HFVMS Management Software

Managing and monitoring multiple Fusion and HRDP recorders has never been easier. The HFVMS Management Software is a powerful, Multi-site management software that allows you to utilise your Fusion and HRDP recorders to their fullest capabilities. The HFVMS software gives you the ability to control numerous recorders from a single computer. Using the HFVMS Management Software puts you in total control. Importing maps, monitoring live video, monitoring alarms, exporting saved video and user management makes the HFVMS Management Software truly essential software. So what is the HFVMS Management Software? The HFVMS Software is essentially a Central Station Software. The HFVMS Management Software plays two distinct roles. The first of these two roles is Configuration Management. Configuration Management allows you to control recording schedules, user management, frame rates, video back-ups and much more. The second role of the HFVMS Management Software is the role of Monitoring Software. The HFVMS Monitoring Software allows users to monitor video, record video, audio, maps and more. In the end, the HFVMS software allows you to have total control of your multiple Fusion and HRDP recorders. By being able to monitor video, search video, save/ export video, the HFVMS Management Software is powerful enough to satisfy all of your management needs.

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FVMS Software

Contains: FVMS Software and FVMS User Guide
100-01466 Rev A

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The HFVMS Management Software is designed for users that truly want to streamline their Fusion and HRDP recorders. The HFVMS Management Software allows these users to control one or more recorders, be able to control multiple locations, access video remotely, access alarm events remotely and be able to use one or more viewing stations with multiple monitors.

• Remotely monitor video, audio, and alarms • Access and export recorded video • Create infinite customised user accounts • Create remote back-up schedules • Create custom live camera views • Configure recorders remotely • Perform remote recorder software updates • Connect to one or more Fusion or HRDP recorders • Digital signature support on exported video • Export video to AVI or JPEG • Video signal loss alarm • Visual alarms on custom maps • Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, and XP compatible

• Connect to multiple HRDP and Fusion recorders • Control cameras with PTZ features • Import / export HFVMS settings • Digital zoom Hot Spot magnification • Auto-save user settings • Search multiple recorders simultaneously • User management based • 2-way live audio • Playback audio in search mode • Back-up data in proprietary format • Supports multiple monitors (up to 4) • Activate control outputs on individual recorders • Quickly set up and add multiple users • Health check • Virtual matrix capability

• Toggle between live view screens with quick view tabs • Access to recorder configuration menus • Customised emergency contact info for each recorder

adjust camera settings. access user permissions. Site Maps Add floor plans. Restrict access to individual DVRs or individual cameras. Index Search: Search video based on sensor. any business either larger or small can benefit from the HFVMS software. Windows Compatibility With support for Microsoft Windows® 7. Status Search: Scroll through a display to see which cameras have recorded video and instantly play video from the selected time. Fusion and HRDP models have varying degrees of overall integration with HFVMS. Manage a group of local businesses from a central location or monitor the status of various sites spread over the entire country. and more on all connected DVRs. Compatible With All Fusion and HRDP DVRs Connect to all Fusion and HRDP recorders with HFVMS. Zoom Controls Lock/Unlock Map Map List Clear Icons Camera Icon Sensor Icon Map Link Icon Relay Icon Server Icon Dome Camera Icon Map Level . as well as linking maps together. ten minute and one minute blocks of time. Enterprise Scalability With the ability to connect to numerous DVR units. XP and Vista. Multiple User Accounts Create an unlimited number of user accounts and manage them with full control of permissions and user privileges. and video loss) in real time. search saved video. site maps and internet maps. such as Google Maps. Remote DVR Configuration Change recording schedules. alarm. This feature allows users to quickly identify alarm zones and view the associated video. sensor. alarm input. Multiple Monitor Support Multiple monitors allow you to view live video. monitor maps for alarms and monitor the alarm log simultaneously. and DVR. Remote Back-up Perform remote back-up of video from any connected DVR. The FVMS software is capable of importing maps and associating cameras and sensors to locations on the map. Link maps together for seamless navigation and enable HFVMS to alert alarms as they happen. motion. Honeywell’s HFVMS remote software can run on most existing PC systems. and instant record events. Preview Search: Break down a single day of video into one hour. Alarm Monitoring Keep track of all incoming alarms (including motion. to create a custom display with dynamic icons indicating the location of each camera.HFVMS Management Software FEATURES Specialised Searches Multiple Search: Simultaneously search video from multiple DVRs on a single screen.

. .gif.HFVMS Management Software SPECIFICATIONS DVR Support Honeywell Fusion and HRDP recorders PTZ Support YES Audio Support 2-Way YES Live YES Search YES Backup Proprietary AVI JPEG Map Support CAD files (. .dwg) DXF files (. .jpg.wmf. .dxf) AutoCAD files (.bmp.dwg. .emf) Internet map address Alarm Management Sensor / Alarm Inputs Video Signal Loss Motion Alarm Notification E-mail Audio Search Types Multiple Preview Index Status SYSTEM DIAGRAM Pro-Watch® Access Control WIN-PAK® Access Control Fusion HFVMS HRDP DVR PANORAMA SEARCH FOCUS PTZ REPLAY ROTATE SMART PRESET LIVE IRIS BACKUP ZOOM ENTER EXIT 10+ SETUP Fusion DVR HFVMS can simultaneously manage HRDP and Fusion DVRs.dxf) Image files (.

Vista. or XP • 1280 × 1024 Optimal Display Resolution • 32 Bit Colour Depth * Minimum requirements for Fusion H.Q8200 (or equivalent) • 2 GB System Memory • DirectX 9 or Higher • Nvidia 8600 Video Card (or equivalent) • 256k Network Connection • TCP/IP Installed • Microsoft Windows® 7.8 Ghz (or equivalent) • 1 GB System Memory • DirectX 9 or Higher • 256 MB+ Nvidia or ATI Video Card • 256k Network Connection • TCP/IP Installed • Microsoft© Windows 7.com HVS-FVMS-02-UK(0810)DS-G August 2010 ©2010 Honeywell International Inc. or XP • 1280 × 1024 Optimal Display Resolution • 32 Bit Colour Depth • Intel Core 2 Quad . to make changes in product design or specifications. For additional information.honeywell. please visit www.264 solutions and highly recommended for Mega Pixel image rendering.com/security/uk Honeywell Security Group Aston Fields Road Whitehouse Industrial Estate Runcorn Cheshire WA7 3DL Tel: 08448 000 235 www. Vista. . Ordering HFVMS Fusion Video Management Software Note: Honeywell reserves the right.HFVMS Management Software ACCESSORIES AND ORDERING Workstation Requirements Minimum Recommended* • Intel Core 2 Duo 2. without notification.honeywell.

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