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Gifts for Companions

Gifts for Anders

Name Edit Anders has a preference for shiny things. Notes



Located: Vigil's Keep

A single gold earring.

Gold Earring
Located: Vigil's Keep Plot Item An adorable tabby kitten.

Located: Amaranthine Chapel of Our Lady A soft wool scarf.

Knitted Scarf

Redeemer Located: Kal'Hirol - Trade Bracers bearing a motif of eagles in flight. Quarter

Engraved Silver Bracers

Located: Wending Woods- Silverite Mines A volume on the origin and history of phylacteries.

Phylacteries: A History Written in Blood

Architect's Lab

Located: Amaranthine

This is a collar for a small animal. A bell is attached.

Bell Collar

Gifts for Justice



Justice has a preference for spiritual objects and things that remind him of Kristoff. Notes Description

Located: Wending Woods- Destroyed Dalish

This prayer implores Falon'din to guide the dead across the Veil. "O Falon'Din Lethanavir--Friend to the Dead Guide my feet, calm my soul, Lead me to my rest."

Elven Prayer for the Dead


Located: Amaranthine -

A book about lyrium, necessarily heavy on conjecture.

Lyrium: The Voice of the Maker

Abandoned Warehouse

Located: Blackmarsh Kristoff's camp

This locket contains a miniature painting of a woman and a lock of hair. An engraving reads: "Yours always, Aura." A box of mementos that once belonged to Kristoff.

Kristoff's Locket
Located: Amaranthine Crown and Lion Inn

Kristoff's Mementos
Located: Kal'Hirol Plot Item An unusual ring of unrefined lyrium, toxic to most living creatures.

Lyrium Ring
Located: Next toAmbassador Poetry inspired by the Fade.

Verses of Dreams

Cera atVigil's Keep in a Pile of books

Gifts for Nathaniel



Nathaniel has a preference for practical items and artifacts from the Howe estate. Notes Description

Located: Vigil's Keep Becomes: Howe Bow

An aged but immaculate bow, stamped with the Howe crest.

Howe Bow

Plot Item Located: Vigil's Keep Correspondence between Delilah Howe and a friend in Denerim, providing great insight into Delilah's recent life.

Delilah Howe's Letters

Located: Sold by Octham This vase, bearing the Howe family crest, was likely stolen from

the Grocer inAmaranthine the keep at some point.

Golden Vase
Located: Amaranthine Implements for defeating or repairing locks.

Locksmith's Tools
Located: Wending Woods- Corpse An instrument used in navigation.

Bronze Sextant
Located: Kal'Hirol A whetstone to sharpen swords, knives, and daggers.


Gifts for Oghren in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

Oghren still has a preference for alcoholic beverages. Name Notes Description


Located: City of

Fine spirits infused with a bit of refined lyrium. Potentially fatal if

Amaranthine -Abandoned ingested in quantity.

Aqua Magus

Warehouse Located: Amaranthine Hubert's Den The name is probably figurative, but no one knows for sure.

Dragon Piss
Located:Knotwood Hills "It tastes like burning." Brewed exclusively in Kal'Hirol.

Hirol's Lava Burst

Located: Amaranthine This whiskey is older than the Maker and smoother than elven baby-butt.

Mackay's Epic Single Malt

Located: Blackmarsh Plot Item A child might appreciate the simple toy.

Toy Horse
Located: Vigil's Keep Notes of blackcurrant with a honeysuckle finish. Also, tastes like brandy.

West Hill Brandy

Gifts for Sigrun



Sigrun has a preference for knickknacks, trinkets, and other oddities from the surface world. Notes Description

Located: Stack of booksVigil's Keep -

A book on various orders of warriors, with particular emphasis on the Grey Wardens, Ash Warriors, Legion of the Dead, and Silent Sisters. A small painted chariot. Horse sold separately.

The Warrior's Heart

Throne Room Located: Amaranthine

Toy Chariot
Located: Wending Woods- Silverite Mines A scope for examining distant scenes.


Soldier Corpse

Plot Item Located: Amaranthine Next to Chantry Board A little plant in a lovely clay pot.

Potted Plant
Located: Amaranthine Tiny figures of King Cailan and Queen Anora inside a sphere of water. Glittering flecks of "snow" float lazily around them.

Located: Vigil's Keep Dungeon Soap! On a Rope! How Quaint!

Soap on a Rope

Gifts for Velanna



Velanna has a preference for elven literature and things that are green (her favorite color). Notes Description

Located: Vigil's KeepDeep roads Gem Mine

A flat stone bearing an elven rune.

Elven Runestone
Located: Amaranthine Village In this old journal, an elf who lived in Amaranthine writes about the hardships of daily life and the unrealized hopes of his people. A fine leather binding surrounds crisp, wordless pages.

Discarded Journal
Located: Amaranthine Chantry of Our Lady

Blank Journal

Redeemer Plot Item Located: Blackmarsh This antique bowl is embossed with graceful representations of elven halla.

Ornate Silver Bowl

Located: Kal'Hirol Treasury Delicate greenstone engraved with eye-catching swirls.

Carved Greenstone
Located: Silverite Mines A smooth piece of malachite, polished until glossy.

Shiny Malachite
Located: Wending Woods A carved ironbark trinket inlaid with silver and suspended from a Plot Item leather cord.

Elven Trinket

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