State of New York for a contract from 2011 – 2016, with a retroactive payout from 2004 - 2010. I would like to thank our Negotiating Team: Arty Shertzer, Lifeguard Lead Negotiator, Jamie Dangler, UUP Chief Negotiator, John Marino, N.Y.S.U.T., Bob Adler JBLC, Rich Malen JBLC, Sean Callahan N.Y.S.U.T. and Peter Martineau N.Y.S.U. T. for their hard work, dedication and support. This agreement includes a raise in our base pay and a retroactive check. The pay rates for 2013 are as follows: Long Island Region:
(LG1 $15.48) (LG2 $18.66) Boatswain ( $21.46) Lieutenant ($23.57) Captain ( $28.51)

Upstate Regions
(LG1 $12.36) (LG2 $15.37) (Assistant Chief $17.53) (Chief $19.02)

Downstate, Taconic, N.Y.C.
(LG1 $15.48) (LG2 $18.66) (Assistant Chief $ 21.28) (Chief $24.68)

Eligibility for retroactive increases: Employees must have been in employment status on effective date of the salary or hourly rate increase or during a season that commences during the fiscal year that includes the effective date of a salary or hourly rate increase and must be in employment status on April 1, 2013 or during a season that commences the fiscal year includes April 1, 2013. Compensation: April 1, 2004- 2.5%, April 1, 2005-2.75%, April 1, 2006-3%, April 1, 2007-3%, April 1, 2008-3%. April 1, 2009-3%, April 1, 2010-4%, April 1, 2011-0%, April 1, 2012-0% April 1, 2013-0%, April 1, 2014-2%, April 1, 2015-2%. In closing, please feel free to call if you have any questions. I look forward to our continued progress as a union. In Solidarity, Bruce