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Can Geo- Cell Technology Prevent Erosion? http://www.prs-med.

com/ Erosion is a natural process where rocks and soil from the earth s surface is removed by wind or water runoff. Although process is natural but human activities increases its rate globally and the excessive erosion can cause several problems like destruction of agriculture, waterways sedimentation, desertification and land degradation. However there are various methods used to control the erosion such as planting more trees, proper drainage system, grazing control and proper terracing system etc. With the modern concept and technology, today Geo- cell technology is widely recognized soil stabilization or soil erosion technique or practice. This technology includes several different applications such as channel protection and soil erosion control at flat and steep slopes, roadway load support and stabilization, structural reinforcement for earth retention and flexible channel lining system. Geo- cell technology is also known as cellular confinement system comprises of three dimensional structure to Geo- synthetics that can be filled with materials like concrete, soil, aggregate and sand etc. Basically technique can be used on land that is in danger of turning arid. This new technology can be used on a river bank that is disappearing or on a hill that is increasingly becomes steep. These are strong, three dimensional systems, light weight, fabricated from ultrasonic welded HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) strips that are expandable in nature and can form honeycomb like structure. Firstly Geo- cells were developed by the US army during its Gulf campaigns in the year 1980 and since then it has been used as a load support system, earth retention, channel lining and slope protection. Nowadays this technology is widely used in broad applications including earth retention walls, soil erosion control at steep slope or embankment slopes and load support systems. Globally Geo- cells have several applications such as oil fields, Mines, construction sites, road shoulders, highways/expressways, service roads, channel embankments, weak soil foundations, rail- track stabilization, container yards pavements, tank farms, landfill lining and access roads etc. For an appropriate construction technique for especially road construction, engineers found the concept of Geo- cell technology that is a sand confinement system that would not be adversely affected by weather conditions. Benefits of this new cellular confinement system includes- it develops a better armored slopes, it is more stable and hence reduce down slope sliding forces, it reduces construction cost as installed quickly and easily, easily mix in the natural environment and hence is an eco- friendly soil stabilization system.

Today the most advanced soil stabilization technology for low velocity channels, soil erosion control, load support and retaining structure is Geo- cell technology or cellular confinement system. The system is widely used in Australia and other UK countries and is currently manufactured by very few companies and available through a certain number of distributors.