Long o (o-e, oa, ow, o) Word List 1. hope 2. moan 3. soak 4. go 5. coal 6. Joan 7. vote 8. cone 9. note 10.

dote boat mope load bow quote toe low coat dome loan nose tow lone nope roam so bone bowl yoke mow foam toad no pole Rome tone mode home foal Joe

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Long o Sentences
1. I hope the boat floats. 2. Joan votes in Rome. 3. We run home at night and sleep. 4. He can make a bowl with coal and foam. 5. Joe will loan the foal to Joan. 6. The foal will moan when it is alone. 7. Go home and soak a load. 8. Joan will quote Joe’s note. 9. I hope Joan will go to Rome. 10. Nope! I won’t throw the toad!

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