Why Animal Welfare Division (Ministry of Environment and Forest) along with the Animal Welfare Board of India

silent, where as animals are in distress in Uttrakhand due to natural disaster, calmity?

Concerned NHRC calls for report from Uttarakhand Government on rescue, relief and rehabilitation; urges Centre to extend full support: decides to send it's team for on-the-spot assessment: Same action required from AWD and AWBI.
New Delhi, 25th June, 2013 The National Human Rights commission is deeply concerned over the reports of the massive tragedy of loss of human lives and destruction of property caused by floods and landslides in Uttarkhand. The Commission appreciates the efforts of the Security Forces and other agencies who are working admirably in difficult terrains and in appalling conditions to rescue the thousands who are affected. According to media reports, thousands of pilgrims and tourists are stranded and a large number of local people have been rendered homeless by the floods and they are in urgent need of food and shelter. The Commission hopes that the State government and the Central Government will take appropriate steps for the evacuation and rehabilitation of these unfortunate people. The Commission directs the Chief Secretary of the Government of Uttarkhand to submit a detailed report on the following aspects: 1) the action taken to evacuate and rescue all those who were stranded and the progress made so far; 2) the steps that the State Government is taking to provide shelter, food, medical care and other essential facilities to those displaced or made homeless by the floods; 3) the measures it is putting in place to rehabilitate those whose homes and livelihoods have been destroyed; 4) the monetary relief, if any, contemplated for those who lost their lives, and those who are injured; 5) the steps which the State government proposes to take to prevent such disaster in future. The Commission is of the view that the State government needs the full support of the Government of India to tide over the difficult situation. The Cabinet Secretary, Government of India is therefore directed to submit a report giving the details of the measures, which the Union Government has already taken and proposes to take to support the efforts of the Government of Uttarkhand. The Commission has also directed its Secretary General to constitute a team for an on the spot assessment of the situation to get an independent report on the ground realities and an objective assessment of the sustained relief and rehabilitation efforts required. The team will visit the State of Uttarkhand within a week. It will first go to Dehradun to have an assessment of the situation from the functionaries of the State government. After making such assessment, the team may visit the relief centers and the three most adversely affected districts of the State to study the problems caused by the floods and landslides. It may also enlist the help of NGOs which are active in the area. It will submit its report to the Commission within four weeks. The UN affiliated OIPA in India alarming AWD and AWBI to please awake up, we needs you to serve animals in distress all around Uttrakhand – Naresh Kadyan, Rep. of OIPA in India, www.oipa.org and www.pfaharyana.in +91-9313312099, 9813010595, 9811467222.

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