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The number of times certain words are repeated

in The Quran is amazing!

What makes is even more astonishing is the fact that The Quran was
revealed in stages lasting 23 years!

The Prophet Muhammed was 40 years old when the first Verse of The Quran
was revealed and The Prophet was 63 years old when the last Verse was

The Verses of The Quran were sometimes revealed depending on the

situation so this makes it harder for anyone to have adjusted the words if The
Quran was written by a man as enemies of Islam claim!

Quran says
He does take an account
Of them (all), and hath
Numbered them (all) exactly.
Quran (19:94)

The Number of times Word appear in The Quran!

The Word day comes 365 times

The Word month comes month comes 12 times

Seven heavens and The Creation of the heavens both appear 7 times

Plant and tree both appear 26 times

The Word payment comes 117 times and the word forgiveness comes 234
times. So forgiveness appears twice the times payment appears.

Say and They said both appear 332 times

world and hereafter both appear 115 times

satan and angels both appear 88 times

iman(means faith) and infidelity(Kufr) both appear 25 times

Paradise and hell both appear 77 times

zakat and blessing both appear 32 times

wine and intoxication both appear 6 times

tongue and sermon both appear 25 times

benefit and corrupt both appear 50 times

Reward and action both appear 107 times

love and obedience both appear 83 times

refuge and forever both appear 28 times

disaster and thanks both appear 75 times

right guidance and mercy both appear 79 times

trouble and peace both appear 13 times

man and woman both appear 23 times (indicated 46 chromosomes, 23 from

father and 23 from mother)

treachery and foul both appear 16 times

That day and the day of resurrectionboth appear 70 times

dirtiness and nastiness both appear 10 times

openly and publicly both appear 16 times

sorcery and temptation both appear 60 times

language and advice both appear 25 times

The Word Iron appears 26 times which is the atomic number of Iron in

The mathematical value of the Word The Iron (el hadid) is 57. One of
Iron's isotopes is also 57

Iron has 2 isotopes of 57 and 58. In the Quran there is a surah (chapter)
called Surah Iron or Surah Hadid! This surah is the 57th surah and if counted
from the end of the Quran it is the 58th Surah.
Human being is used 65 times: the sum of the number of references to the
stages of man's creation is the same: i.e.

Human being 65

Soil (turab) 17

Drop of Sperm (nutfah) 12

Embryo ('alaq) 6

A half formed lump of flesh (mudghah) 3

Bone ('idham) 15

Flesh (lahm) 12


The word "salawat" appear five times in the Qur'an, and Allah has
commanded man to perform the prayer (salat) five times a day.

The word "land" appears 13 times in the Qur'an and the word "sea" 32
times, giving a total of 45 references. If we divide that number by that of the
number of references to the land we arrive at the figure 28.888888888889%.
The number of total references to land and sea, 45, divided by the number of
references to the sea in the Qur'an, 32, is 71.111111111111%.
Extraordinarily, these figures represent the exact proportions of land and sea
on the Earth today.

The word messenger comes 513 times.

The total number of times the names of the 25 messengers also appears 513
Like for example the name Moses appears 136
The name Abrahim appears 69 times
So the total is 513

These cannot be by chance

Allah says
This Quran is not such
As can be produced
By other than Allah;
On the contrary it is
A confirmation of (revelations)
That went before it,
And a fuller explanation
Of the Book-wherein
There is no doubt-
From the Lord of the Worlds
Quran (10:37)

Do they not ponder on

The Quran?
Had it been from other
Than Allah, they would surely
Have found therein
Much discrepancy.
Quran (4:82)